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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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sweat escaped the clinton correctional facility nearly three weeks ago. just about three weeks ago today. just hours ago, police intensified their search in this area after more dna evidence was found in a cabin that the two apparently had broken into. nbc's john yang is in that area and explained the scene a few minutes ago. >> we have had a number of state police cars racing through here with lights and sirens going. when i got here yesterday, it seemed like the activity was slacking off, keeping up today rks picked up very, very quickly and cull lynnminated they killed richard matt. >> reporter: they believe they were moving at night, trying to cross the bored near canada. what they don't know is where david sweat is, no reason to believe the two men had slipped up. all the updates for you, coming
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up. [ chanting ] >> celebrations from coast to coast, from the district of columbia to the mission district of san francisco. same-sex couples can now marry legally. >> it is a landmark ruling that drastically shifts the laws governing matrimony. here's where we stood less than 24 hours ago with 14 states still banning same-sex marriage. now, it is legal in all 50 states. some gay marriage ceremonies under way within hours of court's historic decision. >> this historic decision came bay the narrowest of margins, 5-4 the majority ruling that to refuse to grant marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples violates the constitution. justice anthony kennedy wrote the majority opinion writing, in part --
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. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins us live outside the supreme court once again. pete, you were there to witness history. >> reporter: indeed so, wendy. it was a historic day. what the majority opinion here says by anthony kennedy is that marriage is a fundamental right and denying that rate to same-sex couples would deny them the protections of liberty from the constitution. he says theft same rights to dignity as anybody else, dignity a keyword for justice kennedy, one he used in a decision go years ago on this very day that instead of emotion of the lower court ruling led to the supreme court decision today. each of the four conservatives filed a separate dissent. chief justice john roberts sort of sounded the theme for the
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dissenters saying whatever your personal feelings about same-sex marriage are, is a decision that should be made by the people not by the court and the typically barbed comment today justice scalia said if he had written this decision, woe hide his head in a bag. the immediate effect is to strike down the ban in the 14 states were they were still standing. as you know some states are moving more quickly than others to go ahead and issue marriage licenses but this makes it the law of the land, here to say, with an asterisk change it of course work any supreme court decision based on the constitution, the constitutional amendment or a future supreme court changing its mind. but standing here today, neath of those two things seem very likely. >> pete williams at the supreme court. thank you pete. our team coverage continues in virginia, where since october, thousands of gay virginians have been able to
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exchange vows. david culver outside the arlington courthouse where the first his-to-ic weddings took place. david? >> reporter: jim i was reminded by a gentleman walking into the courthouse here just how drastic of a change this is for virginia in just the past few years, really. you recall back in which the virginia general assembly voted to ban gay marriages here in the commonwealth. today that ban is down. as we say from the supreme court, they support that news. >> sometimes it's not whether you win or lose but it's how long you work at something. >> reporter: sitting at her computer, reverend emma chattin tweaking this sunday'ser is mop. she has a lot to add. shock, surprise delight, joy, amazement. >> reporter: sitting next to her, heather james. the pair have been together 18 years. five years ago, they married in d.c. last year, they did it again, in virginia. >> being able to marry, it was something we just -- it would be nice but we didn't dare to hope
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for many years. and it's just -- it's wonderful. it's absolutely wonderful. >> reporter: not all virginians are seeing this as a joyful move. >> it launches an attack on the christian churches across the nation. >> reporter: i melt with state senator dick black. he is a lawyer and a former marine. he worries people of traditional faiths will have to go underground. the catholic diocese of arlington and richmond released in a statement reading, in part -- this couple has a different interpretation of faith. >> if you look at the bible how can you see it that way? how can you not see that jesus preached love? >> reporter: just a short time ago, virginia attorney general mark herring wrapped up a press
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conference here, he explained the wider implications of the supreme court's ruling how it, according to him affect all virginians, not just gay couples. wendy, i'm going to share that side of the story when i join you at 6. >> we will see you then, david. several presidential candidates weighed in on this ruling as well. to see their responses, go to and search gay marriage reactions. an apparent night of partying turned deadly for a group of teenagers in montgomery county. police tell us four students from wooten high school crashed their car in north potomac overnight. two of those teenagers are died. news4's chris gordon live now at the scene with details on what led up to this tragic loss. chris? >> reporter: this is the crash site where friends and schoolmates from wooten high school have gathered throughout the day in silence and sadness. occasionally, there have been hugs and tears and the prayer. it is all because of last night's tragedy that took two young lives. police say the car was going so
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fast when it crashed that it broke into pieces. >> the rear bumpers, the front bumpers were torn off and not on the vehicle. >> reporter: police say the passengers sitting in the back seat were killed. calvin lee and alexandra murk, both 18 and recent graduates of wooten high school were not wearing seat belts according to investigators. the driver of the car, 18-year-old samuel ellis is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. police are not identifying a 17-year-old who was sitting in the front passenger seat. >> always there for us thick or thin. they were always there. they were our best friends. they were there for us. >> reporter: a basketball was left at a growing memorial at the crash site. there is a football here, too. the driver of the car, sam ellis, was the quarterback of wouldn't high school's football team. cal lee was a wide receiver. >> played basketball with them on wednesday. them calvin and sam. and i hurt my ankle and they carried me back to my house.
