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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ee murder. >> police were already in the scene of the shopping center when a officer was approached by a bleeding man who said that he had just been stabbed. >> reporter: the scene the cook out, a popular fast food restaurant in fredericksburg. the time, about 2:30 a.m. sunday morning much the crime-- morning. the crime, murder. not one murder but two murders here in the cook out parking lot. >> it was random and senseless as well as very, very violent. >> reporter: this is how police tell the story. they say it began with a clash of two groups of people, a group of adults leaving james barr after a birthday party. a group of teenagers leaving a graduation party. both groups hungry. they ended up at the cook out. there was an exchange of words and then, police say, a
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teenager, they say 15-year-old, pulled out a knife and stabbed three men. two of those men ended up dead. one of the victims, a sailor assigned to the aircraft carrier, "uss gerald ford." his name mac oliver hughes, he was 30 years old. by phone today, i talked to his father. >> avenues great son. he was very smart. he was a father of two kids. and he was in the navy for 12 years. >> reporter: and then to have him die this way, sir? >> yeah, it's bad, you no? he. >> reporter: also murdered, 28-year-old anthony carter. he's from georgia. he was in town for that birthday party. now wounded in this, a 29-year-old man stabbed four times in the back. it was his birthday. it was his birthday party. police say the victims were not
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armed. they say the only person with a weapon was that 15-year-old teenager. and it was a family member who brought him in to police. more about that coming up at 6. wendy back to you. >> pat collins thank you, pat. right now, we are getting up to the minute details about storms rolling our way. >> but alas, no relief from this heat. doug and veronica, both in the storm center. guys, continuing to track the thunderstorm out there but the heat index once again, 100. >> one more day to go at the tail end, the threat of more storms to. >> some could be severe. right now, tracking storms we don't think these will become severe, one or two locations, the strongest storm coming through northern loudoun county into southern frederick county lining up the pot tomyic river, zoom in show you where the storms are howard county through montgomery county. this one right over gaithersburg, right along 270, gaithersburg, late ville montgomery village, down toward
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rockville, the next five to ten minutes. look at this complex of storms a very strong line of storms making its way toward the east, moving toward frederick county, frederick and buckeys town, barnsville urbana area and the south. as i track this here, the next hour or so the next 40 minutes, talking talking about 5:05 in leesburg. damascus damascus, 5:40. moving 25 to 30 miles an hour towards the east. nothing too severe just yet. something we will continue to watch a lot of lightning associated this with this, in the district, between 6 and 7:00, keep you posted on that as well. the latest on that and when our heat finally breaks in my forecast. a man is behind bars tonight charged with stabbing his father to death in front of his mother. andre pickerel low faces murder charges. prince george's investigators tell us he got into an argument with his father saturday night in their clinton home. they say pickerel low then got a
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knife and stabbed his father multiple times. the suspect then took off in his dad's car. he was arrested sunday morning in charles county on an unrelated charge. charging documents reveal that the man who was arrested for this attack on metro's green line was also armed with a knife. the video shows 52-year-old william nelson hitting a younger man while on a train that was traveling between the anacostia and the congress heights stations. nelson was charged with felony assault. he was supposed to appear in court today but that hearing was delayed until next week. drug dealers are changing their tactics now and so are police in the district. that's because drugs are sending more and more people to the hospital at alarming rates. news nour's mark segraves explains the different approach to this crackdown on drugs. >> synthetic marijuana first hit the market, it was more likely to make you euphoric. now it is making you more likely to be psychotic. >> reporter: synthetic marijuana known on the street
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as scooby snacks, k 2 or bizzaro, is just one of the drugs on police chief kathy lanier's list of most dangerous drugs on the streets of d.c. right now. >> the top three drugs, pcp, synthetic drugs and mdma and other synthetics are being networked in nightlife areas and we are going to go after those aggressively after the supply. >> reporter: a molly overdose has been blamed for the death of a 19-year-old girl who overdosed inside a nightclub last week. for years, police targeted small stores across the city that sell synthetic drugs but the worst that could happen is a small fine. if the mayor gets council approval businesses could be fined $10,000 and shut down if they are caught selling scooby snacks. >> the chief will have the ability to them down for 96 hours during a period of investigation. >> reporter: the crackdown was parked by a recent spike in drug overdoses in the past months, including 11 people recently at a shelter and one death.
