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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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light volume of traffic right now but as we head into the rush hour this may start becoming a real problem for people heading north on the g.w. parkway as we continue to see this closure in place. we'll keep an eye on it and we'll let you know as soon as things change. now with more on traffic, we'll send it over to melissa. >> all right thank you megan. as megan just said, g.w. parkway northbound there going to be pushed off at spout run because the northbound lanes are blocked between spout run and the cia. 123, that ramp, that is still closed as well. you cannot get on either of those spots. taking a look elsewhere here 29, 95 b.w. parkway into and out of town looking quite good. 66 west of sudley we all of a sudden have a lot of volume here headed into town this morning. so a little bit slow there. looking at 95 in virginia, northbound here, slowest spot is dale city. 19 miles per hour and coming out of frederick a little slow all the way through clarksburg on 270. tom? cloudy and muggy. a live view from the storm team 4 city camera.
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there's capitol hill in the distance. you can see the humidity hanging in the air in the wake of overnight showers on the eastern shore. and the rain may get into the shenandoah valley over the next hour or so. lingering light showers on the eastern shore. could be a few puddlings lingering from the overnight rain. here is hour by hour timing. some of those showers in the mountains now at 10:00 coming close to loudoun county. settling down between noon and 3:00. then by 4:00, we start to see thunderstorms popping up shenandoah right into the metro area between 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. those thundershowers coming on through. they could be severe with damaging winds. next weather and traffic on the 1s, coming up at 6:11.
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your drive time forecast. >> thanks, tom. 6:02 is your time. we have breaking news. police in charleston are searching for the man who shot and killed nine people inside a historic church. police are calling this a hate crime. news4's molette green is following the breaking developments from the live desk. >> right now, the police chief in charleston is holding a news conference asking for the public's help to find the suspected gunman. let's listen in now. >> well, obviously, at this point we want everybody to be vigilant. we want them to see -- if they see anything that is suspicious we want them to call us. at right now, we've got teams of investigators. we have uniform officers, we have fbi agents all over the city. and along with our local law enforcement partners so we'll be looking for this individual and for this car just like everyone else. this is an all hands on deck effort with the community, as well as law enforcement. i think with that effort we'll find this person quickly. >> [ indiscernible ].
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>> what i'm telling you that when people go out, they should be vigilant. they should be aware of their surroundings. and if they see anything suspicious they should called law enforcement. >> a reward? >> we'll announce that at 7:00. >> what kind of model of car? >> i'm not going to give a make and model because at this point we're not 100% sure and that would be inappropriate. we just want people to look at this vehicle and if they see one that matches that description to call law enforcement. thank you very much. we'll be back at 7:00. >> that's police chief gregory mullen in charleston talking about having a good starting point in the search of a man who shot up a black church in downtown area. earlier in the news conference we heard him tell us they have surveillance video they believe shows the suspect and a good look at the suspect's vehicle. and they're asking for the
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public's help to find this man who killed nine people last night during a bible study at the church. we're going to get another update from charleston at 7:00 and you'll be able to see that during the "today" show. that is the latest from the live desk. back to you. >> thanks molette. jeb bush cancelled his events today in charleston because of this mass shooting. he released a statement saying his thoughts are with the families affected by this tragedy. the naacp also released a statement condemning the shooting, saying in part quote there is no greater coward than a criminal who enters a house of god and slaughters innocent people engaged in the study of scripture. of course we'll continue to follow this story throughout the morning. a live update from south carolina in 45 minutes and we'll send any breaking news updates to your phone using the nbc washington app. coming up on five minutes after 6:00, today, community members are hosting a walk to remind drivers to safety share
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the road with pedestrians. the focus is on one corridor in particular. last week, a driver hit a man in a cross walk in van ness street. and that man did survive. the next day, a grocery truck hit a pedestrian. organizers of the walk are meeting at 6:30 tonight. mayor muriel bowser set a citywide reduction of traffic deaths in d.c. and a judge will determine the punishment of a man who attacked a woman. today, the victim will testify about the effect of the 2005 attack. the effect it had on her life. matthew faces murder charges in the death of hannah graham. it's 6:06. we are watching the supreme court which could hand down a major ruling as early as today. the court will rule on multiple
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major cases by the end of the month. we'll find out whether gay marriage is protected under the u.s. constitution. and whether the court will extend subsidies guaranteed by the affordable care act. even if it rules against the law, some republican lawmakers say they'll allieu subsidies to continue for -- allow subsidies for people who can lose their health insurance. today neighborhoods and friends will rally together to raise some money for those families displaced by a fire. the concert will be held today from 5:30 to 8:00 in leesburg. several performers will take the stage tonight at thomas berkeley house. breaking news on the roads right now. a big section of northbound g.w. parkway right now is shut down. what area to avoid this morning and how long this closure will last coming up. new information looking at the problems you deal with
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trying to safely secure your child's car seat. why your car's design may make it a tougher task.
