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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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twitter, that grew longer and longer and longer. an hour later the judge comes back and says the trial is essentially over. matthew unexpectedly signed a deal. the ink of his signature bringing what was supposed to be a two-week trial to a halt, two days after ter started. jesse matthew entering an alford plea, arguing the prosecution had enough evidence to convict him but stopping short of admitting he committed the crimes. we heard from the prosecutor, ray morrow. >> i was surprised by it i thought the trial was going well, from the commonwealth standpoint, all of our evidence was coming in and very confident in the case that we were building but i had hoped to present this to a jury for a decision. >> reporter: matthew now convicted in the 2005 sex assault that happened in fairfax. monday, the victim testified her attacker grabbed her, dragged her into a wooded area, beat her, sexually assaulted her and tried to choke her to death. a forensics expert told jurors
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today that dna found under the victim's fingernail matched matthew. never know what a jury will do. >> reporter: we asked one of the jurors. this is willie mcduff. if i >> the dna pretty much sold. >> did you think you were going to go into that jury room convicting him? >> i personally? yeah. >> reporter: hardest part for mcduffie hearing from the victim. >> i personally, i felt for her pain and i almost teared up. >> reporter: the plea keeps us from knowing how matthew's team would have defended him. he waved to his mom, dad sister and girlfriend as he was once again remanded to the sheriff's custody. matthew faces a harsh sentence, could be sentenced to three life terms in prison. of course, jim, virginia doesn't have the option for parole. >> you mentioned a surprise plea today. what was the mood in that courtroom? >> reporter: i looked at matthew's parents. his mom and dad in there. his sister as well. his sister had sunglasses on. his mom was crying. his dad was just hunched over the whole time.
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mostly i can tell you rather stoic in there. there weren't really outbursts of emotion. one of my colleagues was >> reporter: we are learning new details about an alleged violent history with an ex-girlfriend. she deyou tails to police injuries established during physical altercations. darren wintwint isn't a stranger.
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the court ended up issuing a six-month stay away order to protect the safety of wint's girlfriend. wint's next court appear perhaps is set for june 22nd. coming up at 6:00 we talked to a former homicide detective. he talks to us a little bit about how wint's violent history could possibly play a role in the quadruple homicide case. back to you. >> megan thank you. your ride to and from work on metro will be a bit more crowded than usual for the next few days. metro is pulling some of its least-reliable cars out of service for safety inspections. metro wants to take a closer look at the safety of the doors. a metro rider caught one incident on video last week on
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the red line. take a look. doors stayed open from metro center to dupont circle. the inspections mean fewer eight-car trains for the rest of this week. if the safety inspections don't reveal any new problems, the cars will be back in service next week. metro uses 100 of those series cars. the transit agencye eventually replace them with the 7,000 series. investigators say the engineer wasn't talking, wasn't texting, wasn't using his phone when an amtrak train derailed in philadelphia. that leaves them with no obvious cause for last month's deadly accident. we know the train was traveling at 106 miles a hour in the minute before it entered a curve and derailed. eight people died. 200 others were hurt. investigators are looking at other possibilityiespossibilities, like mechanical failure, operator fatigue or even vandalism. there were reports of objects perhaps thrown at trains around the time of the derailment.
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the district is trying tonight to tackle a dangerous problem, a big jump in the number of people using synthetic drugs. as tom sherwood reports now the mayor wants to give the police chief the power to shut down the stores that sell them. >> reporter: synthetic drugs in colorful packages, illegal in d.c. since 2012. [ siren whoops ] causing a spike in medical emergencies here and nationwide. >> just last week a few blocks from here, 12 people were hospitalized because of synthetic cannabinoids, smoking and using synthetic drugs. they are serious and, in fact, deadly. >> reporter: the mayor is cracking down on sales. >> we expect that many more cases are going unreported and up treated. >> reporter: mayor bowser want to give police chief, cathy lanier the po you are to immediately shut down offending businesses for up to four days,
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similar to the chief's authority to temporarily close bars and nightclubs associated with violence. we believe that there should be harsher penalties. >> reporter: neighborhood commissioner, calvin ward, says his community of rosedale, welcomes the mayor's move. >> they need to be held accountable. this kind of activity shouldn't be held in our neighborhood it is a place tant disregard and disrespect for the community. >> reporter: an attorney has been taking legal action against offending stores and plans to review the mayor's proposal which would more quickly shut down sales. in the district tom sherwood, news4. i'm chris lawrence at the live deck. police in montgomery county just tweeted a few minutes ago a stabbing they have been investigating in silver spring is now officially a homicide. they say a man died after someone stabbed him this afternoon near the woodlake apartment complex. now, chopper four is still live over the scene where there is still a police squad car there.
