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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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fire and rescue said before midnight, this car went off the road, through a fence and landed in someone's driveway. dufief mill is still shut down near travilah road while police investigate. melissa mollet will be here to tell you how to get around this closure. an update now on that breaking news. french authorities are now calling this a terrorism investigation. it's unfolding now, an attack at a gas factory in the southeastern part of france. one man is dead. he was decapitated. several people there at that factory wounded. what we just learned is that men crashed a car into the entrance of the factory. they crashed into gas canisters which set off a series of explosions. we have learned this morning that banners with arabic writing were found next to that decapitated body. we are following this one closely and we'll bring you more throughout the morning. >> thank you, kristin. new this morning we are
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learning a 16-year-old boy is recovering after become shot at a -- after being shot at a rec center. this happened at the birchwood community park center. it was the result of an argument between the shooter and his friend. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we have some major problems for your weekend coming up. a flash flood watch issued within the last hour too. amelia segal is in the storm team 4 weather center with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, eun. the flash flood watch is for tomorrow during the day on into the evening hours. right now on storm team 4 radar not picking up any rain in the immediate area. only the chance that you're dealing with a late-day shower. however, if you're down around the luray and charlottesville area in the yellow circle you could be dealing with rain and thunderstorms later on today. elsewhere, mainly dry and rain free day. not so tomorrow. everyone under a flash flood watch. this morning, melissa
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relatively quiet as temperatures warm into the upper 70s by 11:00 a.m. you're tracking some io. the blue and the yellow line, single-tracking between national airport and braddock road. wide look at things, the beltway looking pretty good. top of the beltway here looking as good as it can. nice and light volume on this friday morning. b.w. parkway 29, 95 moving nicely. 66 west of ox roads no problems there. remember this fatal accident still has all lanes blocked, dufief mill at travilah. alternate is route 28. travel times coming up. >> melissa thank you. 6:02 right now. new this morning we're hoping to learn if the case against a d.c. teacher accused of child bus will be taken to -- abuse will be taken to the grand jury. giovanni pena waived his right
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to the preliminary hearing. police say he inappropriately touched a boy inside the classroom. a woman is recovering this morning after being hit by a car in northwest washington. just after 6:00 p.m., someone hit a woman walking on wisconsin avenue near wyndham street northwest. she's the third pedestrian on wisconsin avenue to be hit in three weeks. two people died after being struck. a pedestrian safety group wants changes along the road to make it safer for people crossing the street. the son of marion barry is headed to jail. that's according to "the washington post." christopher barry facing 15 days for violating his probation. police caught him driving on a revoked license last year. he is supposed to report to jail on july 3. he will serve his time on weekends. tonight, hillary clinton is meting with democrats here in northern virginia. the democratic party is hosting her. the event is ahead of the legislative elections in november. it is happening at george mason
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university. and clinton challenger martin o'malley is giving a major foreign policy speech this morning. o'malley is speaking at the truman national security projects conference. right now the nbc news/"wall street journal" has o'malley at just about 2%. clinton is at 75%. 6:04 your time right now. over the next week or so, you can catch the men and women who keep you safe competing in the 2015 world police and fire games. the games include 61 sports with nearly 10,000 athletes representing many countries. i'll be there tonight to help emcee the event and molette green is live from the stadium with more on what's happening today. molette? >> reporter: aaron, yeah. in just hours this area is going to fill up with first responders, world class athletes from around the globe competing in these games for the first time coming to the u.s. aaron, you had a chance recently to profile a local firefighter,
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tracy daly who is getting ready to bring it for the next week or so. fan fest coming up this afternoon at 3:00 for everybody to come on down. eat a little food get some entertainment and look at the classic and more modern public safety vehicles thatb will on display -- that will be on display. now, the opening ceremony kicks off at 6:00. that's where aaron will be emceeing. there will be lots of people here, dignitaries including former secretary of state colin powell. and of course, one of the stars from nbc's hit "chicago fire" will be here. all of this free and open to the public. the actual games, when that starts most of that will be in fairfax county. but again, free and open to the public. lots of fun and a wonderful way to honor our public safety workers. that is the latest from rfk stadium. i'm molette green. back to you. >> thank you. 6:06 now.
