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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> breaking news at 11:00 a guard arrested. new charges filed tonight in the new york prison escape. >> one week since tragedy and horror in charleston, huge turn-out at the bible study where the shootings took place. and a former virginia
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senator weighing a presidential run gets attention for new comments about the confederate flag. >> chris lawrence at the live desk with breaking news in the search for two escaped killers. tonight police arrested a prison guard who worked in the cell block the inmates escaped from. gene palmer has been charged with sbroiing evidence and promoting dangerous prison contraband. the seamstress said she struggled the tools in in frozen ground beef. palmer delivered it to the inmates. police have zeroed in on a rural cabin where investigators found the inmates's dna. gene palmer's attorney said he made a mistake and is cooperating with the investigation, which suggests palmer thought he was smuggling ground beef and didn't know the tools were there inside. >> also new tonight, we're hearing now from friends of a
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young father killed by a stray bullet while he slept. >> and police still don't know who fired that shot that killed him. but as news 4 darcy spencer reports, he was not the target. >> friends of tayshaun dorsey have set up a candle light memorial in the place where he was killed in his sleep. he wasmx crashing at a friend's apartment after celebrating his 25th birthday. someone fired two outside from outside the apartment. one struck him in the head, the other in the ceiling then crashed through the bedroom window. we spoke off camera to the couple who live in that apartment where this all happened. they said they loved their friend and they feel horrible about the fact that they didn't realize right away that the bullets had gone into that room. when police first investigated the call for shots fired, one of the residents in the apartment told police everything was okay.
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but when police returned later after a casing was found in the stairwell, he went into that room and found his friend's body. >> what a tragedy. for the entire community what a tragedy. >> georgette agnew is a friend of the dorsey family. dorsey's mom said she moved her sons to fredericksburg so they could grow up in a safe community. she never imagined this. >> the family wants everyone to know he was an outstanding young man, he was an awesome brother, he would do anything for anybody. >> his mom says the last conversation she had with her son, show told him he was turning 25. he was a father of two young children, and needed to get his own place. >> he was just honestly in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: in fredericksburg darcy spencer, news 4. love and forgiveness that was the message at mother emanuel ame church, where worshippers returned tonight for
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a bible study. one week after that deadly shooting. some 150 people packed the same room where those nine people were killed. the only signs that a crime had been committed were squares cut out of the wood panelling where the bullets hit. cameras were not allowed inside that church tonight and those who attended the service said they still cannot believe what happened. >> well i just left from out the bible study hall, and i just wanted to sit there. knowing a week ago what happened, i just wanted to sit there. >> federal public defenders have been appointed to represent suspect dylann roof which is an indication that federal charges could be filed against him, in addition to the nine murder counts. a potential democratic presidential candidate is feeling heat tonight for sharing his opinion on the confederate flag debate. former virginia senator jim webb
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posted his thoughts on facebook. hundreds have come and many are highly critical of the post. he said, quote the confederate battle flag has been wrongly used for racist and other purposes in recent decades, but we should also remember that honorable americans fought on both sides in the civil war including slave holders in the union army and many non-slave holders fought for the south. also new tonight at 11:00, a car drove into this pizza restaurant coming up here in wheaton, maryland. you can see from our video from the ground, there are some broken windows and the frond door is damaged. we're waiting to hear from police about what caused this accident into the little caesars. new video of a bold daytime robbery at a drive-up atm. you can see a man walks up to a driver at the sun trust bank on largo center drive pulls out a
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gun, demands money. the driver handed over what he had, it happened about a week ago. if you recognize the thief police want to hear from you. >> and we are learning more about the man who was killed when his pickup truck ran into a downed tree near poolsville. he had just turned 79 on saturday. family members say when his house lost power last night, the former marine went out to buy gas for his generator and hit the tree that was on darns town road. he was killed at the scene. parts of northern virginia still coping with problems from last night's wicked storms. look at the intersection of bradox road andox road. still closed while repair crews work. that area of fairfax county is where most of the remaining power outages still are. dominion tells us tonight it hopes to have all the outages fixed in the next few hours. we got a break if the severe weather today. but another round could be moving in tomorrow. >> that's right.
