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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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emerge, we are also learning more about the man behind the mass sacker and the growing calls to stop scenes like this from playing out across our country. much we have been here before, whether it is a movie theater or a class ramroom or a church, gun violence has again plagued our country. tonight we have a team of reporters covering that tragedy down in charleston, south carolina. also, covering the question sur surrounding the motive for that massacre. first go to doug kammerer, tracking severe weather moving through our area right now. what do you have, doug? >> tracking these storms now severe thunderstorm warnings continue. one in prince george's county northern st. mary's county calvert county, until 6:15 tonight. includes parts of the eastern shores making their way over the chesapeake bay right now. heaviest storm look at all of the lightning associated with it a tremendous amount of light numbing. reports today 64-mile-an-hour winds, dulles earlier. some tremendous amounts of rain around the dulles airport area a
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little bit earlier, too pounding dulles they had a ground stop there i believe is back up and running now, as they have seep some snipe back toward that area, 64-mile-an-hour wind gust, seen hail the size of ping pong balls and even larger hail as well. that will put dents in cars and right now tracking this rain as it moves down to the south. here it is around is under lynn, prince frederick, waldorf hammered the last 20 to 30 minutes, same thing toward brandy wipe, hughesville, you can see where this is going, chaptico, 6:34, calvert beach, 6:20, leonard town, 6:50 if it does, in fact, make its way all the way there. not the only game in up to, over the city of fairfax, over the beltway, very heavy rain, continue to keep an eye on it for you in the storm center. >> doug, thank you. now to the latest on that church massacre in charleston. this is a live look at the scene in north carolina where the suspect has been arrested. investigators are getting ready
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to take him back to charleston at any minute. dylann roof appeared unscathed after his arrest this morning and walked to a police car in a bulletproof vest this after into. the manhunt ended up in shelby, north carolina, near charlotte after somebody spotted his car and alerted police. back in charleston, all nine of the victims have now been identified and churches across the city have been packed as that community tries to heal from such a deadly and senseless attack. we go first to jay gray. >> reporter: the shock and mourning outside the emanuel african methodist episcopal church in charleston and across the nation has just begun. >> to say our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families and their communities doesn't say enough to convey the heartache and the sadness and the anger that we feel. >> reporter: but the hunt for the accused killer is over now. >> we have arrested dylann roof,
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r-o-o-f from lexington, south carolina. >> reporter: 21-year-old dylan roof was arrested in rural shelby, north carolina, some four hours away from the historic ame church in charleston, south carolina, where he allegedly opened fire and killed nine people wednesday night. >> we woke up today and the heart and soul of south carolina was broken. >> reporter: police say roof seen here entering the church on surveillance video, attended a prayer group inside the church after asking to meet the pastor. roof allegedly sat in the meeting for an hour then opened fire. eight people were killed at the scene, one victim later died at a nearby hospital. >> wants to be remembered for where she was when she died, in the church. she was a strong lady of faith. she was committed to her community. she loved her family.
