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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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breaking right now at 6:00 heavy police activity in southwest d.c. police and homeland security surrounding a building on maryland avenue between the l'enfant plaza metro station and the air and space museum. news4's darcy spencer is live there. what can you tell us? what are you learning right now? >> reporter: erika we are working to find out exactly what police are investigating here. to set the scene for you, i'm standing on maryland avenue and southwest, right here to my left is the national air and space museum, the backside of it. if you take a look up the street here maryland avenue, you can see that police are standing here at the corner of maryland and sixth street here in southwest. but the focus of the police
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activity is on this building here on the corner. and if you can go to some video we shot just a short time ago, you will see police officers heavily armed, entering that building. that just happened here within the last hour. we have been calling police, trying to find out exactly what they are investigating here. all they are telling us at this point is that they got a call for trouble here right around 4:00 this afternoon. they are not saying specifically what kind of trouble. there is a lot of rumors here about what may be happening there. we are not reporting on any of that we are waiting until we can get accurate information in terms of what exactly police are investigating here. there is also the park police helicopter circling in the area. a lot of tourists around here asking a lot of questions. we are just a few blocks away from the capitol a lot of people from out of town are here and many are saying they have their cars either parked here or over in the parking garage. they want to know when they can get their cars out. it looks like it could be some
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time. we are working to find out what exactly they are investigating here and some of the streets in this area continue to be blocked off. erika, we will send it back to you. >> darcy, thanks so very much. messages of love recovery and healing at mother emanuel in charleston today. the focus was on the families of the nine people who lost their lives. worshippers packed the ame church for the first service since last week's massacre. we streamed this morning's service live on our website. nine people were killed when alleged gunman dylann roof started shooting during bible stud down wednesday. today's sermon centered around drawing strength from god in troubled times. >> it has been tough. it's been rough. we -- some of us have been downright angry. but through it all god has sustained us. >> there was extra security at today's service as well. right now, last night's
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storms tore down phone lines in mcclain and caused damage throughout our region. now though, it is all about the heat and the humidity. storm team4 meteorologist amelia segal shows us what to expect for the rest of father's day. >> erika, right now it's feeling like temperatures are in the mid to upper 90s when you fa high temperatures today in the low to middle 90s and this hot and humid weather for the most part, continues, at least for tuesday. here is the heat index or how it actually feels outside right now, feeling about 99 in washington, 97 in leesburg just an hour or so ago feeling about 101 degrees in the district. storm team4 radar, immediate area it is dry i am tracking some thunderstorms developing back around the elkins area. we can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm or two tonight and because it is so muggy and it is so warm, some of those storms could be on the strong side with heavy rain and gusty winds. but it's going to be widely scattered. most of us remain dry. everybody noticing the humidity
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and the warmth. 9 p.m. we are at 85 degrees. 11 p.m. we are still around 76. right now, erika it is 92. tuesday could be our hottest day so far this year, with the severe weather threat. i'm going to have more on that in just over ten minutes. all right, thanks, amelia. police in anacostia are looking for a driver who hit a car and then raced from the scene. our news partners at wtop sent us these pictures of the cars involved. park police say a man in a stolen car hit another driver on 16th street near anacostia high school this afternoon. one of the cars ended up on someone else's front yard. the driver who was hit went to the hospital but she is expected to be okay. people inside a starbucks in alexandria got a jolt this morning and it wasn't just from the coffee. check out these pictures from the bradley shopping center on king street. a driver crashed through the front window. police say nobody inside was hurt and good news there, neither was the driver. police are looking for three people involved in a shooting at triangle shopping plaza in dunn
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fries. investigators say a woman and two men got into a fight with someone they knew this afternoon. a man was then shot several times. the shooter and the two others ran toward the woods. the search forced police to close northbound lanes on route 1. detroit's police chief is calling what happened last night at a block party "urban terrorism." a teenager died and nine people were bounded when a gunman opened fire at a children's party. no one has been arrested and the chief says people in the neighborhood are not talking. right now, it looks like the teen victim was targeted. and in philadelphia, another shooting sent three children to the hospital. two men in a car randomly opened fire in the street, hitting at least ten people a bullet grazed a toddler's neck. an 11-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy were also shot. police are still looking for the shooter. all is clear tonight at the
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friendship heights metro station. firefighters were called to that scene this morning because of an arcing insulator. turns out heavy rain from last night started to seep nat tunnel. there was no smoke or fire but power on the track had to be shut down for several hours. a warning tonight in one community. find out what's making some neighbors think twice before going outside. new allegations against area zoo owners who were accused of mistreating animals. see what authorities say they did this time. and we will reveal what you will not be able to do the next time you catch a ride with uber.