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beautiful across our area low humidity take a look at the tie temperatures today. 86 degrees the high in d.c. yesterday it was 96. the heat index was 105 yesterday. today almost no heat index at all. 83 in culpepper. now, take a look at the severe weather threat, the area in yellow, ohio, pennsylvania look at us we're right in the bull's eye of this. tomorrow our best chance for storms will be late in the afternoon, and with that, the damaging winds hail and heavy rain between 4:00 and 8:00. i'll have the latest and what to expect this weekend from another storm coming up. here at the live desk we're watching massive fires burning in southern california. one firefighter has been hurt and about a thousand people evacuated from their homes. winds are whipping the flames closer to neighborhoods north of los angeles. more than 400 firefighters are trying to beat back the fire and
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earlier tonight one of them fell and suffered from burns. they rushed him to the hospital and then on to a burn senator. there -- burn center. firefighters have been helping to evacuate the animals there as well. officials say the air quality is reaching unhealthy levels and have issued a smoke advisory for the entire area. and look at this video, prince georges county firefighter are hoping you can identify this man here. they believe he set tucker's bar and lounge on fire last wednesday morning. we posted his picture on the nbc washington facebook page, so you can share it to get the word out. the blaze caused more than $2 million in damage and left 20 people without jobs. we're trying to get answers tonight to what's behind the recent spike in violence in the district. it's june and police have already worked 63 homicides this year. that's up more than 20% from 2014. in the past week, we've averaged a murder a day. police and d.c. leaders blame
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the recent spikes on the use of synthetic drugs. >> we know that when we arrest people for violent crimes almost 40% have synthetic drugs in their system. we know there's not always a causal relationship but it's a new force in the communities. >> the mayor plans to meet with people who live in ward 5 tomorrow. the community has had several murders there within the past few days. the latest yesterday when a man's body was found burning in a trash can. there's new information tonight following an investigation that details major complications involving' supposedly permanent birth control called esmp sure. today the f dmp a warned of unplanned pregnancies and pelvic pain. it's marketed as a permanent birth control that doesn't involve surgery. in 2014, they found women who complained of years of
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suffering. an advisory panel will meet to discuss the risk and benefits of this device. we could learn the fate of the purple line when larry hogan will make a major transportation announcement. hogan has said that he plans to make a decision by the end of june. we talked to commuters tonight who say the more choices they have, the better. >> i take the metro every day and i think the more options we have for mass transit in the metro, the better. i think it's great for riders. >> the rail line would extend from bethesda to new carolton and cost $2.4 billion to build. the governor has expressed doubts about whether the state can afford it. next at 11:00, using buses as bathrooms the bizarre claim by metro bus drivers, who say they don't get enough breaks. >> witness to history the local restaurant commemorating a marriage proposal fit for camelot. plus, the heckler who
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interrupted an invitation-only white house reception. >> listen, you're in my house -- [ applause ] >> i'm melissa with your first 4 traffic. van dorn street between ken more and and sanger, right lanes
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>> no no no no, no, no, no. no-no, hey, listen, you're in my house. [ applause ] >> my attitude is if you're
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eating the hors d'oeuvres -- you know what i'm saying? [ laughter ] and drinking the booze. >> president obama drew the line today when a heckler repeatedly interrupted him during his speech at the white house. and this was an invitation-only event, observing lgbt pride month. that heckler was apparently screaming about deportation and he was quickly removed. the president told the crowd there's an undeniable shift in attitude towards gay marriage no matter what the supreme court rules. the court will issue its latest ruling on gay marriage any day now. the court still has to issue opinions on seven cases it's heard during this term. and some of those rulings will come out tomorrow. some on friday. many believe the marriage ruling will be issued on the last day of the session, which is monday. day 2 of the ntsb hearings about the deadly smoke incident reveal that metro employees say
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they're afraid to speak up about problems. their union said workers fear retaliation. it's a serious issue because if rank and file workers don't report small problems, they could develop into big ones. >> metro tonight is pushing back on one of the more interesting claims that came out of today's ntsb hearing. a union leader said that metro bus drivers are often forced to relieve themselves on the buses. because they have nowhere to go to the bathroom. the union argued drivers should not be disciplined if they don't have access to bathrooms. metro says drivers can use bathrooms on virtually every trip at rail stations bus stations and other businesses that have agreements with metro. >> it's not good enough. that's what victims' families are saying tonight about the apology from dzhokhar tsarnaev. a federal judge sentenced him to death today. during the hearing, the
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21-year-old gave a five-minute speech saying he was sorry for the irreparable harm he has and that he prays for the victims, but those still healing from the wounds say it's too little too late. >> everybody was waiting for him to do something great. and he did his thing. he blew people up he got what he deserved. my son's still suffering. >> any closure today? >> kinda sorta. he's still alive, ain't he? >> tsarnaev also said in court today, there's no doubt he did this. an appeal process will begin automatically now because it's a death penalty case. 62 years ago tonight a bit of political and romantic history was made in georgetown. in martin's tavern booth 3, by the window if you believe the stories, that's where a young senator jack kennedy proposed to his give jacqueline bouvier. the man who claims he was there
