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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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79. >> reporter: tom kirkpatrick says his father-in-law, 79-year-old elmer frolik, was an integral part of the town. >> that house he built that house himself. >> reporter: elmer not only built that house three decades ago but lived on the property with his wife nancy, of more than 50 years and their family. >> been like a father to me for 30 years now. and we shared this property together. >> reporter: which is why what happened tuesday night during the storm is so devastateingdevastating. just after 8:30 chopper4 flew over montgomery county police when they investigated a fatal crash on darns town road near catville. the man inside the truck was elmer frolik, he collided with a tree fallen the middle of the road. investigators say he died at the scene, which was just five minutes away from his home. >> not real. it's not real. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after the accident, elmer's
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family is still in shock. he was a great man. we all loved him. he was very caring. >> reporter: they are now left to figure out how to move on without a man who meant so much to them and to this community. >> give the shirt off his own back to help anybody. >> reporter: now, police tell us this is still a very active and ongoing investigation. they are asking anyone who may have witnessed the collision to contact their department right away. coming up at 6:00 the family explains why he was on the road during the storm in the first place. jim, back to you. >> megan, thanks so much. over in prince george's county, a late thing strike is forcing people 22 apartment units to finds somewhere else to stay tonight. you can seat intense flames caused by last night's strike. this is the university square apartments here in greenbelt. flames ripped through the roof damaging the top units, causing water damage to the ones below. a goint ground floor tells us he was watching television when he heard a loud noise.
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>> i smell something, the on the ground floor tells us he was watching television when he heard a loud noise. >> i smell something, the smoke. i saw the fire was big. i went inside and grabbed my baby, as i am now. >> no one was hurt in that lightning strike or the fire that followed. several roads in northern virginia are closed because of the damage from the severe weather and not just the roads. a lot of houses took a beating as well. northern virginia bureau reporter, david culver live, one of the hardest hit areas in fairfax. david? >> reporter: wendy, at the height of the storm yesterday, 13 roads were shut off to traffic. we did a little bit of driving today through fairfax, through burke. we see what we see behind me right now, that is road crews out there, continuing to work to get those powerlines back up to get homes back online and while hundreds here are sitting without power we found many others living without a roof. >> keep coming. >> reporter: trying to work quickly. >> keep coming i'm going to pick this log up. >> reporter: maintaining
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precision. >> swing left. >> reporter: the many tree companies flooded with business. >> cable up. one, two there was a third one on the other side there. and then the one from the neighbors, which is tangled over here. and then this one here you have went through the side of the house here. >> reporter: the family who lives here rushed to the basement, escaped any harm. >> cable up. >> reporter: it is up to the team to hoist the trees up and out, peace by peace. they are massive. >> what's the weight on that? >> 3,000. >> reporter: a hefty price tag too. >> this job here is probably in excess of $9,000. >> reporter: the soaking rain and strong winds last night toppled over several trees in this neighborhood off ali lane. this is the kills' home. >> the crack at the moment the tree hit and the water stopped powering. >> reporter: their son off to camp. he and his wife, june, were home last night. they watched the tree smash into their house. >> it was surreal. we saw the tree falling fairly
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slowly. >> reporter: you can see the deep roots, garage, kitchen, porch all smashed. estimated to be about $100,000 to fix. >> i was too shocked to be scared or anything. i didn't -- i couldn't believe what was happening. >> reporter: kim along with his neighbors, now feeling deadline pressure trying to get their homes sealed off before the next summer rain storm. at last check, 2400 dominion power customers still without electricity, two big questions, when are they going to get their power back and when are the roads going to open? i'm going to put a call into virginia power, i have a call after the live shot, bring you that updated information, jim, web i see you at 6:00. >> be looking for you, david. in maryland, during the storm, verizon cell phone use hearse a tough time calling 911 and other numbers last night. service has now been restored. meanwhile, about 90000 customers lost power in maryland. 3,000 in the district, 40,000 in northern virginia. now, some of those customers are
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still without power at this hour. there was no cell phone reception in the allegheny national forest last night when that storm blew through. so, no one could call for help when the tree fell on a 15-year-old girl, killing her. she was attending a bible camp in western pennsylvania. that tree also fell on three other girls as well, injuring them. and guess what folks, we are already looking ahead to the next round of rain. >> the latest from doug, who is tracking it for us. we are going to have a soak they are weekend? >> this weekend could be a little bit of a soaker especially during the day on saturday. right now, we have got sunshine, nice afternoon, lower humidity finally, a day that we have some fantastic weather but i will tell you what you gays mentioned that next chance of rain, it's coming, 85 degrees, current temperature, 84, fredericksburg, 82, leesburg the radar not showing anything now, all we have to do is go back to the west, see our chance of severe weather again, anywhere in the yellow here chance of severe weather during the day tomorrow and once again we could be the bull's eye for that.