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officers have the suspect in custody. now, we don't know what led up to this, but right now, police say the man who was stabbed did know the person who stabbed him. again, stabbing victim outside of silver spring has now died. jim, pat, back to you. chris thank you. a man found dead where someone fired gunshots did not die from gunshot wounds but it's still not clear what killed him. we are told the man got into an argument with several other men in an apartment complex here near iverson mall and temple. the man collapsed but he was not shot. police have not released the victim's name. d.c. police are looking for a 17-year-old boy who hasn't been seen for a month. this is francisco lopez. we are told no one has had any contact with him since may 10th. investigators say he was last seen along crittenden street northwest, a couple
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[ blocks from sherman circle. we posted his picture on so you can spread the news. running on a vision. alexandria's presumptive next mayor says it is a new day for the city after her upset win. allison silverberg beat out four-term mayor bill ully. she tells us she wants to rebuild trust among alexandria residents. >> means more openness and traps paren say the city hall. means fewer executive sessions or meetings behind closed doors the city hall. >> silverberg is running unopposed for november's general election. current mayor bill euille says he has not ruled out the possibility of a write-in campaign. john boehner says the move
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to send more troops to iraq is a tactical move rather than a strategy to win by president obama. he is sending nearly 500 additional troops to help train and advise iraqi security forces in the battle against isis. the additional u.s. troops will be deployed to a base in eastern anbar province. they will britain the toteng the total number of forces to 3500. white house officials emphasize there will be no americans involved in ground combat. right now at 5:00 tonight, a rabid raccoon. warping tonight the heatgins and big changes on metro. we have a team of live reporters. >> reporter: i'm adam tuss live at the vienna metro station. ic? metro says want you to forget about the paper. some close and dangerous encounters withis up with the weather? who is ready for the 90s? moving in fast today. but thee could feel like 100.
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the excitement is building at zoo for the possibility of another new baby. vets gave the panda two rounds of artificial insemination in april. they plan to give her several ultrasounds over the next few moments to see if they can spot a fetus. mei xiang is the proud mother of bao bao and ti shang. animal control officers managed to capture and kill a rabid raccoon that viciously bit a man as he was gardening in the kings park area but looking for a second animal that was last seen running into south run park in springfield. that's where news4's derrick ward is live now. and derek a raccoon attacked a 75-year-old woman today. >> reporter: you can take a look
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and see behind me the trail is closed because of the attack that occurred this morning. take a look, about 9:30 when a 75-year-old woman was on the trail spotted a raccoon, stopped to take a picture the raccoon turned around and charged her. she got severe bites to her hands, arms and legs. that animal got away. helps, they closed the trail while they try to find it. this weekend, on sunday, a man informs the king's farm area in his garden when the raccoon came up on behind him and attacked him h he got a serious bite. it was determined to be rabid and put down. there is a rabies alert because a raccoon got into it with a couple of dogs in the 100 block of east jefferson street. that raccoon was found to be rabid. he was put down as well. the dogs are being treated. why are we seeing so many this time of year? we will hear that from a member of animalhere. >> the babies are coming out. the parents are out there busy feeding their young ones and everything. if you see a wild animal, the main thing is you don't want to
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approach it. it is okay to look and you can observe its behavior. rabid animals tend to vocalize a lot. they will either be screaming or whining or chittering to themselves. >> reporter: we are told it is a myth if you see a raccoon in the daytime it is automatically rabid. strange behavior if they try to avoid you chances are they are rabid if they don't run for you come close, assume that that animal is rabid and stay away. also, keep your pets on a leash and don't let them run free. cats is also -- also advising that you don't let your cats run free in areas like falls church where they have that rabid raccoon alert out. live in northern virginia, derrick ward, news4. >> good tips, stay away derek. thank you. new surveillance video shows a vandal in action. take a look, howard county police believe this is the same guy tagging up cars in the laurel and columbia areas, including cars parked at a senior living center. monday morning alone, 28 cars were vandalized, many spray
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painted with the words "jack boys." the vandalism could be part of a bigger case. more than 260 cars have been damaged since december. scam artists taking advantage of the elderly. it is a growing problem. >> today in montgomery county, authorities and some seniors made a effort to speak up about the abuse. consumer reporter erika gonzalez is here with this story. >> reporter: the people responsible for protecting the elderly giving seniors neglected or abused a platform to have their voices heard and warn others as well. today happens to be world elder abuse awareness day. so at the holiday park senior center in silver spring, this woman mustered up the courage to share her story. she is 90 years old. she told us how her caregiver stole nearly $50,000 from her in atm transactions. she called montgomery county police to report missing money.
