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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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he can at that timic the charge -- ecstatic that the charges were dropped. >> what a uva student is saying about the officers to left him bloody. >> first at 4. first at 4, dangerous heat has d.c. sizzling. we are pushing out alerts on our nbc washington app. there's a heat advisory in effect and a couple of cities have opened cooling centers. >> right about now, a walk by the harbor feels more like a steam bath. temperatures are in the mid-90s and you factor in the humidity, it feels close to 100 degrees. >> we start our team coverage now. amelia segal is out under the sun, but let's begin with chief meteorologist doug kammerer who is in the cool of the storm center. doug? >> yesterday at this time, amelia was in some of the shade, i guarantee she is on the hot side for sure. everybody really is. look at these numbers now, into the low 90s for the most part 93 in d.c., 49 fredericksburg, 95 leesburg, the record high temperature, 95 degrees, very close to that. the humidity is even higher.
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that is helping to produce some showers and thunderstorms. notice this line of storms making its way off toward the east. now most of these have heavy downpours but moving fairly quickly, not too worried about these, don't expect them to become too strong. there are stronger storms through haigers up to clark county, virginia, frederick county, virginia, winchester, 81 toward front royal, 66 the next few hours. this whole line will move off toward the east. once again not expecting it to get any stronger than this. most of the storms just scattered showers and a few thunderstorms as they move on through the after into. talk about these as they come up in the afternoon. but amelia segal baking in the heat. we always say it is not the heat it's the humidity we have got a heck of a heat index. >> the heat index very impressive this afternoon. i have to say you can hear it on my mic, a nice breeze, at least we are not dealing with still air. you factor in the humidity right now, it's putting the heat index or the real feel out at about 101 degrees in washington, 103
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in leesburg. of course, there is a heat advisory for washington, arlington alexandria and falls church that will run until 8 p.m. tonight. and as we head into the weekend doug this heat and humidity continues as well as the chances for some showers and thunderstorms. >> yeah, we are going to talk about which day has the better chance for showers and storms. if you have plans this weekend, i have got that forecast in just a minute. >> thanks, doug. not guilty. this afternoon, a man charged with killing a young mother in our area is a free man, acquitted on murder charges. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald in prince georges county. three and a half years after a woman was gunned down in her oxen hill apartment her family still doesn't have justice. 24-year-old rash sheikh bell was found not guilty late thursday evening in connect with the murder of kai ya wilson. in 2011, prosecutors believed it was bell who entered wilson's apartment, looking for her boyfriend. he wasn't home and wilson was shot and killed in the bedroom. her four small children were inside the room at the time of
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the shooting. the defense disc edited the prosecution's key witness and disputed surveillance video believed to show bell heading to her apartment. at 5:00, hear the emotional 911 call her 7-year-old daughter made to dispatchers letting them know her mother was just shot. i'm consumer reporter erika gonzalez in the newsroom with an update on that takata air bag recall. it was confirmed it was involved in the death of a woman in will a l.a. that is the seventh death linked to the defective takata air bags. the fifth confirmed death in a honda. the air bags can spray shrapnel upon impact. nearly 34 million of the air bags have been recalled in the united states. takata says it has no comment in this case. we sent out an alert on the nbc washington app as soon as the charges against a uva student were dropped. now, we have just gotten reaction from 20-year-old
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martese johnson. >> i have always been passionate about social justice and applied to minority communities throughout our country. now i'm ten times more passionate and driven to get things done. >> three alcoholic beverage control officers left the uva student bloodied during his arrest in march. johnson was initially charged with resisting arrest and public intoxication. prosecutors decided no to pursue the case. the officers won't face charges either. johnson says he is okay with that and says the case has reinforced his passion to work for social justice. no word on whether he plans to file a lawsuit. we are still waiting to hear what led to two people getting shot on a busy highway. take a look at the backups this caused along the bw parkway last night. we brought this to you as it was breaking last night at 11:00. someone shot two people near route 450 and still not clear how bad lit victims were hurt. it happened around midnight, but police are still searching for the driver of a volvo who
