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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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this is a storm team 4 weather alert. >> right now at 6:00 severe thunderstorms watch in effect across our region with severe storms impacting our western counties. in fact, more warnings coming in. we have live coverage of the potential threat enour area. >> air cu, let's get right to a radar. this is shannon doughau and fredric counties in virginia. this is going to go until 6:30. i'm keeping a very close eye on this area as heavy rain torrential town pours and winds
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in excess of 60 mile-per-hour j ahead of it just scattered showers and thunderstorms in the immediate area. everybody is going to deal with heavy rain, potential for flash flooding. and a number of strikes with this area up to 160 right now. the timing moving east at about 45 mile-per-hour. so impacting win chester at about 6:20. fredric at about 6:15 and if all else remantz equal, this make its way into washington between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. the biggest threats are going to be heavy wind and we can't rule out a thunderstorm storm and a flash flood watch. timing it out hour by hour and of course, you want to stay with news 4 as we track the storms
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for you all weekend long. >> all right. thanks so much. she's live with more on the prep going on now ahead of the storm. darsy. >> well hey, erika yeah, we're shady grove road and i can tell you over the last hour, there have been some change in the weather here. we're feeling the winds pick up really dark clouds moving into the area no real precipitation at this point but we can feel it's headed our way. first, in the district, they have been handing out that dc water since about 2:00 this afternoon. and that's the neighborhood where we have seen significant damaging flooding in years past so sand bags being handed out in that area.
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and d.c. water has crews should there be any flooding problems p. and fair tax county also preparing for street level flooding and we're talking about the huntington areas and they're streshz stressing they don't expect any structural type flooding but there is possible there would be flooding on streets where you've seen flooding in the past and we're waiting for the storm and we can feel the winds picking up. a few drops of rain but nothing serious as of yet. >> mean while, before police arrested dylann roof, his family said he was a sweet kid and group painfully shy. hours after a website registered under his name revealed a racist rant and photos of the
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21-year-old burning an american flag it appears roof bought the domain in february and the fbi confirms it's investigating that site. how the community is coping. >> memorials continue to grow outside the emmanuel ame church. >> because for plenny in charleston -- >> i'm hurt, i'm angry. >> the pain and heart ache is still too intense to bear alone. their names -- >> daniel l simmons. >> ring out across this city. >> clementa pinckney. >> the 9 viktm ozf the attack honored during an interfaith prayer service this morning.
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>> its i's very sad and very personal. >> federal agents investigating a website registered to the name dylann roof which has pictures of the 21-year-old holding a pistol and burning a flag. and thewriter lashing out at african americans asians and those of the jewish faith. ♪ >> but it's faith of all kinds that so many in this grieving community cling to right now. >> let's hold each other's hand. let's climb on each other's shoulders and be here for each other this morning and in the days to come. >> a bond that is for so many the only way they can begin to work through the tragedy here. jay gray nbc news. >> right now in fredrics burg virginia, the search for a man
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who shot a man while he was sleeping. it happened on gray stone court. when officers arrived at 4:30 in the morning, they found bullet holes but no victim. when they came back neighbor said he was dead in his bed. last night, someone was stabbed on the mission grounds. police just released his name. tell isjoel johnson, a homeilous man, was stab tootdbed to death. no word on who's responsible. they did it on purpose. that's what they're saying about who set this restaurant on fire. it caused about $2,000,000 in damage. more than 100 firefighters
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exchanged the flames before the building collapsed. one firefighter was injured but everybody else made it out okay. he was shot and killed getting off a bus in southeast d.c. we learned malik mercer was just 16-year-old. he was killed and the man charged with his murder appeard before a judge today. police caught him thanks to tips from the community. merial bouzer talked about the upkick in violence in the community. the group's plan to meet face to face next week to discuss solutions. kim kardashian's guest appearance on npr didn't geover too well. why her recent visit could prove costly to the nonprofit. and we're doing our part to fight identity theft and today was the most suc
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. scary moments at an air show in england after a soldier's parachute gets tangled in midair. these are elite paratroopers from the country's famous red devil's unit. one of the soldiers saw what was
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happening and wraps his legs around one of his team members. the two landed safely. incredible video. you know npr may lose some listeners after a kim kardashian was there. she was asked questions about kim jong-un. it was the fact that she was on the show that angered listeners. they said she was not a great guest but she was gracious and funny. it seems her appearance may tluz nonprofit some valuable donations. >> and look at the skies now. it may look okay. things going to change really, really quick. and find out why a new
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your watching news 4 at 6:00. >> a cappuccino with a side of cuddles. cat lovers lined up today to be the first inside georgetown's newest business. yes, that is a line outside crumbs and whiskers. it's the first cat cafe and derrick ward take us inside the business where you can get
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quality time with adoptable cats. >> reporter: you're encouraged to touch certain members of the staff and people are lining up. and it's a trend in other countries and now in georgetown, he got the fever while on a visit to taland. >> i was hangout there and i was like, i can't walk away from this place. >> fast forward to a kick starter campaign and you get crumbs and whiskers. it's not a bring your own cat kind of place. >> it's something unique. >> and while there's no shortage of kitties in this city, these aren't the kind you pick up on the streets. these cats have to like people and other cats to. the 20 or so that make the grade
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can come from the humane society and are up for adoption. on the first day, they actually had to turn people away and lock the doors. >> you need a reservation for the cat cafe. there's a new place to find a good book. leaders cut the ribbon on the much anticipated library. it includes computer labs a space for kids and rows and rows of nearly 100,000 books. there's also a cafe in the building so they can have nice cup of cuffyoffee and pastries while enjoying their favorite novel. lots of aio participated in our community shred event.