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and she loved her congregation. >> reporter: among those killed, the church's pastor who also served as a south carolina state senator. nope as mother emmanuel, the charleston church is the oldest ame church in the south dating back to 1860. today, hundreds packed a nearby church for a prayer vigil to mourn those killed and stand together in the face of this tragedy. >> no act will ever destroy the foundation of the search. >> reporter: a foundation nearly 200 years old that survived slavery and civil rights and now, will endure this tragedy as well. jay gray nbc news, charleston south carolina. that young man arrested in the shooting has had brushes with the law in the past. we know that dylann roof is out on bond in connection with two arrests from earlier this year. one of them a fell drug charge from march and a misdemeanor
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trespassing charge from april a family member says roof's father gave him a 45-caliber handgun for his birthday in april. with dough not know if that was one of the weapons used in the attack. those who know roof say they did not know him to be a racist. but in the pitch other his facebook page he is seep wearing a jacket with white supremacist apartheid era flag patches. joining us now nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. this story was breaking late last night. it was a very short time before we had -- investigators 3r sharing not only a photo but a name of this guy. how did they -- how did they catch him so quickly? >> roughly 15 hours from the time of the shooting until he was stopped in north carolina. and the critical point was about 6:00 this morning when the police and the fbi decided to release surveillance pictures from surveillance cameras at the church. that turned out to be a key thing in this case. photographs of him entering,
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pictures of his car and the police put that out and asked for people to give tips and the tips poured in, almost immediately from friends, even from family members saying we believe this is dylann roof. and then, of course the critical thing when the driver in north carolina and shelby sees a car that she thinks matches his description, she calls her husband and 911. they stop the car and he is arrested. but you are right, it was very fast and it was because of their decision to release these pictures and they had the pictures because the church had surveillance cameras. >> now, the crime was in south carolina but they called him in north carolina. what next? where did they try him? >> we have seen this played out, waived his right to a extradition hearing he will be brought back to south carolina. the where part is clear. he will be tried in south carolina. the who part is unknown. who will try him? will it be the federal government or will it be the state? now, both the state and federal government could bring charges that would bring the death penalty. the state has murder statutes.
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the federal government has this relatively recent hate crimes law and if that is charged along with using a firearm in committing a hate crime that would qual for the federal death penalty. the state may want to have it in its up court and the desires of the community certainly factor the government will want you have a crime that people say affected the whole country the president expressed a view on. there's a federal interest as well. they are going to have to work this out no obvious answer tonight, no federal charges have yet been filed. >> all right pete williams, thank you pete. president obama as noted by pete today did express some anger and heartache over those shootings. he says he has been to the white house briefing room too many times after inspect people were killed because somebody had easy ac is toes a gun. the president said it is time for a national reckoning. >> at some point, we as a country will have to reck.with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. it doesn't happen in other
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places with this kind of frequency. and it is in our power to do something about it. >> the president says he knows changes will not happen immediately, but the country does need to shift how it deals with gun violence. the shooting has a lot of people thinking and praying and here in our area, many are wondering how to balance the open arms of a church with the security of the congregation. news4's tracy willing continues our coverage now from prince george's county. >> i pray that they -- that he may not forget some of the thing he is heard in that bible study. >> reporter: before dylan roof killed nine people in the church in south carolina, he sat in on an hour's worth of bible stud dhichl minister's prayer for the accused gunman is far reaching. reverend charles brown was leading bible study here at mount knee bow ame church in
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bowie. founded in 1877, it is the oldest ame church in prince george's. with the suspect in custody and details becoming a bit clearer the question is will this mass killing somehow change one of the most progressive gee nominations among black christians? >> this church in south carolina was a force in the community and we cannot -- we cannot put that cross down. that is our cross to bear. >> reporter: the ame church is nope to send out a national call to parishioners after acts of tragedy in the country. no word yet on what the call will be following this mass shooting. in bowie, i'm tracee wilkins news4. today, members of congress came together on the capitol lawn to pray and to mourn the lives at one of the nation's most historic churches. somebody posted a sign saying simply, we are charleston. the motive behind the shooting is still a mystery. the department of justice opened a hate crime investigation into
