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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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adam tuss on top of it all for quite some time. >> reporter: day after day, it seems like we are dealing with some sort of challenge with metro and take a look at a picture we are getting in from the red line tonight at the crowded condition there is because of a disabled train and with all of this going on people are starting to ask the question can the federal government step in and force a change with metro's leadership? make no mistake about it, this is the first time this type of detailed damning report has come metro. can the government step in? >> with dough not operate on -- a transit system and we are going to have to work with lamotta to identify what their priorities are and how it will be carried out. >> reporter: aside from threats of withholding funds, the federal transit administration can't shake up metro. today, however, their report pull nod punches a 116-page document that describes in detail safety flaws at the
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transit agency. for instance, metro's central chrome center that tracks the movement of trains is described as distracting, disruptive environment oftentimes with employees shouting at one another. some employees there seen on their own cell phones a violation. and just in the last few years trains have been directed from the control center into active work zones, past red signals and power has been restored to the high voltage-third rail while workers were on the tracks. riders unsettled. >> i think a lot of us were concerned with the regulation and the kind of the safety guidelines of the traipse. >> reporter: as far as fixing problems metro says it needs to shut down more to upgrade. >> that's an issue and weekends are an issue. i think they should run more on the weekends much. >> reporter: metro in a very tough spot. today metro's acting general manager released a statement saying operations, customer service and safety will be strength.ed. jim, back to you. >> adam tuss, thanks.
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a closer look tonight at some of the problems metro has faced just in recent months. coverage continues now with chris lawrence in the newsroom. chris? >> reporter: the system has seen its fair share of issues smoke incidents have become a lot more common and put a lot of riders on edge. january 12th an arcing inging insulator incaused smoke in the l'enfant station. march 8th and 9th lighted happened rails on the silver line catch fire. no one hurt but the lights were pulled from the railings. smoke fills the tunnel between rosslyn and foggy bottom during the rush, lines closed for three hours. trouble at metro stemcenter power lost, smoke seen in the station as a wizards game letting out. there he weeks later, cell phone
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video from a rider on red line showing the train traveling at full speed with one of its doors open. this prompts metro to pull 100 of its 4,000 series cars. it will take another month to get the cars back on the tracks, which means more crowded trains. all that and we are only halfway through the month of june. see a complete timeline of metro safety issues on get back to you, adam, for a minute. chris just looked at problems in the last calendar year. but the problems with metro go way back beyond january of 2015. all the years you have covered it you ever seen it get this bad? >> reporter: jim, there's only two points where i've ever seen it this bad. the first was in 2009 after the red line crash that killed eight people and one train operator. after that happened there was so much focus, so much intense scrutiny of the transit agency from the federal government,
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from local leaders, that's kind of the point we are at now, with metro. alsoed me throw right now doesn't have a permanent general manager and with that search under way i believe we are at a very critical point right now for the transit system. >> adam tuss. thanks. two men are dead and two young brothers in jail tonight all because of some kind of a disagreement outside a fast food restaurant in fredericksburg. pat collins live at the scene where a witness described what happened. pat? >> reporter: doreen, should the 15-year-old this charged in the double murder here be tried as an adult? people here have some strong feelings about that. >> it is an adult crime. of course he should be punish aid cordinglism >> you got to be responsible for your actions.
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>> >>. >> act like an adult, you will get the consequences. >> try the parent with the kid. >> really? >> yes, i do that time of night, should have been home in the bed. >> scene the parking lot of the cook out restaurant in fredericksburg. the time about 2:30 sunday morning. a fight between two groups of people, some adults leaving a birthday party, some teens leaving a graduation party, here at the cook out to get something to eat. i talked to a man here when it happened. he says the adults were in the car in the drive thru lane. he says the teens surrounded the car, opened the doors and started pulling people out. he says there was a fight and then one of those teens pulled a knife and started stabbing people.
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stabbed to death, 30-year-old mac oliver hughes. stabbed to death, 28-year-old anthony carter. what does assault by mob mean? >> when any collection of individuals together commit an assault against an individual. >> reporter: evidence, i forgot to tell you about some evidence here. take a look over there underneath that up aing. that little thing over there that's surveillance camera. there are two more surveillance cameras down on the edge of the building. they have a lot of surveillance video to work with here. doreen back to you. . pat comes in fredericksburg.