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what are we talking about here? damaging winds, hail and potential there for heavy rain once again during our afternoon hours. i do not think it will be a repeat of what we saw yesterday not quite as widespread but i do expect to see some strong storms, talk much more about this and the timing of it coming up in just a minute. thank you, doug. are metro employees afraid to report safety lapses because they are afraid of retall brakes can? according to metro's union, the answer is yes. now, that came up during a second day of hearings about that deadly smoke incident at >> our transportation reporter adam tuss joins us with more from the hearing. damned? >> reporter: hard to imagine track walkers bus operators, train operators afraid they would be retaliated against if they say something about it safety is one of the issues focused on at the overall safety hearing. train and bus operators, the maintenance workers on the tracks, no doubt they see safety issues but a lot of them respect speaking up because they don't
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want the trouble associated with it. when they talk about retaliation, are they talking about their co-workers retaliating against them? i know there are some afraid of losing their jobs but have you heard things about co-workers? >> i haven't heard that specifically, i would think if you expressed a concern about a fellow employee that there might be some reason to believe that. >> reporter: metro says it has conducted surveys and 80% of its employees do feel like they can speak up safely but there's 20% who are worried. point to more of a cultural thing within metro. >> i don't think within metro i think a cultural thing within organizations, we have 13,000 employees, trying to find opportunities for employees to express their concerns. >> reporter: one metro operator we spoke to on the phone today and who asked to be kept anonymous said that fear is real. she says she was told not to speak up because "it will come back to haunt you." she claims she and others who have spoken out in the past have been retaliated against. metro says it does have a way to report issues anonymously.
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and back here live. coming up at 6:00, what's metro going to do to ensure overall safety on the system? it's gonna probably impact your commute. more about that next hour. jim, back to you. >> adam, thank you. that confederate flag still flying outside the south carolina state house right now, after a day of tense debate over lawmakers and its proposed removal. and its history as a symbol of both southern heritage and white supremacy. today, a republican senator from mississippi reversed his decision on keeping his state's confederate flag in place. for his part, virginia governor, terry mcauliffe said all state license plates with confederate flags will be off the roads in just a matter of months. but there will be a way for people to confer the confederacy. here's news4's tom sherwood. >> reporter: confederate battle flag, newly denounced as a symbol of racism in the wake of the charles top ma mass shootings. virginia governor terry mcauliffe on tuesday said the
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state would remove the flag from license tags. >> asked the governor on wtop. >> reporter: today on wtop he said the state would act quickly. >> it was taken off the dmv website yesterday. you cannot order a license plate with the confederate flag in virginia anymore. that is gone. no later than the next four months, every license plate with a confederate flag will be eliminated in the commonwealth of virginia. >> reporter: virginia officials also will give the sons of confederate veterans, which pop is sword the flag tag, a few weeks to redesign a new plate. >> without the battle flag on the tag. they can put a confederate halt whatever they like it is the issue of the flag. >> reporter: there are 1600 flag tags and owners will be allowed to exchange them at no cost. reporters asked mcauliffe if he would go after monuments, schools and parks named for confederates. >> i'm focused solely own the license plates. obviously, virginia, richmond was the capital of the
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confederacy. it is a part of our heritage. it is who we are in virginia and it's an important part of our heritage. the flag is different. >> reporter: governor says he opposes the use of any personal tag that causes hurt and pain but would not start reviewing any issue. in the district tom sherwood news4. a father's day murder. find out what's going to change to help curb a recent spike in violence in d.c. and a local mother knows all too well what governor larry hogan is going through and