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the zoo owners accused of mistreating animals at the reston zoo a few years ago are now in trouble in florida. eric morganson and his daughter owned a zoo in gulf breeze. federal investigators say the zoo coopers shot an animal as a means of euthanasia and also allowed rabbits to eat their own babies. the two also faced multiple violations in virginia. in one case they are accused of drowning a sick wallaby. a possibly rabid raccoon may be lurking around a columbia maryland neighborhood. residents in the allview area made multiple complaints within the last 24 hours that the animal was spotted near the pat tuscan branch trail and wayover way and flap jack lane. if you see a raccoon acting
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strange, making strange noises, just stay away. it was a very moving scene at the vietnam memorial today as hundreds of sons and daughters came out to honor their dads on father's day. a special rose laying ceremony was organized by the group sons and daughters in touch. this is their 25th anniversary. the memorial lists the name of 58000 fathers sons and brothers who gave their lives to our country. >> my grandfather is missing in vietnam. he went missing april 2, 1972, and we come here every year and honor that. they call it the wall that heals and i think that's definitely representative of what it really does. the red roses place ted wall today represent those who died. the yellow roses for the soldiers still missing in action. and white roses represent those who are currently serving overseas. and just like everyone else, the first lady celebrated father's day by sharing a vintage photo on instagram.
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it shows president barack obama at the beach with his daughters sasha and malia, a few years ago. the caption read "thinking today and every day about the father of these two. happy father's day. "" well, it is the official start of summer and the heat is on. will the heat weather hot hot weather stay with us this week? amelia's full forecast is coming up next. thank god, because he would have been crushed by this tree. >> the powerful storms that we all suffer through last night made for a close call for one family. and con
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uber riders and drivers better leave the guns at home. the company announced this week that it will not allow people who use or bork for the company to carry guns. uber said it changed its policy on june 10th to make riders and drivers more comfortable. before the company deferred to local gun laws. violate the policy and you could lose access to the service. after the charleston shooting churches across the country are trying to figure out how to welcome all comers and worshippers are safe. we went to metropolitan ame service in northwest d.c. today. news4's derrick ward has more on their new security measures. >> reporter: it was friday after a local vigil for the victims of
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the charleston church massacre that a bomb threat was called in to the metropolitan ame church. the police did respond and the church was assessed and cleared of bomb-sniffing dogs were dispatched. >> reporter: police and bomb-sniffing dogs in a house of worship, a commentary on the times a place where the doors should remain open to all. >> these times, yeah it's difficult to do that. i mean it's just hard to do that. >> reporter: while the church seeks to find its place in modern society, it's also seeking to position itself amid a new security profile necessitated by current events. >> the premises secured and locked down at 8:30 that will help to assist our security team in doing their work. >> reporter: the announcement comes on day when this church welcomed more newcomers and first-time visitors than usual. >> welcome to metropolitan. >> reporter: two bus loads of churchgoers from south carolina were here, their visit planned before charleston, becomes a show of solidarity and support. >> the sorrow that we share, what happened in charleston that
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we are coming together as one. >> reporter: and interspersed throughout today's sermon, a message of warning against the ills of a culture of violence that knows no bounds not even a sanctuary of worship. more enduring things were not overshadowed, manufacture sizing the church must remain a police of respite of society's ills especially the generation coming up. >> the church is their home, coming since they were born and i don't want them to ever feel like they can't be safe here. >> reporter: so this is just one means they plan to institute to see the stained glass never has to be replaced by bulletproof glass. in northwest derrick ward, news4. a close call for a fairfax county family after a massive tree came crashing down during last night's storm. they were about to leave the house on kennerson drive when they heard a popping sound. that's when a woman saw the tree falling in slow-mo. her son was in the driveway. she says her instincts just kicked in as she saw that tree start to come down.