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montgomery county police are investigating the death of a 60-year-old village man as a murder. someone beat bradley colmes so badly he died and that beating happened on june 12th. three people are believed to have seen the attack. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest. a shark sighting at a local beach. the first sighting in ocean city, just ahead of a busy summer weekend. what they're more concerned is not you. and a cruise ends in tragedy. what's stopping crews now from getting to the victims. and put this on
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you're watching "news4 today." >> welcome back. as of right now the purple line is a go. but maryland governor larry hogan attached two big conditions -- montgomery and prince george's county have to contribute millions of dollars more to get that project done. now the purple line is a 16-mile light rail system that will run right through big chunks of those two counties. the governor is backing the entire route which would include stops in new carrollton and bethesda. people who fought against it said it will disrupt neighborhoods. supporters say it will connect all the stops so that maryland commuters don't have to go in and out of the district. he's allocated $200 million for the upgrades and it's an effort to lure the fbi to prince george's county. so you probably have seen this video by now. it's a hammerhead shark right up on the beach in ocean city
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yesterday. the beach patrol said it's more worryied about her safety than yours. it is likely that the shark is sick or hurt. hammerheads are harmless to humans and they can grow to be more than 1,000 pounds or so. every time a shark comes on the beach it will cause concern. beach patrol says it will clear the water of swimmers in the shark returns. a lot of us go to ocean city over the break. >> harmless to humans, it's 1,000 pounds and a fish that will flail out of control with a hammer. harmless. okay. 6:11. we want to get up to speed on the forecast. a live look outside for you. the clouds already in place today. >> that does that mean for the forecast? storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal with more. hey, amelia. >> good morning. you're making us laugh this morning. temperatures are in the 60s. 69 in washington. 66 in winchester and 64 for those of you in frederick. mostly cloudy skies today and a
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late day shower is possible as highs only warm into the low 80s. just a little bit humid, so going out this evening, you might want to bring that small purse umbrella if you don't want to get wet. otherwise, pretty comfortable. 5:00, 7:00, 9:00 into the upper 70s. i'll have more on the heavy rain, the torrential rain in the forecast for tomorrow coming up in ten minutes. but for right now, melissa, a brand new crash. >> just got off the phone with the d.c. police. right now they're saying this is left bound southeast/southwest freeway with two lanes blocked. that inbound traffic is backing up a this point this morning. still have this issue in north potomac dufief mill at travilah. the lanes are blocked. alternate is 28 because of the fatal crash overnight. looking at travel times no problems. remember to listen to our friends from wtop as you hop in your car. the confederate flag debate
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has gone viral. apple is now taking action. what the company just removed from the app store. the search for a serial killer in connecticut has led to a home in our area. the link between a virginia man and the decade old case.
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welcome back. 6:16. today thousands are expected at a funeral for the pastor who was gunned down in his south carolina church. last night, president obama put the final touches on the eulogy. let's go to nbc's dave wagner now who has been speaking with community members. dave, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, eun. the body of clementa pinckney the pastor of emanuel ame church remains inside right now. the body will be moved to the college of charleston a little bit later for the funeral. we should point out here that the arena where this is being held, only 5,400 people can get inside there. that's capacity. so there's expected to be some overflow areas in various spots throughout the community. more than 20 people are expected to speak before president obama. so this is going to be a very, very long service. we are talking maybe three to four hours. the president is expected to speak about 30 minutes. he says that he wants this to be
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very much a eulogy not a political statement. so we are expecting that. the first lady the vice president, house speaker john boehner, hillary clinton all expected to be here as well. six more funerals are planned here for the shooting victims. all nine shooting victims and two more are planned for later today. we should point out here, eun that dylann roof, the suspected gunman in this case, remains behind bars about eight miles away. >> all right, dave wagner live in charleston, thank you. apple is the latest company to speak out about the confederate flag. they say they'll remove the flag from the app store. they won't remove apps that talk about the flag in a historical or educational concept. some gamers are angry about the decision. right now, emergency crews are trying to remove the bodies