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a viewing just wrapped up for that south carolina lawmaker and pastor shot and killed inside his church. it is the first of many services scheduled in the coming days, as its nation mourns the nine lives
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lost in last week's massacre. chris lawrence joins us with the emotional ceremony for clementa pinckney. >> wendy, another reminder of how last week's attack touched so many. thousands of mourners flowed through the state house to pay their respects to state senator pinckney. two additional viewings will take place tomorrow including one at emanuel ame, where dylann roof mired pinckney and eight other church members in a racist attack. president obama will eulogize pinckney on friday but federal lawmakers are paying tribute today. >> he cared about the people of south carolina whether you're black, white, rich or poor, the upstate, low country, he was a true south carolina state accept accept -- senator. >> a black drape covered the confederate flag so no one at the viewing had to see it >> chris lawrence, thank you. we have seen an outpouring for maryland governor larry
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hogan since his announcement on monday he has an aggressive form of cancer. one woman tells us the governor's story resonated with her and brought back memories of her own treatment, the same treatment governor hogan will be going through. news4's pat lawson muse joins us with her story. >> their cases are not exactly the same but a bowie maryland woman is living proof that, aggressive treatment can help you beat this cancer and in her case, she is not only beating it, she is helping others beat it. >> i had an eggplant-sized timer in my chest that was inoperable. >> reporter: in her late 30s, shar tease barnett got a chest x-ray and biopsy that led to a shocking illness aggressive b cell non-hodgkin's lymphoma. >> i had a biopsy for the mass found in my chest because of a cough i had less that two weeks. >> reporter: at the time, 16 years ago, she was the picture of health. >> i was an avid fitness enthusiast. i was 38 years old at the time, mother of a 5-year-old,
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long-time vegetarian. >> reporter: like maryland's governor, shar tease was shock bud determined to beat the cancer. up like governor larry hogan's case, shar tease's tumor was confined to a single organ. still doctors say many have been treated successfully for this type of cancer. >> it is absolutely not a death sentence. >> reporter: oncologist katherine broom says treatment regiments for lymphomas have come a long watch. combination chemotherapy regiments, mono clonal anti-body theory and other targeted they are spree all improved remission rates and are working toward improving survival. >> reporter: shar tease defied the odds and was able to have a second child who is now 10. and she has turn herd nightmare into a dream job, helping others through her work with the leukemia and lymphoma society. >> having been a patient now a survivor, now working with my colleagues across the country to
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help patients, it is an incredible journey. i'm living a dream. how many times do you get to come out of the woods and then be able to stay in the woods, if you will, and help others to navigate their journeys and come out on the other sides in. >> reporter: she is now on the other side. shar tease underwent six months of chemo and eight weeks of daily radiation and today she is still cancer-free. according to the leukemia and lymphoma society, more than 1 million people are now living with blood cancers. wendy? >> pat muse. good story. almost all montgomery workers will get paid when they have to call in sick to stay home to care for a sick child. the county council voted unanimously to offer paid sick leave for employees of all but the smallest companies in the county. the law requires one hour of six leave for every 30 hours that you work. a jury awarded a fairfax county man a half million dollars in a medical malpractice lawsuit.
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he also sued for defamation over offensive comments made during a colonoscopy. that man recorded it all on his cell phone because he wanted to remember what the doctor said to him afterwards. here's part of the exchange now. >> wow. the an necessary these dwrol gist in this case no longer works at the office where it happened and the company where she worked at the time is not commenting on the case. ase.
