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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 11, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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woman's death. mark? >> reporter: doreen, victoria callahan was 19 years old. as you said yesterday was her birthday, from sterling virginia, came here to the echo stage to celebrate her birthday with her friends and she never made it home. late last night, staff here at echo stage called police because callahan had collapsed. she was transported to medstar hospital where this morning she died. she overdosed on the drug known as molly. now, echo stage is a popular night spot with college kids and teenagers, a lot of times, they have all age shows. last night, the australian dj flume was playing here. police are investigating this death of a molly overdose the second time in two years someone has overdose and died on molly at the echo stage. earlier today, i spoke with a manager here at echo stage who declined to comment.
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doreen back to you. >> thank you. nearly two years ago, another virginia teenager died from an apparent overdose at that same concert venue. shelley goldsmith was a sophomore at the university of virginia. she apparently took molly during a rave at echo stage in august 2013 and later died. that same weekend two other people died from an overdose at a music festival in new york. investigators believe a bad batch of molly was sold throughout the northeast that summer. drug experts say molly is a more concentrated or purer form of ecstasy, but most users don't know how pure it is. like any synthetic drug it could be diluted or at weird other us substances. bad side effects like confusion and anxiety can last for more than a week after taking molly. one virginia teenager is headed to prize up and another is being charged in a secret terror plot that was just revealed today. we have also learned the two used code words to communicate. investigators say it is a chilling example of how social
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media can be used to recruit and radicalize teenagers are. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is live where the two teams went to school. what are you hearing? >> reporter: he was an honor student at osborn park high school but 17-year-old ali shukri amin is likely headed to prison for helping the islamic state and another former student here whom he recruiteded to go fight in syria faces brand-new charges. prosecutors say this case should serve as a warning to all parents. authorities say this pair's plot to help isis started even before they graduated from high school. 17-year-old ali shukri amin pled guilty to providing material support to terrorists in court today. he used social media, the twitter handle, i'm reekie witness in his campaign to raise money for isis, using bitcoin. he is accuse of radicalizing a
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teenage school mate reza niknejah get to syria. joseph flood is his attorney. >> long tent tackles that reach into our children's houses and into their cell phones into their schools. >> reporter: court documents reveal amin began communicating online with isis figures back in february of 2014. by june, planning was under way to get niknejah to syria. they used code words to avoid detection. syracuse meant syria, basketball jihad and basketball team, jihadist organization. >> he made propaganda accessible to western supporters and provided justifications for isil actions, including the beheading of journalists. >> reporter: last january, amin drove niknejah to dulles airport. his family reported him missing a few weeks later. then nick nah shad called his mother in prince william county, telling his mother he was going to fight against those who
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oppress muslims. amean's mother was in court as he pleaded guilty and stood alongside his attorney afterwards. >> he takes is adult responsibility for what he did but can't lose sight of the fact's child. >> reporter: his lawyer says amin was a devout muslim, an honors student with a bright future who made a bad decision. prosecutors confirm amin has been assisting them in the investigation. he faces up to 15 years in prison when he is sentenced late august. no telling whether his counterpart will face charges since he is in syria. back to you now. >> thanks, julie. another american went to syria to fight against isis. now his body is being brought home. his name was keith broomfield. a friend says he traveled to syria with the intent to fight against isis militants a group called the kurdish people's
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protection union. hackers have personal information on every retiree and employee is not entirely true. opm tells nbc news tonight it does not keep records for active duty military or congressional employees. opm says the number of people impacted is the same as last week, about 4 million. the union cement a letter to opm blasting the agency for not encrypting social security numbers. also tonight, officials are acknowledging that some intelligence agencies were included in the hack. several government officials have said they believe china is behind the attack. virginia senator mark warner is pushing congress to give opm $32 million to help with security up upgrades to prevent future breaches. a woman is died after being hit by a school bus this morning. police say the victim lived in
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gaithersburg. the bus driver is a veteran with montgomery schools. there were no students on board at the time of the crash. it is not clear if the victim was in the crosswalk at the time. now to new documents unseemed in the d.c. mansion murders. the paperwork details actual evidence collected from the crime scene in northwest d.c. meagan fitzgerald spoke with a former fbi profile ber the search warrant and what it could mean to the investigation. meagan? >> reporter: evidence listed in these documents that may seem typical for investigators to collect, things like dna, shoe prints and weapons, but a garage door opener is something our criminal analyst says could provide important clues for this case. legal experts say collecting evidence from a large crime scene like this mansion takes time. probably a significant amount of evidence that needs to be processed for forensic
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evidence. >> reporter: innocence four criminal analyst clint van zant was saying they can get different kinds of evidence. >> we can get touch dna, when you and i touch something, leave a minute sample of our dna, anywhere from a pizza box to a victim's neck. >> reporter: van zant says even though more arrests haven't been made believe it is likely as police compare evidence more could come. very hard for one person to control four people, especially three adults. >> reporter: van zant says sometimes it takes weeks to compare dna evidence found at a crime scene to evidence collected at other locations like the vehicle wint was riding in when he was arrested.
