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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 25, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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for his affordable care act and what it means for you. i'm scott macfarlane at the live desk. roads, bridges and the purple line. maryland's governor rolls out a $2 billion transportation plan and we are breaking it down right now. i'm storm team4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer. we watch a threat for severe storms this afternoon however a little bit different now cloud cover around most of the area all day long and had a few showers moving on through. this is only going to help to keep the atmosphere a little bit more stable and with that, i think less of a chance for severe weather moving on down around our area. i think the best chance will be around fredericksburg, southern maryland to the south. see a few showers around winchester, up toward baltimore, coming through the metro region now, that's all they are, just very light showers. now, the storm system itself it does have rotation with it. what that means is we have to wait for this area back to the west to make its way across our region before we see any severe weather. right now, the strongest storms around norfolk and virginia
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beach, they will get hammered. for us, later this evening, early portions, 8, 9, 10:00, high winds and heavy rain. i think heavy rain will be the biggest problem as we watch this the next couple of hours. i think we are okay between now and 6:00. guys? all right, doug. governor larry hogan green lights the purple line transit system. for now. in a news conference that wrapped up about an hour ago, the governor said the state will allow the purple line it to move forward but he drastically cut the amount of money the state will kick n governor hogan said the purple line is contingent on nearly $1 billion in federal aid and more investments from prince george's county, montgomery county and the private sector. the governor announced about $2 billion in new money to improve highways roads and bridges across the state including a new interchange at greenbelt metro in an effort to lure the fbi headquarters. transportation reporter adam tuss asked some important questions at that news conference. he joins us live to explain what this proposal means for maryland
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coming up. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. developing right now police kill an unarmed man in baltimore county. they were called to a home in owings mills early this morning and confronted 41-year-old spencer mccain. police say a protective order barred him from being at that house. witnesses tell our sister station in baltimore they heard a man and a woman arguing before police got there. three officers shot mccain. they say they thought he had a weapon. he did not. 19 shell casings were found at the scene. police say two of the officers are white one is black. we will update you on this story as we learn more. president obama scored a major victory today when the supreme court rejected a challenge to the affordable care act. the case center on some confusing wording. challengers argued the way the law was written, the only consumers to qualify for subsidies to lower their premiums will be those who buy their insurance through federal exchanges. they said consumers in the states that use the state
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exchange don't qualify. but the court rejected that argument 6-3. and in the majority opinion chief justice john robert wrote "congress passed the affordable care act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them. kwgs" >> in america health care is not a privilege for a few but a right for all. the affordable care act is here to stay. >> while the president celebrated, republican leaders roundly criticized this decision. >> and we are going to continue our efforts to do everything we can to put the american people back in charge of their own health care and not the federal government. >> if the ruling had gone the other way millions of consumers in 34 states, including virginia, can could have lost the subsidies that make it possible to enroll in insurance. a judge in the jesse matthew case is refusing to recuse herself. northern virginia reporter david culver just got out of the courtroom and joins us live in
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charlottesville with an update. what's this all about, david? >> reporter: pat, this is a pivotal pretrial hearing in the hannah graham murder investigation and this capital murder case. behind me you will notice a lot of attention, several media figures standing outside the courtroom here in albermarle county. on the bench is judge cheryl higgin higgins, she denied the jesse matthew's team request to recuse herself there is a stipulation to this saying judge higgins signed off on 25 of some 54 search warrants executeded in this case against jesse matthew. those generated a lot of the evidence here. sometimes there are motions filed during these trials to suppress those warrants, essentially keep them from being used in court. the judge argued she felt she could rule on the warrants without any bias but has a compromise with the defense team, she called in another judge to rule on those specific motions, that is, she will call that other judge in when those motions come to the court's attention. she, however, will stay on this