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the case much scott macfarlane from our i-team now. >> reporter: the fbi does keep track of reported hate crimes around the country and their locations but the numbers respect exactly not all law enforcement agencies participate or designate those location the same way. we look at 2013 and found the most recently provided data frowned 206 hate crimes at religious facilities, churches, synagogues, temples and mosques, 35% of all reported hate crimes which is down from about 4% in 2012 and 4.4% the year before. the highest percentage of reported case, 41% happen with residents orces and homes in 2014. visit our nbc washington app and click on vexes for more information by state. we have pictures from north carolina now where the suspect is about to board a plane
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from -- the plane will take him to south carolina whereas pete williams noted a few minutes ago he may be put on trial for the murder of nine people at that church in south carolina. we have not seep him yet but from the information that we have, that is the plane that will carry him to south carolina. it will be, of course a very short flight, not very long from the spot of north carolina were he is now. we will have more on this and we invite you to stay with news4 for continuing coverage. we will be updating the story throughout the night. >> there he goes. >> there is the suspect now, still wearing a bulletproof vest, by the way, as he is about to be loaded and they are taking it off for the flight. >> pete mentioned that he had waived extradition which is why this is happening so quickly. he has agreed to be transported back to -- from north carolina back to south carolina. sometimes that is a process that takes -- takes a few days and in this case, it's happening right
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away. it is going to be a short flight. he is just outside shelby, just outside of charlotte, be in income, and should be back there very shortly. >> and one of the things, of course, that prosecutors and everybody else in the country looking for as the days go by is why he did what he did is alleged to have done. doug kammerer, we have some serious storm problems out there now. how are we looking at the moment? much we really do. still reports of power outages fairfax county numerous reports of trees down there, from these storms here brand new severe thunderstorm warping now for calvert county st. mary's county also charles county that until 7:00 tonight. looking at this storm a very strong storm, a top of lightning with this the other storm making its way out into the chesapeake and then look back to the west, two more have developed right around the city of fairfax, around springfield i don't expect this to become too strong very heavy rain along the beltway, keep you posted on this when we come
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back. next and new at 6:00, she felt like it was a nightmare she just couldn't wake up from. those were the words from a woman who jesse matthew was convicted of sexually assaulting. also hear the victim's words to another grieving mom. a major commuter route was closed for more than 13 hours. traffic was diverted after a bus engine imploded on the gw parkway. coming up at 6:00 why additional steps were needed to come up and the role the u.s. coast guard praised in the process. praise for zapped dree ya police after a map who terrorized an elderly couple in their home could be going to prison the rest of his life. how a smart trip card led detectives to the attacker.
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a lot of people have been waiting to hear from the victim of a fairfax county sex assault
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from ten years ago. jesse matthew is accused in that attack. he may have attacked a couple other women who didn't survive. this woman took the witness stand today and never once looked him in the eye. she also melt with the mother of morgan harrington. news4's dauf individualvid culver has more on what they talked about. >> reporter: a hug her daughter killed in 2009, linked to jesse matthew, still no charges. this trial wasn't even her daughter's chance for justice. still, she wanted to be here. >> i wore purple for morgan pink for alexis and orange for hannah. today, i chose rainbow because i wanted to wear colors to represent the many, many numbers of victims of sexual assaults. >> reporter: behind closed doors harrington got to speak to the victim. the woman who jesse matthew was convicted of brutally sexually harrington thanked her for doing what they are daughter can't couldn't do testify.
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>> i applaud her courage and determination in finding her justice in this court building today. >> reporter: victim took the stand, her word does influence matthew's sentence. >> i was just proud to be in the same courtroom with her. i thought it was very moving. >> reporter: hoping for a serious punishment for matthew come october. i hope we have anchored him now, pipped down, not going to go anywhere and others can take a shot at making him pay for anything else he may have done. >> reporter: jesse matthew will leave fairfax county jail transferred down to charlottesville, going to be back in court for another hearing next week in be a ber natural county, where they will set the trial date for the hannah graham murder. in fairfax i'm david culver, news4. more than nine years after the d.c. fire and ems department agreed to make reforms,
