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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 11, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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several breaking stories at this hour. first, two local teens charged. i'm barbara harrison. the case marks the first for the country. i'm kristen wright at the live desk. we're tracking the multi-state manhunt for two escaped prisoners. where they may have been spotted and what we learned about the prison employee at the center of the case. hot and humid today with increasing storm chances as we head towards the weekend. i'll have the latest coming up in my forecast. a school bus hits a woman and closes a local road. i'm angie gosk. news 4 midday starts now. breaking news this morning, a virginia teen nler charged with assisting isis has pleaded guilty in federal court this morning.
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he was arrested in march for helping a classmate get to syria with the hope of joining the terrorist group. chief julie kerry is in alexandria and has the latest for us this morning. good morning julie. >> good morning. prosecutors are spotlighting this case as a prime example of how terrorist organizations are using to recruit young teens in this country. a 17-year-old high school student pleaded guilty in federal court to providing material support to terrorists by both raising money to help them and by recruiting another teen in prince william county to go to syria to join isol. he calmly entered his guilty plea. prosecutors say this investigation began back in 2014 when prince william county police noticed a young man they have been keeping an eye on had left the area was missing. they believed he was headed to
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syria to possible help isol. they say amin in the meantime had developed a strong social media following. some 4,000 strong. that's where he both campaigned to raise money by using bit coin and also recruiting people to go to syria to help isol. now that prince william county teen that 18-year-old he and amin got into contact and he did, indeed, drive into dulles airport and help him get over to syria. listen now to what federal prosecutors have to say about the red flag this case puts before parents. >> some importance to show that the department continues to investigate and prosecute those who will support a designated terrorist organization with social media. to date, the department has filed charges against almost 50 people. >> now, prosecutors did also announce that just yesterday they indicted that other prince
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william county teen. he is identified as 18-year-old riza, but, again, he is believed to be in syria where amin helped him go to give aid to the terrorist organizations there. we heard from amin's attorney today. his client is very remorseful for his role and has been helping federal prosecutors for several months now in a continuing investigation. he faces up to 15 years in prison when he comes back to the federal courthouse in late august for his sentencing. reporting live from alexandria i'm julie carey news 4. more breaking news right now. we are learning a school bus hit a woman in rockville. chopper 4 here over the crash site at redland road. montgomery county emergency crews taking that woman to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, we're told. we just learned there were no children on the bus. that's a good thing. right now crabs branch way northbound is closed at redland
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road. mark segraves is at the scene. several new turns in the manhunt for two killers who broke out of a prison in new york. first, a cab driver in philadelphia thinks he picked up richard matt and david sweat early this morning and dropped them off at 30th street station. he says the two men looked just like the escapees. police are talking to this cab driver you see there and going through surveillance video. also, senior government officials tell nbc news the prison employee who may have helped the pair had a relationship with one of the prisoners and thought it was love. those sources say joyce miller agreed to be the get away driver but got cold feet. now the search has also move under to vermont. just into our newsroom information on a tip that did not pan out. here's vermont's governor. >> we did follow up on one lead
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that was reported on burton island or the burton island vicinity recently. i can tell you with conviction that while we really appreciate the tip and it was a good tip, it turned out not to be one that we're considering live right now. >> so the search continues. it is the sixth day for the manhunt for the two prisoners. >> thank you, kristen. after a series of crashes on the same maryland high way, things are finally starting to get back to normal. chopper 4 was over maryland 95. near route 195 it caught not one, but three crashes this morning. one northbound and two in the southbound lanes. at one point, traffic southbound was back. temperatures now in the low to mid 80s across the area and the humidity has arrived. washington currently at 83 degrees. highs today in the low to mid-90s. a three-day heat wave. d.c. hits a high temperature of
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94, 95 degrees and manassas 95, as well. mostly sunny skies throughout the day today. and it is a code orange air quality alert date. the first one of the year. what does that mean? young children and elderly will want to limit time outdoors. also, you want to stay inside if you have heart or respiratory issues. now, tomorrow, we continue with the heat and humidity, but there's also the chance of a few thunderstorms. i'll have more on that in about ten minutes. angie? police in prince george's county trying to figure out what caused this driver of a car to veer off the road and then hit that pole there. a man died in the crash. it happened on old alexandria road this morning. the high school principal steps down because of what he said about a big story in the headlines. plus lawmakers at odds but they're about to move their rivalry down the street. we're back in one minute. stay with us.
