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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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updates on that coming right up. new developments in the search for the two prisoners who remainen on the run. precautions being taken this morning as the search enters its second week. and changing their approach in the next few hours, d.c. leaders will unveil how they hope to keep dangerous synthetic drugs off the streets after a number of recent deaths. let's go to tom kierein and the changes you'll see over the next six hours. >> getting a line of some showers and lightning flashing in the sky, about to move into howard county and northern montgomery county. these are some brief downpours a little bit of thunder and lightning. farther south and west of there near winchester, near 81 through martinsburg and hagerstown, a few of the showers are moving on through. the general trend is they're weakening by the time they get closer to the metro area. we're all dry in the metro area for now. but the northern suburbs may get a few passing light showers over the next hour. temperatures low to mid 70s. nearby suburbs in virginia and in maryland as well.
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prince george's, low 70s. falls district and the church, upper 70s. a few breaks in the clouds, live view, overlooking the potomac river. over the next six hours but 8:00 near 80. then mid 80s by 10:00. then 90 by noontime. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. your bus stop forecast, what to wear for this muggy monday. now melissa has an update on that marc train delay. >> still have this delay, sticking around. again, we're talking about marc penn south. had some trains cancelled here this morning. trains 403, 407, 413, and 502. mechanical issues. they say metro will honor tickets instead here this morning. wide look at the beltway overall no major problems. taking a big look at things you can see inbound 66, a tad slow. but really overall, actually looking quite good. right now, 66 here outside the beltway little slow through manassas. you pick up and you're at speed
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here as you're headed through fairfax fairfax. 95 here if you're hopping on in stafford, no big deal. overall prince george's county looking quite good as well. back in ten minutes with some travel times. see you at 6:11. >> thank you. 6:02 now and today d.c. leaders are announcing a new strategy for drug enforcement, especially what they want to do with synthetic drugs. news4's megan mcgrath will tell us what the mayor plans to say today. good morning. >> reporter: well aaron, it is being billed as a eightment is k5 -- a significant shift in drug enforcement policy here in the district of columbia. the mayor and chief of police later today announcing a strategy, a new strategy that's going to target drug instead of low-level drug users. now, the mayor will also announce new legislation that will allow police to crack down on the sale of synthetic drugs. earlier this month, there was a mass overdose situation.
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11 people got sick taking bizarre-o which is a synthetic form of marijuana. d.c. has seen an increase in overdoses and many of those go unreported. so the district's health department is working closer with hospitals to improve the reporting of patients who come in with synthetic drug overdose problems. and this is part of today's announcement as well. it's scheduled to happen at 11:00 this morning. we'll of course be following it and bring you the details on this new drug enforcement policy here in the district of columbia. >> megan mcgrath thank you. 6:03 now. we're following that developing story in upstate new york. this morning, hundreds of law enforcement faufrofficers are searching for two escaped killers. part of the highway is shut down and schools is open, but all outdoor activities have been suspended. workers are welding shut all manholes near the clinton correctional facility.
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more than a week ago they broke out through the manhole cover. today the woman accused of helping the inmates with the escape will be in court. joyce mitchell worked for weeks helping the men plan their escape. the d.a. says mitchell not only snuck tools into the prison, she also planned to go on the run with them. she was supposed to be their get away driver but got cold feet at the last minute. she faces up to eight years in prison for her role. she's pled not guilty. also today, a maryland man is expected in d.c. superior court following a fight on a metro train. police arrested 52-year-old william nelson. he is charged with felony assault. he is being held without bond pending his court appearance. cell phone video shows a man beating another on the green line more than a week ago. this morning investigators are trying to figure out how a man died after firefighters pulled him from a motel pool. this happened last night at the
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day's inn in camp springs. medics did cpr on the man all the way to the hospital, he didn't survive though. fire officials say it's odd to get a possible drowning call and find the victim still in the water when fire crews arrive. 21 people mostly children are recovering this morning from a tram ride that flipped over. crews called in a heavy duty tow truck to upright yesterday's accident. it overturned while going down a hill. this happened at cosca regional park in clinton. one man and a kid showed up after the ride got shut down. >> we got delayed at home so i guess it was a promising day for us. but it could have been us. that's what we kept saying. it could have been us on the train. >> we're told no one was seriously hurt. it's not clear if the ride is open again today. now to the race for the white house. former florida governor jeb bush will officially announce his campaign today in miami. this is video, brand new video of bush playing up his softer side. bush joins a crowded field right