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case. the defense also argues that the judge's daughter, who happens to be a student at the university of virginia would pose some sort of conflict in this case. the defense attorneys saying your honor happens to have a daughter who was in exactly the same situation as ms. graham, referring to hannah graphham. you relate to the graham family and what they are going through. i will tell but what the judge had to say in response to that. as we come here live, you will notice that is the prosecutor in this case, denise lunsford the albermarle county commonwealth attorney in support of the judge staying on this case. when it comes to this motion, the prosecution wanted. more about her daughter's relation to this case plus when trial could be set. for now, tracy, we will send it to you. police say there have been times when they needed video from traffic stops and incidents and that video did not exist because of broken dash cams. now, they have a new system in place that not only will make sure that the cameras are
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working but will also change the way that that video is stored and recorded. this is an example of what the new camera will look like. instead of it being dvd recorded based, it will be based on a computer hard drive. police spokesmen tell us this is not only about safety but transparency. this change suspect going to happen overnight, prince george's replaces its police cruisers with new ones, they will also replace the cameras n palmer park tracee wilkins, news4. prosecutors are preparing for the triple murder trial of charles severance and won a key decision today. they will be allowed to use severance's writings as evidence in that october trial. and a lot of those contain murderous intentions. severance is accused of killing three well-known alexandria residents over a ten-year span. in our news4 at 5:00, northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us live with a first look at the pages of the accused killer's notebook. it is a sad reminder of just how dangerous it is for construction workers as they do
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their jobs out there on the roads every day. a tractor trailer entered a construction zone onnism-95 near the icc this morning and hit several vehicles. here's a look at the scene. randy drury was standing near one of the vehicles. he was killed. these images were taken by chopper4. police just told us the driver of the tractor trailer is from north carolina and has not yet been charged. take a look at this truck crash. it happened just after 7 this morning in montgomery county. at least one person was hurt. chopper4 was over this scene on club hollow road in poolesville. montgomery fire and rescue had to extricate the driver from the truck. right now, not clear how serious his injuries r in a few hours, the fairfax county school board will vote on whether to add gender identity and sexual orientation to its curriculum. the board would add those topics to classes about family life for seventh and eighth graders. now, earlier this year, the board did approve a plan to add transgender people to the
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county's anti-discrimination policy but in the case that they are looking at tonight, parents will be able to let their kids opt-out of that curriculum. possibly a new hate crime unfolding in the south. why police believe someone torched a church. i think that's wrong. >> i feel cheated. >> it's very disappointing. >> absolutely makes me think twice about shopping at whole foods. >> talk about a whole lot of frustration. how whole foods is responding to allegations it overcharged shoppers. designer family? how kim and kanye made sure
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this has been a weather alert day for storm team4 as we are tracking the potential for some heavy weather in parts of our area. a little later, showers on radar right now. you can see hagerstown, winchester, frederick scattered light showers mainly, but this is the area just south of d.c., around lorne ton, fredericksburg leonardtown, wall dore, where we could see severe thunderstorm watch somewhere close to that issued in the next hour or so. so we are going to be monitoring this very closely. heavy weather between 5 and 11 p.m. downpours and slick roads, talking about high wind hail and the chance for some lightning to come through with
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these. and that chance continues again up until about 9, 10:00 this evening. we have got a lot more on other issues that we could be facing this weekend. that with your weekend forecast in a few. >> thanks, vj. a major twist into the investigation of a fighter jet that crashed in arizona and started a brushfire. nbc news has confirmed the pilot was a trainee from the iraqi military. the f-16 fighting falcon went down overnight near the down of douglas on the bored we are mexico. the pilot was the only one on board. he died in the crash. two u.s. military officials tell nbc, the iraqi pilot was at an advanced stage in his training and was conducting an area refueling when his jet went down. the pilot was flying with the arizona air national guard. fire at a predominantly black church in north carolina was deliberately set that's according to arson investigators. the blaze broke out overnight at briar creek baptist church in charlotte. it took 75 firefighters more
