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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 12, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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beverage control officers arrested him back in march outside a pub. johnson's lawyer accused the abc officers of excessive force. managers are not talking after a second student overdosed on molly. victoria callahan went to a concert to celebrate her 19th birthday on wednesday. during the australian dj concert she collapsed. she was rushed to medstar washington but she died thursday morning. the coastal carolina student was under the influence of molly. molly is a form of mdma which is the main ingredient in the drug ecstasy. in 2013, a uva student also died after taking molly. a truck hit and killed a pedestrian. this happened at the intersection of wisconsin avenue yesterday evening. so far no charges have been filed against the driver. we're learning that a d.c. teacher charged with sexual abuse of a student will remain in student. giovanni pena inappropriately
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touched an 11-year-old boy in the classroom during the 2013-14 school year. pena taught at oyster-adams bilingual school in northwest. at a hearing, he waived his right to the preliminary hearing. that case may head now to the grand jury. it is now 4:31. developing right now a union representing federal workers claims a massive data breach is even worse than the obama administration will admit. the union says hackers stole personnel data and social security numbers for every federal worker. but the office of personnel management said it's not true. opm says 4 million active and former federal workers may have had their information compromised. in ten minutes we'll hear from tracie potts on what the hackers managed to steal. right now, we want to hear from tom kierein about the heat coming our way. >> a heat wave yesterday got into the low mid 90s. felt like upper 90s. right now it's pleasant when you step out the door. it is rather humid but it's
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comfortable. in the 70s, nearby suburbs. around the bay low to mid 70s. shenandoah valley in the upper 60s. and winchester at 73. martins burg 71. farther to the west in the mountains right now in the mid 60s. beautiful morning there. a few clouds are floating over. the feels like temperature will be oppressive today. and again on saturday. we will have oppressive humidity in place. then on sunday, it does look like the humidity may drop a bit. but still rather sticky. that feels like temperature this afternoon will be near 100 degrees. and as we get into the weekend the feels like temperature tomorrow in the mid 9 0ss -- 90s. so uncomfortable humidity and high heat for the next few days. next weather and traffic on the 1s your bus stop forecast what to wear for this friday. now melissa has breaking news on the roads early this this morning. >> in the district two separate problems right now.
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first one here, d.c. 295 northbound at pennsylvania avenue, we are shut down because of a bad accident. your alternate pennsylvania to minnesota to nanny helen boroughs back over to 295. also, suitland parkway had a fatal crash overnight. that intersection is closed here this morning. your alternate there if you want to avoid the whole thing is mlk jr. avenue here. 66 at west ox road no problems there. a big look at thing, nice and green. a lot of the construction should be wrapping up here in the next 30 minutes. nothing to really worry about this morning. again, this is our biggest issue right now. d.c. 295 north at pennsylvania avenue. right now, megan mcgrath on the scene for us this morning. megan, what are you seeing and what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, melissa, we may be getting a clearing here of this accident scene. look behind me. literally just moments ago, some of the traffic started getting by right now. i'm not sure if people are ignoring the flares and going
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around or whether or not they have opened the far right lane allowing people to go northbound on 295. we're keeping an eye on the situation. this literally just happened moments ago. we had a complete closure here beginning at 1:50 this morning. a very serious accident involving two cars. one person we're told is in critical condition and the detour was at 295 northbound, closed at pennsylvania avenue. but literally within just the last few moments we are starting to see some traffic go through. it's little confusing here because we have some flares up, but you can see how traffic is going around those flares. so we may have some lanes opening up here. we'll keep you updated here. hope to get some more information shortly. back to you in the studio. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. we start off with the manhunt for two escaped prisoners. there is reason to believe this morning they did not get far and are still near the prison. investigators are tracking a scent picked up by search dogs.