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just over 3300 cars stopped by with boxes of documents to be securely shredded. if you want to come down to our next event, start gathering those dog documents now. >> medical nnchlinformation, things we don't want batteries cds, any nonpaper materials. >> we will let you know when we have a date for the next community shred. and we want to check win the meteorologist who's tracking the storms moving into our yare uras we speak. a new thunderstorm warning. this is going to run until 6:45. and severe warning for the pan handle and have a have a and far western maryland. all the areas in pink under
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severe thunderstorm watch until 11:00 p.m. tonight. we're going to pick up about 1 to 3 inches of rain this evening and that will lead to flash flooding concerns. and over 60 mile-per-hour winds will lead to wind damage across the area and lots of lightning because of how humid and muggy it is and we can't rule out an isolated tornado or two this evening. if we do get a tornado warning, i will cut in or you can download our nbc washington app and get the latest there. and some timing as it moves to the northeast at about 20 mile-per-hour and alexandria about 6:25. and college park about 6:45. this is the remnants of what was tropical storm bill impacting our area and it's the outer most
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band that will be our big weather maker this evening over 1,000 lightning strikes and this will bring lots of lightning and maybe a tornado or two. the timing with future weather 7:00 p.m. fredric, loud oen and 8:00, it continues to move towards the east. notice the bright colors. that is torrential rain. you want to avoid driving during the evening hours tonight. moving through the district between 8:00 and 9:00. 9:00 p.m. still impacting st. george counties. and outd of here by midnight and still some areas of rain and a few thunderstorms possible overnight. my biggest weather concern this evening high winds, heavy rain. very low threat of hail and low threat of tornado. high today was about 92 degrees. tomorrow, father's day, the
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weather having a low to moderate impact on your day. it switches from severe thunderstorms to hooet and humidity humidity. it will feel like 1 hundred tomorrow when you factor in the mugginess. any rain over by 8:00 a.m. and chance of showers and thunderstorms thursday through next saturday. and severe thunderstorm warning for mainly fairfax, alexandria until 6:45. and still ahead, will the truth
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. this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity your home for the most live sports. >> twitter is afire all things shurzer. >> lots of excitement with the nationals. i was down there. i can verify, it was hot down there. can't be refreshing, rain, unless it creates wet grass that he slips on and gets a strain.
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and today, harper was back in the line up at nationals park and no strain as he belted a 146 foot home run. the 23 homers a personal best for a season. full highlights 11:00 and including mack. and mean while, the orioles in toronto taking on the blue jays. trouble, you might say in the 8th inning. tied at 2, bases loaded. and o'day, very happy, see that's contrasting emotions there. and catcher lines one n to center. j.j. hardy rounding third. the throw is coming in. he's ahead of the tag. just got in there, rbi double and the orioles lead 3-2. and next batter, having a terrific month. this one's going to left, that is going off the ball sk that is going to bring in both batters.
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huge win, 5-3 over the jays. now, to the cage world series. virginia hoping to stay alive. game two at 8:00. theigaters took down uva and the winner is simple, advanced to play vanderbilt in the college series world finals. and the truth is the wizards would like to see pierce come back for a third season and he's considering a return. pierce is not ready to retire and the wizards and home town l.a. clippers his likely playing options. pierce might feel he has unfinished business with the wizards. this was one 10th of a point away from extending the wizards season p season. the wizards actually can pay him more money than the clippers p.
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pierce has until the end oaf the month to decide. now, from someone ending their nba career to starting it anderson projected to be a first round pick. av averaged over 12 points per season. and this week on sports final, you can catch that tomorrow night after the news. yeah justin anderson in the house. off the pitch, no sales pitch is necessary for tomorrow's d.c. united game against new england. only four points separate four place united from second place revolution. a combination united could use on offense to help maintain their place. and you have to give him credit for guiding the team and now they're healthy and need to be brighter in attack. united has been successful using
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the flanks to open up opportunities and there's been quality on-set pieces and now with the leading scorer healthy again the goal is more goals and consistency on offense. 24th minute off a turnover by the swedes, here come the germans. onia sets a terrific shot and germany a 1-y0 lead to. and our corner maur sean with a sliding kick puts it over the head of the keeper, that's in and now germany's fourth goal, they take down sweden 4-1. the world's best golfers have been busy playing the u.s. open but the course playing on has been getting the most attention. they said of chambers bay, there have never been so many people that missed the cut that are
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happy to go home. one of six amateurs to make the cut. and here is the leader board. jordan spieth still at the top. >> all right. we want to take another team at storm team 4 radar. if it seems calm where you are at things are about to heat up. so stay close to
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on this saturday night, the mind of a killer. a hate-filled website is uncovered with links to the accused charleston shooter. what may have motivated the deadly rampage. a firefight through drought-stricken california. firefighters battle a blazeery much out of control. freefall. heart-stopping moments after two sky divers collide in midair. a parachuter plummeting to the ground as spectators look on >> a look at the new face of start-ups in this country. "nightly news" begins now. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. substituting tonight willie


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