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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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fire inside a south carolina church. >> survivors say he reloaded five different times. the heartbreaking stories they are sharing about those who didn't make it out alive. new at 4:00. and i'm storm team4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer, howard county frederick county, severe warning until 4:45 and expect more storms. we are watching radar and tracking it for you right now. first at 4, we begin with that major breaking news that's rocking the carolinas this after into. right now detectives are grilling the 21-year-old white man who is accused of gunning down nine people inside an historic black church down in charleston, south carolina. dylann roof was caught in shelby, north carolina, just a few hours ago. that's about 245 miles north of emmanuel african methodist episcopal church where police say he opened fire. six men, three women were killed. we just learned they range in
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age from 26 to 87 years old. chilling new details are emerging about what happened inside that church. one survivor says her son was trying to talk roof out of killing people, but roof wouldn't listen telling the black people inside, "you rape our women. you're taking over our country. and you have to go." roof evaded capture for more than 12 hours overnight, until a suspicious car was reported in north carolina. the massacre has rattled americans up and down the east coast. >> we woke up today and the heart and soul of south carolina was broken. >> governor nikki haley there from south carolina. witnesses say roof sat inside that church for at least an hour before opening fire. the church founded back in 1816 is one of the nation'sathe nation's
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oldest african-american churches. the pastor who was killed is remembered as a kind and peace. man devoted to his family. clementa pinkney was a state senator who became the youngest member of the state house when he was elected the able 23. avenues married and a father of two. one of pinkney's cousins describes what she was told about the shooting. one of the survivors said that he had loaded -- reloaded five different times and tried to talk him out of reloading and killing people. >> the gunman came into the church and specifically asked for the pastor. they showed him where the pastor was and the suspect sat down. coming up at 4:30, we are ghing to talk live to a local man who
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mentored clementa pinkney. stay tuned here for continuing coverage of the shooting in south carolina. we will have reaction from local ame church members and a live report from charleston. jim? we want to move on to big changes in our weather. storm team4 tracking storms across our region right now. chief meteor roll justologist doug kammerer er has storms? >> loudoun county, frederick, fairfax under a severe thunderstorm warping now. a lot of warnings a look at a map now. you can see the storms as we have just blossomed across our region the last 15 to 20 minutes. look at all of the lightning associated with these, especially along 270. 270 is going to be a mess the next hour or so these continue to move to the south. here are the wax boxes here, the one warped storm, frederick mount airy, damascus the urbana area, reports of hail in urbana making its way to the east, southeast, 25 miles a hour. another storm to the north of
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gaithersburg. severe thunderstorm warping in affect until 4:45 this one right here, just north of leesburg this one moving to the east about 25 miles per hour. that one as well making its way through loudoun county and over toward the montgomery county area. it does clip fairfax but not worried about fairfax for this storm but you notice a lot more storms down toward dulles and herndon, reston, one coming through college park right now, over toward bowie and the south, we have got more storms there is your severe thunderstorm watch boxes, another storm around fredericksburg, continue to see these develop and it is going to be a very stormy next couple of hours. keep it here and we will keep you posted. we know you will, doug. thank you. breaking news now in southeast washington. police there are at the scene of a deadly shooting here on near 51st street and h street. witnesses tell us there was a barrage of bullets and one man was shot. he died later at the hospital. police in the neighborhood say that man was well known in the community. right now investigators think robbery may have been the motive.
