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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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we are following breaking news tonight. nearly two dozen people sent to the hospital after a park ride accident in prince georges county. a live report on that in a few moments. but first the big story right now, all of this the severe thunderstorm warning in affect for some of you. take a look at all the activity that we have got going on right now on radar. get straight to amelia segal with what you need now. >> a warning for prince george's and ann aroundel until 6:15. here is the latest on storm team4 radar. heavy rain moving through the area with the heat and humidity we had today, the rain impacting the district, areas of bowie and
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continuing into anne arundel county. we track the first system for you, you can see lots of lightning with it, winds potentially over 60 miles an hour. that could produce some wind damage. as it moves off toward the east impacting arnold about 6:35 annapolis, 6:40 topping toward cape st. claire, 6:56. this storm no longer severe but still has lots of heavy rain within it, reducing visibilities. here's the timing on this moving toward upper marlboro about 6:15. dunkirk, 6:30. deal, 6:42. i wind out the radar, see areas of rain warren ton, frederick and washington counties and far back into far western maryland much as this heavy rain exits the metro area we could still be dealing with some rain and thunderstorms overnight tonight because it is so warm and humid and then the potential for more strong-to-severe storms later in the day tomorrow. erika, i will have more on that in about 15 minutes.
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thanks, amelia. breaking news now, a day at the park turned very scary for some families. of course, going to keep you updated on that weather course, you can always follow it with your storm team weather app back to this story. the toy train we were discussing tipped over. we were told it was a turbulent down hill ride at the regional park in clinton. darcy spencer just got to the scene. we hear that there were some kids on that tram. what else can you tell us tonight? >> reporter: erika i can tell you that prince george's declared a mass casualty incident because so many people were hurt. we took quite a hike to come in here to come to the park here. this is the scene of where this happened, very deep into the park, as you can see. there are investigators here on the scene, people from the parks department trying to figure out exactly how this happened. there were 30 people on this tram. it's been described as sort of like a toy train. the front part of this the tractor piece of this apparently
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overturned. and again, 30 people were on there. we are told adults as well as children, 21 people, were transported. that includes the person who was conducting or operating this train here through the park. we were able to speak to a woman who was here when this happened today and she was able to help a little girl who was hurt in this accident. >> yeah, all having a cookout for my dad. we were walking over to the ice cream stand and i seen a man carrying his daughter down and she was too big for him to be carrying so i was looking. and then when i got a closer look, i seep a big gash a knot on her head and she was bleeding. so i'm a medical assistant. i went over to see what was going on and they was just crying. i'm like what's going on? she was able to tell me herself. she said, i was on the train and the train was going zigzag and it flipped over and i fell. she said it felt like i hit a tree. >> reporter: as you can hear from her words, a very frightening experience for the kids and the adults that were on
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this train here this afternoon. no word from investigators in terms of what made this train potentially go out of control here with 30 people on board. as i transported to the hospital. fortunately, none of the injuries are considered to be serious. this investigation is continuing. erika, back to you. >> what a vivid account. darcy spencer, thanks very much. following another developing story tonight a body found in the potomac river near the recreation area. right now, a recovery team is on the scene. investigators say a man's body was found in the water near the rock climbing area. it does not appear to be the missing swimmer who disappeared about two miles away earlier this month. no other reports of missing people in the area. lots of people spent today local parks and one kayak kayaker in springfield, virginia spotted something alarming in the water. the kayaker dialed 911 after seeing a woman's body in the lake. lake huntsman is a small lake off the fairfax county parkway.
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rescue crews pulled the woman's body out of the water. they have not made a positive identification yet. it is still a little too early to tell how she ended up in the water in the first place. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is rolling out a new plan to help fight drugs in the district. the mayor will hold a news conference tomorrow morning to announce this new strategy. bowser says the district is changing the way it conducts drug enforcement to crackdown on synthetic drugs. the city will also target people who supply drugs to communities. family and friends held a memorial today for the map shot and killed while selling ice cream from an ice cream truck. the shooting happened yesterday on vermont court in frederick. investigators say 22-year-old brandon brown stepped to you the of the truck and was approached by a man who shot him. children were in the area at the time of the attack and witnessed everything that happened. police did make an arrest early this morning. you are looking at his picture there. officers found 27-year-old lar
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nell lyles at a home in walkersville, maryland. in fredericksburg, a parking lot brawl turns deadly. this happened this morning outside the green briar shopping center on plank road. police say a large fight broke out. three people were stabbed. two men died at the hospital. so far, no suspects in custody. things are back to normal right now on metro's red line. service between cleveland park and due pop the circle was suspended early this morning due to fire department activity as they phrased it. riders experienced delays after metro started single tracking between van necessary and due pop the circle. buses shuttled people to and from cleveland park. metro says additional trains will run every six to eight minutes tonight between medical center and silver spring. chaos and panic tonight after severe flooding in the country of georgia left at least 12 people dead and set off a hunt for lions and tigers that