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temperature hit 90 today and kept on going. doug is here to let us know how long this heat wave will last. >> i tell you what, guys, a good which to cool off there, a little bit of water on the head a very hot afternoon very humid, especially for anybody having to work outside today. and again, i commend everybody for doing so. inside today a little bit on the cool side. outside, anything but. 91 degrees the current temperature, 93 right now in fredericksburg. 91, manassas, up toward frederick a hot and humid day. heat index up to 98 earlier on the d.c. area. on the sticky side for sure. tomorrow, not just sticky, rather oppressive, a little bit more humidity out there. heat index, close to 100, many locations, show you how long the heat wave will last. talk about the chance of thunderstorms and all-important bond forecast too. doug, thanks. there is a new push to provide paid sick leave to thousands of workers in
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montgomery county. some say the cost to businesses outweighs the benefit to the workers. chris gordon's in bethesda with both sides of this debate. chris? >> reporter: 100,000 people who work here in montgomery county have no paid sick leave. for the past three years maryland state lawmakers have tried but failed to pass bills requiring employers to provide sick leave and now montgomery county is trying to do it on its own. if you work in a restaurant, a retail store or in office, montgomery county may soon require your employer to provide paid sick leave. >> if you work 30 hours, you earn one hour of paid leave if you get sick or if a loved one gets sick. >> reporter: the bill before the montgomery county council also provides paid safe leave for women who are victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. >> need to take a day to go file for a restraining order or to appear in court.
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this bill would enable them to use these days as they earn them to deal with those concerns. >> reporter: office cleaning crews say paid sick leave would be a big benefit for their families. >> most of the time the kids get sick. >> most of the time, the employers would make overnight sick days so chance to take a day off. >> reporter: justin best worked in a grocery store while going to school and raising two children. >> it was very, very difficult for my wife to negotiate who would stay home who would take care of them and difficult for me to take time off, more frequently that not i would go into work sick, simply because i had no other choice. >> reporter: the chamber of commerce argues the requirement that all businesses provide these benefits is unfair. they want a exemption for businesses with fewer than ten employees. >> to have an extra burden of paying sick leave to at the amount that is in the bill will hurt our small businesses.