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>> since april we have seen a spike. i think we saw like, 97 in april, 100 -- 204 patients in june and through june 12th we have seen over 140. >> reporter: this new crackdown will include changes on what happens when people who overdose show up at emergency rooms. coming up at 6:00 i will tell you who will be notified when that happens. in the district, mark segraves news4. this is the number one consumer complaint in montgomery county and tomorrow is your chance to chime in on new proposed legislation that would stop predatory towing. this bill would reform the towing practices on private property and set a flat rate for certain services, prohibit tow spotters, employees whose main job it is to watch for violators. a public hearing is scheduled tomorrow night at 7:00, but tough -- if you want to speak, tough sign up by 10:00 tomorrow morning. news4 i-team has investigated these towing complaints over the last year and for more details on the public hearing and the
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bill, go to and click on investigations. an elderly man is cornered by a couple of pickpocket crooks and surveil lenz video here could help close this case. these men are using -- accused of taking part in a pickpocketing scheme in foggy bottom this happened back on wednesday in an elevator near 21st and pennsylvania avenue. this security footage shows one man distracting the victim while his partner steals from his back pockets. a woman accused of stealing two houses in prince george's county is going to spend the next 8 1/2 years in prison a judge sentenced the woman today. in one case, prosecutors say she illegally moved into a home in shelton ham after the residents moved to california. in the other, they say johnson and a friend sold an upper marlboro home that they didn't own, sold it to an investment group for nearly $200,000. well we are learning more tonight about the tractor ride that crashed at a popular park
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over the weekend. some 20 people were take top the hospital after the accident in prince george's county. derek word is in cosca park with the latest. >> reporter: we are talking about the wreck of the cannon ball and of course this is not your legendary wabash cannon ball by any stretch of the imagination. not really even a train, not really a tractor. the lack of classification here may have made it hard to n or regulate. whatever happened here yesterday was serious enough that the prince george's fire department had a mass casualty response because of the number of people injured and there is an investigation. it is more tractor than train at least under the skin. >> we built and fabricated a could have to go over it it that made it look like a train engine. >> reporter: cars are pulled along under no power of its own yesterday, when the tractor/train engine flipped over, they took a bumpy free-wheeling ride don't hill, 30 people on board 20 went to the hospital a witness who helped those on board said one little girl seemed to get the worst of it a head injury.
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>> she said i was on the train and the train was going zig zbhag and it flipped over, i felt. she kept a saying it felt like i hit a tree. >> understand there were injuries but it is under investigation by park police and the authorities and they will make a report later on. >> reporter: technically this train or tram is not a ride like you find at an amusement park so it doesn't get regular inspections, the front end, tractor, three years old ant cars less than a year old. we are told that the person operating this, who was among those injured, did get training what that training consisted of is one of the things going to be coming out in the investigation. we are live in clinton, derrick ward news4. >> thank you. a fishing and bolting launch in howard county is temporarily closed tonight. wssc tells us there was an overflow into the reservoir at scott's cove in laurel. about 10,000 gal lops overflowed. about 600 of that is waste water. the rest of it is chlorinated drinking water. drinking water to lawyer.residents should not be impacted by that overflow.
