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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 24, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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and in montgomery county howling winds tore a roof off. >> a big gust of wind was sitting there. my mother was sitting there and said that tree's going to come down. as soon as she said it, it hit. >> because of the debris on roads, 13 roads are partially or fully closed in fairfax. i know i ran into issues in love creek park. follow twitter for uptot minute traffic conditions. >> weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:4131 expect a much cooler day. >> chuck? >> yeah, we're about 10 degrees cooler than we were yesterday afternoon. so that is going to make all the difference in the world. your impact nice and slow. sunshine coming back. cooler, lower humidity. all the information that we love to hear. right now, it drops to 64 in
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gaithersburg. 72 in capital heights. 73 in stafford. and afternoon highs, 87 in cull. youer, 89 in fredericksburg. 84 along the western shore in annapolis. and hagerstown 89. rain chances are going to sneak back up just in time for the weekend. i know that's not exactly what you want to hear. for now, wires down, trees down, promises to make a mess on your wednesday morning commute. >> i know. unfortunately, we do have problems. in fairfax, still report of downed wires. 123 at braddock road. we're sending kristen wright out there. in the area of darnestown road and cattail, police on the scene cleaning that one up. that was a fatal crash as aaron mentioned from overnight. gw park away, everything rolling
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along just fine. prince george's county, no major road work. 95 and rolling just fine. live look at 66 in ten minutes. freddie gray's autopsy report leaked. and now a response from the maryland state attorney. state attorney marilyn moseley saying her office did not release the report that gray suffered quote high energy injury, end quote while riding in the police van. the state medical examiner said gray fits the medical and legal definition of an accident. it's because officers failed to follow procedure that gray's death was ruled homicide. a lot of reaction going on this morning. attorneys for the six police officers say they have not seen the report yet. it's day two of the hearing about metro's underground emergency.
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the ntsb will ask multiple agency what is they're doing to keep you safe when smoke killed a woman in the metro tunnel earlier this year. we're also learning more about how metro operates today. the big story yesterday, the new video showing how quickly smoke fills the station. metro also said that dc fire shunned help from transit police. literally rolling up the window twice on the chief that day. the transportation committee called the hearing after the amtrak derailment in philadelphia that killed eight people last month, the ntsb said assistance to slow down the train was not in place on the track. is there a somber day ahead in south carolina. the coffin of state senator clementa pinckney will be placed in the state house today. pinckney was one of nine killed
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last week when a gunman opened fire at a church. the confederate flag will fly there. in a few weeks, south carolina lawmakers will debate bringing that flag down. here in d.c. it was the conversation last night a key theme for business. >> we ask you not to confuse and not to be in opposition to it. >> now, when it came to the idea of the confederate flag a lot of people wanted to focus less on the symbol itself and more on the politics that keep it relevant today. more u.s. retailers have stopped selling confederate flags and memorabilia, walmart, target sears, and google online and amazon have dropped merchandise bearing the flag. one of the nation's largest flagmakers said it won't make
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the flag anymore. and leaders are facing anger over confederate symbols in their state. here in virginia. and the baltimore sun reports maryland governor larry hogan is against using the flag on plates and will address the issue as well. alabama, mississippi, louisiana, tennessee, and kentucky are all being called to remove confederate symbols. today, you can learn more about the million man march, louis farrakhan will announce the march. the march will be held on october 10th. this year's theme is justice or else. looking live outside this morning, where change in the weather is already in the works. you can feel it as soon as you step outside. chuck bell is putting together your humidity forecast. we'll bring that to you at 4:41.
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and the cost of cameras how much the city will have to forego. and if you live in montgomery county, the security scam scaring a lot of you wish your
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killing force to kill fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, preventing a new infestation. its protection lasts a full 30 days. no wonder frontline plus is the #1 choice of vets for their pets and yours. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. the vet's #1 choice. welcome back. $1.5 million. that's how much d.c. mayor muriel bowser said it will cost to show police body camera video to the public. according to "the washington post" the mayor warned the d.c. council about that price tag
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yesterday. she said it could disrupt the city's budget. critics say the mayor is only citing costs to block access to that video. in montgomery county, police say you should be careful of two people posing as utility workers. police tell us it's a scam. they say this man and woman shown here in this picture, will come up to your house in a red or maroon car. and the woman asks to check your meter while the man goes inside and steals cash jewelry and credit cards. we talked to one 90-year-old victim. she did not want to show her face on tv. >> prisoners in my own home. you know, i never know who's watching me. >> again these pictures show the man and the woman using stolen credit cards. police say their victims are all older homeowners. they're offering a $10,000 reward in this case. coming up at 20 before 5:00, we'll get a look at weather and
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traffic on the 1s with a very welcome change. >> is storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell with more now. >> this means you guys are seconding me money, yesterday, you said you would give me anything to get rid of the humidity. >> you didn't get the check in the mail? >> check's in the mail i'll bet. noticeably cooler today than yesterday. to the tune of 10 degrees. and a little humidity left outside, still early this morning. but by comparison to yesterday, not too bad. and with time today, humidity getting easier and easier to deal with, as the dry air mixes on in. runner, a much better running day. seven-day forecast is ten minutes away. check on all that's going wrong on the roads with melissa right now. >> some of that construction should be out of the way. by 5:00 this morning the inner
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loop between the toll road and georgetown pike should have the two left lanes unblocked. 123 at braddock road at fairfax, downed wires, the alternate is going to be fairfax county parkway. and darnstown road. and we'll see you melissa. a burden lifted for families living a nightmare. how the president plans to change direction on paying ransoms for people held host tap overseas. and a warning before you head to the beach, where deadly jellyfish are popping up along the east coast. plus the field of candidates will grow again. the latest on candidates
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developing in new york, it's 4:44, after 18 days, police believe they are hot on the trail of two escaped prisoners. the search now focused near a hunting camp about 20 miles from the prison. detectives found dna from both richard matt and david sweat on objects in a cabin broken into in the town of owls head including a pair of underwear. prosecutors say a prison seamstress helped them to escape by smuggling tool inside ground beef. and and now dzhokhar tsarnaev, everybody is wondering when he'll say something before he's sentenced. three people died at the boston marathon finish line.
