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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 10, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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this happened in northwest d.c. megan? >> reporter: yeah, those documents that we just obtained revealed new evidence that investigators found inside this mansion, including a baseball bat which appeared to have blood on it, found inside the room where those three adult victims were found dead. we have reported it is known that those adult victims died of blunt and sharp-force trauma. also onbtained new documents on what appears to be an abusive history with the suspect and his ex-girlfriend. legal experts say wint is inspect until proven guilty but the dna evidence police say they found inside this home is something defense attorney ted williams says is hard to dispute. >> some very good evidence for the prosecutors. it is an uphill battle for mr. wint at this immediate team. >> reporter: police say wint was involved in holding three family members and their housekeeper
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against their will before killing them and setting the home on fire. in 2008, court documents show wint's ex-girlfriend requested a stay away ordership. he told police wint punched and choked her on different occasion and held her against her will. william says wint's violent history could come back to haunt him if he takes the stand during a trial. >> show that he has a propensity toward being a peaceful person, then it would open the door for this domestic to come in to evidence. >> reporter: if he doesn't, williams says it's likely the violent past won't play much of a role in the current charges wint is now facing. wint is expected to appear back in court on june 22nd. we are expecting to receive more documents in the coming days. if you would like to take a look at the documents we have obtained, logon to our website, back to you. >> megan fitzgerald, thank you.
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now to a stunning development in a virginia courtroom. jesse matthew tonight is facing three life sentences in prison for a violent sexual assault. >> that's right. matthew brought his trial to an abrupt halt by suddenly pleading guilty. david culver is live with more on the emotional fallout from this up expected move. >> reporter: chris this was a shock to most of us in the courtroom. here we were waiting for the defense to present its side of the case, jesse matthew's side. all of a sudden shall the shall, the trial was over,eing arguments. >> some do it when they don't want to admit what they did. >> reporter: the unexpected decision before the defense team could argue his side of the case. matthew agreed to an alford plea. >> allows the defendant to admit the evidence against him is overwhelming and he can plead
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guilty without admitting get. >> reporter: he is convicted in the 2005 sex assault that happened in fairfax. monday, the victim testified her attacker grabbed her, dragged her into a wooded area, beat her and sexually assaulted her and tried to choke her to death. a forensics expert told jurors today that dna found under the victim's finger nail matched matthew's. seeking a substantial pen ten shari seine tension given the nature of the crimes. >> reporter: matthew walked out of court waving to his family. his defense court had no comment leaving. some who sat through the testimony, jill haring ton. >> feels to me similar to when i heard that morgan was missing from the concert. >> reporter: her daughter morgan abducted and killed in 2009. matthew has been linked though not charged in that case. this mom still hoping for justice. >> i certain lyly want a day in court for our daughter. i definitely do although i am happy that this it is very
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unlikely this criminal will not hurt nip again. >> reporter: we asked one of the jurors what he thought. >> the sold. >> did you think you would go into that room convicting had im? >> i did, yeah. >> how does this affect the hannah graham case? .are respect signing of this plea matthew faces three serious convictions. he is going into that hannah graham case with those three convictions. we noticed in court today that there were albermarle prosecutors. where do things go from here? june 25th matthew goes back down to charlottesville part of a pretrial hearing in the hannah graham case. a trial date has not been set. in october back here to fairfax, here he will be
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sentenced on those three cop vic convictions. he could receive three life sentence. i invite you to go to the app. one of my colleagues wrote up an article you can see on our app. following breaking news out of montgomery county this evening, police have custody for a deadly stabbing. he stabbed a man he knew near woodlake apartments near castle boulevard. paramedics rushed the victim to the hospital yes later died. the attack happened before 4 p.m. and chopper4 showed us a still-active police scene around the complex an hour ago. no the clear what led up to this attack. if you take metro, your commute is about to get a lot more crowded. the transit agency is taking some of its least-relayable cars out of service for safety inspections. reliable cars out of service for safety inspections. layable cars
