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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11, searching for a driver in a deadly hit-and-run. new tonight, the connection to another deadly crash. a prison worker behind bars charged with helping two inmates escape. tonight police say it's just the tip of the iceberg. >> we're going down every road
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and following every lead. and black or white, the naacp is standing behind a chapter leader caught up in a national firestorm. >> "news4 at 11" starts now. >> new tonight, tragedy strikes a local family for the second time in less than a year. >> police are just identifying the woman who died in a hit-and-run crash on suitland parkway this morning. news4 has learned octavia tillman was part of the same family that lost two relatives last year in a crash in oxen hill. darcy spencer live downtown with new reaction from her sister. darcy? >> reporter: that's right chris. i spoke to her sister tonight. she tells me that the victim was heading home. she worked at a local hospital in the housekeeping department. her sister tells me that she is now so afraid, she is afraid to get in a car because of all of these family tragedies. >> it just seems like every family member just die from a car accident.
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>> reporter: nikita tillman cannot hold back her tears as she talks about losing her sister in a car crash. >> and i just talked to her last night through facebook, because we were talking about a father's day cookout. >> reporter: octavia tillman was a passenger in a car that was struck by a hit-and-run driver. she was heading home from washington hospital center with some of her coworkers. >> my sister was sweet. she was kind. she was loving. she always worked all the time. >> reporter: the loss is especially hard for this family. tillman was cousins with tamika curtis and tiffany wilkerson, sisters who died in a crash in oxen hill last october. that crash claimed five lives and left ten children without their moms. >> it just seems like every family that has died in a car crash, car crash after car crash. and it's scary. it make me don't even want to get in a car. >> reporter: the crash that took
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tilman tilman's life happened just before midnight near the suitland entrance. the driver of the striking car ran away. >> i just hope that they catch him. because it was not right. like he took my sister life. >> reporter: now police also tell us that a passenger in the striking car also ran away from the crash scene, but then collapsed. he was then arrested and police say they found a loaded handgun. doreen, back to you. >> darcy spencer, thank you. new york state police say they're following every lead in the escape of those two convicted and joyce mitchell is just the beginning. mitchell works at the clinton correction facility where david sweat and richard matt broke out almost a week ago. she is behind bars herself tonight and accused of smuggling contraband into the prison before their escape. there are now 300 more law enforcement officers involved in the search for these two killers. that search just hours away from entering its second week right now. nbc's jay gray has the latest on all this from upstate new york.
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>> reporter: almost a week after investigators say she helped two convicted killers break out of the maximum security prison where she worked, tonight joyce mitchell was formally charged for her role in the escape. >> she has been charged with promoting prison contraband first degree a class d felony, and criminal facilitation fourth degree a class a misdemeanor. >> reporter: the 51-year-old was a supervisor in the tailor shop of this prison where investigators say she met and developed a relationship with david sweat and richard matt. mitchell was apparently supposed to drive the getaway car after their escape but instead drove to an area hospital telling doctors she was suffering from a panic attack. since then authorities say she has provided key information as the manhunt continues. >> we're getting closer with every step that we take. >> reporter: choppers outfitted with infrared equipment hover over the target zone, while more more than 800 officers and
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massive hack. tonight the office of personnel management say it discovered a second attack different from the one last week. now in the second attack hackers went after people in the process of getting security clearances and other background checks for a job. opm released a statement tonight saying it takes very seriously its responsibility to protect the sensitive data we manage. once we have conclusive information about the breach we will announce a notification plan for individuals whose key information was compromised.