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that night stopped in for dinner tonight with his daughter. it's 98-year-old marion smoke, who says at the time, he didn't think anything much of this. >> i didn't think of it as anything so unusual for a young couple sitting in the window booth. that booth now has a plaque. it reads the proposal booth. but there are historians who say that proposal had actually happened in boston. others claim jfk proposed via telegram when jackie was in london. i'm going with martin's tavern. >> i'm buying the booth, right here. >> you got it. what do we got coming? >> more storms coming. today was a perfect day to sit in that booth. it was really quite nice. after the severe weather last night, we needed today to give
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us hope the weather will get better. tomorrow, temperatures around 90 and storms coming. right now, 78 degrees it's a spectacular evening winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour. if you didn't get the jog in hey, go right now. the weather's perfect across the region. 66 manassas, 66 in culpepper. much cooler. not much on the radar. no storms overnight or early tomorrow. most of the day tomorrow will be quite nice. 86 that was the high today. 86 in leesburg, 86 in fredericksburg. 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. it was just cooler. felt close to 20 degrees cooler, no heat index. no real clouds right now, mostly clear skies, but back to the west, look at this system back here. this is the system that's going to move our way. as it does so, it's going to help pick up more moisture from the south more humid and a
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chance for storms. take a look at future weather, hour by hour, walking you through tomorrow morning. 7:30 no problem. sunshine tomorrow, a-okay as far as that morning rush goes. watch what happens by around 1:00. start to see shower activity down to the south. this makes its way up here by around 4:00. notice, here's 3:30, we already have strong storms some of these could be strong, possibly severe, but these move out, and then watch what happens here, 6:00, maybe a little bit of a break, and then the back side of the storm makes its way in here. what this tells me is we have a warm front and then a cold front coming in. this tomorrow night at 10:00, and this is where we could see some severe weather if this computer model is right, around 10:00 the potential for very strong winds that's the biggest threat. severe storm potential tomorrow, tornado risk, always on the low side for the most part in this area. high winds, though yeah, high-risk. hail, low to moderate risk. and then heavy rain, always a pretty good risk here too. we could see that once again.
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waking up tomorrow morning, no problems. and again right through 9, 11:00, i think we're fine. much better early if you want to get out to exercise. storms coming late around the 3:00 hours with the temperatures around 90. next couple days an even bigger change. 30% chance of storm on friday. another storm system moves in for the weekend. if you have plans this weekend, don't rule out the day on sunday. i think a 50/50 weekend. lot of rain, showers, and thunder showers on saturday but drying towards midday on sunday, and most of sunday right now, really looks much better than it did this time yesterday. if you're heading to the beaches sunday will be the day to go down. we'll see shower and thunderstorm activity on saturday. next week below average. no 90s. >> love it. >> thank you, doug. coming up next, the nats winning streak continues tonight. we'll show you the sticky situations that led to the dramatic victory next.
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>> this is the xfinity sports desk. your home for the most live sports. >> yesterday we were talking about strasburg today another name we haven't too much. >> desmond struggling, glad to see him come through. he's the longest tenured player on the nationals roster. this season bd be his last.
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he's in a contract year and most players put up big numbers when the big bucks are on the line. that hasn't been the dizcase for desi, but he did come through tonight when it mattered. justin anderson throwing out the first pitch. expected to be a first-round draft pick in tomorrow's nba draft. bottom seven, harper at the dish, muscles the ball to shallow right field. denard span scores. nats are up 1-0. on the mound, zimmerman. top of the fourth, jase peterson, down with this pitch. a new team record with 33 1/3 scoreless innings. drew storm, he's converted 17 of 17 save opportunities but it
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wouldn't be 18 for 18. he loaded the bases and game up the sac fly. we're going to extra innings. bottom of the 11th, nats looking for a hero the sac fly to left, plating bryce harper. the nats walk-off winners tonight. 2-1. desmond gets mobbed by his teammate at home plate. that means chocolate syrup time. that has to feel really good for him, or really disgusting. >> up to davis, o's and red sox. we are scoreless. davis leads the team in rbi and home runs. drives in chris parmely. baltimore gets on the board. the lead wouldn't last long against the red sox. tied at one, but norris facing dustin pedroia, good piece of hitting there, two runs score. red sox up 3-1. pedroia would leave the game after this game with a right hamstring injury. red sox go on to win 5-1.
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you know it's a big game when you break out the baseball oncies. college world series, virntanderbilt versus virginia. with uva down two runs, smith the freshman coming through for his teammates. that's a two-run blast. tied up at two apiece. smith, he was batting over .200 in the college world series, but he came through tonight. top of the fifth, this an rbi single to left, gave virginia the lead 3-2, right now the cavaliers on top, 4-2. this game is in the top of the ninth. soccer, 73rd minute, espinnedala with the ball, deflections, gets out to conor and he blasts a rocket past the keeper. united win this one, 1-0, the team's first victory on the road
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northern virginia is getting pumped folks for one of the biggest sporting events our area has hosted in years. tonight volunteers for the world police and fire games held a rally out in reston. take a look. thousands are donating their time to pull off the game of heroes. the games begin friday with opening ceremonies at rfk stadium. they last until july 5th. >> it's going to be the ultimate camp-out for a group of girls on the south lawn of the white house. first lady michelle obama
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hosting 50 girl scouts part of her let's move outside initiative. the girls will be able to learn girls choice badges, they'll be rock climbing, tying knots. the girls are from many states. >> roast from
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- arnold schwarzenegger. mike birbiglia.


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