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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 15, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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will bring us any relief from the heat? will it? chief meteorologist doug kammerer is in the storm center with the latest. doug? >> we have one severe thunderstorm warning now in effect, down toward the fredericksburg area. get right to it, show you where the storms are a line of storms moving through frederick county and montgomery county fairfax county and the district, but that line really weakening now and you can see this line down toward the south. this is the area that has really developed the last hour or so. you can see right around fredericksburg, see this orange box here moving northeast, these storms are moving down southeast. this really should include the fredericksburg area but it doesn't. a lot of lightning associated with this. again, very heavy rainfall. heads up along fredericksburg, back toward culpepper, very strong storms. up toward the north this line, as i said, continues to weaken around the damascus and mount airy area and right through the district, coming right on through downtown about the next 10 to 15 minutes, get those umbrellas ready, move through
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though fairly quickly and yes, doreen going to cool things down. >> sounds good. thank you, doug. they were coming from a birthday party. he was coming from a graduation party. but their seemingly chance encounter ended with two men dead, a third wounded and a 15-year-old charged with murder. news4's pat collins is in fredericksburg, virginia with details. pat? >> reporter: two celebrations that somehow lead to a done frontation and a case of double murder. three men stabbed, two of them killed. the suspect is a 15-year-old boy and now, he is facing first-degree murder charges. people in fredericksburg are talking much much you know, you have parents not raising their kids right you know what i'm saying? get a altercation, why would you
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stab somebody? >>'s mere child mere baby. charged with two counts of first-degree murder? >> first-degree murder? yeah. it's unfathomable. just unreal. >> reporter: police tell the story this way. it happened around 2:00 sunday morning. we have a group of adults leaving that bar over there after a birthday party for one of their friends. then we have a group of teenagers, they were leaving a graduation party. they were both hungry. so, they end up at the cook out, a fast food place here in fredericksburg. some words were exchanged a teenager pulls out a knife. double murder. thoofrnls he is two groups did not know each other, nothing to do with each other prior to meeting randomly in this parking lot and we still don't know at this point what caused that initial confrontation. confrontation.
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two of those men ended up dead. one of the victims, a sailor assigned to the aircraft carrier, "uss gerald ford." his name mac oliver hughes, he was 30 years old. by phone today, i talked to his father. >> avenues great son. he was very smart. he was a father of two kids. and he was in the navy for 12 years. >> reporter: a 29-year-old man, he was stabbed in the back. it was his birthday his birthday party. now back to you. >> thanks, pat. members of congress are expected to learn more tomorrow about that massive security breach at the office of personnel management. nbc news reports all the members of the house will be briefed. homeland security chief jeh johnson is among those who will provide the update much that hack began back in december but discovered in april. the full extent of it all is still unknown but there are estimates that as many as 14 million people had their information compromised. right now investigators are working to find out why a man jumped a curb outside a u.s. air force base and then got out with
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a rifle. guards at the little rock air force base shot the map as he came toward the gate but it's not clear if he fired any shots much the map is in critical condition right now. a bay a bystander was hurt. the base was put on lockdown so police could investigate. there is no longer a threat. could be six months before the start of the trial of a man accused of a plot to attack the u.s. capitol. a judge set new deadlines in the case against christopher cornell, the newest date, january 11th next year when prosecutors would have to disclose the expert rebuttal witnesses they plan to use in the trial. cornell was arrested this past january. the fbi says he planned to set off pipe bombs at the capitol and to shoot people as they ran from the building. he has pleaded not guilty. there are still several unanswered questions tonight about a toddler who ended up at the bottom of a pool in the area
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of lorton, virginia. i know the virginia bureau chief julie carey says the second pool emergency prompts some safety experts to warn parents. >> reporter: with school still in session, the pirate's cove water park is closed on weekdays but sunday, it was very busy. around five hectic moments as lightning forced lifeguards to clear the pool. that's when a pay the trop spotted a 2-year-old boy at the bottom of this center section in water three to four feet deep. lifeguards started cpr. the nearby marine patrol took over and fire and rescue. a pool official says there were indications of a pulse and heart beat when the toddler was rushed to a nova fairfax hospital. the executive director of the northern virginia water parks tells me they were fully staffed here yesterday with 15 lifeguards on duty. he says they did everything they were supposed to do during the emergency. the child's parents were at the pool. still unknown how the boy slipped to the pool's bottom. it is the second pool emergency in just weeks in northern virginia. in late may, a 7-year-old girl