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thank you pat. prince george's county there is a search under way for the guy in this photo who sexually assaulted a little girl inside a pharmacy. this happened last friday in a riverdale road in new carroll ton. the child's parents were in the store at the time but were not with her at that time. looking at the weather now, not so bad today, if you compare it to yesterday, how we looking from here on? >> vance yesterday, 96 the high. the heat index 103. today, we are about 20 to 30 degrees cooler at least feels 20 to 30 degrees cooler. look outside right now, shower activity, the clouds, the showers helping to keep showers way down today. you can see where the rain is, in through loudoun county, northern fauquier county around the district in and around the beltway, mostly just light showers, we will top to see that but you see how we have seen this move from west to east throughout the evening hours and throughout the late afternoon and we have got a lot more on this boundary just running on through. and notice the thunderstorms in
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portions of west virginia. we are going to see more rain tonight. i will talk about that chance for rain and also talk about the remnants of bill. it will affect our weekend. i will show you how. >> thank you doug. two new york men in custody tonight accused of plotting an isis-inspired attack and investigators say one of the suspects tried to stab an fbi agent with a kitchen knife. agents searched the 21-year-old man's home today as part of the ongoing isis investigation. there was a scuffle. detectives say the guy tried to repeatedly stab an agent but nobody was hurt. according to the complaint, the map was trying to help isis carry out an attack in the new york area. he is accused of working with a 20-year-old college student from keeps who was s queens arrested over the weekend. as isis continues to gain territory in iraq we are learning details about challenging efforts to shore up the iraqi forces in the u.s. ashton carter told congress today that u.s. training efforts have slowed down because there
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are not enough iraqi recruits. carter said the u.s. originally planned to train 24,000 iraqi security forces by this fall but there are only enough recruits to fill about one-third of those slots. the developers of ballston common mall want to get rid of that name the walls the walls and the roof. part of a massive project in arlington. as david culver shows us some worry changes might affect their commute. >> reporter: the advertisement has you floating through a futuristic ballston quarter the owner mapping to ditch the ballston common mall name. the new front entrance off wilson boulevard full of cafes and plenty of seating dramatically different from this. what that same part of the mall looks like today. brick-line-type street feel and the sky above. >> reporter: we walked the mall with will vogel heading up the $300 million project. what you will have is a very
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unique high-quality place that people are just going to love. >> reporter: there's not much love for one part of the project the change not as well received, tearing down this the pedestrian skywalk. it's a popular vehement way of getting across the busy street to and from the melt roletro. people use it. something for the county and the community need to work out. >> reporter: tina leone is ceo of balance stan bid, represent 115 businesses here. the skywalk concerns aside tina's only heard strong support for the project. >> this new balance stan quarter will traps form wilson boulevard. >> reporter: this becomes a large, open, outdoor urban plaza. back inside, vogel acknowledges many of the 82 stores will close employees relocated or let go. >> i don't think jobs go away. i think at the end of the day, jobs are created. >> reporter: the payoff, he says, 2018, when the new balanceoouew
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ballston quarter is slated to open. david culver, news4. a me from d.c.'s police chief and we will report about an important clue that might help track down the person who shot a teenager getting off a bus. he was a fixture in the community, a father of six. tonight a local deputy sharing his story after the his father was hit and killed by a street sweeper. plan to cut government waste is actually costing one agency more money. tonight, the i-team reveals why taxpayers are putting out $15
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for the tird time in recent weeks, d.c.'s police chief is making a passionate plea to help solve a case. chief cathy lanier announced a $10,000 reward in the shooting of a 16-year-old boy in southeast d.c. police have released this surveillance video. it shows some men who were seep
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get seen -- seen getting off a metro bus minutes before a teenager was shot near naylor road early yesterday. >> this is a 16-year-old little boy critically injured and we want to get this case close and we know if you see that video and know those individuals, you can identify them. >> police say frustration is growing, not only in this case but also in the shooting of two men on i-295 and the murder of a local reporter. even though those cases are not connected, investigators believe the suspects are known to friends and family, but nobody is turning them in. tonight we are hearing from the family of a proud father who was run over by a piece of heavy machinery crossing the street. it happened near clay place and 40th streets northeast. as mark segraves reports, one son is giving thanks he was able to give his father one last gift before he died.