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breaking news on g.w. parkway northbound. g.w. parkway at spout run, all lanes blocked right there. you're pushed off on to spout run because of the earlier problem on g.w. parkway with an engine that exploded. clean-up is underway. northbound lanes are closed. our friends at wtop tweeted this out 123 ramp to northbound g.w. parkway also closed because of this. as far as travel times, 66 eastbound here. no problems here. 95 south and north, looking good. 270 south from germantown to the beltway on time. back in ten minutes with more on this issue on g.w. parkway.
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tom? >> well, melissa, some of the roads are still wet. and there's a live view from the city camera. got some low clouds, it is muggy again this morning. the storm team 4 radar showing some lingering showers on the eastern shore. getting a few sprinkles way out here in western maryland. those may make it closer to our western suburbs over the next hour or two. otherwise, we will be gradually drying this morning. so green lights for the morning and midday drive time, but the afternoon caution light as we'll get some storms coming through. for the morning drive, sun is breaking out with drying roads in the upper 70s and then 80s. threat next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 6:21. back to you. new calls for the head of the office of personnel management to resign over some serious deficiencies with cyber security. democrat james lange vin says that katherine archuleta failed to protect the personal data of millions of federal employees. hackers stole it in two breaches
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made public in recent weeks. opm leaders have known about the security weaknesses since at least 2007. listen up an important deadline coming up if you're hoping to watch the redskins joint practice with the houston texans in august. the team will hold a ticket lottery to attend the event. fans need to enter by july 20th to be selected. you can head to, search redskins lottery to sign up. all other practice sessions will be open to fans without a ticket. stop stop stop! >> on a collision course. the confusion that nearly caused two passenger planes to slam into each other. plus a developing story right now in parts of the south where the remnants of tropical storm bill are pushing their way north, dumping heavy rain across several states. the problem that people are dea
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breaking news at 6:15. northbound g.w. parkway shut down between spout run and cia. an engine exploded. no -- there's also a fuel spill
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we're told and in the last ten minutes or so more crews arrived to help with the clean-up that's been going on all night long. follow nbc4's megan mcgrath for updates on when this will be cleared. new this morning a new report is out about how easy it is to keep your child safe in the car. the first ever report about child care seat latches was leased. they tested how easy it was to use them and in other words, whether they think most of you will use the latches the correct way. only three cars made good marks. the volkswagen bassett, bmw 5 series and mercedes-benz gl. ten cars received poor ratings including ones from chevy, nissan, ford, hyundai and toyota. we put how the insurance institute came up with the ratings. check it out on the nbc washington app. stop stop stop! >> that frantic call last minute
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one likely saved hundreds of lives at chicago's midway airport. that call was made as two planes were on a collision course. they came to a screeching halt. a delta and a southwest flight, similar flight numbers. they were barrelling down intersecting runways on tuesday when a controller noticed that there was a mistake there. in reality only the southwest flight had been cleared for takeoff. the planes stopped within 2,000 feet of the intersection. >> the offending pilot has to listen closely to make sure that the call signs are not confused. repeat back the clearance. the lives are at stake here and so this is a very critical moment. >> now, delta is cooperating with an investigation but it's unclear in the pilot will face any discipline. d.c. police are investigating a shooting in southeast washington. police found a man shot in the area off 33rd and "d" street. not far from minnesota avenue. right now there's no description of a suspect. d.c. police say they're tired of saying no suspect.