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we're watching what's trending online today. in florida a school principal was fired for something he posted to his facebook page. he wrote about the incident where a white officer threw a black teenage girl to the ground outside a swimming pool. the officer has since resigned. the principal posted that the officer did nothing wrong. well, that generated a huge response. the school board said insensitivity even if it's unintention unintentional. in texas a real heart-warming story we want to tell you about here about a 92-year-old woman who adopted just recently a woman who is 76 years old. the women are actually cousins but the younger one, mary smith lost her father as a child. her mother couldn't take care of her so murial clayton did. she made their relationship official just recently at a dallas courthouse this week.
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they're adopted parent and child now. we're back
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and, of course today marks day one of our three-day heat wave. hazy, hot and humid. today, tomorrow and saturday, as well. right now we're at 83 degree 2:00 p.m. we'll jump up to about 92. by 5:00 p.m., temperatures in the mid 90s. so if you're going to the pool or to the park, make sure the kids are drinking plenty of water and lots of sun screen today. 8:00 we're still at 88 degrees. now, tomorrow, much of the same. mild start in the mid-70s at 7:00 a.m. by mid-90s by 3:00 p.m. and as we get into the late afternoon and evening hours, some widely scattered thunderstorms. i'll track that with future weather, barbara, in about ten
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minutes. >> thank you amelia. right now we're waiting to hear if you could be guaranteed sick leave as an employee in montgomery county. the health committee for the county counsel is considering that bill right now. it says employers will have to give you at least one hour of sick and safe leave for every 30 hours that you work. that would mean paid time off if you or someone in your family is hurt or sick or dealing with a domestic violence case. from the capital floor to nats' field today is the annual condpregz congressional baseball game for charity. a partisan show down. the first pitch is at 7:05 tonight at nats' park. you're looking at some video here from a game, this is two years ago when it was actually raining. tick toots the game, though, tonight, 10 bucks. proceeds from the game fund three d.c. area charities, the literacy center and boys and girls club and the national dream foundation.
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metro makes some changes so it is making the commute more complicated. you're watching
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safety concerns prompted metro to take some rail cars off the tracks. all started with a rider caught on video using his cell phone. so, since there are fewer trains, how does that impact your commute? megan mcgrath is live and talks to some riders this morning. what did they have to say megan? >> well barbara we got different opinions from different people.
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some folks say, yeah, they thought it was a little more crowded today than usual. others, though, say, no it was a typical day. crowded yes, but nothing nuls. the bottom line here is that there are 100 fewer rail cars out there to move people around. right now there are fewer eight-car trains. shorter six-car trains dominated the rails this morning. some noticed the difference. >> very crowded. more so than usual. i had to wait two trains just to get here. >> reporter: but others did not. >> it's par for the course. >> always crowded. >> always crowded. >> reporter: metro have taken 100 of the older 4,000 series rail cars out of service for safety inspections. the problem doors that open without warning. this cell phone video was taken by a passenger, the doors seen wide open as the train goes through a tunnel. she has seen it happened and it's dangerous. >> just opens and you're going
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to fall out and god knows what can happen to you. >> reporter: the cars will remain out of service for the weekend. riders should be prepared for crowded trains. >> i can't really say what i want to say, but we're just going to have to endure it. >> reporter: and if no major problems are found the 4,000 series cars will be back in service for rush hour monday morning. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thank you. we are waiting for d.c. prosecutors to officially dismiss a criminal charge against basketball analyst greg anthony. d.c. police charged anthony with soliciting a prostitute back in january. prosecutors say that they would dismiss his case if he performed 32 hours community service over the last four months. anthony's hearing is going on right now downtown but he is not required to be there. democratic senators are taking on president obama and the veteran affairs department. the dispute involves benefits for air force reservists who were possibly exposed to agent
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orange. the two are blocking president obama's nominee for the v.a.'s top health post. senator brown of ohio and ron widen of oregon say they will hold up david's nomination until the va provides more clarity regarding its coverage for reservists. scanning the sky and dry conditions. there could be an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon. back over the mountains into west virginia. else where remains dry today. it's hazy hot and humid. highs today in the low to mid-90s. highs tomorrow in the low to mid-90s. here's future weather. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it's a clear, dry, baumy start. getting into the midday, little more clouds to pop with the heat and humidity of the day. then as we get into the afternoon hours. here we are at 3:00 p.m. notice hit and miss showers and thunderstorms starting to develop. now not everybody will see rain tomorrow and a pretty low chance.