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>> reporter: modifications may be made before the montgomery county council votes on sick and safe leave june 23rd. next at 6, police say they had help from the inside. what we are learning about the woman at the center of that prison break in new york as the search for the men intensifies. certainly not the news that metro riders wanted to get but some big delays could be coming and they could be here for a while. >> she was stopped a this the traffic lightweighting for it to turn green when all of a sudden, a man started smashing in her car windows but even more bizarre, the call that police got just before that incident. you won't believe the length
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search for the two escaped inmates in upstate new york is expanding tonight. nearly 500 armeding as are now
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hunting for the killers who have been on the run now for six days. authorities focusing on an area east of the clinton correctional facility where search dogs recently picked up a scent. jay gray is in the city of plattsburg new york, with the developments. jay? >> reporter: hey there doreen. you can see the roadblock behind me here. much of this area locked down right now as that manhunt intensifies and investigators learn more now about possible help inside the prison for those inmates before their escape. much of the focus and firepower right now is on this wooded area about three miles from the clinton maximum security prison, where we know police bloodhounds have hit on the scent of one or both of the escaped inmates. >> scary. so close to home. >> reporter: state police are now stationed along the roadway every 100 yards or so as heavily armed teams work through the thick trees and brush while choppers look for clues from the air. >> we are looking underneath every rock, behind every tree and inside every structure until we catch these two. >> reporter: and as
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investigators began to piece together more information from inside the prison about how the men were able to escape. senior government officials confirm joyce mitchell, the civilian instructor in the prison tailor shop, planned to drive the getaway car for the men after their escape, but as the plan started to unfold she got cold feet. >> she is from the country. she is from dickerson, a small town and everything. she could be just a country girl that got sweet talked by some city guy. >> reporter: sources say mitchell apparently initially agreed to help the convicted murderers because matt "charmed her" and "she thought it was love." now, sources close to this investigation say mitchell will face charges for the escape. a little early to know when or what the charges will be. we have seen equipment moving in, including generators and huge stadium lights, so they are going to light this area up as the investigation continues. that is the latest live in plattsburg, new york, i'm jay
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gray news4. back here at home and new at 6:00, police arrested a man for a string of burglaries in prince william county. frank meryl, jr. faces charges of burglary and destruction of property. meryl was picked up tuesday night in wood bridge after investigators say he burglarized a clearance at dillingham square. police say he broke into another clearance and a grocery store on jefferson davis highway. now to our weather. it's hot and sticky out there, doug and we had our first code orange day today. code orange day today. code orange day tomorrow. what that means is code orange for sensitive groups, if you are one of the people that has asthma, a tough time breathing maybe the elderly this is going to be a tough day, tomorrow as well you can see it that code orange, for air quality. look at the air quality out there today it is just nasty, from our national harbor camera, still see a hazy atmosphere, yes, that is still because of the canadian wildfire, the smoke continues to just kind of breeze in across our region. right now, down toward the -- down toward the national mall,
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91 degrees. look at the dew point, 70 now any time the dew point is above 65, it sun comfortable, above 70 definitely on the humid side it is for now dew point of 70 puts the heat index up to 97. the way it feels right now. a very hot and humid day the hottest day we have seen so far this season. and yes, we are going to see a lot more of these over the next couple of months. to recall team four radar is dry love to see a shower now to cool things off a bit. i think a better chance during the day tomorrow, this is why. satellite and radar showing the wider view, mostly clear skies, except for that haze and smoke coming through the atmosphere. notice up toward the north here this is a boundary, see it fairly defined from boston through pennsylvania. look at the storms firing up in pennsylvania, pretty strong storms firing up there, too. that is that boundary, frontal boundary that will shift to the south and back to the north.
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if it's able to drift far enough south a better chance for showers and storms and also a little bit cooler, i think that's in store for us sunday. tomorrow, 8 a.m. no problems, waking up walking outside, humid tomorrow afternoon, scattered showers and storms. notice just that, scattered, leesburg, frederick, gaithersburg toward calvert county, back toward the west. most of us will remain dry tomorrow. if you have a dinner plans or maybe heading out tomorrow evening, 8, 9, 10:00, no problems at all. not expecting much in the way of rain tomorrow. same deal on saturday. we will see a chance for scattered showers and storms here we are, 1:00, just a couple of scattered showers and storms today but if the kids have games this weekend, if you have plans, maybe having friends over for a barbecue invite me and don't expect too much in the way of rain. i think you will be okay too. high temperatures tomorrow back into the heat, 93, frederick 97, fredericksburg. 87, annapolis, best chance of storms toward the mountains in
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the afternoon. exercise impact, a high impact day, thinking about exercising outdoors, because even tomorrow at 9 a.m. it is 80 deck gr at 9 a.m., heat index around 85 86 we will already be at 90 for a heat index by 11. just know that if you are going to be thinking about exercising tomorrow morning. get out as early as you can. 92 on sunday, 30% chance of storm, 30% next sunday, too, not looking for much, 88 on sunday, 88 on monday, that's the slightly cooler air i was talking about upper 80s, still above average, stay there through the middle of next week. thank you, doug. shattered glass and still a lot of questions. hear from a woman who was attacked at random and the 911 call made moments beforehand that could explain why. also, new explanation from the texas police officer behind this violent take down. and some think it's offensive. others stay is free speech. why the
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that police officer from mckinney, texas, at the center of this video is telling his side of the story now. eric casebolt slammed a 15-year-old girl to the ground and pulled his gun on two others as he was trying to break up a pool party last friday. case bolt's attorney says the officer had responded to two suicide calls earlier in the day and he allowed his emotions to get the best of him. case bolt has resigned from the force. >> we, along with our client, want to work with the city of mckinney and the police department to make sure a thorough investigation takes place. officer casebolt's voluntary resignation should not mean the end of this investigation. . the teenager's attorney says the family will decide what to do next once an investigation believe the team's civil rights were violated. prosecutors looking into a controversial shooting in our area are now moving forward with a grand jury hearing. they are calling witnesses to testify for and against officer alex torres. two years ago, show the and killed john gear in springfield.
