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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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movement of trains is described as distracting disruptive environment, often times with employees shouting at each other. some employees there seen on their own cell phones a violation, and just in the last few year, trains directed from the control center into active work zones. past red signals and power restored to the high-voltage third rail while workers were on the tracks. >> metro needs to improve its culture. >> reporter: the report talks about smoke and fire conditions, saying metro doesn't have the means to determine the exact location of the source of smoke in a tunnel. page after page, there's evidence that metro needs to do better. here in the system today, concern. we are at a critical point right now with metro, don't you think? >> yes. yes. yes. no question about it. >> reporter: houlton beck rides metro every day. he relies on it. >> there's more and more accidents and safety issues going on now than since they built it.
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>> reporter: it is now metro's turn to respond to the report. now what if metro doesn't respond and fix the problems that are outlined in the report? can the government step in and actually fire people shake up things at metro? more on that at 6:00. wendy, back to you. >> adam tuss. d.c. police now say a man run over and killed by that street sweeper was crossing the street. this happened on monday at 40th street and klain place in northeast d.c. the street sweeper was backing up when it struck the 73-year-old man. that victim was a father of six and he died at the hospital. we just talked to his family. we are going to have a full report on that coming up in just a few minutes. just learned the name of a little boy killed in a fiery wreck here in montgomery county. police tell us 5-year-old daniel dana died inside this burning car in gaithersburg. officers came across the scene along route 370 yesterday where the child's mother told them someone was still inside the vehicle. the mother is still in the hospital in serious condition
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right now. two young brothers in custody after a deadly stabbing that happened outside a fast food restaurant in fredericksburg. police tell us a 17-year-old boy turned himself in just a day after officers took his little brother into custody. news4's pat collins live in fredericksburg with details for us. pat? >> reporter: jim new tonight, another suspect. new tonight, more details about what happened here at the cookout double murder case. a secondment is charged in connection with the double murder in the cook out parking lot. at police headquarters a 17-year-old turns himself in. he is charged with mob assault. it's a misdemeanor. police say he is the brother of the 15-year-old charged with two counts of first-degree murder. stabbed to death, 30-year-old
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mac oliver hughes. stabbed to death, 28-year-old anthony carter. a clash between two groups of people around 2 a.m. sunday morning. a group of adults leaving a birthday party. a group of teenagers leaving a graduation party. they all gathered at the cookout to get something to eat. now today i talked to a guy who was here when it happened. he says the adults were in a car in the drive thru rain. he says the teenagers surrounded that car opened the doors and started dragging people out of the car. he says there was a fight that one of the teenagers started stabbing people. police were here like that. he said everybody scattered except for the victims. now, natasha bledsoe she has been with the fredericksburg police department for more than 24 years. she says she has never seen a crime quite like this. >> these two parties had nothing
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to do with each other, no connection to each other. they came together, in a flash two men were dead, one hospitalized with severe life-changing injuries. and two juveniles, whose lives will never be the same again either. >> reporter: it's been reported the prosecutor may try the teen murder suspect as an adult. people here have some strong feelings about that. the people speak out at 6:00. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins. they want to you take a minute to look at this picture. police say this man sexually assaulted a little girl. this happened last friday in a farm sign riverdale road in new carroll ton. detectives say the man walked up to the 6-year-old and touched her inappropriately. the child's parents were in the store at the time but were not with her at that time. if you recognize this man or you saw anything you are asked to call the police. the uva lacrosse player in prison for killing yeardley love is now asking the u.s. supreme
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court to review his conviction. george how longly isser is afghanistan 23-year sentence for killing love in in 2010. we have a wee bit of rain moving in. >> we have team coverage tracking it all strom storm center four. kick us off. >> a wee bit. right now light showers not just the rain a story, temperatures. >> way down from yesterday. humidity, not so much. that's going to be going back up over the next couple of days. >> that rain is going to continue on through the night tonight. temperatures right now some 15 to 25 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. everybody has been waiting for cooler weather, the reason the clouds and the showers, look at
