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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the child was pulled from pirates cove water park in lotten. julie carey reports the discovery came during some hectic moments. >> reporter: there was thunder and lightning in the area around 5:00 yesterday. lifeguards were busy clearing the pool when the 2-year-old was found motionless in the bottom of that second section there. lifeguards began cpr on the toddler and the nearby marine patrol unit also responded to the scene and took over life-saving efforts. the executive director of the northern virginia regional park authority which operates pirate's cove says the child did have a pulse and was breathing when he was found. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 i will tell you more about the safety record at these northern virginia water parks. in lorton virginia i'mally carey news4. first at 4, we have learned a naval officer was one of the two men killed outside a fast food restaurant by a 15-year-old. the stabbings happened sunday morning in fredericksburg in the greenbrier shopping center. told a group of adults got into
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an argument with some teenagers and at some point, a 15-year-old boy stabbed three men. two of them died including the naval officer. we will go live to the scene in a few minutes with news4's pat collins. jim handly here at the news4 live desk with the latest on a shooting outside a u.s. air force base. investigators tell us there is no longer a threat after a man armed with a rifle tried to enter the little rock air force base in arkansas. right now we don't know if that man opened fire but two guards did shoot him when they recognized he was a threat. that man is currently in critical condition at this hour. the by stander was also hurt. the base was put on lockdown during the investigation and a bomb squad was called in to search the map'some uv. we don't know why that man wanted to get on to the base. investigators think he did act alone. at the live desk i'm jim handly. there was a published report with a plot to spring those two convicted killers from the
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prison included murdering prison employee joyce mitchell's husband. mitchell wore prison stripes for her brief court appearance today in new york. the albany times union reported yesterday that she told investigators she and the two escapees talked about possibly killing her husband after the prison break. the prosecutor is refusing to comment on that today and mitchell was arrested on friday, charged with providing materials that helped the inmates escape ten days ago. in the next half hour, a report from new york with the latest on the search for the two escapees. first at 4, another day of heat and humidity and doug has been tracking some storms on the radar. doug another steamy, steamy afternoon out there. >> yeah that's for sure, chris. that current heat index into the mid to upper 90s, some areas once again close to 100. any time we have this kind of heat and humidity, we have a ten dependency to get thunderstorms already starting to develop back toward the west now through portions of west virginia, look at the radar, you seeks actually
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where i'm talking about these storms, between hagerstown and winchester,ism-81, storms around frederick more developing toward southern maryland here just some showers through charles county, but the bulk area is right up toward martinsburg. martinsburg, anywhere inside berkeley county, heads up, a strong storm. winchester, frederick county, virginia, same deal frederick county, maryland, these storms riding along 70 and 270. we will continue to watch those moving closer to the d.c. metro area the next hour to two hours. tonight's headlines tracking storms, showed you those. heat index of 100. tomorrow even hotter. talking about a cooler pattern. not much cooler but a cooler pattern. i have got it all for you in a few minutes. right now, a new candidate is joining the race for the white house, but his name is not new. jeb bush will try to become the third member of his family to lead the country. let's take a look at a live picture from miami where bush just stepped up to the podium he is going to make his official announcement today he is the
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former governor of florida where he governed from 1999 until 2007 and he is one of ten candidates vying for the republican nomination. he plans to spend the rest of the week campaigning in iowa new hampshire, nevada and south carolina. new information this afternoon about the big changes we could see regarding drug enforcement here in our area. and it's focussing on both crime prevention and your health. >> i'm mark segraves in the district where police have announced a new crackdown on drug dealers. this time, they are going after pcp molly or ecstasy, and synthetic marijuana dealers. it will include $10,000 fines for stores that are caught selling these synthetic drugs and it will also mean changes at local emergency rooms. police may have some new evidence in the alicia rudd case and working to find fought it is the big break they are hoping for a volunteer dive team was searching the anacostia river and found a bag near kennel