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police confronted gear while responding to calls about a domestic dispute. torres says gear moved his hands like he had a weapon, but other officers dispute that. extra security at herndon high school today after a threat. the principal sent a note out to parents this morning alerting them to stepped up security at the school. police wouldn't give any other details about the threat, but the principal told parents they don't think that it's credible. classes went on as scheduled today. oxen hill high school took down another art display today featuring a pair of coffins and grave stones saying "here lies our freedom of speech" and "here lies our freedom of expression." the new display was in response to another exhibit that was pulled earlier this week. that one showed a white police officer reading the obituary section of a newspaper. the officer was next to an african-american man in a blood-stained t-shirt with his
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hands up. prince george's public schools tell us both were discussed today. metal gates and deadbolt locks not enough to keep people from breaking into homes. how to keep the daylight intruders away. big changes coming to your commute. why you could see more delays on metro, even during rush hour. an inside
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this smoky metro tunnel in l'enfant this year is prompting safety changes. one woman died because of what happened in this tunnel and lots of others got sick, but those safety changes will come at a cost to riders. >> we can expect to see single-tracking trains during the day which means we are all going to wait a lot longer for trains to arrive.
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adam tuss is live at gallery place about how these delays could ur. >> reporter: that's right, chris. metro says they have to make the safety changes and considering shutsing down sections of the track for a week at a time even through rush hour. of course, all that means big delays for riders. if you want to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time there often has to be pain involved. more pain is coming for metro riders. >> i think we pay enough money and there's enough people riding that it can get done or should be done. >> reporter: what needs to be done is this covering hundreds of power cables across the system in protective sleeves so that water and other materials don't make contact with the high-voltage charge causing smoke. metro says in order to do this, it's considering single tracking for extended periods of time, up to a week straight on lines shall even through rush hours. >> it does provide us with an opportunity to do work in a very
6:31 pm
efficient manner. >> reporter: riders wondering why this problem wasn't addressed when the cables were first put in. >> i feel like the money being put into the railroad system, should be a better outcome. >> looks older and like it could use some updating might be nice to have that. >> reporter: at a board meeting, questions for metro acting manager. what point do you worry about riders turning their backs on metro? >> we will try to continue to convince them, these actions, painful for periods of time, the essence is the system is getting -- continually getting safer. >> reporter: and back live at gallery place, guys, we mentioned metro is going to start single tracking again during the midday hours, that's something they haven't had to do in over a year. doreen back to you. >> adam tuss reporting. thanks, adam. police identified the person killed in a crash in prince george's this morning. investigators say marvin duckett was driving on old alexandria ferry road in clinton when his car left the road and slammed
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into a pole. duckett died at the scene. police are trying to figure out what caused this crash. there's been an uptick in burglaries on one of the busiest streets in d.c. we are talking about the 16th street heights neighborhood. in the most recent incident, thieves rap sacked the house on 16th near upshire and jackie bensen found out neighbors are banding together to do something about it. >> reporter: imagine coming home to find every single room in your house looking like this. that's the experience tracy hart went through monday after someone broke into her 16th street heights home by climbing over a locked security gate and bashing in the bottom of a deadbolted door to get inside. >> come in through an unlocked door, unlocked garage, unlocked window. they made an effort they brought tools. >> reporter: this man who lives two doors down says someone recently tried kick in his door. >> we haven't had an incident in six years to our own home. in mid-april, we had somebody
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try to go through the front door right on 16th street during the day didn't get in the house. luckily, it was well locked. but they destroyed a window, tried to get in through the front door. >> reporter: d.c. police department statistics indicate there was about a 30% decrease in burglaries in the fourth district where 16th street heights is located in the last month, but he and his neighbors say the concentrated spike in crime they are experiencing has them extremely concerned. >> we are hoping to meet with our councilman and talk to him about what he is hearing and what can be done about it. >> reporter: officers from the fourth district have been kept busy responding to the burglaries. what was taken? mostly small valuables, things that could easily be hid unand taken out of the house. in northwest, jackie benson, news4. >> a new study shows an alarming jump in the number of medical emergencies from synthetic marijuana in the first five months of this year. there were more than 3500 calls to u.s. poisons centers related to synthetic marijuana.