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the federal government is about to make a decision about transfats in your food. >> while many restaurants have already begun to take it out, there are still some traps fats lurking on the shelves of your grocery store. we are going to show you what to watch out for. >> have you noticed a faster ride through the district? we are going to show you why drivers are saving time in their commute. a 2-year-old boy is rescued from this water park in lorton yesterday after the he is found motionless in the bottom part of the center part of that pool. coming up a look at the life-saving efforts under way here. still tracking those showers rolling into our region right now. we will pinpoint which neighborhood could
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she is not a suspect, but
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tonight, police want to question this woman about a murder outside of mcdonald's. investigators think she may know something about the deadly shooting in waldorf back in may. prince georges county police officer and his mother are charged in the case. police tell us the mother may have used her son's service weapon to shoot his ex and the woman's new husband. the new husband died. a dramatic life-saving effort at a fairfax county water park after a toddler is found at the bottom of the pool. >> northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey, explains how bad weather may have saved the child's life. >> reporter: there were hectic moments at pirate's cove water park around 5 sunday evening, lifeguards were clearing the busy pool because of lightning in the area. that's when a pool pay the trop spotted a 2-year-old boy at the pal's bottom. he was in the center section where the water's three to four feet deep. the visitor pulled the child out and into the hands of lifeguards. the executive director of the northern virginia water parks tells me they were fully staffed
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here yesterday with 1 about 15 life guards on duty. he says they did everything they were supposed to do during the emergency. lifeguards started cpr and the nearby marine patrol unit arrived and took over lifesaving efforts, then rushing the child to the hospital. this mom and her boys have never visited pirate's cove but say it is troubling to hear about the near-drowning there. >> it's up fortunate definitely up fortunate because you don't want anything to happen to your kids, let alone somebody else when ever you hear stuff like that. it is not a good thing. it makes you cautious and more aware. >> reporter: the regional park authority's executive director tells news4 both of the toddler's parents were at the water park. it was still unknown who was with the child when he went under. he was not wearing a life vest. the pool has a rack full of them and parents are encouraged to put them on non-swimmers. this is the second pool incident in northern virginia in just three weeks. a 7-year-old girl drowned in a lorton community pool in late may. coming up on news4 at 6:00 the
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rules one water safety expert says parents and those supervising kids need to follow in the pool. in fairfax county julie carey, news4. >> we have posted a story on seven things may not know about drowning so you can protect your kids and grand kids. check it out. share it with your friends. folks affected by last year's slope failure are taking prince george's to court now. three of the residents met with the judge for mediation with the county over just how much their homes are worth. but the talks failed. the county claims last year's slope failure rendered the homes on top of the slopes uninhabitable. the county wants to purchase those homes and demolish them so they can repair the road damaged below, but the homeowners say the county is not paying enough money to cover their mortgages. the food and drug administration is expected to make a decision any day now on whether transfats should be banned from all food. >> doreen gentzler is here now
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with some delicious props and more on how this decision could make an impact on people's health. doreen? >> delicious. they have all got transfat in them, so i don't know. transfats are usually found in foods that contain partially hydrogenated oils. manufacturers say it improves texture and shelf life and flavor in foods like the one we was here, microwave popcorn frosting that comes in a dan, margarine frozen desserts like this chocolate cake or this pie. dietitians though will tell you that transfats are more dangerous for your health than saturated fats. that's because they can cause an increase in our bad or ldl cholesterol, the same time reducing the good hdl cholesterol. fda officials say banning them all together could prevent as many as 20,000 heart attacks every year and 7,000 deaths from heart disease every year as well. the fda was supposed to make the final decision on whether to ban transfats today, but in a