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in a crash site. the pilot and eighth others from a holland america died. none of the victims' names have been released. a mother and child have been found after surviving for days in the jungle. they were in a twin engine cessna plane that crashed in colombia. rescuers say they survived in part because of a heavy load of fish inside the cabin absorbed the impact. the plane's pilot was killed. 6:18 now. today, a man accused of trying to hire someone to murder his ex-wife is headed back to court. prosecutors say dallas brumback jr., offered someone $5,000 for the murder. he and his ex had a bitter custody battle. police seized a gun, cross bow and kkk related items from his
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home in january. the fbi searched the former virginia home of this prisoner looking for clues into the series of murders in connecticut 12 years ago. that's when william devin howell lived in hampton. police and the fbi and search dogs looked for clues. he's a key suspect in seven murders in new briton, connecticut. not even two weeks after he announced a run for president, donald trump is in a firestorm over something he said. univision dropped the miss america contest after comments he made. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. they're bringing drugs they're bringing crime. they're rapists and some i assume are good people. >> now, trump is threatening to sue univision saying they have an ironclad agreement to
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broadcast the pageant. he told telemundo, he loves mexicans but had no apology for his stance on immigration. 6:20 right now. yet another familiar name will enter the republican primary in a couple of days. nbc news confirming chris christie plans to announce his bid on tuesday in his hometown of livingston new jersey. with so many candidates now it will be tough for christie to stand out. the latest nbc poll shows only 36% of primary voters say they can see themselves voting for chris christie. so we have a tough time sleeping, our schedules don't allow it. but how about this. you may be able to get a better night's sleep if you sleep alone. millions of couples in america are bracing so-called sleep divorce. >> american couples who are happily married are choosing to sleep separately to get a good night's sleep. relationship experts say this can actually improve your relationship too. >> if both partners are sleeping better they're more likely to behave better in their intimate
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relationships. >> the study shows that that people toss and turn more next to somebody else. but many of us prefer the company. relationship experts suggest that couples schedule together time. >> that can mean a lot of different things, you know? >> like what? >> like maybe having a good conversation. staring into each other's eyes. that sort of thing. 6:21 is your time now. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> there it is. >> well, let's talk about the weather. okay? quiet weather or the today. plenty of clouds and a shower mainly during the afternoon and evening hours. tomorrow, a weather alert day. you need to be weather ready as we work in toward the afternoon and evening hours. we'll be dealing with torrential rain and the potential for thunderstorms that could be strong to severe. the greatest concern was storms tomorrow will be strong, gusty
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winds that could produce some isolated wind damage. after tomorrow though, we get a break from the humidity. not just on sunday, but next week as well. temperatures in the 60s at this hour. 64 in leesburg. 66 in manassas and camp springs as well. you can see mostly cloudy skies from the shot. 11:00 a.m. temperatures in the upper 70s. a high today of 83 degrees. 8:00 p.m. temperatures till in the upper 70s and again a shower is possible during if afternoon and evening hours. steady rain looks to move in tomorrow morning. the earlier the rain arrives, the less of a chance of severe weather we have. tomorrow afternoon. so if you're waking up and it's already raining know that the severe weather threat later in the day will be diminished somewhat. if it holds off until the afternoon, then that impact goes up. best time to be out by the midday hours, heavy rain is possible at that point. as we get into the afternoon and evening hours we're dealing with
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torrential rain. possibly thunderstorms. and some flash flooding. just about everybody under a flash flood watch tomorrow afternoon -- tomorrow throughout the entire day on into the evening hours. a high tomorrow, melissa, of 78. sunday, the better weather day. partly sunny, breezy, low humidity and a high temperature of 28 degrees what's the latest on the road? >> update on the crash, at the 11th street bridge, two lanes on the bridge blocked this morning. if you're headed north on 295 into town, a three-mile backup right now because of the crash on the inbound 11th street bridge. if you're headed south, a four-mile backup. a warning there. if you can take a different route do that this morning. wide look at things overall no problems. taking a look at the beltway of course. 95 virginia here at lorton road, no problems there. green line delays we have delays in both directions here this morning from some earlier issues. remember this as well, north
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potomac at dufief mill near travilah road, we have all lanes blocked because of the accident reconstruction. your alternate is 28 or darnestown road. thank you. one other traffic alert right now, if you travel route 1 south of d.c. starting today all lanes will be shifted across the new bridge over the accokeek creek. it should be finished by monday. this is all part of the widening project. a developing story at 6:25. the search for the convicted killers who escaped an upstate new york prison is intensifying. richard matt and david sweat have been on the run for three weeks. meanwhile we are learning more about the prison guard who was arrested. gene palmer is charged with passing frozen hamburger meat to matt. a seamstress admitted she smuggled hacksaw blades and other tools inside that meat. palmer told police that matt gave him paintings and