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only 3 only 30% chance. you could be dealing with a passing rain or rain shower or thunderstorm. now, heading into the weekend one day looking better than the other. i'll have more on the weekend forecast coming up in a little bit, angie. >> pay attention. don't play with me, okay. share the road. that's the message this morning from the d.c. man who shot that video. the cyclist who shot this video. his name is robert fitzgerald and he is now speaking out for first time. fitzgerald shot the video from a camera mounted on his bicycle. it shows an suv illegally parked in the bike lane. this is in downtown d.c. and it happened on tuesday morning. he calls police on his cell phone to report the driver. the driver who we now know is a delaware state police officer walks over and tells fitzgerald to keep it moving. >> he was a bit aggressive as soon as he heard i was making a call about it. he came up and showed a gun and
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a badge and to be honest at the time, i thought he was a usual marshal. >> when fitzgerald watched that video he realized it was a delaware police officer. reached out to the state police and they are aware of the video. cyclists tells news 4 that they're worried about being hit as they try to get around parked cars like that one on el street. presidential candidate hillary clinton kicks off his fund-raising campaign in florida today. clinton hit south carolina yesterday where she continued to face questions about her personal welt. clinton has earned more than $25 million for paid speeches since 2014. her soul democratic challenger challenges her credentials. >> when you hustle money like that, you don't sit in restaurants like this. >> and recent revelations from the ap now suggest that bill
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clinton had a shell company where money could pass under the radar. former florida governor jeb bush is in poland today. he is expected to make his bid for the presidential race next week. bush and his wife visited the uprising museum and memorial wall in warsaw. bush met with foreign minister and tomorrow he heads to estonia. a baby in virginia just couldn't wait to make her world debut. her parents were headed to the hospital yesterday morning after mom's water broke. but the only problem they were on this, a ferry. dad and ferry workers delivered little emma lee there but noticed theumbilical cord was wrapped around baby's neck. they removed it and mom and baby are doing just fine. back in 60 seconds with why an illness could affect your
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grocery store bill.
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back to our breaking news now. a pedestrian hit by a school bus. our mark segraves is there. tell us what's going on out there. >> barbara this all started about 9:00 this morning. we can tell you that pedestrian is at suburban hospital listed in critical condition. take a look behind me and you can see this school bus is a bus that hit her. that bus was making a left-hand turn off of redland boulevard on to crabs branch way when it struck the pedestrian. now, police say they're not sure whether or not the pedestrian was in the crosswalk when she was hit. the driver obviously, stayed on the scene. i talked to montgomery school rep who said this is a very veteran driver. a man with a lot of experience. he has now been placed on leave, which is standard protocol. any time a bus driver is in an accident. again, they have not determined who was at fault here, but,
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again, female pedestrian about 9:00 a.m. crossing this street was hit by this school bus. there were no children on the bus at the time of this accident. now, of course, we'll be staying with this story throughout the day as it develops. barbara, back to you in the studio. >> all right, thank you, mark. developing in south korea another person has died from a middle east respiratory syndrome known as mrs. the illness has peaked. you can see people here in this video wearing those face masks and health workers spraying public areas. more than 120 people have been infected with mers so far. your scrambled eggs may get a little pricy. egg prices may hit record highs this year because of a bird flu outbreak. we are learning the u.s. is dealing with its worst ever outbreak of bird flu. the usda predicts later this year it will cost you between $1.70 and $1.80 for a dozen
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large eggs. chickens and turkeys have been killed because of this outbreak. football and cold beer. the school that just combined the two. we're back in 60 seconds. life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