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statement last week, the agency said it would decide over the next several weeks much the good news is that food manufacturers have heard the concerns about traps transfats and cut down adding hydrogenated oil in their products. since 2003 it dropped by 86%. already getting to be a challenge to find transfats in products at the grocery store. they really have cut down. but the question is are they going to ban them outright? >> all right. >> thanks doreen. one of our area's major airports is trying to make it easier for out of towners to get to and from their hotel and the terminal. the hotel is to provide easier access to the terminal as well as meeting space, restaurants and other amenities. it would be located near the hourly parking garage, according to the capital gazette. the airport is now seeking proposals from design and construction firms to both pay
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and operate that hotel. airport officials say right now, none of the hotels in that area is within walking distance to the terminal. the fight about the 15% tax hike in prince george's may not be over. tell you about a so-called hail mary pass that could cost you big bucks. en a ice cream truck driver murdered. it happened in front of children, some as young as 4. i have never seen anything like that. so, i can imagine a 7-year-old, you know, seeing that kind of stuff. and i'm tracking an area of heavy rain and storms. look at our reston camera starting to see rain around reston now, look at the storms just off in the distances, once again making their way into eastern loudoun
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some of the storms are strong, no storms around the d.c. area right now, but i think that's going to change the next hour. you can notice the cloud cover has moved in. current temperature, 93. look at the heat index 100 degrees again today. i think we will see that begin during the day tomorrow. look at the temperatures now 93 washington. 96 down toward fredericksburg. 91 hunting town. you notice where the cooler weather is 79 gaithersburg, 75 martinsburg, 79, winchester, that's the cool air coming in with the rain. we have a line of thunderstorms a very strong line now. this is really intensified the last, say, 20 minutes or so making its way toward the east. if you are in montgomery county or eastern frederick county really be on the lookout, more storms developing down just west of fredericksburg. here is that line making its way from hagerstown, the mason-dixon line right on down through frederick, then right on down to the south, we will do a couple of zams here, one little storm well east of rockville now, another one coming right on through sterling, down on through portions of the airport right here. here's dulles airport. this will come right through
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reston and herndon in the next 20 minutes or so. then look at this guy, a really strong storm just north and west of gatorsburg we will continue to watch that. frederick, lewis town, over toward thurmont, more rain. zoom on in. this is the area right here that if you live in this area, look at all the lightning this is right over urbana, right over thurston, right over clarks berg this one will be a lot stronger than that. this is moving quickly to the east now, heads up around damascus we will see wind associated with these two. down to the south, these storms just developing and starting to blossom now just to the west of fredericksburg over toward culpepper, culpepper county they will move toward fredericksburg the next hour or two. so a lot of storminess out there, it will affect us as we move on through the rest of the night. all of, this the heat and the storms courtesy of an area of high pressure down to our south and west. what that allows is for these storms just move up and right around this area of high pressure. they just follow it. that's what's going to happen its next couple of days. also in this area is the heat.
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we have intense heat. we will see it again tomorrow. look at the highs tomorrow back to 94 tomorrow in d.c. 95 fredericksburg, 92, leesburg notice the heat index, by 11 a.m., 95 degrees. that's 11 a.m. the 8 in fredericksburg. look at tomorrow afternoon, around 1:00, up around 100 degrees again. so a very warm and humid day tomorrow, a better chance of some of those scattered showers and storms becoming strong, possibly severe. 94, 50% chance of storms, 86 on wednesday, help things cool off a built, wednesday and thursday, i do think looking for cooler numbers, the humidity creeps back up 88 degrees on friday. 90 on saturday. look at sunday. sunday could be the hottest day we have seen so far, a high of 95 degrees. more chances of storms. so, yeah for sure, june now on the very warm side of things. guys? >> all right. well, she may be one of the most talked about people on social media right now. >> now, an naacp leader is stepping down. we have reaction to the first statement today from the woman who reportedly lied about being
5:26 pm
a black woman. plus, what would you do for a complete stranger? one woman made an extreme sacrifice for a special little girl and we are going to tell you how they made a life-saving connection. well, are our traffic signals timed the way they should be? you're going to be amazed at what ddot has to tell us about
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first at 5:30, a big push to improve your drive times all over the district. drivers have of the expressed flu spraying about the traffic lights being out of sync. now the city is doing something about it how well is it working? our transportation reporter adam tuss live downtown to take a
5:30 pm