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apparently there is still considerably more work to be done. a task force made 36 recommendations to improve things such as slow response times. a new d.c. auditor report released today found only 11 of those reforms have been fully implemented. the task force was created after a failed emsome response contributed to the death of a "new york times" reporter david rose.baum in northwest washington back in 2006. today rose.baum's brother told news4 he remains hopeful that reforms will be made. >> we could have the best department in the country in everybody pulled together and did that, of course, that hasn't been happening. today the d.c. acting fire chief issued a same. he -- a statement. he said he and the mayer are working to implement the task force recommendation. now to the severe storms
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affecting so many of us. doug monitoring this all day from our storm center he is here now to tell us what is happening out there. doug? >> they were really coming through here a little bit earlier. you can see the storms right there. calvert county, southern st. mary's county, northern st. mary's county, very intense lightning, very intense storms moving on through. had hail the size of ping pong balls in parts of the area. we don't get hail that size often in the region. had it today in fairfax county. show you where the storms are now. we had 64-mile-an-hour winds with that storm coming through fairfax dulles airport a little bit earlier. racing down toward the south. northern portion of st. mary's, calvert hit hard, moving across the chesapeake. look at the lightning associated with this. a lot of power outoutages, 15,000 without power in our region. trees down, fairfax county. lots of closed roads as well. route 2, hunting up to for instance frederick, calvert
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beach, you are next as far as the rain is concerned meck cappicsville, hughesville, one round, another round behind that, on this path moving down to the south and east. clark's landing at 6:39 in california, 6:46 hour. that is not the only storm we have. here is the storms making their way down toward the south so no the quite done just yet. now, tomorrow, we will see a couple of storms but nothing like today i don't think. high temperature back to around 90 degrees.
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tomorrow, it will be rather humid 91, culpepper 91, fredericksburg. we look on toward temperatures right now, we were at 90 earlier, down to 78. no rain in winchester, sitting at 90 currentlism lismcurrently. >> all right, thank you, doug. a major commuter route shut down for hours. tonight, an explanation about
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the complicated cleanup. ahead the mother whose son died of a heroin overdose reacts to the sentencing of the drug dealer and former friend who sold her son the heroin that killed him. also, we report the white house revealing why it waited a month before telling the public about that breac (gong) blend kikkoman
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into your burger patties to beef up their savoury meaty flavour. (taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat)
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tonight, traffic is moving once again along the gw parkway north of key brim. that's big change from most of today when crews shut down the parkway as they tried to clean up an oil spill there. it all started with a problem on an engine on a tour bus. oil went all over the place and created a mess. northbound rains were closed from spout run to the cia exit. that frustrated a lot of lot of drivers. our meagan fitzgerald is along
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that parkway with a report. meagan? >> reporter: you can see the northbound lane is finally moving steadily. it is that south bound lane dealing with traffic there. but this close adieu sneak challenge because the national coast guard -- the national park service telling me they not only had to call in the hazmat crew but the u.s. coast guard because the oil seeped down seven different drains. late wednesday night into thursday afternoon on the gw park was way nothing short of headache. >> oil was spread on both lanes of the northbound parkway after charter bus has engine failure. >> reporter: engine la roca chief of staff for the parkway.
6:28 pm
sand was used to sop up the oil but some of it had already made its way down seven different drains, which requires more time and more extensive cleanup process. >> we are working with the coast guard and the hazmat contractor to contain that to make sure it doesn't spread. >> reporter: officials say the oil made its way into tributaries that eventually feed into the potomac, so while the coast guard helped cheap up the the -- clean up the mess in the water crews above ground helped cleaning up the roadway to ensure traveling northbound was safe. now, the national parks service says they thoroughly cleaned out those seven drains before they opened up the parkway here and they are continuing their efforts into the water to be sure that that oil doesn't spill into the pot -- pot tomyic. omac.
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>> no act will ever destroy the foundation of the search.
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we are learning more tonight about the people who were killed last night at that massacre in a church in south carolina. >> we are learning more about all the people who lost their lives last night. by now, you have heard about the church's pastor, a brilliant mind. he was also a state senator. also killed, a librarian a counselor at a local university and a recent college graduate.