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life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed. new today an actor you know from "lord of the rings" christopher lee has died. that according to the associated press and reuters. nbc is working to confirm that news. lee was 93 years old. he played in the epic "lord of the rings" movies. you might also remember him from ten different "dracula" movies from as far back as the 1950s. temperatures right now are in the 80s and will continue to climb today. highs low to mid-90s. fredericksburg in the upper 80s at 87 and annapolis coming in at 83. now, for tomorrow, a high of 94. plenty of sun once again. but as we get into the late afternoon and evening hours,
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some scattered thunderstorms are possible. a better chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms later in the day on saturday. still not a wash out though. if you have outdoor plans i couldn't cancel them. know you could be dealing with some rain. you might want to have a plan b. a high temperature of 92. still muggy on saturday. sunday right now looking like the better of the two weekend days. plenty of sunshine and low humidity and temperatures more comfortable in the mid-80s. keeping monday dry angie, a high of 86 and then the chance of showers and thunderstorms returns tuesday and wednesday. >> amelia, thanks. well you could grab a cold one the next time you see the terps football team take the field at home. approved beer sales starting this fall. students led this initiative but won't be official until at least next month. that's when the prince george's county liquor board will consider the plan. barbara? we're back in a moment with the first lady's new role you wish
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right now on "news 4 midday" staying on top of several developing stories. in a moment, amelia segal will tell us how high the mercury will climb. >> we want to begin with crystal at the live desk. kristen? >> that's right a high school student from manassas pleaded guilty in federal court just this morning to helping isis. this right here is the
11:30 am
17-year-old mother leaving court a short time ago. the justice department says her son, amali shukri amin used the internet and arranged for a classmate to travel to syria and join the terrorist network. federal prosecutors say amin started a pro-isis twitter account and blog to help fund and support isis. >> this case is a tragedy. it is a tragedy first and foremost for the amin family who have lost a loving son and brother. a tragedy for this community as we have lost yet another young person to the subdicative allure of violent, online propaganda. >> amin will be sentenced in august. he faces a maximum of 15 years in prison. if convicted, the 18-year-old reza niknejah is also charged. right now, d.c. nurses are
11:31 am
pushing the d.c. council to change the lives of some people. they're pushing a bill. the hospital industry says it's not that simple. here's mol,ette green is live. >> 32 peoplen enon this witness list set to testify on this festering dispute. >> i work on inthe surgical oncology unit. >> reporter: residents are away from their patients to take their pushing to city leaders. sandra fairwell came to talk about her struggles working in the nicu at children's national medical center. >> stretched way beyond my ability sometimes and how sometimes i go home crying because i didn't do the care i needed to do. >> reporter: registered nurses from the country's largest union wore red shirts to show
11:32 am
solidarity. they support legislation before council they say will ensure safe staffing levels at all district hospitals by setting up specific nurse/patient ratios. >> it's crucial that we protect all of our patients in washington, d.c., by passing legislation and not going through the union contract process. >> reporter: news 4 cameras rolled last december at medstar washington hospital center when rn staged a one-day strike that eventually led to a deal, but council members have to waive the impact of this legislation. >> by ensuring that they aren't exhausted by the large amount of overtime required due to understaffing. >> reporter: a complex task in a city with a range of private, public and university hospitals. now, on the other side of this issue, the hospital's point of view was testimony coming from columbia hospital association and the d.c. chamber of
11:33 am
commerce. arguing that patient care cannot be legislated and they say this bill could drive up costs in the district by tens of millions. we're live outside the wilson building, i'm molette green, news 4. with the heat and humidity you might want to avoid outside exercise. we are under our first code orange energy alert of the year. you can find out more information about that on my facebook and twitter pages. essentially what that mean physical you have heart or respiratory issues, you want to stay indoors and kids and elderly also want to avoid a lot of outdoor activity today. but travel and just heading out and about looking good. for tomorrow at the bus stop low to mid-70s. recess, it will be outdoors. mid to upper 80s. dismissal still dry at that point angie. temperatures, though in the mid-90s. >> thanks so much. as you mentioned, amelia, we are getting into the second heat wave of the year and you can.