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escaped a zoo. this is what that scene looks like right now in the capital city of tbilisi. heavy rain and wind have destroyed roads, homes and vehicles. and to make matters worse, residents have been told to stay inside because animals that escape the zoo during the storm may still be on the loose. you know we couldn't rescue all of them unfortunately and special forces had to kill them very unfortunately. authorities say the animals ran off when floodwaters destroyed their enclosures. if you look at this among them a hippopotamus that had to be cornered and tranquilized. all aboard. a brand-new way to cruise around the national mall. a u.s. flight headed oversea also to divert to canada, but that's not the reason passengers are steamed tonight. and this is much more than an eyesore. the major problems these pests are causin
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ever heard the phrase,flies? this is it. last night hundreds of thousands of swarming may flies shut down a bridge in southeastern pennsylvania. there were so many, drivers couldn't see where they were going and there was at least one accident. by daybreak the dead flies were piled as high as two feet in some places. look at that. that's just disgusting. experts say may flies emerge
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from the water to mate and die immediately when they reach adulthood. our grossest story today. passengers aboard a united airlines plane are fuming after spending more than 20 hours ada. the plane from chicago was headed to london but landed in newfoundland friday night because of a maintenance issue. passengers say they were forced to sleep in barracks with no heat, low temperatures in the area reached near freezing over the weekend. the woman accused of passing as black was expected to clear things up at a meeting tomorrow. tonight, an about face. the spokane washington naacp canceled the meeting so it could continue to make talks to regional and national leaders. rachel dolezal's parents say dolezal is white and has been pretending to be black for years. pouring cats and dogs today and chance for some severe storms tomorrow. amelia's tracking the storms and she is going to tell us when this heat wave will finally end.
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this area is known for its delicious blue crabs but the next time you sit down for a crab feast, what you eat may not be from maryland at all. apparently it's been a really slow start to bay crab season.
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as derrick ward found out, restaurants are buying shipments from out of state and consumers are paying for it. >>. >> reporter: it may not look like it from here there is a shortage of maryland's blue crabs. last year's haul of the crustacean is the lowest ever recorded and hope it won't get worse. >> about a month ago, they were saying that they were up 30-some percent from last year. we are selling a lot but not enough. >> reporter: biologists unable to unravel the mystery of the decline. may be 30 or 40 minutes from the chesapeake bay but the scarcity of crabs means the guys that bring these here to the wharf have brought them from a lot farther south. >> louisiana. >> reporter: some closer in spots, too, but getting them from here to there adds costs,
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most reflected on restaurant men news. more people selling soft shell crabs on their menus whatever, i don't know what they are charging on nair menus, i know they are paying us a good price. >> reporter: what about dockside? >> good deal, tasty meaty. >> steady with their prices. >> reporter: some shoppers say the bigger ones are harder to get ahold of. whether the slight increase from the worst ever decline is a harbinger of better days for the economy and the ecosystem that remains to be seen. derrick ward news4. the circulator launched its new national mall route today. the bus runs fromtion to the tidal basin stopping at smithsonian museums along the way. it is the first public transportation route that takes you directly to the monuments. it is a great idea. riders can pay in cash or with their smart trip card and it's only a buck. to see the route-specific stops, visit our website and search circulator. pouring cats and dogs heat. what else? are we going to have more of
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this week? get the galoshes out for tomorrow? >> going to be dealing with more hit and miss showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and once again it's going to be hot and humid. we can just not break this weather pattern. today, we made it into the 90s, making it the fourth day of our heat wave. this is the second heat wave of the year. we will be in the 90s tomorrow and tuesday as well, at least at reagan national, making this a six-day heat wave. storm team4 radar no longer tracking severe weather but i am still tracking very heavy rain and lots of lightning impacting prince george's and ann aroundel counties, this moving toward the east southeast about 25 miles an hour. very heavy rain, because of how humid it is, impacting 301, 50 the beltway getting some of this heavy rain as well. this will continue to push out of the area over the next hour. you can still see some scattered showers on the radar behind that broken line of thunderstorms that i have been tracking all afternoon. also activity in far we were maryland, i want to show you
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overnight tonight, so this activity pushes out with the next hour or so. 9 p.m. most of the area, mainly dry, showers up around we were maryland, parts of the panhandle of west virginia 11 p.m., still the chance of some scattered showers and it is so humid, can't rule out the potential for some heavy rain to develop during the t think we will have severe thunderstorms but you might hear some thunder and also some heavy rain hitting the roof overnight tonight as you are going to bed, getting ready for work tomorrow. of course, i will have updates on news411 at midnight tonight. tomorrow, the weather having a low to moderate impact on your day. when you factor in the mugginess with the temperatures, it will feel like it is in the mid to upper 90s the afternoon hours. once again, the threat of afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms, it will be scattered activity, not everybody will see rain. another day you do see rain it can be strong to potentially severe. high temperature in your neighborhood tomorrow, 89 leesburg, gaithersburg, 92