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who could not yet swim drowned in a lorton community pool. swimming instructors see the indent as a chance to reenforce safety rules. for non-swimmers, this is the number one rule for parents. keep your kids in your arms or no farther than arm's length. >> close to the kids, hand reach and just be really close to each other when you're in the pool. >> reporter: life vests can be helpful but the arm's length rule still applies. and adults should never try to supervise more than three non-swimmers at a time. and remember, lifeguards are not babysitters. while this mom no longer has to worry about her boys in the water, they remember those early days. >> she always had me in her hands. >> reporter: she hopes these represent emergencies put all parents and those watching kids on alert. >> so makes you cautious and makes more aware. so things like that you're supposed to learn something from them. >> reporter: in northern virginia, julie carey intoes four. the police in maryland are
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hoping the woman they are looking for might have some new clues into a murder case that involves a police officer. they are search for the woman seen in a surveillance video. she is not a suspect. investigators say they just want to question her about a deadly shooting outside a mcdonald's in waldorf maryland, that happened back in may. prince george's police officer and his mother have been arrested in that. investigators say the mother used her son's service revolver -- service weapon to shoot the mother of her grandchildren and the woman's new husband. that husband was killed. the prison worker at the center of that nah massive manhunt was once investigated for having a sexual relationship with one of those two escaped inmates. joyce mitchell appeared in court today. she waived her preliminary hearing. investigators say she provided richard matt and david sweat with tools that helped them escape and then planned to run a
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away with them. mitchell was investigated for a sexual incident involving sweat and then was later charmed by the other escapee. the two men have been on the run for ten days now. >> it is crazy to have those guys in this area for a week. so it's really unsettling. i think the entire community is kind of on edge. >> the investigators think the two men are still in the area near the prison in upstate new york because no cars have been reported stolen. a former d.c. mayor, vincent gray, says federal prosecutors should end their five-year investigation of him. gray made that comment during a rare public appearance since he left office. and as tom sherwood reports, gray did not rule out running again. >> reporter: former mayor gray, an hour-long interview with guest host chuck these, who ran gray's unsuccessful bid for re-election last year. gray says he has kept busy.
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>> did something that i really wanted to do for ages and that was i did some work around my house. >> reporter: gray was up to speed on all sorts of news events, including the crackdown on synthetic drug use. >> i absolutely love this city and will do anything i can to move the city forward. >> reporter: gray barely responded when asked about the five-year probe into the $600,000 shadow campaign by jeffrey thompson that first helped elect gray in 2010. >> the federal investigation into the 2010 campaign, anything new? >> no. nothing. >> reporter: in the hall wake gray was more responsive to news4 saying he is trying to get on with his life. >> does it interfere with your ability to do things? >> i'm doing the things i want to do at this stage. i'm happy about that wish that were over with. i hope it is soon. >> reporter: gray was seen as a good mareyor enjoying the job, but undone by that long-running investigation. >> the investigation is the scandal. the guy who led the
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investigation quit the job and didn't say anything. >> reporter: asked about gray's comes prosecutors say the probe is not over. the investigation involving the 2010 mayor's election is active and ongoing. during the interview, gray, a former council member and chairman, left open a potential run next year. >> have you rule it had out, rule it had in? >> i rule nothing out, rule nothing in. >> all right. >> you know that little laugh there says the mayor likes that idea, whether he does it or not, jim. >> a lot said in that little chuckle. >> yes, a lot. >> one wonders if alexander the councilwoman from ward 7 ought to be nervous about now. >> you know, this is politics and not personal. it is politics shall as mayor barry used to say. yvette alexander has been one of the strongest supporters of vincent gray through the tough times and tough to see. i don't know that mayor gray would do it. we really are kind of this frozen spot here, we need to know what are the prosecutors going to do?
