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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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all day today? the forecast is just ahead. we're standing by to see if jesse jackson jr. will be released from a halfway house today and we'll tell you where the former illinois congressman will finish serving his prison sentence. "news4 today" continues at 6:00 a.m. "news4 today" starts now. >> good morning to you. i'm eun yang. monday, june 22, 2015. >> i'm angie goff in for aaron this morning. we are going to get you up to speed on all those stories we are following, but first we are in for another scorcher. let's get right to chuck. >> outside we go early this morning. planes taxiing around, everybody getting ready to fly out of town for a week of business. it will be a hot one. a good day to leave town. 73 rockville bethesda. 72 in reston. weather slowdowns nothing to worry about. green lights morning, afternoon and evening. headed on out the door, mid 70s
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to near 80 now and back up into the low and mid 90s by the time you're coming on later this afternoon. so it will a hot one. chopper 4 is up this morning. where are we finding the problems, melissa? >> we have a problem just outside the beltway here on b.w. parkway. we were talking about the northbound b.w. parkway. the ramp to greenbelt room. single car crash this vehicle went off the roadway here and in the trees. looks like nobody was hurt. the ramp is still open just on the one side. right side. so you have to stay right to get by. chopper 4 over that scene this morning. green and yellow line trains still single-tracking. wide look at things no major problems elsewhere. back with travel times in ten minutes. >> thanks, melissa. today, there will be a special dedication to honor the nine people who died when two metro trains crashed near the fort totten station. the legacy memorial park is along new hampshire avenue near the crash site in northeast washington. news4's megan mcgrath is live
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now with the look at the park. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, eun. you can see behind me here that work crews are here putting the finishing touches on this park, cleaning up in advance of today's dedication. now, this was the deadliest accident in metro history. nine people died back in 2009 when two trains collided on the tracks near the fort totten station. today, this park is being dedicated in their honor. it is called the legacy memorial park and it's on new hampshire avenue near the overpass where the accident happened. there are a number of architectural features including these stone benches. benches where family members can come and sit and reflect. think about their lost loved ones. there are also nine of these pillar pillars, stone pillars. they represent the nine victims who died in that crash. there's also a memorial wall as well. now, the dedication ceremony gets underway at 11:00 this
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morning. we will be there. we'll be covering that on midday. we are expecting a number of family members to be here to dedicate this park and to honor their lost loved ones. back to you in the studio. >> megan mcgrath thank you. in the day ahead a judge will sentence a prince george's county police officer accused of misconduct. jerry thomas entered an alford plea in the case. he doesn't admit guilt but he believes there's enough evidence to convict him. this video showing him hitting and shoving a 15-year-old who is handcuffed. the boy's mother said his right eye was swollen shut. the incident happened in 2012. thomas has been on paid suspension. the man who landed that gyrocopter near the capitol is due back in a d.c. court today. douglas hughes pleaded not guilty to to six charges. he is currently free on personal recognizance. he is not allowed near the capitol or the white house. roads around the national mall are reopened.