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the showers in through fairfax county prince george's county, back to the west. you can see they are moving from west to east across our area. we have got a boundary now. that boundary extends all the way back to the west. you see more showers and even thunderstorms, these are all going to try to make their way our way. i think we could be in for a fairly wet night tonight. we will talk about that the next couple of days and tropical depression bill, how it could affect your weekend. that coming up. well, just minutes ago, a passionate plea from the police -- the chief of police in the district, asking for help to find these three guys. you may have seep this video on news4 at 11:00 last night. police say these guys may be involved in the shooting of a 16-year-old boy. news4's jackie bensen joins us with the emotion that occurred at the news conference minutes ago. jacks? >> reporter: in this press conference which wrapped up just a few moments ago, i saw chief lanier as frustrated as emotion-filled as i have seen her in quite some time. now, the frustration comes from the fact that this is the third
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time she has done this in recent weeks, come forward after high-profile crimes. the shooting of two men on their way to work on i-295, the shooting of a reporter, shar niece milton and the shooting of a 16-year-old boy yesterday things proved tremendously frustrating in detectives in two of those cases, there was a very good video, video that if you knew the people involved you would be able to describe them and yet, nothing nothing at this time to lead detectives toward suspects. now, here is how chief lanier described the video in the latest shooting of the 16-year-old that happened yesterday. this is very good quality. we don't always have this. so if you think about it you know 16-year-old kid who's got this kind of injury, everybody should be outraged and everybody should be trying to get justice for this family. >> reporter: and from talking to chief lanier and her investigators, the sense of
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frustration that i get from them is that they believe there are many people who know about at least two of these murders and yet no one has come forward, no one from the public has come forward and offered help, especially when the victims are so young. back to you. all right jackie benson. a man is in after a shooting in alexandria that happened last night at four mile run park along mount vernon avenue. one one man shot another man in the hip after making a comment about gangs. charges include gang participation. hack attack that got all our attention last week on the u.s. government may be a lot bigger than first announced. today, we learned the opm breach includes congressional staffers. workers for the house received letters late last night. those letters said that their service records may have been compromised. in addition, their back ground files that include security clearances may have been exposed. so far 4 million federal workers have learned that their personal information was stolen.
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security experts believe china may be behind it. new developments tonight in a terror plot investigation up in new york. >> the fbi says a man tried to stab an agent who was investigating this case -- tried to stab him with a kitchen knife that man is now in custody and is accused of plotting with a college student to carry out some kind of terror attack. and nbc's pete womenilliam was here. what was he mapping on doing and was he inspired by isis or connected anyway? >> that is what they say is the common thread between all these plots they have been uncovering the last few week boston, look at the gar land, texas, plot. now these in new york. they say eyes is is the common denominator much the man arrested today is fareed mooney. he is 21. authorities say he came at a fbi agent when they went to his house to do a search with a kitchen knife. you are looking at the george washington bridge. that, they say, is another part of the story because another man, a college student from queens named munther sally,
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authorities got suspicious why he was wandering under the george washington bridge, they put him under surveillance. they say he was going online and downloading instructions how to build pressure cooker bombs, doing surveillance on possible sites to attack in new york and told an undercover agent he was here to do some kind of operation much the common denominator, they say is isis inspired both of them and plotting together, he says. >> why are we hearing more about the cases now, is the surveillance better or isis just more active? >> yes to both. isis, they say has ramped up its propaganda outreach very effective, they say, because the isis people doing it are young and appealing to a younger audience. at the same time, the fbi is trying to keep one it and has investigations going in every stated. >> pete williams, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> look for new details about the investigation coming up tonight on "nbc nightly news" which airs right after our broadcast, 7:00 tonight. a father of six run over,