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out of service for safety inspections. iable cars out of service for safety inspections. >> reporter: these 4,000 series rail cars have been giving metro fits for a while. all this happened the last couple of weeks when riders noticed that the doors on some trains were actually opening while the train was moving. the 4,000 cars have been called the dogs of the metro fleet. they are the least reliable. there are 100 of them. what do you need to know? they will be taken out of service through the weekend. metro says they are doing this out of an abundance of caution. what that means is they don't have 100 other rail cars on the system. that means other trains are going to get shorter. they can't run those longer eight-car trains without the rail cars on the system. some trains usually eight cars will go to six. that means you might have a more crowded ride. again metro says this is an abundance of caution. if anything proves to be real serious problem, these rail cars will not come back into the
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system. if everything checks out, the rail cars will go back into the system next week. but something we will certainly keep our eye on for you. >> thank you. president obama is escalating the u.s. commitment in iraq tonight. he is sending as many as 450 additional advisers to try to find a which to get the iraqi army to fight and to reverse the rapid gains that isis has been making. as you might expect reaction on capitol hill is mixed. steve handelsman is live about this. >> reporter: it is controversial. 3100 u.s. forces are in iraq tonight. this would hike that to nearly 3500. not on the front lines and not to fight. so question is, can sending more americans motivate the iraqis, which is what needs to happen to turn the tide against isis? [ gunshots ] some iraqi forces are fighting isis. this was monday. and president obama is not changing his iraq plan, says the white house. he is taking additional steps.
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a handshake in baghdad sealed the deal. up to 15% more u.s. troops, 450, will go to iraq to a base near ramadi, to train iraqis to retake that city that isis captured last moment. >> to essentially expand the capacity of our train, advice and assist mission. >> reporter: many republicans want more. >> if is at is a step in the right direction. as the president admitted the other day he has no strategy to win. >> reporter: the mostly shiite iraqi army rap from ramadi. shiite generals left in choppers leaving iraqi sunni civilians to face isis and leaving u.s. lawmakers discouraged. >> are we trying to put a government together with people that basically have been fighting for 1400 years who don't want to be together? >> reporter: could a few more u.s. forces unite iraqis against isis? >> probably make a difference in the short run. again, this is a bitter civil war. >> reporter: but president obama said iraq shiite prime minister
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hider al-abadi will reach out to sunnis. >> mr. abady is very much committed to effective inclusive governments. >> reporter: still eyes isisis is dividing iraq and conquered one-third of the nation. officials said a month ago they were ready to kick isis out of mosul, they didn't. then came rammed in ditch now, nobody is daring a guess as to when the iraqi army might really be ready. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, washington. an american who went to syria to fight isis militants has been killed. the state department is confirming reports that keith
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broomfield was killed in syria. he is from massachusetts and his mother tells nbc news he left four months ago to fight alongside kurdish forces against isis. she says she didn't want him to go but had no way to stop him. how cutting back on overtime pay to change the fight against crime. cracking down on stores that sell those synthetic drugs. in the city, the drastic move proposed by the mayor and what families should watch out for. guys really just one word when it comes to our forecast the next couple of days, hot. i will show you how hot we are about to get and when the storms
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the secret service under fire again after two separate issues much the agency is accused of hiring new officers to work at the white house before their security clearances were even complete. and an agent is now suspended for sending racy text messages. pat lawson muse is here with details. >> doreen nbc news just confirmed that a junior agent is
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on administrative leave. he is accused of sending sexually suggestive text messages to a woman he met while working an event that the first lady attended last month. the agent is not assigned to the first lady's security detail but works in a field office. also tonight the "washington post" is reporting that several dozen new secret service control service recruits have been placed in sensitive positions without finishing the required security clearance process. the new officers were added after a series of fence jumpers at the white house in recent months. secret service director joseph clancy says all of the clearances will be complete by the end of the week. the agency has been plagued with scandals in recent years. back in 2011 a man fired shots at the white house, but the secret service didn't realize the executive mansion had been hit until four days later when a housekeeper found broken glass inside. in 2012, more than a dozen agents and officers were imp mick kated in a prostitution scandal in bogota, colombia.