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now. he stumbled on questions about iraq and his campaign has already seen a leadership shakeup. but he's already raised millions. today we expect another update on the restoration of the capitol dome. architect of the capitol is speaking tonight at the annual meeting. ayers will discuss plans to restore the grant memorial on the capitol's west lawn. that is tonight at 7:00. dangerous day at the beach. two separate shark attacks along the north carolina coast that will have swimmers watching the water closely today. we're watching the potential for storms as you step outside on this hot and humid morning. meteorologist tom kierein is helping you dress for the day ahead. and
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a person had on theto be rescued after going over the embankment of the g.w. parkway. arlington firefighters got to the person using the fire rescue boats. u.s. park police said the eagle 1 helicopter was called in. no word on how that person went over the embankment. all right. get ready to save it in your phone. we know when you can bring your family to see the redskins at training camp this year. you can watch the practices between july 30th and august 16th. gates open at 9:30 in the morning they close at 6:00 in the evening on most of the open dates. you can see the houston texans this year. they'll joi the 'skins for joint practice august 6 through 8. talking about redskins football already. >> yeah. just right around the corner. >>. hard to practice outside in this kind of weather. or do anything. hard to breathe outside in this
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weather. >> a live look outside. the mugginess is already in full effect this morning. weather and traffic on the 1s now, here's tom kierein. >> yeah, i did some yard work yesterday, and after half an hour i got drenched in sweat. still steamy and humid. getting some showers on storm team 4 radar north of the metro area. now in western howard county and into washington county panhandle of west virginia and frederick county as well. they're tending to really weaken a lot as they head off to the south and the east but northern and western suburbs may get a brief shower over the next hour or two. we'll have mild temperatures in the mid 70s. 8:00 to 9:00 at the bus stop, very humid. and near 80 degrees. do with short sleeves, you'll likely need an umbrella especially this afternoon as we get some thunderstorms rolling through. between now and then you'll need sunglasses and sun block. look at the hour by hour timing for later on today. backups building on 95. what's going on melissa?
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>> just got off the phone with police trying to figure out what's going on here. it is getting slower than normal there. 95 northbound at prince william parkway an earlier report of something. nothing they found on the scene so right now seeing what they think is typical volume. looks just a little heavier than normal this morning. 66 inbound here, fairfax county county to the parkway, 12 minutes. you can see that increase from the past couple of minutes, 15 minutes behind at this point in this morning. 270 and the outer loop, no major issues there. remember to listen to our friends on wtop for the latest on traffic when you hop in your car. thank you. the hot weather has more of us hitting the pool, but all that time in the sun dramatically increases your chances for skin cancer especially if you're a man. why men are more likely to die from the disease. plus new developments out of libya following air strikes aimed at a militant leader. what we are learning about that man's fate when we go to the
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welcome back. 6:15. extra eyes will be on the waters looking for sharks off coast of north carolina. two shark attacks in oak island yesterday. a 14-year-old lost an arm. she could lose her left leg too. and then less than an hour later
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a shark bit off a boy's arm. swimmers were forced to leave the water, however, the beaches have not been closed. we know now the names of two men killed in fredericksburg. 30-year-old matt hughes of hampton, virginia, and anthony carter died at the hospital. it happened in a stabbing at a parking lot at 2:00 sunday morning. the attacker is on the loose. we are following the story out of dallas where a man tried to bomb police headquarters. police believe james boulware planted pipe bombs at the headquarters before shooting at officers two days ago. a police sniper killed him. today the medical examiner is perform an autopsy on boulware. 14 police officers who engaged with him are on leave. and a deadly police involved shooting. take a look here, a man is
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charging at a louisville police officer with a flag. this is on saturday, that officer shot and killed the man. demonstrators in louisville said the officer should have tried a nonlethal way of stopping that man. i'm meagan fitzgerald at the live desk. we're following a developing story in libya. there are conflicting reports on whether an al qaeda linked militant leader was killed in a u.s. air strike over the weekend. now the pentagon confirmed that usf-15 bomber launched an attack against belmokhtar yesterday. an islamist with ties to libya militants says that he was not killed. now the pentagon says belmokhtar is responsible for a series of attacks in algeria in 2013 that killed at least 38 people including three americans. back to you.