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someone threatened to blow up a bomb in the federal building last night. if you were downtown you would have seen the heavily armed officers checking the buildings. they closed the roads near the transportation department and the air and space museum. we watched police take one man out of the building in handcuffs. >> they saw me, they didn't know who i was, or what i was doing so they asked me to get down on the floor. they just secured me and took me down. >> police released that man and they're still working to find the person who actually called in the threat. officers searched for four hours but did not find any bomb. a funeral will be held tomorrow for the state senator killed in the charleston massacre. that's according to the state newspaper. the news came as investigators dig into a -- comes as the investigators dig into the website that may have been put up by the confessed kill ever. many of you have seen the essay
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and dylann roof posing with the confederate flag. sources tell nbc news that roof did maintain that website. yesterday, the ame church reopened to people. last night, a lot of folks are hoping that south carolina will remove the confederate flag. in half an hour we'll look at how that's overtaking the campaign trail. 6:05 now. today, jesse jackson jr. is expected to leave a halfway house in baltimore and come to d.c. the "chicago sun-times" reports he will likely finish the prison sentence in home confinement here in washington. he has a home in the dupont circle neighborhood and has a home in chicago. he spent 17 months in an alabama prison for spending $750,000 in campaign money on personal items. his wife will serve a year in prison on related charges. we have a traffic alert for you on the g.w. parkway. crews expected to begin
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inspecting the windy run bridge in arlington. a single southbound lane will be closed between 10:00 this morning and 2:00 this afternoon. the federal highway administration moved up that inspection because of severe potholes. engineers will try to figure out whether water is getting in and if there are other factors that are causing those potholes. you saw them you felt them. and you heard them. those crazy storms that blew through our area saturday night. now the national weather service is investigating whether a tornado touched down in this area. a look at the temperatures right now. across the area it's already nice and toasty. and it's only
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you're watching "news4 today." >> the woman you see here in this video has a misdemeanor charge on her record.
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she drove past a barricade and into this high standing water in texas yesterday. you can see the crews had to drive in to that waternded on the car. then police arrest her because of the floods, the roads have been closed for two days. well, clean-up is under way in manassas after a tornado touched down. it touched down on saturday night leaving a trail of destruction between linton hall road and bristow and god win drive in manassas. a team from the national weather service is headed to the region to review the damage. the remnants of the tropical storm bill hit the region on saturday night. bringing heavy rain and wind to the area. this after a very active friday night. some of the lightning shows were spectacular. >> yeah. some damage as well. >> yeah. >> we have to see what happened
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there. and the main story this morning, you're looking at it behind us. we're talk about the severe heat, the sizzle continues, chuck. >> yeah, the sizzle is on for your monday and looks like our little heat wave will stretch out through today and tomorrow. may even so some more 90s down in the week. looking at the national cathedral, the jefferson memorial, lots of sunshine getting through. hazy outside. the high summer heat is here. very limited rain chances here for the next couple of days. unfortunately rain chances increase as we get closer to the weekend. out the door weather, in the low to mid 70s across the area. our skies are mostly clear now. they'll stay more blue for the remainder of the day. temperatures climbing up to about 93 degrees. check on the roads on monday morning with melissa. >> good morning, chuck. chopper 4 still over this scene here and it looks like the ramp to greenbelt ramp is shut down as the tow truck tries to pull the vehicle out of the trees this morning.
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also other issues as far as metro goes, green and yellow lines single tracks right now. travel times in maryland no major problems. in virginia, looking good on 66. 95 north quantico to the beltway, no major issues there. remember to listen to our friends from wtop when you hop in your car this morning. breaking news now at the live desk. an attack at a government building overseas as cameras are rolling. what happened is just ahead. new developments on the hunt for those escaped prisoners in new york state. we learned of another possible sighting of the two men.
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developing right now, a taliban attack at the afghan parliament compound in kabul. parliament was in session broadcasting live then explosions. that's parliament's speaker right there. you hear his voice and he's telling members of parliament that the -- you hear him right. there he's saying that it's some sort of electrical assault. it was a suicide car bomber setting off explosives outside the front gate. gunmen tried to storm the complex and security forces push them back. a gun battle went on for nearly
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two hours. six militants believed to be linked to the taliban were killed. now the u.s. embassy has released a statement, saying that it shows blatant disrespect for democracy and rule of law. it's now 6:16. we're following a developing story in the search for two prison escapees in new york. nbc news confirmed state troopers are investigating a break-in at a hunting cabin. state police will hold a news conference at noon about the on going search. david sweat and richard matt could be hitching rides on trains. teams searched two areas at opposite sides of the state. a woman reported seeing the men by railroad tracks near the new york and pennsylvania border and the police searched 30 miles west of the clinton correctional facility.