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a thunderstorm packing very heavy winds battered an eastern pennsylvania industrial park this afternoon. wind gusts tipped over cargo trailers and moved others that were parked outside a warehouse near bethlehem. the wind tore panels off the roof of another building. one witness described the storm as a tornado, but that hasn't been confirmed by the national weather service. no injuries were reported here. we didn't see anything close though that. but we did have our own batch of storms that rolled through. doug, heat and humidity not done yet? >>, no not done yet. the areas that did see a little bit in the way of rain earlier this evening cooled a little bit thacht . that actually helped quite a bit. 94 in washington. 59 fredericksburg. 95 in leesburg that 94 in washington one degree shy of the record high temperature that set back in the year 2000. that of course was 95 degrees. look where we are tomorrow. this is the temperature. this is the feels-like temperature. so saturday afternoon we're going to be sitting around the
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97, 98. by 6:00 in the afternoon 95 in d.c. 97 toward frederick by sunday, still in the mid- to upper 90s. a very hot weekend coming up. and yes we have a chance for thunderstorms. some areas will get a better chance of storms than others. i'll break that down for you coming up in just a minute. >> thanks, doug. a man from rhode island will remain in jail tonight after prosecutors say he plotted to help isis kill americans. nicholas ravinski anew year's day massachusetts. they say he conspired with another terrorist from boston. police shot and killed rahim last week and then police searched ravinski's home. president obama's predecessor is weighing in on how the administration should deal with isis. former president george w. bush told an israeli newspaper that the u.s. needs to quote put boots on the ground to defeat the islamic state. bush compared the decision to his troop surge in iraq in 2007. his comments come days after
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president obama announced he would send hundreds of noncombat troops to iraq. president bush has generally avoided any comment on national security issues since he left office. . a northern virginia community rallies to help one of their own after a devastating fire in fairfax. tonight a couple and their 11 children are without a permanent place to call home. but another family is helping to keep them together. >> reporter: drive by the muhanyi's fairfax home and you'll see why they can't live here. >> fire, fire fire, get out, get out, get out. >> reporter: an electrical fire ripped through their house last week, left their belongings charred, but spared their lives. >> i thank god everybody got out of the house and everybody is safe. >> reporter: 19-year-old raymond is the eldest. he has 10 little brothers and sisters. his dad trying to reassure his family. >> try to be positive you know. but i'm going through a very difficult time right now.
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>> in the middle of their tragedy, there is joy. >> reporter: that touch of joy thanks to missy carlin and her husband. their front door pretty much sums them up. a marine corps family dedicated to country and god. >> i guess i wasn't thinking with my head. i was thinking with my heart. >> reporter: you see, the carlins' youngest nick goes to the same school as some of the muhanyi kids. that's about all they knew of each other. the principal told the community the muhanyis needed some help. >> the real goal is to have a vehicle that the whole family can get together and be transported. >> reporter: the carlins and their own four kids did even more. >> i didn't really talk to my wife at that point, i think. and i just said we got room. why don't you come over and look. if you feel comfortable, we would love to have you in our house. >> we got everybody. we didn't forget anybody today, did we? oh, yeah we forgot nick. i forgot mine. >> reporter: a bigger carpool, a fuller house. >> really thankful. really thankful.
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>> reporter: for this marine dad, life at ho his many deployments. >> the one thing i do know we never leave anybody behind on the marines take care of their own. what i've learned in those 22 years isn't different when i'm here and in my community and in my church. we take care of our own. >> well, he certainly did his church proud and the marine corps proud as well. unfortunately, the muhanyi family did not have renters insurance. friends have set up an online fund to try to give them a little help. if you want the learn more, go to our app and search fire family. former fbi agent will appear in court in alexandria on tuesday. tunisia davis faces assault and resisting arrest charges. davis was supposed to appear in court a few weeks ago. but u.s. marshals tell the i-team she was so uncooperative they couldn't get her to leave her cell. after davis tried to get on to cia grounds last month she reached toward a cia security
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officer's gun and threatened to shoot the guards. the u.s. army says it will allow a member of the louisiana national guard to be buried at arlington national cemetery. a couple weeks ago we told you about staff sergeant thomas florich. his family is wanted him buried at arlington with several marines who died with him in a helicopter crash on the gulf coast. but the army said no because of the limited space at arlington and the fact that florich was not on active duty. the secretary of the army has reversed that decision, but they haven't announced when his burial will take place. next at 11:00, swallowed up by a sinkhole. the water main break that forced a maryland driver to climb out the window of his truck. and tonight the naacp is reacting to is the story that exploded out of the state of washington. one of its local leaders accused of lying about being black. and a fall off the stage not enough to stop a foo fighters
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that their new sirloin third pound burger won't be around long. if you miss out, you'll never know how delicious 100% sirloin tastes. and that'd be a gosh darn shame. try all three sirloin third pound burgers at mcdonald's enjoy this lovin' while it lasts. new at 11 a major fire broke out in baltimore and left at least five families without a home. well got this video from our affiliate wbal. it may have damaged at least ten homes. no word on how it was started but at least one firefighter may have been injured. a sinkhole vehicles on sleaford road near bethesda chevy chase high school. the 74-year-old 10-inch water main broke. it forced the road to close. some customers on the street lost water service. cell phone video captured the flooded roads.