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he's remained completely silent in court so far. this morning, police are trying to figure out who stuffed a body into a trash can and set it on fire in the district. this happened behind a vacate accountant property along holebrook tear res in the area, in trinity. we are learning new information about the mansion murders in the district. cnn reports the man charged in the case, daron wint has a cousin fired from the american ironworks company. that cousin threatened to burn that place down. sources tell cnn the company obtained a restraining order against the cousin. the company is owned by one of the victims, savvas savopoulos. sources say immigration leaders were not notified at the time windt. cnn reports that windt was in danger of losing his green card because of prior arrests handy could have faced deportation
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before the mansion murders. in the ahead day president obama is expected to announce changes to the u.s. hostage policy. under the new guidelines, the u.s. will not threaten to prosecute families who pay ransom for their loved ones overseas. nbc's tracie potts is on capitol hill with more on the changes. and why the president ordered the review. >> good morning. well, the review was ordered because of complaints, concerns of families, who wanted to get more involved in paying ransom themselves. but according to the family, they were threatened with criminal prosecution. today, we're expecting the obama administration to announce what you might call a look the other way policy. that while the u.s. says it will not negotiate with terrorists, it will not pay ransom to terrorists. they also will not prosecute families that choose to do so. the other big concern here is communication, the other families are saying they weren't getting realtime up-to-date
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information with the government. prior to today's announcement together with the government, an interagency fusion center headquartered with the fbi to better keep the families informed but it will not, we're told, include a so-called hostage bribe which a lot of people have been preaching for. but that apparently is not in today's announcement. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill. thank you tracie. 4:47 now. if you thought the pool of people running for president couldn't hold anybody else, think again, today louisiana governor bobby jindal expected to announce he's running for the job. the republican governor will make his bid official. jindal is pulling in last place among all the candidates for the gop nomination. >> ford entering the car sharing business and d.c. is the first place to test it. soon those of you who finance your car through ford will be able to rent out your car or
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truck. it's similar to zip car which you're able to connect through a mobile app. and the city finds that 500 people have car sharing membership. they expect that number to our train station, that's the message from the city of laurel. officials will meet today to launch a campaign to save the historic world train station. a new plan approved by howard county wants to close the station and close it with a stop at a new howard county site. a press conference will be held at 11:00 this morning at the station on main street. city officials want to hear your thoughts. drivers beware. a new red light camera is popping up in the city of fairfax. according to our news partner wtop, it will be monitored on plantation. dangerous jellyfish are washing up on the jersey shore.
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life guards along parts of long beach island discovered a portuguese man of war. the sting can be life threatening. and painful box jellyfish were found north of long beach island new jersey. >> we want to stay away from anything called man of war. >> first, we had the shark attacks. now, the jellyfish we're worried about. >> i didn't know they could be life-threatening. >> you don't have any problems in a pool just putting it out there. >> no, you do not. >> but you don't get the sound of the ocean. >> exactly you don't get the sound the ocean come on aaron. >> i can hear the waves in the hotel pool. >> the only sound aaron wants to hear at the fool is the sound of a fresh margarita. going to be a good time outside today. if you're going to the beach,
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obviously, you're not going anywhere near the ocean. not necessarily the best weekend for outdoor splashing and swimming. we'll get to that seven-day forecast in just a second. for now, just a smidgen of early more than daylight in the eastern sky there. a little hint of orange glow that's going to continue to brighten up. 72 in washington. winds out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour. that's putting cooler and drier air. into the region. what a round of thunderstorms we contended with. jeff snyder in rockville sent this in. these are mammatus clouds. that are fed around strong thunderstorms. and boy, did we ever have those last night. more blue skies, less humidity. perfect for outdoor activities. 61 in frederick maryland. 73 in fredricksburg. the hourly temperatures climbing to the mid-80s. if you're thinking about taking
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the grill in the backyard, you obviously weren't able to grill yesterday. perfect afternoon for outdoor grilling. for the latest view of the round of severe weather. it was all out of the here before 11:00 last night. we're seeing a clearing sky first thing in the morning. so things are going to be improving as we go through the remainder of the day. sunshine is back for the remainder of wednesday. clouds are going to stay away for the overnight hours tonight and for the first part of tomorrow. tomorrow, during the day, i think you'll see an increase in clouds 5:00, 6:00, late afternoon into the early evening maybe a few pop-up showers starting to come around. showers getting more likely by 10:00 or 11:00 in the early morning hours of friday. with any luck, we'll be able to get a couple dry hours in. by friday afternoon and evening. rain chances are back into the picture once again. your seven-day forecast not terribly optimistic for the weekend. let's focus on the positive. 88 and sunshine today.