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a prison worker has been charged in the escape and a prison worker has been placed on leave. one man died and more than a dozen are recovering from get togethers that. had over the weekend. in new jersey, someone shot three people in jersey city. police are trying to figure out who shot them and why. we learned that everyone is expected to survive. right now in philadelphia, police still searching for two men who opened fire at a cookout there. three small children and seven others were hurt. this happened late saturday in the belmont neighborhood of west philadelphia. the youngest victim is only a year old. police say they need help solving a shooting at a block party that killed one person in detroit. police are calling it a revenge shooting. no one seems to be talking to police. about 400 people including children were at this party when more than 40 shots were fired saturday night. a 19-year-old man was shot and killed. this morning u.s. secretary of defense ashton carter is in germany. he is checking on special operations, and he's expected to talk about russia's military as
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well. you're looking at video as carter arrived yesterday. he'll be in europe all week before returning home. 6:18 now. today, more high profile supreme court rulings could come down. we're watching closely for a decision on health care that affects people in virginia and west virginia. the case looks at whether people there are eligible for health care subsidies because they have to buy insurance on federal exchange instead of a state exchange. we're watching for a ruling that could legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. at the court has 11 decisions left and often delivers its most watched rulings near the end of its term. reducing the number of people in maryland prisons is a priority for a newly formed panel. they'll meet today and talk about the corrections policies. the aim of the panel is to reduce the amount of people in maryland prisons and control spending. now, they will use some data driven approaches to develop a statewide framework.
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we know that meeting is going to happen in annapolis. today we expect to find out if sweet briar college will stay open for another year. a plan to keep the 114-year-old woman's college from shuttling down is up for review. the plan is an answer to their prayers. the group raised about $12 million, but the school is in serious debt and faces falling enrollment. park police are looking for the driver who crashed this stolen car in southeast d.c. and then took off. take a look. you can see the crash bust out the front of this black sedan. the pictures though from our news partner, wtop. the driver hit another car and no one was seriously hurt. federal charges were filed against two who used to own a zoo around here.
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the mogensen used to own a rest on the zoo. now they're facing charges about both zoos. the u.s. department of agriculture says they left exposed nails on rusted fences, poorly supervised the animal pens and that zoo workers once shot an animal as a means of euthanasia. the national museum of american history will open a wing on the american business history. it is the first time the smithsonian will have an entire wing dedicated to innovation from eli whitney's cotton gin to the early google servers. the wing opens on july 1. it will have galleries featuring ineventontion ineventontion ineventontion invention inventions. very cool. >> i know. i don't think they have ever done something like this. >> i love it. >> the good time to hide out when weather is like this. air conditioned museum. >> seek refuge. we are looking at another hot day to start off our workweek. we want to check in with chuck bell. >> yeah. history museum, a great place to get out of the heat and enjoy
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the day. and the national portrait gallery, what another fine space to find a spot there. stare at some beautiful monets and stay out of the heat. it's another hot day to be outside today. temperatures climbing up into the 90s. a live picture from our national harbor camera. the woodrow wilson bridge. beautiful morning outside. not much of around impact from the weather department today. that's always good news on a monday. a nice day plenty hot. not terribly humid yet. that's coming our way for tomorrow. monday morning, a lot of folks fly out of town. pretty quiet up and down the eastern seaboard. if you're flying out to minneapolis and detroit, some storminess down there. nothing on storm team 4 radar anywhere close to us. we'll have a 0% chance for rain for today. current temperatures now right at 70 from martinsburg front royal and luray. 73 manassas. still 79 at reagan national where the urban heat island and the potomac river keep the
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temperatures up. temperatures later the afternoon, low 90s. dinner time, the temperatures still 90. back into the low 80s tonight. for tomorrow, starting off early tomorrow morning it will be a sticky start and then by lunch time tomorrow, plenty of heat and the beginning of showers and thunderstorm chances starts as early as 2:00 or 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. showers and storms may impact the second rush hour on the way home. then storms down into southern maryland by about 6:00 or 7:00. that's our rain chance for the front part of the week. seven day forecast shows the rain chances increase even more later on in the week. thursday's 30% chance for showers. the good news is it will take us out of the 90s, but the bad news is it will rain on the weekend before the fourth of july. a check on the roads, melissa. >> still have this issue on northbound b.w. parkway.