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than an hour to get the blaze under control. damage is estimated at more than $250,000. we are hoping that the investigation will take its place and do what's necessary. >> the flames damaged a classroom but the fire was put out before it reached the main sanctuary. so far no arrests. whole foods is facing allegations it overcharges customers. how the grocery chain is responding this afternoon. they are regulars in the world of design. now comes word that kim and kanye may be designing their own family. how they made sure the next baby
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more on that developing story involving the purple line. we just heard the state of maryland is going ahead with plans to build it. our transportation reporter adam tuss is in annapolis. adam, you were in the room when governor larry hogan announced this news. what's your take away? >> reporter: this is huge news for montgomery and prince george's counties. the state says it has found a way to slim down the cost of the project, but that requires that montgomery and prince george's counties both kick in more money for the project. now, remember this is not a metro line but a streetcar-type system that would run from bethesda along the capital kress cement trail, through downtown silver spring, over to college park and it would end in new carrollton. hogan said today the way the state slimmed down the cost was basically by increasing wait times in between trains by a minute and a half. that saves on operational costs. again, the announcement coming just a short time ago. the >> the purple line is a
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long-term investment that will be an important economic driver for maryland. it will be built in part of our state that -- in a part of our state that has demonstrated strong support and use of mass transit. the purple line will integrate seamlessly with our current transit systems, combining metro, mark and amtrak. >> reporter: yeah so a lot on the table there. back here now live in annapolis. the governor talked about a ton of new road projects that he wants to build. more on that on news4 at 5. pat back to you. >> thanks adam. a second prison worker charged with that prison break in new york is out on bond this afternoon. gene palmer worked in the honor block, that's where both richard matt and david sweat were housed. according to a criminal complaint palmer is charged with swapping tools in exchange for matt's paintings. palmer's lawyer says his client had no knowledge they were planning an escape and that he
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passed a polygraph test. matt and sweat have now been on the run for 20 days. police continue to focus their search on heavy woods in northern new york. right now, crews are busy cleaning graffiti from an historic statue in richmond. someone spray painted the phrase "black lives matter" on the jefferson davis shrine on monument avenue. that statue is more than 100 years old, one of several statues on that historic road including robert e. lee, stonewall jackson and arthur ashe. there are been other incidents on monuments around the county. check out the time lapse video that rollof a storm that rolled into denver yesterday. rain filled the entire screen. that storm pounded denver, knocking down trees and flooding streets. doug, we gonna get some stormy weather here this afternoon? >> i think a chance for storms
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coming across our region later on this afternoon, but i think the severe threat diminishing just a little bit and then going to start to move our attention not just to today but even to saturday, too. a lot of rain the next couple of days. tomorrow, just showers, talking about very heavy rainfall makes its way on through. tonight, not too bad. a lot of cloud cover temperatures around 84 degrees. dew point now around 63 degrees. that's been on the increase and that shows us our moisture starting to increase as well. temperature, 75, gaithersburg 88, fredericksburg, 82 manassas. with this cooler air temperatures in the 70s, the cloud, that suppresses our chance for severe weather and i really think now it is going to be farther to the south. the latest from the storm prediction center says with our severe weather thread frederick, maryland, martinsburg, down to the south, i really do think it will be into parts of central virginia. that's going to be the biggest area. even around d.c., we have a chance for some stronger storms maybe not severe but stronger storms. here's future weather at around
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7:00 tonight and notice a few of these stronger storms moving on through the region. watch what happens as we move on through the rest of the evening, heavier rain down toward southern maryland around fredericksburg, i think that's going to be the key here as we move on through the next few hours. now, tomorrow, a few showers maybe some fog early, not a bad start but then just a couple of scattered showers on friday. friday, as i mentioned just a few showers, but here comes saturday. if you have saturday plans, 8 a.m., on the dry side. but look at all of this rain back to the west. look what happens by 1:00 rain. and we are talking a lot of rain on saturday. some locations picking up one to two inches of rain during the day. here is our rain right now, shower activity through fauquier county, loudoun county, back to the west on the wider view, you see this storm system making its way our way. it has some spin to and the area here we will be watching the next few hours. if we can get some storms initiated, those will be able to move in our way. the only chance of severe weather, the norfolk area, way down to the south and again, i think the farther south you are the better chance you have for storms.
