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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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forgive him. but that doesn't mean i didn'ton't want to expedite that. >> and the reverend pinckney was also killed. he was one of four reverends among the victims. a grieving south carolina gathering in solidarity. nine much loved neighbors are gone and chris lawrence is in charleston. he spoke to several community members. you can hear the anguish in their voices. >> i woke up this morning and i could feel the pain and the grief in this city. >> it feels like family died. i feel like i'm at an actual funeral. >> tomorrow the city of charleston will hold a memorial at the college of charleston arena. here in our area, you can join those mourning and praying. today at noon a prayer service will be held at the metropolitan ame church. tonight at 7:00, join the national african-american. let's switch gears and look
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at the forecast. we are soggy. >> really are. >> soggy and damp. >> it's not the rain, but the humidity. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> it's not like the hail and the lightning like yesterday. good morning, start off this friday morning, a few lingering sprinkles here in loudoun county, fairfax, prince william, fauquier. farther north and west, a few scattered sprinkles from win chester to near hagerstown. many will be dissipating over the next hour or so. it is still humid. temperatures are in the upper 60s to near 70. closer to washington, around the beltway and alexandria arlington falls church, the district generally in the low 70s. mid to upper 70s around the chesapeake bay. through the morning over the next six hours will be near 80 by 8:00. then by 10:00 the low 80s and a partly sunny sky setting the stage for a hot and humid ernoon. could get a few more storms later this afternoon. melissa has an update on the
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crash. >> another new crash this morning. this is our second crash of the morning. i don't like this. 66 westbound here at business route 234. do have the right lane blocked at this one. i have an update on that other accident in a second here. 66 west of nutley, live picture as promised. no major problems there. see a little bit of the sheen on the roadway. this is the one we were speaking about earlier southbound georgia between layhill and mason. the left lane is getting by. they told us it was a crash but now they're saying it was construction. makes a lot more sense. because it's a large area there that is blocked off. carroll avenue at westmoreland, we have the road closed in both directions. looking at prince george's county, everything is moving along nicely. see you at 4:41. molette green at the live desk with the developing story. just getting details about a cruise ship accident in upstate new york. the boat hit a wall in the st. lawrence seaway, near the canadian border. we know eight people hurt. had to be taken off for
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treatment. the other 274 passengers and crew on board will stay until it can be moved. that's the latest, back to you. >> thanks. it's now 4:33. new details, we know the name of the man shot and killed in the district. brian sickles was killed yesterday morning. police were called around 11:30 a.m. for reports of gunfire. witnesses say more than 20 shots were fired. sickles was found in an alley near fifth and "h." right now there's no suspect and no motive. one witness told news4 he saw a man dressed all in black run from the scene right after the shooting. well, enough is enough. that's what aaa is saying after that massive closure on the george washington memorial parkway. the northbound lanes were closed from spout run to the cia exit for more than 12 hours yesterday. a tour bus engine exploded sending debris, oil diesel, all over the road. what a mess. sand was used to sop it up but some of it had already made its way down seven different drains
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and that required more time and a bit more extensive clean-up process. >> we're working with the coast guard and the hazmat contractors to make sure it doesn't spread. >> now, the national park service manages the parkway. aaa released a statement saying that this showed the park service's inability to appropriately manage the parkway. and the annual country report on terrorism will be released. with the growth of isis and the rise of home grown terror the report may be critical in gauging the state of terrorism around the world. it includes descriptions of foreign terrorist organizations and updates on countries considered state sponsors of terrorism. today, a judge will decide whether a man who made threats against metro will remain in jail. earlier this week a judge ordered a mental evaluation on jerez coleman. according to wtop, the full report on the evaluation will be released today. a judge will then decide whether coleman will be released from jail. he faces 11 felony counts for
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the threats made between december and may. coleman was once featured on the mtv reality show "catfish." he was arrested last month. d.c. mayor muriel bowser headed to san francisco today. she's attending the annual u.s. conference of mayors over the weekend. now bowser will be back in d.c. on tuesday. she plans to host a breakfast with the council members at the wilton building when she returns. looking outside, this morning we are still wet in some spots. 71 degrees. temperatures in the 70s, but the mercury is only going to go up today. tom is working on your what to wear forecast. we'll have that in your next weather and traffic on the 1s. tired of nonstop unwanted calls? the ruling that just came down that could put an end to them. and imagine driving along when you spot a suspect wanted in this week's church massacre. that's exactly what happened to one woman and this morning she is speaking out. hear fr
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a florist in north carolina is being praised for helping to catch the charleston shooter. debbie dills said her heart raced when she saw a white man with a bowl hair cut. she called her boss who contacted police. dills then followed that suspect for two miles while police confirmed it was the suspect's car. and listen to her explain what happened next. >> well, i'm going to turn back around and see if they at least pull him over. you know?