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>> meagan, thank you. 6:17 right now. today a judge will order a prison sentence for a friend of the boston marathon bombers. he was found guilty of misleading the fbi because he deleted computer files after the attack. he also said he didn't know the brothers. the judge is expected to sentence him to 2 1/2 years in prison. we income new details about how world cup soccer hosting rights were awarded for the next two tournaments. a swiss prosecutor will speak on the criminal investigation into fifa. giving the 2018 world cup to russia and the 2020 world cup to qatar. fifa has been embroiled in massive corruption scandal and much of the focus has been on whether fifa executives traded votes for money. 6:18 today. a montgomery county committee will look at banning pesticides. still some questions about whether the county can legally create that ban. the council is also look at how others are cushing pesticide
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use. a lot of people attended the meetings this past winter. state rules already in place are enough some say. montgomery county recovery teams pulled a body from the potomac river this weekend. as of this morning they have not identified the man. the crews found the body near the recreation area off of clara barton parkway yesterday. the man is not the missing swimmer who disappeared earlier this month. 6:19 right now. severe weather could hit parts of texas and louisiana today and tomorrow. a tropical storm is brewing in the gulf of mexico. houston executives worry that six to 18 inches of rain can fall. some leaders say they could get more rain than they saw on memorial day. emergency managers say it will be a challenge for community leaders and businesses to decide whether to tell employees to stay home or go to work.
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today is the last day of school for kids in montgomery county. it would have been friday but the school year was extended because of all the snow this winter. tomorrow is the last day of school for kids in loudoun county. last day for class for kids in d.c. and fairfax county is this friday. students in prince george's county will go to school through next tuesday. seems like pretty like in the month. >> 23rd i think for prince george's county. that is late. if you could -- you know today is one of the days you want to stay inside. >> stay inside in the air conditioning. hot and humid already. we are talking about 6:21 in the morning and 76 degrees. you can feel it too. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with your forecast. >> yeah we have the high humidity that remained overnight as temperatures have dropped. we have a little bit of fog that's forming over the rural fields. elsewhere, some breaks in the clouds in the storm team 4 radar showing some diminishing showers now north of the metro area. the area in the moving green some lighter rain.
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we had lightning cross through hagerstown and winchester now light rain in frederick county and northern loudoun into the panhandle of west virginia and frederick county in west virginia as well. this is headed off to the east and a little to the southeast. may get into montgomery county here shortly and perhaps southern and western loudoun county and into western fair fox, southern montgomery over the next half hour or so. some of the pavement may get a little bit wet. here's the timing on that. it really diminishes a lot by later this morning so we'll be fine through the rest of the morning and through noontime. then it's around 2:00, hour by hour storm timing showing thundershower between 2:00 and 4:00. moving across the rest of virginia coming closer to the metro area around 6:00 p.m. and then between 6:00 and 9:00, to the south of the southern maryland area, charles, culvert and st. mary's. then it dissipates by 9:00 this
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evening and by midnight it's done. right now, mild and muggy on this monday morning. in the low to mid 70s with the high humidity. that high is reaching the low 90s when we bet the thundershower coming on through. tomorrow in the low to mid 90s, then a greater chance of some of the storms tomorrow afternoon they could be severe. some could produce some damaging winds and hail and a chance for torrential downpours. tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. then settles down on wednesday. lower humidity and cooler and a nice break for the day. more humid on thursday and friday and saturday. a chance of afternoon storms each day, with highs in the mid 80s. back up near 90 on sunday. highs then too accompanied with high humidity returning. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 6:31. your neighborhood highs for today and now melissa is looking at delays this morning. >> delays on metro here this morning, blue line delays to franconia. an earlier signal problem
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outside of rosalyn. and we have this marc issue penn south we have some trains cancelled. 403 407, 413 and 502. they will be honoring metro tickets. eastbound, southeast freeway, the ramp to south capital, the right lane is blocked because of a crash there. a car fire on university avenue at merrimack drive. 66, no major problems and 95 we're slow after you pass the river going over the oak akwan. and overall, prince george's county looking pretty good. inbound indian head highway a little slow as you approach the beltway. back in ten minutes where with a live look at 95. in georgia, animals are still on the loose. they escaped during the big flood. rescuers aren't sure how many animals are still on the loose. two dozen people are still
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missing right now. zoo staff and animal workers had to round up tigers bears and a hippopotamus in the capital city of georgia. animals and zookeepers also drowned. a massive water main break in west philly. this turned a neighborhood street into pretty much rifrer. look at it here. 12.5 million gallons of water spilled out of the broken water main. cars parked alongside of the road became partially submerged. a sinkhole opened up too. crews are still working to get five feet of water from flooded basements. in "news4 your health" now doctors are trying to find a way to keep you from needing to go back to the e.r. over and over again. one philadelphia hospital started discharging patients to primary care. as a patient, doctors say it's your responsibility to be pushy about getting more care. another problem is tracking medication across different e.r.s.