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>> i miss him daily. you could not know my father without loving him. >> reporter: kevin gary says his 73-year-old father would call him every day as he was getting off work. >> i found out now that my phone was not going to ring by him calling anymore still dealing with that. >> reporter: monday more, a road crew from fort myers construction was repairing the street in front of gary's home. according to police as gary was crossing the street a street sweeper operated by an employee of the construction company backed over him. he died from his injuries at the hospital. his sop says he was able to give his dad a smile just days before his death. he bought him a pair of cowboy boots that his father had always wanted. >> he died wearing them cowboy boots. so, i feel good that he was wearing them. he didn't want to take them off. he wanted to break them in he loved cowboy boots. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the company would not anticipate questions about the accident because of the ongoing police investigation, but he did extend his sympathies to the family. gary leaves behind a large
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family, including a wife and six children. >> he died with his boots on. that's the way he wanted to go. that's the way he wanted. that's how i want to remember him, with his boots on. >> reporter: in the district mark segraves, news4. right now parts of texas is dealing with even more flooding as a storm called tropical depression bill is moving across that state. flash flood watches and warnings are in affect in the dallas-fort worth area. officials are keeping an eye out on rising rivers and creeks, the same ones that spilled over the banks just a few weeks ago. tonight, about 22,000 people in that area are without power all over the state, in fact. >> they are getting hammered all over again down there. the question is how's tropical depression bill going to affect us? >> i think it is going to affect us this weekend. if you have got weekend plans, going to watch out for bill to see exactly what he does, making its way our way this weekend. but right now, this is not associated with bill but the
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same pattern will bring bill this way. take a look outside right now, dealing with the cloud cover across our region. because of the clouds and the showers temperatures are way down. yesterday, 96, the hottest day we have seen so far this year, right behind it though, we are at 79 degrees right now just some cloud cover heat index at 81. so still a little bit on the humid side, but not bad. look at the numbers. 70 right now winchester, 72 leesburg, 73, gaithersburg, the overnight lows the past couple of days. so, it's really nice to finally get relief from all that heat. our six-day heat wave is busted. storm team4 radaring tracking some shower activity. once again, not a lot of rain, heading out to the nats game tonight, could be a couple of showers during the game, one little shower around the bethesda area, again, just sprinkle, same thing down toward 301, down around wham dorf. back to the west, more in the way of steady rain, bluemont the middleburgh area along route 50 here, going to make its way around the dulles airport, over toward herndon and reston the next half hour or so. once again this is still on the
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light side. i do not expect to see any heavy rain this evening. however over the next few hours what we are watching, back to the west, notice the strong storms moving our way, now, we are a little bit too cool, atmosphere too stable here to continue to see these strong storms move here but as they do come in we will see some heavier rain. no real thunderstorms, maybe a little rumble of thunder or two, built strongest storms should weaken, but still seeing the phones for heavy rain tonight. as i mentioned the whole pattern brings bill our way. here's bill down to the south bill came on around the houston area, now making its way up through dallas, as it continues on that track it will move around toward st. louis toward cincinnati, right toward our region for the weekend. if you have weekend maps, want toforecast. future weather overnight tonight not too bad, 7:30, once again, light showers moving through, same thing around 10. we see better chance of showers right around midnight. 1:00 in the morning, some of those could be on the heavy side, on through early tomorrow morning before they make their way on out and then another batch trying to move on through right around the 10 11:00 hour,