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chopper 4 still over the scene. they're trying to pull that car out of the woods here this morning. right now you can get by on that ramp. you have to stay to the right. so a warning for you there this morning. green and yellow line trains still single-tracking between pg plaza and greenbelt. could cause some delays this morning. as far as the rains as well, camden south is cancelled. brunswick line, 25 mip ufts behind. so some delays there on marc this morning. 270 at shady grove, no problems. 66 here, 95, looking pretty good right now. beltway at branch rolling along nicely. keeping an eye on the metro delays for you. back in ten minutes. >> melissa, thanks so much. today is the day to root for the usa in the women's world cup. they have to win four more games to take home that championship. today, they face colombia. the winner will take on china later this week. today president obama will host an iftar dinner at the
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white house. iftar is the meal served at the end of the day during ramadan. the purpose of the meal is to break the day's fast. the annual dinner honors the month of ramadan. today the battle over b.b. king's final wishes will head to court in las vegas. four of king's daughters are raising the possibility of a second will. and they're accusing their father's long time business manager of stealing and endangering their father's health. they claim he changed the lock on his home so he died with no family or friends by his side. parents if you have had a tough time taking your name of your child's student loans you're not alone. about 95000 were not allowed to release their co-signers. 3,100 private loan complaints were looked at and 100 debt collection complaints. the bureau blamed problematic practices. they said co-signers are not told what they need to do to be released from that loan. 6:25. a lot of you are going on
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vacation soon. it's that time of the year. one of the number one things to think about is how to protect your cash on vacation. experts say you can use a waistline wallet instead of putting money in your pocket as a way to hide that cash. also, take only as much as you need. in terms of cash. another good option, take a credit card and nothing else. >> at least you can very easily report that stolen, you're not responsible for any fraudulent purposes made. in a lot of cases that i'll be able to deliver you a replacement card right to your hotel card. >> last month, paris police rounded up a gang of pick pockets. they were making $20,000 a week. coming up on "today," drivers say they're being taken advantage of but some greedy gas station owners. the team found a couple of gas stations in a vacation hot spot charging around double the average cost, now $5 or $6 a gallon. you ask why would i pay for that? you may not have a choice. how you can avoid paying the
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high prices, coming up on "today." well, the tragedy in south carolina is re-igniteing the debate over whether the confederate flag should be flown. what some presidential hopefuls are saying. you'll be wanting to be near the water today. it is going to be a hot day. chuck is back with another check of your forecast. breaking news overnight, we learned the body of a white house chef has been found. kristin wright is monitoring the developments from the live desk a
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we have breaking news right now at 6:30. the body of a white house chef found overnight. walter scheib's body was found late last night in new mexico. kristin wright is keeping an eye on the new developments from the
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live desk. but first, chuck bell is here with your scorcher of a forecast. good morning, chuck. >> good morning. back into the 90s we will go later on this afternoon. here's the live pictur morning sunlight hitting the pillars of the woodrow wilson bridge. for now though temperatures have gotten back into the mid and upper 60s from damascus and mid and upper 70s inside the urban center. through the remainder of the day, 78 degrees here early this morning. 87 by lunch. 93 our high temperature today. no chance for showers today. 30% chance for showers coming our way for tomorrow. then wednesday looks dry. then as we get to the second half of the week, rain chances will start going up. that helps a little bit because the temperatures will be coming down. >> that's good. >> no 90s by later on in the week. >> okay. we like that at least. i kind of had enough of the rain. >> you have? well we're way ahead for rain in the month so you can complain
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a little bit. >> will thank you very much. all right, top of the beltway, a little bit of volume on the outer loop. over new hampshire avenue you can see volume. inner look not looking bad. green line, single-tracking. no problems there. camden line has cancelled this morning. brunswick east, 25 minutes late and east 872, 15 minutes late right now. overall, prince george's county normal delays and no major problems. 95 at lorton road, looking good. travel times in ten minutes. >> thanks, melissa. family and friends in south carolina will begin to say their final farewells this week after the shooting last week. the funeral will be held tomorrow for clementa pinckney. his body will lie in honor at the south carolina state house. investigators are still looking through a website that many believe was created by confessed killer dylann roof. yesterday, emanuel ame church