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killed by a street sweeper. coming up next, one son tells us about this accident in the district and what he already misses about his father. and $100 million one of the biggest phone companies accused of slowing down your internet speed. find out how at&t is responding now. plan for a boston common mall. we are going to walk you through some of the new designs, show
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a local family is grieving a tragic, sudden loss. james gary was run over and killed by a street sweeper in front of his home near clay police and 40th street northeast. as mark segraves reports, the victim's sister saw it happen. >> he was just an all-around good guy. you couldn't know my father without loving him. >> reporter: kevin gary is a law
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enforcement officer. he says his father worried about him every day. ness i work for prince george's county sheriff's department and called me every day, i get off work, how was work? did you do this? i miss his phone calls daily. every day i miss his phone calls. >> reporter: monday morning, a road crew from fort myers construction was repaving the road in front of gary's home where he and his wife had raised their six children. the 73-year-old was crossing the street when a street sweeper owned by the construction company backed over him, trapping him beneath the large vehicle. >> my e charge. saw everything, he is dramatize traumatized ed at the hospital. his family is not casting blame. for now, they want to focus on each other and remembering their father a spokesperson for fort myers declined to answer questions about the accident because of the ongoing investigation but extended the company's sympathies to the family. >> very good man. always willing to smile, a have a joke, help people out the extra mile for people. >> reporter: in the district
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mark segraves, news4. it is big the nation's second largest wireless carrier faces a huge fine tonight, accused of misleading millions of customers. consumer reporter erika gonzalez in our newsroom to help you figure out if you're affected. >> yeah jim it could end up being one of the biggest penalties on record. the federal communications commission is accusing at&t of offering consumers unlimited mobile data, but then significantly slowing their internet speeds once they reached a certain amount of data. it's nope as throttling. the fcc says at&t violated transparency rules. the government accuses the phone carrier of misleading consume nears buying the plans that consumers believed gave them up limited ability to watch videos, browse the web and use gps navigation. we asked at&t about the allegations. they tell us it would "vigorously dispute the fcc'sing aizations aizations" it has been fully traps parent with customers and
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provided notice in melt pell ways. the fcc has specifically identified this practice as legitimate, at&t says, and known for years that all the major carriers do it. in the newsroom, erika gonzalez. outdated and invent, that's how some are describing ball stone common mall. arlington county is stepping closer to approving a massive redevelopment project. our northern virginia bureau reporter david culver toured the mall with what the future could look like. david? >> reporter: wendy, you and i have talked about how dramatically this area is changing. this core tore from balance stone down to ross lipped, you drive it you will notice lots of restaurants, places to live. here is the fear when it comes to retailers. they are worried about losing business to places like tyson's in pentagon city, hoping the balance stone corner as they are calling it, will change that. right where we are walking is just about the point where you'll move from the indoor part of the mall with macy's as the
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anchor of that part of the project into what becomes an open-air pedestrian street. >> reporter: it is will noble's job to plan ahead. his current project, arlington's ball stone mall. he wants to change the '80s design. >> no a true, classic, state-of-the-art urban mixed use development. >> reporter: what does that meaning actually? mall opener, four city, gave us the renderings to virtually tour the place. the main entrance where the skywalk over wilson boulevard meets the mall will look like this. >> think of a live/work/play environment, shopping dining, entertainment, and we will be adding 400 apartment units as well. >> reporter: the idea is to do away with the massive indoor complex and some areas, there will be no ceilings at all. >> this new ball stone quarter will transform wilson boulevard. >> reporter: tina leone is ceo of ball stone bid, represents 115 businesses here, strong support for the new look.