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so take the umbrellas tomorrow. you may need them from time to time. most of the day tomorrow is dry just like today but we will run into a couple of showers out there over the next couple of days. high temperatures back into the warm area, 89 in d.c., 90 in fredericksburg, 84 back toward martinsburg, those scattered showers during the day. 90 on friday, 87 saturday heat and humidity return, this is where bill comes in, 50% chance of rain on saturday, 70% on sunday temperatures of 90. and then i'm sorry folks, the heat comes back, monday tuesday, wednesday highs back into the low 90s. >> wow, it has been great while it lasted, doug. thank you. his recovery was nothing short of a miracle. all new at 6:00, the next step for a local police officer who was shot in the head while he was on duty. president obama defending the director of opm despite new claims the government data breach was much larger than
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we have been following this story for days now. some engineers say rotting wood is to blame for this deadly balcony collapse in berkeley, california. six people died when the fourth floor balcony separated from the building yesterday and fell 40 feet to the ground. five of the victims were students from ireland. seven people are still in the hospital. there are new developments in a fiery crash that killed a 5-year-old little boy in gaithersburg. that boy's mother is still in serious condition now. an ambulance crew arrived at the scene at about 3:30 yesterday morning. the child was trapped in the back seat. they could not get him out in time. still no word on what caused that crash nor is there any information on why the mother
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and son were out at that time of night. tonight the is >> for those two killers who broke out of a new york prison has essentially gone nationwide. and the d.a. says a murder-for-hire plot was discussed as part of the prison break. joyce mitchell apparently wanted her husband dead, according to authorities, but at some point after allegedly supplying the tools that the men used to break out, the prison employee got scared. her husband visited her in jail yesterday but told his lawyer, there is no way i'm standing behind her. now, 12 days since the escape have passed, police concede the men could be anywhere from canada to california. so they are focusing on getting pictures of the men beyond the new york area. a violent attack on a city sidewalk, but it's what happened after the victim was hit that's troubling. an increased police presence in old bowie after another shooting here this time, at a community center. we will have reaction coming up
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on news4. cross-country trips, pricey those and expensive
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for the second time this month a quiet prince george's neighborhood has been rocked by violence. >> somebody opened fire on a man in old blow which yesterday happened outside a community center blocks from a deadly shooting that happened two weeks ago. prince george's bureau chief tracee wilkins talked to police and neighbors about this recent spike in violence and what's being done about it. >> this is not supposed to happen in bowie. >> reporter: kath reap frankleen frank says she she moved to bowie ten years ago, it had problems with auto thefts and pranks. she was part of the change ten sking
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that bowie get its own police department. i didn't think that bowie should have to reline the prince george's police force a great day when bowie got its own police force. >> reporter: since then, pretty quiet until a few weeks ago. yesterday, i was driving by and saw all the police tape and the police cars. >> reporter: maryland capital park police are investigating a shooting that happened before 6 p.m. outside the huntington community center in old bowie. the shooter fired several shots, striking 23-year-old people slip thomas jar of bowie. according to a witness the gunman also fired a the white van driving down the street. the victim is now listed in stable condition. and two weeks ago, just up the street, 18-year-old desomety king was shot and killed on eighth street. he was discovered behind someone's home just after 1 in the morning. he actually lived just a few blocks away. misarrested and charged 22-year-old robert meyers of buoy that with murder. working with the community closely, a couple of meetings,
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lining some more up to bring people to the ta table and in fair what we can do from here and how do we move forward? >> reporter: kathleen hopes there are anticipates very soon. >> i hope they do the job and really take care of what as far going on here. >> reporter: police are not saying if both shootings are related but they have a person of interest in this latest shooting. no one's been arrested. in bowie, i'm tracy willing news4. people in prince george's county have been depending on tucker's restaurant and lounge in upper marlboro for generations, but it's closed tonight because of a fire there this morning. one point, about 100 firefighters were battling that blaze. we are told the popular spot was packed last night because of the nba finals, but nobody was hurt. >> a spot i play pool in. worked here when i was 16.
