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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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shot by one of our viewers. some people saw hail and you can see here marble sized hail. this was shot in the chantilly area during the storm and quite a sight to see. up some folks had -- some folks had quite a bit of damage wind. we are getting reports of power outages. some of the tree limbs that came down. they actually took out the power lines and so there's still some issues with that just a lot of clean-up to be done for certain neighborhoods in our area. now with more on the weather we'll take it over to tom. >> oh it's tranquil and serene. a few scattered sprinkles, north and west of the metro area. that will really dissipate over the next hour or so. some of the pavement is still wet. breaks in the clouds by 8:00. upper 70s, mid 80s by noon and partly sunny. back to you. >> thanks, tom. right now some red line problems, simple tracking
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between takoma and fort totten. 270 north, at 370 still blocked. doesn't look like it's delaying anything. so that's good of course. then a wide look at things overall actually looking pretty good. elsewhere, no major problems. all of our normal delays. thanks melissa. we expect some crucial developments today now that the man accused of murdering six men and three men has been caught. dylann roof is in a detention center. he's due in court for a bond hearing. he's charged with nine counts of murder and may face federal charges as well. now roof was captured in north carolina after a woman spotted him. >> our chris lawrence is there now with more. chris, good morning. >> reporter: hey eun, yeah, basically i have to tell you the mood here, tremendous amount of sadness. hard to put in words how sad
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people are. but it was mixed with optimism. i was talking to one woman who was putting flowers here and she told me as she was walking up, a white woman grabbed her and gave her a huge hug and said, god bless you. let me step away and when you look at the flowers, the balloons, there have been people, black, white, asian, latino. the entire community has come out for this vigil here that's being erected here at the church. there have been other vigils that have gone on throughout this community and around the state of south carolina. throughout the night. there's another huge one planned for later tonight at 6:00 at the college of charleston. dylann roof came here to this church sat through the bible study class for about 40, 50 minutes before allegedly getting up saying something about the black race about segregation and then opening fire. he's now being held in a detention center about 15 minutes away from the church. again, you mentioned he's got
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that bond hearing at 2:00. in some ways that's a formality. he won't be granted bond. legally he can't get bond, but he'll appear in court. there's also another fund thatb what set up for some of the victims' families. for the nine families. boeing has already donated about $100,000 to the fund. later this morning they'll put that up on line so we'll link that on the twitter, facebook pages push that out on the app. so if you want to help some of the families we'll give you a way to do so. again, dylann roof back in court. 2:00 p.m. just for a bond hearing. but he'll have a preliminary hearing coming up here in a few weeks. meanwhile, folks here still trying to very much come together. they expect a huge, huge crowd at that vigil tonight. eun, adam, back to you. new this morning, friends say dylann roof often made
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racial jokes saying he blew up about black people taking over the world. >> he wanted segregation white with white, black with white. he didn't believe in what the black race was doing to the white racearrests. you can read about it on the washington app. it's unclear if he had any connection to the 16 white supremacist groups in south carolina. back to you. >> thanks molette. we know the name of the man shot and killed in the district. brian sickles was killed yesterday afternoon. police were called after there were reports of gun fire. sickles was found in an alley near fifth and "h" street. right now no suspect or motive. one witness told news4 he saw a man dressed all in black run from the scene after the shooting. 6:05 now. enough is enough, that's what aaa is saying after the massive
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closure on the george washington memorial parkway. northbound lanes were closed from spout run parkway to cia for 12 hours yesterday. a tour bus engine exploded and it caused huge backups. the national park service manages the parkway and aaa released a statement saying this closure shows the park service's inability to appropriately manage the parkway. 6:05. coming up the bears are back. >> that is a big bear. >> where there's an uptick in sightings in our area. and plus what officials are asking you to do if you see one. i think i have just passed that boy that killed those people last night. >> one woman's quick actions. what she noticed that made her rekt a. and storm team 4 radar showing scattered showers out
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there. tom is timing out when things will heat up on this #still
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following a developing story, just getting details about a cruise ship accident in upstate new york. the boat hit a wall in a river lock in the st. lawrence seaway. that's near the canadian border. we know that eight people hurt, had to be taken off for treatment. the other 274 passengers and crew will stay on board until it can be moved. eun? >> thanks, molette. 6:09. all right, a black bear is roaming around montgomery county. take a look at the pictures. look how big this bear is. this is not your ordinary black bear. apparently, this bear has been seen multiple times in and around the oak ridge park area. those footprints are big. bear sightings in the suburbs is
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not uncommon this time of the year, but that's the biggest bear i have ever seen. montgomery police want to remind you if you see an animal particularly a gigantic black bear do not approach it or try to feed it. do not try to run away. >> it will chase you. >> and eat you. >> right. >> you don't have to tell me not to approach a black bear. >> isn't that the biggest black bear? >> remember the movie "great outdoors", john candy, that's the bear. >> it's too close -- >> we'll give at a name. like -- >> randy. >> randy, fine. stay away from randy out there. well, the sun is coming up now after quite a rainy night last night. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. he's not afraid of bears. >> well, yes, i am. look at that beautiful golden sunlight this morning. it's now just loud bird song to greet you.