look at them. >> reporter: the city says they are timed properly and they are saving you time. red light green light. red light, green light. right now the city says drivers are seeing more green and evergreen is saving time. >> if we could get, like realistically, a minute would be fine. you know. i think a minute for each traffic light, people coming back and forth, i think that would be great. >> reporter: the exact calculations for how much time you're saving varies by day, but ddot put this video together showing 18th street in northwest from e street to 8th street. on the left, the road before the signals were timed. on the right, the road after the signals were timed. the city says the tweaks just in this corridor save drivers about two minutes. grier gill slice ddot's deputy director. >> we changed the cycle lengths and really provided more green time to a lot of the vehicles.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: yes, but d.c. is filled with cyclists and pedestrians as well. what about them? gillis says they are getting more time at busy cross streets. >> especially in the peak periods, the morning peak periods, the evening peak periods concentrating on those areas. >> reporter: tom childs rides all over the city, noticed a better flow. >> certain routes i find very conducive to biking and i tend to optimize for those route. >> reporter: ddot says it is not done yet, wards 8 and 7 were finished, downtown and moving to upper northwest. back her live along 14th street, reports that a hacker made a claim he could get into the signal system and cause havoc. is that a concern? more about that at 6:00. back to you guys. >> adam, thanks. the supreme court reject and appeal today over a con strollers abortion law in north carolina similar to one in virginia. north carolina's law requires abortion providers to show and describe an ultrasound to a
5:32 pm
woman before she can have an abortion. an appeals court ruled the law violated doctors' free speech and should be tossed out. and since the high court took no action today, the appeals court decision stands. there is word that a property tax increase could be higher than executive. the county executive is demanding that the council raise taxes even more. as bureau chief tracee wilkins shows us, this budget battle is entering unchartered territory. >> law. >> reporter: prince george's executive baker is claiming when the council made drastic changes to his proposed 2016 budget, it broke the launch now he is telling them to get it right. >> i have no other choice but to veto the budget. >> reporter: initially, the county executive introduced a budget calling for a 15.6% property tax increase, the additional revenue for education. the council revised down that number to 4% about no new money going to schools.
5:33 pm
now, the county executive is requesting an 11.45% property tax increase, saying anything less is a violation of the county's charter. >> if the council overrides the veto, then we would be in a very precarious situation, a very unknown position. >> reporter: andre green, the attorney for the entire county, stood with the exec today saying the council is in violation and must increase property taxes to avoid a legal battle or -- >> the budget would not be in compliance with the charter and would, therefore, be an invalid budget. >> reporter: the balance lies voters will are wondering just how much higher their property taxes are going to go. they already have some of the highest in the region. >> i like to see them get rid of some waste. >> i think they should stay as is i have a young daughter and i need my money. >> reporter: the question is will the council agree this new interpretation of the law? >> they have an option of establishing a veto, which would put everything back in balance. and if they don't, then we
5:34 pm
will -- then we will take the necessary actions after that. >> reporter: the county council expected to vote tomorrow. if they override the county executive's vetoes this budget could head to court n upper marlboro, tracee wilkins news4. >> the county council released a same to tracy saying they believe it is legally justified with all action it is takes on this budget. a consumer alert tonight for property owners. montgomery county's office of consumer protection is warning folks about a fake letter in the mail that encourages people to pay $99 to reduce their property tax bills. it appears to be from the government, but, in fact, it's not. the letter asks consumers to pay to file the petition to have their property tax assessment reviewed. but maryland's department of assessment and taxes does not charge a fee for the petition. she says it's in the best interest of the naacp. rachel dolezal resigned today as president of the chapter at spokane washington. this follows the ongoing controversy over her racial
5:35 pm
identity. her parents came forward last week saying their daughter is white but has been portraying herself as black for years. in her resignation letter posted on the spokane naacp facebook page, dolezal said she would "never stop fighting for human rights." her parents say they support her decision to step down. you may have heard about the back-to-back shark attacks in the atlantic ocean but we did some digging to see where shark attacks are the most common in the united states. find out if it includes your next vacation stop. it's official. jeb bush wants to be the next president. we will explain how he is going things a bit differently
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mmmmmm yoplait! ♪ oh! good news everybody! there is now 25% less sugar in yoplait original. say "adieu" to that sugar.