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>> reporter: police say the four friends are were heading home after a party in north potomac where there was underaged drinking. >> representatives from our alcohol initiatives unit went to go investigate it and continuing to investigate it. when they got there the party had concluded for all intents and purposes. >> reporter: ahead at 6:00, what police tell us investigators found in the wreckage of that car crash that makes this story even more upsetting. the latest live in north potomac wendy, back to you. . chris gordon. live right now, hillary clinton rally set to get under way in northern virginia and it's a who's who of powerful local democrats crowding into the patriot center to hear the presidential candidate speak. our northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey is there. she will have a live report for you coming up in the next half hour. let's check in with storm team4 now, tracking heavy rain folks a big damper on your saturday. doug? >> where do i -- >> i tell you, weekend plans, guys a tough weekend out there especially on saturday.
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i think saturday is the day. we are going to see flooding, the potential there, flash flood watch in affect. not just the flood concern. >> the after nap, the evening hours. could be some embedded thunderstorms that means not only do we have to deal with the flooding but maybe some high winds coming through some damaging winds and that means the chance for some more power outages and downed trees. >> exactly. >> take you through the timing of it all here. >> not a good saturday but a nice friday evening. if you are out tonight, no problems. that dinner gate kyte go through don't worry about it. tomorrow, however, you got plans to be outdoors, i know it's going to be a rough one. look at all the moisture coming our watch one storm, another storm down to the south. look at the flow coming right out of the atlanta area, more moisture, all that moisture converging on our region over the next 24 hours. that's why we have a flash flood watch in effect until 2 a.m. on sunday. goes into effect overnight tonight, but through 2 a.m. on sunday for just about the entire area. but as we talked about here, it's not just the potential for flash flooding. we have a severe weather threat across the entire region tomorrow, too.
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that threat, not just with the heavy rain but also damaging wind gusts, could see an isolated tornado tomorrow a pretty dangerous situation on your saturday. again sunday looking okay. we are going to have the timing of this, show you when we see some of the heaviest rain move through in our forecast in just a little bit. >> thank you, doug. breaking right now, an urgent alert from u.s. intelligence and law enforcement, authorities tell us there is a greater threat for an icy-inspired attack in our country through the july 4th weekend. officials say the threat is based on both intelligence and analysis. isis has encouraged followers worldwide to attack on both small and large scales. now to a developing story overseas where at least 37 people are dead after two gunmen opened fire on a beach resort in northern africa. another three dozen people were wounded in this attack. one of the gunmen is dead. another is in custody. this all unfolded in tunisia, a
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popular vacation spot for europeans and neighboring countries. tunisia has been on high alert since a museum attack in that country's capital left 22 people dead. in france, one man is dead, two others injured after a barbaric attack that appears to be terror related. investigators say two men drove a small truck into a gas plant here in the southern part of the country and crashed it causing an explosion. french authorities later found a beheaded man near the scene. his body covered in arabic writing. they say the victim was the suspect's employer. the main suspect in this attack did not have any criminal past but apparently had previously been on the radar of french police. >> translator: i think today we have to deal with sleeping terrorists who are able to disappear from the surveillance radar for years and then can reappear. it's really important to have a reflex and an action to make sure this surveillance lasts as long as possible. >> several people, including
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that main suspect in custody at this hour. france raised the terror threat in that part of the country to the highest level for the next three days. we are working several developing stories for you this evening much the president, the first lady and thousanding in charleston today, honoring a leader and a friend. we are live with the president's tribute to clementa pinckney. a man goes out for a walk and never comes home. why montgomery county police just ruled this a homicide. and we have a new interview with the victim's partner. staying on top of breaking news right now in the search for prisoners in upstate new york. nbc news has learned one of the inmates, richard matt has been shot and killed. the other inmate, david sweat, still on the run right now. we will keep working this story and get you new informing right here on news4 at 5:00.