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our pat collins is at the scene gathering new information for us. look for a live report on news4 at 5 tonight. and we have breaking news from gaithersburg. southbound i-270 near i-370 is closed because of a fire in a garbage truck. this is a scene from chopper4 just homes ago. firefighters had to empty the trash from the truck and then foam it to put out the fire. trash is now strewn along the highway. as you can imagine, traffic is backed up there. no word yet on when any rains will be opening to traffic. for nearly ten years she lived with the horrid memories of her attack. today, the woman who jesse matthew was convicted of sexually assaulting told a packed courtroom what the past decade has been like for her. northern virginia reporter david culver live outside the fairfax courthouse tonight with her words. david? >> reporter: jim the victim never looked at jesse matthew from the stand. she kept composed, telling the judge that since the 2005 attack it felt like "i was
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dreaming. and you're in this dream and you're unable to wake yourself up. you would think this is not happening to you." the victim she flew in from india in hopes of finding justice. she testified at the start of the trial last week, she told about the attack, the night of the attack in particular, but today, this was a chance for her to explain how it's impacted her life since. last week's trial ended abruptly, just two and a half days in, matthew took an alford plea and was convicted of the crimes. today's victim testimony will be taken into consideration as the judge sentences matthew and that will happen in october. now, there was something that the victim says she has kept in her pocket in the past decade. she hasn't let go of it. i'm going to share what that is when you see you ahead at 5:00. for now, live in fairfax, david culver, news4. i'm mark see graves. the d.c. fire and ems department has failed to implement reforms that were required dating back more than nine years. that's the finding of a d.c. auditor's report released today. those reforms were prompted by
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the death of david rosenbaum, a "new york times" reporter who was mugged in upper northwest and died after a failed 911 response. today, the auditor says there's still a lot of work to be done to get the d.c. fire department up to where it needs to be. >> i think there's cause for frustration. all rains of the george washington memorial parkway have just reopened. the northbound rains were closed from spout run parkway to the cia exit for more than 12 hours. a tour bus engine exploded sending debris, oil and diesel all over the roadway. one rain was reopened north of 123 around noon today. the other rain was just reopened just in time for the evening rush hours. the pope releases a blistering manifesto on climate change. why he says the threat to mankind is real and what he wants to you do about it. row bow stopper, why unwanted calls could soon be a
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thing of the past.
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getting reports he of hail and winds in excess of 70-mile-an-hour 70-mile-an-hour. produce isolated wind damage and slow the evening commute. these will impact the metro area until about 6 p.m. keeping the threat of thunderstorms in southern maryland and areas south of the district until about 7, 8 p.m. only at 4:16, columbia, 4:45, el cot city, closer to 5 p.m. some more timing for you on this activity back here in loud.county. darns town, 4:25. rockville, 4:42. aspen hill, 4:52. a close eye just to the south of fredericksburg. biggest concerns today this afternoon, jim, until 8 p.m., heavy rain followed by high winds, also some hail is possible. again, everything quiet down around 8 p.m. doug and i continuing to update the forecast minute by minute, as new information becomes available. >> busy evening.
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amelia, thanks. environmentalists are hailing the first ever climate change document from a pope. it's a map fest toe aimed at st. petersburg the world to action n it pope francis backed scientists who say global warning is mostly map made. he writes that urgent action is needed to prevent the destruction of entire ecosystems and he argues that developed countries have a responsibility to stem the trend. >> i respect the pope. i think he is an incredible leader, but i think it's better to solve this thing in the plight cam realm. >> he doesn't want to give recipes. it's not up to him. but he says that the political leaders must care about this issues. much the pope's letter comes out in vans of a u.n. summit on climate change. this may sound like a dream but in the future, it may be fully possible to block spam texts and robocalls. telephone companies are allowed to offer their ways to block the