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but she never thought it was her caregiver until she says police showed her video with the woman call the in the act. she says she felt foolish for being too trusting. i certainly felt a sense of despair, a sense of betrayal by somebody i had trusted and i needed so much. you know i just depended on her so much. >> reporter: it's a hard story to hear but one that should prompt all of us to check for red flags and call adult protective services if you suspect abuse is happening. >> thanks erika. everything is all clear right now on the beltway but earlier, it was a mess after someone spilled potato on the beltway. the driver was seriously injured and traffic backed up for miles while they clean that mess up.
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two months after riots broke out in baltimore, the city those move forward with a new health innishtism three postgraduate fellows were sent into the hardest-hit neighborhoods. along with door-to-door outreach, the fellows will hold neighborhood meetings use what they learned to increase access to existing programs or use grant money to start new ones. meanwhile we have learned dozens of city workers and police officers have filed compensation claims related to the riot in baltimore, 169
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workers say they were injured in the unrest. as a result, the city is expected to pay out $1.7 million. right now, officials are temporarily covering the costs with money from the city's rainy day fund. they are hoping fema will reimburse them. upstate new york tonight the manhunt to find two convicted killers who escaped a maximum security prizeson intensifying now this evening. and it's also spreading up to vermont. news4's chris lawrence join us in our newsroom with more details coming in. >> reporter: police received 500 tips but so far, no sign of the two men and it's been five days since they broke out of prison. now, there are concerns the men may have headed north to vermont. that state's governor today says there's information the pair discussed going that way because there may be a "cooler law enforcement presence." search teams are heavily armed and going door to door in upstate new york. they are scouring the rural areas around the prison looking for richard matt and david sweat.
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they used power tools to cut through steel, breakthrough bricks and escape through a manhole. investigators identified a prison supervisor as a person of interest. joyce mitchell missed work the day the prisoners were reported missing then checked into a hospital with what she described as a panic attack. investigators are looking at other employees and contractors now to see how the two men got those power tools. they say it's hard to believe no one heard them drilling and pounding, but at this point, none of the other inmates were talking. a teacher goes above and beyond the call of duty. we will tell you the one thing that she did when one of her students stopped breathing. a tribute to a local hero. plus a young woman is lucky to have her hand after a terrible accident. but it's the smile on her face that tells this story and this was during surgery. >> you could actually kind of
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outside, a nice afternoon. notice the haze, folks. that is not haze, it is smoke from canadian wild fires. if it sticks around, will the next few hours we will see another very nice sunset similar to what we saw last night very red sun as it makes its way down. looking good toward rockville. temperatures in the 80s. look at that haze, smoke around the d.c. metro area. just off the surface not smelling it. 84 degrees, that dew point down to 60 now. any time it's at 60 or below, we are very comfortable, that's where we are right now. dew point creeping up a bit. 81 down toward culpepper. as we move on through the day tonight and into the day
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tomorrow, no real problems as far as rain is concerned. i think dry the next 24, 36 hours, a chance for thunderstorms moving in. the whole system itself, with he had that haze that smoke coming over us, we are watching this frontal boundary back to the west. this front will move down and then back up across our region. these going to allow a backup as a warm front that will allow more warm air to come tomorrow and very hot day on our thursday. watch the chances of showers. thursday, 8 a.m. no problem. clear skies, a nice starting just on the warm side. tomorrow afternoon, a chance of showers up toward the pennsylvania border as that trough moves down, maybe a few back toward the mountains but all of us for the most part will be on the dry side. will not need the um brel haas tomorrow. just need them maybe to keep the shade from the snipe. friday could be a little bit of a different story. i think a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms, a little bit overdone here wouldn't be surprised to see one or two develop. right now a 30% chance of storms in the afternoon. high temperatures tomorrow 93,