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and rain in loudoun county and wester fairfax, but that's dissipateing quickly. much of the rest of maryland and virginia, upper 60s. still humid. afternoon highs today, near the pennsylvania border in mountains low 80s. but near 90 in southern virginia. and all around the region, thunder is rolling through. look at the hour by hour timing on the storms in next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:21. melissa has info on the metro delay. >> still single tracking red line, single tracking between takoma and fort totten right now. we'll keep you updated on that. 270 south, no problems. top of the beltway and outer loop looking good. 95 north quantico to the beltway, not bad at all. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car for the latest on traffic on this friday morning. >> thanks, melissa.
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the manhunt just ramped up for two escaped prisoners, the list that the u.s. marshals added the convicts to as we continue to monitor this developing story. one thing you may do at work that's not doing good for your body. plus, why you could be late gett
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it's 6:15 now. a developing story this morning. u.s. marshals have added two violent escapee from the new york prison to the 15 most wanted list. david sweat and richard matt escaped on june 6 from the clinton correctional facility in dannemora. police aren't surethey left the area. they have followed more than 1,200 leads. phones at a flower shop in north carolina are ringing off the hook today. a woman who work there is the tipster helped to catch that south carolina shooter. >> i had seen the white tag on the front of the car that had been another picture they showed
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on the news. i called todd, i said i think i have just passed that boy that killed those people in charleston last night. >> dills said her boss todd frady contacted police. and then she followed the suspect for two miles while police confirmed it was the suspect's car. she says she can't stop crying. the harrowing details of what happened inside the church continue to emerge. "the new york times" reports the youngest victim, 26-year-old tywanza sanders tried to talk the gunman out of the shooting. you don't have to do this, sanders reportedly said. he dove in front of his aunt to protect her. cynthia hurd worked at st. andrews regional library. it will be renamed in her honor. take a listen to this, just hours after the children of sharonda singleton learned of what happened, they spoke of forgiveness. >> we forgive right now for everything that's happened. she's the best mom i could have asked for, and -- and honestly
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it's going to be tough. but i know we'll get through it as a family. >> singleton was a speech therapist and girl's track and field coach at goose creek high school in suburban charlotte. churches across our area are reacting to the charleston church massacre. a moment of remembrance was held last night at the methodist church in north bethesda. those prayers extended to the martin luther king memorial in d.c. dr. king's dream has not been fulfilled. news4's darcy spencer has details on vigils being held here today in the district. today we'll find out more information on two men accused of targeting victims on craigslist in prince george's county. alfred wade and kenneth calvin were arrested earlier this week. both are accused of robbing interested buyers at gun point. police in prince george's county will give us more information on the cases and provide safety tips at 10:00 this morning.
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6:18. a woman sexual assaulted ten years ago said she felt utterly helpless the day she was attacked by jesse matthew. she took the witness stand yesterday. last week matthew was convicted of abduction and sexual assault related to the 2005 attack. the mother of morgan harrington was also there. maryland lawmakers are looking at how and when police are trained to pull their weapon. this after a new report that found maryland is one of nine states that has no law on how police use lethal force. the new report was issued after the death of freddie gray in baltimore and the amnesty international report says the lack of laws on use of deadly force by offices is limiting police accountability nationwide. later today the two men accused of conspireing to help isis kill americans will be in court today. the men were indieted last week.