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>> long overdue, 30 years since the mall has been renovateded it went through a similar transition about 30 years ago it is due for that again. were crop construction still about a year off. it will mean two years of some hard hat congestion here. most of the 82 stores will close, their employees either relocated or let go. leone sees it as a long-term investment. >> when ball stone corner comes online in the spring of '18, the jobs will be many, many more than what we have now. >> reporter: some of the stores going to stay open even through the construction, should it go forward. i'm going to tweet out after this a link to those stores that are going to maintain their business during that time. now in talking with business groups and civic community i have learned there is some controversy when it comes to this project and wendy, has to do with what's behind me, over my shoulder there the pedestrian skywalk. i will explain that angle when i see you again at 6:00. we look forward to it. thanks, david. it is still a threat, but so far the governor of texas says
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his state has avoided the worst of tropical storm bill, still causing widespread flooding in texas and to the west of that area. tow trucks are out pulling a lot of stranded cars from the muddy roads and the high waters. the governor's also warning residents to stay alert, especially with the potential for tornadoes. >> and we are tracking bill right now, a storm that could bring some rain our way. >> doug what is the latest on this storm and what is going on outside? >> for us just seeing shower active you the. yeah, bill could actually make an impact on our weekend, something we are going to continue to watch, show you that in just a second. first off, the clouds have been here all day. we are going to continue to see those clouds throughout the afternoon. as we move on through the day, let's take a look. temperatures that are moving through -- just a tease. i got you when we are back. we are back in a minute. i have all of that for you right after this. it's the second shooting of the month in bowie and the community wants to know what is being done to put an end to the recent spike in violence. we have got some anticipates for u plus, just now learning about a terror plot involving
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the super bowl and it may have been connected to that terror
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now it's time for me to give the entire forecast. that's good news. i have got about two and a half three minutes to talk about what's coming up its next couple of days. what is coming, you're going to need the umbrellas, from time to time, you move through the rest of the evening. take a look, show what you is happening around our area. there is the radar for you. as you can see here, we are looking at some shower activity around parts of the area, going to see some of those showers on through the evening hours, temperatures today much cooler that where they have been over the past couple of days. we saw high temperatures today of 96 degrees. right now, we are a lot cooler than that. how much cooler? well nearly 20 degrees cooler. 79, the current temperature, cloud cover the heat index of 81. so still a little bit on the
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humid side, as far as temperatures go notice where we are, only 70 in win chester, 69, petersburg best virginia 73 gaithersburg, as a result of the clouds and as a result of the rain we have seen come through, you are headed to the nationals game nats park, taking on the rays again down at the stadium, i would make sure you take the umbrella, maybe the important cho, see some showers during the game. don't expect a lot though, any showers that develop this evening should be light. i think get the game in not too worried about that, temperatures will fall through the 70s, once again, may get a little bit in the way of rain. it will be light remember i said that shower activity now, you notice more showers to the west moving through, a few showers in through fairfax, along 66, about to come right through downtown right now, more showers down toward prince george's county fairly light, steady, falls church through tyson's, the ballston area, clark county seeing some of these showers moving through and
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the wider view shows more showers back our west the area we will watch that will come through here the evening tonight. that will move through the region. here is tropical depression bill, a depression to the north of dallas, a lot of moisture here this storm is going to move right up and over this ridge of high pressure, right on into our area for saturday and sunday. what does that mean for us? showers, a couple thunderstorms but not see anything like what they have seen down there, inches and inches of rain. tonight, 7:30, i do think we will see showers, not a whole lot going on, same deal around 10:00 a better chance of heavier overnight showers as we move on through the night tonight. that's something to remember. tomorrow, we get back to the hot and humid weather. 89 degrees for a high in d.c., 90 in fredericksburg, 84 toward martinsburg and 89 toward la plata. we stay rather hot and humid, high with a chance of storms, then see the remnants of bill and have a high of 87 on saturday, 90 on sunday notice the chance of rain, chance of
