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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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arlington tomorrow. oh, no. his owners say the 150 pound puppy, a big puppy, will have some more space in his new home and a new backyard. we'll miss him for sure. stay with us "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >> "news4 today" begins with breaking news. >> i'm molette green at the live desk with new details on that mass shooting at the country's oldest black church in the deep south. the naacp just released this statement. we'll have that coming up. i'm aaron gilchrist. also this morning, the push to dump the pump. why you might want to get your metro stop a little earlier. i'm eun yang. look at storm team 4 radar as rain starts moving out of our area, but not for long. let's get right to tom kierein with your hour by hour storm timing. tom? >> yeah we have some lingering showers on the eastern shore. there's our storm team 4 radar and the radar history over the last four hours, we had downpours drumming on our roofs around midnight or so.
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now crossing the bay and weakening a lot. just a few showers right now between cambridge and easton, up toward to centreville, maryland. a few lingering sprinkles in howard county. here is new model timing just in in hour by hour of more rain possibilities by later on today. little patches of green, frederick county, washington county northern loudoun and north central shenandoah valley. no thundershowers. around noontime, still part i will sunny in the melt row air -- metro area. 2:00 still okay. then by around 4:00, some thundershowers developing to our west. after that between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m., some thundershowers rolling right through the metro area and then right near the baby 7:00, 8:00 in the evening, some of those could be severe. some could produce some damaging winds and hail. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11, a look at your drive time weather forecast. now driving this morning we have problems. melissa has an update.
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>> breaking news right now. again, in arlington we're talking about g.w. parkway, the northbound lanes right there at spout run. you can't go further than that. northbound lanes are blocked after spout run. right now, shut down between spout run and the cia. traffic being pushed on to spout run because of an earlier incident. megan mcgrath right now out there on the scene. tell us what's happening right now. >> well, melissa, you can see the detour behind me here. this is spout run all of the traffic being detoured on to spout run because the northbound lanes of the g.w. parkway are closed. not a classic accident. we have got actually kind of a different situation here this morning. there was some sort of a vehicle engine explosion further down the line near 123. and so we have oil as well as pieces of that engine across the roadway. so it's not safe for traffic to travel on those northbound lanes until they can get that cleaned up. no word yet on how long that clean-up effort will take place. so people who normally take
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northbound g.w. parkway just be aware they are going to detour you off at spout run. the closure between spout run and the cia exit, we'll continue to keep an eye on it. we'll let you know when things reopen,but right now all the northbound lanes are closed. melissa, back to you. >> thank you, megan. as far as other things around the area, right now we're looking quite good. beltway at braddock road, looking good. and 95 northbound, route 1 fredericksburg is still blocked. and 95 29, b.w. parkway looking good as well. back at 5:11. breaking news at the live desk. an all out manhunt for a gunman who opened fire inside an historic black church. police are calling it a hate crime. the fbi is helping in the search for the gunman who shot and killed eight people inside the church during a bible study. another person died at the hospital.
