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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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roads aren't the only mess we're dealing with a number of people still in the dark as homeowners assess the damage left behind by the storm. we're also assessing developments in charlestown, where a community is going to honor say pastor there killed in a church. kristin wright is on ox road where traffic has been slow all morning long. kristin. >> reporter: that's right, from the storms last night, i want you to take a look right here. this is ox road, 123 behind me. you can see all the wires down across the road here, all the debris. a couple of trees down back there. you can see the road is completely closed. if you look up 123 here, you see more debris. the road is closed here. at the intersection of braddock and 123, right at george mason university, you see the wires down across the road. this intersection is partially closed. you can probably see the road
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blocks there. because wires down here. you can get by, if you're coming down 123 you can make the turn here, you see the truck there. you can make the turn there on to braddock. if you're headed west on braddock, you can get through the intersection. but this will definitely slow down people headed out to work this morning. so just keep that in mind. and fairfax county police does tell us that this will go on out there the morning rush. melissa mollet is here with a look at some other traffic problems through the area due to storms. melissa. >> and situation, the best alternate if you want to avoid fairfax county parkway. twinbrook at braddock shut down because of a downed tree. darnestown road at cattail road poolsville, eastbound lanes closed there in the poolsville. and darnestown between west hunter and martinsburg downed wires there. look at the parkway looking
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good there. prince george's county a little slow inbound at 32 miles per hour. chuck, tell me things are better four? >> things are better for me. outside, a pleasant day outside. temperatures and humidity levels noticeably lower now than this time yesterday. there's the reston live camera. tyson's corners 63 63 in rockville and gaithersburg. 64 in leesburg. manassas and 70s. mid to upper 80s. tons of sunshine. no worry there. >> chuck, thank you. 6:02 is our time. right now, there are thousands of people waiting for their power to come back on. virginia dominion power is reporting 78000 customers are -- rather, are without power. the majority of those outages in fairfax. i should is say 7,800 not
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78,000. bge is reporting 1700 customers without power. a driver ran into a downed tree and died in montgomery county last night. storms knocked down the tree in the area of darnestown road and cattail road. you can see chopper 4 over the scene where the driver of that pickup truck slammed into it. montgomery county police say the 79-year-old driver died at the scene. wind reached 60 miles per hour last night creating the perfect condition for serious damage all over our region. take a look at this in fairfax. a tree ripped out a chunk of a woman's house where her son would have been sleeping. and an untorn off of an apartment complex in montgomery county. that often landed on a woman's awning in germantown. we'll be pushing your
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updates as they happen. >> today a judge will sentence dzhokhar tsarnaev to death. tsarnaev was found guilty of all charges in the boston marathon bombing case. everyone is wondering whether he'll say something before he received that decision today. tsarnaev has not said a word in court so far. it will be an emotional day in south carolina as mourners head to the state house there. the coffin of state senator clementa pinckney will be placed in the rotunda. pinckney was one of nine people killed last week when a gunman opened fire at that historic church. right now, the confederate flag still flies above the grounds there. lawmakers may change that in the coming weeks. more retailers have stopped selling confederate flags and memorabilia. you'll not be able to buy these items from walmart, target, sears amazon and google online. government and state leaders nationwide are facing anger over
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confederate symbols in virginia. the baltimore sun reports maryland governor larry hogan is against using the flag on plates and will address the issue soon. alabama, mississippi, louisiana, tennessee, texas and kentucky are all being called to remove confederate symbols. another day of question of metro's underground emergency. the ntsb will ask multiple agencies what they're doing to keep you safe since smoke killed a woman in the metro tunnel this year. the big story yesterday the new video showing how quickly that smoke filled the l'enfant station. metro also said d.c. fire shunned help from military police. literally somebody rolled up the window on metro's police chief twice that day. today the 49th annual folks
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festival begins. the national park service put new restrictions to cut down from the damage from the foot traffic on the mall. the opening ceremony will open at the national museum this morning. it will highlight peru. it runs from now to june 28th. and then july 1st through the 5th. a wonderful cultural event. and breaking news on the roads right now, we have downed trees and downed wires all over the place. this is a live picture in fairfax county. what areas to avoid coming up. a line of powerful storms left a mark all across the northeast. the damage that people in several states are waking up to this morning. a costly decision, the price that d.c. mayor muriel bowser you say taxpayers will have to
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breaking news, in the poolsville area chopper 4 just got on to the scene here. this is where that fatal crash happened overnight. we're talking darnestown road at cattail. right now you can see this one lane getting by and crews are pushing traffic around the one lane that is still shut down this morning. could be sometime before it's cleared out of the way. fairfax, 123 at braddock road. and instead overall, travel times, maryland looking good. in virginia, quantico, the beltway, ten minutes behind. aaron. those storms that slammed into our region left a path of destruction up and down the east coast. take a look actually overnight in rhode island. winds brought down trees and power lines there. and the storm caused big problems in philadelphia. amtrak service from d.c. to
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philly was shut down a little bit last night. it's since been restored. 8,000 customers from d.c. to new jersey were without power. >> wow, i got it on video. >> this viewerent up a bolt of lightning here appearing to strike the landmark during last night's storms. wow. some serious stuff out there. 12k3w4r >> tough stuff. >> they actually have lightning rods and lightning diffusing there at the top of the monument. >> why are you so smart, chuck? >> this is all i have to do. don't ask me how to spell it. if this were a spelling quiz, i would be in trouble. and i'm not very good at comma splices and dangling pare ingdangling.
