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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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information about the teenaged girl. mark? >> chris yesterday was victoria callahan's 19th birthday. she came here to the echo stage in northeast washington with her friends to see the australian band, flume. she did not make it home. she overdosed on the drug known as molly. that's very boat tempt form of ecstasy. police arrived about 12:30 this morning, rushed her to med star hospital. hours later, she was pronounced dead. she is the second girl from virginia to die of a molly overdose at this nightclub. now, we can tell you that both the metropolitan police department as well as the d.c. alcohol regulatory board are both investigating this latest death. earlier today i spoke to a manager from the club. he would not comment on what happened last night. we are going to have more on this developing story as we get it at 5 and 6. chris, back to you. >> thanks a lot, mark. we are also learning new information about the four people who were murdered in a mansion in northwest washington.
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police have released a new search warrant and megan fitzgerald just went through it. what are you finding? >> reporter: these documents we have just obtain ready detailing the evidence police received from the salve some louse home after receiving three weeks inside. that home was under 24-hour police surveillance. we learned that police collected things like clothing hair fibers, dna, other forms of biological and forensic evidence as well as weapons. investigators say a bloody baseball bat was found inside the room where the three adult victims were found. the documents also say pizza and a pizza box were among evidence taken from the home. we know it was dna found on pizza crust which matched the darron wint, the only named suspect in this case. at 5:00, we spoke with a former fbi act about the length and time of this investigation. if that's unusual, and why he thinks more suspects haven't been arrested in this case. first at 4, our team of reporters working more developing stories at this hour,
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including a terror-related case in northern virginia. a teenager pleads guilty to helping isis and news4 was there. one prince william county teenager pleaded guilty here today, admitting that he helped provide support to a terrorist organization. we also learned that a teenager that he helped get to syria has also now been charged. both ali shookry amin and rez zee nick ma shad were once students in prince william county. last year, amean started using his terror profile to raise money for the terror group isis and helped nick nash shad to travel to syria to help isis fighters. on news4 at 5:00, we will hear from amin's attorney about how this once-promising honors student was drawn in by terrorists. i'm adam tuss at the gallery place, metro station with news that metro riders are not going to like. the transit agency says it has to go in and make some fixes to about 80% of its system.
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and that's going to lead to more delays for already frustrated riders. it means more single tracking. why is all this happening? the ntsb made recommendations to metro to fix things like the power cables throughout the system, to put on protective sleeves that will prevent issues from popping up. on news4 at 5 and 6, we will talk to metro about it plus hear about the possibility of week-long single-tracking, even through rush hours. at gallery place, i'm adam tuss. well today is the hottest day of the year so far and it has not been an easy one for the men and women who have to work outside. temperatures have been soaring into the mid-90s and this heat wave just getting started, huh, doug? >> that's right, guys. definitely feels like the hottest day of the year so far. so far, we have hit 92 if he airport. that a few times around the summer so far, but out toward dulles, 90 the first time
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leesburg, 95 now a very warm day 94 fredericksburg, 93, gaithersburg. the warmest day we have seen so far this year. as far as the humidity goes on the sticky side for sure you step outside, know what i'm talking about heat index upper 90s today. tomorrow, the heat index, rather oppressive, i think the heat index approaches 100 degrees in many areas. talk about that that forecast for you and weekend forecast with amelia siegel in a minute. >> thanks, doug. extra security at herp done high school today following a threat much the principal sent out a note to parents. fairfax county police say the threat was posted to social media last night. they won't say exactly what the message said. the principal told parents they don't think the threat is credible. classes did go on as scheduled today. this after into police made an arrest in a deadly stabbing in montgomery county. derek benson was found stabbed yesterday in the briggs cheney area along castleville boulevard. he was 18.