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worth park and say it is consistent with what police have been looking for. alicia was 8 years old when she disappeared year ago. she was last seen with a janitor to worked at the homeless center where her family was saying. he killed himself in kenna worth park but alicia never found. we are awaiting on the i.d. of a woman whose body was found floating in a private lake. two kayakers spot it in springfield yesterday morning. police believe the body may have been in that lake for several days and using missing persons reports to try to identify her. officials say an autopsy is being done to autopsy how she died. east coast shark attacks? two kids injured in separate incident. the warning for folks at the beach. calling it quits. the woman who has lied about being black explains why she is resigning from the naacp. and are your favorite snacks about to get a major
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the hunt is on for the shark or sharks who attacked two people at a popular beach in north carolina. right now the 12-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy are both in stable condition both of them losing their left arms. the attack happened in oak island yesterday afternoon and evening. the beach is still open today but a lot of people are afraid
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to go in the water. coming up a little bit later in this hour, we are going to have a live report from that beach and find out what saved the victims' lives. we are seeing video of a big fire that broke out during mass at an historic cathedral in france. the basilica was built back in the 19th century and the roof burst into flames just as mass was ending. authorities say it never spread into the part of the church where people were worshipping and everyone got out safely but it took 100 firefighters several hours to get the names under control. the fire was apparently sparked by workers on the roof the same way a similar fire started back in 1972. a natural gas pipeline ruptured in texas overnight and caused an explosion so large the flames could be seen 20 miles away. this was southeastern texas at a pipeline that's owned by a company that's called emergency transfer partners. there were no injuries but the situation was so dangerous that nearby homes had to be evacuated. first responders decided to just let this fire burn itself out. her parents outed her as a
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white woman. new this afternoon, the naacp leader at the center of a skin color controversy explains why she is stepping down. snacked out. why the government could soon make some sweeping changes to the type of fats that you're eating. hot heat and humidity and tracking some thunderstorms now on radar. you can see the heavier rain there. there's your storm around brunswick frederick mount airy, sliding into howard county, montgomery county, too more storms west offism-81. these will be hitting areas like shepherds town and burkettsville the next couple of minutes. heavy rain and lightning, yes hit 93 heat index 101. today was day five. we have got one more day of this heat wave yet to go. look at that the heat index values across the area 101. also down in fredericksburg, i will show you when we get our air mass change and we will talk about the threat of severe storms. when and where they could hit in a couple of minutes, right here on news4 at 4.
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three men stabbed, two of them killed. the suspect is a 15-year-old boy and now, he is facing first-degree murder charges. news four's pat collin was is in fredericksburg where
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a fast food place here in fredericksburg. some words were exchanged a teenager pulls out a knife. a 15-year-old teenager, police says. he stabs three men. we have a 28-year-old man who was murdered, a 30-year-old man who was murdered and a 29-year-old man in serious condition in the hospital after he was stabbed in the back. now the 15-year-old was brought to the police station last night by a family member. he was questioned and then charged with two counts of first-degree murder. so far, he is charged as a juvenile. we are going to have a lot more on this coming up at 5:00, wendy. we even talked to the father of one of the murder victims. i will see you at 5. >> all right, thank you, pat collins. we will look for you then. well, these men didn't count on having cameras in their elevator. they are accused of taking part in a pickpocketing scheme in
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foggy bottom. this was last wednesday near 21st and pennsylvania avenues. security footage shows one man dropping things in the front of the man with the white hair. the man in the back then appears to take things from his pockets when he bends down to get -- to pick up those things. afterwards they even hold the door open for the victim. a so-called train accident at cass ka regional park sent at least 20 people to the hospital. now, authorities in prince george's are trying to figure out how it happened. it was a tractor towing cars made to look like a train. it rolled over and there was a tur turbulent ride down a hill. >> we understand there are injuries but under investigation by park police and park authorities and make a report later on. >> good thing is none of the injuries appeared all that serious. the operator of the tractor that flipped over was one of the people who had to go to the hospital.