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officials are frustrated at the lack of people coming forward in recent cases. for the third time in less than a month, chief lanier made a public plea for information about a shooting. last week, two men were gunned down on 295. a 16-year-old is fighting for his life after a shooting on tuesday. and despite clear video of three possible suspects in his shooting, no leads. and this is the same situation for d.c. reporter charnice milton who was killed by a stray bullet waiting at a bus stop in southeast. >> the real culprits here are those who remain silent and look you dead in the eye when you're at the giant at alabama avenue or at the safeway at alabama avenue and they greetd you and say, i'm so sorry for your loss and they know who did it and they won't say a word. >> the suspects are known to friends and family, police believe, but no one is turning them in. breaking news at the live
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desk. we just got this flyer from charleston police. take a good look there. it shows the suspect in that shooting at that church in downtown charleston. police describe him as a young white man in his early 20s with a slender build. there you can see from surveillance footage the picture of him. he has on a gray sweatshirt that police tell us has distinctive markings. not sure what the markings are. the surveillance footage also shows the suspect's car and police are saying there is also a distinctive front license plate, but no further details on that. police are describing the man as extremely dangerous after killing nine people in what they describe as a hate crime inside an historic black church in the downtown area. we'll keep you posted. coming up on 6:20 now, to the latest on the manhunt in upstate new york.
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state police say escaped murderers richard matt and david sweat could be anywhere. police did release some images of what the two men could look like after two weeks on the run. the woman confirmed with helping them escape had spoken to them about having her husband killed. water damaged wood beams may have been responsible for a balcony collapse that killed two irish exchange students and injured several others. the mayor of berkeley, california, is speculating that the beams -- no official cause has been given. several students were on that balcony on tuesday when it gave way. the structure was supposed to be able to hold up to 2,000 pounds. the building was less than ten years old. it was completed in 2007. this morning d.c. police are looking for these five people. look at this video here. you can see them knock a man to the ground and rob him. this happened on first street northwest on monday. this is similar to the attack we
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told you about last week. that was another robbery attack that took place less than a mile away. d.c. police have not said whether these cases are connected. tsa agents arrested a pittsburgh man after he tried to carry a gun through security. agents detected that in his carry-on bag as it was going through the security check point. the gun was loaded with six rounds. the man said he had driven the gun to maryland and he was originally ticketed to go to miami. guns are not permitted in carry-on bags. passengers can pack it in a checked bag if it's declared. if the hacking allegations against the st. louis cardinals turn out to be true, the employees can end up in jail. it would fall under the computer fraud and abuse act and that carries a possible five-year prison sentence. the fbi is investigating the cardinals for allegedly hacking the astros' computers. that includes the scouting
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reports, statistics even internal discussions about trades. league officials and both teams say they're cooperating with investigators. i want to get you caught up on the forecast. we started off with rain and a lot of clouds. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein to see what kind of a day we'll have. >> hairstyles by mr. humidity isn't that, right? and the humidity has swept in the wake of the overnight downpours. you see moving on the storm team 4 radar crossing the bay. a few sprinkles out in western maryland coming into west virginia. those may hold together getting into the western suburbs around 10:00 or 11:00. it's still damp and a few puddles are around from the overnight showers. under a threat of severe storms from the midwest all the way into the maryland and virginia and strong storms for later this afternoon. the main threat is high winds perhaps some damaging winds from
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some storms during the afternoon hours into early evening. a smaller threat of hail and heavy rain. very low risk of any tornadoes as some isolated storms come on through. it will likely cause problems for the afternoon commute. so a moderate impact there and remaining humid through the afternoon. right now, it's mild and muggy. we're in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees most of the region and later today, reaching the upper 80s. and then after we get through those storms this afternoon and evening, we will clear out a bit overnight. down to the mid 70s tomorrow and in the morning, afternoon highs reaching 90 degrees. there is a small chance of an isolated shower over the weekend. and then the remnants of tropical storm bill are coming sunday. with some showers in the morning, maybe afternoon storms, perhaps afternoon storms on monday and wednesday next week. 6:31, your neighborhood highs
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today. melissa, what's happening with the g.w. parkway? >> northbound at spout run that's as far as you can go. we have lanes shut down because of the engine that exploded. clean-up is underway because of the debris and the fuel. northbound lanes closed from spout run to the cia. the ramp to g.w. parkway still closed as well. taking a look at some other issues, 395 northbound at duke street. we have a crashen the shoulder there. 97 north two lanes are blocked. maryland 95 at 198 no issues there. prince george's county overall actually looking quite good this morning. and 95 north of prince william parkway slow as you're headed northbound on 95 because of the earlier crash there. back in ten minutes. >> right now, tropical depression bill wreaking havoc on oklahoma. the storm could actually dump three to eight inches of rain from oklahoma to illinois by week's end. volunteers filled thousands of sand bags to try to hold back the water and prevent flooding. but a bunch of those roads shut down now because of the high water that you see there.