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he was attacked outside his montgomery county home. five days later, he died. now, police are looking for the person responsible. this attack happened on ridge line drive in montgomeriville. shomari stone went there tonight and spoke with the victim's partner. >> it's sad. >> reporter: bobby williams feels empty in his montgomery
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village up to house without his partner, bradley comb. >> waking up every morning, knowing he ain't gonna be here. >> reporter: 60-year-old was beaten outside the couple's townhouse saturday night shortly after 10:30 on ridge line drive. >> he always liked to go outside. we been here about five years. he never -- that was his normal routine. >> reporter: bobby tells me that bradley walked outside to get some fresh air. he walked right down this courtyard and then all of a sudden, he was attacked. he was injured, bruised bleeding, went back into the house and that's when bobby called for help. >> when he came back, he had gottuped out there. >> reporter: he drove bradley to a hospital. he died five days later. the medical examiner determined the death was a homicide. >> catch the people who did this to him. he ain't never bothered nobody. >> reporter: bradley was a retired landscaper. he has been bobby's same-sex
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partner for more than 20 years. would beby wonders if he was attacked because of his sexuality. >> i hope he wasn't targeted. >> reporter: montgomery county police are investigating. they believe some people in the neighborhood saw the attack and they want to hear from them. >> find the people who did this to him. >> reporter: bradley combs was also a veteran. we will have more about his series in the military coming up at 6:00 n montgomery village, shomari stone, news4. an outpouring of emotion in charleston, south carolina today, as thousands remember the nine victims in that church massacre. president obama delivering the eulogy at one of the services. news4's chris lawrence joins us from the newsroom with the president's message. chris? >> reporter: he had a couple of them, wendy including calls to take down the confederate flag, as well as toughen up some of the gun laws but president obama knew reverend clementa pinckney personally, so this was a very personal event for him. the president talked about pinckney's humble beginnings and
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says that humility stayed with him despite the reverend's rapid rise to the church and politics. mr. obama recognize the strength and courage of the victim's families especially the resilience they showed after dylann roof's arrest. >> the alleged killer could never have anticipated the way the families of the fallen responded when they saw him in court in the midst of up speakable grief with words of forgiveness. he couldn't imagine that. >> reporter: he delivered the eulogy but the president wasn't done yet. he then later led the entire crowd in a rendition of "amazing grace." now, president obama says roof thought he would incite tear and deep the racial divisions but "god has different ideas." in the newsroom chris lawrence, news4. >> thank you. even though it's summer vacation, we are hearing some big news out of some local school districts on a very hot-button issue. tonight, only on news4 scott macfarlane learned two more
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local school systems are getting set to cut back on how many test these give students. >> reporter: prince george's county schools next school year will be cutting reading and math exams given each year between third and 12th grade and district officials tell us they will cut more tests in the coming months. frederick county public schools considering the same, decide building to eliminate some of their local tests. both districts tell us they are concerned, when you add up all the local, state and federally required exams teachers are losing too much actual teaching time. bun private review shared with news4 from a group called fair coast, a non-profit that measured these things, said school kids in our area are now taking 113 standardized tests, especially kindergarten and 12th grade. no timetable yet for frederick county's decision, but montgomery schools this week said they will consider eliminating end of semester
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tests, too. montgomery one of the most closely watched high achieving districts in the nation could very well be trend setting. >> all right, scott macfarlane. that time of year again, the world police and fire games about to kick off, the opening ceremony less than an hour away. news4's derrick ward joined us live from the rfk stadium armory to tell us what we can expect. derrick? >> reporter: we can expect a lot of, i wouldn't say pomp and circumstance, but certain page xbren try. a lot of respect, it is almost like the olympics. the world police and fire games happen every two years. thousands of police officers and firefighters from all over the world. get together for some friendly competition. it's friendly but doesn't mean it is easy. ask someone who has done it before. >> you say that is the last game but you come back. >> reporter: they are both firefighters from south africa and participating in track and field events. some come naturally with the job. >> line of work it is a requirement for us to be --