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information about other inmates in exchange for favors over the past two years. that included letting sweat access the catwalk behind the block to alter the wiring so he could cook in his cell. palmer's lawyer said his client had no knowledge about the escape plans. in "news4 your health," the seventh annual hiv testing day takes event. more than 500 are expected to attend. at 10:00 head to the max robinson center for free, confidential hiv testing. later today between 1:00 and 4:00, testing is also available at the rayburn health unit in southeast. these events are part of national hiv testing day which is tomorrow. well, governor larry hogan of maryland his doctors gave him some good news about the recent cancer diagnosis. and he shared it at the end of yesterday's transportation announcement. >> yesterday, i got my results of my bone marrow biopsy which says i'm completely clear. i have no problem in the bone marrow, which means i'm at stage
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3. >> the governor announced on monday that he had b-cell non-hodgkins lymphoma. the fact it hasn't been found in his bone marrow makes his chances of winning this fight much better. he starts chemotherapy on monday in baltimore. your choice of smartphone could say a whole lot about the way you eat and shop. a collection of receipts found that iphone users are more likely to have a liquid lunch. i'm talking about a smoothie soup perhaps, juice. and android users lean more towards heavy, hearty foods like roast beef and fried chicken. iphone users prefer target and android likes walmart. i'm a target girl. >> i need to get myself an android. roast beef -- >> yum. we are awaiting on a
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landmark decision, several possibly, to come down from the supreme court. >> the issue they could rule on and what will happen if we don't get those decisions today. and we expect heavy rain for the weekend. so much rain that there's a flash flood watch that's going to be in place. amelia segal timing out the potential for storms. and a vote has some northern virginia parents upset this morning.
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we are following a developing story in montgomery county. two people are dead this after a crash in north potomac and investigators say alcohol may be to blame. montgomery county fire and rescue says just before midnight, this car went off the road, through a fence and landed in someone's driveway. dufief mill is still shut near travilah road and police investigate. quieter weather in the forecast today because there are some big changes coming to the forecast though. rain, flash flooding and a chance for severe storms that is
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what your weekend is looking like. >> amelia segal timing it all out for us. >> well, aaron, the potential for flash flooding and strong to severe thunderstorms all during the day tomorrow on into tomorrow night. sunday by far the better weekend day. completely dry, breezy. low humidity, partly sunny skies. now today an afternoon or evening shower is possible. but that's it. just a shower. tomorrow the rain intensity a lot higher. heavy rain is in the forecast. torrential downpours especially during the afternoon and evening hours. 6:00 p.m. here, notice mostly cloudy skies and some scattered showers including the chance for some rain inside of the beltway. rain moves in tomorrow morning. we are here at 7:00 and by 10:00 a.m., notice the heavy rain, downpours continuing into the evening and overnight hours. one to three inches of rain accumulates tomorrow throughout the day. we get that much rain on top of what we already had flooding is is going to be a concern on area
6:32 am
roads. we could see some concern with creeks and rivers in the area. tracking any issues this morning? >> one problem right now in the district. otherwise, actually, looking pretty good. take a look at this. we're talking about westbound southeast and southwest freeway, two lanes are blocked because of an accident. if you're headed out right now if you're headed north on 295 a three mile backup. that's building on the inbound 11th street bridge. you might want to avoid 295 today if you can. 66 no problems there. 95 northbound, southbound looking good. in virginia, no major issues. overall, also looking quite good in prince george's county. remember we have green line delays in both directions. green line delays in both directions. travel times in ten minutes. >> thanks, melissa. we're keeping a close eye on the supreme court this morning. today we could see a ruling on same-sex marriage. millions of couples will be affected by this decision.
6:33 am
nbc's tracie potts is live with what we can expect today. good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. we can expect to see one, maybe even more of the decisions including same-sex marriage. they have five left, but that is the biggest one. the two key questions in this case that the justices are looking at are these. number one, is this a fundamental right in the united states to same-sex marriage? is it equal protection under the law to make sure that people in every state not just those that have decided so far the 37 where it's allowed but every state should be allowed to get a marriage license. that's number one. number two, what if things stay the same and we have this patch work of laws around the country should one state that does not perform same-sex marriage be forced to recognize marriages in another state? so those are the key questions, we could see that decision come down today along with others or as late as monday. they have got four others to consider before the term's up.