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listen as the police chief describes what he saw at the church. >> this was a very chaotic scene when we arrived. we had a lot of moving parts. we were tracking this individual with k-9s. we were making sure that he was not in the area to commit other crimes and as this was going on, we received information there might be a secondary explosive device at the scene. >> luckily, they got the all clear on that bomb threat. take a look at this picture. we now know this is the church's pastor, a long-time state senator clementa pinckney. he is confirmed as among those dead in this mass shooting. police describe the man they are looking for as white, clean shaven and in his early 20s. i just got my hand on a statement released by the naacp. cornell williams brooks says the naacp was founded to fight against racial hatred and we are outraged that 106 years later we
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are faced today with another mass hate crime. staying on top of the developing story this morning. eun? >> thank you molette. d.c. police are investigating a shooting in southeast washington. police found a man shot off 33rd and "d" street. he was unconscious but breathing. right now no description of the suspect. d.c. police say they're frustrated at the lack of people coming forward in recent cases. for the third time in less than a month chief cathy lanier made a public plea for information about a shooting. last week, someone gunned down two men on 295. a 16-year-old is fighting for his life after a shooting on tuesday. and despite clear video of three possible suspects in his shooting, no leads. this is the same story for d.c. reporter charnice milton who was killed by a stray bullet waiting at the bus stop in southeast. >> the real culprits here are those people that remain silent and look you dead in the eye when you're at the giant or alabama avenue or at the safeway
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on alabama avenue and they come over and they greet you and they say, i feel so sorry for your loss, but they know who it is that did it and they won't say a word. >> even though the cases are not connected, investigators believe the suspects are known to friends and family. but no one is turning them in. right now, prince george's county police want your help to find someone they say sexually assaulted a 6-year-old girl. take a look at the picture here. police say this man inappropriately touched the girl last week at the cvs in the shopping center on riverdale road in new carroll. the girl's parent was in the store, but in another aisle. the girl had wandered away. today, a virginia judge will hear from a victim to determine the punishment for the man who sexual assaulted her ten years ago in fairfax. a judge convicted jesse matthew of attempted capital murder, abduction and sex assault. he will be sentenced in october and could get life in prison. he also faces murder charges
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against hannah graham. police are looking for the five men who beat and robbed a man. you see them knocked the man to the ground. this is on first street northwest on monday and they punched him and took his wallet. this is similar to the attack last week. the robberies took place less than a mile from each other. d.c. police have not said whether the cases are connected. seven minutes after the hour. and today community members are hosting a walk to remind drivers to safety share the road with pedestrians. the focus is on wisconsin avenue northwest. last week, a driver hit a man in the cross walk near van ness street. he did survive. the next day though a grocery delivery truck hit and killed a pedestrian at wisconsin and calvert street. now organizers of the walk are meeting at wisconsin avenue and veazey street tonight. mayor muriel bowser set of goal of eliminating traffic deaths.
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today is national dump the pump day and you're encouraged to use mass transit. the program is in the tenth year and it's -- as gas prices rise, this initiative is to help save you money on your commute. downsizing to one car can save on average more than $9,000 a year. new fallout this morning for a former naacp leader. the other position she is now being called to resign from and why she said no. still seeing some sprinkles in the area. as you look outside now. but will you need the wipers on your way to work? tom is putting to your drive time forecast. and now tropical depression bill continues to pound already hit areas. molette green is working on that from the live
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welcome back. the woman at the center of a racial firestorm now refusing to step down from a volunteer police oversight commission. the mayor of spokane, washington add rachel dolezal and other two others to resign after they were found to overstep their authority. dolezal says in a statement, quote i will not resign. i have done nothing wrong. she also says she and the other volunteers quote, double-check their actions with legal counsel. it is 5:11.
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time for weather and traffic on the 1s. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein about the rain we're starting with. tom? >> yeah, the rain that came through the metro area over the last few hours is quickly moving off to the east and crossing the chesapeake bay. it is weakening now. a few lingering light showers between cambridge and easton and up near chester town and centreville. it is xipting the bay and behind that, pavement is still wet around the metro area. there's some ponding of water too. we did pick up a quick quarter to half an inch of rain last night. temperatures are in the 60s. near 70, the metro area. green lights for morning and midday driving but a caution for the afternoon when we could get some storms coming through with wet pavement. drying roads in the upper 70s and some roads wet from the passing storms. look at our severe threat. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:21. now melissa, what's happening on the roads?
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>> still have a problem on g.w. parkway. we're talking about the area right here at spout run. all the northbound lanes are blocked this morning. we are shut down from spout run all the way to the cia. traffic being pushed on to spout run and an engine exploded on g.w. parkway earlier so a lot of shrapnel and stuff that they have to clean up and get out of the way. georgia avenue northbound between randolph and layhill, the two right lanes are blocked because of construction. beltway is rolling along just fine, 66 at 123 nob problems. a live look at virginia avenue coming up. new details in the massive data preach that affects a at love folks around here. who is now calling for the head of opm to step down.