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caused this deadly wreck on the parkway. witnesses told police the driver ran away after slamming into a chrysler turning left on first sterling avenue southeast. four people were in the chrysler. one of them died. police say a second person in the volvo tried to runaway too but he was hurt in the crash and police arrested him a short distance away. we are learning a lot more about an accident in rockville where a school bus rap over a woman and killed her. crew. cheetah reynoso was a bus attendant for the school system. she was crossing crabs branch way thursday when the bus hit her less than a mile from where she worked. news4 was told the tragedy hit the department hard because reynoso and the bus driver worked together. the pads near the south run recreational center in springfield are open again this afternoon, they were closed earlier this week after a raccoon attacked and bit a 75-year-old woman who was walking a trail. this afternoon officers with fairfax animal control say they
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have trapped a raccoon from that area and it's tested positive for rabies. so far they have found 21 animals this year that have tested positive. a lot of people weighing in on this story on facebook today. a dispute over whether an naacp leader is black or white. why her parents say she is lying and how she is responding. how about this, a presidential foot race. president obama issues a
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and today is day two of our potentially five-day heat wave. here is the latest on storm team4 radar, tracking a line of thunderstorms containing some heavy rain. you can see that by the brighter colors here on radar. as this continues to move toward the east, we do think it will break up somewhat if it does hold together it could impact the metro area in just over two hours. that's going to put us just after 6 p.m., but would be more scat scattered in nature. not picking up a lot of lightning, but could be rain. how it feels, about 93 i think higher than that about 101 right now in washington. for tomorrow and sunday, humidity remains high. it continues to feel oppressive outside. and not much of a break arrives
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on monday either. we have updated our forecast. high temperatures remaining around 90 degrees, at least through monday. doug will have more on that coming up in a little bit, chris. thanks amelia. a lot cooler up in canada where the u.s. women's team is just hours away from their second world cup match. fans will be crowding around the tv to see them play sweden which is led by the u.s. team's former coach. she has been bad mouthing former players and does credit the u.s. women with teaching her how to deal with world cup pressure. join the crowds watching the game on the big team. the swedish embassy is hosting a viewing party at due pop the circle. doors open around 5:30. the match starts at 8. here's one fan you likely won't see at you are in next nats game. president obama made a surprise visit last night there for the annual congressional baseball game. the democrats beat the republicans, 5-2. they now lead the series, 39 wins, 38 losses, and 1 tie. money from the game goes to
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charity. the president's competitive side came out when he rap into some of his other famous forebearers. teddy, abe, thomas george and william posed with the president on his way out of the ballpark. potus tweeted this picture with the nats running presidents. it includes the caption "i challenged them to a race." no word.on when that race will take place. the president has 2.6 million followers since joining twitter last month. wow. a free-range parenting philosophy has triggered discussions all over social media. now, maryland is making changes to the way it handles these cases. black or white a prominent naacp leader finds herself at the center of a skin color controversy. >> are you african-american? >> i don't -- i don't u
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this just in, news4's derrick ward has an update on the latest death in northeast d.c. blamed on a popular synthetic drug. >> reporter: it happened here at echo stage on keeps chapel road in northeast. victoria callahan, a sterling, virginia, teen back home from her south carolina college was celebrating her 19th birthday at echo same in northeast d.c. she felt ill and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. that was about midnight. 12:15, she was pronounced dead. police say she had taken the designer drug, molly, a form of mdma, the main ingredient in the drug ex-stas cism metropolitan police are conducting a death investigation. coming up on news4 we will talk to the director of d.c.'s department of health about how they are trying to regulate and stop the use of this designer drug. >> thanks derek. starting this weekend, you will have another option to get to your favorite attractions in d.c. today, local leaders cut the ribbon to launch a new route for the d.c. circulator. service around the national mall