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it happened again, another bear sighting. and
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hello, everybody, i'm storm team4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer talking about a beautiful day today that might you can the only one we have in the forecast. let's take a look, show what you is happening outside right now. a nice afternoon, yes, temperatures yesterday 96 degrees one of the hottest days to. year today. well below that only 85 degrees right now. low humidity. really looking the a spectacular afternoon. winds out of the northwest, 14 a nice breeze coming across our region, 82 gaithersburg, 85 fredericksburg nice along the chesapeake. the boat today wouldn't that be
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nice? heading toward the nats game last night 2:12 delay tonight no delay at all maybe the game will get over with 2:12 zimmerman pitching, hope we have a great game against the braves, game time, 7:05. 81 by the seventh inning last out, 78 degrees a very nice night, really, a perfect night for a ballgame. as far as the rain is concerned, we're not seeing any storm team4 radar is clear right now. tomorrow i think going to see a little bit of a different story. a storm system making its way from the west, future weather here, notice we have some sunshine early, i think most of the day tomorrow will be dry, lunchtime, no problem. another nice day for lunch. but then we start to notice theoming on in. not going to be nearly as widespread tomorrow as they were during the day yesterday, but a couple of storms moving on in here, look at this, right around fairfax county right through the district, right around 4:30 f that happens, we can see very strong storms at the beginning of the rush and then watch the line develop here once again
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could see a line develop tomorrow afternoon any time a line develops it helps reduce some of the stronger winds upwards of 50 60 miles an hour, once again tomorrow afternoon. that is something we are going to be watching very closely if tomorrow we will make tomorrow a weather alert day during the day, right now, i think okay. see a few scattered storms, around 9:00, down to the south, seeing storms moving out of the area. satellite and radar showing that system we don't have much now, as far as clouds are concerned. lots of sunshine but here's that next system, you can see the little spin in the atmosphere here it is right here, ahead of the storms this is the spin that i'm watching this spin coming through the atmosphere, making its way down toward our region that's the spin that would actually help to produce those thunderstorms. so the severe storm potential tomorrow, going to be high, as far as high winds are concerned. no realtor nadeau threat. very low threat. could we see one? yeah, very weak. high winds, hail, rain again. you know we will see heavy rain june one of the wettest junes of all time. right now, fifth wettest for all
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time, could get more rain tomorrow. going out for exercising, much better early tomorrow going to be a nice day, nice early afternoon, but then storms late as those temperatures will rise once again to about 90 degrees. that may be it, as far as 90-degree temperatures go 84 on friday, more clouds, a chance of a shower, 78 on saturday. saturday may be a little bit of a washout here, looking a little better than it did yesterday and does look warmer sunday, a high temperature of 80 degrees, temperatures looking better there through monday tuesday, wednesday. temperatures back into the mid-80s, but we are not talking about anymore more 90s. guys? following developments of another possible shark attack off the north carolina coast. surf city police say an 8-year-old boy has minor injuries to his leg and foot from what looks to be a small shark bite. now, these injuries are not considered serious but they follow two very serious attacks
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just a little over a week ago, oak island, north carolina. both of those victim also to have their arms amputated. jim, wendy, back to you. >> chris lawrence. now at 5:00 tonight the father of a 1-year-old is attacked on father's day. this latest murder has the homicide rate skyrocketing in the district. find out what police plan to do about that. and victims are reacting to the courtroom apology from the boston marathon bomber. and some newly released video may help solve the mystery of who set a popular
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right now at 5:30 a father's day shooting turns dead labor day a 1-year-old baby is without a father. thfrnls unfolded at the langston terrace area in northeast washington and it's part of a troubling trend in the city now. news4's pat collins joins us now live with new details coming in.