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reopened to a large gathering of worshipers. last night, hundreds marched in charleston for unity. a lot of people are hoping that south carolina will remove the state house confederate flag. it is putting presidential candidates on the spot as well. nbc's tracie potts is live with a look at this debate. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. jeb bush said get rid of it, like they did in florida. put it in a museum. not everyone agrees including lindsey graham who is from south carolina. he says look, it's part of their history, part of their heritage and as he put it, we voted on it and it works for us. carly fiorina and marco rubio said this is a state rights issue and mike huckabee wonders why they're talking about it at all. >> for those of us running for president, everyone is being baited with this question as if that has anything to do whatsoever with running for president. my position is, it most certainly does not.
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>> reporter: nothing yet from hillary clinton since the tragedy happened last week. but in the past, she has talked about taking those confederate flags down. >> thank you, tracie potts. a former white house chef, missing in the mountains of new mexico has been found dead. search teams recovered walter scheib's body last night. he was found off a trail nearly two miles from base of the yerba canyon trail near taos. he set off on a hike alone more than a week ago and he served as white house executive chef under president clinton and george b. bush. a man charged with killing a veteran officer while in custody is waking up in jail. police arrested travis boys yesterday morning. he was still wearing his handcuffs at the time he tried
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to get on a bus and he was dehydrated and he was taken to the hospital. boys was handcuffed in a patrol car. he somehow escaped and shot and killed an officer. boys is charged with first degree murder and aggravated escape. child protective services ruled in favor of the montgomery county couple who said it's okay to let your children walk home alone. the meitivs did not neglect their children. the police picked up their children as they walked home alone this year. the parents have never been charged. tomorrow, federal investigators will hold their final hearing in the underground smoke emergency. leaders from metro and d.c. fire and ems will be in the hot seat. one woman died when smoke filled the tunnel by l'enfant plaza in january. medics treated hundreds of people. the national transportation safety board will hold a two day hearing. they'll talk about ventilation, communications and training issues. we know about 16,000
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maryland high school kids could end up retaking their s.a.t.s. that's about how many were affected by a misprint. college board officials said that the booklet told students they had 25 minutes to finish a reading section, but the proctor only gave them 20 minutes. students will be able to retake it for free. a close call for a boy in fairfax county. how his alert mother helped save his life from a falling tree. plus, an alert for you if you plan on taking metro this morning. one of the entrances to a busy station is shut down right now. we're going to tell you what to expect as you head out. it is pretty warm out there. take a live look outside. 74 degrees, 80s in some places. chuck bell is back with a look
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a mother's quick action helped her son to safety as a tree comes crashing down in fairfax county. in northern virginia a mother has a story she'll never forget. the family was about to leave the house in fairfax when jennifer brooks and her family heard a popping sound. she describes what see saw next saturday night. >> we were looking to see what was happening and then in slow motion it started falling. i was standing by the door of the house and i just could yell run run. at first he was stunned, didn't know what to do and then took off running to the garage. thank god because he would have been crushed by this tree. >> wow. the tree missed her son. missed their house too. but landed on a neighbor's car. take a look at that huge s is thankful for the quick response from fairfax county police. they came with chain saws to clear the tree from the road. well some residents in southern california returning to
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their homes to find them destroyed and like this. this after a spreading wildfire. two homes near bakersfield were completely destroyed. a fire broke out saturday afternoon and tore through a residential neighborhood. utility poles and power lines were also destroyed by that fire. there's no word from firefighters on what started it all. terrible situation out there. so the main story i guess after a blistering father's day is that we have more heat and seems like we don't have relief on the way. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell, as we take a live look at the bright sunshine. heating things up quickly too, chuck. >> yes indeed. 94 yesterday. probably about one or two degrees cooler than that today but that still leaves us in the 90s. here's the view from the tower looking northbound into chevy chase and bethesda. 72 in college park. still 79 at national airport and in annapolis. 73 in manassas. speaking of manassas here's your hometown forecast. 72 at 7:00 a.m.