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[ inaudible ]. >> reporter: but also time to get to know their counterparts from other parts of the world. >> come together an start testing and stuff maybe a beer or something. come together. pretty much all of the same, right around the world. >> it's great opportunity to aggregate. aggregate something to our jobs and work. >> reporter: track and field, swimming, weight lifting and there are some safety-sector specific is competitions ultimate firefighter and combat weapons games. events run through the fourth of july weekend and they are expected to bring more than 30,000 people to the area. back with you live here, you can see some of the local aspects of this kids from our area have been brought here. will they get a chance to see what is going on here and do a little, i guess you would say public relations, public safety sector gets to do public
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relations with these kids as well. we are here at the fan fest in the stadium armory parking lot a lot of the olympians, athletes, rather, taking part in this, a chance to come out, talk to each other and mingle with the general public. of course, it all gets serious starting tomorrow when some of those actual games begin. as you said a half hour or so they will begin with the opening ceremonies at rfk stadium. live at the stadium armory complex, derrick ward, news4. a big weekend out there. thanks so much. we keep working breaking news for you, one of two convicted killers who escaped a maximum security prison is now dead. >> police shot and killed richard matt in upstate new york this afternoon and the other inmate david sweat is still on the run. we are going to keep working this story and get you more information right after this. and of course, we are talking about rain during the day tomorrow. how much rain and what about that intensity? early in the day tomorrow those showers, maybe some moderate rain, but then later on in the after into into the overnight period, we get very heavy rain talking about the potential for
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flooding, flash flood watch in affect. the lates
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not bad day out there on a friday. yes, we had some cloud cover across the area. not a bad day as far as rain was concerned. going back out tonight, no worries. got plans this evening get out there don't worry about them, i don't think you will need the umbrella, 81 degrees dew point, dew point closer to 70. yeah, going to be a little un-unh comfortable, temperatures the 80-degree mark not bad. 76, baltimore, 77, leesburg 78 martinsburg, 81, fredericksburg. not bad as far as the temperatures are concerned. next couple of day they will be going up, except for tomorrow. now, tomorrow, the rain. no rain tonight, if you're going out to dinner, you got the movie tickets, hey, i think you will be a-okay for tonight.
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then tomorrow comes, got this little band of showers down to our south a little bit of clearing, watch what happens back to the west, a big-time storm back here. look at all the moisture. not just in this region but look at the moisture coming up from the south. all of this is going to come together and converge over our regionful that's why we have the flash flood watch in effect. future weather timing now for us overnight tonight, in through early tomorrow morning tonight, no issues tomorrow morning, 7:30 here is the rain, just some shower activity, the most part, any showers on the heavy side, watch at 11 a.m., this is 11 in the more heavy rain just back to the west but just about everybody seeing those showers during the day we get a little bit of daytime heating, won't take much to produce strong storms with this event, notice what's happening back toward the west stronger possibly severe thunderstorms developing during the afternoon hours. and we turn our focus from flash flooding to a potential for bind and maybe even isolated tornadoes tomorrow and tomorrow night, 8:00, look at all the rain this puts d.c. one two,
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three inches of rain. some locations could pick up more than that. that's why we have the flood threat here by sunday it is out of the woods, not talking anymore more rain on sunday it should dry off. tomorrow, a different story, flash flood watch in effect until 2 a.m., includes just about the entire area doesn't include calvert, st. mary's. 8:00, 72, some showers out there, rain, the umbrella needed. 11 a.m. and 3:00, if you are in the rain, some of these storms umbrella's not going to be help raining too hard for that 75 at 11. 77, 3, 72 8:00. somebody asked me on my facebook page, can i mow my lawn tomorrow? . no wait on sunday, maybe late sunday. we are going to see wind on sunday, will help to dry things a little bit. temperatures around 80 degrees. if you are heading down toward the beaches, sunday is going to be the beltser day. 84, monday, back to on tuesday and then, we can breathe a little bit. just a slight chance of showers
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next thursday and friday. guys? >> thank you, doug. we continue to work an historic developments that occurred in the supreme court today. justices rule in favor of same-sex marriage. we will talk to news4's tom sherwood in the studio about the decision today and why our region has a complicated history when it comes to gay rights. hillary clinton speaking live right now in northern virginia. julie carey will have a live report from the rally. we continue to follow that breaking news tonight, with up of two escaped prison inmates shot and killed in upstate new york, we are gathering new information for you and have the
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at 5:30, new video just coming out of new york and shows police streaming down the street near the up to of malone where escaped inmate richard matt was shot and killed. now this cell phone video also catches a police officer giving his group a quick update on the manhunt. >> one guy down.