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because it still tastes good ahhhh yoplait! we have been asking all afternoon if the recent shark
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attacks make you more concerned about your beach trip this summer. most of you responded no it is not. there you go. the victims in those two shark attacks yesterday in north carolina are improving tonight. the attacks happened within an hour of each other in an area 30 miles south of wilmington called oak island. the first victim, a 12-year-old girl, informs waist-deep water just after 4 in the afternoon when the shark got her arm and part of her leg. about two miles away, a shark then attacked a 16-year-old boy who was also in waist-deep water. he lost an arm. despite these attacks, the beaches are open today. >> we can't control what's out, you know in the ocean. >> probably not going to go very deep because we heard about the shark and we don't want to go out in there. >> one possible explanation for the sharks being so close to the shore shark fishing at the end of the pier. both victims, by the way, are said to be in stable condition this evening. checking out where we see the most shark attacks here in
5:40 pm
the u.s., you may be surprised to see that it's the east, not the west coast, where they are more common according to the florida museum of natural history. there were 28 attacks in florida back in 2014. hawaii had seven while the carolinas combined had nine. $1 million a day. that's the estimate of the cost of the manhunt for those two escaped prisoners in new york. they are still on the run ten days after they broke out of a maximum-security prison. the prison worker accused of help them break out, joyce mitchell appeared in court today for a brief hearing. the prosecutor refuses to comment on a published report that suggests the escape plot included a possible plan to kill mitchell's husband, lyle who also works at that prison. nbc news has learned lyle mitchell has also been questioned by police and he has hired an attorney today. a facebook post helps a little girl get a second chance at life. we will tell you why a stranger decided to go under the knife
5:41 pm
for a child that she never melt. doreen gentzler will have a special story for you just ahead. driver of an ice cream truck was gunned down in front of children standing just feet away. this is chris gordon in frederick maryland. we will hear from some parents who saw the whole thing. ahead. some of you getting a downpour right now, look at this lane of storms moving through montgomery county eastbound 82 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes. montgomery county tracking right over to 270. more on today's storms and a risk of severe weather tomorrow with
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chris lawrence here at the live desk, just learned a maryland circuit judge is stepping down moments after she was elected to a 15-year term. judge crate.made headlines last year after she was kidnapped and assaulted by a phelps she had a romantic relationship with. since then only heard a limited number of case and today, the chief judge told news4 i can confirm she submitteder will the to the governor and calling it a
5:45 pm
retirement. the judge's resignation will take place a few weeks and not expected to hear cases before then. back to you. >> thank you. moms and dads in a frederick neighborhood are answering difficult questions after their kids see the ice cream truck driver gunned down right in front of them. >> this happened at a housing complex on vermont court on frederick, on saturday. chris gordon has reaction from concerned parents who witnessed this shooting. >> reporter: ronald hall brought his 6-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son when they heard the music coming from the big daddy ice cream truck, parked near their home in the 400 block of vermont court saturday evening just after 5 p.m. >> next thing you know we just heard three or four bangs and then kids thought it was fireworks so they just start screaming covering their ears. >> reporter: police say the driver, 22-year-old brandon brown, had just gotten out of the truck when he was hit by a three bullets and died on the scene. this woman's 7-year-old son was in line for ice cream. >> i'm screaming for my son.
5:46 pm
and he finally came with his hands over his ears, he was that close to the gun. >> he heard and -- >> he was right there right there. the guy fell on his scooter. >> reporter: detectives are charging 27-year-old largele lyles with first-degree murder. it is unclear if the alleged shooter and victim knew each other. the ice cream truck driver, brandon brown, was sentenced to a year and a half in jail for a first first-degree assault conviction that occurred when he was 19. do you have a motive for this shooting? >> that's good question the evidence is going to take must a certain direction and we are going to follow that evidence. not ready to go on record right now with what exactly the motive is. >> reporter: police made an arrest in this case in just 11 hours. coming up what led police to the suspect. that's ahead at 6:00. our strongest storms coming through montgomery county, 270 at father hurley boulevard.