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82 and sunshine on monday and 89 and rain chances on tuesday. both days over the weekend could be rained on. i can't be anywhere near melissa. >> it's okay, during the week. it waters my flowers. fine. on the weekend, i can't even speak to you chuck bell. i just got this report from fairfax county police roberts road trees and wires are down. trying to get that out of the way here before the morning commute picks up. kristin wright at the scene there. at ox road at braddock. she just sent me a message we do have some roads over at ox. construction between the airport and 395 have two lanes blocked for about 45 minutes. until 5:30 this morning. and this is still closed here in
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darnestown. roads shut down darnestown road and cattail road. hearing about something else on darnestown road. could be a closure as well. coming up in ten minutes. your laundry could be dangerous for your kids. a new warning about the popular detergent pod. and the search is on for a man in northern virginia. the inappropriate actions he's accused of and where. and another hearing gets under way on a data breach that most likely impacted you. and we're learning an independent watchdog group
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 today." today, we're watching news details about how millions of federal workers' personal data was left vulnerable to hackers. the director will testify again before a house panel. she said last week that many agency computers are too old for the kind of encryption that might have protected workers. the opm independent watchdog is expected to challenge that today. the search is on for a man on a bicycle flashing people in northern virginia. the first happened in powers creek boulevard and miranda lane. a 14-year-old girl said a man exposing himself in a wooded area there. then on friday, a woman was jogging near blue pool drive and paper mill lane. she said a man on a bike suddenly flashed her too. alarming new numbers out this morning despite repeated
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warnings liquid laundry pods remain a big problem for children. since 2012, poison centers across the u.s. have answered more than 32000 calls connected to laundry pods. those pods include children under the age of 5. a big percentage of the callers said the pods were left outside the container making them an easy target for your kids. >> that's really the worst part they can have lung damage, wheesing, to a point that they need to be put on a ventilator in the icu. >> while the pods make it easier to do the laundry, they're highly concentrated and that makes them extremely dangerous for your children. d.c. schools getting a waiver for the no child left behind act. the waivers allow schools to develop and implement their own plans to measure progress that gee beyond the required tests. 42 states and the district of columbia have those waivers. if you live in prince
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william county a lot of your tax money could be going to the potomac nationals. the team told county leaders that they would have to pay for improvement if they wanted it to stay. they approved $230,000 to approve that. stay with us, "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. and good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today." it is wednesday june 24th 2016. good morning. let's check the forecast, shall we? >> yeah, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with the weather headlines. the kind we like to hear too, chuck. >> absolutely. a much better picture outside from our tower looking off to the northeast. there's the communication tower there. it's a beautiful morning outside, for sure. your weather headlines today. lower humidity. better sunshine. lower temperatures.
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everything's in the plus column from the weather department. temperature 61 in urbana maryland. 66 in charleston, west virginia. and 66 in bristow, virginia. what to wear out the door don't forget the sunblock. at least the stifling humidity is long gone. gaithersburg, 85 bowie and brandy wine, 86 degrees. a lot of trees and wires came down last night that may impact your wednesday morning commute. >> absolutely chuck. take a look at this. again, we're having two problems here talking about trees and wires. this is darnestown road between west martin in the poolsville area. darnestown road at cattail road that is shut down from an overnight fatal crash. again trees and wires in the way. they're trying to get those out of the way. just spoke with state highway still there on the scene. roberts road between zion drive
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and collinsworth drive. kristin wright is going to be live for us, 123 and ox road at braddock. she said some of ox is open but you cannot turn on to kelly drive. wide look at the beltway. no problems there. 270 at shady grove just rolling along fine. we also have more details about that deadly crash in montgomery county. storms knocked down a tree in the area of darnestown road and cattail road. the driver of a pickup truck slammed into a tree around 8:30. county police say the 79-year-old driver died at the scene. and lightning strikes hit an apartment complex in greenville causing flames to shoot out of the roof. take a look here. a woman who lives inside this complex recorded this video as the nair tore through nearly two dozen units. this is on lake side


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