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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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"news4 at 11":00 begins with breaking news. >> breaking off the top at 11:00, chopper 4 over the scene of a massive traffic tie-up after the reports of a shooting. >> check out this sea of headlights all northbound lanes on the parkway closed. there is a heavy police presence here on the scene. this is north of riverdale road. right now we have calls into park police to try to get more information on this breaking story. when we do get the details we will bring them to you. first up tonight, a d.c. concert virginia is open this even after a virginia teenager overdosed on the party drug molly. >> people who knew 19-year-old victoria callahan. she is live at echo stage in northeast with more tonight. darcy?
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>> reporter: well you see that i'm right across the street from echo stage. a lot of people are out here as well as police. a concert just let out. it is business as usual here, and all this as police and d.c. regulators are investigating. victoria callahan was celebrating her 19th birthday at echo stage in northeast d.c. when she collapsed from an apparent overdose on the party drug known as molly. she was transported to the hospital by ambulance and later died. this social media video shows where she was at the packed echo stage concert feeling flume an australian dj. d.c. police and the alcoholic beverage control board are investigating. callahan was a sophomore, studying marine science near myrtle beach. she was home with her family in sterling in loudoun county for the summer. she had graduated last year from potomac falls high school where she was a popular student, vice president of the senior class.
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callahan is the second college student to die after taking molly at echo stage. uva student shelly goldsmith died in august of 2013. friends say she had taken molly, which is known as a pure form of ecstasy. the drug is popular among teens and young adults in the club scene because it gives a euphoric experience. but for some, that experience can turn deadly. we went by the victim's home tonight in sterling, virginia. there was a note on the door handwritten that said please give the family privacy, and they have no comment at this time. back to you. >> darcy thank you. more breaking news right now. out of rhode island, where the fbi just took a man into custody in connection with a terror plot in boston. it is the same investigation that led members of a terrorism task force to shoot and kill usama rahim in boston last week. they say rahim pulled a knife. the fbi tonight arrest manned
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named nicholas ravinski. they're not commenting on his connection to rahim. today in prince william county a former honor student pleaded guilty to helping isis. investigators say that ali amin used twitter to raise money for the terror group using anonymous bitcoin contributions. he also actively recruited future isis fighters, eventually helping an 18-year-old classmate get to syria. both went to osborne park high school in manassas. amin faces up to 15 years in prison when he is sentenced in august. new at 11:00 tonight, a morningside man faces a felony assault charge after allegedly beating another man on a metro train. police arrested 52-year-old william nelson today. officers tell thus is nelson in cell phone video punching a man for several minutes. the fight happened on the green line train on sunday. metro transit police interviewed both men when they got off that train at southern avenue station. at the time, neither wanted to
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press charges, but a warrant was issued today in d.c. police say a woman died tonight after getting hit by a peapod delivery truck in northwest d.c. it happened at the intersection of wisconsin avenue and calvert street around 6:00. police shut down part of wisconsin to investigate. so far no charges against the truck driver. the hottest day of the year so far folks was extra painful for thousands of people in northwest d.c. 2500 customers lost power near two blown manhole covers on the 3700 block of wisconsin avenue. d.c. fire responded to the scene, closing roads for some time tonight. we checked. power has been restored to most of those customers. and doug, this is not the night you want to be without ac? >> no this will probably be the warmest night we have seen so far this season. by warmest we're talking about the temperature, the humidity and the heat index out there too. it's 11:00 at night, and these are the kind of numbers we're dealing with after a high of 93 today. it's at 83 degrees right now in
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d.c. 79 leesburg. 82 still in fredericksburg and 79 towards pawtuxent river. today felt a little bit on the sticky side. tomorrow i think it's going to be a little worse. not just sticky, rather oppressive during the day today. the heat index around 100 degrees during the day. we could even come close to a record high temperature tomorrow. we'll talk about the temperatures. i'll talk about the chance for some shower and thunderstorm activity coming up as well that includes the weekend. i've got that forecast for you in just a minute. >> doug, thank you. new at 11:00 tonight, two d.c. police officers are in trouble with the city. not for the way they do their jobs. no. it's about where they claim to live and where their children go to school. the d.c. attorney general says they've lived in maryland and virginia for several years while claiming a d.c. address. now the city is suing them. news4's megan fitzgerald reports. >> reporter: from 2003 to 2013, investigators with the attorney