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and temperatures up a little bit. mid-60s in the suburbs to around 70 downtown. computer forecast from the weather department, all green lights. plenty of red lights from melissa, though. the temperature will be in the mid-70s this morning and on your way home. full sunshine, mid to upper 80s. enjoy it. seven-day forecast in ten minutes. a story of hope in the wake of tragedy the young baby who is already quite the story after the severe storms that hit the midwest. plus getting the word out about a scam that could arrive at your door step. the signs you
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6:15. some breaking news this morning. get ready to run into some road blocks on your way to work. we have trees and wires down all across the region.just like the one here at ox road at braddock road in fairfax county. there are a number of closures this morning. melissa mollet it tracking what
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areas you need to avoid at 6:21. developing news right now, new york police feel they're close to cornering two convicted killers escaped two weeks ago. the search has focused near a hunting camp about 20 miles near the prison. detectives found dna of both richard matt and david sweat on items that had been broken into at a cabin including a pair of underwear. prosecutors say a prison seamstress helped the two escape by smuggling tools inside ground beef. baltimore's state attorney marilyn moseley said she doesn't know who leaked freddie gray's autopsy report. it found that gray died of a high energy injury while riding in a police van. a high energy injury is similar to what happens when someone dives into shallow water. since the officers did follow
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david procedures the death is ruled a homicide. all of the six officers charged have pleaded not guilty. today, it's unclear when we could see the first video. now mur iel bowser could come at a big cost. told d.c. council it cost $1.5 million to make it public. bowser says the price could affect the budget however critics believe she is again public access. less than 24 hours after shooting in south carolina vandals struck at a predominantly black church in maryland. police say this is not a hate crime. you can see the word "satan" in an upside cross as well. and spray painted all over the church in clinton. >> they initially concluded it to be a hate crime but i think they downgraded that.
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>> prince george's county police say this is not considered a hate crime because it wasn't directed at a specific person. and there's no evidence suggesting the church was targeted because of race. in the day ahead a watchdog group will announce a new federal lawsuit against what they are calling jerry mandzerring inmandzer ing ing in washington. the group is proposing a method to allow courts to prevent any party from drawing new congressional maps that arbitrarily divide communities. nbc news confirmed the u.s. will not threaten legal action against families that want to pay a ransom for their loved ones. obama administration spent months hearing concerns from the families of the hostages including kayla mueller, james foley and steven sotloff. the agency is setting up a fusion center with the fbi.