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police were given information to arrest mitchell zee yo. he had blood and a bloody knife on him. we now know the name of the man who died in a crash in prince george's county. he is marvin duckett of moreno drive in brandywine. duckett drove off of old alexandria ferry road in clinton and hit a pole today. it happened around 2 a.m. near high land meadows drive. there was no one else in the car. the prostitution case against basketball commentator greg anthony is officially over. this morning, prosecutors dismissed the criminal charge against the former nba player, now that he has completed his community service. d.c. police arrested anthony in january for soliciting a prostitute in a local hotel. as part of the plea deal he had to perform 32 hours of community service. reports he worked at church in florida. hungry shoppers can't wait for a new supermarket to open its doors. a sneak peek inside the new wegman's in northern virginia. and this has become one of the most shared stories in
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america and you only need to listen for a second to hear why.
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the area's newest wegman's supermarket opens in just a few days in alexandria. today, thing weman's family joined employees to celebrate the event. the store will offer the same
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products and selections thatting weman's shoppers have come to expect but this store has one different feature. >> the buzz in northern virginia is really focused on our pub. you know, we have gotten a in-store restaurant that has a wide variety of pub fare, along with both mixed drinks, seasonal drinks, beer and wine. >> the new wegman's at hilltop village center opens sunday at 7 a.m. the change could be coming to your labels on meat. the house of representatives voted to repeal a 2008 law that required labels to say where meat was born, raised and slaughtered. lawmakers wanted to avoid huge taxes from canada and mexico because those countries say the rule hurt their industries because they had to separate their livestock from american-born chickens, pigs and cows. the senate is expected to also act quickly on this. turning back now to storm team4 and a three-day stretch of oppressive heat that is just getting started.
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meteorologist amelia siegel tells us how hot it's going to get. amelia? >> hey, pat. right now, at 91 degrees. showing you the dew point because this relates to how humid, how muggy it feels outside. if it's above 65, we are talking about feeling humid. when it's at 72, it's oppressive outside. we talk about the heat index. we combine the temperature and the dew point together, doug's going to have more on that. impressive to say the least right now and this weather continues on into tomorrow. it will continue to feel closer to 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. saturday, still near 100 with the heat and humidity a little bit of relief comes sunday with temperatures feeling like they are in the low 90s. now, shower and thunderstorm chances also increase as we head to the weekend. doug will have more on that as well. chris? >> thanks acres meal ya. en an all-out push for d.c. nurses why they say a new bill could save lives. he is well on his way to becoming an internet sensation.
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nurses in d.c. are pushing the city council to pass a certain bill they say could save lives. the hospital industry says it's not that simple. mollet green sorts it out at the wilson building. >> i work on the surgical oncology unit. >> reporter: registered nurses in the unit are away from their patients to take their push for better staffing and care to city leaders. sandra fairwell came to talk about her struggles working in the nicu at children's national medical center. >> stretched way beyond my abilities sometimes and how sometimes guy home crying because i didn't do the care i needed to do. >> reporter: nurses from the country's largest union wore red shirts to show solidarity, they say they were before council to ensure safe staffing levels the all district hospitals by
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setting up specific nurse-patient ratios. >> crucial we protect all of our patients in washington, d.c. by passing legislation and not going through the union contract process. >> reporter: news4 cameras rolled last december at med star washington hospital center when rns staged a one-day strike that eventually led to a deal. but council members have to weigh the impact of this legislation. >> by ensuring that they aren't exhausted by the large amount of overtime required due to understaffing. >> reporter: a complex task in a city with a range of private, public and university hospitals. and on the other side the hospital point of view, with testimony coming today from the columbia hospital association and the d.c. chamber arguing that patient care cannot be legislated and this bill could drive up costs by tens of millions. outside the wilson building mollet green news4.