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gaithersburg, 95 fredericksburg, 96 culpepper. really should not have too much humidity tomorrow, so going to be hot, but not too humid. that heat index may be around 96, 97. that's tomorrow. it will feel a little sticky tomorrow. by friday and saturday a little bit more uncomfortable that humidity going up. we will see that heat index on friday, close to 100. tomorrow, too hot to run? sunny and hot, use that sunscreen, temperatures, 85 at 11 a.m., up to 95 degrees by around 3:00. i mentioned friday, friday will be the warmest day not the hottest, 95 tomorrow 94, friday, with that humidity, heat index close to 100. 30% chance of a shower friday same deal saturday same deal on sunday, 39 on saturday a front will move through on saturday into sunday creating slightly cooler conditions sunday and monday. temperatures in the mid-80s, a chance of storms just about each day. tuesday and wednesday, same deal, temperatures back to that 90-degree range a little bit of a heat wave moving in guys, the second one of the season, but
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predicting the warmest temperatures we have seen so far this year. >> we are taking off for canada friday. thank you. paper or plastic? >> right now at 5:00, metro is about to make a big change. find out how the fare card shakeup could change the way you pay to commute. montgomery county school superintendent honors
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soon those paper metrocards in your wallet won't be worth a dime. metro is trying to simplify the payment system. >> news4 transportation reporter adam tuss in vienna now and how it could change the way we pay to ride, adam. >> reporter: metro has an issue with plastic versus paper if you have one of these, yeah, get
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ready to say good-bye. metro wants all paper fare cards gone. paper? rather have something you can take and toss? >> yeah. yeah. ter: or plastic? do you use a paper repair card or smart trip? >> i have the smart trip. >> reporter: might not seem like the most pressing of issues for metro but an impact for riders. they are trying to get rid of these, say they will get rid of these by next year, go all to plastic. right, but have they announced that to the customers? >> reporter: metro has announced this but only now are riders starting to take notice. and let's take you on a little tour of why the paper fare card can be such a pain. first, tough wait in line at the fare machine to get it you have to fumble with it through the fare get an metro has to have all these moving parts in order to make sure it works properly. take a look at all this again. still, some riders, like dorian jackson, say they like the paper around don't want anything to do with a smart trip card. 'cause i'm gonna lose it. you think you will lose it? >> a lot of people will lose it. me, i will lose to eventually.
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>> reporter: metro says starting next year it will start to phase out paper. here is one problem over 37,000 riders a day still using paper so, a new campaign will have to launch to get everyone ready. and back here now live at the vienna station. metro is planning to hold a hearing on this tomorrow. believe it or not, guys this is a big issue for the transit agency. >> you know it is. thank you. a prince georges county man charged tonight after an officer-involved shooting in upper marlboro. clyde peterson and another man were shot by police while being a apprehended yesterday at the marlboro crossroads shopping center. they were in a car and intending to rob a bank. an officer fired in that vehicle when one of the suspects reached for a weapon. peterson was leased from the hospital today, the other suspect there was. the officer is on routined a minute straightive leave during the investigation. the long view school in german town is unique. it is made up of children with
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serious medical issues. today, a principal was recognized for using skills to save a student's life. chris gordon explains. >> reporter: michelle mack is the coordinator here at long view school in german town. it serves montgomery county's most medically fragile students from ages 5 to 21. all staff please report to the cav tear gra. >> reporter: this is no regular school day. the teachers are gathered. you can see mack's reaction as she is surprised to learn she is receiving the school superintendent's award for going above and beyond the call of duty. >> it is not of the than i'm speech -- often that i'm speechless. >> reporter: she saved the life of a student a 7-year-old, who stopped breathing as his mother april was loading him into the car in the school parking lot on
5:34 pm
april 30th. charlie's mother rap into the office. michelle mack shouted for the staff to call 911 and she headed out to help charlie. took him out of the car seat, got him down on the ground, provided rescue breaths. monitored him. hooked him up to the aed to monitor his life signs. >> reporter: interim school assume larry bauers says recognizing achievement that exceeds ss expectations is one of the joys of his job. she jumped into ago and saved this child's life. >> reporter: here at long view, students suffer seizures and have medical needs every day nothing like this. ahead on news4 at 6:00 we will hear from charlie's mother and her appreciation for the efforts that saved his life n montgomery county, chris gordon news4. >> and when nominating ms. mack for this award her fellow teachers described her as a treasure whose selfless determination to ensure that long view students, family and staff receive the best.