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rain way up there we could see heavy rain from time to time. maybe even a couple of strong storms as bill moves on through. behind it behind it the heat really wants to return 92 monday, 93, tuesday a high of 94 on wednesday. we are learning about a new shark attack. one survivor speaking out tonight about that moment he was attacked. >> i felt it like, one more time and then it just kind of hit my arm and that was the first i saw as it was biting up my left arm. >> find out what this boy plans to do during his difficult road to recovery. a homicide two weeks ago and a shooting last night in bowie. i'm tracee wilkins. coming up on news4 what the
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first now at 5:30, a man shot and killed in a normally quiet maryland neighborhood just outside a community center. >> and just moments ago, police released his name, melvin thomas jr. he was shot near the huntington community center just two weeks after another deadly shooting just one block away. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live in bowie with what police are saying about this spike in violence there. traci? >> reporter: we are hearing this is an all-out shootout that happened in front of the community center lots of shots fired, according to a witness who did not want to talk on camera but said this was an unbelievable shooting that took place in the streets here of old bowie and the police are saying they have a serious problem here they need to get ahold of. >> a fairly quiet community. >> reporter: that is why it is bringing this community to a stand still. >> having its challenges at the moment. >> reporter: police are investigating a shooting that
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happened before 6 p.m. outside the huntington community center in old bowie. the here is the edd several shots striking a 22-year-old and at a white van driving down the street. the 22-year-old was in serious condition. two weeks ago, up the street an 18-year-old was shot an killed on eighth street. he was discovered behind someone's home just after 1 in the morning. he actually lived just a few blocks away. police arrested and charged 22-year-old robert meyers of bowie with that murder. >> there's situations in the community or in that general area that need to be addressed thativate hanging out at night or cultivate behaviors that lead to an altercation that stems into something that becomes worse as a shooting. >> reporter: the police department is trying to figure out what caused the spike in violence and how it can be stopped. >> we are a community. we will sit down we have.get their points of view, their perceptions, try to find out
5:33 pm
what the real problem is and what solutions are on the table. >> reporter: police have not staying the two shootings are connected but they do believe there is an underlying issue here they will have to deal with and in this latest shootsing, police just released they have a person of interest but no arrests have been made. reporting live in bowie, tracee wilkins, back to you in the stud grow. >> thank you. a plan to attack the super bowl, that is just one of the things we are learning about an arizona man arrested in connection with last month's draw muhammed contest in texas. abdul karim is charged with supplying weapons to the two men who opened fire outside of that contest. both those men were killed in that attack. court testimony is revealing that the fbi has revealed information that kareem discussed attacking the super bowl in glendale in february but his lawyer says that information comes from an unreliable snitch. well, it is early if you
5:34 pm
are keeping count it is day two of redskins' mini camp and hearing from robert griffin the third for the first time this week. jason pew live in ashburn, virginia. hey, jason, hearing this san enirtirely different rg3 we have seen the past couple of years. >> reporter: that's exactly right, jim, because he understands exactly what jay gruden wants from him within this office. not only that, he is having a great time on the field with his teammates, high fiving receivers, the chemistry in much better. robert getting back to being the guy we all saw back in 2012. play the game always going to be fun the day you stop having fun in this game, you should call it a day and we are all feeling better about what we are doing and being the second year in the offense, we feel like we know a lot more that we did last year and, you know, for me as a player, you always have to be confident and i mean you know, sometimes tough throw a little swag on it. >> reporter: the addition of quarterback's coach matt cavanaugh has also helped in griffin's progress in offseason.