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pat? >> reporter: we have averaged a murder a day, a dramatic increase in murders this year and city and police officials are trying to do something to stop it. the latest victim, 26-year-old ar vel stewart a father shot on father's day. his sister says his family is torn apart. >> to be gunned down like an animal is hurtful shocking to the family. it's something that we never imagined. >> reporter: day of celebration turned into a day of great sorrow. you see, ar vel stewart was the father of a 1-year-old baby girl. sunday was father's day. he had just come back from a picnic with his girlfriend's family. he was sitting here on the steps
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at langston terrace. some of his friends standing around him. when all of a sudden, they say a man came through this tunnel, pulled to you the a gun and fired two shots. one of the shots hit ar vel in the back of the head. they rushed him to the hospital. they tried again and again to save his life. that was not to be. >> ar vel leaves behind a 1-year-old daughter never get to see her father again. at this young able, she won't her father. >> reporter: so far this year, 63 people have been murdered in our city, a more than 20% increase over the same time last year. police and city officials are trying to stop the violence. they are actually going out in the community, warning people on high intensity supervision not to commit violent crime. >> if they violate the lawmaker the full weight of the law will be brought against them.
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but also offering health and human services to make sure we have every opportunity to succeed. >> carrot and the stick? >> yeah. >> reporter: now, coming up at 6:00, more about that burned body in trinidad and more about the drug that they say is fueling the violence in our city. live in northwest, pat collins news4. in the wake of what appears be the largest government breach ever, opm is speaking out now about how it plans to change its security. consumer reporter erika gonzalez here with new information for us. >> hi, jim. today opm put out this eight-page report on a plan to strengthen its cyber security. more than a dozen changes to start asap. here's a few of them that stood out to us. for starters opm will hire a cyber security adviser, somebody from the outside, to help manage response to the breach. we also learned its i.t. department will get a major overhaul. opm says it is engineering a more modern network of increased
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security controls called shell. the report highlights the use of data encryption for databases that aren't already in place. opm recently revealed hackers used a federal contractor's credentials to gain access to sensitive records. we have heard reports that the amount of people affected by this breach is much larger than the initial 4.2 million but opm has not confirmed. you can read the full report online at just search opm. alarming new numbers out today about the liquid laundry pods and the danger that they are posing to children. the group safe kids, says there have been more than 32000 calls to poison control centers just since 2012 because kids are getting into those laundry packets. the industry is set to vote on voluntary safety standards for laundry pods. in a statement, the american cleaning institute says manufacturers have already made major changes to the packaging, including adding easy-to-understand safety icons and they have redesigned
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packaging so the packets aren't visible from the outside. terrorists are holding 30 americans captive. today, president obama announced a new policy when it comes to paying ransoms to get loved ones back. he said the u.s. government will allow families to pay the ran as soon as and work with families of hostages. the president said families he talked to have felt like an afterthought or a distraction when seeking help in these situations. >> that too often, the law enforcement enforcement officials they were
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acing with were begrudging in giving them information and that ends today. >> the government will not pay to get the hostages back. critics say the terrorists will see this as a victory and be motivated to kidnap more u.s. citizens. a performance worthy of an academy award, that is how one victim is describing the surprise apology today from boston bomber dzhokar tsarnaev. it was his only expression of remorse and it came at the very end of the penalty phase of this trial, just before the judge formally imposed the death sentence that a jury decided on last month. apologized to the victims and their families. >> he said he was remorseful, i find that hard to believe. >> he didn't renounce terrorism. he didn't renounce violent extremism. the apology came after 20 witnesses testified for three
5:36 pm
hours about the impact that this bombing has had on their lives. a drunk driver hit a man and killed him, but that driver escaped the scene and the country. find out how one montgomery county family's finally getting justice today. some people call it whole paycheck. well, whole foods is being investigated for overcharging its customers. we will tell where you this