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last september a man armed with a knife jumped the white house fence and made it all the way inside before he was stopped. and just this past march two senior secret service agents crashed into a temporary security barrier at the white house. an investigation found they were likely intoxicated. as for security at the white house taller spikes are now being added to the fence to discourage people from jumping over it. chris? >> thanks, pat. tonight, congress is debating a plan to give the national park service $2 billion for next year's operations but right now, lawmakers are not setting aside money to replace its fleet of helicopters a recent news4 i-team investigation revealed two u.s. park police helicopters are overdue for replacement. they have flown thousands of hours longer than the federal government recommends. park police choppers help lead presidential motorcades, rescue people from rivers, even hunt down fugitives but park service officials say the birds are safe and they are still analyzing the need for replacements.
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doug's here with a check on our weather forecast. it was so nice outside today i'm gonna be sorry i didn't spend more time outside today? >> that's the case. today is just a beautiful afternoon. we didn't have that canadian spoke out there, it would really be a fantastic day all the way around. but we do have that haze and smoke and that's lowering our air quality across our region. other than that not bad. look at that. we would see blue skies if it wasn't for that smoke coming down from canada. wildfires burning up there, more than 50 fires up toward canada burning. they have evacuated over 1,000 people toward saskatchewan for the fires. for us bringing us the white sky that we have got today, all the smoke and haze. temperature, 83. dew point 61. any time that dew point in the low 60s, upper 50s, very comfortable, where we are with the 83-degree temperature. 82 frederick, 80 culpepper. huntington at 84.
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this front is going to try to drop down across our region. it is not going to make it move down, move back up as a warm front, that will move in for warm air to move in. as it moves on down, however, we will see a chance for showers up toward the north. by north, i mean way up toward the mason-dixon line by hagerstown 5:00 tomorrow, a shower up that way maybe back toward the mountains, all in all, we are just hot. we are just on on friday, not just hotit is humid. friday morning, no problems. but look at friday afternoon a better chance of a few scattered showers and thunderstorms developing, they will be scattered, i think just a little overdone here. umbrella most of the day get caught in the shower, could be fairly heavy, may see a strong storm or two. any time we get this hot easy to get a stronger storm. 95 manassas 93, gatorsburg 93, bin chester. saving grace, humidity month no the factor. that chances friday i will talk
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about that in second. sunny and hot tomorrow, use the sunscreen sunscreen, 77 by 9 a.m., driving up to 92, 1:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, too hot to run, 95 degrees. 3:00 in the afternoon, looking good. so, maybe try to get out early if you can to get that morning jog in, ma inthat beach -- maybe that bike ride. now if you are heading down toward the beach, where i was going with that did you see that? ocean city? looking pretty good. 86 nice and warm on saturday. partly cloudy skies, sunday and monday, an onshore flow. right now, look at the water temperature, around 69. that put us in the upper 60s on both saturday and monday -- rather sunday and monday breezy on monday, too best chance of showers come on sunday, not anticipating a lot of rain down toward the beaches. impact forecast tomorrow, call it low, sunny and hot, is up screen, as i mentioned really going to be about it. next couple of days that's when the humidity really increases. 94 on friday, but heat index close to 100 degrees, 93 on saturday. that heat index close to 97. 30% chance of showers each day.