5:35 pm
coach cav brings 14 seasons of nfl playing experience at the quarterback position and also played on two super bowl-whipping teams. >> no i mean, it's just great, bringing all thatten in and experience. i think he is helping everybody. i can't speak for anybody else. i know for myself personally, been awesome, to hear it from a quarterback's perspective and he has been on a lot of different teams and a lot of different offenses and knows different ways to get from point a to point b. extremely talented. not that i haven't noticed that it but when you're not around it every day, he has a very strong arm, incredible athleticism. we are working on the core things of throwing a football, comfortable in the pocket a good place baste to throw from the whole time, help helps you be consistently accurate down the field, more than anything. >> reporter: as you can see, the improvement in griffin's game yesterday, head coach jay gruder.saidgrudern said he had his best practice by far. at 6:00, we will introduce to
5:36 pm
you new faces on the redskins team, a lot of new guys come in the offseason. tell you about them in a bit. from ashburn, i'm jason pugh news4 sports. beach home rentals are shutting down their swimming pools. why popular vacation spots are changing the rules that could impact your pool time. like the olympics for police and firefighters and a local firefighter is ready to take on the best to show off some
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this week, we have a date with destiny our wednesday's child this week a sweet but shy 12-year-old who loves animals, especially dogs. she never had a doing of her own but she is hoping that might happen if she finds a forever adoptive family. we decided to visit a place with lots of dogs. they have already got forever homes but we met them where we they very cation at the old town pet resort and spa. >> this is a home away from home
5:40 pm
for the dogs who come here like this german shepherd puppy who caught destiny's attention and the french poodle getting a haircut in the hotel's beauty salon. destiny tried her hand at painting the nail of a st. bernard puppy who had just been groomed and prettied up with pink bows. destiny says she would like to have a dog or cat someday if she ever gets adopted. >> all of her younger siblings have been adopted and destiny is the only one who has not. >> reporter: her adoption recruiter says destiny is shy when you first meet her but she responds with kindness to anyone she gets to know. the old town pelt resort has room for the cass and kit , destiny warmed up to this hotel guest. >> like to have a cat someday, too. >> reporter: this little guy was her favorite of the bump and destiny read to him in a doggy reading room. >> red truck make it up the hill? red truck can. red truck will. >> reporter: they parted as
5:41 pm
pals. she is a she has a big part. intuitive of people. some people since if she has her best interest at heart she responds beautifully. >> reporter: before we wrapped up on the paw-printed paper, the destiny to take home, she is hoping for some real paws in her future in that loving home she longs for. barbara harrison intoes four, for wednesday's child. and if you have room in your home and your heart for destiny or another child who is weight, please call our special adoption hot line, the number is 1-888-to-adopt-me. we have a lot more about destiny on our website, >> she is lovely. thanks barbara. >> lovely. >> yeah. a teenager attacked by a shark has actually got some great wisdom as he looks at his future. the story of a very brave
5:42 pm
swimmer, tells us what happened to him in just waist-deep water and how he plans to rebound from the shark attack. union station gets millions of travelers and that is about to change. tell you how ahead. roads maybe wet in your area, seeing some occasional showers coming through, i think higher, heavier rainfall awaits as the remnants of bill will make its way into our area. tell you the impact that will
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we have got new word tonight of another shark encounter along the atlantic coast today. >> not as dramatic as the other ones this shark just scratched a 10-year-old boy's leg this afternoon at daytona beach. his injuries minor compared to the two young victims in north carolina. >> the latest on their recovery now. >> i didn't see it coming. >> reporter: hunter treschl says he is in good spirits after a horrifying ordeal. i felt this kind of hit on my left leg and then i felt it, like, one more time and then it just kind of hit my arm and that was the first i saw was when it was biting up my left arm kind of. then got that off.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: the 16-year-old lost his left arm but kept his sense of humor when a shark attacked him sunday afternoon on a north carolina beach. >> i have kind of two options. i can try to live my life the way i was and make an effort to do that even though i don't have an arm or i can kind of just let this be completely debilitating. >> reporter: doctors say he should be ready for a prosthetic limb in about six weeks. >> he is up walking around. he is eating a regular diet. and he is one tough kid. >> reporter: hunter's attack followed a similar incident with a 12-year-old girl just an hour earlier. the family of kiersten yow says she is in stable condition and while she also lost her arm, she is expected to keep her leg. for that we are grateful her family says. we want to thank the good sam mar tans and emergency responders whose clear heads and quick actions saved kiersten's life. since then no more attacks but several possible shark sightings