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general's office say alan and candace hill sent their three children to alice deal middle school. their oldest made it to woodrow wilson high school until d.c. public schools realized the hill family was not living in the district. according to investigators, alan and candace hill told d.c. public school officials that their kids were living at this address here in northeast for years. but according to this lawsuit, that wasn't the case. the lawsuit says alan hill owned the d.c. property and in seven 2007 he filed a complaint for nonpayment against his tenant. the documents say in 2009 through 2013, the same address given to dcps was in fact leased to another tenant. now the attorney general is asking alan and candace hill to pay up. megan fitzgerald, news4. a d.c. teacher charged with sexual abuse of a student will remain behind bars without bond. authorities tell us giovanni pena inappropriately touched an
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11-year-old boy in the classroom during the 2013-'14 school year. pena taught at oyster adams bilingual school. at a hearing today, pena waived his right to a preliminary hearing. the case will likely go to a grand jury. the student whose bloody arrest outside of virginia bar caused a firestorm is ecstatic that the charges against him were dropped. that's according to the lawyer for martise johnson. johnson faced public intoxication charges with the charlottesville commonwealth attorney dropped the case today after reviewing the state police investigation. johnson's march arrest gained widespread attention and some accused alcoholic beverage control officers of excessive force against the university of virginia student. a cleveland judge said today there is enough evidence to charge two white police officers in the shooting death of a 12-year-old african american boy. but a grand jury will make the final decision. police shot and killed tamir rice back in november. he was holding a pellet gun that police took for real.
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rice's shooting spurred protests all over the city. the grand jury investigation continues. the office of personnel management is firing at explosive claims from a union about last week's hacking of federal workers' personal information. a federal employees union said today that hackers stole personnel data and social security numbers for every federal worker. the union says the cyberattack is far worse than the obama administration will admit, but opm says the union's claims are not true. opm says a little more than four million active and former federal workers may have had their information compromised. starting tomorrow, you should see fewer people smoking those e-cigarettes in montgomery county. a new law takes effect, banning the use of e-cigarettes in any public places that already ban regular smoking. the ban passed the county council unanimously back in march. councilmembers said e cigarettes, which usually
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contain nicotine could lead young people to start using real cigarettes. soon it will be easier to get around the national mall. starting sunday, the d.c. circulator bus system will add a new route that will take riders from union station to any one of 15 stops around the mall. the new route will take you just steps from sites like the capitol, smithsonian museums and the lincoln memorial. the basic fare on the bus is just a dollar. we're on top of breaking news tonight. reports of shots fired on the bw parkway. we have calls out to multiple agencies to get answers for you about why the northbound lanes here are closed near riverdale road. live pictures. stay with us for updates. and the news4 i-team getting into the dog days of summer how. responsible pet owners could be leading to an increase in dog attacks. i'm melissa mollet with your traffic tonight. 395 northbound between little river turnpike and seminary
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developing tonight on that prison escape story after a positive hit on a scent there is a flurry of police activity about three miles from the new york prison where two killers escaped last week. an officer reported a possible sighting and s.w.a.t. teams say this is the best lead they had. also, a prosecutor says inmates at the facility tried to exploit the staff's weak enns link. they think an employee may have been involved with one of the escapees and planned to be their getaway driver before she got cold feet. something you should know during the approaching dog days of summer, animal bites are on
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the rise in and around d.c. that's according to a year-long investigation by our news4 i-teen. scott mcfarland found some neglectful owners are putting you and their canines at risk. >> reporter: the district is a dog community. our dog parks dog pride even dog pampering. throughout our region, the human population is exploding, which means the number of pets is too. for 12 months the news4 i-team canvassed with animal patrol investigators. >> a report two dogs running loose earlier. can i see the dogs? >> reporter: and the cold of winter. and in between. so we could see what happens when dogs aren't cared for. >> when did the rain come? >> reporter: dogs running free without a leash. >> we don't know where they are. >> no they're still out rung loose somewhere. >> reporter: our review of incidents in washington, d.c. shows just since 2008, the number of people suffering dog bites has doubled. and animal control officers tell us for that rising number of victims is often the stray dogs