11:34 am
come ill if your body can't compensate for it and properly cool things off. so, here are four things to know to beat the heat. stay in an indoor location as much as possible. drink plenty of fluids, even if you don't feel thirsty. it might be tempting to get outside, but schedule outdoor activities very carefully and don't forget wear loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing and don't forget that sunscreen. you have to have the spf barbara. >> absolutely. lawmakers in congress are working to prevent the rule from d.c. regulating pot. a measure to keep the city from spending money to enact the illegal marijuana law. the districts can't tax or sell pot. however, the drug is still legal for personal use in your home. a retired montgomery county fire chief will take over the reigns in haguerstown. steve lure retired last year from the county and take over as the new fire chief in washington
11:35 am
county. he was selected from a pool of candidates who applied through a nationwide search. he will retire at the end of the month. that police officer sceneeen in a video wrestling a teenage girl to the ground tenured his resignation two days ago and now hearing his side of the story. janet has more details on what happened earlier that day may have played a role in this incident. >> reporter: the first public words from the police officer in this video are coming from his attorney who apologized. >> he apologizes to all who are offended. that day was not representative of the ten-year service to the community of mckinney and it is in his hope that by his resignation, the community may start to heal. >> reporter: came after he had responded to two suicide calls. and the stress had taken its
11:36 am
toll. >> with all that had happened that day, he allowed his emotions to get the better of him. >> reporter: we're also now hearing from the teenage girl pushed to the ground through her attorney who says beckten is shaken and hasn't decided whether to file a formal complaint. >> voluntary resignation should not mean the end of this investigation. >> reporter: this morning, the community is still taking in what happened. hoping for a return to the way things were. not knowing if that's possible. >> i don't know. it's just kind of shocking, but, at the same time too, it is kind of a relief just to know that he has resigned. >> reporter: she's afraid to leave her home, her attorney says. the police union says he has had to leave his because he's been receiving death threats. >> this incident in the seven minutes worth of video does not fully depict eric's moral and ethical character. >> and that was janet shamblien
11:37 am
reporting. america's first lady is gaining a new title. michelle obama a guest editor in "more" magazine. this is the first time that a edited a magazine. "more's" editor in chief said the first lady came up with story ideas and wrote and approved for the copy as well. also make her third appearance on the cover. is carbonated one-hit wonder making a crystal come back? we'll tell you in 60 seconds.
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here's what's burning up on the internet today. a lot of you are sharing this. australia man's story. it's pretty spectacular. he said he saved millions of babies' lives. james harrison said he has a special antibody in his blood to help prevent disease in babies. he learned this when he was just 14 and since then he has donated his blood plasma every week for the past 60 years. okay.
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remember this crystal pepsi. it could be making a comeback. you may remember the clear caffeine-free version of pepsi. take a look at this guy's twitter page. he also loves crystal pepsi. his page is blowing up ever since he posted this message and pepsi sent him saying he would be happy with something new on the way. ♪ >> so many jurisic world stories that we could share with you today, but this is our favorite. the a cappella version of the jurisic park theme. they just put it online and, get this. it already has more than 125,000 views. >> i like it. thanks, angie. jurisic world hits theaters tomorrow. next, why you soon won't know where your meat comes from. we're back in 60 seconds.
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you won't be able to see what country your meat is from on the label any more anyway. appeal a 2008 law requiring labels saying where meat was raised, born and slaughtered. lawmakers wanted to avoid huge taxes from canada and mexico. those countries said the rule hurt their meat industries because they had to separate their livestock from american born chickens, pigs and cows. temperatures are rising and they're rising fast. amelia segal is tracking our second heat wave of the year. amelia it's going to get yucky out there. >> yeah angie. not just because of the heat but the humidity as well. right now, the temperature is 83 degrees, but when you factor in the mugginess outside, the heat index or what it feels like, about 88. so, it's feeling uncomfortable outside. today the humidity continues to run high. tomorrow and saturday, as well. still in that uncomfortable zone. but by sunday, our humidity starts to drop. ask it feels pleasant outside.