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a little bit cooler sunday and monday, but still rather humid, a little bit more cloud cover again, chance of showers and few thunderstorms, too. guys if this does not look like a summertime pattern to you, i don't know what does. much we agree, looks pretty summary. thank you, doug. a hidden dane joerp the road tonight. new details of a multimillion dollar lawsuit and how it could keep you safe in a crash. a child custody dispute leads to murder the dramatic testimony as
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safety improvements are coming to gram track tracks between d.c. and boston. amtrak said today it will install positive train control along the northeast corridor by the end of the year. investigators believe the system could have prevented last month's deadly train derailment in philadelphia. also today, we learned the engineer of that train was not
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talking on his phone or texting at the time of the crash. he has told investigators he doesn't remember what happened that night. eight people died. 200 others were injured in that warning you to watch out for the effects of illegal synthetic drugs. a lot of customers are teenagers and young adults. as tom sherwood reports, the results can be devastating. >> reporter: young people often are the targets for the brightly colored packets of chemicals promising an easy high but the effects are far more serious. >> psychosis, organ failure, respiratory issues shall heart attack. >> reporter: what should families watch for? >> if your kid seems out of it can't remember where they live, can't where they are going if they are having extreme fluctuations in moods. >> reporter: mayor muriel bowser a planning a crackdown on sales.
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>> dangerous spike in overdose and expect many more cases are going unreported and untreated. >> reporter: mayor bowser wants the d.c. council to give police chief kathy lanier the power to immediately shut down offending businesses for four days similar to the chief's authority to temporarily close bars and nightclubs associated with violence. >> we believe that there should be harsher penalties. >> reporter: neighborhood commissioner calvin ward says his community of rosedale, welcomes the mayor's move. >> they should be penalize and jail time if possible. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4. widow at the center of a deadly love triangle faces a crowded courtroom. what she is saying about her
6:25 pm
husband's murder. a local teacher honored as hero. a mother says she saved h
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tonight, our team of reporters is gathering the top stories. we will begin in virginia. police say an argument over his children made him snap. >> minh nguyen is accused of killing his ex-wife's new husband. he was in court listening to testimony about the shooting and darcy stepper is live outside the courthouse where the shooting just wrapped up. darcy? >> reporter: the victim's wife denise madison, showed incredible strength today as she testified about witnessing the murder of her husband. it's her ex-husband who is on
6:29 pm
trial, who was sit in the courtroom. he broke down in tears several times. at one point, he became so emotional, the judge had to call a recess. denise madison testified that her ex-husband, minh nguyen confronted her and her new husband the night of the murder. she says nguyen didn't want their three children to be left alone with her husband, corey madison. she was heading up to a local middle school to pick up their daughter. nguyen wanted her to take the other kids with her. she testified that he said -- when she got to the school, nguyen was already there when he saw she didn't have the other two children with her, he ran to denise and corey madison's townhouse, bill is a short distance from the school. denise madison called her husband to warn him that nguyen was on his way but she didn't make it time.
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new when's attorney emphasized nguyen did not express malice or premeditation suggesting nguyen may have had mental health problems and and provoked leaving the two kids with corey knowing how upset he was. >> hard to argue there's no mall lass when you shoot your way into a house and kill a man in cold blood. >> reporter: it's important to know that there was no testimony, no accusation that corey matson did anything to he is that kids. tison did anything to he is that kids. new when didn't want any other man to be alone with his children and about trying to control his ex-wife. back to you, chris doreen. >> darcy spencer, thank you. a maryland man is charged
6:31 pm
after an officer-involved shooting in upper marlboro. clyde peterson and another man were shot by police while being apprehended yesterday at the marlboro crossroads shopping center. they were in a car and intending to rob a bank. an officer fired in that vehicle when one of the suspects reached for a weapon. peterson was released from the hospital today, the other suspect there was. the officer is on routine administrative leave during the investigation. >> reporter: chris, good evening. county police get millions set aside in the budget every year for overtime. $18.9 million this year alone. so, hearing about these overtime cuts does not sit well people who live here and worry about their own safety. in the middle of the day, 22-year-old antoine harvest plays basketball at the
6:32 pm
community sent we are hiscenter, passing time until he can find a job for the summer. >> need a job. try to stay out of trouble. i was doing construction at first. then i got laid off. >> reporter: that's the worry from some residents. idle time over the summer could lead to a spike in crime and now is not the time to cut overtime for prince georges' officers, especially in neighborhoods most at risk. able. lot of break ins, from what i understand in different areas. and people are getting robbed, like in my area. >> reporter: prince georges' police officers scheduled to serve ot got word they could not. police did not want to comment on what they called a budget matter. >> i truly think the crime rate would go up. i think a lot of things would happen. >> police is the largest entity -- >> reporter: this no ot order is not the direct result of a new tighter budget from his office.