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tomorrow, 85 degrees, with a slight chance of a shower but then the rain on saturday and it is heavy at times, 80 degrees on sunday, 87 as we head toward monday. we will call it a 50/50 weekend. right now, is up day not looking too bad. veronica johnson will have the latest on the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. kim kardashian denies that she and her husband kanye west, only had boy embryos implanted to make sure they had a boy. the reality star's pregnant and confirmed the gender on monday, but ""us" magazine" is reporting they used in-vitro gender selection where doctors isolate fertilized embryos of the preferred sex in a lab and then transfer them to a woman's uterus.kardashian says that is not true, she would have been happy with either sex. kim and kanye, have a 2-year-old daughter, north west and ""us" magazine" says she is in her second trimester. riots turned their neighborhood upside down, now a new effort to make sure some girls in baltimore have a special summer. the catholic church extends an invitt at aing to everyone
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during the pope's upcoming visit to the u.s., but you may have to watch what you say. we will explain. this is news4
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if you ride mark it is going to cost you more a fare hike kicked in today, marc train fares have jumped by $1 and commuter bus fares are up between a quarter and $1.25 depending on the distance you travel. seven-day passes will now cost you at least $20. four, three, two, one, zero. >> well, that wasn't just any rocket launch. more than 200 middle school and university students from across the country have a valid stake in this blastoff. the rocket took off from wallops island early this morning carrying their experiments into the atmosphere. those experiments were then sent
4:27 pm
into the atlantic ocean via parachute. crews are in the process of recovering them so students can analyze all the data they collected. ripped off at the checkout line? why the government says whole foods was overcharging customers and
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shower a few strong thunderstorms and even isolated severe weather. i will show you where those storms with severe weather will set up later. see the showers setting up on storm team4 radar areas around howard county loudoun county as well, light showers here, look, storms starting to pop south of i-64 see it there around fort union, the whole area here just south of quantico, around
4:31 pm
fredericksburg, locus dale where some severe storms could pop, the late afternoon and evening hours. here is a look at your sky cast, showers coming through d.c. around 7:00, maybe even an isolated strong thunderstorm that could produce some downpours and some brief high wind. you got storms still hanging on until 9:00 but as we get into the late evening and they issue that severe thunderstorm watch probably till about 11 p.m. morning fog and more serious issues coming up for the first half of the weekend. i will have more on that in just a few. right now, republicans are vowing to continue their battle against the affordable care act. just hours after the supreme court rejected a challenge that could have caused the entire system to crumble. in president obama's words, the affordable care act is here to stay. hundreds of people paid their final respects to two victims of the massacre in charleston. they were laid to rest today in funerals, the other victims'
4:32 pm
funerals will happen next week. tomorrow is the funeral for reverend pinckney. later in this newscast we will have a live report from charleston with the latest. we are learning more about the tragic death of a construction worker on i-95 in prince george's county. authorities say he was in a clearly marked construction zone, but as news4's megan mcgrath found out the driver of a tractor trailer apparently didn't see the warnings. >> reporter: a wrecker hauls away a smashed construction truck. 62-year-old randy jury was standing next to that truck when the tractor trailer came barrelling through the work zone. jury died at the hospital. the rig slammed into a crash attenuator truck. why the driver didn't yield to the arrow signs and warning lights is part of the investigation. the proper warnings were given so there were signboards posted down the road stating that there was a construction zone ahead. everyone appears to have all their emergency equipment on
4:33 pm
the amber lights, the arrow boards were up there was actually barrel -- construction barrels up. >> reporter: the accident happened at 1:30 in the morning and serves as an example of just how dangerous highway work zones can be. the crew of contract workers was doing guardrail work for the maryland state highway administration. they were set up on the northbound side of i-95 right at the ramp for the intercounty connector. >> there's a slight bend in the road. the tractor trailer continued straight and did not follow the roadway. >> reporter: i-95 became a parking lot with traffic getting by on the shoulder during a hunk of the early rush hour and the ramp to the i c. c was closed completely. the driver of that tractor trailer was taken to the hospital, but he is expected to be okay. no word yet on possible charges. on i-95 megan mcgrath, news4. there were hugs all around for three officers from d.c.'s chief of police early this afternoon for going above and beyond. officers thomas moore, shannon