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the youngest victim was just 26 years old, the oldest 87. >> and there's no telling where that suspect might be now were it not for a business owner who spotted his car in shelby, north carolina. jim handly is at our live desk with this. >> vance in the past hour, 21-year-old dylann roof waived extradition, paving the way for him to come back to south carolina. let's go to video of roof from minutes ago loading him on to a plane to return him to charleston. roof did waive his right to counsel meaning he will represent himself or hire an attorney. in just the past half hour, we have learned that in recent weeks, roof reconnected with a childhood friend. that friend tells the associated press this afternoon that roof recently began talking about the trayvon martin case about black people "taking over the world" and about the need for the white race to do something about it.
6:34 pm
that friend says as soon as he saw this surveillance picture, he knew roof was behind the massacre. one survivor says her ss her son was trying to talk roof out of killing people but roof wouldn't listen, telling black people inside the church, "you rape our women and you are taking over our country and you have to go." now, our affiliate says roof will be taken to a prison in charleston. he is not expected to appear in court again tonight. you should know on sunday, all of the historic churches throughout charleston are planning to ring their bells in unity for the shooting victims. doreen, back to you. >> jim handily, still a lot of questions in this case. our chris lawrence on the way to charleston now. here is a look at what he is working on.
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i'm chris lawrence in georgia. we are on our way to charleston to try to expand our coverage. even south carolina's governor said this has shattered the heart and soul of the entire state. there's no way to put into words what they have been through, but we are going to try and get some idea of where they go from here and how this community starts to heal. we are going to pick up our coverage in charleston, south carolina, coming up later tonight on news4. >> tune into "nbc nightly news" for the latest on the church massacre. as news breaks, we will keep you updated on our nbc washington app. doug, we still getting clobbered? >> yeah we are, the rain moving through. the d.c. area now, downtown looking okay looking at one storm across the river in alexandria. right here. look down toward the severe thunderstorm warning, still for st. mary's county southern calvert county until 7:00 tonight a lot of lightning associated with this, just noticed the last few minutes, any time we see this purple here magenta color, that's
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hail. reports upwards of ping pong ball sized hail. live around williams wharf white sands, that storm system moving your way, you may see hail. heads up for that the other area we are watching right in here, once again, right around alexandria, around alexandria over toward national harbor the oxon hill area, we will continue to watch it for you make our way through the rest of the evening. >> thanks, doug. heroin abuse is a serious problem in the washington area and today at the federal courthouse in greenbelt, maryland, two families converged to share about a tragedy. one son divide an overdose. the other family sent their son to prison for selling the heroin that killed his friend. chris gordon reports. >> reporter: ginger row sell la finds no joy in the sentence of the drug dealer who sold her son the heroin that killed him. >> i think it's a shame that two
6:37 pm
lives have been ruined. >> reporter: 23-year-old jacob patty guide of an overdose in july of 2013. a motor bike accident made him dependent on pills and then he turned to heroin. he bought the deadly dose from a friend, 23-year-old russell johnson of maryland who was sentenced today in federal court to 11 years in prison. >> jake is gone forever and, you know russell will be in jail. and as a mom that makes me very sad. >> reporter: the family of russell johnson said nothing as they left court. russell tearfully apologized to them and jacob patty's family, saying the only thing i can do is respect him by not going back to drugs. jacob's grandmother agrees. >> heroin is the enemy. and it is a tragedy. it is a tragedy for both families. >> reporter: jacob's mother, ginner is, pushed for maryland's good samaritan law. it allows anyone in the presence of a person overdosing on heroin to call 911 for emergency medical help without fear of being arrested themself.
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>> i didn't want jake's death to be in vain. i carry around a lock soon and i train parents how to use it. >> reporter: i asked if she knorr gives russell johnson. she says yes, explaining if jake was alive he would be the first to forgive. that is the latest from the u.s. courthouse in greenbelt. doreen, back to you. >> thank you, chris gordon. still ahead new information on that government data breach and why officials waited
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new details tonight about that massive data breach at the office of personnel management. the administration waited four weeks before it disclosed the breach to the public. a white house official not authorized to speak on that matter told the associated press that the delay was necessary to give investigators time to figure out the scope of the breach. the full extent of the breach is still not clear, but personal data was stolen from an estimated 14 million current and former federal employees.