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so it's like a home, i guess. >> reporter: that's because it's been a fixture for so long. well before the current owner took over. >> the business is over 100 years. >> gonna miss a lot of customers. customers gonna miss our wings, our food, our breakfast. detectives want help figuring out who the five young men are who attacked a guy two nights ago on first street northwest. as you can see, they rap up behind him sucker punched him -- they ran up behind him sucker punched him robbed him. a reward up to $1,000 if you can help. more than 4 million people's information compromised in that government data breach and now, we are hearing that that number could climb. consumer reporter erika gonzalez joins us with an update. >> opm gave itself until friday to notify everyone affected. and it's really been an uncomfortable waiting game. we have gotten our hands on an
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e-mail sent to the staffers. opm revealed the impact of the breach is wider than first announce youed. the e-mail will go on to say the breach includes service records of current house employees employed previously by any federal government entity that may have been compromised. we reached out to opm to get its take it says the current confirmed number of people compromised remains at 4.2 million. about two weeks ago that opm first announced the personal information about millions of current and federal employees and even background checks. background check information had been exposed. in the midst of all this the white house says the president still has confidence in opm's director. we are going to stay on top of this and should we learn anything new tonight, we will postit on >> thanks erika. tonight, a new push from amazon. it wants to allow drones to deliver packages. today, the company you recalled congress to speed up the rules
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that regulate the use of commercial drones. the federal aviation administration has proposed rules that would sharply restrict those devices. a official with the faa told congress that they still need to do more research before the government allows widespread use of commercial dreams. he defied the odds after he was shot in the head while on duty. tonight, we will hear from a local police officer as he begins a new chapter in his life and opens up about his recovery. also some high demand as our guys take on not the cowboys but some texans doing training. first here's doug though. >> tracking some showers a couple of thunderstorms and we are tracking the heat moving back in. i have the complete forecast
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it was a bittersweet retirement sendoff for an officer shot in the line of duty. he was on motorcycle patrol in old town in february of 2013 when a suspect shot him in the head. northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey did the first interview with him last year and she talk to him today as he officially retired.
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you how is he doing? >> reporter: take a look he signs back there, the superman signs stand in front of his house and others in this alexandria neighborhood the s replaced by a p. today, his police credentials stamped with the word retired. this was the scene at andrea headquarters today as he posed with the chief then made his retirement official. nicknamed superman during his miraculous but long recovery laboy added this decal to the tattoo he already sports. laboy jumped on to the bike he rode for years as part of motor eight. he also had a chance to thank the first responders who helped save his life. his thoughts now as he leaves the department he loved, yes served as patrol officer accident investigator detective hostage negotiator and motorcycle unit member. >> after the 18 years, i did -- i could say that i was gonna retire and that i was gonna be
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happy that -- i was happy that everything i wanted to do i was able to do it. >> reporter: laboy had a big smile and waved for his friends as he left headquarters and as with all alexandria police retirees, it's fitting he got a motorcycle escort as he left the station n alexandria, i'm julie carey, news4. a lasting tribute to a young boy from loudoun county who died from the flu. what's called a buddy bench is now sitting outside sanders corner elementary school in ashburn, virginia. it's in memory of joshua justin. he was a fifth grader who died last winter. those who knew him said he was a friend to many and a bench would be a fitting way to hopper him that bench overlooks a playground. it was paid for with donations. next, millions of dollars spent on paperwork. tonight, the news4 i-team reveals why a new effort to
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they fight ebola and cancer but they say they are being forced to waste money too. a review by the news4 i-team finds scientists at the national institutes of health buried in paperwork and forced to spend millions on needed trips before the planes ever leave the tarmac. scott macfarlane explains why. >> reporter: in 2010 this is how the irs spent some of the tax money it collected a conference in california, $17000 for this artist to paint and to speak to the crowd. >> i wanted to start with something just a little bit different. >> reporter: $50,000 for videos including a line dance. >> come on now. come on now. >> reporter: an elaborate "star trek" par rod ditch. >> captain's log star date 8.23. >> reporter: hotel upgrades
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receptions and warning from the boss to the attendees. >> should the media try to speak to you, please do not speak to them. >> reporter: and pricey conferences like this one led to a white house crackdown. sweeping changes, including new management approval forms, more notifications, reports to be filled out before government workers can attend a conference. the white house budget office tells news4 these new rules and guidelines have saved money government-wide. we checked and found at some major agencies, they have. far fewer expenses, far fewer trips far fewer government travelers but also found these efforts to save money have also cost money. here at the national institutes of health in bethesda, doctors, researchers can't simply stop traveling. the i-team learned the price tag just for filling out all that extra paperwork to attended me school and scientific conferences cost nih $15 million, just since 2012.