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strange and thomas moore were all honored with the act of valor award. the trio came to the aid of an 8-year-old boy who had been shot in the head last october in northeast. rather than wait for an ambulance the officers picked up the boy and rushed him to the hospital and those actions probably saved his life. >> it was a terrifying day. we have to act fast and just go on with our job. >> i'm going forward. glad he is doing a lot better now today. >> police chief kathy lanier says beyond the police work, all the officers were successful because of the relationships they formed with the community. if you live in montgomery this is the man officially responsible for your fire rescue service. scott load steen was sworn in today as fire chief. he has been the acting chief since january and been in the department more than 20 years. he rose to chief of the operations division before this. he took over for steve lore, who retired back in december. the violence that followed
4:35 pm
freddie gray's death really hit some neighborhoods hard in baltimore and now, there's a new effort to help girls who live there. jennifer franziotti reports. >> going to bring up this elbow. >> reporter: learning how to get your arrow to fly straight and hit your target is both a physical and mental lesson girls are learning at a special week-long day camp hosted by the girl scouts of central maryland and northwest baltimore for mainly elementary and middle school girls in zip codes affected by april's civil unrest. >> some of our activities are about conflict resolution and about how you work on your sense of self. >> reporter: the girls started out as strangers but just one week, made fast friends through activities like tie dyeing shirts and using every day items to create solar systems. >> nasa came and they wanted to talk to us about if we were going to build a solar system what would it look like? so my friend and i, we made a solar system. >> never met any of these girls in my camp and now getting to meet them we had this class,
4:36 pm
building up friendship and how to stop bullying and just a nice program. >> reporter: during the camp the girls are provided breakfast and lunch and thanks to special program, transportation which is key to get them here. the camp is free and girls don't have to be girl scouts. leaders say camp gives all kids an opportunity. >> it gives them an opportunity to be something do something that they haven't done before. >> i can have fun with my friends and i can still learn about girl scouts and we learn about nobody's perfect you are beautiful and everybody's different in their own unique way. >> good job, ladies. >> yes. great program. well, this may not sit well some shoppers routinely shocked by some of the prices at whole foods. the gourmet grocery chain is accused of overcharging customers. it started with an investigation in new york city. the department of consumer affairs tested 80 different types of prepackaged products taking meat dairy and baked goods from several whole foods. on all the packages they tested, investigators found the labels
4:37 pm
overstated the product's weight which means customers were overcharged. >> sometimes it was $2 or $3 per item sometimes it was $6 per item. we are talking about significant sums of money, which really add up over time. >> a lot of times, those errors are in favor of the customer rather than whole foods market. so, for them to say that we have done some systemic or systemically overcharged customers is absolutely inaccurate. >> whole foods also says it is "vigorously defending itself against these pricing accusations." if you are ordering sodas to go with your happy meals mcdonald's stopped listing soda as an option on its menu last year. since then, 48% of customers, less than half chose soda. that's down from 56% in the year before the menu changed. mcdonald's says it means more people are leaving the count we are milk, water or fruit juice and that's all part of a vow to
4:38 pm
make 2013 -- made in 2013 to promote healthier food options for kids. you can attend but you can't speak out the message to gays ahead of the pope's u.s. visit.
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and take a look right now on the radar, just a couple of showers, frederick county back downs toward rappahannock county, page county, clark county. seeing just a few showers here back down toward the west, warren county seeing the showers, too, along 66 and front royal. not a lot going on right now do we have a chance for severe weather? yes, but the chance really moving down to the south. look at these strong storms developing well down to our south. will we see them in our area? yeah still possible we move on through the rest of the evening. what to expect tonight, heaviest weather between 5:00 and 11:00 at night. downpours and slick roads high wind, hail and lightning but i'm
4:42 pm
not expecting a widespread area of severe weather. this is mostly going to be a rain convenient as we move on through the rest of the night. some of that rain could be on the heavy side. veronica is back in a few minutes with the seven-day forecast. if you drive a mitsubishi or a chrysler, you want to hear this. 460,000 cars are being recalled because the air bags can push the sun visors into a passenger's face in a crash. the recall includes mitsubishi eclipse coupes. dodge stratus cars from the same model years are part of this recall. mitsubishi made those cars for chrysler. a drone delivery system -- i should say, a popular salad dressing under recall this afternoon. wish bone ranch salad dressing may contain eggs, a known allergen and it's not disclosed on the label. anyone with an egg allergy runs the risk of a serious reaction if they consume it. so if you're not allergic to
4:43 pm