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now to a developing story out of upstate new york. police are widening the search
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for two killers on the run after escaping prison. new york state police say matt and sweat could be anywhere. police released this image show of what they might look like with beards. the district attorney also confirmed the woman charged with helping matt and sweat escape had spoken to them about having her husband killed. this morning we are hearing from the son of a man who was hit and killed by a d.c. sweettreet sweeper. gary was a father of six. his son told news4 he died wearing a gift he had given him a few days before the accident -- a pair of cowboy boots. >> he died wearing those cowboy boots. so i feel good that he was wearing them. he didn't want to take them off. he wanted to break them in. because he loved cowboy boots. >> the street sweeper is owned and operated by fort myer construction. the company extended its condolences to the gary family.
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there are new calls for the head of the office of personnel management to resign over some serious deficiencies with cyber security. democrat james landon says katherine archuleta failed to protect the personal data of million of federal employees. hackers stole that data in two breaches made public in recent weeks. opm leaders have known about the weaknesses since at least 2007. right now, from the live desk we want you to see the pounding from tropical depression bill. that storm can dump three to eight inches of rain from oklahoma to illinois by week's end. thousands of sandbags were filled to hold the water back and prevent major flooding. emergency management closed a bunch of roads because of the high water. look at that. and the state saw the wettest month ever last month. we could see the remnants of
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bill this weekend. back to you. molette, thank you. 5:19 now. a few hours ago iihs released the first ever report about the child seat latches in your car. they tested how easy they are to find and use which makes it more likely you'll use it the right way. only three cars received good ratings. the volkswagen pass sat, bmw 5 series and mercedes-benz. in "news4 your health" migraines be a thing of the past. a new class of drug is showing great promise in the prevention and treatment of migraines. this is first drug under development since the early '90s. earlier drugs are designed to treat a headache after it strikes. this aims to reduce the amino acids. you may be criticizing the scene where an person is running
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in high heels and heels may strengthen your ankles at least for a little while. researchers in south korea found women who regularly wore high heels actually had stronger ankles after a few years. i think this is why my ankles are strong. i'm going to attribute it to the heels. after four years in heels, however, they had weaker ankles than those wearing them for the first time. i can run in heels, i can. >> in the movie -- >> i'm not saying it's safe or recommending it. but i can run in heels. >> it is noticeable. she's running through the amusement park at full speed. >> not a hair out of place. >> not stilettos but a little heel. >> yeah, i can sprint in a little heel. 5:21 now on our thursday morning. a cloudy thursday to boot. 70 degrees. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here now with a look at our forecast. rainy all day? >> you have to stay away from
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eun when she kicks off her heels and you may be leaping over puddles from overnight showers. yes, some other showers are moving in later on this afternoon. right now, storm team 4 radar is showing the last of the downpours we had overnight quickly crossing the bay and our eastern shore. this big area is under a threat right into our region this afternoon. this zone in virginia, west virginia, maryland and the eastern shore, we could have some strong thunderstorms developing by later this afternoon. our severe risks are very low for tornadoes but our strongest risk is for damaging winds. there's a smaller risk of any hail or heavy rain. the main threat would be some damaging winds by later this afternoon. when you're headed back home, you may have a low to moderate impact on your afternoon commute and very humid again today and warm afternoon on the way. it's rather humid now. we're in the upper 60s, near 70. shenandoah valley, out of the
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mountains in the 60s. later today, temperatures mid 70s by 8:00. by noon partly cloudy. in the low 80s. hitting upper 80s by later afternoon, with the thunderstorms coming on through and remaining humid overnight and on friday. and afternoon highs near 90 tomorrow. and a passing thundershower is possible friday afternoon, smaller chance. and then we increase our chances again over the weekend as the remnants of tropical storm bill move our way. humid on saturday, mid 80s with some afternoon storms and some likely showers in the morning on monday and thundershowers in the afternoon. it will be up around 90. up around 90 on monday may settle down on tuesday. another chance of storms midweek next week. next weather and traffic on the 1s, a look at our neighborhood highs and the wide variety for the afternoon. that's at 5:31. melissa is looking at problems on the roads. >> looking at problems on the roads, breaking news right now. this is northbound, g.w. parkway right there at spout run.