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it's a dense, heavily wooded area a few miles from the prison. right now, the intense safrp is focused there. david sweat and richard matt broke out on saturday. an engineer said they were either highly skilled with the tools they used or they had help. a stern warning coming from governor cuomo this morning. he promises the law will come down hard on anyone who is helping the two men. aaron? >> kristin, thank you. there are now news reports that a female person was investigated. joyce mitchell may have had some role in the escape. mitchell was an instructor at the prison tailor shop where the two convicts worked. sources familiar with the investigation says mitchell told authorities, quote, she thought it was love, but just days ago mitchell's son, toby, defended her. >> she is not the kind of person that's going to risk her life or
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or people's lives to let these guys escape from prison. >> it appears that mitchell was supposed to be behind the wheel of a get away car when they escaped from the manhole. sources close to the investigation say she got cold feet and checked into the hospital with a panic attack. you can no longer use electronic cigarettes in most places in montgomery county. a new law bans the use of e-cigarettes in any public place that already bans regular cigarettes. the ban passed the county council unanimously last month. and they say e-cigarettes can lead young people to start using real cigarettes. and a measure was approved to give paid leave to sick people. now it goes to the full council later this month. fully -- employers would have to give you six full days of sick
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leave a year. and a man was brutally attacked on a metro train. the video is disturbing. 52-year-old william nelson is on cell phone video punching a man for several minutes. that happened aboard a southbound green line train on sunday morning. police spoke to both men when they got off the train. at the time, neither wanted to press charges but nelson was arrested yesterday. the heat is on. the temperatures are already in the 70s. but will you need the sleeveless shirt again today? tom is working on your what to wear forecast. and a baltimore man's death sparked riots and outrage. and why two d.c. police officers are being sued because of where their kids go to school. and god save the queen and the little girl who just met her. a special opportunity ended with an awful surprise.
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two d.c. police officers could have to pay the district more than $200,000 for enrollment fraud. lieutenant alan hill and sergeant candace hill claimed they lived in the district and sent their children to d.c. public schools between 2003 and 2013. over that ten-year period they actually lived in maryland and virginia.
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non-res dents have to pay for each student attending a public school. karl racine filed charges against the hills asking for $245,000 in unpaid tuition and penalties. we now know why a delaware state trooper was parked in a bike lane in the district. that trooper was a part of the delaware governor's protective detail. a d.c. cyclist -- his camera caught the suv blocking the lane on "l" street northwest. and the cyclist was calling to report it when he faced an awkward confrontation. >> your vehicle is blocking -- >> hey, pay attention, okay? >> never mind. >> the delaware governor's office says the trooper was waiting for the governor to exit an event. delaware state police are investigating if any policies were broken. it is 4:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. if you -- you can already feel how sticky it is outside. >> it will be one of those days. good morning, tom. >> here's a live view from the
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tower camera. a haze in the sky over washington. there's a hazy crescent moon hanging in the eastern sky. almost looks like it's dripping with humidity this morning. we'll have the haze with us and the high humidity for the rest of the day today. at the bus stop this morning it's going to be mild and muggy in the mid 70s between 7:00 and 8:00. hazy sunshine very humid near 80 by mid-morning already. so those temperatures will be jumping. in the low to mid 70s, so short sleeves today. you don't need the umbrella but definitely the sunglasses and sun block if you're out for any length of time. a look at the storm chances for the weekend, that's next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:51. melissa with breaking news. >> an update to this crash, megan mcgrath showed us 295, that's out of the way. suitland parkway at firth
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sterling avenue, the intersection still closed because of the fatal crash. best alternate is mlk jr. avenue. otherwise, police are pushing you through neighborhoods there. 95 virginia at route 1 here woodbridge, no problems northbound and southbound. 66 looking good. if you're hopping on at 234, no problems. same thing if you're headed out of town there. remember to listen to our friends at wtop when you hop in your car. top of the beltway looking like it's running quite smoothly. back in ten minutes. >> thanks melissa. we are learning more about the final moments of a northwest washington's life as more documents are unsealed in the mansion murder case. the gruesome evidence that the police collected from the scene. virginia's first lady makes a last minute effort to appeal her conviction. what we learned about her final plea to restore her reputation. and just in this morning. we're learning who will headline this year's independence day celebration.