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robocalls and texts too. a few companies already offer the technology but right now, doesn't extend to wireless carriers. carriers were waiting for today's clarification from the fcc. the agency says it receives thousands of complaints about unwanted calls every month. new questions about the ousted naacp leader who lied about her race. what we just learned about her application to howard university. we continue to follow that breaking news at this hour. we will be going live to south carolina as the community reacts to the massacre. plus, we will take a closer look at the suspect and why facebook pictures reveal clues
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and we continue to follow that breaking news out of south carolina this evening. the gunman accused of killing nine people inside a charleston church last night is now behind bars. police captured 21-year-old dylann roof four hours away in
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north carolina. back in charles ton, the community is coming together this evening to support one another and deal with the aftermath of the deadly attack. jay gray in charleston now with the latest and reaction. jay in. >> reporter: hey there jim, you're right they are coming together, many vigils already here. we expect more tonight. a community that still is stunned, sometime reeling after the massacre and like investigators struggling to understand how and why all of this happened. the shock and mourning outside theeman ul african methodist episcopal church in charles and ton and across the nation has just begun. >> to say our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families and their community doesn't say enough to convey the heartache and the sadness and the anger that we feel. >> reporter: but the hunt for the accused killer is over now. >> we have arrested dylann roof,
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r-o-o-f in north carolina. >> reporter: he was arrested four hours away from south carolina where he allegedly opened fire and killed nine people wednesday night. >> we woke up today and the heart and soul of south carolina was broken. >> reporter: police say roof, seen here entering the church on surveillance video attended a prayer group inside the church after asking to meet the pastor. roof allegedly salt in the meeting for an hour, then opened fire. eight people were killed at the scene, one victim later died at a nearby hospital. >> she wants to be remembered for where she was when she died in the church. she was a strong lady of faith. she was committed to her community. >> reporter: among those killed the church's pastor, who also served as a south carolina state
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senator. known as mother emanuel, the church is the holdest a me church in the south dating back to 1860. today, hundreds packed a nearby church for a prayer vigil to mourn those killed and to stand together in the face of this tragedy. yeah, the suspect here dylann roof is in a north carolina jail right now, awaiting charges and extradition back here to south carolina. that's the latest live in charleston, i'm jay gray. jim? >> jay thanks so much. now, one of the pictures that hate crime investigators are focusing on comes from roof's facebook page here that we brought up online this evening. so take a look at this apparent profile picture of roof skulking in some woods. it carries a possible indicator of his world view on race go in a little tighter to two patches on the jacket here. they show, according to the southern poverty law center, old flags of racist white minority
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regimes in south africa. for white supremacists they represent periods of apartheid south africa and renegade rhodesia. barbara? another twist in the rachel dolezal saga. seems howard university raised questions about her race years ago, back when dolezal was a graduate student in howard in 2002. she sued the school for allegedly denying her a teaching job bus she was white. we just learned during a deposition for that lawsuit howard's attorneys asked if she tried to pose as african-american when she applied for admission to the school. a judge eventually dismissed the lawsuit and ordered dolezal to pay the university's legal bills. and turning to storm team4 meteorologist doug kammerer now, tracking severe storms we understand? >> big-time storms, barbara. those storms have hail with them, a lot of reports out of damascus urbana, the storms moved on through. look to recall team four radar storms blossoming the course of the last half hour, 45 minutes.
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can we take it guys? zoom on into these storms and really, the heaviest in through northern portions of montgomery county, north of gaithersburg in and around mount airy, damascus columbia another big time storm south of leesburg, severe thunderstorm warning, show you the watch boxes about all of the northern and we were portion of montgomery county, right now under a severe thunderstorm warning this warning till 4:45. this one until 4:30. i expect another one to be issued here, look at the area, latesville, a damascus clarksburg urbana, olney, very heavy rain associated with this. 270 is going to be a mess the next hour or two as a result. zoom in see the purples here, where we are seeing some of this hail, around the late ville area, talk about for you go in a little bit farther here and show you what i'm talking about. north of latesville, right along the watkins road area, heads up here, heads up along 108 out of latesville, to the north, the