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>> i was standing by the door of the house and i just could yell run, run, run. at first, he was very stunned, looking around, didn't know what to do then he took off running toward the garage, thank god, because he would have been crushed by this tree. >> the tree missed their house but landed on a neighbor's car. residents are thanking fairfax county police for their quick response. they came with chainsaws to clear the tree from the road. incredible. you know it has felt like summer all month long, but today it's officially here. >> summer officially started just afternoon -- after noontime today half the month at 90 degrees or higher continue to see temperatures in the 90s through at least tuesday. before guy on more about the forecast, here's some highlights from the storms we were tracking last night. i called the national weather service this afternoon. they had not yet confirmed any tornadoes they say they are still getting a ton of storm reports in. once they get in the majority of the reports, then they are going to decide where they are going to go and investigate the
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damage. one to three inches of rain fell across the area. reagan national had record rainfall amounts. and with winds gusting from about 25 to 50 miles an hour, even 60 miles an hour we have numerous trees and branches down across the entire area but especially virginia. your weather headlines for this upcoming week tomorrow the humidity not so bad. it is going to be hot. but with lower humidity overall, a nice summer day good pool day, a good park day, a lot of students are now out of school. tuesday, it could be the warmest day so far this year especially when you factor in the heat and humidity. we could see our heat index on tuesday soar above 100 potentially hitting close to 110 degrees. that is followed by the chance of potentially some severe thunderstorms later in the day. keeping an eye on next weekend it could be relatively cool and cloudy along with showers in the forecast. your impact forecast for tomorrow, the weather having a low impact on your day. not too humid. humid though right now, temperatures for the most part
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around 90 degrees. 92 in washington. sky cast going to walk you throughout the day. this is going to be today. so let's move along there. tomorrow, a high temperature of 93 degrees, with plenty of sunshine. now tuesday this is future weather, starting you off at 4 p.m. so it's dry tomorrow. dry most of the day on tuesday. extremely humid on tuesday. and a cold front is going to try to move through the area bringing along with it potentially a lane of heavy rain and thunderstorms during the evening hours. that could impact the tuesday evening commute. the severe weather threats on tuesday would be heavy rain, high winds and potentially even a little bit of hail. again, that would be tuesday evening. so, something to keep an eye on. again, tomorrow, relatively quiet, mostly sunny, a high of 93. tuesday, a high temperature of 97 degrees. if we hit that that would make tuesday the bargest day this year, but remember, with the mugginess, it could feel closer to 110. wednesday it's cooler.