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>> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us thank you. 6:34 now. frederick, maryland police arrested the man you see here and charged him with indecent exposure. police say that jose arnaz flashed a woman on northeast street yesterday. she called police officers found arnaz in a nearby store. he is in jail awaiting a court appearance. when and how is the best time to teach your children about gender identity and sexual orientation? fairfax county voted in favor of adding it to the family life education curriculum for seventh through tenth graders. some parents are not happy but they can opt out for their students. some members of the lgbt community are pleased that parents have that choice. transgender teens says education is the key to preventing bully. the board approved the new budget with a 7-5 vote. parents complained about the budget cuts and earlier this
6:35 am
month a county council rejected a plan to raise more money by raising property taxes. today is thes day for attorneys -- the last day for the attorneys in the freddie gray case to hand over evidence. they have to hand over all evidence to the state's attorney office today. marilyn mosby asked the judge to keep the attorneys from publicly sharing information. she says they are selectively releasing info that could jeopardize the trial. the judge rejected that request. a new court ruling will make it harder to learn about police misconduct in maryland. an appeals court found records about officer misconduct are exempt from the maryland public information act and that includes cases where the misconduct allegations are true. the court says handing over information about proven misconduct could lead to a chilling effect where supervisors don't want to risk their employees' reputation by punishing them. a new bill in the u.s. senate calling for d.c. to
6:36 am
become the 51st state. senator tom carper of delaware introduced it yesterday. it would shrink washington, d.c. to include the white house, the capitol and the national mall. the rest of the district would become the state of new columbia. this has more support than anies before it. social media buzzing this morning about the wizards draft pick and it's most live because of what he was wearing. >> take a look. they traded with the atlanta hawks for the first round pick. kelly oubre, check out his shoes. very bling. are they spiky? they're spiky and a lot of people asked where he purchased the shares, and he wouldn't say. the shoes needed a permit in a lot of states. >> probably. >> i think they're fun. a scary reminder now. not to leave your car running. a man jumps into a woman's running car and takes off. how two sisters inside the car managed to escape.
6:37 am
and we just spoke with d.c. police. a brand new update here on this crash at the 11th street bridge. might have some good news for you coming up. and where you can get around
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a 10-year-old girl and her 2-year-old sister escaped a carjacking by jumping out of the car as it was moving. the mother left the girls inside the car, she went inside the 7/eleven gas station to pay. the engine of the car was left running when a man jumped in and started driving away. the girls jumped from the passenger side door. you can see there the more was running toward the car in the video. this happened near san
6:41 am
bernardino. police know who the man is and is hoping he turns himself in. the girls were not badly injured. and amelia segal in with a look at the forecast for today and the weekend. >> well, aaron, mostly cloudy skies today. temperatures warm to only 80. you can see it forecast what the clouds will look throughout the day. we're in the mid to upper 70s. we hit our high temperature at 3:00 this afternoon. the suburbs near 80. washington in the low 80s. maybe a late-day shower. most if not all of your day though is going to stay dry. not the case tomorrow. heavy rain in the forecast. and potentially some high winds. i'll have more on that in ten minutes, but right now you have updates to the crash in washington? >> updates on this crash here in the district. i just spoke with police they're saying that all lanes are opened, westbound, southeast/southwest freeway, the crash at 11th street bridge. you still have a lot of delays if you're headed into town on
6:42 am
295 this. dufief mill at travilah, all lanes are blocked there. 28 and darnestown road is your alternate. in maryland, no problems on your travel times. looking great. same thing in virginia. 95 north quantico to the beltway, normally it's 40 minutes this time of the day, but you're on time, nice and green. nothing in your way at 23 minutes. remember to listen to our friends from wtop when you hop in your car. breaking news now a potential terrorist attack in france. the message left behind investigators are focused on. many people will come down to the national mall to see the fireworks. many others will be lighting off fireworks at home but is that legal and safe? and a couple of recalls to
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you're watching "news4 today." >> and tomorrow will be a weather alert day with mostly of the area under a flash flood watch. i'm going to have the latest impacts coming up in my updated forecast. and a brand new crash on the beltway. inner loop at braddock road, so we are seeing some slowdowns and then remember in the district, westbound, southeast/southwest free freeway at the 11th street bridge all lanes are open, but serious volume on 295. guys? good morning. we are paying close attention to breaking news overseas. a possible terrorist attack in france. we learned new information into
6:46 am
the live desk. one person has been arrested. this is happening at a gas factory in the southeastern part of the country. one person was decapitated. decapitated. banners with arabic writing were found near the body and multiple people have been wounded there. here's what we know. two men crashed a car into the entrance of the factory, they hit gas canisters which set off an explosion. again, one person arrested. unclear what's happened to the other attacker. we're working to find out everything we can about the situation in france. eun? >> thank you, kristin. he began preaching at 13, he was ordained at 18. today a funeral will be held for 42-year-old clementa pinckney. he was a senator and a senior pastor at the black church where nine were gunned down. thousands are paying their respects and the heart break can be felt all over. >> my heart has burst.