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we are -- as we just heard from tom, we could see the remnants of bill coming to our area this weekend. back to you. >> thank you, molette. in "news4 your health" despite recent changes to sunscreen labels apparently people still are confused about how you use them. researchers at northwestern university say the majority of people interviewed in a recent study did not know that sunscreen protected them against cancer and sun burn. many admitted they didn't understand the definition of spf. in 2011 new regulations were implemented requiring labels to emphasize protection against uva and uvb radiation. both can lead to premature aging and skin cancer. and dump the pump and the facts that may convince you to do that. and new details involving the deadly church shooting in south carolina. police released an image of a man they say is the shooter.
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it is one of many developments we have gathered overnight. what we're learning ahead. and breaking news on the roads a large section of northbound g.w. parkway headed out of the city a mess r
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breaking news in charleston, south carolina, now. you're looking at a live picture of the church where nine people were shot during bible study. police calling last night's shooting a hate crime. a few minutes ago, police released an image of the suspect. this picture was taken from the surveillance camera. police say they believe he is hiding out in charleston. >> they're asking for everyone to be on the lookout there. this person is considered armed and dangerous. the fbi and state police now helping with the search. and our other breaking news this morning on the g.w. parkway, all lanes are shut down between spout run and the cia exit in arlington on the northbound side. the vehicle engine exploded there. fuel and shrapnel scattered across the road. that's what crews are busy cleaning up right now. we do know it will take some time for this to be cleared. melissa mollet is tracking how to get around this for your commute. >> you want to avoid probability
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the g.w. parkway, the entire section here between spout run and the cia. those northbound lanes are all going to be shut down. you can get on before that and get off -- get on after that and be fine. 123 the ramp to g.w. parkway that's still shut down. again, here's megan mcgrath with a live picture from the scene this morning. heard from the police, this could be around 7:00 a.m. before they even think of getting one lane open. wide look of the beltway, no major issues. 395, slow. earlier crash at duke street is slowing us down. 295, passing 50 slow as well. look at 66 overall going about 40 miles per hour there. not so bad. and the slowest spot is dale city. more information on this problem on g.w. parkway coming up in a couple of minutes. tom? >> you can see the pavement is beginning to off the overnight showers. as you walk out the door, you're walking in a wall of humidity.
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getting a few sprinkles here in western maryland and the pan handle of west virginia. getting closer to shenandoah valley might get a sprinkle there. right now, pavement around the region is still damp but gradually drying out. montgomery, fairfax counties, and alexandria, arlington, low 70s. throughout northern virginia, around 70 degrees. patchy ground fog is forming today. north and west of washington into the mid 80s. right in washington, nearby suburbs upper 80s. near 90 farther south in northern virginia. parts of southern maryland right around the bay into the mid 80s and steamy humidity. scattered afternoon storms from the mountains to the bay. and next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 6:41. your walk to work and walk back home forecast. aaron? let's go! back up. >> oh, my god. >> questions this morning about whether metro transit police used excessive force when they
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pepper sprayed a metrobus rider who didn't pay his fare. you take a look here, you can see some plainclothes officers holding a man here. the officers confronted that man when they saw that he didn't pay. now, according to metro he then pushed one of the officers. the man who recorded this video said that police pepper sprayed him in the face before arresting him. the man behind the video believe the officers used excessive force. news4's transportation reporter adam tuss said they're part of a new crackdown. it hands out thousands of citations every year, but rarely arrests anybody. it is 6:33. right now, prince george's county police want your help to find someone they say sexual assaulted a 6-year-old girl. take a look at this picture here. police say this man inappropriately touched a girl last week at a cvs store at the shopping center on riverdale road in new carrollton.