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>> >> yay. >> you can hear the officers say one guy down and that brought cheers from the people around him. we learned that matt was shot just south of malone 30 miles west of dannemora, where matt and david sweat broke out of the clinton correctional facility three weeks ago. police started to close in very quickly on this area today after finding more dna evidence from one of those men at a cabin that they had broke into. now police think the men were trying to make a break for canada and at the moment david sweat is still on the run but officers say there's no evidence that they split up so right now, they think that's somewhere still in that area. more as it comes in. marriage equality, now the law of the land, from coast to coast all 50 states, by a narrow margin. the supreme court today rules that denying a marriage license
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to gay and lesbian couples violates our constitution. that decision overturns the bans in 14 states and ends a legal battle that has lasted more than two decades. news4's tom sherwood joins us now. you have -- a veteran of d.c. journalism and covering politics here. the city has really been in the forefront of lgbt rights and civil rights. just for the region people say this has been a fast decision the nation changed quickly it hasn't been that fast. i talked to a former d.c. council member who in 1975, 40 years ago proposed legislation to make same-sex marriage legal. he told me today he was shouted down by the clergy and other people in the city, saying we can't possibly do that. wendy, it took 25 years for at-large council member in 2009 an openly gay member, to propose this and the council voted for it, 11-2. >> all right so, go over the region right now.
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virginia at this point still doesn't have it. but the people -- what -- how about for the people already married here are they free to move around the land? how long is it going to take? >> no. . no the district did this and the sixth jurisdiction in the country to do it maryland did it in 2012 and '13, virginia had to have a court order forcing them to do it when the court ruling -- supreme court ruling gets done, it will apply to everyone. one of the reasons, i talked to the lieutenant governor in virginia this week and stayed is an economic issue as much as a moral issue. if virginia's booming and it wants more people, a good gay married couple in d.c. with not move to fairfax for a great job if they had to lose their civil rights. and vice versa. they knew of people in virginia who were moving to maryland into the district. they think this will even the playing field and it will become
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the law of the land it is the law of the land. the paperwork has to be done. the paperwork has to be done. even george allen former conservative senator and governor of virginia today said, told the "washington post," it's time to accept this and move on. tom sherwood thanks so much. today's historic decision adds a new dimension to one of the biggest events of the year for democrats. hillary clinton drawing hundreds of supporters to george mason university's patriot center tonight for the fund-raising dinner, virginia bureau chief, julie carey joins us live with the preview. >> reporter: the doors just opened a while ago happy virginia democrats heading inside, hear from hillary clinton at 8:00ment to the supreme court's decision today legalizing same-sex marriage across the country has folks here looking ahead to an all-out celebration inside and they will be among the first to hear what candidate clinton has to say about the historic ruling.