6:33 pm
>> he is there a large overtime budget already in the police and all of our public safety agencies. so at this point i don't see any reason for any concern with regard to public safety overtime. >> reporter: on average, police overtime in the county ranges between 10 to 15 million. in the new budget, it calls for a 2% or $6 million contingency. but residents wonder about the long, hot summer ahead and if they can count on the cops to be there. >> it's not enough. you know, if there were more on bikes and undercover cars, it would help. >> reporter: a short while ago, aid chance to speak with the deputy police chief who told me officers [ inaudible ] getting their overtime cut. others having overtime limited. this is a normal action that happens at the end of the fiscal year, just weeks away from the end of the fiscal year. next year's budget also has some
6:34 pm
cuts. we are live this evening [ inaudible ] back to you. >> mollet green, thank you. a texas company's been ordered to pay $663 million in damages and penalties for defrauding the federal government. trinity industries is accused of making changes to its guardrails, causing them to impale vehicles rather than buckle on impact. last year, a jury ordered the company to pay $175 million in a whistle-blower lawsuit. yesterday, a judge more than tripled that amount. virginia is removing all of the affected guardrails. pretty soon, those paper metro fare cards could become artifacts. documents from the transit agency show they want to eliminate the paper cards by early next year and make everyone use the plastic smart trip cards. most of us already do but about 37,000 passengers still use the paper cards every day. news4 transportation reporter adam tuss talked to some passengers who aren't sold on the change.
6:35 pm
>> they are trying to get rid of these, say they will get rid of these by next year, go all to plastic. >> right, but have they announced that to the customers? >> 'cause i'm gonna lose it. >> they are developing. >> announcer: to let you pay with your smartphone. police take a new approach to track down two convicted killers. the situation ended up being a matter of life -- >> montgomery county school superintendent honors michelle mack for going above and beyond the call of duty by saving student's life. the story ahead. we are talking humidity today and tomorrow, or rather tomorrow. a little bit on the sticky side. get into friday and the weekend, uncomfortable if not
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there are new developments tonight in the search for two escaped prisoners. the search is expanding from northern new york state into vermont. police are now going door to door in neighbors and telling
6:39 pm
people to lock their doors. nbc's jay gray reports now from dannemora, new york. >> reporter: day five and the manhunt has intensified here. >> we won't stop until we have these convicts captured. >> reporter: heavily armed teams fanning out across upstate new york walking through pastures wading into ponds and pushing into the thick woods searching for any sign that may lead them to convicted murderers richard matt and david sweat. >> i just hope they find them soon because it's, you know, never locked our doors before and never had to worry, but these men are bad news. >> reporter: a convicted murderer who testified against matt in court asked us to alter his voice and hide his identity but couldn't hide his concern. >> there's no telling what kind of revenge he might want to exact on people that i love, people that are close to me. this is a very psychotic individual. >> reporter: in dannemora, just a few miles from the prison
6:40 pm
where the men escaped last week officers are again going door to door in a community on edge. >> they don't know where they are. they could be in canada. who knows. but they could be in these woods and you just -- you don't know. >> reporter: investigators also don't know how the violent inmates carried out their elaborate escape, but now have identified 51-year-old joyce mitchell, a supervisor in the prison tailor shop, as a person of interest in the case as the search and investigation continues. yeah, and sources close to this investigation tell us that mitchell is still being questioned right now and that she will likely face charges in this case though no indication what the charges will be at this point. i'm jay gray. back to you. she tried to snap a picture ended up in the hospital. up next, the warning in one
6:41 pm
local community after two people are attacked by raccoons. the heartfelt message for one school employee who saved her child's
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a fairfax county woman is recovering from a raccoon attack. the 75-year-old woman was taking pictures of the raccoon in springfield this morning when it suddenly charged at her and bit her on the hands and legs. the raccoon took off into the woods. it is not known if the animal has rabies so some trails in the park have been closed off as a precaution. animal control says they have noticed a spike in rabid raccoons recentlism. >> rabid animals tend to vocalize a lot. they will either be screaming or whining or chittering to themselves. that's one of the key things we listen for.