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the united states will not negotiate or pay ransom directly to terrorists. some fear allows families to pay could be dangerous. we're learning new information about the suspect in the mansion murders here in the district. cnn is rt rolling that the man charged in that case daron wint has a cousin who worked for the company. sources say immigration leaders were not notified at the time. wint was born in guyana. the arrest would have put wint in danger of losing his green card. d.c. police are trying to figure out who stuffed a body into a trash can and set it on fire. this happened yesterday behind a vacant property on holbrook terrace northeast in the trinidad neighbors. investigators sate body was burned beyond recognition. neighbors are calling the crime senseless. a former white house chef's death is ruled an accident,
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walter scheid drowned in a new mexico stream while he was out earlier this month. state police found his body after a week-long search. he led the white house kitchen under bill clinton and george w. bush. dangerous jellyfish are washing up on the jersey shore. life guards discovered a portuguese man of war on sunday. experts tell our sister station in philly that it's highly probable that more of these will show up on local beaches in the next week or so. the jellyfish creatures are highly toxic and pack an intense sting. the jersey shore town of townsend has posted a warning on its facebook page urging swimmers to be cautious. he's most likely the youngest survivor in a storm. braxton and his family found themselves running for the crawl space of their home when a
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tornado touched down in the town of cole city. the family's home was destroyed. everyone made it out of the crawl space unharmed. >> when we crawled into the crawl space. >> he had the baby and the door with one hand. i'm holdinghim. grabbed my daughter and holding on. >> the popovich family is living with relatives until they can find a new place to live. >> talk about counting your blessings. >> yeah having those crawl spaces, in place to make sure you can protect yourselves in a case like that. well, it's 6:21, and you can see the sun behind us is up, it's bright but it's not going to burn us up like it's been doing. >> let's check in by chuck bell on the forecast. hey, chuck. >> that family on the line knew what to do. we always tell you to go to the lowest level interior room of your home get away from the
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doors. those crawl spaces, nooks and crannies are always going to be the places. in fredericksburg yesterday, craig clarke sending that in, he's got great pictures. @chuckbell instagram. the weather impact for the day will be nice and lower temperature lower humidity. everything is in the plus column. 64 in ashburn, fept in fredericksburg. 72 in california maryland. morning planner, sun came up at 5:44. mid-60s in suburbs. near 80 degrees by 11:00 if you're planning on being outside, plan on temperatures mid to upper 80s. again, lower humidity and a nice northwesterly breeze it's a pleasant day. good night for baseball. nationals play tonight 80s at
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game time. mild weather as well overnight tonight. seven-day forecast time. i wish i had good news to carry you all the way into your weekend. focus on the positive, though. it's going to be nice today. most of tomorrow will be nice, too. chance of showers late in the day tomorrow until at least friday morning. and then solid rain chances both days this weekend. those rain chances will follow you to the beach or the mountains as well. probably no escaping those saturday or sunday rain drops. it's been a tough one on the roads. breaking news this from poolsville from that fatal accident overnight, eastbound darnestown road at cattail. crews are trying to repair that. taking a look here in fax fair 123 ox road at braddock. still have that intersection partially closed. that's where kristin wright is. twinbrook road at braddock road, a downed tree as well as closures. southbound, gw parkway and 97. we have the right lane blocked.
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sounds like part of a branch blocking that lane. cruise on the way to get that out of the way. wide look at the beltway. no major problems getting a little slow there. inbound 395. and 66 you're slow as you're heading through fairfax. no incidents. just a bit of volume there this morning. 95 in virginia lorton road running along fine. a lot of traffic noise may shorten your life. researchers in london compared day and night track noise levels and the health records of more than 8 million city dwellers. death rates were higher than those who hear daytime traffic noise. stroke rates were also higher. researchers say it may be due to high blood pressure problems sleeping and problems caused by the noise. your kids might be hitting the swimming pool a lot this week. those red eyes they get are not caused by chlorine, something a little more disgusting. according to the cdc, chlorine form irritants when it binds
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with things like urine or sweat. that is released into the water. sometimes, this irritant -- or, rather, it causes our eyes to turn red and to feel like their stinging. so what do you do? well the cdc says shower before you go swimming. take bathroom breaks every hour to take germs out of the water. if you live in montgomery county, police say you should be careful of two people posing as utility workers. take a look. police say this man and woman come to your house in a red or maroon car. then the woman asks to check your meter, while the man goes inside and steals cash, jewelry and credit cards. we talked to one victim who is 90 years ago old. she didn't want to show her face on tv. >> i feel like a prisoner in my own home, you know, i never know who's watching me. >> these pictures show the man and woman using stolen credit cards. if you see more helicopters flying around d.c. today don't
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be alarmed. the army is cushioning a series of training flights as part of an emergency response exercise. those helicopters will be flying as low as 200 feet above the ground. no weapons will be used and the flights are carefully plan and closely controlled. well, not the guest you want to see wandering in your yard. the community on yard after a bear is discovered. >> another bear. >> the dramatic video you likely saw in the aftermath of last night's storm, we'll take you live to the green belt apartment complex. and a downed tree has a busy route that many of you take to work closed at this hour. the problems it's not just causing but the other weather-related street closures we're se
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we have breaking news right now at 6:30. we're pushing out alert after alert on the nbc washington app about rodad closures. take a look. we have trees and lines down
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everywhere. >> fairfax county melissa molette has the closures. >> right now we're starting with this one, 123 there at braddock road do have partial closures because of trees and wires. fairfax county parkway. twin twinbrook as well. gw parkway southbound, we're seeing the right lane blocked because of debris. chopper on its way. at fairfax to take a look from above at those closures. chuck. outside beautiful sunshine is making a comeback over the nation's capital. here's a look at the live tower at downtown d.c. bright sunshine. we get to keep it that way all day long. temperatures have really dropped. the northwesterly breeze there. 63 in gaithersburg. 66 in falls church.