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new details this morning about evidence collected from the d.c. mansion murder scene. a recent search warrant reveals that police found a bloody bat inside that home on wood lawn drive in northwest. the bat was discovered in a bedroom where a victim was found needing cpr. the warrant also says that savvas savopoulos was found with trauma to the back of the head and amy had lacerations to her throat and head. police collected matches, weapons and garage door openers from the home. >> sometimes we can get what we call touch dna. whenever you and i touch something we can leave a minute sample of the dna. that can be a pizza box to the victim's neck. >> right now, daron wint is the only person charged with the murders of the savopoulos family
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and their house keeper. developing this morning, we're learning a cyber attack may have targeted more government employees than originally thought. it is raising new concerns about what hackers managed to steal from the office of personnel management last week. nbc's tracie potts tells us where the new claims are coming from. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. some coming for the union for federal employees saying all current and former employees were affected by this. opm said that's not true. but they are still assessing. they know it's more than 4 million and most are active employees. we're hearing that it was worse tan they thought, because clearances -- high security clearances for nuclear weapons, trade secrets diplomats, nbc has learned that includes intelligence agencies, information about friends and relatives and foreign associates, things that people could be -- that could be used to compromise some of the employees. opm says they're still looking
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to learn how many people were actually affected by this. that union -- the federal employees union said they're concerned that the social security numbers were not encrypted going back to what we have heard from lawmakers here on capitol hill, that a lot of the security that could have prevented some of this should have already been in place. of course, congress is still learning that china according to the u.s. investigators they still believe china was behind it. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us, thank you. a live look at the capitol this morning where later today lawmakers are expected to vote on the president's pacific trade bill. it would help smooth out the trading process between the u.s. and south america. many republicans are backing the bill while democrats say the new legislation would outsource american jobs. 4:48 right now. a rhode island man due in federal court in connection to a foiled terror plot in boston. the fbi arrested nicholas a vinsky last night, part of the same investigation that led members to shoot and kill usaama rahim in boston last week.
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rahim charged at them with a knife, the police say. rahim and another man planned to behead police officers. a virginia teenager is headed to prison and another is being charged in a terror plot that was revealed yesterday. 17-year-old ali ayman pleaded guilty in federal court to providing material support to isis. they say he also radicalized a schoolmate who is now traveling to syria. the two used code works like syracuse to mean syria and basketball to mean jihad. last january aminh reportedly drove him to the dulles airport and told him how to reach syria. the lawyers said he was a bright kid who made a bad choice. >> he takes adult responsibility for what he did, but we can't lose sight of the fact that he's a child. >> he was an honor student. defense attorneys for the six baltimore police officers
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charged in freddie gray's death want to know why the state is coming after their clients. the attorneys asked for clarification of the second degree depraved heart murder and manslaughter charges. marilyn mosby didn't provide any new information on how her office came to those charges. a judge denied the gag order request. freddie gray died in april after suffering a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody. maureen mcdonnell has filed the final appeal. that only happened because the court used an overly broad interpretation of the law. bob mcconnell was found guilty of taking gifts in exchange for political favors. and this just in to our newsroom. it's great news for barry manilow fans. he will perform on the national mall july 4th. manilow will headline this year's independence day
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celebration at capitol forest. we are told the singer will perform a special patriotic medley he first did for the reopening of the statue of liberty almost 30 years ago. the ore artists performing have not been announced. but we'll keep everyone posted. >> all right. >> okay. there you go. 4:51 a in the morning. >> a little manilow for you. >> yeah. well, meeting the queen of england is a big deal. especially if you're a 6-year-old. >> but for this little girl it will be a moment she remembers forever, but perhaps not for the right reasons. this is little mazey, carrying on tradition by wearing the wellenwell welsh national flowers. right there, knocked mazey's bonnet right off. her majesty didn't seem to notice, but the soldier did apologize to mazey.
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he can't flinch. he has to move on. look. look at the little salute. her cute little outfit, mazey. you know he's just -- he didn't realize she was there. >> yeah. >> lucky she wasn't knocked to the ground, you know? >> that would have been even worse. the queen would have kept walking too. just saying. 4:52 right now. tom kierein is with us this morning. a bearer of bad news. >> yeah, we'll have the big heat building. last year, low and mid 90s in much of the region and the humidity cranked in. it's with us this morning. so we have a heat advisory in effect for the d.c. metro area for washington, alexandria, arlington. the high heat this afternoon. a heat illness risk with the humidity around. keep your outdoor activities reduced. if you have to be outside drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks. respect the heat. right now it's fairly comfortable. we're in the 60s to near 70s. shenandoah valley and in the mountains.