11:42 am
more storms in the forecast, though, as we work our way towards tomorrow and saturday. i'll have more on that coming up in a little bit. if you're heading to the beach what you can expect there, angie. >> thanks, amelia. walgreen's nice doughnuts not looking so nice. they are recalling sugar doughnuts because of complaints about mold. they are sold nationwide and walgreen's says you can return them to any store for a refund. starting your own business and being your own boss could get a lot easier. you
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we're learning this morning why a woman who helped two convicted murders escape from prison in new york. she thought one inmate was in love with her and that was only one of the whildild turns this case is taking. jay, what are you finding out about the investigation? >> barbara a lot unfolding right now. as you can see behind me the road block being locked down in in the area. as you talk about investigators learning more about a prison employee who may have been a key part of their plan to break free. after questioning joyce mitchell, senior government officials confirm the civilian
11:46 am
instructor in the prison tailor shop had planned to drive the get away car for inmates david sweat and richard matt, but on the day of their escape apparently got cold feet. mitchell agreed to help the convicted murderers because matt charmed her and she thought it was love. >> she can be just the country girl that got sweet talked by some city guy. >> reporter: the search for the violent inmates intensified. a tip leading officers to this wooded area about three miles from the prison and very close to the man hole that sweat and matt apparently climbed through during their escape. >> we won't stop until we have these conflicts captured. >> reporter: investigators expect the area to be locked down for hours as they meticulously search for any signs of the escapees. and as for joyce mitchell, a source close to this investigation is telling us she will likely be charged for her role in the escape. just too early right now they say to know when or exactly what those charges may be. that is the latest from here in
11:47 am
new york, i'm jay gray news 4. >> thanks jay. prosecutors are moving forward now with a grand jury hearing for a controversial shooting case. they are calling witnesses to testify for or against officer alex torres. he shot and killed john gear in springfield two years ago. police confronted gear while responding to calls for a domestic violence dispute. torres says gear moved his hands as if to grab a weapon but other officers dispute that claim. the red river in louisiana is on the rise forcing some families to head to higher ground. runoff from the recent flooding in texas and oklahoma is taking the river almost eight feet above its flood stage. homeland security helping neighboring homes in the shreveport area by sandbagging those at risk. two more inches is expected to fall in the area before the weekend. amelia? >> barbara, the temperatures outside of our studio now up to 85 degrees and warm another ten degrees as we head on into the afternoon hours.
11:48 am
that will put our highs today in the low to mid-90s. 94 in leesburg and 91 in winchester and washington and arlington will warm to 95. today, day one of our three-day heat wave, heat wave means we're going to have three consecutive days where temperatures hit 90 degrees or higher. not only is it hot, but it is humid, as well. good weekend to escape to the beach. water temperatures still a little chilly at 65 degrees. tomorrow at the beach, plenty of sun, mid-80s. mix of cloud and sun at the beach in the mid-70s and chance of afternoon thunderstorm and temperatures around 80. cooler but dry at the beach and, angie mid-70s. let's head there. >> all right i'm riding with you. new today the white house is saying now it wants to make starting a business so simple that you could do it in a day. august 4th will be the launch of startp in a day. president obama is calling on local governments to streamline the licensing and permit process. he says 11 mayors already have signed up to meet that goal within a year.