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if i can get close enough to see if they pulled him over. todd called me while they were doing it, and he said, that was him and they caught him. i'm crying every time. >> the phone in the flower shop continues to ring off the hook now. >> wow. the woman at the center of a cultural firestorm is no longer a part of the city police commission. they voted to remove her from the volunteer police ombudsman commission. they said she and two others were guilty of workplace harassment. dolezal was thrust into the spotlight after her family claims she has been misrepresenting herself as black for years. time to look at the forecast. we are talking about a wet start to our day. i didn't see a lot of rain coming in though. >> no. but it was here overnight, right, tom? >> yeah. but it's really exiting and dissipating rather quickly. as we look at the storm team 4 radar, still a few lingering sprinkles. now north and west of the metro area here in prince william,
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southern loudoun county, a few other light sprinkles right along 81 between winchester and charlestown near hagerstown. but they're quickly diminishing here and over the next several hours we'll see it begin to dissipate. we still have wet pavement around. it's a steamy morning. temperatures are right around 70 degrees from the bay all the way into the shenandoah valley and in the mountains too. generally it's in the upper 60s and low 60s farther to our west. mid and upper 70s around the bay. drink plenty of water during the day and you'll need your umbrella in the area. we'll have the sun breaking out later this morning. yes, you'll be in comfortable in short sleeves. we'll look at our weekend chances for rain and that's coming up in the next weather and traffic on the 1s. melissa has an update on the crash on 66. >> that's right. 66, a camera on it -- some eyes ichss going to say. 66 west at business route 234,
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that looks like it will be out of the way in a little bit. southbound georgia between layhill road and mason street had some road work with the left lane getting by. top of the beltway, b.w. parkway, 95, 29 here, no problems at all. everything is nice and green for us this morning. beltway at central avenue, inner and outer loop rolling just fine. and southbound in virginia looking quite good. we know it will get slow in the dale city area probably within the next 45 minutes or so. i'm back in ten minutes. see you at 4:51. >> thanks, melissa. your kid's health is important to us and we're learning about a free health fair you can take them too today. details straight ahead. and the hunt for the two escaped prisoners continues. we learned
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welcome back. 4:44. a developing story this morning u.s. marshals have added two violent escapees from the new york prison to the 15 most wanted list. david sweat and richard matt escaped on june 6th from the clinton correctional facility in dannemora. police aren't sure if they have left that area. officers have followed more than 1,200 leads. the u.s. marshal service says the most wanted fugitive list is reserved for the worst of the worst. a woman sexual assaulted ten years ago said she felt utterly helpless when she was attacked by jesse matthew. last week he was attempted of abduction and sexual assault related to the september 2005 attack. the mother of morgan harrington was at the victim impact hearing. morgan was linked to but not charged in the killing. >> i wore purple for morgan harrington.
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pink for alexis murphy and orange for hannah graham. today i chose rainbow because i wanted to wear colors to represent the many, many numbers of victims of sexual assault. >> news4 will be at the next court date next week. that's when they'll set the court date for graham's murder. today we'll find out more information on two men accused of targeting victims on craigs list in prince george's county. alfred wade and kenneth calvin were arrested earlier this week. both are accused of robbing several interested buyers at gun point after placing ads on craigslist. police in prince george's county will give us more information on those cases and provide safety tips at police headquarters this morning at 10:00. you can now stop those unwanted robo calls. the fcc says companies like verizon, at&t and other carriers aren't duty bound to connect those annoying robo calls if cow don't want them to. so now you can tell your phone
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company not to put through those calls. consumer groups wanted the fcc to clarify the rules on connecting robo calls. there are rules that require the phone companies to connec call. take a live look at capitol hill the senate has crossed a huge item off their to do list but the president is already threatening a veto. senators passed a $612 billion defense bill, it includes a pay increase for service members. it will keep some military bases open. however, the bill makes it harder for president obama to close the u.s. military prison at guantanamo bay in cuba. also skirts some spending limits. a major trade bill passed the house yesterday. i opens up u.s. -- it opens up u.s. trade with asia and many are concerned that it will lead to a loss of u.s. jobs overseas, but republicans say it will lead to lower prices of u.s.-made goods in areas where they're sold. the senate still needs to vote on the measure next week. president obama does support the measure. two men wanted for their role in the fifa bribery investigation now in custody.