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that is as far as you'll be able to go. we have shut down northbound, spout run, an engine exploded actually on g.w. parkway. looking at 95 here in virginia, no problems northbound through stafford. southbound you're good. north of that you're fine as well. remember to listen to our friends from wtop when you hop in your car this morning. prince george's county overall looking quite good right now. no major problems and the earlier road work we had is now out of the way. 95 in virginia -- excuse me, that should say 95. back at 5:31 with a live look at 66. >> a former prosecutor says if the hacking allegations against the st. louis cardinals turn out to be true, the employees responsible could end up in jail. apparently the cyber attack would fall under the computer
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fraud and abuse act. that carry as possible five-year prison center. the cardinals are being investigated for hacking another team. it includes the internal discussions about the trades. both teams are cooperating. canadian government websites have now fallen victim to hackers protesting a recent anti-terrorism law. a cabinet minister confirms the so called denial of service. attacks shut down government servers no personal information was stolen. the online group anonymous claims responsibility. today, a friend of the boston marathon bombers will be sentenced to prison. two months ago the man pled guilty to misleading the fbi. he didn't tell agents he knew the tsarnaev brothers. he is expected to be sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison. more are dying from the mers disease in south korea. 23 people have died.
5:25 am
the world health organization says that outbreak was a quote wake-up call, but doesn't constitute a global emergency. it has already peaked and could be defuse by the end of the month. 5:25. a town in north carolina is consider a ban on shark fishing. after two sharks attacks on sunday, officials are considering a temporary ban. the attack happened within just 90 minutes of each other. town officials want to minimize the risk of luring sharks close to the shore, at least through the busy independence holiday. others have banned fishing, however, fishermen say they should not be punished for the attacks. they have given hundreds of millions of dollars. >> why doesn't loudoun county know anything about the silver line project? and looking live outside this morning where it's already 70 here in the district. but how warm will it get today? tom is looking at your
5:26 am
neighborhood highs and will bring that to us at 5:31. and breaking news out of south carolina where a manhunt is underway for the person who shot and killed nine people. we're just getting reaction from neighbors. and molette green is gathering information. more from the live desk
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:30 breaking news. right now, police in charleston are searching for the man who shot and killed nine people inside a historic church. police are calling this a hate crime. molette green will join us in a moment from the live desk with an update. prince george's county police want your help to find someone they say sexual assaulted a 6-year-old girl. this man inappropriately touched the girl last week at a cvs store on riverdale road in new carrollton. according to the police, the girl's parents were in the store but in another aisle. the rain is moving out, but not for long. much more on the weather and your top stories today. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. let's see how long not for long is. tom kierein is in the storm team 4 weather center. >> it wounded on our roofs around -- pounded on our roofs at midnight, but it's now
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crossing the bay. on the eastern shore the little patches of green, light rain between cambridge and easton right now. temperatures are near 70. soaring to the upper 80s. mid 80s for the panhandle of west virginia. maybe low 80s near the pennsylvania border, and near 90 degrees in charles county stafford and spotsylvania and prince william and fauquier and culpepper. right on the bay, it will be in the 80s from annapolis, through eastern cambridge and pax river. chances of afternoon storms all throughout the region from the mountains all the way to the bay with the humidity returning. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:41, your walking to and from work forecast. we've got breaking news on the roads this thursday morning. >> right now, breaking news in arlington, g.w. parkway northbound still shut down at spout run. right now the entire section from spout run up to the cia is closed. you're going to be pushed on to spout run. this is because of an engine
5:31 am
that exploded earlier this morning, so we have a fuel spill as well as debris all over the roadway. they're trying to clean up. southbound is open. 66 west of sudley road no problems eastbound or westbound. 957 northbound at fredericksburg all lanes are open. and taking a look at 95 here, 29 into out and out of town, b.w. parkway, no issues there. 270 at old hundred road a little slow. otherwise looking quite good. travel times in ten minutes. breaking news. searching all night for a masked shooter at an historic black church in charleston, south carolina. overnight we learned that eight people died at the scene. one later died at the hospital. police and the fbi are looking for a suspect who opened fire at emanuel ame church during the bible study last night. it's the oldest black church in the south. the police chief there is calling this a hate crime. people who live there are in shock.