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area that is going to see hail here the next 15 to 20 minutes, moves on down through the south and east. another wide view showing the storms just to the west, out toward tieson's corner now coming through 495 a lot of very heavy rain along the dulles toll road, 495, the toll road a mess here and around the beltway over toward 50, seeing some of that heavy rain, more thunderstorm activity one more storm down toward fredericksburg moving along 17 andism-95. heads up, keep a watchful eye to the sky, these storms definitely means business and continue to track them for you move through the rest of the evening, the storm center. tomorrow, a slight chance of a recall to high temperature of 90. then into the remnants of bill. 87 on saturday 92 on sunday. sunday, a little bit different for you, you will want to hear this forecast. amelia segal will have this in a couple of minutes. >> thank you doug. nbc made it official today. lester holt will become the permanent anchor of "nbc nightly news." holt has been filling in for the past four months during brian
4:23 pm
williams' six-month suss steps. our parent network has been investigating williams for exaggerateded statements he made about his experiences in iraq. williams will remain with this company as an anchor of breaking news and special reports for msnbc. matt lauer will interview brian tomorrow morning on the "today" show. alarming news for pants. why a majority of child safety seats are getting a failing grade. a woman will be the new face of the $10 bill. who would you like to see? you're watching wa
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for the first time ever, an auto safety group is evaluating just how easy it is to install child safety seats into cars. consumer reporter erika gonzalez joins us now with the results. erika? >> if you've had trouble installing a child seat in your car, this might be why. out of more than 100 vehicles,
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only three rated good when it comes to how easy it is to properly install a car seat. the insurance institute for highway safety measured the cars to see how easy it would be to install a child seat. it found the bmw 5 series, the mercedes benz gl class and the vols wagon pass salt were the only cars with a good waiting. iihs rated the latch hardware in vehicles, which are designed to make it easier to install a child safety seat properly. we posted the information on our website, with ebb webb. search car seats. changes to the prison where two killers escaped. why a lockdown was just lifted. breaking coverage of the church massacre in south carolina continues. next at 4:30, we will talk live to the man who mentored the prominent south
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a severe thunderstorm warping tops for montgomery county until 4:45 a new severe thunderstorm warping just in. this is for loudoun and fairfax counties. this is going to run until 5 p.m. this will continue across the area until 6 p.m. for the d.c. metro area and top to keep the threat of strong to severe thunderstorms in the forecast mainly for southern maryland, areas south of the district, until about 8 p.m. tonight. look at all of this lightning impacting gaithersburg, 270 it continues off to the east southeast, making its way toward route 1.
4:32 pm
tracking a heavier cell, this just starting to push into the district, impacting tysons right now lots of lightning with these systems. some timing for you, bethesda getting in on this activity in about 15 minutes as it tops to move into the area. again, heavy rain, chillicum, 5:20. doug will have more in ten minutes. >> amelia, thank you. breaking news at 4:30, just got our first video into the newsroom of dylann roof in custody. the video shows him being put into a police car in north carolina. it's still unclear at this point where he is being taken. he has a bulletproof vest on him there. we know there will be an extradition process to bring roof back to south carolina. 21-year-old dylann roof is accused of killing nine people inside emanuel ame church in charleston south carolina, last night. roof was arrested in rural shelby earlier today, about four hours away from the church. now, police say roof attended a
4:33 pm
prayer group inside the church after asking to meet the pastor. roof allegedly sat in the meeting for an hour before opening fire. joining us now is dr. reverend lovet weams from the seminary northwest d.c. the pastor where clem pinckney was getting his doctor rat. you knew him and serving with him as a mentor role. how are you feeling about him today and more importantly, the broader methodist family in terms of coping and dealing with this tragedy? >> well, there's so much shock, not only among the penn methodist family, but among people of goodwill everywhere. it's the kind of tragedy that so many are identifying with, such an utterly senseless loss. >> talk a little bit about mr. pinckney and his life. he accomplished so much at such a young able.