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the government is now investigating complaints against the automaker mazda because of safety concerns much the national highway traffic safety administration says it has received six complaints about suss steps parts coming loose causing drivers to lose control. this probe covers about 54,000 mazda suvs from the years 2007 and 2008. so far, no recall has been announce we are still waiting to hear back from mazda. they are in so much of what we eat, from baked goods to frozen pizzas to pop corps but pretty soon artificial transfats could be banned from the nation's food supply. this week, the food and drug administration is expected to make a final decision whether to ban the harmful oils. a lot of ex-officers say transfats are the worst type of fats you can eat and phasing them out could prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths a year. if the fda bans transfats companies would have to get a federal approval to use them. we have had five days now with temperatures in the 90s and
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we have more on the way, which means fans and air conditioners are getting a workout, driving up those electric bills. the u.s. energy information administration says the typical home electric bill will probable had i go up nearly 5% during the summer. one way to keep the costs down, keep the window shades drawn during the hottest part of the day as we did down in the south in the summer around set the thermostat on your ac so it doesn't run as much when no one is home. there are more tips for cutting your power bills search power bills on our nbc washington app. warnings are up in the area around galveston as people prepare for tropical storm conditions. red flags warm families at the beach, the surface is high current strong and swimming can be dangerous. >> i'm going to the grocery store, going to stock up, get a few things, so i'm good through tuesday night and just hope for the best. >> if the weather gets really bad, of course i will not take any chances of leaving the house. >> the beach patrol has been out
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clearing the beaches of lifeguard chairs and trash cans. a lot of those folks lived through hurricane ike. so they are experienced folks in that part. >> we have lived through hot and sticky summers. so, we have got some pop-up storms out there, right? >> yeah, you know, another very hot, humid day today. i think we have got really one more during the day tomorrow, now in our five-day heat wave, tomorrow will make number six, get up there in the afternoon. rate now, a very hot and humid day even see a little bit of the haze in the atmosphere, lack at the numbers, 93 now at the airport. look at that heat index heat index at 101 extremely hot extremely humid. that's going to be the case as we move on through the next few hours. looking at sunshine around the d.c. metro area now, 87 martinsburg a storm there cumberland, maryland. the reason i show you that again with some rain-cooled air, rain moving in from the west, we will continue to see that fredericksburg, by the way 96 degrees right now. no rain around the d.c. metro area. rain to the north though, some scattered shower activity as well. some of this is going to be on
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the strong side as these move on down toward the south and east. the close-up view showing martinsburg, right now under the gun, seeing those storms around martinsburg, one storm south of frederick about to make its way through the you shall bana area clarksburg, montgomery county. i will zoom in here toward martinsburg, right on top of you now, if you are in martinsburg, make sure you're inside the house, don't be going outside to get some of those things in. look at the lightning associated with this, too. right over i-81 move right toward the bar dane area excuse me if i'm incorrect. shepherdstown, i know i got that one, scrabble area, portions of west virginia that will continue to move to the south and east. speaking of south and east showers around mechanicsville, chap tick co-, heavy shower, not seen lightning associated with this yet, we will continue to watch for that the other thing, of course, is the heat and take a look at the feels like temperature tomorrow. these the heat index. 95 tomorrow. by 11 a.m. then watch what happens tomorrow afternoon. right back to 100 degrees during the day tomorrow. so, another extremely hot day tomorrow, wednesday a little
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bit better. 86 degrees, lower humidity wednesday more comfortable. another chance of storms 87 on thursday, 88 friday, veronica back in a couple of minutes have that weekend forecast as well just coming up. thanks, doug. tonight, going to get a peek at what's going on underneath all that scaffolding on the capital dome. the architect on the capitol will update what peas going on at the annual meeting of the capitol hill restoration society. steven ayers will talk about plans to restore the ulysses s grant memorial on the capitol's west lawn. tonight's discussion is free to the public. starts at 7:00. we have got the lineup for this year's capitol fourth concert. country music group, alabama, will be performing along with hunter hayes nicole scherzinger and megan linsey from the voice. barry manilow will be the headliner. the independence day concert is going to be featuring a salute to frank sinatra. he would have been 100 this year. the annual concert and the fireworks extravaganza is going to be live on pbs and npr and all starts at 8:00. great show.