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that's 229% increase from the same period the year before. there were 15 reported deaths three times as many as last year. just last week, about a dozen people overdosed on synthetic drugs outside a homeless shelter in northwest d.c. our area's newest we canmans is opening this sunday in alexandria. the store's going to offer similar products and selection is all the othering weman's but have something no other store in our area has a pub. # and there's a new effort to keep the peace between drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in the district, but first, here's doug with the weather. >> tomorrow hot and humid day, so, going to have a little bit more of an impact on your
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afternoon. if you are heading out that impact not just low call it low to moderate, that heat index, close to 100. heading to the beaches, some relief there, i
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the sportier utility vehicle.
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vehicle parks and blocking traffic. >> let me tell you something. pay attention, okay. >> never mind. >> tonight, we know a delaware state trooper who parked in a d.c. bike lane blocking it was here protecting the governor of delaware. a cyclist's camera shows the suv blocking the lane on l street northwest on tuesday morning. the cyclist talked to news4's shomari stone about the confrontation last night. >>, aggressive as soon as he heard i was making a call about it. he came up and showed a gun and a badge and to be honest at the time, i thought he was a u.s. marshal. >> the delaware governor's office says the trooper was waiting for the governor to exit an event. delaware state police are investigating whether any policies were broken. well, scenes like that one are prompting a unique effort to ease some of the tensions on the streets of d.c. tom sherwood reports that advocates for drivers and bike lanes are actually talking to
6:39 pm
each other for the first time. >> reporter: on pennsylvania avenue, the district has been installing bike lanes, since and rubber bumpers to keep cars out of the lanes. it is great for the growing use of bikes and the growing segway traffic. very safe. very convenient. >> reporter: do they want more lanes on more streets? >> i would love it. i think that would be great. [ horn honking ] >> reporter: mostly a daily battle on city streets among cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles. the bicycle lobby and the auto lobby talking to each other. >> we want to acknowledge and establish safe routes for everybody who uses the roads. >> reporter: her committee includes pedestrian safety experts, too. auto lobbyist john town send co-chairs the group. >> this is the most amazing thing and never happened before in the district.
6:40 pm
about 15% of the people who commute daily in the district of columbia take bicycles and amazing. >> reporter: the washington area bicycle association also co-chairs the group. the roads are crowded. >> there is not a minority issue, not just about pedestrians and bicyclists, drivers too, everybody wants to get where they are going safe. >> reporter: biking of all kinds growing, the task force met today and will again before making recommendations to the full council later this summer. in the district tom sherwood, news4. still ahead controversy over a new elementary school in virginia. why some are upset it is being named after a local politician. a violent attack at a
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tonight, police are trying to find the man who smashed up a woman'some uville while she was inside it, but the bizarre call police got moments before the attack that is raising more questions tonight. here is northern virginia bureau
6:44 pm
reporter david culver. >> reporter: it is a quiet wooded reston intersection. >> every day, i come through this intersection every single day. >> reporter: for one vienna woman who doesn't want us to show her face or identify her, it's here she became victim to a bizarre attack last night. >> i was coming down and i was stopped at the traffic light. >> reporter: we will call her lisa, on her way home from the gym at 9:30 notices a guy on the side of the road, had a weird feeling. >> i looked away and went to lock my doors and put my windows up at that moment. >> reporter: as soon as she looked up, he was attacking her car with some object. >> he started screaming and started smashing my windshield as hard he's could. >> reporter: as the guy was attacking her car, she decided to keep driving, so she pulled ahead. and pulled over to call 911. but then she realized, he wasn't done. he came up to her passenger side window, started hitting it with an object, then went after her windshield.