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the woman being treated for an extremely difficult case of tuberculosis in meth these da is in stable condition now, she has a strain very hard to treat because it is very drug resistant. doctors are keeping her in isolation at the national institute of health. ten people in tennessee who may have had contact with this woman are being tested. she was flown from india to chicago last week and was also in missouri. a community in southern indiana is now dealing with a potential outbreak of a different strain of tb. a child with a confirmed case of tb is doing well treatment but more than 50 other people at the child's school have tested positive for tb in early testing. five others at the child's church also have tested positive. tuberculosis attacks the lungs. it is transmitted through coughing and sneezing. and we just learned that the judge who has been hearing the charges against dennis hastert is going to stay on the case.
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letters were filed saying they were fine with the judge staying on. tuesday, on charges that he broke banking laws and lied to the fbi, the judge disclosed a number of potential conflicts, including the fact that he donated $1500 to one of hastert's campaigns. a dangerous problem for acura drivers. a recall is under way that involves the brakes on 48000 vehicles much the recall order for the mdx, suvs and rlx sedans from model 2014 and '15. the automatic braking system can kick in at the wrong time and cause a crash. honda has investigated two wrecks over this issue. if you have one of these models, take it to an acura dealer and they will fix it for free. you are getting a sneak peek at one of the smithsonian's newest exhibits. american enterprise showcases pieces that help transform the way we work, the way we buy and sell. it traces the development of the u.s. from its birth to one of the largest economies in the
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world. the 45,000-square-foot exhibit is part of the national museum of american history and it opens to the public july 1st. a charity motorcycle ride is gonna cause big delays this weekend on the bay bridge. the bay bridge ride for heroes takes place saturday morning. transportation officials say backups will likely start around 8:30 and end around 11 on saturday morning and they say eastbound route 50 and other roads leading up to the brim will likely be impacted as well. as hot as it is out there, it is worth it. i don't care how long you got to sit in traffic to get to the beach. >> get us out of this, doug. >> where we are going to see some relief. going to see relief toward the beaches. everywhere else, not much relief at all. it is just nasty outside. look at this shot. the haze in the atmosphere. yes, that canadian wildfire smoke still here. i have been looking at it for the last couple of days on the visible satellite picture and really just amazing that we still deal with that.
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as far as temperatures go around the region, we are into the low 90s. the heat index what we are all feeling now. look at the numbers, 98 in washington. the way it feels outside. 99 down it toward fredericksburg, 97 leesburg, 91 culpepper, 99 toward fredericks. a very warm and humid day the case as we move through the next couple of days. no rain to talk about, storm team4 radar is all clear. not going to see rain any time soon. i think a slate chance during the day tomorrow but that's it. future weather starting at 8 a.m. very warm and humid tomorrow morning. going to walk outside and notice what i'm talking about early in the morning. tomorrow afternoon scattered showers and thunderstorms a little bit overdone a chance for storms tomorrow. will you need the umbrellas? most likely not. get caught in one of these see fairly heavy downpours. have dinner plans 8, 9:00 eat outside no problem. any time we lose the daytime heating with these storms they tend to die off fairly quickly. i am not anticipating any issues after about 8, 9:00 tomorrow