6:47 am
because brother pinckney was a friend of mine. >> and as you know, the president, the first lady, hillary clinton and the bidens will be at the funeral. a senior administration official tells nbc news president obama spent last night working on the eulogy. here in our area you can join mourners at the vigil in stafford county. it will be hosted by the county's naacp chapter. tonight at 7:30, outside the united states christian ministry. all are invited. we are following developing stories in montgomery county. speed and alcohol may have caused this deadly crash. take a look at the scene here. two people died in this crash in north potomac. montgomery county fire and rescue says just before midnight this car went off the road, through a fence. and landed in someone's driveway. dufief mill is still shut down near travilah while police
6:48 am
investigate. melissa mollet will have more on how you can get around this issue. new this morning we are learning a 16-year-old boy is recovering after being shot at a rec center in prince george's county. maryland national capital park police say this happened at the birchwood community park in ox hill. police say it was the result of an argument between the victim and the friend of the shooter. no one has been arrested. we are about a week away from the july 4th holiday. that means fireworks will light up the sky. >> if you're planning to light up some fireworks at home you need to know how to do it safely. news4's megan mcgrath where they're getting ready to educate people how to have a safe holiday. >> reporter: well good morning. theed a advice is don't do it at home. 200 people are hurt every day in the month surrounding the fourth of july. the injuries are serious. now, nbc's jeff rossen is
6:49 am
joining me here this morning. you're getting a graphic demonstration of the dangers of fireworks. >> yeah, i'm glad you're covering this. we're here at the national mall we have a watermelon set one the fire work. it could be your arm or your face. we have a mannequin out there and even a child with sparklers. this is not just about the big fireworks that you say, oh i would never use that. there's a new warning out there this morning and the hidden danger with the sparklers that i used as a kid i don't know if you did but we'll take something away from that as well. >> reporter: i know the laws differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and people are confused. >> that's part of the problem. you have to check your local state laws. it's legal in one state and then illegal in another state. you have to people who are looking at youtube videos, which could be the most dangerous and building the things at home. the thrill seekers. those people are being hurt or killed every year. >> reporter: we're seeing some mannequins and watermelons.
6:50 am
it will be very visual. >> nearly a dozen people killed in 2014 and more than 10,000 people sent to the hospital last year alone. >> reporter: we'll watch for that report at 7:30. a half hour on the "today" show. if you want to know the laws in our area go to our website, back to you in the studio. >> thanks, megan. we are monitoring two recalls. one affecting drivers and the other in your closet. landon dowdy has the latest from cnbc up. what is this all about? >> hey, eun, so lululemon is recalling about 18,000 tops because the draw strings can draw back and hit people in the face. seven people have reported face and eye injuries. they were sold between 2008 and last year. and the subarus recalling 72000 outback and legacy and impreza vehicles because a software glitch can cause the automatic braking system to stop working. acura is recalling suvs from the model 2014 and 2015 years
6:51 am
because a bolt in the air conditioning system can become loose or break causing other parts to fall off. no crashes have been reported. eun, back over to you. >> thanks, landon. hey, if you're looking to get out of town in style for the fourth, a private jet -- charter jet company is offering $4 flights. $4 private flights. the catch though -- you can only buy your ticket on july 3rd. you have to sign up on the website for a sweet deal wish list and the company will let you know if that deal is available for your destination. >> so you can't fly anywhere you want. you're not going to paris. >> got to be coming out of your airport and going to certain places. yeah. a catch. >> still $4 for a private plane is a deal. amelia, can we fly in this weather with all the clouds and the storms? >> you know what, in fact, the cloud cover today is keeping chopper 4 grounded this morning.