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65 degrees in college park. hour by hour then, through the day today temperatures around 70 by 7:00 a.m. this morning. mid to upper 80s later on today. coming up in ten minutes, we'll see when the humidity is going to start to make a comeback. >> thank you, chuck. last night storms were causing big problems for some of you in green belt. lightning forced nearly two doz ton evacuate. molette is there people out of their homes, molette? >> reporter: yes, just about two minutes ago, i spoke to the gentleman who lives in one of these units. all. stuff out here, he says is his. it is lost. he is devastated. there is no renter's insurance. he didn't have it. and this man just shared with me that he has a 4-month-old baby, so all the new baby items are gone. it is unclear when the folks in these 22 units impacted will get back in. the sign on the door posted says
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it is unsafe to be able to get in the building. flames shot out of the roof after lightning struck here last night. this fire went to two armlarms bringing yourmore firefighters and equipment to keep the damage down. luckily, there were no injuries reported. what you can see left from some of the remains of the charred mess that is left here, recovery for a lot of people will be quite long and hard this morning. we're live in greenbelt i'm molette green. back to you. on capitol hill, train experts will reveal what safety measures are in place. the house transportation committee called a hearing after the amtrak wreck in philadelphia that killed eight people last month. the ntsb said the system was nut
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in place on the tracks there. save our train station that is the message from the city of laurel. city council president will meet to discuss the station and marc stop. a new plan by howard county wants to close the station and replace it with a new stop at howard county. the meeting will be held at 11:00 a.m. city officials want to hear your thoughts on the proposed shutdown. we have a crime alert in northern virginia. a man on a bicycle is people. sources say the man may be connected two cases. it happened in powells creek boulevard and miranda. then friday, a woman was jogging near blue pool drive and paper mill lane she said a man on a bike flashed her as well. you think you're hot when you step outside these days well imagine walking around in a fur coat. take a look at this. this bear making looking for a
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place to cool down when he wandered into vienna. a viewer snapped these pictures. the bear was spotted around track road. he wandered around a while. the bear stayed away from humans thankfully and didn't cause any trouble. but he's still a bear. more than one bear that we spotted in our area. >> it's the same bear -- >> the other bear was bigger i think now we have multiple bears. lester holt is settling into his new role as "nbc nightly news." and starting as we cover the aftermath of that shooting in south carolina. >> i think in this case, because the accused shooter had been seen in these postings, embracing this flag you don't have to go very far to find a link between seeing that flag and the symbol of hate as so many people do and that act. so i think that has struck people in their heart. >> you can watch lester holt on
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"nightly news" at 7:00 p.m. here on nbc4. first on 4 -- your students in montgomery county public schools may take fewer tests in the future. this is from a survey of teachers and community members to figure out whether it's best to cut back on county exams or eliminate them. the testing applies to middle school and high school testing. to prevent an overload of testing at the end of the semester. parents and teachers have said the combination of state, federal and county tests can be overwhelming for the students. d.c. public schools will have more flexibility which when it comes to testing as part of no child left behind act. the education department renewed waivers for d.c., virginia and six other states. the waiver as allow schools to develop and implement their own plans that measure progress that go beyond required testing. 42 states and the district of columbia have waivers.