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hugo and mariano ginkis turned themselves in yesterday. they conspired and win to keep media rights contracts by paying millions of dollars in bribes. another man involved turned himself in to police in italy last week. we're working to find out if the men will face extradition to the united states. and a wildfire in northern california is finally out after jumping a river and destroying three homes. it hopped the river fueled by vegetation on both sides. more than 100 people evacuated from their homes. no one was hurt. it's now 4:47. prince george's county police want to make sure you and your family are safe whether you try or walk across one of the most dangerous intersections in the county. they'll be handing out flyers at the intersection of marlboro pike and kipling parkway in upper marlboro. officers are telling drivers to slow down and for pedestrians to look both ways before crossing
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the street. the goal is to educate you about how to use and yield to cross walks. with pedestrian safety a concern neighbors in d.c. are taking action. tape that took to the streets -- they took to the streets last night. in recent weeks, there are two deadly accidents involving pedestrians in d.c. david mchale walked in support of his friend who was killed earlier this month. >> you know we love the fact that there's awareness now for pedestrians, you know, for the accident that occurred. and we would like to see something done by the city. >> residents point to nearby arlington as an example of an area committed to safe cross walks that reduce deaths and injury. and "news4 your health," today the children's national health system is hosting its 13th annual health fair. the 13th fair on good hope road in south carolina d.c. will host booths from wic and healthy families. the event is free. the eisenhower memorial is one step closer to reality.
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it was voted yesterday to give final approval to the memorial design. the national capitol planning commission is the final agency that needs to approve this design. it will vote on july 9th. congress also needs to approve funding for the project which is expected to cost $140 million. so far about $60 million has been appropriated. need to make up some more money for that. >> what's your favorite memorial? >> lincoln for sure. i've lived here my entire life and there's something about lincoln that's stunning at all hours. >> i like the fdr memorial, because it's tucked away. it has the dog. >> it's a newer one. >> i'm glad i had an answer for you. let's look at the weather right now. kind of clear start to the morning but man, we have been dealing with some rain over the past couple of days. it was pounding on my roof last night. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein in the studio now to tell us what we can expect for the day today. >> yeah, it's not pounding
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anymore. it's settled down. we have a few scattered sprinkles now on the storm team 4 radar. north and west of the metro area. we did get those storms coming through there quickly exiting, they're off the atlantic seaboard. a few sprinkles here. in this patch of light green in western fairfax, loudoun county, northwestern montgomery and in frederick county, southern and eastern washington county. pan handle of west virginia and another batch here, little farther to the west of winchester. that might get into the central shenandoah valley. that's going to be over the next half hour or so. so a few scattered sprinkles there. temperatures are near 70 from the shenandoah valley and the eastern shore in the mid to upper 70s. reagan national now is at 73. post your pictures, this was in atlanta, a big tree came down from the storms across one of the neighborhood streets there. hour by hour forecast, for the rest of the morning we will be much more settled and quiet.