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night. if you have evening plans on your friday, it's looking pretty good for you. saturday, more of the same start off with a few more clouds saturday. yes, another chance of scattered shower activity. do not cancel any plans though. and really, if you have a backyard barbecue going to the kids' games, don't worry too much about this just scattered thunderstorms, if they do move over to you, they should move through fairly quickly. high temperatures tomorrow, the hot side, 91 martinsburg, 93 culpepper, 93 washington, fredericksburg, 96 97 heat index again an issue get close to 100 degrees with the heat index tomorrow. saturday, same deal. 92 degrees, hot and humid, 88 sunday, rather warm, a 30% chance of storms pretty much each day. temperatures above average all the way through the next seven days. thanks, doug. a car crash involving a police cruiser in mississippi has become one of the most popular stories on our website and facebook page. not so much for the accident itself, but the dramatic account from an eyewitness. >> i guess the police was trying
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to do a stop, point, the man saying no, not today and they began to race behind like cats and dogs. the police also got behind the man and started going so fast, his car spins out of control. girl, he hit the pole. his head went the one side and his body went to the other side and this is the result. lord be with this young man, he need a blessing. >> well, if that wasn't enough for you, we have got more. courtney barns says he happened to be driving by and just got nosey. >> and then the police officer kind of submerged both of them interacted and it was a full twist about and the police car just twist around like a tornado girl and the lord just shook it up and the map just got injured. >> and now, we have got more from -- no just kidding. we don't. the officer is expected to be okay. some of you may even recognize barnes. he was on tv before actually appeared in a national dance competition. the newest celebrity from virginia is very much a mama's boy. the metro richmond zoo is debuting its baby orangutan. they call him rj. he was born earlier this year
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but was kept inside until recently. rj weighed a healthy four pounds at birth. mother orangutans nurture their babies normally until they are 4 but normally don't hold the babies. so it's rj's job to just hang on in there. a knife to the stomach. was was it enough to stop one professional? why an actor never broke character, even after he was stabbed. there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types of channels you want and not the ones you don't now, fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv. starting at $74.99 per month with no annual contract. get custom tv, including internet and phone. price guaranteed for two years.
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he was a blow livic british film villain. christopher lee has died today. you may know him from the lord of the rings trilogy. he played a blizzard. he also played a count in two of george lucas' "star wars" prequels. he appeared in more than 250 movies including ten different dracula films dating back to the 1950s.
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he was 93 years old. a long-lost piece of rock and roll history just turned up in san diego. a guitar that john lennon used to up. lennon bought the acoustic guitar in london way back in 1962, but about a year later, it disappeared during a beatles' performance. fast forward nearly 50 years to 2014 when the guitar's current owner notice it had looked just like the one beatle george harrison used to play. a professional appraiser compared serial numbers and some scratches and confirmed the guitar's origins. >> before it was a guitar and after it was authenticated, it was -- became a holy grail. >> sure was. john mcgaw brought the guitar from a san diego music shop for less than 200 bucks. he is going to auction it off later this year. remember, this is john lennon's guitar. expected to sell for $800,000. >> wow. a former navy s.e.a.l. medic used his training to help save
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his own life after a motorcycle crash. he was thrown off his bike and into a ravine in washington state. his leg was fractured in a number of place and he couldn't make it back to the road. he says he made a splint out of some sticks, shoe lace and his i phone cord and he spent the night alone in the wilderness. hikers found him the next day. >> i knew that it was a really, really dire situation. after being that alone for that long and in that situation, just to have somebody just sit there and hold your hand. >> the site where the accident happened was so remote the hikers had to drive 20 minutes to find cell phone reception to call for help. a hot new lead in the search for two escaped killers. where police are zeroing in and detectives -- what detectives are saying about an alleged accomplice. a text message could mean the difference between life and death. what local leaders are doing to upgrade text to 911 systems.