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we just heard back from wsse. they hope to complete the repairs and we rest store water by 1:00 a.m. the drivers who got stuck in the hole were not hurt. tonight dozens of community leaders sat down with police to talk about getting along with officers. the meeting is designed to address strained relations between young african american men and police officers. d.c. councilmember yvette alexander encouraged the young men to describe the negative encounters they may have had. the event was sponsored by the church of christ on pennsylvania avenue. tonight the naacp is standing behind one of its leaders even though she has been accused of lying about her race. rachel dolezal is the president of the naacp's spokane, washington chapter. when she applied for a job with the city she identified herself as black, white and american indian. but her parents say she is white and claimed their daughter has been misleading people for years. the naacp just released a statement saying racial identity is not a qualifying or
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disqualifying standard for leadership in the organization. >> she is sincere about what she is doing, you know. and that's all that mattered with me. it hasn't been an issue with the spokane branch naacp. >> dolezal's parents say they're czech and german with traces of native american ancestry. dolezal herself has not answered questions about her family background. the show must go on. tonight dave grohl broke his leg at the start and finished the show. the band was only two songs into the set when grohl went down. this is in sweden. he fell off of the stage and told the crowd he thought the leg was broken. he came back sitting on a chair and singing with his leg in a cast. grohl grew up in springdale in annandale and the foo fighters are headlining a concert on july 4th.
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>> i'm so sorry i'm not going to be there i love the foo fighters. >> dave grohl, a lot of respect. >> you got to really respect him for coming back out on stage with his leg in a cast. my goodness. >> for sure. >> hot night out there tonight, doug? >> tonight's hot side. it's on the humid side. we need one more day to get a second heatwave. i think we'll get that day tomorrow. you need three days at 90 degrees or better to have an official heatwave in the d.c. area. we've already had two. tomorrow will most likely be three. and i think we'll get there pretty easily. right now we're close to 90 at 11:00. it's 81 degrees. dew point at 72. any time the dew point is over 70 it is hot. 77 at leesburg. 79 winchester. 80 in fredericksburg and in huntingdon. here is the heat index. 84 in fredericksburg. 85 at this hour in washington. and 85 down towards pawtuxent river. you walk outside you really do feel the heat, the humidity you. feel it very thick the atmosphere. storm team 4 radar clear. we saw showers and a few thunderstorms earlier.
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came right across route 66 right through fairfax county prince george's county before dying out. we did have a few more back towards the west. it all formed along a little bit of a line here. look at this line. this line had some severe weather associated with it in through pennsylvania. we had more back through the west. that's what we're going to see during the day tomorrow. future weather timing it out for us. 8:00 tomorrow, not much. just clouds and hot. did i mention that? >> you did. >> just wanted to make sure. it's going to be hot tomorrow. and with that, we'll see a chance for some more showers and thunderstorms. they will be scattered. not everybody will see them. once again, do not cancel the outdoor plans. however, if you're at the pool, keep a watchful eye to the sky. any time there is lightning or thunder, get out of telephone pool for at least 30 minutes. look at 1:00. some showers and a few storms right along i-81. and during the afternoon, we see a few more of those. i still think the best chance will be south and west of i-95 or south and west of d.c. so northern virginia parts of southern maryland during the day on saturday.