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our wednesday's child this week is a bright girl with a fashion for the arts. >> she says in the future she is still deciding between fashion and forensic s. news4's barbara harrison takes us to meet jasmine. >> reporter: 15-year-old jasmine says she wants to own a small dress shop when she grows up. katherine dress, owner of the gossip on 23rd boutique welcomed us and pointed out some of the unusual things she says a small store owner needs to add to bring people into the shop. i just had a passion for fashion and i feel like you do too don't you? yes. >> reporter: jasmine says she
5:40 pm
definitely loves fashion but has some other interests, too. >> i'm trying to decide between fashion and forensic s. >> reporter: she can see herself as a detective or a fashion designer. >> as far as fashion industry, i'm interested in making my own clothes, like, my own clothing line or like making shirts and pants and maybe some shoes. >> she likes art. she like music. she likes to sing. she is an artistic person. >> reporter: jasmine's adoption recruiter says she will be great at whatever she decides. jasmine says she knows what she wants in a store that she might own someday. >> edgy classy girly, tom boyish, i will have it all. >> reporter: katherine invited jasmine to try on a few thens here in the gossip boutique. every outfit was a perfect fit but what she needs most right now is an adoptive family that's the perfect fit for her. >> just people that are, like just loving and really listen to your problems and there for you. >> reporter: katherine had some gifts for jasmine to take home, including a become on how to open your own store. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: she was taking home
5:41 pm
the perfect outfit for her. but the best find would be the perfect family to love her. barbara harrison news4 for wednesday's child. >> wow, she was really modeling those clothes. >> i like those clothes. >> hey, if you have room in your home and heart for jasmine or another child who is weight, please call our special adoption hot line. that number, 1-888-2-adopt-me or always search wednesday's child on two popular grocery store chains are talking about merging. >> it could impact just more than your shopping options. explain why giant food and food lion could be forced to team up. the case of a deadly hit and run that occurred here along montrose road ten years ago, killing a retired d.c. cop is finally closed. why the victim's family feels that justice was delayed, but not denied. and the weather, it's not going to slow us down this evening or even tomorrow
5:42 pm
morning, but tomorrow afternoon, we get the caution light, we get the red light. storms step back into the area. those storms could be pretty rough. we will tell where you they will set up how bad they will be and how
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it took ten years and international manhunt to track him down but today, a convicted drunk driver has finally -- was finally punished for his crime. >> montgomery investigators tell us wilfred christopher owe lal low went to kenya after killing a d.c. detective in a dui crash. chris gordon spoke to the victim's family today. >> reporter: the accident happened on montrose road near rockville pike. it was december 17, 2004. police say the hit and run driver, wilfred owe lal low was drunk. the victim, retired d.c. police inspector joseph o'brien died five days later. it was montgomery police officer john powell's case. he arrested owe lal low who pleaded guilty to 2006 but before he could be sentenced, he ran leaving the u.s. >> i figured that once he fled
5:46 pm
the country and had gone wherever, that no, we probably wouldn't catch him. >> reporter: owe lal low hid in kenya, but ten years after the fatal accident he was caught and arrested. today in montgomery circuit court he was sentenced to the maximum the law allows. >> when you got three years and 60 days for the offense of you know killing someone while driving while impaired. >> reporter: the family of d.c. police inspector o'brien says owe lal low caused them so much pain and suffering. >> he was my grandfather and i really lost my best friend and my mentor. >> reporter: the family says the sentence given owe lal low brings them some relief from their long nightmare. >> i think it's wonderful. i mean, it's not enough, but you can only do what the laws allow. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 6:00, we will hear what mistakes owe lal low made, which led to him being caught. reporting from the montgomery county courthouse, chris gordon, news4. get ready for potentially big changes coming to your
5:47 pm
grocery store. giant food and food lion have agreed to merge. the owners put out a statement saying the deal will create more than 6500 stores in the u.s. and europe and serve more than 50 million customers a week. no word yet on how it would impact existing food lion and giant stores and the workers. this move comes amid increasing pressure from walmart. the merger is expected to go through in about a year. whole foods is denying accusations that it overcharged customers in new york city. today, the city's department of consumer affairs released test results saying the grocery chain routinely mislabeled the actual weights and prices of its prepackaged foods and that, according to the city rummed in customers paying extra. the price discrepancies ranging from 80 cents to nearly 15 bucks above an item's real value.