6:45 pm
glass started coming in. >> reporter: this is the aftermath. >> still scary. >> reporter: after lisa called for help, police showed up. they searched much of the wooded area, even using night vision goggles. but they couldn't find the guy. police also tell me that moments before this incident they got a call about a naked man crawling around this area. they are still not sure if he is connected to lisa's case n remember, david culver news4. tonight, the news four ien team is looking into a sharp spike in dog bites in the district. scott mcfarland rode alongside animal control officers in d.c. and maryland to show why it is
6:46 pm
happening so frequently. . not the animal's fault, they don't know better, they are roaming, having a good time, the owner's responsibility make sure the animal is confined to their property and it must be walked on a leash and coming down as a pet opener doing the right thing. >> reporter: you can see the illegal dogs found in so many local yards as well as hear about the rules dog owners aren't following at 11:00. people are disappointed tonight over the naming of a local elementary school. 7,000 people signed a petition to name a louden county school after mathias jordan know. he is a young boy who died fighting cancer and helped to raise money for the disease but instead, the school north of dulles airport will be named after a local politician, john f. ryan who died in the 1930s. mathias' supporters say they will try to get a future school named after him. well you're going to want to try to find a fan, a pool an air conditioner, anything you
6:47 pm
can to stay cool tonight. our area is coming into the first significant heat wave of the season. and we wanted to get your thoughts on the weather. take a look at the results of our flash question of the day. a clear majority of you, you are sick of the heat already. so, for, it is going to be quite a long summer considering it is not even mid-june. >> pace yourselves. >> no kidding. time to check in with doug. you probably don't have any good news for those folks. >> i did the same stud dope my facebook page, really amazing, some people going, i love this weather, bring me more of that. 10% of them. for you guy you are right get used to it, stick around for a while now and going to be a very hot summer, i think, over the next couple of months. right now the hot side for sure, evening planner the sun goes down, 8:33, should be another one of those nice sunsets tonight, with that smoke still in the at moss father 91 degrees right now, 89 at 7:00, 86 by 9:00 and 11:00, it's just on the humid side around 82
6:48 pm
heat index 11:00. 89 toward warrington. dulles, 89, high of 92. the record high today is 93. so, just a degree shy away from the record tomorrow, we could come close to a couple of those records. no rain across the radar not expecting anything on storm team4 radar the next 24 hours or so. tomorrow, only an isolated chance of a shower you know, sunny, hot and humid chance of showers tomorrow, once again, very, very isolated. do not expect rain on friday, 91 to 96 degrees, what you can expect tomorrow a good day to head to the beaches the beach i will tell you this is going to be the place to get a little bit of cooler weather especially right along the beach. tomorrow, it will be warm, a southwest wind, 86 degrees, nice and warm, sunday, watching a front, if it comes down far enough, could get more of a northeasterly wind, cool things off into the 60s, right now, 72 on sunday, i do think monday will be a little bit cooler, temperatures around that 67-degree mark.