11:49 am
and, yes, that includes d.c. mayor murialel bowser. he came in as a little guy and he's now 6'1" and still hoping for a loving permanent adoptive home. he hopes to play basketball and he is very good at it too. so, we thought we'd spend some time at the washington sports club where he can get some tips to help his already impressive game. meet tyler. >> hi clay. >> how you doing, barbara? >> claiborne, i want you to meet my friend tyler. >> how you doing? >> tyler plays basketball very well. >> okay. >> but we think he could use a little coaching from you. >> absolutely. >> tyler changed into a t-shirt he brought along with him and ready to hit the court. clay claiborne was impressed right off the bat. >> good. perfect. he is 17 and has been in the foster care system for ten years now. those who know him like adopt kruter adrian say he is a
11:50 am
wonderful young man. >> he initially had a rough time, but he has been able to develop a team of support that adores him and he has really come a long way. tyler loves school. malth is math is his favorite subject. >> what else do you like to do at school? >> interact with my friends. >> that's great. you have a lot of friends? >> he is a leader amongst his classmates and the other kids really look up to him. >> he's in a special school where he's also a standout athlete. in football, basketball and wrestling, too. what do you think you'd like to be when you grow up? >> a football player. >> for any particular team? >> the redskins. >> free throw. yep. >> but he's also good in basketball. and those who know tyler say he goes out of his way to help other kids to feel good about themselves on the court. >> some of my classmates they're
11:51 am
a lot shorter than me. sometimes i win sometimes i let them win. i mostly let them win because it wouldn't be fair. >> he has a strong sense of fairness, but life hasn't exactly been fair to tyler. he wants so badly to finally have a real home. >> and he really cherishes the idea of being in a family. a sense of belonging. he wants to be a big brother. he wants to be with mom and dad and pets and playing basketball in the yard. and doing all the things that families do. and he really misses that and yearns for it. >> you have a lot of stuff to take home with you. >> the washington sports club had some gifts for tyler to take home. hopefully soon to a home with a family who will cherish him. if you have room in your home and your heart for tyler or another child who is waiting please call our special adoption hotline. the number is 1-88-to-adopt-me.
11:52 am
>> thank you, barbara. a dream come true as a little boy takes to the skies. we're back in 60.
11:53 am
virginia is replacing a huge amount of faulty guard rails. the company now owes the government hundreds of millions of dollars because of them. a judge ruled trindy industries defrauded the government by making its guard rails rather than buckle on impact. the company has to pay $663 million in damages and penalty penalties. barbara? it was a dream come true for a 7-year-old boy from chicago. the boy wants to be a pilot but suffers from a congenital heart defect. to make this his wish come true, the wish foundation stepped in and he tried to do something to make him happy. william is in dallas for three days for pilot training. he's spending time with american airlines pilots and their main
11:54 am
operations. little william is getting all the training he needs before taking off in the skies. >> what are you looking for the most? >> flying the simulator. >> it's just a lot of fun to be with william. this kid is super smart. he knows everything about airplanes and he loves being around the airport. >> to make things official william actually received his very first employee service pin. he's ready. >> oh, yeah he's going to wear that proudly. we're back in 60 seconds with the
11:55 am
here's some exciting news. a panda pregnancy watch is in full swing at the smithsonian national zoo. they posted this photo. have a look at it here. showing the giant panda getting an ultrasound. she went through two rounds of artificial insemination back in april, so apparently t worked.
11:56 am
veterinarians plan on giving her several ultrasounds over the next few months to see if they can spot a fetus. she is already the proud moreover of bobo and maybe i spoke too soon. maybe they haven't actually found the fetus in there. >> we're all hoping, though. >> amelia, what's going on with the weather? well barbara, i'm here with our nbc 4 washington app looking at the radar. of course, no storms showing up right now. we're going to be dry today. but hot and humid. mid-80s right now. 86 when you factor in the humidity. feels like temperatures for the most part low 80s to high 90s. guys saturday looking like a little bit more of a better chance of storms cooler and more comfortable and dry on sunday. >> all right. sunday looks good. we just got to get there. >> yeah. >> that's going to do it for news 4 midday. thanks so much for joining us. >> we hope you'll join us
11:57 am
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keeping me - jack - and my friends... protected from fleas and ticks ever since. it changed my life. >> jj: i look back and i think about how everything
12:00 pm
just kept piling up. the lies the threats, and the blackmail. and i think what killed paige, what really killed her was that it wasn't a one night stand. i slept with her mother. and then i did it again. and again. she's not paige anymore. she was like everything that i wanted in life. and i made her stop being that person. i made her hate her own life. >> abigail: you don't know that. >> jj: now how can you be nice to me? after all the stuff i have told you, how can you stand to be in the same room as me? now how--how can you possibly


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