6:41 am
and 87 when you're getting done with your commute home and your dinner time plans today. hottest day of the week will be tomorrow. temperatures near 97 in town tomorrow. that does come with a storm chance. more about that in ten minutes. for now, almost 6:41, that means it must be time to slow down the top of the beltway. >> must be time to slow things down. here we go. chopper 4 over the top of the beltway right there at new hampshire avenue, very slow at this point. things all of a sudden started to back up. green line train single tracking between pg plaza and that's still sticking around. both camden and g line are cancelled today. 270 south from germantown to the beltway, couple minutes behind and 19 minutes right now. 66 inbound from fairfax county to the beltway, 22 minutes. slow there as well. 95 north quantico to the beltway, ten minutes behind. remember to listen to our friends on wtop for the latest when you hop in your car.
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a swift about face from apple. what the company is doing after taylor swift pulled her album from the music service. plus, six years after the metro deadliest crash a special memorial opens. and funerals for the victims of l
6:43 am
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heads up metro riders on the
6:45 am
red line. the work going on at van ness station that you need to know about. that story coming up. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we're in the 70s now. most neighborhoods will be 90 or better by later on this afternoon. it will be a sizzler. trouble on the tracks now melissa. >> yeah, trouble on the tracks, trouble on the roads, everywhere. right now top of the beltway is jammed here. outer loop at new hampshire avenue talking about the tracks, green line single-tracking and update on the marc cancellation. a major delay coming up. it will be a tough week in charleston. funerals begin for the nine people killed at emanuel ame church. tomorrow service will be held for clementa pinckney. nbc's craig melvin is live in south carolina now. craig, good morning. what are you seeing this morning? >> reporter: eun, good morning to you. as you can probably see behind me, the memorial here at emanuel ame church continues to grow in downtown charleston.
6:46 am
yesterday, for the first time, the church opened its doors. it was the first worship service since last week's massacre, when nine people were killed in a bible study. that was the first public show of support. the first show of support, the feeling. last night roughly 9,000 people packed highways and roads and bridges here in charleston to create this so-called unity chain. have a look at some of more powerful images that have popped up here in charleston over the past week or so. we'll also take a look at this 2,500 word manifesto that surfaced over the weekend, this hate-filled manifesto that law enforcement forces say is the work of the suspect. we'll look at that and also look at the funerals that are set to start. all of this, eun as you know, has renewed a conversation in south carolina about removing
6:47 am
the confederate battle flag. taking the flag off state house grounds. there's a petition that's garnered half a million signatures. i talked to a state lawmaker last night and i asked him if that's something they'd take up. he said, quote, while it's possible, it's not likely. we'll have that and lots more coming up in just a few minutes on "today." >> all right. see you then craig melvin live for us in south carolina. thank you. roads are now reopen around the l'enfant plaza metro and the air and space museum. a police source told news4 someone said they had a bomb, prompting a major shutdown around the mall last night. >> all clear. >> multiple police departments searched for four hours but didn't find anything. you can see they flew a held over that area. and sent heavily armed forces in. there you can see them trying to search the building. police are searching for whoever made that threat right now.