6:45 pm
>> so far in 2015, there have been 21 positive rabies cases. the viral disease is most often transmit wend a rabid animal goes on the attack and bites a person or another animal. a majority of cases are found in wild animals like raccoons, skunks, bats and foxes. a school employee is being honored for going above and beyond the call of duty and saving student's life. now the long view school is in german town and unique to montgomery county because the kids all have serious medical issues. news4's chris gordon reports, the boy's mom says that woman deserves way more than an award. >> reporter: 7-year-old charlie is lucky to be alive. he nearly died in the long view school parking lot in germantown on april 30th after his mother loaded him into their car to take him to an appoint.. >> i went to look back to back
6:46 pm
up and charlie had stopped breathing. his body went very straight. >> reporter: charlie's mother ran into the school to ask for him. michelle mack shouted for the staff to call 911 and she headed out to help charlie. >> took him out of the car seat got him down on the ground, provided rescue breaths. monitored him. hooked him up to the aed to monitor his life signs. >> reporter: today mack was given the school superintendent's award nor going above and beyond the call of duty. this was very, very special. and this is really indicative of the love and compassion and support that ms. mack provides. >> where we are lucky. a family here. >> reporter: it is graduation day at long view school, a day to remember how teachers shape the lives of their students.
6:47 pm
in this case, saved a life when charlie needed help breathing. in montgomery county, chris gordon, news4. >> just quick thinking. >> yeah. >> so amazing. glad that he is all right. we got hotter, more humid weather moving in, don't we? >> one heat wave. a small one. 90, 92 90. in one a bit more significant. got a 95. maybe throwing in a 96 here or there. >> let's hear 100. >> a 93. >> let's not. >> not quite chris. not quite that will come next month, buddy, i'm sure. outside, look at that shot. you guys i'm fascinated by this, canadian wildfire bringing down smoke, that's what you see out there toward our national harbor camera. once again this is going to be an amazing is up set tonight. that sun will glow a fiery red tonight. you can already see a little bit of a red hue on the buildings toward the nation's capital, in front of us. temperatures into the 80s, sitting at 83.
6:48 pm
81 7:00 dropping to about 77, 76 by 11:00 in the city, many of you in the 70s at that time. a very nice evening and nice night. 86 rockville 84, fort belvoir. back toward chantilly, the deal area very nice. no matter what you are doing, a great one. good night to get out there and grill a little bit. storm team4 radar, showing nothing. not going to see anything as far as rain is concerned. see plenty of sunshine tomorrow. it will be hot. but not too humid. 91 to 96 degrees during the day tomorrow. not much of a heat index though. that's going to come during the day on friday. chris said he wanted 100. well we get 94 degrees but the heat index will be close to 100, chris. at your house, 105. now, 30% chance of shower activity, 93 on saturday. then we get to sunday. sunday, a high temperature around 85. 86 on monday and then right back towards the 90 degrees
6:49 pm
temperatures, notice the chance for showers and thunderstorms just about each day. that's kind of what we get here during the summer months. looks like that's exactly what will happen the next few days right now, one, two, three days at 90 degrees or better. temperatures low to middle 90s, not surprised to see numbers higher than that talk much more about that tonight at 11:00. i'm pat lawson muse at the live desk. we have some breaking news in northwest washington. police testimony us a pedestrian has been hit in a crosswalk in northwest, an adult male. this happened not far from the intersection of wisconsin avenue and van nest. the victim bounced off the windshield of the vehicle. the victim transported in serious condition. happened around 5:00 this afternoon. the driver is now talking with police but has not been formally arrested. we still have no word on speed or what the cause of this
6:50 pm
accident was. i'm pat lawson muse at the live desk. chris? in sports, the nats battle become up in the bronx, but was it enough to beat the yanks? jason's got that next.