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starts sunday and there will be 15 stops, including ones that are just a few steps from the lincoln and jefferson memorials, the smithsonian museums and the capitol. >> we expect that visitors will continue to choose narrated bus tours that have different -- that have a different level of service, but certainly, while they are here, they can go from point to point and use the circulator as an option. >> tickets for the mall route are just $1. buses start at union station and run every ten minutes until 8 p.m. if a sign in montgomery county says no smoking that now means no tobacco or electronic smoking. beginning today, e-sigs are banned in -- places where traditional cigarettes are prohibited. although they don't contain smoke, they contain nicotine and other harmful chemicals. the debate over a silver
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springs' couple's parenting style prompted a change in policy. officials will not investigate unless children are harmed or at substantial risk. they say allowing children to be out in the world without adults is a parenting choice rather than neglect. the state's updated policy reads, in part -- when we heard talk of brothels outside of washington, we dug deeper. >> i heard of a 13-year-old her parent, like, sent her out of state because she was being targeted for gangs. >> reporter: we found the problem is human trafficking, a scheme using vulnerable women, often underaged, to make money
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without their concert. community development organization says -- >> essentially these are called brothels, someone is making money out of them but doing trafficking because the individuals who were actually selling their bodies, they are not making a profit. >> reporter: the gangs are no joke and it is not just here in langley park the threat that family members back home will be targeted if they don't comply. >> what traffickers do is they are exploiting somebody's need and so when somebody's basic needs respect being met, whether or not there is a trafficker being involved that puts them at very high risk of being taken advantage of. >> reporter: there are efforts to address the issue, including a group that provides shelter counseling for women victims of human traffic. today they are at a school in prince george's county for prevention and education. black and latino women are most susceptible because of socioeconomic factors. >> the community knows exactly what apartment complexes, what apartment unit, who is involved
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but they are not going -- they don't have the relationship with the police. >> reporter: reporting in prince george's, zachary kiesch, news4. it is a decades old political tradition that is now out in iowa, at least for now. republicans will no longer hold the presidential straw poll. it was once considered an early test of a campaign's strength, but in recent years, it's cost candidate a lot of money just to make a showing. some of the current gop candidates have already announced they were planning to skip it. washed out roads, stranded drivers, more severe weather on the way, a flash flood warping in effect across colorado. in one two-hour period, denver firefighters had to rescue five drivers stranded in their flooded cars. the rain was so heavy, it washed out roads. one driver said it was so hard to see, she turned on to a street without realizing it had become a small lake and impossible to drive through. our region is still sweating under this blast of hot weather, but it didn't keep these folks
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from hitting the national mall today. you need to remember though that when temperatures get this hot it can be dangerous, even if you're not careful -- or even if you are careful. that's why cooling centers opened today in d.c., rockville, charles county and other local jurisdictions. we have posted a list of some of the cooling centers on our website, doug i got to ask, i mean, any relief coming in the next few hours at all? >> well, you know, two things help. one, we have a breeze out there right now, so that helps a little bit. the clouds, i think, will be more prevalent tomorrow and sunday, that will help too, but the humidity is there. it is going to stay there over the next couple of days. take a look outside right now, you see the cloud cover but not a lot of clouds. plenty of snipe right now bright, blue skies. once again that heat index well into the 90s, even around 100. 93 degrees the current number at the airport. the dew point over 70. we continue to tell you any time we get a dew point over 70, we are on the uncomfortable side if not oppressive. exactly what it is now.
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the heat index, 101 in washington. 99, fredericksburg. 97 gatorsburg. look it the west, 80 in hagerstown, 86, winchester. you know something is going on, only 72, charlottesville. what is it? thunderstorm activity. we do have some storms. notice charlottesville, a big storm down there the rest of us just seeing a few showers and storms along a line that is making its way toward the east. you can see the storms around hagerstown. these will move toward the thurmont area, route 15 in frederick county the next 15 to 20 minutes. a strong storm, not a lot of lightning with this though. not a lot of wind. a little bit of lightning with this storm just down west of bluemont, clark county, move through parts of loudoun county the next half hour to an hour, one storm in from the royal, in toward fauquier county. we do have storms and expect them to decrease in intensity later on this after into. a lot of names the heat of the day they actually will increase. not this time.