4:34 pm
we pointed out earlier, he was a state senator, church leader. what made him so successful would you say? >> well, he had the natural gifts for leadership and he was elected to the state house at 23 senate at 27. but more importantly is just who he was as a person. he was such a caring, loving humble person. and i can guarantee you that when that shooter joined that prayer service, he was accepted. he was loved. they were happy to have him there. and then he turned on people. >> that is so interesting that you say that, because did he ask where the pastor was and wanted to be sitting up there. if there was any interaction can you imagine what pastor pinckney might have said to him in such a crisis situation where everyone is in fear? >> i have no idea of when the shooting started, but i can
4:35 pm
imagine at the beginning, it would be a welcome and tell me about yourself. and it wouldn't have mattered that he didn't look like the others there or he was not the aim of the others. he would have been warmly welcomed. and if he had asked for help, he would have gotten help. >> what do you think the type of memory he will leave behind will be down there? >> of a very caring, giving person who spent his life serving others. his -- his community and his church and all of south carolina have suffered a great loss. and given his young able, his potential, his promise, much for the future has been lost. >> quickly speaking of the future, you are in the business of loss and healing and overcoming loss. this is something that will not heal any time soon. >> absolutely. absolutely. it will take a while and especially for his church and
4:36 pm
the community it will take a long time. reverend weems, we appreciate you coming in and sharing your insights on a very difficult day. thank you very much. thank you for having me. >> we hope that you keep it right here on news4. in just a few minutes, steve handlesman will have new reaction from president obama today. barbara? a lockupdown at the prison has been lifted where two inmates escaped two weeks ago. the inmates are eating again in the mess hall in clinton. some are going to work assignments recreation activities and use of phones are also resuming. the prison has been on lockdown since convicted killers richard matt and david sweat were discovered missing. the search for the two has expanded beyond the 16-mile-square grid of that prison. 25 years in prison for the d.c. man guilty of terrorizing an elderly alexandria couple in their home in january. horace white pleaded guilty to
4:37 pm
robbery, abduction carjacking and stabbing the husband. prosecutors say the couple interrupted white while he was robbing their jackson place home here. white told the couple he was on drugs at the time and apologized for what he did. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey has the judge's response. that's coming up here at 5 tonight. meanwhile, police in alexandria investigating a series of reports of shots fired from various points around town. the most recent was yesterday near the braddock road metro station. this after into, investigators tell us some arrests have been made and some weapons seized but they are trying to identify others who may be involved. do you recognize this face? reston police say this suspect robbed a woman in an underground parking garage last thursday. it happened at the harris teeter supermarket on high land crossing drive. the victim says the map forced her into a passenger seat -- the passenger seat of her vehicle and threatened her with a knife. teak her money and her phone. a reward is offered for
4:38 pm
information. the pot tomyic river looking extra brown these days. why water officials are blaming the winter. the $10 bill is getting a
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you can just see it coming down right now rockville getting hit very hard. take a look, this is our rockville camera, very heavy rain coming through montgomery county. if you live around reston that is the storm making its way your way, man there is some very heavy rain with this severe thunderstorm warning in affect for louden county and fairfax county through this storm right here. a lot of lightning, we have gotten reports of hail and we could see winds upwards of 60 miles an hour. the storms right here, as we put this back into motion here, what you're going to see, very heavy storms in through montgomery county. you live in montgomery county and not hit yet, it's coming your watch i'm talking about you folks down around bethesda,
4:42 pm
chevy chase, back toward the west, sterling area heavy rain around dulles airport. this is going to continue to move to the south and east another storm down toward the south as well what we are going to continue to see here, severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5:00. here's reston, herndon getting hit very hard now, over dulles, see all of lightning associated with that. another storm through the alexandria area, downtown, falls church, along 66 and then this complex, a very strong line here and we are watching this move down to the south at about 25 to 30 miles per hour, so heads up if you're in bethesda. heads up in the college park area, heads up in laurel. we will continue to keep you posted as we are tracking these storms for you. >> thank you, doug. hey if the water coming out of your faucet a little brown in color, you can blame it on last winter. the washington suburban sanitary commission, wssc tells us today that the salt used to melt snow on local roads and sidewalks raised the level of sodium chloride in the potomac. that's making tap water brown primarily in montgomery county.