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patients may visit more than one emergency room and recommend different medications at each visit. a new method of using marijuana has doctors concerned. it involves inhaling vapors from hash oil products. those products are made from trimming of the cannabis leaf. the practice can lead to fires and severe burns. doctors are studying the long term health effects. men are less likely to wear sunscreen and that's starting to take a toll. the skin cancer foundation says young men account for 40% of melanoma cases and more than 60% of melanoma deaths. >> skin cancer is very, very common in men. usually over 45. especially those who work outside a lot. >> now fortunately most facial moisturizers do contain an spf 30. if yours doesn't have any sunscreen protection, doctors
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still suggest you need to put on a minimum spf 30 every day before you head outside. the night mare for some airline passengers that would not end after their plane is forced to divert. and right now a brand new problem that just popped up here in bethesda. getting reports of somebody hit by a car. a cyclist here old georgetown and we're trying to get more details. back in a couple of minutes. plus, you might want to dig through your wallet or purse for old
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ready to take a stand. a live look outside d.c.'s ballou high school where a sit-in is planned. the issue students are trying to draw attention to. a hot and humid morning and
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it will only get hotter. we're looking for your tweet this morning to the #very humid. some of you may need the umbrella too as a line of showers pushes through the region. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking the chances you will see storms where you live in the day ahead and as well as how hot it will. it will get pretty hot. >> what will keep the heat down t clouds we have this morning. very cloudy. north and west of us, the clouds are producing light rain and that's showing up on the storm team 4 radar. the area in green it's raining lightly now. panhandle of west virginia and 81 up into martinsburg and hagerstown. along 70 between hagerstown and frederick and then between leesburg getting wet. it will be making it into the rest of maybe southern loudoun county into howard county over the next half hour or so. but it's really weakening as it's headed off to the south and east. metro area, a few clouds around. some breaks in the clouds.
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temperatures in the low to mid 70s. upper 70s in the beltway. afternoon highs into the upper 80s north and west of washington with a few scattered thunderstorms. right in the metro area and points south and west. right around chesapeake bay, 80s to near 90s. next weather and traffic on the 1s your drive time forecast at 6:41. a new accident in montgomery county. >> i got off the phone with police, and it sounds like a motorcyclist or a bicyclist here on old georgetown at cedar lane. does not look like a major scene at this point this morning but want to mention it there because it could be there for a little while as they investigate. blue line delays to franconia because of a signaling problem. and remember marc, trains cancelled. metro honoring tickets there. eastbound, southeast, southwest freeway the ramp to south
6:32 am
capitol street, the right lane is blocked there. 270, your slowest spot is all the way down to the 370 area then you're okay. 95 maryland at powder mill road, no major issues. a wide look at the beltway in ten minutes. >> thank you melissa. in less than two hours the ballou high school teachers union is expected to protest changes at the school. the school is being restructured for the second time in five years. news4's zachary kiesch with why some of the teachers are so upset. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. you know, at the crux of this it's simple. teachers had to reapply for their job, about 40 learned they won't have work when school starts next year and they feel upset, like they were left out of the conversation. it's a method that's often used to turn around struggling schools and they're opening up some new academies a hospitality and a tourism academy and
6:33 am
they're shaking up the staff trying to get things on track here. so today the teacher's union here at the school behind me in the cafeteria will lead the sit-in and it will include members of the community. student body. they're trying to teach these youngsters how to deal with disappointment, how to deal with anger. also, really to protest. it will be a typical school day in terms of the lesson but this is again about drawing attention to something they feel like they have not been part of the decision making process about. they'll be using the matter all day long. we'll be out here as well covering their progress. reporting live here in southeast d.c., zachary kiesch, back to you in the >> thanks, zachary. this morning, advocates who have marched 283 miles to save rural hospitals will rally in d.c. the team has walked one mile for each hospital that could close this year unless congress acts.