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an naacp leader who lied about being black is stepping down. what she and her p
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tonight, rachel dolezal's parents say they support her decision to resign from the naacp. >> yeah they hope their daughter now feels she doesn't have to keep trying to be someone she's not. today dolezal stepped down as the president of the chapter in spokane, washington. she sparked a frenzy on social media just a few days ago after her parents told reporters their daughter is white and has been passing as a black woman for years. dolezal posted on the chapter's facebook page -- right now, nurses are among
4:26 pm
those pushing congress to help fund rural hospitals. these activists rallied at the capital today after a 283-mile walk from north carolina. more than 53 rural hospitals have shut down over the last two years. the national rural health association says 283 more will be closed if they don't get funding. they say that means 700,000 people will not have direct access to care. charmed to the point that she thought it was love. nbc news uncovering new information about the woman accused of helping two killers break out why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want, not the ones you don't. 100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month at
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right now at 4:30, a little boy is fighting for his life after he was found at the bottom of a water park pool. officials say the 2-year-old was pulled out of the water last night at pirate's cove water park in lorton. he was rushed to the hospital in
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fairfax and now that incident is under investigation. an ice cream truck driver murdered in front of his -- in front of children. police say largele lyles shot and killed 22-year-old brandon brown saturday afternoon at a housing complex in frederick. the witnesses say there wasn't any sort of argument beforehand. chris gordon is working the story. he will have a report in the next hour. after month it is not years of speculation, jeb bush finally joins the 2016 presidential field. the former florida governor farmally announced his candidacy a short time ago in miami. the republican enters a large primary field that's getting bigger by the day. if elected he would become the third member of his immediate family to sit in the oval office. hazy hot and humid, day five of our heat wave also bringing afternoon storms and showers. we are getting used to this, veronica, but still like it to end. >> that's what i was going to same it's summer going to be hot and humid, here now, just about at the end of this latest heat wave. also stormy again.
4:31 pm
talk about what's on radar storm team4 radar, go straight to it trying storms right now, mainly north and west of d.c. rain, heavier rains moving along areas of 29. mount airy headed toward columbia, this storm system headed into montgomery county, producing lightning, possibly hail headed toward areas like german town middle brook the next couple of minutes and raining hard around martinsburg. look at this rainfall rates, closer to three inches per hour. all this eastbound into areas like bankruptcy wick and boops borrow, again, by 7:00, any storms ending will be around 86 degrees, still warm, humid, sticky, 82 by 11 p.m. go from this real oppressive weather all the way down past the uncomfortable to the sticky. not going to feel pleasant but at least it will feel a little sticky and warm around the area. show you when he get that air mass change. a look at your seven-day forecast, chris in a few. >> thanks vj. now day ten in the search for the escaped killers in the new york prison break. the woman accused of helping them was back in court today after she was arrested on
4:32 pm
friday. she had to get a new lawyer because her first defense attorney said he had a conflict and backed out. nbc's jay gray is tracking this story in new york. >> reporter: a former prison supervisor, joyce mitchell, wore jailhouse stripes and shackles during a brief court appearance this afternoon. she waived a preliminary hearing and did enter a plea. mitchell faces a felony charge of promoting contraband and misdemeanor count of criminal facilitation. >> it is poe tens that there will be additional criminal charges involving mismitchell. >> reporter: investigators say she smuggled hacksaw blades chisels, a punch and screwdriver built into the clinton correctional facility, tools convicted killers david sweat and richard matt allegedly used to borrow out of the prison more than a week ago. >> it is crazy to have those guys this area for a week so it is really unsettling. i think the entire community is kind of on edge. >> reporter: more than 800 police and federal agents returned to the dense woods in an area near the prison today,
4:33 pm
the tenth day of an all-out manhunt for the violent escapees. >> you follow up every tip. you follow up every lead. you are as conscientious as you can be on every lead because you never know which one is going to be the one. >> reporter: investigators are also taking a closer look inside the prison for others who may have helped the men make their break. it is possible. i have been saying the last couple of days, based on our investigations, there's additional other people that may be -- that may be arrested. >> reporter: with the two men police want behind bars the most still on the run. jay gray, nbc news, new york. today, the prosecutor refused to comment on a new york newspaper report that joyce mitchell and the two inmates considered killing mitchell's husband after they broke out of prison. now, on sunday, the prosecutor did say mitchell did not show up to be the get away driver because she did not want to hurt her husband. we have another guilty plea from a former pro football
4:34 pm