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right now at 4:30 we are continuing to work a developing story. a northern virginia teenager is dead after overdosing on molly at a d.c. nightclub. 19-year-old victoria callahan was at echo stage in northeast. she was celebrating her birthday last night. she was rushed to med star hospital, but died early this morning. we will have another live report on this at the top of the hour. a high school student in prince william county pleads guilty to helping a classmate in a terrorism case. prosecutors say the 17-year-old admitted that he helped an 18-year-old classmate travel to syria to join isis. he faces a maximum of 15 years in prison when he is sentenced later in the summer. i'm mark segraves in rockville, where montgomery
4:32 pm
county police are reconstructing this accident. it was about 9:00 this morning. that school bus was making a left hand turn off of red land onto crabs branch way when it struck the female pedestrian. police are not sure whether the pedestrian was inside the crosswalk at the time of the accident or whether or not the bus driver had the right of way to make that turn. there were several witnesses here on the scene who were interviewed by police and the driver of that bus has also been cooperating with the investigation. a spokesperson for montgomery county public schools tells us that bus driver is a veteran of the school system. he will be taken off the road which is standard protocol any time there is an accident investigation. >> thanks a lot, mark. hot, sticky oppressive. i'm running out of words to describe this weather, amelia but it looks like i got plenty of time to come up with some new ones. >> i was going to say, if you're running out of words already chris, we need to sit down with the thesaurus later today. it is going to remain hot and
4:33 pm
humid, at least through saturday. temperatures will be in the low to middle 90s. after that, only turning slightly cooler. the huggieness hangs on. here is your evening planner right now, 91 degrees, hazy out there 6 p.m., temperatures still near 90. 8:00, not cooling too quickly. still around 88. we will be dry this evening. even 10 p.m. warm. 84 degrees for tomorrow. high of 94. similar to today. as we get into the late afternoon and evening hours, as early as about 3, 4 p.m. then after that tracking some isolated showers and thunderstorms, so nothing to cancel your plans for but just know maybe you have dinner maps outdoors tomorrow evening if you do get a thunderstorm moving over the area, might have to move that indoors but only about a 20 to 30% chance that will happen. saturday, of course, we have the capitol pride parade. better chance of some scattered late-day showers and thunderstorms, still hot, still humid, high of 92. if you are escaping to the beach this weekend, doug has that forecast coming up.
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>> thanks amelia. prosecutors are moving forward with a grand jury hearing in a controversial shooting case, calling witnesses to testify for or against officer alex torres. torres shot and killed john gear in springfield two years ago. police confronted gear while responding to calls about a domestic dispute. torres says gear moved his hands like he had a weapon, but other officers dispute that. a man riding his bicycle is trying to recover from an accident yesterday in virginia. police say another biker passed him on the trail in ashburn and turned toward a side path, clipping his bike and knocked him to the ground. the biker is in critical condition, even though he was wearing a helmet at the time. making the difficult choice between getting paid or taking care of yourself and your family. that's at the center of a new bill under discussion right now in montgomery county today. a committee held a hearing on a bill that would force workplaces in the county to let employees earn paid sick and safe leave.
4:35 pm
>> that if you work 30 hours, you earn one hour of paid leave if you get sick or if a loved one gets sick. >> there's a similar bill that failed to make it through the state's general assembly last year. news4's chris gordon will explain why some businesses want to hold off on passing this paid sick leave measure coming up on news4 at 6:00. well, if you get into an emergency right now, you've got to make a call but in just a matter of months 911 will be a text away. consumer reporter erika gonzalez has been working the story. erika, what's the timeline like on this? >> reporter: chris, i'm told we could see this happen as early as this fall but it's not going to happen all at once. today, the head of the fairfax county 911 call center told me it will be able to receive and deploy help via text messages starting this fall. right now, only 5% of all call
4:36 pm