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just not the dynamics in the atmosphere to keep these storms going as we move on through the night tonight. we will see a few storms. your evening is okay though. no problems tomorrow appens tomorrow afternoon. more cloud cover around 1:00, but we are still dry but then here comes the showers and the thunderstorms. notice where they are. mostly from the potomac south. i think northern virginia, south of maryland the best chance of storms tomorrow. high temperature back into the low 90 today, better chance of showers and storms. 91 monday. we stay in the 90s on tuesday. in a couple of minutes, amelia segal take you through the next seven days, there are some 80s out there. she promises. this he prome she promises. >> all right. her racial identity set off a national debate. y the leader of a civil rights organization is facing questions about her skin color and
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former international monetary fund dominique saw there cannes is cleared of charges of sex parties that took place in france. he says he didn't know the women at the parties were prostitutes. the acquittal ends a four-year legal drama that began when strauss cannes-kahn was accused of assaulting a housekeeper at a hotel in new york. charges in that case was dropped. it is one of the most viewed stories on our website now trending worldwide on twitter. the head of an naacp chanter is er ischapter is facing serious questions she lied about her race. rachel dolezal has been portraying herself as an african-american and running the naacp chapter in spokane, but her parents have come forward to say their daughter is white, she has been misleading people and their background is czech, swedish, german and american indian. in february a tv reporter asked dolezal about her racial background. >> i was wondering if -- if your
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dad really is an african-american man. >> that's' a very -- i don't know what you're implying. >> are you african-american? >> i don't -- i don't understand the question of -- i did tell you that, yes that's my dad and he was unable to come in january. >> are your parents -- are they white? >> city officials in spokane want some answers too. they are looking into whether dolezal lied when she identified herself as being part-black on a job application. we learned today she has some ties to our area as well. howard university confirmed dolezal got her master's degree back in 2002. we continue to work a developing story, the search for two escaped killers enters day seven. new information this afternoon on how a prison worker developed a relationship with the inmates. one of the biggest street festivals of the year under way in d.c. how to get around if you're heading downtown.
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breaking right now in new york a prison tailor shop worker is a central figure in the escape of two killers. joyce mitchell is expected to be arrested and arraigned as an accomplice in the next couple of hours. detectives say she was supposed to be the get away driver for david sweat and richard matt until she backed out at the last second. nbc's jay gray is working this story now and will have a live report from upstate new york coming up. at 4:30 charges dropped u. va student martese johnson says he is ecstatic the case against him has been dismissed. his arrest triggered uproar back in march when a cell phone
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camera captured alcoholic beverage control officers pinning him to the ground. he was left bruised and bloodied. turning to the weather now, the heat and humidity are dangerous and oppressive. people on the national mall this afternoon have to be careful and take precautions against heat exhaustion. meteorologist amelia siegel tells us more from the storm center. amelia, it feels like it is at least 100. absolutely, pat. and we are going to be dealing with that similar feel in the air tomorrow afternoon once again during the peak heating of thor at into, temperatures will feel close to 100 degrees. right now the they are mom melter reading 93. for the evening hours, 6 p.m., may be dealing with a quick-moving shower through the metro area, otherwise hot temperature 90 by 8 p.m. most of us should return to dry companies. most if not all of your evening going to be mainly dry. 10 p.m., temperature around 82. scattered after into and evening thunderstorms possible tomorrow, as doug showed you, mainly in west virginia and virginia. biggest concerns would be heavy
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rain and high winds. of course we will be continuing to track that threat. s here the rest of the seven days. after news, that would bring an end to our potential six-day heat wave. temperatures will fall though only into the mid to upper 80s, with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. >> thanks, amelia. we are learning more about a new arrest in the boston terror case, nicholas row vin ski expected to make his first court appearance in boston this afternoon. he was arrested last night in rhode island and the fbi says he was part of a plot with two other men to stage knife attacks in support of isis. the man who allegedly led that plot was killed last week when he had a confrontation with police and fbi agents. secretary of state john kerry is expected to be released from a boston hospital today where he is undergone successful surgery to fix his broken leg. kerry fracture it had nearly two weeks ago in a bike accident in france. earlier this week, he tweeted he is feeling good. right now, more people are being treated after a to you but co-lows sis outbreak in indiana.
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8 people tested positive up from 54 yesterday. all of those cases involve classmates of one child who is the only confirmed case of tb in that area. the child is responding well to treatment. the other students who test positive do not necessarily have tb and they can get medication to prevent symptoms. tens of thousands of people are in town this weekend for one of d.c.'s biggest street festivals of the year. news4's mollet green shows us what's in store for the capital pride festival. >> reporter: along the parade route, colors of pride adorn many store fronts to cheer on a festival growing in popularity. for d.c. native derek cox, the capital pride festival is a big deal. >> bringing all of my friends. i'm always smothered, every pride event, always smothered, always 20 or more. >> reporter: like tradition, cox will join many others, dressing up for the occasion that celebrates the diversity of the area's lgbt community.