5:48 pm
here at the live desk, tracking a wildfire threatening homes north of los angeles. the fire is burning in santa clarita and so far it has scorched about 75 acres of rugged terrain. all that heavy brush leads to about two dozen homes. so far, officials have not ordered those families to evacuate that could change. hundreds of firefighters and several helicopters are trying to beat back the flames but it's 92 degrees and extremely dry. that's not helping. jim, wendy back to you. >> thank you chris. vj is here, her eyes on more rain en route. >> yeah, rainfall is up over the last couple of weeks and now talking about even more rain coming with several weather systems that are going to be moving n the other thing you're going to notice yeah, a change in the air mass again. remember, yesterday, we were so sticky, the day before that, we got some fairly pleasant air out there but look at this it turns sticky to uncomfortable.
5:49 pm
first sticky tomorrow morning humidity on the rise overnight uncomfortable, a little adjusting for tomorrow morning really back to sweating unfortunately. look at the temperatures across the area right now, we are in the 80s, it's pretty average to slightly below average for this time of year, got 85 in d.c., 86 fredericksburg, down around stafford, you get the idea folks. temperatures way down compared to the 100-degree-plus triple-digit heat index values we had yesterday at this same time. tomorrow morning, we are warm, mid-70s, no the too bad. low to middle 80s for your commuter forecast tomorrow morning, turning more humid, sunshine to start the day we will see clouds start to make their way into the area. the radar is quiet, but this time tomorrow it's certainly going to have a lot going on best time to forecast or run because of that is during the early part of the day because during the afternoon and our forecast, we have got some thunderstorms, temperatures, too heading back up to 90 degrees. we have had so many 90s already this year. doug just showed you the timing
5:50 pm
of those storms. here's what we are most at risk for damaging wind, then hail as well as flash flooding with the storms that move in, but isolated, not widespread, as was the case with yesterday's storms. there's the rain coming in to d.c. around 4, 5:00 tomorrow afternoon and i think some of that rain could hang on as late as 9:00, we will start cooling down very quickly, back into the 70s. so, some showers coming our way for friday, more rain, too, for thursday moderate to heavy. there will be some locations that could pick up as much as one to over two inches of rain. look at these areas down south, culpepper, fredericksburg, pax river annapolis, rain the next four days. there is your 90 stay in the pocket, much cooler air no heat wave, through the weekend. the weekend there is your washout day potentially, 78 that's it for a high temperature on saturday. rain right now optimistic we are for sunday that it could be kicking out of here, giving us
5:51 pm
higher temperatures for sunday, the best day for the weekend. again, focusing on those thunderstorms, severe weather potential a lot more news4 at 6:00. >> veronica, thank you. world police and fire games are almost set to start in fairfax. today, we meet one montgomery firefighter trading his fire helmet for a motocross helmet. for his job, he suits up to fight fires and respond to emergencies but to bond with his son, he trades in the fire truck for two wheels and motocross. this is go pro video of david lee living his passion. >> it's scary. when you jump, the jumping is the highlight of the sport, a major accomplishment when you can jump this 80-foot jump. >> reporter: lee took it up a few years ago, not just for the thrill of it, but to spend more time with his son trayvon. trayvon says his dad doesn't hold back when it comes to competing, even with him. >> when we ride together he is
5:52 pm
like overcompetitive and sometimes i don't want to ride with him. so, yeah kind offices me sometimes a little bit. >> we are competitive with each other and that keeps us together. basketball, motocross and everything we do is a big competition. >> reporter: later this week, the montgomery firefighter and paramedic will put on his motorcycle helmet to take on fellow firefighters in a three-day competition all a part of the world police and fire games. >> if it's a wide open field, i'm going to be right middle pack, you know? always a race within a race. you always find someone in the race that is about your speed. you sort of compete with them. so, it's always fun, even if you're not up front you're still battling. >> and it's fun to watch, too. hey, we will bring you coverage of the police and firefighter games when they kick off this friday. you can always check out the top five events right now on wendy? well, that time of year again where bears are starting to move around and we are seeing
5:53 pm
them out and about. this past week, we have seen several reports of black bears from frederick up in maryland down to vienna, virginia. maryland's department of natural resources says early in the summer is a time period where the younger bears will start to find their territory, 'cause even bears don't want to hang out with their parents. someone snapped these pictures of a black bear making his way around a playground along trap road in vienna on monday. we are told the bear in this case didn't have any human contact, wandered around a bit before moving on. another viewer sent this one us to the bechtel offices in frederick maryland. this is a bear cub walking next to the parking lot. experts say you should never approach a bear never feed a bear and don't ever try to corner a bear. always leave that bear a path to get away. now at 5:00 tonight tracee wilkins working on a break in the case of a suspicious fire at a popular restaurant.