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five-year investigation. all the sources say continued, new people being interviewed cannot say it is over, the pros cuters they have some legal obligation at some point to say it's done. certainly can't make any plans. significant plans. >> he can't make any long-term plans. >> all right. thanks, tom. worries with mounting on the coast tonight after two young swimmers lost arms in separate shark attacks. we have got a live update next. new fallout tonight in that controversy over an naacp leader who was outed as a white woman. the lawsuit -- we will tell you about the lawsuit she filed against a local university. and you can check out storms in the area. our live radar is available any time on the nbc washington app. storm team4 will keep you updated on your mobile device throughout the night too.
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an elderly man is cornered by a couple of pickpocket crooks and surveilence video here could help close this case. these men are using -- accused of taking part in a pickpocketing scheme in foggy bottom. this happened back on wednesday in an elevator near 21st and pennsylvania avenue. this security footage shows one man distracting the victim while his partner steals from his back pockets. two kids lost an arm in separate shark attacks. it happened at the same beach in north carolina yesterday. as nbc's dave wagner shows us all the beaches along that coast are still open for business. dave? >> reporter: they sure are jim, should point out there is record heat in north carolina now. if you look down the beach, you will see very, very few people
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in the water, maybe up to their ankles maximum here after a series of shark attacks. beachgoers they are concerned. brutally hot sunday, the oak island, north carolina, surf was teeming with swimmers, including a 12-year-old girl who was viciously attacked by a shark. >> there is a girl whose hand had been bitten off by a shark. >> reporter: an hour later and 50 blocks away, a 16-year-old boy was attacked. serious bleeding. i'm watching. yes, sir. >> okay. is he alert right now? >> reporter: both victims lost their left arms. >> i've ever treated anything like this, to inflict that kind of damage have to be a relatively large shark. >> reporter: in a state where there were just four shark attacks last year, there have been three in just four days this year, including a 13-year-old girl who was attacked on her boogie board 30 miles to the south in ocean isle. >> i don't think i really ever had a definite fear. you know, you see movies and all that i was okay to get in the water yesterday, all the way up
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to my neck. so, now it's definitely there. it's real. >> reporter: the attacks are keeping beachgoers in ankle-deep water. >> probably not gonna go very deep because we heard about the shark and we don't want to go out in there. >> you guys wish you could go in the water? >> yes. >> reporter: while town officials keep a lookout, shark fishing continues on the end of the town pier. >> we have had unconfirmed reports of chumming for sharks and shark fishing. at this time, we don't believe we can actually stop that. >> reporter: bringing sharks and beachgoers closer together. >> we can't control what's out, you know, in the ocean. the beaches are open. >> reporter: open, but for some, too ominous to venture back into the water. this particular part of the atlantic is kind of like the interstate. imagine this is i-95. sharks traverse this area going from the northeast united states all the way to the southeast, down to places like florida. we are talking bull tiger sharks, hammerheads, even great
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white around here. at this point though, jim, they really don't know what type of shark attacked these kids. the latest from this area tonight. people are concerned but i think people are taking caution and not getting in the water. >> sounds like a good idea. thank you. we asked a question earlier if you like to go to the beach, are you more or less concerned about shark attacks this time of year? here is a look at the results of our flash survey. might be surprised at that. 50% said no not worried about it. but another 50% say, yeah. doug? worried about? >> those are down there still going to ocean city rehoboth, very low shark attacks in those regions the course of a few years. >> do seem to happen late in the day. >> always late in the day. yep. mm-hmm. for sure. >> he's >> that's especially a time to
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be careful. >> have to be careful getting out in our hood. >> looking at the shot back there rain starting to move downtown now, coming down fairly heavily five to ten minutes ago. now things starting to clear up. you can see that line of storms. saw one very long line from red frick, leesburg, central montgomery county that line quickly dying off now, now the storms heaviest storms down to the south, in through culpepper county madison and green county, the fredericksburg area, what we are going to continue to see. look at this storm around fredericksburg, the one that i'm watching right here, severe thunderstorm warning in effect for stafford, spotsylvania fredericksburg until 6:30. heads up for that, moving down to the south and east, king george county southern charles county the next few minutes. here is line i'm talking about. again it was very strong. nothing out there right now. we have some shower activity through gaithersburg, eastern portions of month come ries county, prince georges county along the beltway, just now some moderate rain showers and that's really going to be it.