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the parent was in the store but in another aisle. they say the girl had wandered away. we could see a plea from the man accused of stabbing an elderly man as he robbed a home in alexandria. horace white was in the middle of robbing a house on jackson place when he was interrupted by the elderly home owners. he stabbed the man and took off. white was caught after an investigation that involved the metro police. the list against him is long. abduction carjacking malicious wounding. this man, alexandria police officer peter laboy doesn't -- he's officially retired this morning. 2 1/2 years after he was shot in the head. we have told you about his remarkable recovery after the shooting two years ago. last night alexandria police held a special ceremony to say good-bye. he served with the police department for 18 years. maybe your commute takes you through union station every day. the major hub that serves more than 35 million people a year.
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that number is expected to double in about 20 years. and planners say an expansion for the station is already behind schedule. developers want to build on top of the rail yard behind the main building. but the development project is being held up because the city needs to rebuild the hopscotch build over "h" street. they're all working to exme diet the project. today you're encouraged to leave your car and we have more on what's happening with derrick ward. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, again, aaron. well, you can see this is a busy transportation hub. metro bus and metro rail here as well as ride-on buses taking you into montgomery county. who else is here? folks from the commuter services who want you to take advantage of this. the facilities like this. of course, as you said, this is national dump the pump day. last year public transportation use was up.
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it was at a 68-year high. there were 10.8 billion trips made on public transportation. and so to further that, people want to -- you know, they want to highlight the savings and help the environment that such trips do indeed make. take a look at some of the features that you'll find here locally. there will be commuter services like the ones you see here, giving out freebies. from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. you can learn more about bike share as well and they'll be at the shady grove metro station from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. now, time will tell whether or not you see a little bit more ridership on metro or metrobus today because of people taking advantage of this. but they want to start a trend here. they say it's good for the economy, good for the environment and good for you. we're live at friendship heights news4 back to you. breaking news on the roads right now. a section of g.w. parkway northbound is closed. we'll tell you where we're
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talking about in a couple of minutes and how to get around this issue this morning. making sure drivers share the road. the push for pedestrian safety in d.c. in the day ahead after a pair of serious accidents. plus, having your say on whose face will grace the new $10 bill. it's creating a buzz on
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breaking news on g.w. parkway, the section you have to avoid because it is shut down right between spout run and cia. we had an engine explode in a vehicle overnight. also closed the 123 ramp to g.w. parkway. so avoid that section
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altogether. here's megan mcgrath who is out there all morning she'll be live for us in a couple of minutes here. no problems at 66 inbound. quantico to the beltway, ten minutes behind. pretty typical. 270 south looking good. remember to listen to our friends on wtop for the latest on traffic. tom? we have some low clouds, passing through the region. it's still very humid and some of the pavement still wet from the oversight showers on the eastern shore. getting a few sprinkles out in the mountains. right now though we've got some low clouds and damp pavement. later today you will need the umbrella during the afternoon, but later in the morning some sun breaking out. you will need the sunglasses b comfortable in short sleeves through the day. some walkways are wet from passing thundershowers this afternoon. a look at our weekend storm
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chances in weather and traffic on the 1s. >> thanks, tom. we now know that the next woman on a $10 bill w woman. jack lew announced the plan yesterday. there had been a huge online campaign to put a woman on the $20 bill but the $10 bill is the next one due to for a redesign. it will debut around the 100th anniversary of the women gaping the right to vote. this is lighting up social media. many of you have been tweeting your ugtthoughts on who you want to see on the new $10 bill. >> a lot of people think eleanor roosevelt is a good choice. >> of course, other suggestions. susan b. anthony. rosa parks. >> no trending topic would be complete without using a few sort of unusual choices that we're seeing. marilyn monroe was one of the options. beyonce also there.
6:42 am
she will not make the short list when this is all said and done. >> can't be living in order to be on the bill. breaking news we're following for you, involving that deadly church shooting in south carolina. in the last 45 minutes police released this image of the man they say is the shooter who killed at least nine people. we'll go live to charleston for you on that manhunt and what we're learning about the victims, next.