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and around 9:00 tomorrow night, if you're out and about, going out to dinner, maybe to the movies tomorrow night, i think you'll be okay. dry just on the hot side. sunday morning very warm and humid. that's going to continue. that's the trend. and notice one income the afternoon, we still have another chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. not a washout of a day later. if your kids have games on sunday they should get them in no problem. high temperature 91 in leesburg. 93 in fredericksburg there is the three days in a row at 90 degrees. 92 tomorrow in d.c. the heat index tomorrow could get up there around 97, 98 tomorrow. so very hot and humid day. that's why it's a high impact event as far as exercise goes. today we even had a heat advisory in effect for d.c. could be in effect tomorrow if we go above that 92 degrees mark. we'll be there at around three income the afternoon. next couple day, well, 90s again. 90 on sunday. 91 on monday. 92 on tuesday with a chance of showers and storms just about each day. after that we cool off significantly from 92 all the way down to 85.
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but, hey, i'll take 85 any day. it will be rather warm and humid. so the heat index will still be around 89 to 90. at least we're not in the 90s anybody. 89 on thursday. 87 degrees on friday. >> and you know what that means though. some really great nights out there. the nights are going to be really nice. >> silver lining. >> he is a glass half full kind of guy, isn't he? >> all right. still ahead, the united states had a little bit of scare against sweden in the world cup. sports is next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity
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your home for the most live sports. >> boy you knew sweden was going to be tough. they certainly lived up to expectation. >> a big chance tonight for the americans. and they didn't get it done. still a chance to go forward, but not tonight. we begin with a dated reference. party like it's 1999. you remember prince. the united states, i was hoping somebody did. the united states women's soccer team would like to. over the years, plenty of thrills. we get that. but 1999 was the last time the u.s. women won the world cup. tonight a chance to advance to a knockout round with a win over sweden. a team coached by pia sundhage who used to coach the americans. and hope solo a piece of work. sundhage also called solo the best in the world. early on a corn for the swedes. solo denies sweden a terrific diving effort from the goalkeeper. we stay scoreless in the 38th.
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second half still scoreless. fans on their feet. abby wambach came in and made her presence felt. megan rapino. a great chance for the americans. 72nd minute we're still scoreless. corner kick, roll out to seigler. a little help from the crossbar. great defense by clingenburg to save the americans. this one ends, scoreless draw. the united states still stuff. the next match tuesday against nigeria. all right. to the nationals. dealing with as many injuries as wins in the month of june. three wins this month. barrett is the latest june addition to the disabled list. no choice but to play through. and the nationals in milwaukee trying to end their june swoon of seven losses in ten games against the brewers. to wisconsin, where they're
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rolling out the barrel. literally. and then it was the top of the second. the brewers up 2-0. and bryce harper rolling out the barrel of his bat. we like that better. skies it to center. amazing, even had a roof on the building. he skies it to center, 21st home run of the season. one win away from his career best. jordan zimmermann pitching less than three hours from his hometown. didn't last much more than three i think so with two on. jonathan knocks this to left. the double from lucroy. the brewers up 5-2. ramirez with the bases loaded. you know where this one is going. takes this one down the line in left two. more runs come in to score. three doubles and five rbi in the game for ramirez. do the math on that. the brewers beat the nats 8-4. that's now the eighth loss in the last 11 games for the nats. ouch. all right. oriole fans wearing their pink. that's a great shot.
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starting the series against the yankees. pay attention. they've got good seats. smacks this one deep to right. comes off the wall. manny machado comes in to score. rbi single for davis. o's up 1-0. look at the frustration. he wanted a home run. bottom third, khris davis up again. what does he want? wanted a home run. takes to it right. this time it is a home run on to the fly court. 13th home over the season for davis. four rbi in the game. orioles have won 7 of 8 and .500 for the first time since the 5th of may. you ready? you ready? tomorrow night game five of the stanley cup final between the blackhawks and lightning. 8:00 right here on nbc. even if you're out there you can catch the gym on your phone. just download the nbc washington app. >> download the app. >> getting there. >> make sure you put your teeth in first. but download the app and you can
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watch. >> glad to have you here. >> glad i could find a place. >> i got my guest parkin
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kevin spacey has a tony an oscar and a golden globe. but now he has another honor. he is now an honorary knight of great britain. the queen knighted him as part of her annual birthday tradition. in addition to playing frank underwood he
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- lena dunham. colin quinn.


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