centers in the country can receive and respond to 911 texts. that's according to the federal communications commission. directors for each of the 12 call centers in our region will meet tomorrow, as a matter of fact, to discuss text-to-911 capabilities. officials say a text could be used in life-threatening scenarios like abuse or kidnapping, but it's not quite ready and you can check out my twitter page for the message that i got when i tried to text 911. by the way, all the jurisdictions that we spoke with say that this will be a regional effort, 911 text capabilities should happen across the area around the same time give or take a fewment mos. we are going to be sure to follow up with this story and keep you updated. >> thanks, erika. they are asking congress not to forget them. the new york city firefighters and police officers who responded to the 9/11 terror attack and recovery came in close contact with hazardous materials at ground zero. more than 100 have died from bad
4:37 pm
exposure and more than 1,000 are seriously ill from cancer and other chronic diseases that's according to the firefighters' union. a law that ensures medical treatment and compensation for them will expire in october. today, they asked congress to extend the law indefinitely. >> the war began on september 11th, 2001. these first responders are basically domestic veterans and america has an obligation to its veterans. >> risk their lives to other people, we should be there for them with their health care. >> the law was named after a new york city police detective who died of respiratory complications that have been linked to his rescue and recovery work at ground zero. he was 34. lawmakers in congress are working to renew a law ruehl that would prevent d.c. from regulate pot a new draft spending bill includes a measure that would keep the city from spending money to enact its legal marijuana law. that means the district can't tax or sell pot. but the drug is still legal for
4:38 pm
personal use in your home. federal agents working a new lead in the search for two escaped killers. and new information about the woman suspected of helping with the escape plot. and knock it out of the park. the hip-hop ode to bryce harper making the air waves. hot 995 is host the #everything for carly event taking place right now. ahead at 5, we will talk live to cane about why the
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there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types of channels you want and not the ones you don't now, fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv. starting at $74.99 per month with no annual contract. get custom tv, including internet and phone. price guaranteed for two years. or from now until june 13th get a $400 visa prepaid card when you sign a 2 year agreement. go to cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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oh look at the temperatures across our area temperatures the most part into the 90s. 91, d.c. leesburg, the big winner. 95 degrees right now in leesburg. 86 in annapolis. maybe that the winner there. cooler along the water.
4:42 pm
94 fredericksburg. the beaches the next couple of days, what you can expect. looking at the numbers that are going to be into the 80s tomorrow, rather on saturday, nice and warm, high of 86. 72 sunday, watching a little bit of an easterly wind. if we get that going to be a little bit cooler on monday and maybe into sunday evening, too. so just know that if you're heading down toward the beaches, you can wear anything you want on saturday, but sunday and monday, might need the sweatshirts. guys? >> thanks, doug. normally, they don't sell beer on campus but the next time you go to a terps' home game, you may be able to buy a cold one. today the university of maryland approved a plan to sell beer and wine at sporting events. starting this fall, you will be able to buy alcohol at the stadium the charge. finity center and other venues on campus. but it's not a done deal. the prince george's liquor board has the final say and it is going to consider the plan at a public hearing next month. bryce harper is one of the best players in baseball right now, but you know -- you know you've really made it big when there's a song made about you. ♪ knock it out the park like
4:43 pm
bryce harper ♪ ♪ all the hits like a bryce harper ♪ ♪ 92 like bryce harper ♪ ♪ i know what to do bryce harper ♪ >> catchy. the song, appropriately titled requests bryce harper" -- >> no. >> -- a collaboration from dj chris styles of wpgc and the fat boys, written and recorded in laurel maryland. harper and the nationals are in milwaukee tonight to face the brewers. talk about never breaking character. why this actor is living proof the show must go on. the manhunt intensifying for two convicted killers. the new lead detectives are chasing and why police say
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
from the air and on the ground, the search for the escaped killers is intense fig. >> authorities are combing an area east of the prison where search dogs picked up a scent. people who live around there are being told to stay vigilant. >> jay gray is in upstate new york with the latest developments. jay, are police closing in? >> reporter: chris, pat it sure looks like they are closing in on something. in fact, within the last few minutes, we have seen heavy equipment rolling in with lights