player who was accused of drugging and then raping women. darren sharper pled guilty in louisiana today marking the fourth such deal. today's plea in four different states. today's deal is part of a deal sharper made that will call for him to spend at least nine years in prison. sharmer grew up just outside of richmond, played college football at william and mary before he joined the nfl. even though medical marijuana is legal in colorado a patient who was fired for using it cannot get his job back. that's what the colorado supreme court rule ready. the worker at the heart of the case is a quad rah meanic man who worked for dish network and fired him after he failed a drug test five years ago but even dish network officials admit he wasn't high on the job. this case has big implications for employers and pot smokers, especially in states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana. today the u.s. supreme court refused to take up an abortion case out of north carolina. at issue was a state law that says medical personnel must show the patient an ultrasound image
4:35 pm
of the fetus before she has the abortion. an appeals court ruled the law violated doctors' free speech and should be tossed out. and since the high court took no action today the appeals court decision stands. only justice antonin scalia voted to hear that case. the restructuring of a struggling d.c. school is bringing protests by both teachers and students. some teachers and staff held a sit-in at the cafeteria at blue high school today. the district cut about half of the staff there and they will have to reapply for their jobs. the second reconstitution, as it is called, in five years. the plan is to try to turn around the students' performance. some say -- some disagree about how to make those changes. >> resources promised to the school during the first reconstitution never happened but yet now the teachers are being blamed. >> school is one of the most stable environments we have in our community so we need to make sure our students principals staff members here are stable. >> in recent tests, only 15% of
4:36 pm
the students at ballou mr. proficient in reading, well below the d.c. average of 50%. herndon high school put its students on notice stop getting food delivered to the school. the fairfax time reports the number of deliveries has been growing the closer we get to the end of the school year but goes against school regulation and the front office can't keep up with all the delivery people coming to the door f a student gets caught receiving an order on campus they will get afterschool detention. two separate shark attacks on the east coast. we have just got an update on the conditions of two injured children and how the bystanders saved their lives. and why
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the heat wave and that heat index a little bit on the brutal side again this afternoon. look at those numbers, 101 fells like in d.c.
4:40 pm
103 now in fredericksburg. 96 in leesburg and 96 culpepper. extremely hot day and we have some storms, too look at the storm. the strongest in toward west virginia. this is the strongest storm right here another strong one along 270 montgomery county, moving down 270 around bartonsville, toward the clarksburg area, move right toward gaithersburg the next 20 to 30 minutes. look at charlestown getting hit very hard, harpers ferry, cable town, move into northern loudoun county the next 15 to 20 minutes, this moving in toward washington county, right now over shepherds town, martinsburg, thunder, lightning heavy rain. continue to keep you posted, veronica johnson has the seven-day forecast for you in six minutes. if you shop at target, you will notice big changes how you get your medications. cvs is taking over all the pharmacies inside the big box store and cvs announced the $1.9 billion deal today. all 1600 pharmacist nationwide will be rebranded as cvs, the
4:41 pm
health clinics in target will be called minute clinics. cvs plans to open up 20 new clinics in target stores the next few years. bev got a lot of calls about a rewards program for safe way shoppers and let you know you can no longer redeem your gas rewards points at exxonmobil stations. that partnership ended on may 31st. now, customers will going to have to visit the safe way gas station directly to redeem those rewards. safe way tells news4, as a consolidation, it will no longer be charging ten cents for customers who pay for a credit card at those safe way gas stations. two kids injured on separate shark attacks on the atlantic seaboard. new information on what may have attracted those sharks to that shoreline. some united passengers bound for london found themselves cooling their heels overnight at a can need dan
4:42 pm
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right now fewer swimmers are in the water at a popular beach in north carolina as vacationers worry about if they are going to be the next one to get bit by a shark a teenaged boy and 12-year-old girl were attacked in just waist-deep water yesterday an hour apart. dave wagner is live where we just got good news about the boy dave? >> reporter: we did chris, just got news that the 16-year-old boy injured actually lost his left arm in a shark attack is now in good condition. he was in stable condition last night. that's the good piece of news we have. it is record heat here in north carolina, but you respect seeing many people venturing very far into the water, maybe ankle deep at most after a series of shark attacks. beachgoers are worried. are a brutally hot sunday, the oak island, north carolina, surf was teeming with swimmers, including a 12-year-old girl who was viciously attacked by a shark. >> there is a girl whose happened had been bitten off by
4:46 pm
a shark. >> reporter: an hour late and 50 blocks away, a 16-year-old boy was attacked. serious bleeding. i'm watching. yes, sir. >> okay. is he alert right now? >> reporter: both victims lost their left arms. i've ever treated anything like this, to inflict that kind of damage have to be a relatively large shark. >> reporter: in a state where there were just four shark attacks last year, there have been three in just four days this year including a 13-year-old girl who was attacked on her boogie board 30 miles so the south in ocean isle. a slight chance you hear about it on the news and whatnot. i don't think i really ever had a definite fear. you know you see movies and all that i was okay to get in the water yesterday, all the way up to my neck. so, now it's definitely there. it's real. >> reporter: the attacks are keeping beachgoers in ankle-deep water. >> probably not gonna go very deep because we heard about the shark and we don't want to go out in there. >> you guys wish you could go in the water?