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a pair of breaking news stories for you right now as we work to get you up to the minute, the minute you're up. a massive manhunt underway at this hour for the man police say opened fire on a church congregation in south carolina, killing at least nine people. >> we are also dealing with a mess on the roads around here right now. part of the g.w. parkway shut down because of a car explosion. news4's megan mcgrath live on the scene with more on what happened there. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, aaron. you can see behind me here that the northbound traffic is still being detoured off of the g.w. parkway on to the spout run parkway. and that's going to be the case here for a little while longer. now, within this last 15 or 20 minutes or so however we did see a truck loaded with sand arrive here on the scene. that sand is going to be used to mop up the oil spill that is further down the road. that's what's causing the problem here. overnight, there was a car that had a problem with their engine th and metal debris across the
6:46 am
northbound lanes of the g.w. parkway. that's why it's closed. take a look at the map here. you'll get a better idea for the trouble spot, the area that's close. we're talking about spout run and the cia exit. not sure exact he how much longer it will be closed. but they are making some progress. they have got some additional crews and some equipment here on the scene so hopefully we'll start to see some relief at some point soon. right now, all of those northbound lanes are closed. the detour -- spout run. wither moe on traffic, let's send it over to melissa. >> thank you, megan. again, right now here's what's happening. the northbound lanes are shut down between the 123 northbound ramp there. that's still closed as well. shut down between spout run and the cia. your alternate once you get out of of on spout run, old dominion drive your best bet. this is very dangerous and extremely dangerous individual. and we need the public's assistance to identify him as
6:47 am
quickly as possible. >> the search son for this man, take a look. police say he shot and killed nine people inside a historic church in charleston, south carolina. that shooting happened during a bible study. >> now, police are calling this a hate crime at this point. nbc's dave wagner is joining us live from charleston with the latest on what's happening there this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, eun and aaron. this is a sad scene in charleston. we're in the historic district of charleston. police just released this surveillance photo. they believe this is the suspect. a young man described as 21 to 25 years old. a white man here. he walked into the church last night and we are told by the pastor's cousin that he specifically asked to see the pastor and then walked in to a bible study and opened fire. we can confirm at this point that the pastor is among those
6:48 am
killed. the senior pastor who was also a popular state senator here in south carolina. his name is clementa pinckney. they're describing -- the police are as a hate crime, but beyond the fact that the suspect is white and this is a predominantly african-american church, we don't know the details or why they're classifying it that way. but they are on -- they are on a fevered pitch searching for this suspect. they're asking for the public's help, any help at all to be given to try to find this guy sooner than later. eun, aaron? >> dave, we know that pinckney was one of the victims. any word on anyone who else -- anyone else who was killed in the shooting? >> reporter: yeah, that's a frustration for a lot of folks.
6:49 am
i spoke to one who believes that their family member was a victim. they called the police and the coroner's office and they got no help, no information. they reached out to me because they thought i might be able to help but this point, being extremely quiet. i think the focus really is in the search to find this young man between the ages of 21 and 25 they need the public's help. they're actively searching for this guy. >> all right, dave wagner, thank you. 6:49 right now. jeb bush cancelled his events in charleston because of this mass shooting. he released a statement saying his thoughts are with the families. and the naacp condemned the shooting saying in part, quote, there is no greater coward than a criminal who enters a house of god and slaughters innocent people engaged in the study of scripture. look for another live update from charleston coming up in a few minutes on "today."
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6:50 your time now and today a virginia judge will hear from the victim of a sexual assault to determine the punishment for the man who attacked here. jesse matthew will be sentenced in october for attempted capital murder and sex assault in this case. today the victim will testify about the effect the 2005 attack in fairfax had on her life. matthew faces murder charges also in the death of uva student hannah graham. all eyes on the supreme court as early as this morning, it could rule on one of multiple major cases. the big ones include gay marriage and health care. the court is deciding if gay marriage is protected under the constitution. it will also hand down a dedecision -- decision on extending subsidies under the affordable care act. and today, neighbors and friends will rally together to raise some money for families displaced by a big fire in loudoun county. look at some video here, three apartments, several businesses
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destroyed earlier this month. a concert will be held at 5:30 and last until 8:00 in leesburg. this is at thomas berkeley house. breaking news right now. again, we are talking about northbound g.w. parkway. right there at spout run. you're going to be diverted off of the roadway because of this crash here between spout run and the cia. all those northbound lanes are blocked right now. 123 ramp to g.w. parkway also still closed this morning. so just a mess there. right now megan mcgrath's camera is showing us a live picture from the scene. your alternate is old dominion drive once you get pushed off. i spoke with d.c. police, shut down at porter on beach drive because of a rock slide. wide look at the beltway, getting slow. outer loop and then inbound 395 as we normally see this time of the day. at 66 and 95 actually not looking bad. 42 miles per hour on 95 northbound in virginia. prince george's county no major issues there. same thing when you're looking up here, 95 looking pretty good
6:52 am
in maryland. northbound b.w. parkway outside the beltway a little slow. 270 at montrose typical as well. tom? it's cloudy and muggy, live view from the storm team 4 city camera overlooking washington. now in the wake of the showers that came on through the air is humid. getting a few lingering sprinkles. light sprinkles way out here in the panhandle of west virginia. those may move into the shenandoah valley in another hour or so. hour by hour timing on a few more showers maybe around 10:00 or 11:00 coming into the northern suburbs, patches of green. then settles down early afternoon to mid afternoon. by late afternoon we'll likely see some showers and thundershowers coming through the metro area. 4:00 as late as 7:00 p.m. some of the storms could produce some damaging winds and some hail. and the main threat is going to be damaging winds. there's a very low threat of any tornados or any flooding from heavy rain.