4:47 pm
and generators. so they will likely be there a while. look behind me, there is a roadblock here. most of the area locked down at this point, as the manhunt does intensify. investigators learn more about potential help these two inmates had inside the prison during their escape. much of the focus and fire power right now is on this wooded area about three miles from the clinton maximum security prison where we know police bloodhounds have hit on the scent of one or both of the escaped inmates. >> scary. so close to home. >> reporter: state police are now stationed along the roadway every 100 yards or so as heavily armed teams work through the thick trees and brush while choppers look for clues from the air. >> we are looking underneath every rock, behind every tree and inside every structure until we catch these two. >> reporter: and as investigators began to piece together more information from inside the prison about how the men were able to escape. senior government officials confirm joyce mitchell, the civilian instructor in the
4:48 pm
prison tailor shop, planned to drive the getaway car for the men after their escape but as the plan started to unfold, she got cold feet. >> she is from the country. she is from dickerson, a small town and everything. she could be just a country girl that got sweet talked by some city guy. >> reporter: sources say mitchell apparently initially agreed to help convicted murderers because matt "charmed her" and "she thought it was love." now, sources close to this investigation do tell thanks joyce mitchell will likely face charges for her role in the escape. they say it is just too early right now to know when or exactly what those charges may be. live here in new york i'm jay gray news4. we are learning new developments in that massive opm breach that we first told but last week. just into our newsroom, a union that represents federal workers is now claiming that every single government worker's personal information was on
4:49 pm
taped by hackers including social security numbers. the name of that union, american federation of government workers, says that -- bases its claims off of the information that opm has provided. the union says it believes hackers are now in possession of all personal data for every federal employee, every federal retiree and up to 1 million former federal employees. we are making calls on this now. we are going to be back with you on news4 at 5 to bring you any new updates. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. now go to the storm team4 center with meteorologist amelia siegel. >> it was hot today. made it into the low to middle 90s across the area it will continue on through saturday. our second heat wave of the year. tomorrow, isolated late-day thunderstorms are possible, a little bit better chance of showers or thunderstorm later in the day on saturday. that chance is there sunday a lot of chances for showers and
4:50 pm
thunderstorms. wait until you see the seven-day forecast. we are going to stay warm and humid on into next week. weather impacts for tomorrow relatively low, travel no issues. if you are exercising outdoors because of the heat and humidity, you might want to rethink that head inside, out and about, as long as you're dressed appropriately have plenty of water, going to be just type. hot and humid right now, it will be hot and humid tomorrow temperatures in the low to middle 90s, leesburg, 95. washington 91. tomorrow, 94 for a high in d.c. manassas as well, gaithersburg 92 annapolis, 87 plenty of sunshine. with future weather i want to show you isolated late-day shower and thunderstorm chances. 2 p.m., that threatening back around the i-81 corridor. 4 p.m., starts to move east. frederick loudoun prince william fauquier counties at that point, 6 p.m., a few isolated showers and thunderstorms moving through the d.c. metro area. by 8:00, any activity has come to an end.
4:51 pm
saturday, very similar, a little bit more cloud cover and a little bit of a better chance that you're dealing with that late-day shower or thunderstorm. otherwise, the high temperature on saturday of 92 degrees. sunday, not as hot. a high of 88. but it is still muggy still a chance of a nuisance shower or thunderstorm. pretty asch repeat performance on monday. the chance of some showers on tuesday, maybe a thunderstorm as well a high of 89. and then mid-80s next wednesday and thursday. the magazine editors say her gift for "moving people to action" is the reason they want herd to do it. michelle obama is a guest editor for the july/august issue of "more" magazine. she is the first ever guest editor for "more." and it's the first time a sitting first lady has edited an entire issue of the magazine. "more's" editor-in-chief says mrs. obama came one the story ideas, bro and approved cop for the issue. she will also make her third appearance on the cover. we are working several developing stories right now, including one about an american who was killed in syria.