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anne arundel . the yankees have been smoking hot, lately. >> the nationals, needed this game against new york. denard span said when he woke up this morning, he didn't think he would play against the yankees. the outfielder battling injuries all season long including recent back spasms. thankfully, the back issues weren't a problemz a the game got closer, it was span who delivered the game-winning hit. pick it up in the top of the fifth up a run. danny espinosa a great season this year and that continued here. he takes nathan eovaldi deep to
6:54 pm
right center. that is home run number eight on the year. espy was 3-5 at the plate today. nats up by a pair of runs. gio gonzalez, he was solid, the bullpen took over. aaron barrett, alex rodriguez the long hit goes over the head of denard span. a-rod two rbis short of 2,000 in his career. that drove in the go-ahead run. the top of the eighth 4-2, yankees. michael a. taylor don't forget the a.. fifth home run a two-run shot, tied the game. get this, all five home runs for michael taylor this year, tied, giving the nationals the lead. he has been so clutch. extra innings 11th. two out. a man on for span. chopper for the pitcher. beat out the throw and score the run. nationals win this by a final score of 5-4. cool note from today's ballgame. bryce harper for the first time in his major league baseball
6:55 pm
career faced a pitcher that was younger than him. it took 553 games for bryce to finally do it. all right. moving on to football now, otas continued for the redskins today. practice was closed to the media. now, a few days ago, we told you the redskins and texans they will practice together for three days in august training camp. now we are hearing from players and coaches on the dynamic that brings, especially seeing how the tv series "hard knocks" is following houston. >> not thinking about the show thinking jj walt those guys we got to block, cushion, and just for excitement fans and stuff. gonna go out there and do what we do and that is to get better. any time you get an on own tight practice against a great organization like houston, they are on the upswing great personnel, great coach, coach o'brien beneficial to us. "hard knocks," not worried about that they will be focused on them but i'm sure they will sneak a camera shot in on us a little bit, we got a group of guy, not worried about "hard
6:56 pm
knocks," have some fun with it and practice and compete. redskins not able to travel their contractual obligations to the city of richmond. elsewhere, the stanley cup finals taking place tonight, game four on nbc sports network at 8 p.m. the lightning, they lead the blackhawks, two games to one in the st lebron james playing like a man who desperately wants to end cleveland's 51-ier championship drought. bron with another 40-point performance in game three. now scored 40, 44, and 39 points in the finals thus far. he has put cleveland on its back with injuries to stars like kyrie irving and kevin love. three-game total of 123 points, most ever scored by a player through the first three games of the finals. the other unexpected and emerging star for the cavs matthew dell la mod dove virginia, deli man undrafted guard from australia, 20 points in game three, but more importantly, the defense he played on mvp steph curry,
6:57 pm
outstanding. he played so hard last night he was hospitalized after the game due to severe cramps and dehydration. but he was back at practice today. he is expected to be ready to go for game four tomorrow night. over on the pitch men's national soccer team facing number one germany. germany, the defending world cup champions, they lead early. in the 41st minute, the u.s. pulls even. mix discar roo off his chest, equalizer, 87th minute now, brad evans, pass ahead to bobby woolet. just outside the box, he fires and scores. u.s., they shock germany, a 2-1 victory first time ever the united states soccer has wasn'tbeaten the german team in germany. great to see them do that in a world cup match as well. >> unbelievable in friendly matches. >> "nbc nig
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tonight, house to house. as authorities expand the hunt for two escaped killers, growing fear as two states are now on high alert. late word that fugitives may have headed in a different direction than first thought. back to iraq. hundreds more american troops headed back. this time the enemy is isis. what is the mission, and can it work? richard engel reports. the officer's side of the story. what we're learning tonight about what happened before all that chaos at the pool caught on camera. and going to extremes. our journey deep underground as a major water source for millions rapidly disappears. wait till you see what they're doing to keep the water flowing. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news w


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