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>> it's devastating for the whole community. the whole community as a whole that something like this happened in charleston in which this city. it's devastating for everybody. we all wouldn't be out here today if we didn't care. >> we have confirmation that long-time state senator and the church's pastor clementa pinckney is among the dead. and the naacp released a statement expressing the outrage. police are searching for the gunman right now. described as a white man in his early 20s. 5:33. we could see a plea from the man accused of stabbing an elderly man as he robbed a home in alexandria. prosecutors say horace white was in the middle of robbing a house on jackson place when he was interrupted by the homeowner. he stabbed the man and fled. while he was caught after an investigation that involved
5:33 am
metro transit police, he is charged with abduction, carjacking and injureous wounding. stop stop! >> that likely saved hundreds of lives at chicago's midway airport. two planes were on a collision course. a delta flight and a southwest flight with similar night numbers were barrelling full throttle down intersecting runways on tuesday. a controller finally noticed the mistake there and in reality only the southwest flight had been cleared for takeoff. the planes stopped within about only 2,000 feet of intersecting. >> the offending pilot has to listen closely to make sure that the call signs are not confused. repeat back the clearance. the lives are at stake here and so it's a very critical moment. >> now, delta is cooperating with an investigation, but it's unclear whether the pilot will face any discipline. today, former house speaker
5:34 am
dennis hastert returns to federal court. he is charged with lying to the fbi about a plan to pay millions to an unknown person to cover up past misdeeds. today, they'll work out the procedural details. just days ago we learned the judge will allow some evidence to stay secret. that includes the name of the person that hastert was paying off and the detailing of what he was hiding. 5:34 now. a montgomery county man convicted of murder is asking the state to review his case. huguely is charged with killing yeardley love. he hired a new lawyer who said his client did not receive a fair trial. the lawyer says the trial should have been delayed when huguely's defense attorney got sick during testimony. as early as today we could learn the supreme court's final ruling on several high profile cases. one of the biggest whether gay marriage is protected under the u.s. consistenttitution. and whether to extend subsidies under the affordable care act.