6:49 pm
inland, everybody's hot. 94 tomorrow, 92 sunday, 88 sunday, 88 on monday even next week, 89 degrees on tuesday could get close to 90 many areas tuesday and then next wednesday and thursday, temperatures into the mid-80s. if you have plans this weekend, don't cancel them. yeah, we have a chance of some showers but just a scattered chance of those thunderstorms developing, most of us should remain on the dry side, kids get the games in, no problem. >> good news thank you, doug. hey, it must be the start of summer, they have just announced this year's screen on the green movie schedule. it is going to kick off july 20th with the 1959 classic, "north by northwest", a free outdoor event that happens on the national mall. "the poseidon adventure" the following week then "desk set" august 3rd and ""back to the future"" august 10th. ness that was awesome! >> doug must like that one. the movies start at sunset, screen on the green presented by hbo and parent company, comcast
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nbcuniversal. we have a list of free outdoor movies in parks throughout the d.c. area posted in our nbc washington app, just search outdoor movies. >> i know they do it in rosalyn, probably a couple other places. ample great thing to do on a hot summer night. beautiful. in sports, the disabled list keeps on
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well, the nates are getting pretty close to being able to field an entire team on the disabled list. >> pretty much. seems like every two weeks another key player goes on the dl for the nats. tonight, they begin a four-game set in milwaukee. and the nationals will play that series without their starting first baseman. this afternoon, ryan zimmerman was placed on the 15-day dl with a foot injury. zim batting only .209 this
6:54 pm
season but battling the foot problems all season long. the opposite end, a guy red hot right now, infielder danny espinosa. he is starting tonight at shortstop in place of ian desmond, the night off due to rest. matt williams said yesterday after the game, he needs to find a place for espy swinging a hot bat lately, 3-4 -- 3-5 a single double and home run in yesterday's victory. over the last week, he is batting .438. the naggals making a move today to help their bull pep, acquiring reliever david carpenter from the yankees in exchange for a minor league infielder tony ribbonnda. sporting a 4.82 e.r.a. you may remember carpenter played with the braves back in 2013 and 2014. the nationals' bullpen needs some help. they have major league baseball's worst e.r.a. of 6.0 in the last two weeks. the overall e.r.a. this season,
6:55 pm
3.64. ranked 19th out of 30 teams. the only two relievers with an e.r.a. below 3, drew store and matt thorn. ♪ make hits like a bryce harper 92 like a bryce harper ♪ ♪ i know what to do bryce harper ♪ >> the new rap song about bryce harper called "bryce harper," nat oil of it, a co-lar bob racial from dj chris styles of wpgc and the fat boys i like to call the plus-sized gentlemen. it was written and recorded in a laurel, maryland. what did you think of the song? >> like it yes or no? >> two words i got was bryce harper. >> we need to hear to get the full effect. >> a good song. you know, say bryce harpary lot. a great song. we are going to move on, someone needs to make a song in baltimore about this guy adam jones. before i get to this story though, i have to take out the
6:56 pm
bubble gum. this is very unprofessional. someone is going to call in and probably complain. >> try to blow a bubble? >> not going to blow a bubble, do a story. check out this video here of jones from last night. he is one of the best center fielders in the game and he added to his highlight reel against the red sox. on the run, watch him blowing a bubble, making the catch. wasn't done though. that one was in the second inning. check this one out in the fifth inning. diving for the baseball, watch jones. middive. he is blowing bubbles. >> yeah! >> the con seine trace, the focus. >> main taping bubble control. >> most important. get the bubble right. >> you can't even do it. >> oh. >> yeah. >> oh. >> did you just say pfft? >> i will make it easy? >> work on that for a while. >> that didn't work. >> do it one more time.
6:57 pm
we will be back. move on to basketball now. take this gum out too. a game four between the warriors and the cavaliers, cleveland is up 2-1 in this series when golden state head coach steve kerr was asked by a reporter what he maps to tell his team before the game tonight he sarcastically responded with this. >> i'm gonna say go get them tiger. go get them. you can do this. if you put your mind to it you can do anything you want in this world, guys. we can do this. let's keep the faith. that's what i'm gonna do. >> love steve kerr. one more time. hold on. one more time with the baseball. we can tell you are a lookyrookie. okay. pretty good. pretty good. third time. >> i was not expecting the gum to be this hard. >> should have prechewed it. doug didn't even have gum and he drops the ball. >> what the hey. >> "nbc nightly news" coming up next. >> see you back here at 11:00.
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tonight, picking up the scent, the discovery searchers are calling their best lead yet. the heavy response as schools shut down and locals are forced inside some arming themselves until two escaped killers are caught. breaking news in the tamir rice shooting after months of community out cry, a judge weighs i on charging the officers involved. >> flying blind, the co-pilot that crashed a passenger plane feared he was losing his eyesight and saw 41 doctors in five years. why didn't anyone raise a red flag? asleep at the weep wheel, a warning which sleep aids could double your risk of get income a carhtly news begins right now. >> announcer: from


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