5:47 pm
around the area keeping beach lowers beachgoers on alert. >> we have gop here for years and nothing like this ever happened before. >> reporter: for hunter treschl, a colorado native, a vacation he will never forget. >> thank everybody for their support. you represent a home in rehoboth beach with a swimming pool but official there is and home owners didn't want to you use those pools. the beach's up to mayor proposed new rules that would ban homeowners from letting represents in the pool on their property. the were because the residents have complained about the rowdy tenants making too much noise in the neighborhoods. >> relentless noise. it's people in the pool three and four times a day, screaming and shrieking. >> a horrific invasion of private property rights and it's tremendously unfair to the tenant community. >> if the council approves this no-pool plan landlords would have to find way to their pools, also make less
5:48 pm
money. right now, renting a home with a pal for a week can cost several thousand dollars. just some light rain out there now. vj is it going to rain harder tonight? >> it is going to rain harder. for right now the rain showers not having a major impact on our evening commute of course. again, come late, hopefully most of rust in it see more moderate, heavier rains coming through. a look at storm team4 radar, see that green, mostly light green making its way from west to east. those are the rain showers we are talking about you zoom in you can see we do have some around the beltway now. south side of the beltway east side of the beltway, alexandria to walker mill area. this is moving along eastward. but then we get some more showers off to the west. i like that we don't have any thunderstorms. look, around winchester, blue month, showers in martinsburg eastbound into loudoun county montgomery county, too. county, too.
5:49 pm
shores will come in for the afternoon, east of i-95, impact forecast for tomorrow is low, it will be humid again and warm, few showers around the area, so, not a terribly sunny day for us let's check out the temperatures, how we are going to rise to sky condition too, a fair amount of clouds expected on your thursday. it is going to be plenty warm and humid again. 82 degrees by noontime, 86 by 4:00. there's your showers for the afternoon. shouldn't have too much after 7 or 8:00. the temperatures, 82 to 90 degrees. that's not high heat, but certainly, quite warm. any rain that we get tomorrow you're going to need a little bitty, the small umbrella, occasional shower moving through, put the golf-size umbrellas away until the weekend. 87 on saturday, 90 expected on is up day both sides carry a chance to see showers, maybe
5:50 pm
even a thunderstorm to come through our area and yes the heat will start building again, those showers and storms from bill as it makes its way northward and eastward too. for the weekend, unfortunately, folks, rain chances go back up, going to be hot and humid again, in terms of how much rain we could get, i do think it will be somewhere between half maybe an inch of rain, areas across northern maryland could see the most rain. then we are not done yet. a chance for some showers and storms on tuesday from 90 on sunday to the 90s early next week. looks like another heat wave. we have got more on that coming up on news4 at 6:00. thanks, veronica. there is now a push under way to in frederick county to do away with what they call an english-only launch the bill to repeal this ordinance is now being considered in the county council. the 2012 ordinance directs that all official business has to be done in english. supporters say its goal is to give everyone the same fair
5:51 pm
chance. but those fighting the changes say it tarnishes the county's reputation and it hurts business. frederick county is holding a public hearing on this english ordinance next month. well, we are just eight days away now from the 2015 world police and firefighter games in fairfax. and one local competitor says his motivation to save lives all stems from a time when he nearly lost his. i met up with him in fairfax where he told me about his inspiring road to recovery. >> had a hard landing, ended up breaking three vertebrae and i was medevaced to fairfax hospital where i was operated on the next day. >> reporter: the last time woe ever race his motorcycle and doctors thought woe never lead a normal live again. but ben goalelson fought and trained his way badge. >> that's where i began my firefighting career as a
5:52 pm