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some local squirms are awaiting word on whether they made history. [ whistle ] these young gainesville swimmers are among thousands around the globe who took part in the world's largest swim lesson today. they hope to raises awareness for swim safety and to make it into the guinness book of world records. >> here promoting water safety. it is summertime. kids are in the pool and we want to make sure that everybody is well informed well educated on ways to stay water safe in the pool. the big event is run each year to promote swimming lessons. closure today for an elderly couple who was attacked in their home. we will tell you how a smart trip card led to a break in the case. new controversy for that former naacp leader who lied about her race. it all stems from
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crediting high-tech investigating for help solve a
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terrible crime. in january a gauk man broke into the home of a couple in their 80s, stabbing one of them. he kidnapped the other and forced her to take him to the metro and that was his downfall. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey discovered why at today's sentencing. >> reporter: this home was supposed to be a sanctuary for a couple who had both outlived their spouses. once childhood sweethearts they reconnected here. the daughter of one victim asked we not use their names. she says today's guilty plea and sentence is another step forward in the couple's recovery from an afternoon of terror. >> they are great. they are tough as nails. they have so much support from their neighbors and friends in the community and hopefully, this conviction and sentence will help them heal and move on. >> reporter: it was last january 9th went 84-year-olds returned from a walk to mind horace white inside their home.
6:47 pm
>> they >> they interrupted the defendant in a burglary but there was no need forth violence. they would have given them anything that they had without him having to stab anybody. >> reporter: white pleaded guilty in court to stabbing the man in the stomach. alexandria detective also an image of their suspect within a few hours. he was carrying a bag stolen from the couple. investigators began tracking white's smart trip card. ten days later they arrested him as he stepped off a train in rosslyn. >> helped us put together a very, very strong case strong enough that the defendant was willing to plead guilty to all of the count and accept a very lengthy prison sentence. >> reporter: white was sentenced to serve 25 years in prison, a term that could keep him behind bars the rest of his life. >> he is going to be gone for a very long time and will not be able to prey and victimize any other people. >> reporter: in alexandria, i'm julie carey, news4. another twist in the rachel dolezal saga. howard university has raised questions about her race back in
6:48 pm
2002. dolezal was a graduate student in howard in 2002. she sued the school for allegedly denying her a teaching job because she was white. we just learned during a deposition for that lawsuit, howard's attorneys asked if she tried to pose as african-american when she applied for admission to the school. a judge eventually dismissed the lawsuit and ordered dolezal to pay the university's legal bills. now here's doug with the latest on that severe weather out there. is it moving now, doug? >> it is almost out of here, but we have got a couple more storms developing. and this one developed right over the national harbor area. look at this. this is our national harbor camera right now you can't see anything at all. i mean, near zero visibility you look out normally see the river, the woodrow wilson bridge, on our max two, guys weather two, we can put that right into the wall show you what i'm talking about here, again, national harbor camera just showing the rain topping to come down across the area.
6:49 pm
look at that. i mean, it is just pouring out there along 495, the woodrow wilson bridge. almost done though. let's take a look now and show you what's happening down toward the south, down toward the south is where we are seeing the heaviest storms, down toward calvert county, st. mary's county, these storms are going to be making their way in toward the bay, away from the area have he good news. leonard town, heads up, you are next in this area we zoom on in here. you see southern st. mary's county. hail reports in reston and shan tilly, ping pong ball-sized hail and greater that golf ball-sized hail, too a lot of damage to trees in and around that area, a
6:50 pm
very big storm. we even had wind gusts upwards of 64 miles per hour at the airport a little bit earlier. i want to show you the latest on the storm right here, making its way back on through parts of our d.c. area parts of the metro region, right along the beltway here, this is around oxon hill, over just the south of walkers mill, making its way way off to the east not done. few here and there, avenue veer weather -- severe weather out of here. storms early most of the day on sunday. looking dry. that is the remnants of bill. the latest of that tonight at 11:00. >> thank you, doug. some big news from our network. nbc made it official today. lester holt will become the permanent anchor of "nbc nightly news." our parent network has been investigating williams for exaggerated statements he made about his experiences in iraq. most of the statements were made on late-night tv talk shows not
6:51 pm
on nbc news platforms. williams will remain with this company as an anchor of breaking news and special reports for msnbc. he issued an apology today and talk about this for the first time tomorrow with matt lauer on the "today" show. coming up, sports. former star at the university of virginia working out with the wizards. he joins us to talk about the upcoming nba draft. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face.