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#prince georges county, along the beltway, just now some moderate rain showers and that's really going to be it. farther to the north, around the olney area, ashton, up toward columbia, howard county we will continue to see all this pushing off toward the east and still moving in toward carroll county. the wider view here this is what is going on we have this area of low pressure, rather high pressure this high pressure extends from the atlantic all the way up and around our region. now, what that does it creates a lot of heat. talking record breaking temperatures down in this area. notice the storms going up over and down the region why we have the storms each and every day why we will have the heat and the storms during the day tomorrow. they call this the ring of fire exactly what it is. you can see the thunderstorms lighten up all across the region. heat for sure. 81, heat index 85.
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saw that shower, that thunderstorm move across the area, had a high of 93. the heat index today got up to 100. right now the temperature still 92 in fredericksburg, going to come down with that rain. most areas now in the 70s to the north as a result of the rain that did come on through here. but take a look at the highs tomorrow. 94 d.c., 95, fredericksburg. look at what happens during the after into. 100 in d.c. 101 in fredericksburg. tomorrow, another brutal day as far as the heat and humidity are concerned. tomorrow, we get chance for some strong possibly severe storms. then a high of 94 after we get cooler. 86 on wednesday. lower humidity. 88 on thursday. back into the 90s, saturday sunday, into monday. gathering new information tonight about the woman at the
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center of a race controversy. we know rachel dolezal attended howard university. now there's word about a lawsuit filed against the school. young man driving an ice cream truck another guy comes up and pumps two builts into himllets into him in front of a group of kids. coming up how police were able to find the guy who did the shooting. police are changing the way after they are going after drug dealers after hundreds of
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chris lawyer lean here with the latest on the naacp director who resigned after being accused of trying to pass her off as a black woman. a report says rachel dolezal sued howard university for denying her a scholarship because she was white. we got our hands on that lawsuit.
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news4 has confirmed that dolezal did attend howard university. and the smoking gun is reporting that she was going by the name rachel dolezal moore at that time. the lawsuit was filed in washington, d.c. superior court. and in it rachel moore claims school officials blocked her from getting a teaching post and denied her a scholarship because of her race, gender and pregnancy. the koch plant was dismissed 18 months later after a jim found no evidence of discrimination. so rachel dolezal resigned as the head of the naacp spokane chapter today. tomorrow morning she will sit down with matt lauer for an exclusive interview on the today show. again, you will hear from dolezal herself tomorrow morning right here on nbc4. next, how police tracked down the gunman accused of shooting an ice cream truck driver in front of a group of kids and why they believe he pulled the trigger. and what may have caused a toy train filled with families to topple at a park. traffic
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still tracking rain and storms on storm team4 radar. one line of storms moving in through prince george's and anne arundel. a strong storm around fredericksburg. brand-new severe thunderstorm warning in affect now. look, they just came one another one, extended it to the north to include southern charles county king george county, southern stafford county, the city of fredericksburg, northern spotsylvania, this until 7:00 tonight, a very strong storm, a ton of lightning, very heavy rain, to the west of spotsylvania county king george, extreme southern charles, get ready this is a strong storm moving your way. continue to track them from the storm center. >> thank you, doug. a very favorite ritual of
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summer is forever tainted for some young children in frederick, maryland. >> those kids saw man shot and killed, saw the ice cream man shot and killed. our chris gordon is there now with -- tell us what led police to track down the guy who did it. chris? >> reporter: this is lucas village subsidized housing in frederick, home to many families. now this story has been widely reported in new york, boston and the united kingdom because it involves a ice cream truck. it's music luring kids out here onto the street saturday evening for what should have been one of the treats of summer. instead, it turned to tragedy right in front of their eyes. >> everybody was panicking, even everybody running around, chaos. >> you heard the shooting? >> i did. how many shots? >> four. >> reporter: the driver 22-year-old brandon brown had just gotten out of the truck when he came face-to-face with largele lyles.