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washington. 89 in la plata, partly to mostly cloudy skies, hazy, hot and humid weather we have been dealing with, temperatures across the area right now have been rain cooled into the 80s and even 70s in washington at 79 right now the severe weather risks for tomorrow, mainly heavy rain once again because of how soupy the air. is the next threat would be high winds a low to moderate threat of that, high winds could produce isolated winds damage. future weather is pretty anemic. tomorrow i'm giving a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms later in the day, 93 erika on tuesday. wednesday, we finally get a break from the humidity. it feels comfortable. dry weather in the forecast right now. it is still warm, a high of 88. humidity quickly returns thursday. and it is going to stick around in the next weekend with chance of showers and thunderstorms thursday through saturday. >> can't get rid of this umbrella weather. all right, thanks. still ahead max scherzer makes history for the nationals in milwa leave early
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boy, when you're the new counted block you can only hope for a day like. this. can you imagine this nationals team without scherzer on it now? i don't know what they would be doing. not your typical nationals lineup in milwaukee. bryce harper not available a day after the getting hit in his left knee by a fast ball. harper given the day off to rest. despite not having one of the game's best hitters playing today, max scherzer on the mound and more dominant than usual. the 16 strikeouts saturday new franchise record. max scherzer eager to take the ay hold on max, wait for the national anthem. bottom of the first, carlos gomez, at the dish. gomez go down swinging. first strikeout of the game for max there. scooter generalet can't catch one that 95-mile-an-hour fast ball. bottom fourth, ryan braun, he goes down swinging, striking out the national league former mvp. 5 ks through four innings for max scherzer. later on in the seventh don't
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forget the offense, robinson, two on, two out, coming through, opposite field left, coming in to score easy. yunel escobar follows him in mr. robinson a two-run double. nates a 4-0 lead at this point. back to the main event, scherzer, perfect game going in the seventh inning, facing gomez again, this one finds some green grass. great effort by anthony ran doan, couldn't quite make a play. a single for gomez, there goes your perfect game. scherzer stayed with it. strikes out adam lynn for his 12th k of the game. in the bottom of the ninth he is still out there earning that $210million. revenge against gomez, 16th strikeout of the game, set the franchise record. two outs looking for a 17th k, the 2-2 count. not a strikeout just as good, completes the game 16 ks, no runs, just one hit allowed for max scherzer.
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nats win, 4-0. postgame scherzer chocolate sauce, let's go. >> oh it's awesome. this is what you need. you know, fell down 2-0 in the series, able to split the series with this team on the road, that's what we need. beck feed off this and keep going forward. a one hit we are 16 strikeouts, which part of that are you maybe most proud of or happiest with? >> probably the one hitter. i mean the 16 punchouts is great. just means we were doing great stuff the whole day -- oh. >> there it is. only fitting. >> all right. let's go to baltimore now. the birds. looking to sweep the yankees, pick up their seventh straight victory. bottom of the first ramos up the bases loaded. left field. knocks this one into left center. machado and jones score. a two-run single. the orioles looking good early 2-1 lead. top of the fifth, mattis back
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from his eight-game suss step information using a foreign substance, the bases loaded, ball four garrett jones heads to first, headley comes home. the yankees tie things up a the 3. later later in the eighth the ball ripped to third, machado can't get it yankees snap the orioles' six-game winning streak by a final score of 5-3 today. move over to basketball now. tonight game five of the nba finals taking place in golden state. the series is tied at two games apiece and both teams understand just how important this contest truly is. in game four golden state who made all the adjustments, going with the smaller lineup. tonight, we will see how the cavs respond. home court advantage is huge in a game of this magnitude. time to crunch the numbers now. finals, when a series is tied at two games a piece, the winner of game five goes on to win the title 71% of the time. so 71% of the time, they win every time. also, home team is 19-9 in those
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games. lebron james playing in his fifth consecutive nba finals. he is ready for the challenge. >> i don't think anyone has the momentum. obviously, they are coming back home and after the game they had the other night, but you know we are -- you know, the momentum starts once the game starts and see who can put themselves and their team into a position to win. >> be ready for whatever. they are going to come and give it their all. they feel like hey, you got to win one on their court. and that's going to be from us. we have to make sure we come out and just ready to play, not depending on the crowd. you know, let the crowd feed off of us. over the on the ice, joel quenneville's blackhawks one victory away from their third stanley cup in six seasons. chicago went down to tampa bay game five handed the lightning their fourth loss in last six home games, playoff games. the blackhawks head home for a chance to clinch the cup in the windy city for the first time
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since 1938. game six from chicago tomorrow at 8 p.m. you can watch that game right here on nbc 4. >> the weather still very active this evening so stay ahead of that with the nbc washington app. anything else we need to know? >> i will keep up on facebook and twitter tonight. the heavy rain leaving the area now. >> see you for news4 at 11:00. have a great evening, everyone
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on this sunday night. getaway plan. stunning details about the alleged accomplice of two escaped prisoners. including claims the three planned to go on the run together. nightmare flight. passengers stranded for more than 20 hours at a cold military barracks after their plane is diverted left with little explanation. on the loose, tigers bears even a hippo take to the streets averaging floodwaters destroy a zoo. and a recipe for success. a school bus that offers a movable feast for kids in need. "nightly news" begins now. >> this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt substituting tonight, carl quintanilla.


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