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some alarm clocks in montgomery county are being reset. technically, this school year ends on monday, many classes have already wrapped up. today the school district says planning for new bell times is complete. come september high school and middle school start times will shift 20 minutes later. elementary schools will shift ten minutes later and their school day will be ten minutes longer. a spokesman tells us the district's transportation department is also ready to adjust bus schedules. tunnel trouble. what started out as a class trip ended with a big scare and a big mess on the roads for hundreds of drivers. what happened on one of the busiest routes on the northeastern corridor. a virginia man accused of killing his ex-wife's new husband. new details just coming out in court about what happened in the moments leading up to the attack. you're watching
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this week's wednesday's child has been in the foster
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care system for most of his life. he came in as a little guy but he is now 6'1''and hoping for a loving permanent, adoptive home. he likes to play basketball and he is very good at it, too. we thought we would spend some time at the washington sports club where trainer clay claiborne gave him a few tips to help his already impressive game. meet tyler. >> good. perfect. >> reporter: he is 17 and has been in the foster care system for ten years now. those who know him, like agops recruiter adrian jubilee say he is a wonderful young man. >> he has been able to develop a team of support that adores him. >> reporter: tyler loves school. math is his favorite subject. what else do you like to do at school? >> interact with my friends. >> he is a leader amongst his classmates. and the other kids really look up to him. >> reporter: what do you think you would like to be when you grow up? a football player. >> oh. for any particular team? >> the redskins.
5:40 pm
>> free throw. >> yep. >> reporter: but he is also good in basketball. and those who know tyler say he goes out of his way to help other kids to feel good about themselves on the court. >> some of my classmates they are a lot shorter that me. i play them one-on-one. sometimes i win. sometimes i let them win. i mostly let them win, 'cause it wouldn't be fair. >> reporter: he has a strong sense of fairness but life hasn't exactly been fair to tyler. he wants so badly to finally have a real home. >> he really cherishes the idea of being in a family, a sense of belonging. >> a lot of stuff to take home with you, huh? the washington sports club had some gifts for tyler to take home. hopefully soon home it a family that will cherish him. if you have room in your home and your heart for tylernother child who is waiting, please call our special adoption hot line. the number is 1-788-to-adopt-me or search wednesday's child on
5:41 pm he is such a wonderful young man. i hope he finds a family finally. we hope so too. thanks barbara. >> thank you. how would you like to be wide awake during surgery? >> might sound like a strange idea, but that's exactly what happened. an avid baseball player nearly lost her hand. doreen gentzler join us with why a patient was wide awake during surgery. it was comfortable outside today with low humidity. it starts to move in tomorrow, feeling a little bit sticky and by friday and the weekend, feeling uncomfortable outside. i will have more on the upcoming heat wave and what it means for
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new details emerge today what happened one hour before a deadly shooting in ashburn. >> mike m.: new when
5:45 pm
minh nguyen has more where a hearing wrapped up. >> reporter: the judge ruled there is enough probable cause to move this murder case forward. we found out new information today, what this was all about. there was a big fight, like you said that happened about an hour before the shooting and what it came down to nguyen did not want his ex-wife's new husband to be alone with her kids. prosecutors say about an hour before the killing, minh nguyen went to his ex-wife's home and demanded to see the three kids. he got intoen a argument with corey madison, doesn't want him to be alone with her three children. his ex-wife was going to the middle school to pick up one of the kids. nguyen told her the other two kids had better be with her or there would be trouble. when she got to the school, nguyen was already there. and when he saw she didn't have the other two children with her, he ran to denise and corey madison's townhouse which is a short distance from the school. denise madison called her husband to warn him that nguyen was on his way but she didn't make it there in time.