4:47 pm
>> yes. >> reporter: while town officials keep a lookout shark fishing continues on the end of the town pier. >> we have had unconfirmed reports of chumming for sharks and shark fishing. at this time we don't believe we can actually stop that. >> reporter: bringing sharks and beachgoers closer together. >> we can't control what's out, you know in the ocean. the beaches are open. >> reporter: open but for some, too ominous to venture back into the water. we should mention here that this particular part of the atlantic is kind of like an interstate for sharks. they see everything from bull and tiger sharks to hammerheads even great whites. at this point though, we still don't know what type of shark attacked these kids. that is the latest from oak island, north carolina chris, back to you. >> thanks, dave. a full-service on-site hotel maybe coming to bwi marshall airport. the go sell to provide easier access to the terminal as well as meeting space, restaurants and other amenities. it would be located near the hourly parking garage, according
4:48 pm
to the capital gazette. the airport is now seeking proposals from design and construction firms to both pay and operate that hotel. airport officials say right now, none of the hotels in that area is within walking distance to the terminal. commuters who use the harry nice bridge over the potomac will be saving money starting next month. maryland governor hogan maps to lower statewide tolls and that is going to save drivers about 90 cents on that two-lane bridge. the harry nice bridge is part of the route 301. it crosses the potomac and it connects charles county, maryland with king george county, virginia. we are just getting some new details this afternoon about redskins training camp. it is going to start july 30th down in richmond. gates will open at 9:30 in the morning most days. this year, the houston texans are coming in for joint practices on august 6, 7 and 8th. all right. well, i guess we got some hot steamy weather.
4:49 pm
i'm running out of words to say. it's like a swamp out there. >> it is washington in the summer. >> exactly. we can already start talking about that break that we are going to get it is going to be midweek. for today you are right. steamy and also stormy. tracking some storms coming east of martinsburg. take a look. steam team four radar, tracking these ever since they formed, off to the west of the area around brunswick, down toward areas of round hill driving eastward, approaching areas like hamilton and luckets in the next couple of minutes. you can see there is a lot of lightning with it. heavy rain, too. bigger picture to show you, those storms also coming in to montgomery county and howard county, not quite as widespread as we are seeing back to our west but there will be some wet weather that will continue to move through up until 6 or 7 p.m. howard county, that cell potentially producing some hail it will head along 29 toward columbia, maryland. this one headed right down areas south in -- down 355 toward gaithersburg here. you can see might hold together as it heads to rockville,
4:50 pm
maryland in the next couple of minutes. right now, 93 degrees. heat index, well over 100. it is a sticky one out there. still going to be sticky early tomorrow morning temperatures come down 84 at 6 to 8 a.m. look how quickly we jump, close to 90 by 10 a.m. warm and muggy, yes. meanwhile, the heat intensity for tomorrow, the heat index once again tops out around 101, is the type of threat where we could see heat exhausting and cramps, one day to make it easy and be aware. scattered storms, see there firing up, our main threat up until or between 3 and 7 p.m. tomorrow will be that of getting some very very heavy rain into the area as well as some lightning, some downpours, here is a look at your four-day forecast. tomorrow, 94. then into the 80s remainder of the workweek, thursday friday, could see a passing storm. perhaps on sunday, we could have some of the moisture from that new tropical storm that's trying to form around the gulf of mexico. but back to the 90s this upcoming weekend.
4:51 pm
more on our storm threat and severe storm threat tomorrow on news4 at 5:00. jim handly back here on the news4 live desk and it's official. former florida governor jeb bush has just kicked off his presidential campaign. and he did it by presenting himself as the problem solver who can brand the republican party's appeal. i will take nothing and no one for granted. i will run with heart and i will run to win. [ cheers and applause ] >> jeb bush made the announcement near his home in south florida. much more on what he had to say coming up on news4 at 5:00. i will join you in just a few. thanks, jim. coming up catching all the green lights on your commute can make the difference between getting there on time and being late, but thanks to some newly retimed traffic signal, some commuters are saving minutes off their drive time in the district. news4 transportation reporter, adam tuss, has information on where the retimed signals are really making a difference.