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$15 million in lost work hours. executives instead spending time routing, collecting and filling out all the new approvals, costs they never incurred before. >> just in the necessary paperwork to try to get approvals for people to go to scientific conferences. >> reporter: a cost and change the nih's director mentioned to staffers in early april in this video obtained by the i-team. >> using the skills of hundreds of employees who could be doing something else as far as i can see zero added value. >> reporter: nih researchers respect the only government scientists caught up in the extra paperwork. lab officials spent 9,000 hours and $1 million approving conference travel in one year. los alamos nuclear lab in new mexico spent $1.6 million just in managing its own conference attendance expenses, also in one year. but a former federal investigator who blew the whistle on pricey travel atother agencies says the new rules have scared some agencies straight, especially those that threw the biggest parties.
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>> i they they will cheap up their act to some extent because of the publicity from the las vegas conference and i think they have. >> reporter: meaning no more reports of performance artists or "star trek" videos on your dime since. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. >> the white house budget office tells the i-team it light.ed some of the paperwork in january. paperwork required for federal workers travel. the national institute says doing so has only relived some of its $15 million burden. to see more of what theism-team up covered and send them a tip, visit and click on investigations. men and women who cheap the places that we work and shop took to the streets today with the last hour, in fact to push for higher incomes. hundreds of commercial janitors marched through 14th and k in the district. that march followed a rally at mcpherson square. the janitors work in northern virginia, d.c. and montgomery county. their union is demanding that
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more jap more janitors get access to full-time hours. the current contract expires in october. some weather out there now, some relief some blessed relief from the heat and humidity, but that won't last long, huh doug? >> no really not. but what a day. >> lovely. >> 90s. we don't mind the clouds. we don't mind the showers. >> not after what he have had the last week. >> it was steamy the last couple of days, six days in a rocker 90 degrees or better yesterday. 96 today. a balmy 79. hey, we will take that all day long. showers, showers and showers. yeah. we will see a few, do not expect much. not going to be an all-evening rainfall. again, do not expect much in the way of rain as you move on through. we will see some showers that's really about it. 72 in leesburg, 72 dulles, much cooler that yesterday 76 hunting town. here is the radar you seeks actually what i'm talking about, just showers and these are all
6:48 pm
fairly light up toward frederick, back toward the west, back toward northern fauquier county, marshall and front royal. notice the showers in loudoun county quickly died as they moved to east. really what's going to continue to happen here, we will see a few light showers, one around fairfax, another down around burke, braddock road there, more back to the west. this is the area of some heavier rain. this is going to come together and move across our region overnight tonight, most likely after 10:00. this evening, no problems. take the small umbrella. see occasional shower this evening, nothing big. out at 1 or 2 a.m., jim vance, you might have to use the bigger umbrella. that's bottom time that big umbrella will be used tonight. mainly cloudy, humid, a few showers, 82 to 90 the day tomorrow, i think we will see the chance for thunderstorm activity, most of the day tomorrow looks dry best chance of rain tomorrow in through northern virginia and maryland. 89 in d.c., 90 on friday, 87 on
6:49 pm
saturday, 90 on sunday. we have got a couple of warm days, speaking of tomorrow, a nice warm day for our backyard weather. tomorrow, heading toward vienna, going to be a fun one. then we get into the heat wave again, another heat wave temperatures into the low to middle 90s. saturday and sunday, by the way, what's left of tropical storm bill, the remnants of bill moving in, our weekend rain chances going up, yes it will be hot and humid again. >> you see doug, tell him all i need at 2:00 in the morning these days a blanket and remote to turn the tv off? >> true. >> there we go, bro. thank you. sports coming up. >> you know, sometimes you have to throw a little swag on it. >> told rg3 has his swag back. we will find out about that. also, introduce you to some