6:32 pm
according to court documents a witness says lyles told several children to watch it pulled a revolver from his waistband and shot brown. >> how chose were your children? >> they were right there. >> are you worried about your children? >> i am. they are asking me questions i can't answer, why did god let it happen? other parents with children there are concerned about the impact it is having. >> i'm very upset. it was you know, i i never seen anything like that. so i can imagine a 7-year-old, you know seeing that kind of stuff. detectives quickly identified the suspect from witness accounts, they also have surveillance video from a camera in the parking lot. they got a arrest warrant, they located the suspect, 27-year-old larnell lyles at a residence in walkersville maryland and arrested him about 4 a.m. sunday morning. lyles is charged with first-degree murder and use of a handgun in the commission of a felony.
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>> when officers arrived, they were able to -- they started life-saving efforts with ems. unfortunately, they were not successful and they pronounced the victim, mr. brandon brown, dead on scene. >> reporter: it is unclear if the alleged shoot and the victim knew each other. brandon brown got his job driving you the ice cream truck after serving time in jail on an assault conviction. police aren't saying what the motive for the murder may be. >> police tell me that larnell lyles may face additional charges by the time this investigation is over. that's the latest live in frederick, maryland. jim, back to you. thanks, chris. there is still no final word right now on the cause of an accident at costco park in prince george's county. 20 people most children were taken to the hospital after the tractor that was towing a group of cars tipped over. those cars unhooked and they took a roll down a hill. some witnesses said it appeared that the tractor lost its brakes before it turned over.
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up in of the injuries was serious. because it's no the a ride the traing tore pull is not inspected as would be any other ride at a amusement park. on the heels of hundreds of recent overdoses, d.c. leaders today announced a new strategy to crackdown on drugs. news4's mark segraves reports on the changes that will stretch from police departments to local hospitals. >> reporter: since january, the d.c. fire department has responded to hundreds of calls for drug overdoses. >> a spike. so, that's what got everybody's attention. >> reporter: while most of those overdoses didn't result in any deaths, some did including a 19-year-old girl who died from a molly overdose while at a local nightclub last week. health officials say most of the overdoses are caused by drugs like molly and synthetic marijuana. the new strains of those drugs are far more potent than they used to be and doctors aren't certain what chemicals are in
6:35 pm
them. the mayor has mandatory reporting by hospitals when patients who overdose show up in the emergency room. they want doctors to track the drugs like the flu but say nobody will be reported to the police. >> that there will be no criminal prosecution for use nor elimination of access to city services. >> reporter: police say molly is typically sold in night club and at large parties while synthetic marijuana is often sold under the counter in small stores. which is why mayor bowser has also proposed tough penalties for stores caught selling the synthetic drugs that have street names like scooby snacks and bizzaro including a $10,000 type. >> if a business is found to be selling a synthetic drug for a second time, the chief of police can shut it down for up to 30 days. it can be fined $20,000. and d.c. ra will move to permanently revoke its business license. >> reporter: in the segraves, news4.
6:36 pm
jeb bush made it official he is running for president and tomorrow, he heads right for new hampshire. bush made the announcement near his home in florida. on the issue of immigration, bush said the next president of the u.s. will pass meaningful immigration reform so that that issue will be solved, not by executive order. after the trip to new hampshire tomorrow, bush will go to iowa on wednesday. donald trump is taking a big step toward entering the presidential race. the "washington post" reports that trump will release a summary of his assets tomorrow. the document values his fortune at $9 billion. that's double what forbes has said he is worth. sources tell the post that trump is releasing the testimony mop
6:37 pm
demonstrate his success as a businessman and show he is serious about running. hillary clinton held her first open campaign rally concord, new hampshire, started an hour before the jeb bush announcement. until today clinton's events in new sharp hire have been for small, invited groups. earlier, she told the crowd in rochester, new hampshire, she would provide federal aid to boost early childhood education. "nbc nightly news" will have more on today's developments in the race for the white house coming up at the top of the hour. coming up, tell you why teachers in d.c. staged a sit-in today. cyber attacks on all sorts of things but what about on our traffic
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sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. some changes at a d.c. high school are pitting some of the teachers and students against d.c. school leaders. those teachers led a sit-in, a protest at ballou high school in southeast today. it has been deemed underperforming so it was ordered to undergo what peas called a reconstitution the third time such an order has
6:41 pm
been issued in the past five years. what it means is 40 teachers basically will be filed from ballou. officials say they are upset with the process. >> the teachers are being blamed for everything that's gone wrong here. they received three weeks' notice that the school was going to be reconstituted. >> ballou could do a lot to improve. i think there are a lot of way it is could improve and i don't know that this is one of them. >> in a statement to news4 today, d.c. public school officials say the restructuring presents an opportunity to take bal almost ou in what they call an exciting new direction. herndon high school students in virginia are on notice, stop having food delivered to school. the fairfax time reports the number of deliveries has been growing the closer we get to the end of the school year but goes against school regulation and the front office can't keep up
6:42 pm
with all the delivery people coming to the door. if a student gets caught receiving an order on campus, they will get afterschool detention. could hackers get in the way of your drive time? fredericksburg hammered now, king george county, southern charles, another storm developing through southern prince george's county, i have it all for, tracking the storms and the heat, next.