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they're accused of conspiring with usaama rahim from boston. police shot and killed him earlier this month. and rahim was reportedly planning to behead a blogger. she was not hurt. in "news4 your health" the 13th annual health fair. the fair on good hope road will host booths from wic and healthy start, healthy families. the health fair kicks off at 10:00 and it's free. you may want to walk around. we have new research that suggests too much sitting leads to an increased risk of anxiety. sign tiss -- scientists found a general connection between anxiety and the total time sitting during work, commuting and watching tv. too much sitting has already been linked to poor overall health and even premature death. got to get up and move around. >> the iphone fit gives you a nudge to move around. summer means that you have to break out the flip-flops but
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you may want to think about how often you wear that popular footwear. the consumer product safety commission says that flip-flops landed around 25,000 people in the emergency room last year. experts say you shouldn't wear flip-flops in you'll be walking for a long time. still, the health concerns aren't likely to stop people from wearing them. today is actually national flip-flop day. >> there's day for everything, isn't there? >> yes. i would wear flip-flops in the middle of winter. >> but they are -- special for kid -- especially for kids the if they're running around they could hurt themselves. >> see if we need the flip-flops today. 6:20. check in with tom kierein. >> we'll get back to you adam in february. i want to see that. starting off this morning things have settled down from those loud storms yesterday. now getting some breaks in the clouds. a little bit of sunshine break out in the metro area. those diminishing sprinkles just a few in the central shenandoah valley right around luray and south of there, towards waynesboro and a little bit
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farther north and west of us. a little bit of a sprinkle here in western fairfax county from fairfax city up to reston. elsewhere, a few breaks in the clouds. there's the capitol under this partly to mostly cloudy sky now. it is still steamy. hovering right around 70 degrees in the nearby suburbs. low to mid 70s around the bay. here is new model timing coming in about storms that may be developing later today. maybe a sprinkle in the shenandoah valley and the mountains this morning. then around noontime to 2:00 to 3:00 we might get a few isolated showers popping up. then some isolated widespread thundershowers in the metro area. after that, between 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., our southern suburbs, eastern shore, getting a few of the isolated thundershowers likely not nasty storms like we had yesterday with those damaging winds and the hail. today we get a very low risk of that. and as well, heavy rain. so a much lower risk of any severe weather with the
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thundershowers. then tomorrow increasing clouds. upper 80s. remnants of tropical storm bill coming through. if you have plans to be out, you may run into heavy rain and thunder and lightning. still humid next week. could get afternoon storms on tuesday wednesday and again on thursday. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s 6:31, your drive time forecast. we have had problems on the red line this morning. what's going on? >> problems on the red line, still have this issue on the red light. single tracking between takoma and fort totten. right now, chopper 4 over the spur. nice, light volume. happy friday everybody. everybody on 207 of the beltway at the spur. beltway overall looking quite good. no major problems right now. 66 and 95 flowing just fine. 66 looks good out of leesburg. and then 95 a little slow through dale city.
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completely normal of course for this time of the day. looking at prince george's county, just a little bit of a slowdown, 45 miles per hour as you're headed to the beltway on indian head highway. and 270 at middlebrook road in germantown, northbound and southbound, everything looking quite good this morning. i'm back in ten minutes. see you at 6:31. >> thanks, melissa. well be ready for delays on metro this weekend. passengers on five of six rail lines will have a longer wait for trains. trains are going to run every 20 minutes on the orange silver, blue, yellow and green lines. of course more frequent service on the red line from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. a wildfire if northern california is under control this morning after jumping a river and destroying three homes. take a look at the scene here. the fire started yesterday near sacramento. the wind-driven fire spread quickly after hopping the river fueled by vegetation on both sides. more than 100 people were evacuated from their homes. no one was hurt.
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this next story is one we all pay attention to. a college is giving students glued to their cell phones a place to call their own. take a look at this stairwell at utah valley university. you see the neon green tape helps make three lanes of pedestrian traffic running, walking and texting. the three lane stairway is located in the student life and wellness center. the idea was about having a fun interior design, not necessarily about directing student traffic. >> probably not good to -- >> text -- i mean this is the age we live in. >> it's now 6:25. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is headed to san francisco today. she's attending the annual u.s. conference of mayors over the weekend. the president will speak at that conference and bowser will be back in the district on tuesday. she'll host a breakfast with d.c. council members at the wilson building when she returns. little league star mo'ne davis will be in the stands for the nats game. she's in the middle of the
6:25 am
23-day civil rights bus trip with the anderson monarchs. the team will be stopping in 21 different cities. davis will be touring the nats youth baseball academy. at noon they'll play a game against the d.c. knights. she skyrocketed to fame after winning a little league world series game in august. >> love her. maryland is losing business from hollywood to hollywood. hbo announced yesterday it will move production of the political comedy "veep" out of maryland to southern california. "veep" was one of four tv series granted millions through an expanded tax program in the state. earlier this year the maryland general assembly approved a bill that will extend the tax credit program beyond the extended termination termination next year, but california offered a better deal. >> elaine is leaving. i know. >> 6:25. new this morning another disturbance at a church involving race.