5:35 am
now republicans are concerned that it could hurt them in the next election. and president obama is joining forces with house republicans today to save a highly controversial trade deal. the house is expected to vote on whether to give the president the power to speed trade deals through congress. this comes after democrats blocked the president's trade bill last week. they oppose it because they say it will cost jobs. the bill involves 11 countries around the pacific. 5:35 today. a federal court will decide if the navy must recognize atheists as religious. a group called the humanist society is suing the navy to allow atheist chaplains. they say that impairs their exercise in the navy. and the pope's controversial paper on climate change will be published here in washington. u.s. catholic leaders are holding a press conference this morning about the pope's encyclical. a draft version of the paper
5:36 am
leaked to the press inflames an already politicized issue. it embraces scientific studies that shows man is mainly responsible for the climate change. the pope asked the faithful to welcome the document. >> this is our home, he said. if it is ruined it damages everyone. especially the poor. >> the pope and climate change are both already big issues on the campaign trail. four declared candidates and two others thinking about running are catholics. loudoun county putting up $300 million to see the silver line expanded but said it's in the dark about the project. according to a staff report, officials have a -- have little role in major decisions like schedule, cost and design changes. county officials have expressed frustration with washington metropolitan -- with the metropolitan washington airport's authority which is leading that project. alexandria wants to stay on top of new technology by regulating digital signs in the city. a planning group will meet today at city hall to decide whether
5:37 am
regulations under the city's zoning ordinance need updating. the meeting happens at 7:00 tonight. if changes are needed the group will meet at the end of the month to put forward recommendation. we learned a woman will be the new face of the $10 bill. but who? he didn't pay for his metro fare but is it enough to pepper spray him? why officers took action. and clouds overhead. they're hanging around. so people are waking up to some sprinkles. what will it be like when you leave for work or
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back up! >> oh, my god. >> so you heard that sound in there. you take a look a at the video here. this is two plainclothes police officer pepper spraying a man on the metrobus. now we reach out the metro who said the police approached the man after he didn't pay the fare and then according to metro he pushed one of the officers. this is what the man who recorded the video saw. >> he screamed out and he was pepper sprayed. of course they sprayed him directly in the eyes. there was a lot of screaming, a
5:41 am
lot of crying. it was very tough to watch. >> news4's adam tuss says undercover officers checking fares are part of the new crackdown that started a few months ago. metro transit police charged the man with assaulting an officer and not paying a fare. we know that the next face on the $10 bill will be a woman. under the #the new 10, harriet tubman, rosa parks and eleanor roosevelt are popping up. jack lew announced the plan yesterday. there had been a huge online campaign to put a woman on the $20 bill, but the $10 bill is the next one due for a redesign. it debuts in 2020 around the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. so fitting this is going to happen. let us know who will be your pick, who you want to see on the $10 bill. those three names are hard to
5:42 am
beat. >> a lot floating around before it's said and done. see what happens. 4:41, 42, now tom kierein has a look at the forecast. >> good morning. the pavement is still wet from the overnight downpours. the patches of green on the storm team 4 and the pavement is gradually drying out. we have a few puddles out there. so watch out for that. we're in the mid 70s. walking back home, some walkways may be wet. we could have some deep puddles from do you know pours and storms coming through. temperatures in the upper 80s. the sun is breaking out this morning, make sure you have the sun block on. you'll need the sunglasses. headed back home have the umbrella ready. a look at our storm chances for the weekend as the remnants of tropical storm bill will be coming through. that's next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:51. breaking news with melissa. >> g.w. parkway northbound, this could be here for some time.
5:43 am
they're having a shift change right now. more crews are coming in to continue this clean-up after the engine exploded. you're being pushed on to spout run, a big section of the g.w. parkway shut down. and indian head, the left lane is block. as far as travel times in virginia, you're fine. no major issues. 270 southbound germantown to the beltway looking good. past the beltway looking good on the outer loop. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car this morning. >> thanks, melissa. don't throw away that carry on just yet.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> welcome back at 5:46. metro has a laundry list of things to address to get up to par with safety standards. it's all detailed in a new report. the federal transit administration pointed out 90 safety issues.