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>> educate people on the way life is changing, the world is changing. >> reporter: this year there is a bigger focus on families, which could attract even more people. >> a lot of families who, you know, two moms or two dads who have kids will be there and we will be there, too if it's at a good time for us. >> even with the kids, so i love that we can have fun with each other without any drama. it is getting better. >> reporter: but remember, this festival winds through an already busy area into due pop the circle and through the logan circle area. special convenient signs are up warning drivers about parking restrictions. the festival is an all-day convenient. the actual parade rolls at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon with no parking restrictions in play from 1 until 6 p.m. we are gonna put the information up on our website much the parade route and the road closures at it will be a little tough
4:36 pm
they are weekend along some metro route as crews close the greenbelt station for track work. buss will replace green line trains between branch avenue and college park. the orange line trains will be running every 18 minutes and the red line every 15. all the other lines will run on normal schedules. he writes the songs that make the whole world sing. ♪ i write the songs of love and special things ♪ >> and on the fourth of july, barry manilow will be doing the same thing for an audience on the national mall. he is headlining this year's capital fourth show he will be reprising a special patriotic medley that he first performed nearly 30 years ago for the reopening of the statue of liberty. hundreds of thousands of people attend the concert at the u.s. capitol that leads up to the massive fireworks display. a new warning about the dog days of summer from the news4 i-team. why animal bites are on the rise in our area. plus, why one lawmaker says you can blame abortion for the
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we are talking about a heat wave. yeah, that's right. heat wave out there for sure temperatures well into the 90s. really the next couple of days much the weather is going to have more of an impact on your afternoon, especially during the day tomorrow what kind of impact? still low to moderate that heat index will be near 100. you know you're going to have to drink a little bit more water, stay hydrated tomorrow. if the kids are going to be outdoors, make sure they are hydrated as well. we will see a few afternoon thunderstorms, mostly northern virginia, d.c., down toward southern maryland too. high temperatures tomorrow, 89 to 94 degrees. possible storms with a mixture of sun and clouds. it will be very hot and humid
4:41 pm
and if you're heading down toward the beaches, this is the place to get some relief from the heat. water temperature only 667 degrees, next couple of days, temperature of 86 on your saturday. nice and warm. 74 degrees on sunday. a little bit of an easterly wind there. but again, a little bit cooler down there toward the beaches. enjoy it. >> all right, we will. thanks, doug. there is controversy over the rights of bounty hunters after the shooting death of singer randy howard. howard died tuesday night in tennessee after a shootout in his home with a bounty hunter. the bondsman survived. howard was to appear in court for firearm and drunk driving charges. some say the bounty hunter should be charged. under tennessee law, howard would be allowed to shoot at someone if he felt threatened in his home. he is best known for his 1983 hit "all american redneck." a state lawmaker is under fire for reportedly linking abortion to the drought that's plagued california for years. bay, field republican shannon grove is quoted as saying --
4:42 pm
grow's remarks came during a meeting with anti-abortion activists. she refuses to confirm she actually made them. people on both sides of the bat really criticizing what she allegedly said. >> we are going through a serious issue with this drought. and instead of focusing on the crisis that we are in she is talking about abortion. >> i would hesitate to say that because it has not rained in x-amount of months that god is judging us. >> california has been in a drought for four years and recently imposed some severe water restrictions. dog bites are on the increase in the washington area. scott macfarland with a news4 i-team investigation of why. 1,000 agents walking the woods in upstate new york and vermont looking for two escaped
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it feels like the dog days of summer are already upon us. as people get out there to start walking their dogs, something you should know. animal bites are on the rise in our area. >> according to a year-long investigation by the news4 i-team as scott macfarlane found out neglectful owners are putting you and their kaycanines at risk. >> reporter: the district is a dog community, dog parks, dog pride, even dog pampering. throughout our region, the human population is exploding, which means the number of pets is too. and for 12 months, the news4 i-team canvassed our region with animal control investigators. >> got a complaint about your two dogs were out running loose in summer. >> reporter: in the heat of summer. >> can i see the dogs, please? >> no. >> reporter: and the cold of winter and in between so we could see what happens when dogs aren't cared for. >> what if the rain comes? >> reporter: dogs running free,