6:26 am
this time in virginia. >> why a man was arrested for doing something outside a place of worship. >> -- live in northwest washington where two vigils are being held today to remember the victims of the church massacre. a live report ahead. and beautiful sunshine. 71 degrees. clear for now, but will we see some rain drops on your way to work? tom is working on your drive time
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developing in charleston, south carolina, dylann roof is due in court on charges of killing nine people inside a bible study. this as parishioners in our area are getting ready to remember the victims' lives. check this out, trees blocking the front yard of homes this morning. this is in reston. strong stormsing noed down trees and branches all across our area. doug told you last night that the storms would be moving through the area. and he was right. >> tom is saying we might see something for the morning drive. what's going on? >> yeah, a few sprinkles in
6:30 am
western fairfax county in reston. and that area that did get hammered with the strong winds. still a little bit of a sprinkle down here and near front royal. they'll be drying out in the next half hour or so. so the morning and midday commute, no problems. but for the afternoon commute we may get some thundershowers coming through. not nasty storms like yesterday. for the morning, temperatures will be in the mid 70s with drying roads temporarily. then during the afternoon that some roads may be wet as temperatures climb to around 90 degrees. it will be very humid. we have had problems on the red line this morning. melissa, is that still going on? >> still have that red line problem, take a look at this. we're single tracking between takoma and fort totten. could cause some delays this morning. look at 270, starting to get back junes in the urbana area as you head southbound. northbound no issues. you're fine down to the spur.
6:31 am
that's good for my friends on 270. 29, 95, b.w. parkway, no issues there. 66, 95, 66 is good. 95 a tad slow as you're headed northbound through dale city. back with travel times in ten minutes. now is the time for mourning and for healing. but let's be clear. at some point we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries and at some point it will be important for the american people to come to grips with it. >> charleston is in mourning today after nine people were killed in a black church yesterday. churches across the country holding vigils to remember the nine lives lost in yesterday's massacre. news4's darcy spencer is at the metropolitan ame church in northwest. she has more on the services being held there later on today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. you know, the details of this story are so disturbing and it's broken the hearts of so many people from across the country.
6:32 am
and so this is a time for people to come together, particularly the church family. that's what's happening today here in washington. two different prayer vigils being held today. the first is going to happen right here at the metropolitan ame church on "m" street in northwest washington. we spoke to the pastor this week. he says that the tragedy of what happened in south carolina demands that people of faith come together to pray for these victims. and he says that people have to come together and deal with violence as a nation. >> we need a different narrative that does not celebrate violence, lone wolves guns, war. that is not how human community will thrive. >> now that vigil will get underway here at noon today. a second vigil is being held by the national black united front. they'll hold an interfaith prayer vigil.
6:33 am
held at the african-american civil war memorial that's going to be right outside the metro station. that gets underway at 7:00 this evening. live in northwest, darcy spencer, back to you. >> thanks, darcy. a disturbance at a black church in richmond has a lot of folks on edge this morning. police say a man is now in custody and will be evaluated after he threatened worshipers at a south richmond church. this is video of the scene last night. police told the richmond times dispatch the man was beating on the door at united nations church internaltional. the man who was white was making threats. today a judge will decide if a man who made threats against metro will remain in jail. a judge ordered a mental evaluation on jerez coleman. according to wtop the full report on the evaluation will be released today. a judge will then decide whether coleman will be released from jail ahead of his trial. coleman now faces 11 felony counts for the threats made last
6:34 am
december and may. he was once featured on the mtv reality show "catfish." the supreme court's most recent freedom of speech decision could impact drivers here. yesterday, the justices ruled 5-4 that texas does not have to allow a specialty vehicle license plate with a confederate flag. they said they're state property and they can be censored by the state. both maryland and virginia has been allowed to the flags on their tags. they're both reviewing the decision to determine what's next. today, terry mcauliffe returns from a six-country trip across europe. the trip was aimed at bringing foreign investment to the state. mcauliffe attended 70 different meetings. the governor's office has announced two major deals including one with german discount supermarket chain and elephant auto insurance. the secretary of defense ashton carter will kick off the warrior game. the games show case the fighting
6:35 am
spirit of 270 service members and veterans. the opening ceremony at the national museum of the marine corps starts at 11:00. tired of the robocalls? there's a way to get rid of them for good. the ruling that came down that could put an end to them. and deceiving people about her race this summer take flight, without having to take a flight. because all the thrills you need are right here at busch gardens, and water country usa. in williamsburg, va. like the daring new coaster tempesto. so ride together slide together whether it's monster drops collossal curls or furry friends it's all here. vacation packages start at $50 per person per night.