5:46 pm
when she pulled up, she witnessed nguyen crouched down inside the house, firing a gun. after the shots were fired, corey madison ran out of the house, then collapsed near the driveway. a neighbor testified that he saw nguyen on top of corey madison punching him in the head. it was nguyen's other mother prosecutors say, who stopped nguyen and took the gun from him. he was arrested. corey madison was pronounced dead on the scene. denise madison took the stand today in this preliminary hearing and she showed incredible strength, she talked about what happened that day, what happened that evening and witnessing the shooting. going to have some of her chilling testimony coming up, news4 at 6:00. back to you. >> darcy thank you. baltimore's mayor is crediting the quick actions of a teenaged boy with saving the life of a 5-year-old. someone on a dirt bike ran over the little boy this past weekend. 16-year-old phillip ellison who lifeguards at a city pool, was in the area at the time.
5:47 pm
the mayor says ellison immediately started performing cpr as they waited for paramedics. ellison says he is a little overwhelmed by all the attention he is getting. i got a lot of hooks, letters presents, texts, saying i did a good job. if it weren't for me, we have died. >> the little boy is in the hospital in critical but stable condition. the person who hit him meanwhile is still out there. >> good for him. well, we got a heat wave and we have got humidity coming. so when is it going to feel like 100? >> all the once, i know. tomorrow right through saturday, you factor in the humidity with the heat during the afternoon it will feel more like near 100 degrees. >> we are sweating already. >> air companiers working in full force, could have a code orange air quality alert before tomorrow. if you have respiratory issue, you want to avoid strenuous outdoor activities. tomorrow marks the beginning of
5:48 pm
a three-day heat wave, the humidity increases, with that the chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms in the forecast every day starting friday, right on into the upcoming week. i will be pointing that out on the five-day forecast. no issues. need the sun glasses. plenty of water for tomorrow. evening planner, 84 degrees. 10:00 mild 7. dry tonight and dry tomorrow. plenty of sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow. noticeably warmer. ten warmer than we were today with the high in washington of 95. manassas, 95. annapolis, 89 degrees. a little bit more humid tomorrow, really not until friday, mugginess sets in.
5:49 pm
high temperature on friday 94 degrees starting off the day temperatures already in the mid-70s. balmy start. by into near the 90-degree mark. showers and thunderstorms are possible, that hit and miss activity temperature at 7 p.m., starting your weekend around 90 degrees. 2 p.m. we see the showers and thunderstorms firing up a little bit overdone, but where you are seeing green, the chance of showers and thunderstorms, some heavy rain is possible on into your friday evening. now, not everybody gets rain and it's a very similar weather story for saturday, with a high temperature of 93 degrees. sunday, a little bit cooler, a high temperature of 85. but the mugginess is still there on sunday. and again, scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible for sunday, more clouds will be in the forecast. monday, a high temperature of 86 with the chance of some showers
5:50 pm
maybe a thundershower as well. next tuesday and wednesday high temperatures back to around 90 degrees with the chance of showers and thunderstorms. >> thanks, amelia. imagine being wide awake during surgery. >> doreen gentzler is here with the new way doctors are operating on some patients. hi doreen. >> doesn't sound too good, does it? tonight, going to meet a 16-year-old virginia girl whoses a spir railings of playing sports in college were nearly crushed after her hand was crushed in an accident. she almost lost her hand. doctors used this unique type of surgery to not only save her hand but to get her back in the game. you don't see this too often, a patient smiling during surgery but here is ashley beaming from ear to ear while she is wide awake during surgery to fix her hand. >> you know, i could hear everything. i was sitting there and you know, i could -- you could actually kind of feel him cutting into your hand.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: ashley's happened was crushed last summer when the utility task vehicle she was riding in flipped over. her hand was caught under the roof and she suffered some serious lacerations broke four fingers her wrist and her forearm. >> i've never felt that pain in my life. and a lot of conversation came up about amputating my hand. >> reporter: a softball player since she was a little kid, ashley says she was devastated to hear she could lose her hand. doctors in maine where she was on vacation tried to fix it using plates and screws, but after weeks of therapy she still couldn't move it very well. that's when physicians at med star georgetown university hospital took another look. dr. michael kessler is an orthopedic hand surgeon. her bones were not set properly, so, when she tried to open and close her fingers to grab an object or to obtain an object she wasn't able to have appropriate motion to do any of those activities. >> reporter: dr. kessler reset the bones in her hand wrist and
5:52 pm
forearm, but once she had healed from that surgery, she still couldn't move her fingers very well. and that made it impossible to do most activities, including catching a softball. ashley wasn't ready to give up yet though. >> she is a tough girl. she, you know doesn't mess around. and she has her mission set on playing softball and there wasn't anything that was going to get in her wake not five broken bones or anything else. >> reporter: that's when dr. kessler told her he could do another procedure, it is called wide awake surgery. patients are only given local anesthesia so that they can actually move during surgery. that's important in ashley's case, because doctors were working to free the tendons around the joints in her fingers that helped them move. >> so you know they pulled the curtain down, i got to see my hand and got to see my bones, i got to see the mates, the tend it was just -- it was awesome. good throw. >> reporter: so, here's ashley today.