eggs, wish bone ranch salad dressing is safe to eat. a drone delivery system could become reality next month, but amazon has nothing to do with it. this would be part of a test by a research group at virginia tech and the fa a. the drone would make medicine to an actual patient in southwest virginia and if it gets final approval, the delivery is scheduled for july 17th. it would be the first time the drone delivered something to someone's doorstep in the united states. amazon is working through some regulatory hurdles but it wants to start using drones to deliver merchandise. the catholic church says gays can attend a meeting in philadelphia with the pope but there is one thing they won't be able to do. you never know when or where a story is going to break. how a news c
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in the last couple of hours, governor larry hogan says he is willing to build a light rail line that could transform counties in our area. but he attached a big condition the counties themselves will have to contribute millions more to get the job done. the purple slip 16 miles of light rail that will run through
4:47 pm
big chunks of prince george's and montgomery counties. the governor says he is backing the same alignment and station so it is going to include stops in new carrollton, riverdale, the university of maryland tacoma park, silver spring and beth these d.a. i posted this image earlier on my facebook page. the governor says the folks who are against it say it is going to disrupt and destroy neighborhoods but supporters say it is going to connect all of these stops to the metro system. so maryland commuters won't have to go in and out of the district to travel around the edges. commissioner ike leggett says montgomery could kick in another $50 million to fund this project but remains to be seen where prince george's county can find the extra money. the welcome mat is out for everyone including gay catholics, to attend a global meeting of catholic families in philadelphia during the visit of pope francis but the meeting will not become a platform for positions against church teachings. he says pope francis will attend the last two days of the event that takes place in september. global meetings take place every
4:48 pm
three years in different cities. pope john paul started them in 1994 to promote traditional family values. >> we don't want to provide a platform at the meeting for people to lobby to positions contrary to the life of our church so we are not providing that kind of lobbying opportunity. >> organizers he can specht up to 2 million people to attend the final convenient of the meeting that will be mass by the pope on benjamin franklin parkway. vj keeping a close eye on the radar and storms percolating out there. >> what are you seeing now, veronica? >> showers making their way through maryland. some storms, however down through areas of virginia. i think that talking about rain here this evening we have got rain coming up for friday, we have got rain, a lot of it coming up for saturday. we could have real flood issues across our area. storm team4 radar showing you where the showers are around leesburg, frederick, hagerstown winchester, see them there
4:49 pm
crossing to 70 around 66 pushing into northern fauquier county, take a look, south, charlottesville, richmond, south of richmond, severe thunderstorm warning and this area south of leonardtown, fredericksburg, charlottesville, down through here with that severe thunderstorm watch could be issued. here this evening, with could have isolated heavy rains moving through that further south around maybe culpepper county spotsylvania or stafford county. there's a ding going up for us, possibly that severe thunderstorm watch being issued. by saturday, tomorrow some flooding. one to two inches by saturday. commuter forecast for this evening, six to nine, stormy conditions, mainly south on i-95, you folks around quantico, fredericksburg, 78 the temperature. we get into early tomorrow morning, there isstill could be road issues showers around the area, still wet roads and toing
4:50 pm
that will start setting-- fog that starts to set up. there could be 82 in frederick, 85 d.c., 86 expected in fredericksburg. impact forecast for tomorrow is low, it will be mostly cloudy, showers coming through, temperatures topping out in the mid-80s by 3:00. again, mainly gray, isolated showers, but look at the rain that will be coming in. over two inches from leesburg down toward culpepper and fredericksburg. there's your weekend close to 80 degrees a washout for sure on saturday. talk about more of the impacts for saturday in just a little bit. >> reserve thunderstorm watch, st. mary's county, the northern neck. >> st. mary's county in the northern neck, severe thunderstorm watch issued a lot more coming up news4 at 5:00. talk to me. hey. talk to me. >> a news crew getting ready for a live shot near pittsburgh stopped doing the news to help a driver who had pulled up to their vehicle to ask what they were doing, but then lost
4:51 pm
consciousness. the reporter called 911 while the photographer pulled the man out of his truck and started cpr. paramedics arrived and realized the man was suffering from a heroin overdose. they were able to revive him. >> if we weren't there and he wasn't curious why we were there he would have been on the road it could have been him and who knows who else? >> if wp charge. i photographer dave clark hadn't been on the scene, police say that man would have probably died. we are working several developing stories in our newsroom right now. a guard at a new york prison where two killers escaped tells police he granted the men special access outside their cells but says he never thought that he would try to escape. gene palmer's arraignment was just delayed, with unof two prison workers arrested in connection with the escape of david sweat and richard matt.