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then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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go to the baseball game tonight because there will be -- >> yes, the weather. our fortunes change the nats like the weather here, one extreme to the other, boom, a roller coaster season so far for the washington nationals, ups and downs vary from night to night, looking to get up on top, doug fister returning from the
6:55 pm
dl after having right forearm tightness. he hasn't started in five weeks, that will be the key for the afternoon success. afternoon baseball for the o's, wrapping up a home at home with the philly, manny machado leading off the game, the birds on the board in a hurry, over the fence, right field, solo homer for manny, 14th for him, using that long ball, 11th homer in the last three games. meanwhile, the kids love it you just know that talking so fast, that's stalling you. bud norris cruising for the first six innings, facing ryan howard with a man on and howard taking him deep. and that one is gone, two-run shot gives the phillies their first lead of the game. they would hold on to it win the game, 2-1. we have a new dilemma for the redskins. you know pot roast aka terrence knighton? jim vance pointed out just yesterday, pot roast needs partner. kind of in the same spirit as o.j. and the electric company, we thought of pot roast and the gravy train.
6:56 pm
>> yeah! like that. >> looking for your thoughts, if you want to tweet us carol maloney for nbc washington. the defensive line revamped. that could mean a lot of winds they were ranked near the last season, bottom half, sacks rushing yards allowed, hoping to change that afternoon aggressive offseason a number of guys like knighton. the defense poe attention to have five new starter top story lines the season kicks off, heart excitement in minicamp, the battle about to begin. >> our defensive line we are one of the deepest groups on the whole team and brings out the competition in anyone, plays better, bring your a-game every day or lose your job. >> all about competition, we got terrence nighten, ricky, all the guys coming energy the thing i like about, making each other better plan to get one up front gonna set the taupe for the rest of the season. over to basketball today,
6:57 pm
the whiz yards working justin anderson, 6-6 forward projected first round pick played for the wahoos, 12.2 points per game, acc shooting, anderson stopped by our studios, opened up about how he is preparing for the moment his name was called. >> i have thought about it great thoughts the other side of it, that's one thing i think my parents have taught me you need to be able to see both sides of the fence. you have to understand and be able to bottle what happens, if things don't go your way, things don't go your way or even something unexpected. make sure i stay even keel, put my best foot forward. >> pretty humble humble for a guy considered to be the toughest defenders in the draft. jason pugh's full interview on sports final this sunday night at 11:30. of course the u.s. open going on. highlights at 11:00. chambers bay, a gravel pit eight years ago, looks like a gravel
6:58 pm
pit today. >> how is the local kid going? >> tied for 33rd denny mccarthy tiger woods three over. >> just want to see him get to the weekend. >> thanks, carol. >> nightly ne
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, heartbreak and shock in charleston. the stunning massacre in one of the most sacred places. why did a young man walk into a historic black church with praying parishioners and shoot them in cold blood? nine lives lost in an instant. >> this is pure evil. >> tonight the 13-hour manhunt and e hate crime investigation underway. the photos of the suspect wearing racist symbols, his troubled history and the gun he had just gotten as a birthday present and the victim, a coach, librarian, recent college graduate, their stories as our special coverage from charleston starts now. >> announcer: charleston church


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