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that were lashing out. >> it was three inches away from a vital area. >> reporter: john was one of those victims, bitten by a pair of pit bulls in the groin. he says they were strays walking in the streets near his home in northeast. there was no one tending to them? negative, one tending to them, no leashes, no tags. >> animal control. >> people can be chased down and bit. >> reporter: but rescuing them can be time consuming on this day an officer spent nearly an hour tracking down a pit bull mix near the anacostia metro station. >> the caller is waving to us from up the street so we're going to walk up there. >> reporter: it was a neighbor who helped them corral this dog. no collar no name. >> there we go, good job. >> reporter: there are no reports he had bitten anyone so, officers took him to a shelter to hopefully find him a new home. those types of animal control calls are quickly rising in the city. >> they're illegal. you can not have them. >> reporter: but in prince george's county it's a different problem. so many of the strays are pit bulls, which are illegal to own
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in the county. >> it's an illegal breed. >> reporter: those found are placed in a county shelter for possible adoption in other parts of our region. and the number of pit bull incidents is soaring. according to the i-team's review of prince george's animal control records. four times as many incidents as there were in 2009. >> we house anywhere from 30 to 35 daily in our shelter. that tells you they're still out there. >> reporter: chief rodney taylor blames neglectful owner. >> it's not the animal's fault. they don't know better. they're roaming and having a good time. it's the owners that make sure the animal stays confined to their property. >> reporter: they found indications of neglect year round. >> there is no water or shelter. >> reporter: dogs illegally chained on too short a leash less than the 15 feet required in prince george's county. >> they need to have some type of shelter. >> reporter: or outside too long in the heat and cold. >> there is hazardous things in the back. >> reporter: when they get out on the street without identification. >> try not to pass judgment and
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give people the benefit of the doubt. >> reporter: officers say there is often no other option except putting the dog to sleep if they show aggression and can't be reunited with their owners. which is what happened with that pit bull mix near the anacostia metro. weeks after his rescue he remained in the shelter and eventually was euthanized. scott mcfarland news4 i team. >> well, the i-team looked into dog bites after getting a tip. to send your story ideas, violent and click on investigation. president obama was at nats park tonight to take in a ball game. but nobody is going to mistake these players for bryce harper. tonight is the 78th annual congressional baseball game. republicans versus democrats. it's more than a partisan contest. the proceeds go to several d.c. area charities. by the way, democrats won the game 5-2. it was their eighth win in a row. >> wow. they're on a roll. a record outpouring tonight of support for a seton high school senior. we first told you about last
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week, carly nguyen has leukemia and she needs a bone marrow transplant. this evening, our friends at hot 99.5 held a drive in rockville to find a match for the 17-year-old. the station tells us they broke their record for swabs at one event. all of the swabs are sent up to new york city to help someone across the country as well. good for them. >> hope they find a match. >> huge. warm today. not too pleasant out there tonight. but whoa, wait until tomorrow. >> wait for tomorrow for sure. do you believe the heat index right now is 89 still? >> is it? >> it is. it's on the warm side for sure. tomorrow, you're right. it's going to be upwards of 100 degrees again, just like it was out there today. tomorrow even a little warmer. down towards the airport, you can't really see it. you could earlier today with the haze and the smoke filling the air. right now current temperature 83. but look at that dew point of 74. that makes things very uncomfortable. at least down there along the river. look back to the west. much cooler. this is very interesting. we're at 73 degrees clearing
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skies, a little lower. dew points towards winchester and martinsburg. that's comfortable. d.c. 89, but 83 in gaithersburg. we're still very warm across the area, and we will be all night long. storm team 4 radar high and dry. do not expect any rain overnight tonight. and most of the area tomorrow will stay dry. here is future weather starting off 8:00 tomorrow morning. rush hour, no problem. i mean, the roads will be perfect for driving. except it's d.c. and there is a lot of traffic. so other than that the roads will be absolutely perfect from a weather perspective. we will see a couple of showers, maybe a couple of thunderstorms tomorrow. but notice, they are widely scattered. and that's really what we're expecting. only about a 20% chance of a storm. most of us will stay dry tomorrow. the real big factor is going to be the heat. tomorrow night if you're going out, tomorrow night, 9:00 on future weather. no problem at all if you have a night out, going to the movies no problem there either. saturday, 8:00 a.m. notice a couple of showers trying to form. this is with the little front that is trying to drape across our region. with that, we may see a shower or thunderstorm during the