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the ultimate summer vacation is closer than you think at busch gardens and water country usa.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> welcome back. the woman at the center of a cultural firestorm is no longer part of a city volunteer police commission. spokane city council voted yesterday to remove rachel dolezal from the city's volunteer police ombudsman
6:39 am
commission. the commission says she and two other members were guilty of workplace harassment. dolezal was thrust into the public spotlight last week after her parents claimed she had been misrepresenting herself as black for years. 6:39. you can now stop those unwanted robocalls. the fcc says companies like verizon, at&t and other carriers aren't duty bound to connect those annoying robocalls if you don't want them to. so you can tell your phone company not to put through those calls. consumer groups wanted the fcc to clarify the rules on connecting robocalls. there are rules in place that require phone companies to connect every call. just ask. no more robocalls in my class. >> sometimes they call at 9:00 at night. >> they know when you're at home. >> but what about the kids are asleep and that's ridiculous. i answered one time. are you going to put my kids back to sleep, thank you. bye. click. all right. that's my two cents on that matter. anyway, let's look at the weather this morning on this friday. a little bit of clouds out there, but hopefully we'll dry out. >> a pretty picture.
6:40 am
let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. what kind of day are we going to have? >> i can't believe you hung up on me like that. that's so rude. we have some rain breaking out. some clouds are producing some sprinkles in parts of northern virginia. temperatures are muggy, it's mild, around 70. and later today if you're headed to the pool, you'll be outside for any length of time, drink plenty of water. you might need the umbrella in the afternoon. but later in the morning through midday, you need the sun block, sunglasses. comfortable in short sleeves all day long. a look at tropical storm bill's remnants coming through for the weekend. our rain chances next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:51. melissa, we have light volume on the roads. >> look at this. chopper 4 over 66 at the beltway. yeah yeah yeah. everything is moving along just fine. no problems there. 270 looking quite good this morning. we have this problem still on the red line there. single-tracking between takoma and fort totten. as far as travel times, 270
6:41 am
south, 16 minutes. top of the beltway there, 15 minutes. then about as good as it gets 66 inbound and 95 north as well. remember to follow our friends or listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car this morning. >> thanks melissa. coming up a memorial is growing outside the church where nine people were gunned down and terrorized inside a bible study. a live report from there. plus what the friend of the suspected shooter is revealing about dylann roof's actions before the massacre. and walmart putting greeters at the front doors, but not to say hello. how it can cut down on crime. your time is 6:42. stay with us.
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good morning. hazy and humid. temperatures right around 70 degrees and then later this morning we'll be in the mid 70s by 8:00. and then by noontime should be in the low 80s and by mid afternoon, you'll be hovering around 90 degrees. could get scattered thundershowers later this afternoon. the red line is still single-tracking between takoma and fort totten. and a one mile slow down at beltway at st. barnabas. east, looking good on this friday morning. right now, the man accused of shooting nine people to death in a black church is awaiting bail hearing in south carolina. the charleston community is still reeling this morning. >> our chris lawrence is speaking to residents.
6:45 am
chris how are people coping and what do we expect to see today? >> adam they're sad. but at the same time very hopeful. i think later today we'll see the biggest example yet of just how unified this community is. take a look behind me. i mean, you can see the memorial there. balloons, flowers. that's been growing by the minute since this happened. i talked to a black woman who came up and set some flowers down and she said a white woman grabbed her, gave her a huge hug and said god bless you. there's the spirit that you're seeing here. dylann roof came to this church wednesday night. it was a small bible study group, having a prayer meeting inside. he came in, he sat with them for about 40 to 50 minutes. then got up started talking about race. made some comments and started shooting. as he slipped out of the church, agents, police officers, helicopters converged on this area.