5:47 am
77 on the rails and 13 on buses. among the findings, metro workers using their personal cell phones while inside the system's control center. and that metro doesn't do enough track maintenance work. metro has 90 days to submit a plan, detailing how it plans to address the safety issues. we have posted the full list of concerns on today is day one of retirement for the alexandria police officer who made an amazing recovery. peter laboy was shot in the head two years ago, while on duty. take a look here. alexandria police held a special ceremony for laboy last night and they honored his 18 years of service to the force. >> i was happy that everything i wanted to do i was able to do it. so -- >> because you did so many different things. >> yes, i did. >> fellow officers nicknamed him superman. one of them brought some super temporary tattoos to the
5:48 am
ceremony. you may notice some changes in the coming weeks as you approach the 95 and 495 express lanes. crews are going to paint purple line stripes leading up to the sen transs to the lanes. -- entrances to the lanes. the goal is to signal to drivers they're entering the ez pass lanes. if you bought a new car recently chances are you won't have to take it in to the shop for a while. a new survey from jd power found that initial new car quality is better than ever. porsche topped the list for initial quality. kia took the number two spot. jaguar number three. and hyundai came in at number four. infinty rounded out the top brands. so maybe your commute takes you through union station. a major hub that serves 35 million people a year and that number is expected to double in about 20 years and planners say an expansion for the station is
5:49 am
already behind schedule. developers want to expand the station and add a new development over the rail yard behind the main building. trade officials say the development is key because of the station's central location. >> the greater washington region is central to this region of tyson's, up to colombia, maryland and baltimore. union station is central to it. >> the development project is being held up because the city needs to rebuild the hopscotch bridge over "h" street. the mayor and city planners say they're working to expedite that project. loudoun county schools can be losing a top administrator. we now know she is one of the three finalists for a superintendent job in south carolina. final interviews are scheduled for next week. breeden held several administrative jobs in fairfax county. your child's walk to school
5:50 am
could be safer starting next year. the police department said it's retrained many of the nearly 100 crossing guards. the county has certified several to direct and control vehicle traffic near schools. those guards are allowed to stop traffic not direct it. apparently the winter weather is to blame for brown tap water in montgomery county. the washington suburban sanitary commission said the salt used to treat the roads and sidewalks caused high levels of sodium chloride in the potomac and that's where the drinking water comes from. even though the brown water isn't aesthetically appealing water testers say that they conduct daily tests and the water is safe to drink. loudoun county's first whole foods market will be open for business next month. it will feature a pub inside. >> pub inside? drinking and groceries i don't know. >> they'll serve wine beer, spirits. it opens july 29th in the belmont chase shopping center so get your short skirt and your
5:51 am
party shirt ready. >> you'll come home with all kinds of odd things. in "news4 your health," despite recent changes to sunscreen labels it seems many are still confused. researchers at northwestern university said the majority of people interviewed didn't know that sunscreen protected them against cancer and sun burns. many of them admitted they didn't understand the definition of spf. in 2011, new regulations were put in place requiring labels to have information protecting against uva and uvb radiation. it's important to wear every single day. absolutely. 5:51. we turn to tom kierein wondering when we'll have some sun today. >> we ought to get some sun breaking out. yesterday we were shooting video for the summer special and we were at the pool and kids were putting on the sun block.
5:52 am
>> reapply it every hour. >> it will be another hot and humid day. and in the wake of the overnight showers on the eastern shore, we still have rather humid conditions. in fact, humidity has jumped overnight. we're getting a few sprinkles out in western maryland. getting into the shenandoah valley, maybe around 8:00 or 9:00. a few sprinkles north of annapolis, over to chester town and centreville, maryland. there's a large area under a severe threat today in this yellow zone from the midwest all the way into west virginia, virginia and much of maryland for this afternoon. we could get some strong storms developing. the main threat from the storms will be high winds. that's also a threat of some hail. not as much of a threat from any flooding rain or passing tornado. but the main risk is for high winds from some strong storms this afternoon. so that may interrupt the afternoon commute. could have a low to moderate impact when heading back home. humid and warm through the afternoon. temperatures with the higher
5:53 am
humidity right now here 70. metro area and around the bay. a few locations are in the 60s right now. by 8:00 mid 70s. partly sunny. ought to get sun breaking out by then. partly cloudy by noontime low 80s. that sweltering humidity in place during the day. we'll get the scattered storms coming on through late afternoon and into the evening hours. then the mid 70s. smaller chance of a storm on friday and then increasing chances of storms on saturday and sunday. that looks like the day still for the remnants of tropical storm bill to be passing right through our region on sunday with maybe morning showers. a chance of storms on monday, up near 90. another chance of storms on wednesday. coming up at 6:01 we'll look at the hour by hour storm timing for this afternoon. breaking news on the roads this thursday morning. here's melissa.