5:47 pm
we heard it was coming down there >> want to show you a live picture. >> radar is lightning up. >> 72 70. talk about the lightning strikes. seen them up to 80 in a 15-minute span 48 strikes. east of 270. # so right through montgomery county and into howard county, and areas there like the northwestern portion of the beltway, there will be some wet
5:48 pm
areas bethesda, mcclaim, right down toward fairfax, eventually bailey's crossroads. there's the heavy rain. not as much lightning taking place here. there's more lightning around culpepper, orange fredericksburg, route 1, i-95. we go from oppressive conditions, of course today, tomorrow's going to be another repeat, be day six of our heat wave, bring it down to the sticky by midweek. will feel better a little sticky, deal with some humidity. today, humidity, dauew point temperatures way up. index reading over 100 today. now going to see it drop a bit that temperature of 93. by tomorrow morning, still sticky. 84 to 88 degrees. 88 by 10 a.m., a threat of more storms, so, a day to keep your eye on the sky for tomorrow. there will be more storms coming through between 3 p.m. and i think about 7 p.m. most of the more elevated
5:49 pm
storms, could produce some severe weather should be ending around 5, 6 p.m. tomorrow. we will start drawing out on the other side of that weather system. let me show you the hourly forecast for tomorrow as temperatures top out around 95 degrees again. your rain chance during the afternoon, we have got hot companies already around 90 degrees by 10 a.m., 95 by 2 p.m. again, around 6, 7 p.m., our storm chance should be over. here is a look at your storm team4-day forecast 92 wednesday, 86 wednesday, 87 expect old hurricane. friday, upper 80s too, temperatures, a slight chance could see that front back into our area give us the threat of a shower or thunderstorm. then this weekend 90 to 95. the heat is going to return. hopefully, this will not be another long stretch of heat but i do think on sunday, we could see start to see the moisture from that tropical system around texas. tracking more storms as they move through areas of montgomery county, south around fredericksburg, too more coming
5:50 pm
up on news4 at 6:00. guys? >> thanks veronica. tonight, a life-saving gift from a stranger. >> doreen against letter has details on a young woman who decided to donate a piece of her liver to save a child's life. doreen? ample pretty brave thing to do. doctors tell us this is very rare, a procedure a lot of them haven't seep before. that's bus donating a liver involves a complex surgery that can be risky, both for the donor and the recipient. but one young virginia woman said that saving child's life was worth the risk. >> hi. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: an emotional first meeting between strangers. >> meeting you guys means a lot to me. so thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: the connection, this little girl. her name is same. and for months she was on the waiting list for a liver transplant. she was diagnosed at six months old with leukemia. kind of a rare type of leukemia. so they are kind of trying a
5:51 pm
couple of different chemos. finally got it into remission, but they knew that wouldn't be the end of it. >> reporter: harsh chemotherapy and the bone traps plant cured same's cancer but also caused major damage to her body including her liver. doctors told her family last summer that she would need a transplant to live. >> we didn't really get any responses or anything like that. we didn't hear much and it felt like we weren't making any progress with it. >> reporter: the family launched a social media campaign and that led to a story on the local news in the ports mouth, virginia area where they live. that's when 23-year-old molly bricker learned about same. >> i thought she needs a liver i have a liver, i have to apply. i didn't even know what the specific reason was, i felt really strongly the lord was calling me to do it. >> an extremely difficult and complex operation to remove the liver. >> reporter: dr. thomas fish bine is the executive director of the transplant institute at
5:52 pm
medstar georgetown university hospital. he says liver transplantation is much more complex than other types of transplant surgery. that's why there are rarely altruistic donors like molly. in fact every year in d.c. doctors will only see about two or three people willing to donate any organ to a stranger. this child didn't have any other donor who could given a organ and she was very ill and going down hill rapidly. >> reporter: molly underwent the surgery to donate just a little over a week ago. doctors removed about 15 to 20% of her liver and then implanted it into sage. that piece of organ will grow with same as she gets older, while molly's up remaining liver is expected to regenerate reaching full size again in three to six months. >> hi, same. my name is molly. >> molly had a chance to meet the little girl whose life she saved last week.