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not as humid, a high of 89. as we look ahead to next weekend, you can see high temperatures right now only looked warm into the low 80s with a chance of showers and storms on saturday and the chance of showers on sunday, erika. >> heat and storms summer indo set here. still ahead a day after history, bryce harper keeps
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retweeting your picture pretty nice out. >> thank you. >> most welcome. >> if you don't tweet it it never happened. those are the rules. >> absolutely right. you know what, a great day, lots of tweets from nats park today. >> absolutely. pitching staff starting to finally come into form for the nationals a pretty good weekend in nationals park. fans saw a no-hitter thrown yesterday and another record-setting performance today. the first time in over ament mo, the nationals swept a series. this didn't come against a pushover team either. the pirates won eight straight games before clashing with the nationals. what better way to spend father's day than at the ballpark? whole family, happy to see this guy, bryce harper. bottom of the first, harper with
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a two-run bomb off charlie morton this, his second home run as many games, an upper decker. nats take a 2-0 lead h the scoring just getting started here. it's now 5-0. gio gonzalez, he knocks in a run. michael taylor comes in to score. gio helping his own cause. nates up, 6-0. just two batters later, yunel escobar escobar, himself a day at the park, second time hitting, this time, a three-run home run. nationals scored nine runs in the frame, the most first-inning runs in nationals history. back to gonzalez. he was lights out on the mound today. gets andrew mccutcheon to go down swinging there. tossed seven shutout innings of baseball. the nats saturday new record of 24 consecutive scoreless innings nats bin 9-2. after the game lots of praise to go around this pitching staff. the last three guys we have had start games and pitched really well. that sets our tone certainly. >> that's unbelievable.
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starting with joe and going into the weekend seeing maxi did what he did. we got one of the best staffs in baseball. and strauss coming back this week, the greatest. so, keep it going as a team, keep it going as a staff. and see where we're at. >> that hat by bryce harper summed up the weekend perfectly. >> did you ask him for it? i like it. toronto taking on the o's, top of the second this one sliced to left. guess what this is out of the park. three reasonblast. the o's are up 7-0. in the bottom of the fourth the blue jays came all the way back. we are tied at seven. jose bautista his 14th home run of the season. toronto takes a 9-7 lead after being down by seven runs. in the ninth, the birds, not going away. they bounced back. jj hardee at the dish with two on. hardee comes through up the middle. chris davis coming around to score.
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the o's take the lead, they win this by a final score of 13-9. let's move on to soccer now. big game for d.c. united today. one versus two in the eastern conference standings. united needed this game, coming off back-to-back losses for the first time all season. great crowd down at rfk stadium fans trying to help the fellas out of this two-game skid, revolution, they got things going early, tenth minute, this ball send to charlie davis, beautiful pass there, he does the rest. the former d.c. united star, a little kiss to the back of the net, doesn't want to celebrate against his old team, we understand. revolution up 1-0. 33 minute now, wynn with it again. this time a beautiful save there by hamid. this one still at 1-niller lit second half. women's world cup, brazil taking on brazil? that's actually australia, wearing similar jackets. second half brazil the corner
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kick from miga, watch how close this is from going in. off the post. would stay scoreless. later in the half, here comes australia, beautiful pass ahead here. lisa davont her shot stopped. the rebound. >> nice. >> no chance on the rebound there australia they knock out brazil by a final score of 1-nil. brazil one of the favorites to win the women's world cup this year. let's go back to baseball for a moment. yesterday, we saw max scherzer pitch his -- pitch the second no-hitter in nationals history. his parents they were in attendance to witness that special moment. not a bad early father's day gift at all. brad scherzer has only seen his son pitch just twice. this weekend, max gave his dad the best father's day gift he could have asked for. >> it's at the top. i have a seen him pitch a no-hitter in little league, high school and college and now the major leagues. that's the best. it really was quite exciting all
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the way through. we were just thrilled. this is only the second game i've actually been -- seen him pitch at. we watch him every night on tv. so we were going to come july 4th but got a conflict on july moved it up a couple weeks. what great father's day gift. >> perfect father's day gift. his father didn't get the chocolate syrup bath like max. a pretty good day. >> absolutely. i would say so that is the news for now. thanks so much for joining us. nightly news is next. and then we will see you again for news4 at 11:00.
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on this sunday night, show of faith. the church reopens just four days after that deadly massacre and we're learning more tonight about what drove the shooter to kill. >> the man hunt for those escaped killers heats up. police say a credible witness claims she along these railroad tracks. a former white house top chef disappears. cancer risk a once common pesticide now linked to breast cancer. and going to extremes. ditch the golf clubs. why business people are bonding over extreme sports. "nightly news" begins now.


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