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afternoon. but once again, we're only talking a 30% chance. so if the kids have ball games on saturday or sunday not too worried about those at all. here is what we're watching. notice the storms up to the north in pennsylvania. that's a frontal boundary that front is going to drift to the south and then it will go back to the north tomorrow as a warm front. on saturday and sunday, however, it's going to come a little bit closer to our region. well could see some storms. back to the west, they're seeing some big-time storms out there towards the chicago land area now. that's not coming our way any time soon. what is coming our way more heat. sunny, hot and humid. isolated shower and i do mean isolated. 91 to 96 degrees. the heat index up around 100 degrees. now, your exercise impact, you might want to do it inside. high impact tomorrow. 80 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 86 by 11:00, but the heat index at 11:00. already around 94, 95 degrees. so maybe make sure you stay hydrated if you are outdoors. 92 on saturday. a 30% chance of showers and storms on sunday. the biggest deal will be the temperatures. 92 on saturday with a heat
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index. 98 to 99 on sunday, 88 degrees for a high temperature. the heat index between 94 and 96. and, well, the heat is on. who sang that song? "heat is on"." >> glen fry. >> thank you in the booth. hopefully this c son as well. >> thank you, doug. back to our breaking news. we just got new information. they tell us that two people were shot on the parkway tonight. and they're now being treated at a hospital. the northbound lanes of the vw parkway are still closed between route 50 and the beltway. it's not clear who fired the shots or how badly the victims were hurt. check the nbc washington app for updates and news4 today starting at 4:26 tomorrow morning. a rookie making the most of an opportunity tonight. the nats hit the road in million as news4
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is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for most live sports. >> well we saw the democrats and republicans in slow motion. >> yes. >> major league baseball. >> not a good night for the nationals. they blow this game. injuries and losses never a good thing for this team. the nationals, they had this game in the bag. they were cruising along in milwaukee. tanner looked solid on the mound early on. this offense was rolling and matt williams' group were in complete control. somewhere around the fourth and fifth inning, that bag completely ripped apart. i know, little guy. emoji sad face after this game.
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game one of an eight-game road trip for the nationals. ryan zimmerman is out due to injury. robertson is playing first base. and that is a towering shot to the second deck off matt garza. that's his first career home run in the big leagues. watch his teammates when he gets back to the dugout. >> i love it. >> the silent treatment. dan uggla finally breaks down and everyone comes over to congratulate clint robinson. great moment there. to the fourth anthony with two men on. grounded to third here. but an awful throw by aramis. the brew broou crew had three errors on the night. tanner rourke, he couldn't hold the lead. a solo shot. this ties the game at 5. his fourth home run of the season. bottom of the of the eighth, the bull pen continuing to have problems. aaron barrett with two out. a man on.
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scooter jenette he rips this down the third baseline. the brewers they take the lead. and they would take this game. aaron barrett he actually left the mound, the game after that sequence there. he left due to injury. we'll see if he is okay, coming up in the next few days. the nats end up losing 6-5. let's head out to camden yards now. oh, they're trying to sweep the boston red sox. the bottom of the first, the bubble gum man, adam jones. the birds on the scoreboard first. first of three home runs on the ninth to the orioles. that's his tenth home run. a 5-4 lead. the bull pen stepping up. two men on for boston. but brad brock, he gets mookie betz to go down swinging to end the i think. bottom of the ninth, dustin pedroia representing the go-ahead run at the plate. briton tells him to have a seattle. the o's when their fourth in a row. they complete their sweep of
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boston. 6-5 is your final. back to d.c. a familiar face taking part in the wizards predraft workouts today. wells. he averaged just over 15 points a game for the terps in his senior season, helping to lead the team to the first naacp appearance in five years. potential draft pick. he got the chance to chat briefly with coach randy whitman as well. john wall, he actually played high school basketball with john wall. they were teammates for three years in raleigh, north carolina. >> small world. also, game four of the nba finals taking place tonight. the warriors lead the cavaliers in the fourth quarter
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that's all the time we have tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. the tonight show with jimmy fallon is next. >> we'll see you tomorrow. good night.
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