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they say 700,000 rural patients are at risk of losing access to timely care. they say these small local economies risk lost jobs and wages. the march started in rural bell haven, north carolina. investigators are trying to figure out how a woman died at a private lake in fairfax county. they found her body floating in virginia. a kayaker spotted it yesterday morning and this morning police in montgomery county are mourning the loss of first-ever police chief. retired chief carol mehrling died with battling alzheimer's. her colleagues say she was ahead of her time. a trail blazer for women in law enforcement. the silver spring native joined the force in the early 70s. she worked her way up through the ranks and became chief in 1995. the woman at the center of a bizarre racial controversy facing another backlash for canceling an naacp meeting. rachel dolezal faces a social media uproar after her family exposed her for pret that's black.
6:35 am
dolezal leads the spokane washington, chapter of the naacp. she cancelled tonight's general meeting due to quote, the need to continue discussion with regional and national naacp leaders. another chapter executive is ow questioning whether dolezal has grounds to cancel a meeting. some protesters plan to call for dolezal to step down tonight. they say this is ago integrity not. not race. we know a few more of the names that will hit the stage at the fourth of july celebration this year. country music group alabama and hunter hayes and nicole scherzinger and megan lindsey from the "the voice." it will feature a tribute to frank sinatra. it sets the stage for a massive fireworks display on the national mall. each year it's just a stunning sight to see. hey, if you play the mega millions lottery in virginia you may be waking up a winner. two tickets hit the jackpot.
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a $5 million ticket was sold at the sheetz on blackwell road in warrenton. million dollar ticket was sold at a kroger in salem in southwest virginia. go to to see if you have the lucky winning numbers if you're traveling this weekend. new developments this morning in new york, where police -- people rather are trying to resume their daily lives despite that massive manhunt for two dangerous prisoners. the precautions being taken as the search enters the second week. and not the destination they were looking for when they planned their vacation. the mishap that had a number of airline passengers stranded at a military base. and a problem in the district. how these slowdowns could affect ♪ ♪ ♪
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you're watching "news4 today."
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this morning united airlines is apologizing to passengers who were on board flight 958. the flight left chicago o'hare for london friday night. but it was diverted to goose bay, canada. it was for a maintenance issue and then the passengers spent the next 20 hours in military barracks and were not allowed access to their luggage. meanwhile the, flight crew stayed at a nearby hotel. during the whole ordeal passengers said no one from united ever reach out to explain what was happening. >> we froze through the night because there wasn't any heat. >> we did not know what was going on. we were treated in a very inhumane manner. >> united airlines says it will refund all 176 passengers the price of their tickets. traveler advocates say the airline could still face penalties from the department of transportation for its handling of the incident. 20 hours without knowing why and what was happening. >> not much you can do after the
6:41 am
fact, but unacceptable. unbelievable, wow. 6:41 is our time right now. a live look outside for you. a nice picture to see here, but when you step outside not so much. >> 76 degrees. tom kierein has your weather and traffic on the 1s. tom what going on? >> it is very humid. good morning, as you head out the door, if you live northwest of washington grab an umbrella, light showers are passing through northern montgomery county into loudoun and fairfax. and for the drive time today, green light for morning and midday, caution for the afternoon when we'll likely get wet pavement from passing thundershower and showers. and hitting low 90s during the afternoon. a look at storm chances for the next seven days next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:51. melissa, what's happening now? >> very slow here on the ramp this morning. eastbound southeast southwest freeway, that's cleared out of
6:42 am
the way but yet the ramp is still slow. 66 inbound no problem. 95 north, your slow spot. quantico to the beltway, a lot of volume. 270 south, not so bad. top of the beltway, outer loop, looking average here this morning. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. >> one day you'll tell folks who's whispering in your ear. thanks, melissa. saving money when you hit the roads. why the toll reductions can help virginia drivers save money as well. someone from ikea may be showing up on your doorstep. what you tell them can change how the company doe
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right now we're working to fete get you up to the minute this morning. the d.c. police are changing their approach to get the dangerous synthetic drugs off the street. and the woman accused of helping those escaped presser ins is preparing to face a judge today as new precautions go into effect near if prison. first though, meteorologist tom kierein has the hot and humid conditions you'll be facing today. >> starting off in the 70s. muggy this morning. storm team 4 radar showing a few light sprinkles north and west of the metro area and they're drying out as they head closer to washington over the next hour