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cal's here the nhl done nba done, talking football. >> it's big, jim. minicamp -- it is not mini. the media parking was overflowing. national reporters were at redskins practice today. >> media event than team, right? >> they were looking for all the pieces to the puzzle. and also, it's been a full month since robert griffin has spoke tonight media. so today when he stopped to chat with reporters, you could almost hear the nationals scream, stop the presses. jason pugh was the man in the middle of the media circus but the team emphasizing it is not all about one guy. >> reporter: the last two minicamp practices robert griffin the third has really stood out to his coaches. jay gruder.has been impressed with his quarterback's progress this offseason. n has been impressed with his quarterback's progress this offseason. second year in the offense, feel
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great about the guys work around had he working hard to get better, all you can ask for. >> reporter: griffin will not only be pushed by his coaching staff this year but also by his teammates, several key free agents were brought in on defense to revamp a struggling unit. >> we have a lot of good pieces i guess that from what i understand we was missing a couple years ago. so just going good. which we got a lot of new faces, new guys new positions, new coaching staff, new -- so everything is coming along good. >> haven't done anything yes. the beginning we haven't put on pads, haven't played any games yet, but so far all doing the radio right thing, everybody has been here everybody on the same page and practicing well, so we got to keep improving. were respect next time the players and coves will get together on the field will be in richmond the start of training camp on july 30th. from ashburn, i'm jason pugh, news4 sports. >> 43 long and boring days away, how long it is. training camp fans take note, tickets are going to be available to watch the skips'
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joint practice with the houston texans on saturday, august 8th. the team will have to hold a ticket lottery. the deadline to enter is high noon this saturday. fans will be randomly selected and notified by the 22nd. >> again, that's in richmond? >> that's in richmond and going to practice with the texans and have all the information you need on the home and home series for the nationals and the orioles are both shifting. nats back here in d.c., o's up in philly. after last night they both have a lot to live up to in thank you new venues. nats bats exploding against the rays in a 16-4 win. nats, a franchise record 23 hits including four home runs. two from the buffalo, wilson ramos. hit both of his off position players. and the orioles setting a team record with eight home runs and 19-3 win overphilly. manny machado and chris parmalee two homers. for parentmalee, his debut as an o.
6:56 pm
welcome to baltimore. things not going so great for the phillies some bad, they tried call over to the bullpen, you see the pitching coach over there he is somehow big problem, the phone was off the hook. so they waited and waited. and finally they used the old-fashioned towel wave, not throwing in the towel, this is hey, look at me. kids, now you know, off the hook, not alwaysaa harrisburg today, we have steven strasberg today. there he is. making a rehab start. on the dl with neck tightness since may 30th. strasberg pretty solid today, two runs, one earned on four hits, six strikeouts, four innings. after the game, he said the best he has felt before his ankle sprain at spring training. no word on when he will return. >> we need him. the warriors are in a golden state today, bringing home their first nba tight until 40 years. next is a victory parade on friday. strength in numbers, golden state's motto and the depth on
6:57 pm
that team a big reason they were able to send home lebron james with an unhappy face. bron bron, e despite his numbers, bum bum. he was the leading scorer leading man in the series in assists, but you cannot compete with nine different guys for the warriors who scored in double figures. at least one time in the series. >> some of your teammates around you hurt. >> people talking about the wizards need to use that as a model for building depth. not -- they didn't have four of their starters weren't in the top five draft draft picks but not the top five. >> in spite of all the haters, lebron still the baddest man on the mappet. and if he had won that game last night, he would be -- >> you are a fan? >> listen, remember how o.j. had "the electric company," we need something to go with pot roast, mashed potato, some yams, something. we need -- we need to work this. >> mashed
6:58 pm
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7:00 pm
tonight, near disaster on the tarmac in chicago. >> hey, stop top. >> the air traffic controller who stopped two planes on a collision course in the nick of time. isis in america. an fbi agent attacked in a dramatic takedown on alleged homegrown terror. multiple new arrests amid word of a bomb plot in new york stock exchange. called out. at&t hit with a massive fine accused of misleading customers who bought those unlimited plans. were you one of them? and over the edge. what if your day at the office looked like this? "nightly news" begins right now.


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