volunteer, kept my upper body strength function functional. >> reporter: from the a motocross practice track to this fairfax fire station, ten years later, ben has a new calling. >> i had all this passion for something i couldn't do anymore. so i transferred a lot of that over into firefighting as a volunteer, my local fair house. >> reporter: it was after his recovery he decided to become a firefighter paramedic, just like the ones who helped save him. >> after the accident i was kind of exposed to the whole prehospital paramedic routine and blown away by it. makes you appreciate what you do a little bit more to be on the other side of things. >> reporter: now ready for another challenge, the ultimate firefighter competition. he will be timed against other firefighters in four different events that simulate operational firefighting. you're competitive by nature? >> all competitive. it will definitely be a good time. >> that will help? >> absolutely. >> reporter: in the back of his mind he will draw strength from the obstacles he has overcome. >> i like to live by a mode i
5:53 pm
call stronger than yesterday. every day you wake up, give it your all and try to be stronger that you were yesterday. >> great guy. we wish him the best and we will bring you coverage of the police and firefighter games when they kick off june 26th. you can check out the top five events you won't want to miss, all up right now whether you are taking the bus, train metro, chances are you're going through union station. coming up next, going to tell you about an expensive expansion. and that's gonna change the way you travel. the -- a slick new look to
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5:56 pm
the budget battle could impact jobs and your taxes could go to court. prince george's executive baker had threatened to sue the county council if it overrode his proposals for more taxes and layoffs for county employees.
5:57 pm
he claimed the council would be in violation of the charter. last night, the council did pass a budget without many of his proposal. today, the council chair and executive sat side by side at a ribbon cutting but few words were exchanged. we believe it's been unfortunate to see both the county executive aided by the county attorney bring up the prospect of limbo and litigation. >> i will talk to the lawyers. they will tell me what my options are and based on what they tell me, i will follow the law. >> baker did not say when he would make his decision about law a lawsuit. more than 35 million people pass through union station in one year, maybe you are one of them, either by a train, bus, back or a bike even. >> that number will likely double in about 20 years. now there is concern an expensive expansion may already be behind. tom sherwood shows us now what
5:58 pm
the new union station could look like if some problems are solved. >> reporter: a typical day of union station, busy in the front. busy in the back, dozens of traipse and metro going to and from all day long. >> 35 million people a year coming in the station will double in the next two decades w he need to be ready for that. >> reporter: over the tracks, there's already a development plan for the 100-year-old station's train yards to create more than 3 million square feet of new urban space that would create a new regional center. >> the greater washington region is central to this region of tyson's, washington, up to columbia, maryland and baltimore. union station is central to it. >> reporter: the key to the $7 billion project is a lagging city plan to replace the eighth street hopscotch bridge it blocks any redevelopment. d.c. council chairman mendelssohn and ward six charles allen today announced the mayor's decision to speed up the
5:59 pm
project. mayor kiner says the bowser administration understands the importance and the scope of the project. >> as many visitors as most of the other regional airports. very aware of the time lines out there we want to move this as quickly as we can. >>. >> reporter: a lot of commuters watching to see what happens next. in the district tom sherwood, news4. in the simplest of terms metro is a mess. those are not the exact words in a federal report on the system released today but that is certainly the gist of the cop conclusions reached by the investigators. that report is from the federal transit administration. assessment of metro's systems and operations and personnel it's harsh, to say the least. we have team coverage of this important story impacting thousands of riders. going to start with adam tuss on top of it all for quite some time. >> reporter: day after day, it seems like we are dealing with
6:00 pm
some sort of challenge with metro and take a look at a picture we are getting in from the red line tonight at the crowded condition there is because of a disabled train and with all of this going on people are starting to ask the question can the federal government step in and force a change with metro's leadership? make no mistake about it, this is the first time this type of detailed damning report has come metro. can the government step in? >> with dough not operate on -- a transit system and we are going to have to work with lamotta to identify what their priorities are and how it will be carried out. >> reporter: aside from threats of withholding funds, the federal transit administration can't shake up metro. today, however, their report pull nod punches a 116-page d


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