5:54 am
>> breaking news, g.w. parkway northbound here, still have all lanes blocked at spout run. closed between the spout run and cia because of the engine that exploded earlier. trying to clean up the debris and the fuel. the ramp to the 11th street bridge, a crash. indian head highway, the left lane is blocked. overall, the beltway is moving along quite nicely. 270 out of frederick a little slow here through urbana. gets nasty through clarksburg and then opens back up after that. nothing to worry about after that. 66 west of sudley road, moving along quite nicely. now, today is national dump the pump day. you're encouraged to leave your car at home and use mass transit. derrick ward at the metro. what is happening there? >> reporter: good morning. this is the day that you're being asked to forego the car and go on public transportation. this is the tenth annual dump the pump day, sponsored by the american public transportation
5:55 am
association. they say that last year, 10.8 billion people made their trips on public transportation. that was the highest in 58 years and there's been a 39% increase in public transportation use since 1995. and that is indeed outpacing things like population growth and new car purchases. now, this helps a lot of things. you know, reduces fuel use. carbon emissions and congestion and represents the savings. if you're family of two, a two-person household with two cars if you get rid of one of the cars and use public transportation you'll save $9,324 every year. officials will be out here today they'll give away some freebies and some public information about public transportation that's happening here at the friendship heights station. as well as silver springs station. they hope they will be seeing an increase in the number of people who adhere to this and take public transportation instead of taking to the roads. we are live at friendship
5:56 am
heights, derrick ward news4. the size of your carry on bag is not changing. at least for now. last week an airline association said smaller bags would free up space in the packed overhead bins. well, it's canceling the recommendation because of the public outcry and criticism. airlines worldwide rejected the idea for carry on bags to be 20% smaller. the much anticipated sequel to "fifty shades of grey" hits the books and it's written from the man's perspective. it is timed with gray's birthday. this must be the character in the book. the first book became a smash hit and millions were sold. one movie has been released and at least two more are planned. get ready. back with more news in just a couple of minutes. stick around for "news4 today." at.
5:57 am
5:58 am
"news4 today" begins with breaking news. >> we have a pair of breaking news stories for you right now. first, take a live look at this. a messy commute part of the g.w. parkway is closed right now. the unusual circumstances crews are dealing with as they try to reopen the road. a massive manhunt to find the man who opened fire inside
5:59 am
an historic church. we'll have the latest from charleston from the live desk. and news4's megan mcgrath is on scene where a major commuter route is shut down right now. tell us what happened. >> reporter: well, you can see the detour behind me here. g.w. parkway, the northbound lanes, all of them are closed right here at spout run parkway. so they'll force you off to the left. we have a situation further down the road right around 123 where a vehicle had its engine explode overnight. so apparently we have quite an oil slick across all of the lanes and they say it's just simply too slick, too dangerous to allow traffic to go down. so the closure is between spout run and the cia exit. we are still not sure how long this is going to be the case. they have asked for some additional crews to come in to help with this clean-up effort. so we're still seeing a light volume of traffic right now but as we head into the rush hour this may start becoming a real
6:00 am
problem for people heading north on the g.w. parkway as we continue to see this closure in place. we'll keep an eye on it and we'll let you know as soon as things change. now with more on traffic, we'll send it over to melissa. >> all right thank you megan. as megan just said, g.w. parkway northbound there going to be pushed off at spout run because the northbound lanes are blocked between spout run and the cia. 123, that ramp, that is still closed as well. you cannot get on either of those spots. taking a look elsewhere here 29, 95 b.w. parkway into and out of town looking quite good. 66 west of sudley we all of a sudden have a lot of volume here headed into town this morning. so a little bit slow there. looking at 95 in virginia, northbound here, slowest spot is dale city. 19 miles per hour and coming out of frederick a little slow all the way through clarksburg on 270. tom? cloudy and muggy. a live view


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