4:47 pm
without a leash. >> with he >> we don't know where they are? >> no, they are out running loose. >> reporter: since 2008, the number of people suffering dog bites has doubled. and animal control officers tell us that that rising number of victims is often the stray dogs that were lashing out. >> it was three inches away from vital area. >> reporter: john fedor was one of those victims bitten by a pair of pitbulls in the group. fedor says they were strays walking the streets near his home in northeast. there was nobody tending to them? >> no one tending to them, no leashes. no dogs. >> animal control. >> reporter: calls about stray calls are common. people can be chased down, bit. >> reporter: but rescuing them can be time consuming. on this day an officer spent nearly a hour tracking down a missing pitbull mix near the anacostia metro station. >> the caller is waving to us from up the street, so we are just going to walk up there. >> reporter: it was a neighbor that helped them corral this dog, no collar, no identifiable down
4:48 pm
owner, no name. >> there we go, good job. >> reporter: no reports he had bit top anyone, so officers took him to a sheltoner to hopefully find a new home. those calls are fligtz city. s ares are rising in the city. >> they are illegal, you can't have them. >> reporter: so many of the strays are pitbulls, illegal to own in the county. >> illegal breed. vel to get rid of her. >> reporter: those found are placed in a county shelter for a possible adopts in other parts of our region and a number of pit bull incidents is soaring according to the i-team review of prince george's animal control records, four times as many incidents naz 2009. >> house anywhere from 30 to 35 daily in our shelter. that tells you they are still out there. >> reporter: chief rodney taylor blah blames neglectful owners. temp is not the animals' fault. it is the owner's responsibility to make sure the animal stays confined to their property. >> reporter: our i-team cameras found indication of neglect year round. >> there's no water out there for it or shelter. >> reporter: dogs illegally
4:49 pm
chained on too short a leash less than the 15 feet required in prince george's county. they need to have some type of shelter. >> reporter: or outside for too long in the heat and cold. >> there's some hazardous things in the back. >> reporter: when they get out on the street without identification. >> come on, pup. i try not to pass judgment and give people the benefit of the doubt. >> reporter: officers say there's often no of except putting the dog to sleep if they show aggression and can't be reunited with their owners, which is what happened with that pitbull mix near the a nah cost ya metro. weeks after his rescue, he remained in the shelter and eventually euthanized. scott macfarlane. doug and i are continuing to track line of rain. continue to make its way toward leesburg, a lot of lightning with this cell and as it continues to move toward the east all indications are that this will continue to fall apart. we still can't rule out
4:50 pm
scattered showers and thunderstorms through these late after into and early evening hours. you have dipper maps tonight though, i would still keep those plans, if they are outdoors. most of us especially inside of the metro and areas off to the east, do look to stay dry. weather headlines, heat and humidity continue through the weekend. with that come afternoon and evening storm chances. the threat for some heavy rain, both saturday and sunday. tomorrow, we could see some strong winds. sunday, i think there would be more of a concern for flash flooding. and then little relief comes next week. we stay humid with those nuisance shower and thunderstorm chances. tomorrow the weather has a low-to-moderate impact on your day, a heat index near 100 degrees and a few scattered afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. right now, we are coming in in the 80s and 90s. you can see where that line of rain has moved through, cooled temperatures in winchester hagerstown, low to middle 80s there. only temporary relief, 93 degrees right now in washington. dining out tonight 80s, storms mainly west of the area.
4:51 pm
tomorrow, a high temperature of 94 degrees, we will hit that at about 3, 4 p.m. i want to show you where these showers and storms are concentrated tomorrow afternoon, in parts of virginia, west virginia and southern maryland, a high temperature tomorrow again of 94. or, excuse me 92. on sunday, high temperature of 90. better chance i think of afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms on sunday. again some heavy rain, slow-moving rain, could lead to some isolated flash flooding. of course, i will be here giving you updates throughout the weekend and facebook and twitter. monday, a high temperature of 91 degrees, the chance of a shower or thunderstorm. right now, going to keep it dry on tuesday. 92. and then mid to upper 90s next wednesday through friday with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. v dot starting a big project this weekend.