6:46 am
or two. some of to pavement there wet this morning. a few breaks in the clouds, sunshine by noontime. it will be near 90 and low 90s in the afternoon. a chance of passing storms. back to you. >> thank you, tom. we're following that developing story from upstate new york this morning. hundreds of law enforcement officers are looking for two escaped murderers and searching part of the highway. right now, man holes are being welded shut. meanwhile, the woman accused of helping the inmates wither that escape will be in court. joyce mitchell provided equipment for the escapes and nbc's miguel almaguer is in new york. miguel, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning. yes, at 8:31 a.m. joyce mitchell will be in court for
6:47 am
her prelim hearing. the district attorney said she was connected to helping both inmates escape and she manned a life on -- planned a life on the run with them. this after the massive manhunt, as the law enforcement officers are searching for the men in the area. they're relatively certain that they're the area and the attorney general said they could be as far south as mexico. back to you guys. >> miguel almaguer in new york for us, thank you. it is now 6:48. in a few hours we'll learn about a brand new plan to crack down on drugs in d.c. city leaders say it involves going after suppliers. news4's megan mcgrath tells us what else is part of this new plan. megan? >> reporter: well, eun it's a significant shift in drug enforcement policy here in the district of columbia. later on this morning, the mayor and the chief of police are going to be announcing a new strategy the target -- that
6:48 am
targets drug suppliers instead of low-level drug users. the mayor will announce new legislation that will allow police to crack down on the sale of synthetic drugs. there was a mass overdose situation, 11 people got sick taking bizzaro, a form of synthetic marijuana. d.c. has seen a sharp increase from synthetic marijuana and it's believed that many of the overdoses go unreported. so as part of this announcement we're expecting to learn more about the -- how the district district health department will be working with hospitals so that the reporting of patients who come in with synthetic marijuana overdoses so that they can track those numbers a little more closely. this is going to all happen at 11:00 this morning. we're expecting to learn a lot more about this new drug strategy and what it means for people here in the district of columbia. back to you. >> thank you. also in the day ahead a maryland man is expected in court charged with a fight on a
6:49 am
metro police. police arrested 52-year-old william nelson. he is being held without bond pending his hearing in d.c. superior court. cell phone video shows a man beating another man on the train. this happened on the green line more than a week ago. this morning investigators are trying to figure out how a man died after firefighters pulled him from a motel pool. this happened last night at the day's inn in camp springs. prince george's county medics did cpr on that man all the way to the hospital and he didn't survive. firefighters say it's odd to get a possible drowning call and find the victim still in the water when they arrived. and parents are demanding answers about why a tram ride flipped over with 21 people on board, most were children. we're told no one was seriously hurt but this happened at cosca regional park in clinton. you can see the ride overturned while going down hill. one man and the kid showed up after the ride was shut down. >> wow, because we got delayed a few things at home. so i guess it was a promising delay for us to have occurred.
6:50 am
but it could have been us. you know, that's what we kept saying it could have been us on the train. >> crews called in a heavy duty tow truck to upright the tram. it is not clear whether the ride is open today. 6:50. now to the race for the white house house. former florida governor jeb bush will announced today. he is playing up the softer side and that video has 17,000 views so far. bush is joining a long list of candidates in his party. he's faced a few set backs over questions on the war in iraq and a leadership shakeup in his campaign. however, he has raised millions of dollars. bush's announcealment comes as hillary clinton returns to new hampshire to campaign. that's critical early voting state. a new poll out this morning from morning consult shows vermont senator bernie sanders is closing the gap there among democratic voters. clinton leads him by only 14 points. ikea may soon be knocking at
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your door not to sell you something. but to learn a little bit about you. cnbc's landon dowdy is live with that story for your money. i want them to show me how to build all the furniture without taking all day. >> and with a little more than an allen wrench. >> exactly. >> well they're getting more personal, eun. "usa today" reports the swedish retailer plans to make 1,000 house calls this year and they'll show up for an up close look at how they spend their time, asking questions like where they store their pots or pans or their food. their goal is to learn what customers need and make stores more local and personalized. i have a fun fact for you. what would you say is the top telling item at ikea? >> bookshelfves. >> ready for this? meat balls. >> they're pretty good i have to say. thanks, landon. >> thanks. >> because if you walk out with nothing else you can still get meatballs. >> there you go.