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low 70s, montgomery, fairfax counties to upper 70s in washington right now. mid 70s around the bay. northern neck and the eastern shore. that's the washington monument, jefferson memorial under the hazy sky. by 6:00, upper 70s. near 80 by 8:00 and then into the low 80s and then this afternoon, afternoon high temperatures around the metro area reaching the mid 90s. now the record is 95 in washington. we may be near that. last time it was tied was in 2002. low to mid 90s most of virginia, southern maryland, near the bay. little cooler right near the bay waters, upper 80s and near 90. shenandoah valley, near 90 as well. into the mountains some of mountain valleys in the low 90s. higher elevations will be cooler. tomorrow, still steamy. a chance for storms in the afternoon is going to be higher than today. there's only a small chance this afternoon mainly shenandoah valley in mountains, and a
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higher chance area wide tomorrow afternoon. only a slight risk it would be severe. and another chance now on sunday, looks like this is the change from yesterday. for some storms on sunday afternoon. still rather steamy on sunday. heat wave ends though monday, tuesday. we'll be in the upper 80s to near 90. we could get storms monday afternoon, tuesday and again on thursday. breaking news on the roads this friday morning. here's melissa. >> breaking news in the district. megan mcgrath actually arriving at the scene in just a moment. going to be live for us in a coup. ominutes. this suitland parkway at firth sterling avenue. that intersection is still shut down because of a very bad crash there. one person was killed overnight. your alternate there, going to be mlk jr. avenue or south capitol, depending on which way you're going. police are pushing people through neighborhoods there. you can get around it. but right now it's sort of slow. d.c. 295 north at pennsylvania that earlier crash all lanes open where megan was this
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morning. maryland 95 at cherry hill road, no issues there. the beltway is rolling along at braddock. 66 is looking good and same thing in prince george's county overall. a little bit of construction, should be out of the way in the next 20 minutes or so. wherever it is around town. again, megan will head to that scene and have more details from the scene and more pictures in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. english may no longer be the official language of one maryland county. why one city council is thinking of something else. and what the
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you're watching "news4 today." burglary along one of the busiest streets in washington is on the rise. it's calmed 16 -- called 16th street northwest. thieves ransacked a house on 16th street. neighbors told news4 the thieves are well prepared. >> they come in through the unlocked door, unlocked garage, unlocked window. they made an effort. they brought tools. >> police department statistics say that there was about a 30% decrease in burglaries in that area in the last month. neighbors on 16th street are looking to the city officials for help. today maryland leaders will clarify their stance on allowing children to walk and play outdoors alone. in a new policy change, child
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protective services will only get involved in cases if children have been harmed or face substantial risk of harm. the change follows the case of a maryland couple under fire for their free range parenting style. a judge declared -- rather cleared the couple of the neglect charges where they let their 10 and 6-year-olds walk home alone in montgomery county. some council members are looking to get rid of english as the county's official language. at the next county meeting, council women will introduce a bill to repeal the current law. in 2012, the board made english the county's official language. 12% of people living in frederick county don't speak english. buying or selling something on craigslist in rockville is about to get a lot safer. rockville police are offering a safe haven for transactions. you can meet a buyer or a seller in the parking lot of the rockville city police station. police are offering tips to make all transactions safer.
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stay with us now. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >> "news4 today" starts now. >> it is 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we are staying on top of two big stories starting with our heat wave. at 5:00 a.m. temperatures range between the high 60s and mid 70s. 77 already in washington, you can feel it, it's humid and muggy out there. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with how far and how quickly those temperatures will climb today. but we begin with breaking news on the roads, an accident at suitland parkway and firth sterling. melissa mollet has more. >> good morning. right now, again, this breaking news here in the district. still a problem there. suitland parkway at firth sterling avenue. right now police are pushing you on to firth sterling there. you can take a right and get


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