5:53 pm
same was still groggy from the surgery, but her mother and stepfather told molly that the 5-year-old is already showing since of improvement and was able to make this bracelet for her. >> did you make that for me? >> its >> reporter: it's a small token of appreciation for a life-saving gift. >> to be that strong of a person, pretty amazing. thank you so much for giving same the gift of life. such a cute little girl. and this story is such a good reminder about the importance of organ donation. you can learn a lot more about how to become an organ donor on our website, it is amazing, jim and wendy isn't it that a liver can grow? >> a lot of hope to a lot of people. >> thanks, doreen. it is a new political season and a well-known name is taking center stage. his last name is bush but he says he is just jeb. we will show you how he kicked off his camp pip and hopes it will lead him straight to the white house. former d.c. mayor vincent
5:54 pm
gray says he is not ruling out a run for council, but what about that investigation into his 2010
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
it is a name synonymous with american politic bus jeb bush says one running for president deserves the job based on his name. >> steve handlesman is live on capitol hill with his message. >> reporter: good evening. jeb bush really kicked off his gop contest six months ago when he said he would probably run and scared off mitt romney. now it is official. >> and i have decided i'm a candidate for president of the united states. >> reporter: jeb bush made his formal declaration in florida, casting himself as a farmer governor who proved he was a fixer. >> we made florida number one in job creation and number one in small business creation.
5:58 pm
1.3 million new jobs. >> reporter: bush is a spanish speaker, married to a latina in a diverse state. his campaign kickoff video shows a champion of minorities and the working class. >> the main reason i'm in this situation and the position i am right now is because jeb bush allowed companies like goya foods of florida to grow create high-paying jobs. >> reporter: bush does get slammed from the right. >> on issues like common core and immigration where conservatives have questioned where jeb is in his position, i think he is not going to fluctuate on that. >> reporter: 11 republicans have declared a run for the white house, bush is polling at the top. he has got last name recognition but neither george bush joined jeb today, his call and his new logo drops the family name. but bush connections have already paid off, literally. >> probably the most money of any of the gop candidates, close to $100 million, a little bit more than that. >> reporter: he looked presidential to some on a trip
5:59 pm
last week to europe and now, it's official. jeb bush wants the many backers figure this will be a tough fight and figure jeb bush looks likely to lose the first primary contest in conservative iowa. i'm steve, news4. right now at 6:00, a brawl in a parking lot. it ended with two men dead, a 15-year-old kid charged with murder. we will report what led up to that attack that happened between strangers and tell you why residents in that area are particularly upset. d.c.'s former mayor may be ready to step back into politics but whatever happened to that investigation into his 2010 campaign for mayor. we are getting some anticipates. two shark attacks have people along the east coast a little wary. rate now, storm team4 got a close even the radar. some storms out there bumping around through the region. >> it will bring us any relief from the heat? will it?
6:00 pm
chief meteorologist doug kammerer is in the storm center with the latest. doug? >> we have one severe thunderstorm warning now in effect, down toward the fredericksburg area. get right to it, show you where the storms are a line of storms moving through frederick county and montgomery county fairfax county and the district, but that line really weakening now and you can see this line down toward the south. this is the area that has really developed the last hour or so. you can see right around fredericksburg, see this orange box here moving northeast, these storms are moving down southeast. this really should include the fredericksburg area but it doesn't. a lot of lightning associated with this. again, very heavy rainfall. heads up along fredericksburg, back toward culpepper, very strong storms. up toward the north this line, as i said, continues to weaken around the damascus and mount airy area and right through the district, coming right on through downtown about the next 10 to 15 minutes, get those


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