4:52 pm
co-worker, joyce mitchell, is accused of smuggling that contraband in. a big vote set for tonight in fairfax county. the school board will decide whether or not weather to add gender i.d. and sexual orientation to its curriculum for seventh and eighth graders. news four's kristen wright will explain the impact of this coming up at 5. plenty of tears and hugs this afternoon in charles tonight. >> the first victims of the church massacre are buried. nbc's jay gray is live in south carolina as the memorial grows. prosecutors say this journal pepped by accused killer charles severance provides a motive for the murders of three alexandria residents. coming up, a closer look at the words and why investigators say they are cruci
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when nine members of emanuel ame were killed in a shooting it sent days of debate over the
4:56 pm
confederate flag. governor nikki haley and other members of the republican party have come out in favor of removing that flag from the state house grounds in south carolina but sons of confederate veterans say this flag does not promote hate. >> it's not a flag or a corner stone that makes people hate each other. it is how we decide within our own hearts we are going to treat each other. >> lee land summers read the names of all nine victims and says this group is hurting for the families along with everyone else. the group is promising to fight lawmakers who want to take down the flag at the state house. a week after that tragedy, some of the victims the first of the victims were laid to rest today. >> yeah, tomorrow, president obama will deliver the eulogy for the pastor who was killed while leading a bible study the night of that attack. >> jay gray has been following this story today and joins us now live outside emanuel ame church. what is the latest there, jay? >> reporter: hey there pat, chris.
4:57 pm
crowd gathering here as the wake is set for a built later this evening emotions still raw a week after a shooting here and as the first of those nine funerals began today, the family of the man accused in the massacre said that they understood and acknowledge that pain. as the memorial grows and the mourning continues, the man police say confessed to the racist killing spree inside the emanuel ame church, 21-year-old dylann roof, remains behind bars but today's family released a same which says, in part -- nine people were gunned down during a bible study at the church and now a week late the first of those victims are being laid to rest. funeral services were held today for ethel lance, a retiree and dedicated member of the church and reverend sharonda coleman
4:58 pm
singleton, a speech therapist and high school track coach. after a public viewing wednesday at the south carolina state house, the body of reverend clementa pinckney is coming home. hundreds are expected to file through the church today for the wake of the senator and pastor, leading the bible stud date mother emanuel last week when the shots rang out, thousands are expected to pafr their respects tomorrow, including president obama, who will deliver the eulogy at pinckney's funeral. and because the crowd expected here tomorrow, the service will be held in the arena on the college of charleston campus. that's the latest live here in charleston, i'm jay gray. chris, pat, back to you. >> thanks, jay. news4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. and right now at 5:00 tonight, a shark sighting you at a local beach. it's the first sighting in ocean city tonight just ahead of a busy summer weekend. and a landmark decision that will impact millions of drivers in maryland, from wider roads, better bridges and the potential
4:59 pm
for the purple line. after the death of freddie gray sparked those wry yet sriots, there is another deadly shoot of a black man in baltimore county. this soggy week on a thursday night, monitoring the chance of more rain and storms this evening. >> folks there was a new watch issued in just the last ten minutes. let's go straight to doug in the storm center. doing you? >> that watch issued for an area we were thinking about a little bit earlier, i first tweeted about 11:00 this morning we would be talking about the best chance for severe weather down to the south of d.c. and that's where that new watch is. i want to show what you we are dealing with first and explain where that watch is. look at the current number, 85 at the airport, we are not talking 90. to you are dew points are up a little bit but still fairly cloudy and that cloudy conditions has put temperatures in the 70s, gaithersburg, frederick, martinsburg, winchester, only 81 in leastburg. fredericksburg coming in 89. sunshine down there a little bit more instability, because of the cloud cover to the north, not able to get that
5:00 pm
instability, not able to get that severe weather risk and that's why that severe thunderstorm watch is down to the south. talking about st. mary's county, westmoreland county, spotsylvania county, orange county and points to the south. notice, we have got rain coming in but not a single thunderstorm right now from frederick, hagerstown, leesburg lore ray, rain around the region, the thunderstorms, they are down to the south and they are some fairly strong storms even stronger storms down around the norfolk area. so what will we see the rest of the night? will we see strong storms? yeah, still a potential for that as we move on through but i'm not expecting much in the way of severe weather, especially not severe widespread areas of severe weather move on through the night. down to the south though, keep your heads up, severe thunderstorm warning until midnight tonight. and right now people across maryland are digesting a $2 billion plan that was announced by governor larry hogan to improve the roads, the highways and the brings. the governor also said the purple line project


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