6:52 am
that's true. all right, tom is here. we'll be sweating it out today. >> yes, and sticky like after eating a popsicle and it goes down your arm. you know, sticky. that's the way it will be. as we get into the rest of the afternoon, the heat will be climbing as well. right now, getting a few sprinkles on storm team 4 radar. live view from the storm team 4 radar showing scattered light sprinkles. the areas in light green, montgomery county northern loudoun, into frederick county and virginia and the pan handle of west virginia as well. this is tracking to the metro area, but really drying out. however the northern suburbs getting damp. some of the roads along 270 is getting damp. and 95 as well along the beltway up to columbia. no rain in the rest of virginia or maryland. reagan national is at 78 and the windows are steaming unlike this yesterday morning i took this picture when it was really steamy like this morning. also took this picture a few minutes later of sunlight streaming through the steaminess
6:53 am
and the trees and it's going to be oppressive today and again tomorrow. but we'll get a break from the high humidity on wednesday. it will be pleasant, nice low humidity moves in wednesday. then by the end of the week it will be sticky again and temperatures climbing through the afternoon from near 80 by 8:00 through upper 80s by noon to low 90s mid afternoon. very humid. that's when we'll likely get some showers and thundershowers into the metro area. tomorrow, more afternoon storms still humid. lows to mid 90s. the storms tomorrow could be severe. there is a risk of some damaging winds and hail from isolated storms on tuesday afternoon. then that low humidity and cooler weather on wednesday. gets a little bit more humid again on thursday, friday and saturday. but not too hot. a chance of afternoon storms each one of those days. sunday, back near 90. melissa now looking at marc delays. >> marc delays once again. penn south here. we have some trains cancelled.
6:54 am
403, 407, 413 and 502. not happening today. metro will honor tickets. speaking of metro, normal service on the blue line. wide look at things, looking good at the top of the beltway, getting slow outer loop. typical for this time of the day. 66 no problems. we are slow in dale city and across the river, 12 miles per hour right now. prince george's county overall, slowest spot is inbound through indian head highway. same thing when you look at the top of the beltway and 270 at montrose. volume looking pretty light this morning. i'm meagan fitzgerald at the live desk. the archbishop of st. paul, minnesota, and a deputy bishop have resigned. this comes after prosecutors there charged the archdiocese with having failed to protect children from a priest convicted of molesting two boys. earlier this month, they were
6:55 am
charged for turning a blind eye to repeated reports of inappropriate behavior. back to you. starting july 1st, you will save money crossing over the potomac river and the round trip price will drop $1 to $4.50. this is all part of maryland governor larry hogan's plan to lower statewide tolls that could save drivers $270 million in the next five years. tonight we expect an update on the restoration of the capitol dome. architect of the capitol, stephen ayers is speaking at the annual meeting. ayers will discuss plans to restore the ulysses grant memorial on the west lawn. that is set for tonight at 7:00. we now know when you can bring your family to see the redskins at training camp. the team released the schedule earlier this morning. it starts at the end of july. watch practices between july 30th and august 16th. the houston texans joining the 'skins for joint practice a few days this year.
6:56 am
gates open at 9:30 this morning and close at 6:00 p.m. on most of the open practice days. 6:56. now let's check out four things you need to know. jeb bush will officially announce his presidential bid in miami today. he is considered to be among the 2016 front-runners. he's raised millions of dollars already. and about an hour the ballou washington teachers union is expected to protest in southeast d.c. some teachers will hold a sit-in at the school cafeteria. the union is upset that several teachers and staff members were let go. the school is being restructured for the second time in five years. d.c. leaders announce a new drug enforcement plan today. they will focus on suppliers instead of users. today the woman accused of helping two men escape prison will be in court. the d.a. says joyce mitchell worked for weeks helping richard matt and david sweat plan their get away. she's pled not guilty. we'll have sweltering humidity through the day today. a live view from the storm team
6:57 am
4 city camera. a lot of clouds around this morning. a few of light showers north and west of the metro area and afternoon storms. >> thank you. that's the broadcast this morning. >> the "today" show is next. back in 25 minutes, hope to see you then. until then have a great day. >> make it a great monday everybody.
6:58 am
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good morning. danger in the water. two separate shark attacks just hours apart off the coast of north carolina. two teenagers suffer vicious bites, each losing a limb. this morning, why is that beach still open is this. what was her plan? joyce mitchell faces a judge again today. the twocaped killers to where to be found as questions swirl about what the three may have been planning. ready for launch. jeb bush ready to announce his run for the white house this afternoon. is he still the one to beat? and taking a bite out of the box office. >> one, two, three -- >> reporter: a huge


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