4:43 pm
the wssc also told the "washington post" that it has received 3,000 complaints about brown water in just the past four months but water officials tell us tests show the water is safe to drink. a 16-year-old boy mauled by a shark off the north carolina coast is now headed home to colorado. hunter treschl was released from the hospital today. he lost his left arm in the ordeal last sunday. the 12-year-old girl who was bitten by a shark the same day is still in the hospital, but also getting better. we continue to follow breaking news right now. president obama takes the podium at the white house briefing room to talk about that mass shooting that's rocking the nation and he minneapoliss s minces no words. >> once again, innocent
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4:46 pm
i'm chris lawrence in georgia. we are on our way to charleston to try to expand our coverage. even south carolina's governor said this has shattered the heart and soul of the entire
4:47 pm
state. this community lost a pastor, a girls' track coach, recent college graduate. there's no way to put into words what they have been through but we are going to try and get some idea of where they go from here and how this community starts to heal. we are going to pick up our coverage in charleston, south carolina, coming up later tonight on news4. moved by the terrible carnage in south carolina, members of the house and senate came together outside the u.s. capitol today for a prayer circle. they gathered near a sign that read simply "we are charleston." coming after ferguson and baltimore, the charleston massacre heightens concerns now about violence against african-americans and reopens the debate over gun control. steve handlesman covering that angle of the story on capitol hill today. steve? >> reporter: jim thanks. let's start with guns. they still don't agree about guns or gun control but members of both political parties did join hands up here today after
4:48 pm
the terrible murders attee ooeemanuel ame. the horror brought lawmakers together to the capitol lawn to pray and to mourn. tea party south carolina republican joe wilson hugged the liberal texas democrat, shelia jackson lee. one of president obama's emotions was frustration after the the massacres at sandy hook elementary and the colorado movie theater. >> once again, innocent people were killed, in mart, because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun. >> reporter: it does not happen as often he said, in other advanced countries. and going back to 1963 when four girls died in the bombing of the 16th street baptist church in birmingham america has a problem with white supremacist attacks. ten nots a year right now, says the southern poverty law center. oftentimes, these are lone figures radicalized from being
4:49 pm
online who decide one day they are going to take up a gun and destroy the enmitch. >> reporter: the fbi sees race. as a possible motive in south carolina says u.s. attorney general loretta lynch. >> we open it as a hate crimes investigation. >> reporter: african-americans are suffering. last august was ferguson. in april baltimore. and a national focus on police violence aimed at blacks. now, the shock of charleston. >> so cumulatively, one would have to suggest that it has taken a whole group of people and just beat them all the way down. >> reporter: no wonder the tears are flowing. president obama focused on guns, said the politics now in this town foreclose the possibility of making guns harder to get. i'm steve handlesman news4. i'm storm team4 meteorologist amelia segal getting new warnings in here to storm center for a flash flood warning now in effect for the district until 7 p.m. tonight. notice this heavy rain moving
4:50 pm
through and more back to the west. this will continue to push through again, the flash flood warping for the district until 7 p.m. tonight. rainfall rates within these storms around two inches per hour. also, a new severe thunderstorm warning has been issued. this is mainly for fairfax county, but also includes parts of prince william and loudoun county. this is going to go until 5:30. we have gotten reports of hail the threat of hail will continue until about 6, 7 p.m. also torrential downpours causing reduced visibility for folks out driving and hydro planing concerns this evening for the evening commute. severe weather will start to die down around 8 p.m. this evening but notice all of this activity we are tracking here in parts now of southern montgomery county. this moving into bethesda lots of lightning moving into the beltway. now this is going to continue to sink toward the east southeast, prince george's county. if you are traveling from washington to baltimore, i would wait an hour until this activity
4:51 pm
is out of the area that goes for those of you traveling along route 1 as well. here's some more timing for u again bethesda, this moved in right now bowie, 4:24. zbhoon dree ya 5:42. oxon hill 5:45. again that flash flood warnings for the district until 7 p.m. looking to the weekend it's hot and humid rain more likely on sunday and then next week, lower humidity finally makes its way into the area. the severe weather threat not in the forecast for tomorrow, but an isolated morning shower is possible and then an isolated afternoon shower or thunderstorm is possible, most if not all of the day is dry. saturday night, i want to point this out, some heavy rain potentially in the forecast, not severe thunderstorms but very heavy soaking rain sunday morning, still dealing with potentially heavy rain moving through the area. sunday is the warmer day but looking like by the midday and after into hours on sunday we will see some drying, more comfortable air arrives next tuesday, wednesday and thursday.