4:52 pm
today, his body was returned to his family. keith broomfield died last week fighting isis militants and his body happened over to a family representative at the turkish border. at 5:00, why hundreds of syrians marched in his honor today. a drive home from the gym turned unexpectedly violent for a fairfax county woman as she waited at a stoplight on hunter little road last night a man started smashing heroin dose. this is what her suv looked like after the attack. several dents and her windshield destroyed. she wasn't hurt but she is sharing her story with news4's david culver. david will have what you need to look out for ahead at 5:00. the officer who threw a teenaged girl down on the ground at a pool party has resigned and apologized. >> but the family of the girl says that's not good enough. for the first time we hear their side of the story. and why this actor never stopped performing even
4:53 pm
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talk about stage presence, a theater actor accidently stabbed in the stomach during a choreographed fight scene went on with the show he continued performing another 20 minutes and never even broke character, then came intermission. >> i saw this huge hole in my stomach. i had no idea it was that bad. but i did, i guess what an actor would do i went on with the scene. >> the arizona theater company was performing "the language of flowers" in tucson but canceled the remaining shows. actor kenned bier says he will be back on stage in october in "the elephant man." the first time getting reaction from a teenage girl at the center to of this video. it shows a police officer confronting her at a pool party. as ray vieda reports, the community where it all happened now wants to put the controversy behind them. >> let's move on. it is done, over with no problems here. >> reporter: after being in the headlines around the country and the world, tonight some folks
4:57 pm
in the craig ranch north community want their neighborhood out of the spotlight. >> no reason to keep bringing it up. let it go. >> reporter: late today, both attorneys for the teen pinned down the officer seen in this viral video spoke out. we first heard from eric casebolt's attorney. she tells us he is getting death threats. >> he is worried for his family, he is worried he may be followed. and until that -- until that threat subsides, he is going to, you know, be in an undisclosed location. >> reporter: she offered an apology and explanation of his emotional state that day. casebolt responded to two suicide calls before showing up to the pool. >> with all that had happened that day he allowed his emotions to get the better of him. eric regrets that his conduct portrayed him and his department in a negative light. >> reporter: then we heard from the attorney of 15-year-old deshare ya becton, who tells us the team is in a media blackout. >> she is been having a hard time sleeping and a hard time eating and obviously, where she
4:58 pm
would rather be out having fun with her friends she has felt a little bit like she has to be stuck at home. >> reporter: she tells us becton saw the viral video for the first time yesterday. her attorney calls the officer's actions excessive and now looking at what legal course to take. i'm sure she probably wish she had not been at the pool party at all, but no she does no the believe there is any wrongdoing on her part. >> reporter: as summer heats up a community, a city and a teen are hoping any tensions this video made cool down. >> we along with our client, want to work with the city of mckinney and the police department to make sure a thorough investigation takes place. officer casebolt's voluntary resignation should not mean the end of this investigation. right now at 5:00 tonight a story that's been developing about that drug overdose of a local teenager. >> it happened at one of d.c.'s most popular concert very news and this suspect the first time it's happened. the death of a 19-year-old is tied to the designer drug, molly, that's been glamourized in songs by stars such as
4:59 pm
madonna. news4's mark segraves is live now outside echo stage with more on the young woman who died. mark? >> reporter: that's right. victoria callahan, yesterday was her 19th birthday and this is where she came, to the echo stage here in northeast d.c. now, according to the police report, some time about midnight, the manager here at echo called police for a woman who had been passed out. when police got here they called paramedics who transported callahan in stable condition to medstar hospital but this morning, she died from an overdose of molly. molly is actually ecstasy, a very powerful form of ecstasy. now, echo stage is a popular night spot with college kids and teenagers, a lot of times, they have all age shows. last night, the australian dj flume was playing here. thousands of people packed into this club almost every night. as a matter of fact, right now they are getting ready for another show tonight.
5:00 pm
now, i can tell that you mpd and the district's alcohol beverage regulation administration are both investigating this latest incident. you will recall back in 2013, a student from uva passed out from molly and died of an overdose here as well. that year, there were several overdoses up and down the east coast from molly. i can tell you that this neighborhood right here this stretch of this road right here is occupied mostly by warehouses. there's a strip club down here. there are two popular night spots, like echo stage here. and this is also where one of the medical marijuana grow factories is. i can tell you, a lot of neighborhoods in this area around us don't like any of these businesses here. i talked to a representative of ward five council member kenyon mcduffie, who told me his office often gets complaints about echo stage and the other night spots up and down this strip. back to you in the studio. >> mark segraves. thank you. a heroin dealer can now face decades in prison after pleading guilty to a case that involved an overdose


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