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the potomac national stadium is getting a makeover and your taxpayers are page for it. prince george's county supervisor approved $230,000 to fix it. the team told the supervisors they would have to pay for repairs if they wanted them to stay. it would eventually end up to $1 million. trees down, roads blocks what roads to avoid. that's coming up. and a new warning about this popular detergent pod. the alarming new numbers and the mistake parents make. and where a new red light camera is watching over drivers
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breaking news on the roads. we have lots of problems, downed trees and downed wires that we've been tweeting about from first 4. ox road at braddock road closed in some sections. 66 east at prince william parkway, a lot of volume. no accidents just a lot of volume. taking a look if we can, travel times, overall maryland not so bad. 95 north quantico to the beltway, 20 minutes. chuck. houseoutside we go, on a beautiful wednesday morning. all of that steaminess and stickiness are things of the past. down to the low 60s in northern suburbs. upper 60s in much of prince george's county. still lingering inging humidity, first thing thing morning, but lowering humidity levels as we
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go throughout the afternoon. the group of 2016 presidential candidates growing again today as louisiana governor bobby jindal is expected to announce he is running for the white house. the republican governor will make his bid official in louisiana this afternoon. right now jindal is pulling in last place among all the candidates for the gop. a new red light camera popping up in the city of fairfax. the camera will monitor eastbound traffic at fairfax. a warning periods started yesterd will start july 27th. roads are not the only issues we're dealing with a number of people dealing with that as homeowners address the damage left behind from the storms. plus a developing story playing out in france, where that country is taking action at this hour, after a new report detailing the u.s. spy program that targeted them. the response when
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we have breaking news on the roads after the night of strong storms. a number of streets are off-limits because of downed trees and power lines. >> yeah one of the biggest
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trouble spots is in fairfax county where road blocks are up around the george mason university area. kristin wright is there. >> reporter: good morning, it's a bit of a rough go this morning. let me show you why. if you look down here on ox road, 123 you see the wire stretched down across the entire road here. utility poles snapped from the storms last night. if you look up the road here, this is where it's closed. you see all the debris. and right here at the intersection is where there's a problem. the intersection is partially closed. you see the orange road blocks there. some traffic still getting by off of 123. on to braddock. you can see the cars are able to turn because they can't go straight. and melissa mollet is standing by looking at other traffic headaches as a result of the storms last night, melissa.
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>> we do have other issues this morning. twinbrook road at braddock road still a downs tree in that area of fairfax. in the poolsville area a couple of closures one darnestown road between west hunter and martinsburg. downed trees and wires, we've been tweeting about all of them. it's now 6:46. right now some of your neighbors are waiting for their power to come back on dominion virginia is reporting 7800 customers out. the majority of those outages are in fairfax. there are fewer than 500 pepco customers in the dark. bge is reporting 1800 customers without power. and the majority of those are in wednesday wendall county. and a driver died last between. montgomery county police say the
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79-year-old driver died on the scene. and trees were no match for the 60-mile-per-hour winds in fairfax. a tree ripped out of a chunk of a woman's house where her son would be sleeping. another part crushed her car. nobody was hurt. in montgomery county, howling winds tore an awning off in germantown. that awning landed on the woman's mercedes. you can count on nbc4 app to guide you around. you eyes are on boston today where dzhokhar tsarnaev will be sentenced to death. today, tsarnaev could finally break his silence. he will have a chance to speak before the sentence is handed down. a jury convicted tsarnaev on all charges for the boston marathon bombing in 2013. he's remained completely silent in court so far. new york police believe they are hot on the trail of two escaped convicts. and there are new details on the woman police say helped them. stephanie gosk is in owls head
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where police are relying on new evidence to focus on their search. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the sheriffs in this county say that the search area is now roughly 170 square miles. and we are being told by law enforcement sources new information about that lead over the weekend. they say that the cabin owner that approached that hunting cabin in this area, caught the two convicts by surprise. and that they fled the cabin even leaving behind half eaten food and a pair of underwear. now, the district of attorney arrest -- in a different county who arrested the prison worker joyce mitchell tells us that she snuck tools into the prison using hamburger as a disguise. actually embedded in the hamburger. coming up on the "today" show we're going to tell you how she got the tools once inside the police ton the convicts. back to you. >> stephanie thank you. we'll look forward to stephanie's report on the
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"today" show. talks headed to day two of the hearing about metro's underground emergency today. we could learn more about how metro deals with problems, and what multiple other agencies are doing to keep you safe. adam brought us this yesterday. adam also reported that d.c. firefighters did not want help from metro transit police that day. we've got some breaking news here. we're hearing from the nsa for the first time since the u.s. was accused of spying on france following a wikileaks release. spokesman nicholas says we are not targeting and will not target the communications of president hollande, as we said previously we do not conduct any foreign intelligence surveillance activities unless there say specific an validated national security purpose.