6:46 am
but he was able to get away. but when they put out his picture, his license plate, his car that led to a lot of tips and one woman in north carolina who was on her way to work at a florist shop saw him sitting next to her at a light. she followed him for a short time, called it in to police and then shortly after that they picked him up there. they said he did have a gun on him. but there was no trouble when they were able to apprehend him. he was brought back here to south carolina. he's now being held in a detention center about 15 minutes away from here. he'll have that bail hearing at 2:00. there's no bail, but nothing more than a formality. we talked about this community coming together. later at 6:00 there's going to be the biggest vigil yet at the college of charleston. the arena there. i think you'll see the entire
6:47 am
community come out. they have set up a donation fund for the nine families who lost loved ones. that will be up around noon. as soon as it is, with we'll push that out on twitter, facebook, on our nbc washington app. to let you know if you're interested how you can help some of the victims here. reporting live in charleston, i'm chris lawrence. back to you. >> all right thank you. well, the photo of roof wearing the flags of the former white racist regime on his jacket is now everywhere as the world learns more about him. roof grew up in south carolina. in march he was arrested after mall employees told police he was asking suspicious questions and then a month later he was arrested again there and he was banned for three years. a friend says roof was upset about the trayvon martin and freddie gray cases and recently had a plan. >> he wanted segregation. he wanted to be white with white and black with black.
6:48 am
and that he didn't -- you know, he didn't believe in what the black race was doing to the white race. >> his friend joseph meek there. meek said he knew it was roof when he saw the surveillance images. he says he called the fbi immediately. we have just posted a lot more background on roof on our nbc washington app. just search dylann roof. here in our area you can join those mourning and praying today at noon a prayer service will be held at the metropolitan ame church. tonight at 7:00, you can join members of the national black united front at an interfaith vigil. that will take place at the african-american civil war memorial near "u" street metro station. today marks a major milestone in the eradication of slavery in this country. called juneteenth it's the oldest known commemoration ending slavery in the united states. some are using this day to remember the victims of the
6:49 am
church shooting victims. we mentioned they're holding a vigil african-american civil war memorial at 7:30 tonight. d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting. that happened before midnight along fifth street in northwest. we're told that the victim was shot in the back and later died at the hospital. police have not released any details about a motive. we know the name of the man shot and killed in the district. brian sickles was killed yesterday morning. police were called around 11:30 for reports of gun fire. witnesses say more than 20 shots were fired. sickles was found in an alley near fifth and "h." right now, no suspect and no motive. one witness told news4 he saw a man dressed all in black run from the scene after the shooting. a big deadline today connected to the massive data breach of federal workers. today the deadline for the office of personnel management to notify more than 4 million workers that their records were
6:50 am
compromised. opm director katherine archuleta told a house panel on tuesday that a separate data breach may have compromised the records of current, former and prospective employees who underwent background checks to obtain security clearances. just in, new images coming in of the cruise ship accident in upstate new york. a local newspaper is reporting as many as 17 hurt after the boat hit a wall in a river lock. that's up from eight we reported 30 minutes ago. this is going on in the st. lawrence seaway, near the canadian border. most of the passengers and crew will stay on board until the boat is moved. eun? >> thanks, molette. walmart is bringing something back that you haven't seen in a while. landon dowdy explains how it could deter crime. good morning. >> hey, eun, good morning to you. walmart is bringing greeters back to the front of the store. to help deter shoplifting. the retailer had moved them elsewhere a few years ago to
6:51 am
help with other tasks and got rid of them at night in stores open 24 hours. walmart is also adding workers wearing yellow vests to spot check customer receipts before they leave and merchandise being returned. and twitter will soon let users follow live events and not just people. they'll instantly upload videos and videos that can be shared across social news feeds. a team of editors will choose from the most visually appealing and relevant tweets putting them in one place instead of users being flooded with every single event from a post. >> thanks, landon. well, as the song goes, rain rain go away. >> i thought you were going to sing for us. >> no. >> no okay. i could try to get aaron do it. i thought i'd have more luck with you. >> let the birds do it. they're singing their hearts out this morning. we have sunshine breaking out now, but still humid. we are setting the statement for more thundershowers this afternoon. right now, getting a few light sprinkles. little speckles of green in the
6:52 am