5:53 pm
she is back out on the field practicing, catching and hitting. she says she is still trying to get back to where she was but she is feeling confident. >> it's very important. soft bull and basketball have been my life for almost ten years. and it's been so much fun. its a what's i love to do. it's what i want to do and i hope i can bring it to the collegiate level. >> a brave 16-year-old and grateful one, too. doctors are using this kind of surgery for patients suffering from trigger finger carpal tunnel syndrome and problems with the tend in their hands. they say keeping the patient awake really makes the surgery more effective. pat? >> thanks, doreen. >> uh-huh. students mayrsing bumps and bruises while drivers may be trying to calm nerves. a frustrating commute into new york that impacted
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it's a school trip they will never forget. a bus carrying students celebrating their eighth grade graduation collided with a new jersey transit bus today, created a busy miss at the lincoln tunnel. now this report on the rush to save the students. >> reporter: shattered windshield and nevers from passengers on board an mj transit bus, the 166 smashed into the back of a private tour bus from canada filled with eighth graders from toronto here on a class trip. >> i look on my phone and bang. >> reporter: seated near the front, this student on his phone on board the mj transit bus at the time of the crash in the center tube. >> reporter: rescue workers had to pry open the door to get passengers out. from chopper4 you can see most of the injured hobbling out of the tunnel.
5:58 pm
paramedics loaded a if you passengers on backboards and rushed them to new york hospitals. some had minor back injuries and neck injuries, some a little bit more serious but everybody was stable. we transported them by ambulance. >> reporter: we watched as the eighth graders and chaperons on the other bus got off after police cheered edcleared them to go on their watch the students are spending the week sight seeing from a yankees game, statue of liberty to the 9/11 memorial. the center tube is open. all lanes have been cleared for traffic. you can expect the usual evening rush hour delays. at the lincoln tunnel mark san santia, news4. an unexpected twist in court. >> i personally felt her pain. and i almost teared up. >> as one case ends, another is set to begin. tonight, new perspective from one of the jurors as we take a look at the next legal step for jesse matthew. metro takes action amid new
5:59 pm
safety concerns that started with this video. how the move could impact your commute this week. and a new development in the d.c. mansion recorders. we are digging into the prime suspect's past what we found and,could play a role how it could break the case. another search warrant was unsealed giving new insight into the murder case. >> let's get right to megan fitzgerald live from where all this happened in northwest d.c. megan? >> reporter: yeah, those documents that we just obtained revealed new evidence that investigators found inside this mansion, including a baseball bat which appeared to have blood on it, found inside the room where those three adult victims were found dead. we have reported it is known that those adult victims died of blunt and sharp-force trauma. also onbtained new documents on
6:00 pm
what appears to be an abusive history with the suspect and his ex-girlfriend. legal experts say wint is inspect until proven guilty but the dna evidence police say they found inside this home is something defense attorney ted williams says is hard to dispute. >> some very good evidence for the prosecutors. it is an uphill battle for mr. wint at this immediate team. >> reporter: police say wint was involved in holding three family members and their ho


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