6:53 am
but we might get some strong winds from the storms coming through late afternoon and early evening. right now hovering around 70 degrees and later today by noontime we'll be up into the low 80s and partly sunny. and during the afternoon and before those storms arrive we ought to be in the upper 80. tomorrow 80s to 90s. over the weekend greater chance of afternoon storms on saturday. into the mid 80s. remnants of tropical storm bill coming all the way from texas to our region arriving here over the weekend. on saturday night into sunday with some showers in the morning on sunday. maybe sun midday and then thundershowers in the afternoon. highs right around 90 and very humid. the tropical humidity still lingering on monday. a few scattered afternoon storms. maybe drying out a bit on tuesday. chance for more storms on wednesday. eun? >> thanks, tom. well, you may notice some changes in the coming weeks as you approach the 95 and 495
6:54 am
express lanes. crews are going to paint purple stripes leading up to the entrans to the lanes. the goal is to have another signal that drivers are entering the ez pass lanes. your child's walk to school might be safer next year. the fairfax county police officers have retrained the nearly 100 crossing guards. they have certified several to direct traffic around the schools. most are allowed to stop traffic, but not direct it. today a walk to remind drivers to safely share the road with pedestrians. the focus is on one corridor in particular wisconsin avenue northwest. last week a man was hit in the cross walk near van ness street. the next day a grocery delivery truck hit and killed a pedestrian on calvert street. organizers are meet at wisconsin
6:55 am
avenue and veazey street at 6:30. muriel bowser set a citywide goal of minimizing traffic deaths in d.c. just into the newsroom, the pope's controversial paper on climate change has officially been published. in it, the pope says most global warming is due to human activity. here in d.c., there will be a press conference about this. already world leaders are responding. the u.n.'s top climate official said the paper is a clarion call for the world. it's now 6:55. and we have four things you need to know before you head out the door. a brand new report rated how easy it is for you to secure your child in the car. the insurance institute for highway safety said three carmakers had good car seat latches. others were marginal or poor. check out your if your car passed the test on the nbc washington app. not clear if a pilot will face discipline for this close call. the plane almost collided with a
6:56 am
southwest flight on tuesday. the confusion, both had similar flight numbers. and the judge will determine the punishment for jesse matthew. he was convicted on a 2005 in fairfax. and the fbi and police are searching for this man, take a look. they say he shot and killed nine people inside a historic church in charleston last night. look for live updates in a few minutes on "today." live city cam view overlooking the potomac this morning. we have a lot of clouds around. later this morning sun breaking out and by noontime partly sunny. very humid through the day. afternoon storms mid to late afternoon could be severe. highs before then reaching the upper 80s. melissa? >> still have this mess on g.w. parkway and spout run. all lanes are blocked right there between spout run and cia. route 123 that ramp to northbound g.w. parkway still closed because of an engine that
6:57 am
exploded. a sand truck just arrived on the scene. your alternate there is going to be old dominion drive. slow going northbound on the g.w. parkway. >> thank you. that's the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. back in 25 minutes. we hope to see you then. >> make it a great thursday, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight church massacre. nine people killed when a man walked into a prayer meeting in a charleston south carolina church. authorities looking for this suspect. >> this is a tragedy that no community shoul have to experience. >> this morning investigators are calling this a hate crime. >> minutea community in ag any and a desperate search for the man responsible. today june 18 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is a special


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