6:50 am
the wikileaks documents say the u.s. has spied on the last three french presidents. president francois hollande is holding an emergency meeting to discuss it all. calling the revelation unacceptable. the u.s. ambassador to france also expected to appear before the french ministry later today. we're hearing on that. this is a developing story that you can follow at alarming new numbers out this morning, despite repeated warning liquid laundry pods remain a big danger to children. since 2012, poison control centers have answered more than 32000 calls connected to laundry pods. those represent children under the age of 5. the number of calls said the pods were left outside of the container. >> but if they're left outside in view of the children, we can expect them to do what they do
6:51 am
with anything left in open view, and that is put them in their mouth. >> they are highly concentrated and that makes it extremely dangerous for your child. ford wants to make it easier for to you get around town without buying your own car. nbc's landon dowdy is here. >> ford is launching a pilot program in six u.s. cities including washington teaming up with ride share app get around. customers can rent the cars out that are financed by ford motor. you'll be reimbursed on a monthly basis.the roads in fairfax. 123 and ox road at braddock road. we have downed trees and wires. that is where kristin wright has been most of the monk. and also in fairfax, twinbrook road at braddock roshgsd aad, a downed
6:52 am
tree there. and darnestown and martinsburg. and downstairstown and cattail, a tree down. beltway looking typical. 66 inbound near prince william parkway very slow. no incidents no accidents. just a lot of volume and a big slowdown there. overall prince george's county moving along. southbound bw parkway had that right lane blocked. falls road, no problems there. a beautiful picture early wednesday morning in the nation's capital. a good day to be outside. sunshine, 70 degrees downtown. northwest winds at 12 miles per hour. they're ushering in cooler and drier air. a great picture from social media yesterday. here's a shot of the lightning over the national mall u.s. capitol back in the distance there. library of congress. a lot of great pictures last
6:53 am
night. the braves and the nationals did manage to play the game after a rain delay. check out that vibrant orange sky over the ballpark. thanks for the pictures. not a lot of problems except for blue. temperatures are in the mid-60s in the shenandoah valley. 70s downtown. and hourly temperatures upper 70s to near 80 by lunchtime. highs today, mid to upper 80s with full sunshine. nationals and braves going to try it again tonight. 7:05 first pitch. rain delay at the game tonight. future weather through the course of the day today, full sunshine, clear skies overnight tonight as well. then through most of the first half of tomorrow it will be mostly sunny but clouds come back with a chance of showers late in the day tomorrow. that rain chance will carry into the day on friday. and not very good news, both saturday and sunday now, having
6:54 am
significant rain chance. rain showers will keep temperatures in the 70s over the weekend. 6:54 now. there sayis a somber day ahead in south carolina. the coffin will be of clementa pinckney will be placed in the rotunda at the state house for people to pay their respects. more have stopped selling confederate flags and memorabilia and no longer able to buy themed items like these from walmart, steers eeb bay, etsy, amazon and google online. government leaders nationwide are facing criticism over flags on display in their state. here in virginia they're moving to banish the confederate flag from license place. the baltimore sun reports maryland governor larry hogan will address the issue soon. alabama, mississippi louisiana
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tennessee texas and kentucky are all being called to remove confederate simpleymbols. the folk festival begins on the national mall. the celebration helping between 3 and 4th street. the opening ceremony happens at the national museum of the american-indian at 10:30 this morning. this year's outdoor festival will highlight peru. you can check out the schedule on the nbc washington app, search folks festival. here are the 4 things you need to know before you head out the door. today train experts will talk about what's keeping you safe on the tracks. congress called a hearing on train safety following that deadly derailment in philadelphia last month. republican bobby jindal adding his name to the 2016 presidential race. the louisiana governor will make an announcement this afternoon. in boston, everyone is
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wondering whether dzhokhar tsarnaev will break his silence today. the convicts boston marathon bomber will have a chance to speak before he's given the death penalty. a traffic alert. road blocks are up near george mason university. there is a downed power blocking lanes near ox road at braddock road. right now, we have chopper 4 over that scene as well. going to be some time before this is cleared out of the way. your best alternate, fairfax county alternate. twinbrook at braddock shut down. montgomery county, darnestown road two different problems closed between west hunter and martinsburg road. and overnight, a crash with a tree last night, darnestown and cattail road closed. no worries for your wednesday. that's good news. sunshine, about 88 degrees today. just about everything. showers come back into the picture tomorrow and the weekend before the fourth of july.
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>> that's the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes. hole you'll join it then. until then, have a great day. >> make it a great wednesday, everybody.
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good morning. scare on the shore. >> there's a tornado! >> [ bleep ]. >> a possible rare tornado slams the jersey coastline as severe storms hammer tens of millions from the midatlantic to maine. cars flipped over. hundreds of thousands still without power this morning. high-energy injury. the autopsy report on the death of freddie gray is leaked. the finding -- he may have been killed when the baltimore police van he was riding in came to a sudden stop. podlarming findings on how many kids are eat colorful detergent packets.


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