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we'll have some sun breaking out by 8:00. sunrise is at 5:43. by 8:00 it will be up near 80. by noontime, climbing up into the mid 80s and then near 90 by mid afternoon. late afternoon some scattered thunderstorms will be developing again. here's the hour by hour timing on that. we'll likely have maybe a few more sprinkles, shenandoah valley through 10:00 this morning. after that we'll settle down through noontime, some breaks in the clouds. then around 2:00 or 3:00, some thunderstorms are coming through from the north and west and right in the metro area, around 4:00 or 5:00. then they track to the south and east by 6:00 to 7:00. by the rest of the evening hours things will be settling down. today's severe weather threat is much lower than yesterday. so we have a very small risk of any tornadoes. only a low risk of high winds or hail or heavy rain from the storms coming through this afternoon. now saturday late in the day during the evening we could get
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some heavy downpours with thunder and lightning, but the rest of the day should stay dry. a likelihood of heavy showers with thunder and lightning very early on sunday morning. sunday afternoon, we have a smaller chance of an additional storm coming through. highs tomorrow 80s. near 90 on sunday. looks like we may hit the near 90s on monday. after that a chance of afternoon storms. melissa has an update on that crash up. >> update on this crash in the manassas area. this is 66 westbound business route 234. looks like everything is now off to the shoulder, so not something you have to worry about if you're headed out any time soon. seems like traffic is getting by just fine. we're also again westbound there. outer loop at braddock road, we have the left lane blocked until 5:30 there. other road work here, 95 northbound virginia right through the quantico area, we have alternating lane closures for the next ten minutes or so. taking a look at prince george's county overall everything is moving just fine there. 270 at old hundred road, no
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issues northbound or southbound. everything rolling along well. i'm back in ten minutes so see you at 5:01. >> thanks. prince william leaders met behind closed doors but some say what they talked about behind those doors is illegal. the vice president is moving from d.c. to l.a. at least the one on tv. why "veep" will no longer film in our area. and what we're waiting on with harper who i
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you're watching "news4 today." >> the prince william county board of supervisors discussed salary increases for themselves in a closed door meeting that is a possible violation of the virginia freedom of information act. according to the board's agenda the supervisors were expected to vote tuesday on a plan to give themselves pay raises of more than 20% next year. that plan was never discussed or voted on during the open portion of the meeting. "veep" is moving to l.a. come on. hbo announced yesterday it will move production of the political comedy out of maryland to southern california. it's one of four tv series granted almost 30 million bucks in the state earlier this year. the maryland general assembly approved a bill that will extend the state's tax credit program.
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"veep" was granted $27.7 million in tax credits through that expanded tax program from the state of california. >> too bad to see it leave our area. today, bryce harper will learn how bad his injury really is. it was during the sixth inning last night when harper was making a routine throw from the outfield when his back foot slipped in the wet grass. the team reported it was mild hamstring strain, but we'll find out more today on his injury. hopefully he recovers quickly. local swimmers are now awaiting word on whether they made history. now, the young gainesville swimmers are among thousands around the globe who took part in the world's largest swim lesson yesterday. they hope to raise awareness for swim safety and make it into the guinness book of world records. >> we're here promoting water safety. it's summertime kids are in the pool. we want to make sure that everybody is well informed.
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well educated on ways to stay water safe in the pool. >> the event is run each year to promote swim lessons. have you had to do the swim lesson? >> of course. aren't they so cute with their little goggles and little swimsuits. but it really is a crucial -- a critical message this time of the year about pool safety. we talk about it all the time. you have to make sure the little knows how to swim. >> absolutely. what you don't see in the picture is how cold the pool is. dads jump into the pool, that's freezing on saturday morning. >> is your little one taking swim lessons? >> nonstop. >> very cute. yes, you do get the shock in that sense. all right, stay with us. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >> "news4 today" starts now. >> welcome in on this friday morning. good morning. i'm adam tuss in for aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this friday. it is june 19, 2015. let's look at storm team 4 radar right now. we're keeping a close eye on the
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weather for you this morning as the rain continues to come down in some spots. >> it comes as people clean up after last night's storms. megan mcgrath is working on that, but first, let's go straight to tom and what we can expect today. >> those storms overnight have dissipated a lot and right now a few scattered sprinkles north and west of the metro area. no more thunder and lightning. this is continuing to really dissipate. but we are still getting a few sprinkles in the shenandoah valley and in parts of loudoun county, western fairfax and montgomery. many of the roads are still wet from the overnight showers. because that is still very humid, mid to upper 70s right around the bay. inland away from the waters west, across the rest of southern maryland, virginia and maryland, in the upper 60s to near 70. reagan national now at 73. there's the washington skyline this morning. all quiet. temperatures by 6:00 will be in
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the mid 70s with a cloudy sky. then by 8:00, upper 70s and near 80. by 10:00 in the low 80s. getting steamy and uncomfortably humid with the warming by later on this morning. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at our neighborhood highs for this friday. that's coming up at 5:11. melissa has an update on that crash again. >> yes, have a crash have construction. a little bit of everything. a little melting pot this morning. right now in silver spring, carroll avenue -- sorry, sorry, carroll at westmoreland, both directions are shut down because of some emergency road work that is happening there from overnight in silver spring now. southbound georgia avenue between layhill and mason street, the left lane is getting by. no major problems as you take a big look at the beltway. 66 west at business route 234 this crash is off to the right side of the roadway. don't have to worry about that too much.


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