shenandoah valley and areas west of washington. a few scattered sprinkles in fairfax county, loudoun county and central shenandoah valley. those should be done over the next hour. right now, near 70. low to mid 70s in washington and the nearby suburbs inside the beltway. there's some of the sun rays coming down on the potomac. live view from the city camera this morning. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s by mid-morning and then by noon, in the low 80s. with the humidity it will feel like 90s. scattered thundershowers are popping up by 4:00 to 5:00 in the metro area and moving east after that. likely today they won't be severe. a small chance we will get damaging wind. then late on saturday, remnants of tropical storm bill coming over our region. a likelihood of showers and thunderstorms on saturday night. increasing clouds on saturday. some of the thundershowers and showers may linger into very early sunday morning and then sunday afternoon just some
6:53 am
clouds building a little bit. might get an isolated shower on sunday afternoon. up to the low 90s by then. monday, partly sunny, hot. up into the mid 90s. may feel like 100 with the heat index. and remaining humid each day next week. chance of afternoon storms on tuesday. wednesday and thursday, although it may be a bit cooler on wednesday and thursday with temperatures into the mid 80s. yesterday afternoon, we had some trees down around the region. this shot of a tree down on the princess garden parkway. this is in prince george's county. that photo posted by dave on my twitter page and i'll post that too on facebook here shortly. megan has a view of trees down too in reston. looks nasty there, megan. >> reporter: yeah. this storm packed a punch. at some neighborhoods have quite a bit of cleaning up to do. if you look behind me you can see the large tree that fell here. we're on trotter lane and you can see that it kind of came out at the root and snapped off the
6:54 am
base. it came crashing down on the corner of the garage, but a lot of damage here. take a look at this video we shot a short time ago. this is on trotter lane, another large tree fell down and it actually went through the middle of that upper floor. actually into the house, causeing quite a bit of damage there. powerful winds as this storm blew through some of the neighborhoods and really a lot of clean-up to be done in some of the neighborhoods in our viewing area. we saw some trees down on roads which caused some problems. we'll send it over to melissa on traffic. how it is longing right now? >> overall, megan, looking good. chopper 4 over 66 the lanes are slowing down because we have some problem here that just popped up on the right shoulder there. so chopper 4 over that scene again seeing a bit of a slow down there. red line single-tracking between takoma and fort totten. that's still hanging around from the late clearing track work.
6:55 am
overall volume is lighter than normal. beltway at st. barnabas, no problem there. outbound b.w. parkway just a tad slow for three or four miles. 270 at montrose is rolling along fine. and it's slow through dale city northbound. enough is enough that's what aaa is saying. the northbound lanes were closed from spout run to cia 12 hours yesterday. a tour bus engine exploded. sand was used to sop up the mess and the national park service manages the parkway. aaa release sad statement saying this closure shows the park service's ability to manage the parkway. be ready for metro delays. passengers on five of six rail lines will have a longer wait for trains. there will be more frequent service on the red line, between
6:56 am
9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. one more signature and a check from congress is all that stands in the way of the new memorial for dwight d. eisenhower. final approval was given to the memorial's design yesterday. the national capitol planning commission is the final agency that needs to approve the design. it will vote on july 9th. congress also needs to approve funding for the project which is expected to cost $140 million. so far around $60 million has been appropriated. 6:56. four things to know before you head out the door on this friday. they remain at large and now u.s. marshals have added two violent escapees from the new york prison to the 15 most wanted list. david sweat and richard matt escaped on june 6 from the clinton correctional facility in danny mora. d.c. police investigate a shooting. police have not released any details about a suspect. we're working to find out more about a disturbance at a south richmond church last night. a man is in custody for yelling
6:57 am
threats and racial slurs. this afternoon a man accused of opening fire on worshipers at a black church will be in court for a bond hearing. dylann roof is charged with nine counts of murder. temperatures by 8:00 in the mid 70s. partly sunny through the morning and midday. when you're headed back hope, up around 90. could get some thundershowers coming through. stay dry. all right tom, thanks so much, everyone, for letting me
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. before the rampage -- new video overnight of the suspect in the deadly shooting inside a charleston church just moments ' ss ahead of the massacre. a clear picture emerging of 21-year-old dylann roof and his alleged racist views. >> he wanted white with white and black with black. >> a memorial for the victims grows, a community mourns as the suspect goes before a judge for the first time. savannah is live in charleston. fire and rain. hundreds of firefighters battle a fast moving firefighter in california. residents evacuated as it consumes over 10,000 acres. while in the south, more flash flooding causes major problems for


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