4:52 pm
again, here is the latest look at storm team4 radar, where we were tracking this now impressive line of thunderstorms and torrential rain, sinking south through the area, this will be impacting the district for the next 30 to 45 minutes. keep it here with storm team4. doug's going to have the latest, guys. if we can come back we are just getting a new severe thunderstorm warning into the area. fairfax loudoun, prince william until 5:30. washington, severe thunderstorm warning now for the district until 5:30 p.m. and of course we have been tracking this heavy rain moving through the area, lots of lightning, getting reports of marble-sized hail as well with these thunderstorms. vls you guys are tracking my microphone as well here one thing to note here, make sure you're staying away from rock creek park. i think that's going to be one area that we are going to continue to watch. rock creek park, do not drive through rock creek. you have somebody that may be taking that home, that's the normal way they head home, make sure you give them a call and let them know, hey, do not drive through, i do think this is going to be an area that will
4:53 pm
see the heavy rain will see the poe ten informationer that flash flooding, any time we have a flash flood warping in and around the d.c. metro area that's the issue the area that we have the problem. you see the severe thunderstorm warning, once again,s here the line and that whole line is now warned on, from fairfax county through washington, on through prince george's county. if you live in this area, anywhere along the beltway here, watch out, an area hit hard
4:54 pm
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there's growing concern about pollution in brazil ahead of the 2016 olympic games. authorities in redo de janeiro promised during bidding for the games that they would clean up a bay that will host the sailing competitions next year. and they said they would treat at least 80% of the sewage that flows into its waters. the rio state government has since admitted that goal is unlikely to be met. well, they are in ireland but their hearts are with those
4:57 pm
they lost in berkeley in that deadly balcony collapse. five of the six victims were irish and hundreds of people have lined up to sign condolence books. 5,000 miles away in berkeley last night hundreds of people gathered for a vigil. a priest who grew up in ireland talked about the hours he spent at the hospital on tuesday and having to tell a young man that his best friend had been killed in that collapse. >> just fell into your arms and the only thing you could do in a situation like that is to be there and be present. >> seven young people survived the collapse but their injuries are severe and they face a long recovery. you have probably heard that a woman will grace the $10 bill by the year 2020. how about that? now we are getting a look at who people would like to see on their money. using the hashtag the new ten, people tweeted their suggestions. not surprisingly abigail adams, susan b. anthony, rosa parks and elizabeth blackwell all popular,
4:58 pm
eleanor ross investment, a very popular choice. some people wanted to see a native american grace the cover of the $10 bill suggesting perhaps sack -- sack jew wee ya. beyonce and you have to not be living so beyonce is out. one guy suggested his mom be on the $10 bill. how sweet is that? the treasury launched a website to let you weigh in. also be keeping an eye on this hashtag to listen to your choices. i'm lynn yang. now at 5:00, storm team4 says we are not done yet. we are monitoring severe weather live at this hour and now, we are under a flash flood washing. we have got a team of meteorologists tracking severe storms and more warnings are possible, doug? >> more warnings top to pop up the latest one from montgomery county, prince george's county, fairfax, montgomery, d.c.,
4:59 pm
arlington, prince george's, under severe thunderstorm warnings now, not only the severe thunderstorm warnings but very heavy rain prompted a flash flood warping. >> flash flood warping for the district until 7 p.m. tonight. a lot of reports with hail with these thunderstorms a ton of lightning especially this storm making its way into prince george's county. if you're in prince george's county, you have not seep much just yet but about to get hit hard, fairfax the same deal. haven't seep the rain, it is coming your way through the city of fairfax, you can see this storm right here came through rest a minute ago toward herndon clearing your area toward fairfax, toward vienna, do a bit of a zoom here if i can this is going to work for me. nope. toward bethesda, heavy rain bethesda northeast continue to see this one moving on into northwest rather and look at the amount of lightning, incredible amount of lightning with this storm, just to the north of the bethesda area around vansville, if you are in this area, please seek shelter, do not drive, do
5:00 pm
not even attempt to go outside and yet another storm south of washington. here's where this storm is the one that has all the lightning right up 495 up i-95, the bw parkway between vansville and maryland city, making its way down south, toward fedex field, toward d.c. this is going to come right through the district. make sure, if you're thinking about taking -- maybe leaving work or leaving your house just stay indoors for about the next hour or so this storm really means business. notice this one right on top of alexandria, the one that prompted the flash flood warping in d.c. and arlington county, but now got even more rain just to the north and going to continue to watch these moving down toward the south and east. noll done just yet. this will continue through prince george's anne arundel, charles county the rest of fairfax, keep you post on these storms move through the area. >> doug, thank you. here he is the suspected shooter. he is young, scrawny,


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