5:54 pm
tracee? >> reporter: prince george's county firefighters and investigators say they now have video of
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
prince george's fire investigators hoping a new video will help them to an arsonist. the video just released shows the person suspected of setting tucker's restaurant and lounge in upper marlboro on fire. bureau chief, tracy wilken is live outside the restaurant now with a closer look at the new clue tonight. tracee? >> reporter: jim fire investigators hoping that someone will take a look at this video and be able to make out who this person is. they are hoping it may lead to an arrest in this case. >> reporter: fire investigators believe this is the person who set tucker's restaurant and lounge in upper marlboro on fire. >> right now, we are in shock. you know, we are still recovering from all this. >> rejust released by the prince george's fire department to the owner's niece. >> we really don't know who it is. and who could do this.
5:58 pm
i mean, um, honestly, i can't tell what is really going on in the video except for somebody walking toward the store. >> reporter: the surveillance video shows the suspected arsonist comfortably walking inside the restaurant. family members tell us he is walking into a storage room here. you can see the flames already inside of the room. there is the fire. you saw that? >> i see that. >> reporter: hundreds of firefighters were called to tucker's, a long-standing staple in upper marlboro last week. the fire broke out around 3:30 in the morning but time on the video shows the arsonist was inside shortly before 2 a.m. fire investigators say it caused $2 million in damage. it has left about 20 workers without a job and this community without one of its most popular establishments. if you want to take another look at that surveillance video you can go to our nbc washington app and search restaurant or tuckers a restaurant. in upper marlboro i'm tracee wilkins back to you-all in the
5:59 pm
studio. now at 6:00, a trail of damage after those severe storms yesterday and last night. a man in maryland was killed, others are still feeling the impact tonight. right now downed trees and powerlines still have major roads shut down. lightning last night sparked some fire. some people are still homeless. >> our crews are still investigating, david culver has more. >> reporter: 24 hours ago, the storms moved through this area, they left power out for hundreds and thousands really here in northern virginia and left what you see behind me here on twin brook road off braddock road and that is streets shut off. now, i just got a fresh update from dominion virginia power. they are making progress. just in the past few hours, they have had several hundred customers come back online with electricity, so they are just shy of 2,000 outages here in
6:00 pm
northern virginia. most of those are centered right here in fairfax as well as in the burke area. i asked them when they anticipate to get everyone back online, their deadline, they are hoping for late tonight but it's not going to be easy. drive through fairfax tonight and you can't miss them, dozens of dominion virginia power crews focused on getting the area back online. chances are you may hit a roadblock. we certainly did. twin brook road shut down ali lane blocked off. the soaking rain and strong wind pulled down the trees, dangling them into the power lynns. one tree alone had more than two dozen of these power poles on the ground. >> main thing is make sure nobody gets around any of this stuff here, if they get anything out of this interview, the public should just stay away from all this. >> reporter: ortiz got called away from ou


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