4:52 pm
now, take a look at the specifics here. see you monday morning on news4 today. all that last-minute lobbying did not pay off. a coalition of rank and file democrats and republicans joined forces to defeat not only president obama, but the republican leadership as well. now, the pacific trade deal has been knocked off its fast track ahead on news4 at 5, nbc white house correspondent kristen welker is live on what happens next. a fire forced a northern virginia family out of their home, a mom, dad, their 11 kids homeless. that was until their school and church put out the word. >> we didn't know the family well, we have seen them in the church and in the community and
4:53 pm
my gut, just like hers said it is the right thing to do. >> military family used to making sacrifices stepped up big time to help out. you are going to see what they have done to keep the family of 13 together and to help other members of the community reaching out tonight. that's if you join me next on news4 at 5. pat? >> looking intoed to it. >> thanks david. we continue to follow a developing story in new york. a woman who is accused of helping two killers escape from prison is expected to be arrested shortly. >> what prosecutors are saying
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
a freak accident has taken a terrible toll in a small farming up to in australia. police believe a trucker had a heart attack or stroke before he slammed into pro-pain gas canisters. customers raced out of the cafe when they heard the crash and seconds later an explosion killed the cafe manager and critically injured seven other people. back to that breaking news
4:57 pm
we told but at 4:30, a prison worker in upstate new york is suspected of helping two inmates escape and she is going to be arrested and arained tonight. prosecutors say joyce mitchell smuggled in contraband before david sweat and richard matt broke out and tonight the search for those two men is growing. nbc's jay gray is live near the prison with the latest. jay? >> reporter: the word here, chris is part of the contraband was, in fact a hacksaw blade. it is raining now, been a steady rain throughout the day. that hasn't slowed the search effort though. in fact, today, hundreds of additional officers joined those already on the ground here. the show of force is growing in upstate new york. more than 800 officers and federal agents on the ground now. only three mile or so from the maximum-security prison where almost a week ago, david sweat and richard matt made their break. >> we are champing at the bit. we want to catch these guys. want them back where they belong. >> reporter: teams are using every available resource to work
4:58 pm
through 20 to 30 acres of rugged, heavily wooded terrain in the target area. >> everything is methodically being searched, with dogs, you are seen helicopters, a tvs you have these armored vehicles. >> reporter: every move coordinated in this homeland security command center. >> it's saturation and containment right now. that's what the operation consists of with a quick response capability if a sighting does occur. >> reporter: but so far, the violent criminals have been out of sight and on the run, in a community on edge. >> people feeling nervous? >> i think they are getting a little antsy. >> reporter: as the manhunt stretches into its seventh day here. yet again the focus of that search is in an area not far from this prison. they are on the ground there using every available resource. it's a area where they have already found candy wrappers, bedding, footprints, still they haven't found the two suspects still on the run, for seven days now. that's the latest live here in
4:59 pm
upstate new york i'm jay gray, news4. right now at 5:00 stifling heat and humidity that will last right through the weekend. >> we are going to begin with our team of meteorologists monitoring the extreme conditions. doug and amelia in the weather center. hi, guys. >> hey. and we know if you start with a big thermometer in the picture, you know we got big-time heat going on. that's what is going on today. >> we are talking about not just maybe a three-day heat wave but this go co-go on right through next week. >> it is not the heat, it is the humidity, we talk about that all the time. here is the heat. 93 current temperature in d.c. 90, manassas. 49 back toward fredericksburg. we have showers and thunderstorms out there. and some have gotten a little bit stronger as they have made their way over the mountains. zoom on in. loud.county leesburg, get ready a storm coming your way, about the next 20 to 30 minutes, middleburgh, loudoun county more lightning, a lot of it toward the marshall area alongism-66.
5:00 pm
heading out 66 to the west, you are going to run into these showers all moving off toward the east. once again, not just the heat. we talk about the humidity, talk about the heat index amealy's got that. yeah, doug. we are going to continue to deal with the humidity, not only this evening but right on through the weekend. so, this is what it's feeling like outside right now when you factor in the mugginess with the temperature. it feels like it is 98 degrees in washington and leesburg. 95 for those of you in manassas. tomorrow the heat index during the afternoon and early evening hours continues to be near 100 degrees, so doug this is something we are going to track through the weekend. >> could even go toward early next week as well. mark segraves is live right now, down on the national mall. mark, we didn't send the weather person outside, we sent our reporters, man our crack reporters. >> reporter: yeah that didn't fall flat on me we realized that, doug. look at the national mall. not many people out here today because of the heat, but we can tell you people are doing what they can


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