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some people wonder whether hackers could cause havoc on city streets. one person recently claimed he could change a red light to green right here in the city. and his claim is made just as the city is in the middle of a huge traffic signal retiming project. our transportation reporter adam tuss reports. >> reporter: the last thing you want is someone playing tricks about your commute, but a researcher from argentina says he recently hacked into the city's signal system and could make changes. and that got the attention of city leaders. >> with we decided let's definitely and make sure and check and follow with that as
6:46 pm
well. >> reporter: what d dot was checking on was a claim a hacker made to the "new york times" he could get into d.c.'s signal system and basically change red lights to green lights whenever he wanted. grier gill slice ddot's deputy director and they found the system was never hacked and they are in good shape. >> we have got a team that's constantly monitoring it every group here in the government. >> reporter: all of this is timely because d.c.'s right in the middle of a huge signal retiming project. the city says it has retimed corridors so that drivers are seeing one green after the next. >> if we could get, like, realistically i mean a minute would be fine. i think a minute for each traffic light, people coming back and forth, i this thank you would be great. >> reporter: exact calculations for how much time you're saving varies by day, but ddot put this video together showing 18th street in northwest from at least ee street to 8th street. on the left, before the signals
6:47 pm
were timed, on the right, after the streets were timed. just in this corridor saves drivers two minutes. some say it is an uphill battle, retimed lights or not. the city says it started the retiming in wards eight and seven moved here downtown and now into upper northwest. in the district, adam tuss, news4. just a few minutes a fairfax county community will hear about mans to shrink a major commuter road to make room for bike plain lanes much the travel rains on franconia between craft and south van doren street are larger than average. v dot has plans to repave the highway making an opportune time to add the bike lanes much the change will be under discussion starting at 7:00 tonight on edison high school on franconia road. doug is here with more about our weather and we are going to have to wait for relief. >> yeah. a day. a day. but tomorrow, i think even hotter than today. >> ask you something.
6:48 pm
>> all right. search this >> is this the atmosphere you guys call juicy? le i-- i always liked that word. >> yes. an atmosphere for storms. tomorrow will be juicier. gets the weather guys excited. juicier day. show you what's happening. do have storms. some on the strong side for sure. they are all out of the d.c. metro area the most part, still some showers toward the portions of prince george's inside the beltway beltway. these are really strong storms. fredericksburg getting innone dated with very heavy rain, back toward spotsylvania, very heavy rain, severe thunderstorm warning, see all of this lightning here the past couple of minutes, right along 301 cross over the brim, charles county, northern virginia in toward king george county, fair
6:49 pm
view, dahlgren, severe thunderstorm warping in affect for charles county down toward king george county until 7:00 tonight that storm moving off to the east. this storm right here moving down to the southeast from waldorf and then right on through southern prince george's county, northern calvert county, sunderland area and hunting town, the next 10 to 15 minutes much watch out if you are in those regions. do have stronger storms from the south, d.c., our rain is here gone, temperatures responded. down to 81. i expect to go up next hour, 82, 83 still humid humid the word for sure. manassas, no rain 90. 88 fort belvoir. 91 to 96 tomorrow. storms likely and boy, it is going to be hot and -- >> juicy! >> what i'm talking about. there is the word we are talking about. a chance for strong to potentially severe storms and then much nicer weather wednesday, thursday and friday,
6:50 pm
temperatures into the 80s, we call that a lot nicer, at least it is not the 90s. back there for the weekend. >> thanks doug. we got sports coming up, mad max proving he is worth that 200 million. and we are going to tell you when and where