6:52 am
that's why with traffic we haven't had any shots from him. mostly cloudy throughout the day today. kind of a break from the heat and humidity with the cloud cover in place. we'll see our temperatures warm to about 80 degrees and then tomorrow, it is a rainy day from start to finish. we're looking at rain to move in in the morning hours. heavy at times throughout the day. especially as we get into the afternoon and evening hours. a flash flood watch will begin early tomorrow morning. that's going to run through early saturday morning for just about everybody. everybody in the solid color green so that does exclude culvert, st. mary counties. and one to four inches of rain will fall and that will lead to flash flooding likely in spot and also the concern that some creeks and rivers could get extremely high. and maybe some of the water does leave the banks but the weather impact today, having a relative live low impact on your day. temperatures in the 60s. 69 in washington. 64 in reston. so the morning and evening
6:53 am
commute looking good. just the chance of an afternoon or evening shower. not the case tomorrow. notice here with future weather as we work our way throughout the day today. just that chance of a meager shower. 7:00 a.m., rain moves in. here's already heavy rain, torrential rain in place around the midday hours. a high tomorrow of 78 degrees. tomorrow will be a weather alert day. on sunday, breezy, the pet better of the two weekend days. partly sunny skies. melissa, what's the latest with the roads? >> not looking so good outer loop at braddock road is starting to build. all lanes at the 11th street bridge are open, but still backups. if you're headed north on 295 a five mile backup because of the problem and south on 295 another five mile backup. avoid it if you can. dufief mill at travilah, all lanes are blocked. that's from the overnight fatal crash. 66 and 95 looking typical.
6:54 am
same thing in prince george's county. top of the beltway rolling al nicely. beltway at -- 270 at montrose road, no problems there. guys? >> melissa thank you. 6:54 and today the 2015 world police and fire games will kick off in the district. the games include 61 sports with nearly 10,000 athletes representing 64 countries. the opening ceremony is tonight at rfk stadium. i'll be helping out with those ceremonies. news4's molette green is live at the stadium with more on what's happening today. molette, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. it will be really exciting to see the first responders from all over the world come right here. they have been training like world class athletes. this is the first time these games is are coming to the united states. i want to tell you that fan fest is at 3:00. you can see classic and modern public safety vehicles and be able to talk to the public safety workers about what they do that's going to be outside at
6:55 am
the stadium armory. then the big opening ceremony event kicks off with you, aaron, at 6:00 tonight inside rfk. to kick off these games that will last about a week or so, thousands of athletes all of this free and open to the public. so you should mark your calendars to get out to some of this. but the bulk of the events will be in fairfax county. but lots of fun here in d.c. at rfk stadium later today. back to you. >> molette green, thank you. 6:55 now. tonight, hillary clinton is meeting with democrats here in northern virginia. the state's democratic party is hosting her at the jefferson jackson event. it's a powwow for virginia democrats ahead of legislative elections in november. not to be outdone, martin o'malley is giving a major foreign policy speech this morning. he's speaking at the truman national security project conference. right now the nbc news/"wall street journal" has o'malley at about 2%. clinton is polling at 75%. today, children in the
6:56 am
district can take part in the annual united states attorney youth summit. the fifth annual summit takes place at the friendship public charter high school in northeast. it happens between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. today. this year it focuses on educating children about their responsibilities when interacting with law enforcement. 6:56. four things to know as you head out the door today. we are keeping a close eye on the supreme court as we could see a ruling on same-sex marriage today. millions of couples will be affected by that decision. thousands of mourners expected at a funeral for the pastor killed in the attack in south carolina. president obama will deliver the eulogy there. hillary clinton, the bidens and the first lady will be there as well. today we will learn whether a d.c. teacher accused of child sex abuse will be taken to the grand jury. giovanni pena waived his right to a preliminary hearing. thousands of mourners expected -- >> two people are dead after a crash in north potomac. dufief mill is still shut down
6:57 am
near travilah road and speed and alcohol may have caused this crash. and for tomorrow, weather alert day with heavy rain, one to three inches. high winds potentially an issue later in the day. >> 11th street bridge, all lanes are open, but we have some
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. a brutal attack at an american gas factory in france. one man beheaded several wounded. a 30-year-old suspect in custody, another may be on the loose. and officials believe a known terror group is responsible. deadly crash. a sightseeing plane goes down in alaska killing all nine people on board. the passengers from a cruise ship excursion. bad weather is slowing recovery efforts overnight. missing, the state department reveals it can't find all or part of at least 15 work-related e-mails from hillary clinton's private server. a leading republican lawmaker is calling it significant and troubling. will the revelation impact her presidential campaign?


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