6:48 am
right now, metro crews are putting in some brand new escalators on the red line. the work started today and news4's molette green is at the van ness station to tell us how long it will there. hello. >> reporter: hi, angie. people got off a bus realizing this west entrance is closed. you have to use the east entrance across the street. there's only one set of moving stairs going up and another one going down. today begins a complex job of replacing these old escalators with more durable, reliable ones. this is welcome news to riders who have had to deal with outages in the system because of the broken escalators. but this is going to take time to install four new entrance escalators that are coming. each one taking 40 weeks from start to finish. the work will take place while the station is closed to passengers. so the other escalators will not be running and that's why part of the reason why it takes so long. heads up to all of the metro
6:49 am
riders using this station. it is possible that metro may need to close this station temporarily and with little notice at times to prevent overcrowding. that's the latest from van ness station. back to you. >> molette green for us, thank you. today a community will gather to remember the victims of metro's deadliest train crash. there will be a dedication ceremony for the legacy memorial park in the district. it's located along new hampshire avenue in northeast. not far from the crash site. the park honors the lives of the nine people who died when two trains crashed near the fort totten station. also today a prince george's county police officer will be sentenced in a misconduct case. jerry thomas entered an alford plea. that means he doesn't admit guilt but he believes there's enough evidence to convict him. the video shows him hitting and shoving a 15-year-old who is in handcuffs.
6:50 am
the boy's mother says thomas hit her son so hard his eye was swollen shut. the man who set off a frenzy by landing that gyrocopter near the capitol is due back in a d.c. court today. douglas hughes pleaded not guilty to to six charges. he's currently free on personal recognizance. he's not allowed nier the mall. why are so many people skipping their morning joe? and apple changes their terms after a scolding. and landon dowdy, great to see you on this monday morning. >> hey, angie, thank you. apple changes the tune saying it will pay royalties to musicians during the three month free trial during the streaming service which launches next week. it came after swift pulled her album and posted an open letter criticizing apple on tumblr.
6:51 am
swift says we don't ask you for free iphones so don't ask us to provide our music for no compensation. and people are spending more money on coffee but for the first time in six years they're drink less. coffee consumption is expected to drop this year due to the keurig k-cups. people are only brewing what they plan to drink versus making a whole pot of coffee. an ji over to you. >> but you always need extra, landon. just in case of an emergency. >> working this shift. >> all right, thanks, have a good day. wow. speaking of which, i'm running low. 6:51. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. and this is the kind of day we could use an iced coffee, chuck, right? >> and a decaf because caffeine is a dehydrator. so use your decaf coffees outside today. that's a good piece of advice, because you don't want to get
6:52 am
dehydrated. uh-oh, angie is officially out of coffee. we have to stop the whole show. quick we need a pot of coffee in here. emergency stat. monday morning, plenty of sunshine out there now. no threat for rain on your monday, so could be a lot of things on your monday, but won't rain on you. 79 right now in washington. little bit of a heat index now. heat indices up into the 90s today. plenty warm. third day in the row, 90 or higher. a little humid yes, but not too oppressive just yet. temperatures are at 72. 77 in edge water, maryland. 74 in triangle and quantico. 67 in culpepper. that's the cool spot. temperatures today will be climbing quickly. up into the upper 80s by lunch time. nearly everybody will be above 90 degrees later on this afternoon. heat index values again, mostly up into the low to mid 90s during the course of the daylight hours today. you will need to take it a little slower on your plans due to the heat outside today. but on the whole, the weather
6:53 am
impact won't interrupt your plans. satellite review, there's a few clouds late last night but we have cleared out nicely first thing this morning. so we're off to the bright and sunny start. no chance for any severe weather in our area for today. if you're flying out to chicago or the twin cities might run into a thunderstorm chance and some airline delays as a result. plenty of sunshine, plenty of heat as well. any shower chances today are confined to the southern parts of the shenandoah valley. we're dry and humid overnight tonight. humidity increasing tomorrow. as a result heat and humidity combined. thunderstorm chances tomorrow starting mid afternoon going into the early evening time frame. that's a cold front that's coming on through. this should take us out of the 90s for the second half of the week. wednesday, sunny and 89. thursday, a chance for a shower or two. high of 89. back into the mid 80s with rain showers this weekend. how are the roads? >> nice and slow this morning. chopper 4 over the top of the beltway here, outer loop at new