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did you see that the other night? my goodness. awesome throw. >> juicy last night. >> yeah. >> another juicy. >> you can use it in sports, too. a juicy sportscast. he was hot. >> he was shot. bryce harper back for the nationals and his time cog not have been better, the nationals in tampa facing the rays a place where harper has had some pretty spectacular moments in his career. the able of 16 add 502-foot home run at tropicana field for
6:54 pm
a high school home run derby. he will dh tonight for matt williams. speaking of scherzer, everyone still talking about that performance last night. perfect -- almost a perfect game for scherzer, took it to the seventh inning, giving up just one hit striking out a career high 16 batters, also set a franchise record with that mark, e.r.a. is now 1.93. fifth best in the majors. he normally gives out the chocolate syrup showers. yesterday, he was showered. >> how do you like it now? speaking of nats pitchers, news today, stephen strasburg will make a rehab start at aa harrisburg, on the disabled list since may 30th with neck tightness. he threw a bullpen session, 60 pitches to teammates on friday. this season, he has struggled. the 26-year-old who spots a 3-5 record has an e.r.a. over 6. getting back to tonight's game nats versus rays, steven
6:55 pm
sousa, jr., may be playing for the competition tonight but always a part of nationals history. you guys remember this catch, right? the diving grab that saved jordan zimmermann's no-hitter. only no-hitter in nationals history. now, sousa, he did not get that bmw he heard about from zim, but a best buy gift yardcard. next best thing. sousa, back in december, he plays now, he has had a great season, only batting .216 but hit 12 home runs for the rays. also up in baltimore, manny match chad dough, he was named the american league player of the week. the orioles opened up a two-game set against the phillies tonight. football now, talk about the redskins. mandatory minicamp starts tomorrow in ashburn and the team also releasing their training camp schedule dates. here are key dates to remember. all are open to the public and free of charge and richmond, thursday july 30th the first day of training camp august 6th
6:56 pm
through the 8th joint practices with the houston texans taking place. august 15th, fan appreciation day. the full list of dates, head over to the nba finals continue to wow us after last night's win by golden state. the warriors lead the series 3-2. golden state with no answer for lebron james. he had 40 points, just video game numbers. 14 rebounds. and 11 assists in game five. a second triple-double of this series. now, if lebron is putting up video game numbers steph curry putting up video game moves. he was going behind the back. >> ridiculous. >> slicing up the deli man there. he had 37 points in the game. this series heads back to cleveland. the cavaliers on the brink of elimination. >> we don't want celebrating at all, our home floor they home floor, so we have come this far and we have been very good at
6:57 pm
home. we have to understand why we weren't good game four. we can't repeat that or they will raise the trophy for sure. i feel confident because i'm best player in the world. that simple. >> a lot of people say even if the cavaliers lose lebron james should be the finals mvp. i don't agree with that >> how can you not? >> has to come from a winning team. >> he's to could.from a whipping team steph curry. >> somebody, one person playing with him up to the pippen standards, he might -- they might win the whole thing. he is carrying the whole -- the whole city of cleveland by himself. the whole team. >> a lot of pressure. steph curry, should be the mvp if they win. golden state, they can win tomorrow and win the title. hold on. hold on. the nhl now and talk about the stanley cup playoffs, stanley cup finals, i should say the chicago blackhawks if they win tonight, they will hoist lord stanley's cup, lead that series against tampa bay, 3-2. >> first time, what, 38 --
6:58 pm
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tonight, bracing for impact the major storm about to hit texas. threatening the very flood-drenched places that need it least. and warnings tonight it could be even worse this time. shark attack. two young swimmers in waist-deep water both lose limbs in attacks just an hour apart. tonight, shoulthat stretch of beach still be open? making his case. a fiery jeb bush comes out swinging against hillary clinton, president obama, and his republican rivals. calling it quits. the naacp leader whose family said she's pretending to be black resigns her post as we learn more surprises from her past. and cutting the fat. from microwave popcorn


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