4:52 pm
>> reporter: one of the most joyous moments of driving around our region trying to beat the traffic signals. yes, don't you just wish they were all timed and worked out perfectly? well, ddot says it has been retiming signals in the city making great progress and guess what, you are saving minutes because of it. the traffic here on 14th street right now, it's pretty backed up but d dot says it is working its way from wards 8 7, through the down up to core and up into northwest d.c. coming up on news4 at 5 and 6 tonight, we are going to show you some of the best spots and show you what people are saying about these newly timed traffic signals. back to you. all right, thanks, adam. passengers on a flight to london end up in the back woods of canada. >> yeah, why their flight was diverted and how they ended up staying in military barracks. and also, what united air lines is doing to apologize.
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a critical highway in alaska is close and evacuations are under way after a wildfire exploded in size and jumped both sides of the highway. the fire's now burning about 40 miles from anchorage and 1700 households advised to evacuate but some residents didn't have time to get their pets out safely before their neighborhoods were closed off. >> we have got a big house and lots of pets and stuff over here. we're not exactly sure what we are even gonna do. >> property and their home and that, that's one thing, but to have the animal -- to have them just be on their chain and not the opportunity i can't imagine. >> emergency officials say the fire started sunday. it was man made but don't have anymore details than that. more rain is the last thing they need in michigan right now. a stalled weather front could bring as much as three more
4:57 pm
inches of rain today. a flash flood watch is in effect one day after heavy rains caused dangerous conditions in detroit. united airlines is on the defensive, passengers forced to shiver on a canadian air base when the plane made an emergency landing. the crew spent the night in a nearby hotel. tom costello has more. >> reporter: united airlines says the 176 passengers who arrived in london more than 36 hours late will get a full refund after spending nearly 24 hours here in military barracks at canada's goose bay. the temperature just above freezing this man took out his cell phone. >> it's cold out here. it's about 4 degrees cell seesius. >> reporter: it was flying from chicago to london when it made an emergency landing at the royal canadian air base for mechanical problem but passengers say the military
4:58 pm
baracks were cold and they had just two thin blankets to make it through the night. just the two of us in a single bed. woe froze through the night, there wasn't any heat. >> reporter: the crew, pictured here, slept in a nearby hotel. soon, angry passengers and families took to twitter. why is united 958 stuck in a military base in goose bay since 2 a.m.? no airline rep in 11 hours. someone an angry tweet saying, the crew must rest in order to continue the flight. you can rest on board the aircraft knowing that they are in charge. united says there simply wasn't enough hotel space for all the passengers and we apologized to our customers for the disruption and we recognize this was a considerable inconvenience. 24 hours later another plane finally took the passengers to newark. there, they were rebooked on to other flights to london. day five of the heat wave and we are monitoring a new round of storms moving our way.
4:59 pm
a toddler nearly drowns at a local water park. how an emergency led to the discovery. and the ice cream truck murder, a neighborhood in shock after the shooter opens fire with children all around. next thing you know, we just heard three or four bangs and kids thought it was fireworks, they just started screaming, covering their ears. first at 5 tonight, a 15-year-old charged with murdering a naval officer and another man outside a fast food restaurant. >> the question now, what happened to provoke this deadly confrontation between two groups that didn't know each other? news4's pat collins is in the parking lot where this all went down in fredericksburg. pat? >> reporter: wendy, police say a teenager went on a ramp page. now, two men are dead. one man seriously wounded. and that teenager facing two counts of first-degree murder. >> police were already in the
5:00 pm
scene of the shopping center when a officer was approached by a bleeding man who said that he had just been stabbed. >> reporter: the scene the cook out, a popular fast food restaurant in fredericksburg. the time, about 2:30 a.m. sunday morning much the crime-- morning. the crime, murder. not one murder but two murders here in the cook out parking lot. >> it was random and senseless as well as very, very violent. >> reporter: this is how police tell the story. they say it began with a clash of two groups of people, a group of adults leaving james barr after a birthday party. a group of teenagers leaving a graduation party. both groups hungry. they ended up at the cook out. there was an exchange of words and


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