6:54 am
hampshire, slow on the outer loop. inner loop is looking fine. green light still single-tracking between pg plaza and greenbelt. on marc, camden, 45 minutes behind. the update there. they have switched their website and now are telling us 842 and 843 are cancelled this morning. a warning there. we have been tweeting about it from first 4 traffic as well. we're slow in the normal spots. 270 at montrose road, no problems northbound or southbound. 66 and 95 overall looking typical. at 123 a crash over to the right side of the roadway. sound like it's out of the road. prince george's county no major problems there. top of the beltway, typical there. 95, 270 looking good. b.w. parkway outbound as you approach 32 slowing down about 40 miles per hour just for a little section there. guys? >> thanks, melissa. your time is 6:55. in the day ahead, former illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. is expected to be released from a halfway house in baltimore. the "chicago sun-times" reports
6:55 am
he will likely finish his prison sentence in home confinement here in the district. jackson has a home in the dupont circle neighborhood. he has a home in chicago. he spent 17 months in an alabama prison for spending $750,000 in campaign money on personal items. his wife will serve a year in prison on related charges. the search continues for a raccoon in howard county that what i be rabid. residents in the area of columbia have made multiple complaints. the animal was spotted near the patuxent branch trail. if you see a raccoon acting strange or making weird noises stay away. heads up, crews are expected to begin inspecting the windy run bridge on the parkway in arlington. a single southbound lane will be closed between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 this afternoon. the federal highway administration moved up the inspection because of severe potholes. engineers will try to determine where the water is getting in and whether there are any other factors that are causing these
6:56 am
potholes. it's 6:56 right now. monday, and here are the four things you need to know before you head out the door. you may have to add time to your commute on the red line today. crews are putting in new escalators at the van ness station. the entrance is closed right now. 25 people are hurt, after a taliban attack at the afghan compound in kabul. parliament was in session, broadcasting live when they heard that explosion. six militants were killed. former illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. is expected to be released from halfway house in baltimore. he will likely complete his prison home confinement at home here. and a memorial is being dedicated after nine people died in the deadly train crash. sunny and hot toda the 90s today and tomorrow but slight cooler for the second half of week. melissa? all right, right now, you can see we do have a bit of an issue here top of the beltway.
6:57 am
quite slow there on the outer loop. kind of near new hampshire avenue at this point this morning. also here green line train single-tracking between pg plaza and greenbelt. >> thank you for joining us on this monday. try to stay cool. "today" show is next. back in 25 minutes and we hope you have a great day. this summer take flight, without having to take a flight. because all the thrills you need are right here at busch gardens, and water country usa. in williamsburg, va. like the daring new coaster tempesto. so ride together slide together whether it's monster drops collossal curls or furry friends it's all here.
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vacation packages start at $50 per person per night. the ultimate summer vacation is closer than you think at busch gardens and water country usa.
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good morning. breaking news. a possible new sighting in the search for those escaped killers and it's right where the search started -- a cabin about 30 miles from the prison. a hunter claiming he saw a man run out. is this the tip police have been waiting for? honoring the fallen. a crowd of more than 10,000 gathers in charleston as president obama uses unusually blunt talk about prejudice. >> it's not just a matter of it not being polite to say [ bleep ] in public. that's not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. >> what's being said about the president's use of that controversial word. >> hot, hot, hot. triple


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