5:37 pm
there were rainbow stickers at the ready as hillary clinton supporters lined up early for tonight's vehement. this jefferson jackson dipper is an annual gathering but with hillary clinton as the headliner, it had to be moved into the pay the tree why the center to handle the 2,000 who bought tickets. in this battleground state, it is never too early to look ahead to the presidential contest. the democrats say they are getting much more than they bargained for here tonight, a chance to come together to support the leading democratic candidate and to celebrate the court's same-sex marriage decision. >> i think it is going to be so much energy and the climate with the scotus ruling and just hillary here and all of the other speakers fantastic. i think it is going to make it more exciting than what it was supposed to be i think probably talk about that and the significance of that. really going to help her campaign, too. >> reporter: not all presidential hopefuls are happy with the court's decision today. on news4 at 6:00, i will have a sampling from republicans and
5:38 pm
democrats and tell you how folks here think it will shape the 2016 presidential contest. back to you, wendy. we continue to follow breaking news, three weeks after two killers broke out of prison, one has been shot and killed. we are live with the latest in the search for the other inmate coming up. a boutique in upper natural barrow is saved by the federal government leaving some brides without their dresses and their money. i'm tracy
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nine people are dead tonight after a sightseeing plane crashed into a cliff in southeastern alaska. and the weather is delaying the recovery of the victims' bodies. now that plane went down in a mountain nous area. on board a pilot eight people from a cruise ship. at this point, it's unclear why the flight went down but the weather was overcast with wind
5:42 pm
gusts up to 30 miles a hour. virginia's governor is renewing his push for medicaid expansion after this week's supreme court decision that upholds the affordable care act. on wednesday, the court ruled that federal subsidies can be paid in every state, whether or not they run their own exchanges. the subsidyies lower the cost of premiums. governor mcauliffe says virginia lawmakers should accept obamacare is here to stay. >> let's put the ideology aside, politics aside, do what is right for our folks, get them health care. >> in response, virginia house sp william owl, said nothing about the supreme court decision changes the deep flaws in obamacare. the loss of hours for part-time workers, the canceled help plans, skyrocketing premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs. the virginia house of delegates will continue to protect
5:43 pm
virginians from the side effects of obamacare, he calls. a braidal shop owner holding dresses hostage? the up expected shop shut down that has some local women scrambling now. a magic trick turns into a rescue mission. show you how this -- show you this scary scene and explain how this all is linked to nbc's hit show "america's got talent." we will see more and more rain saturday with some real flooding concerns. then, severe weather will be moving in. ild it could be by late in the day, next on news4 at 5:00.
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we keep working breaking news for you tonight, one of two convicted killers who escaped a maximum security prison now dead. >> police shot and killed richard matt in upstate new york today and we just learned a border patrol tactical team encountered matt near a camp ground off a local highway not far from the canadian border. the other inmate dave vittid sweat, is still on the run. we will be working the store rained give you more information. any woman whoever thought
5:47 pm
about getting married can appreciate the pain customers of a maryland bridal shop are now feeling much the shop has closed down and customers cannot get their dresses or a refund. news4's tracy willing -- tracee wilkins is live in upper marlboro saying an unrelated crime is causing these nuptial nightmares. >> reporter: this is unusual. you hear about bridal nightmares, women are hoping they can get their dresses but don't know if that is going to happen, all dark here, although it should be open according to the hours. that's because the government now owns everything in this building, from the fixtures to the dresses. >> the person i spoke to, she told me that they were closing. >> reporter: 16 days away from her wedding -- >> i think i'm all cried out. >> reporter: today, chantell watkins is told that she can't have the seven bridesmaids dress that her friends purchased from couture miss bridal and formal in upper marlboro.
5:48 pm
>> she said that the government was here and that's all i can tell you. >> reporter: apparently, the feds have seized the business and all of its contents although the outdated sign from that past tuesday claims they are closed for inventory. >> she said the only thing i can tell you to do is to file suit. >> reporter: the owner was convicted of stealing $5.1 million from a d.c. non-profit back in 2013. as part of her conviction she was supposed to turn over her bridal shop home car and all other asset bus in an amended order, she was able to keep the shop, until a consent motion was filed monday ordering the business be handed to the government because she was in jeopardy of eviction. we called the d.c. u.s. attorney's office to find out what that means for customers. an employee told this young lady that she needs to sue, but i was wondering if there was any other course of action. >> that's my dress. >> reporter: as i waited for an explanation, we watched grace approach the boutique another customer here for a fitting. >> oh no.
5:49 pm
no. no. no. >> what was the dress for? >> for my son's wedding. >> reporter: both women are understandably upset and wonder what happens now. >> they should at least say something, you know? if they are not going to be able to give it then type. >> this is one of the worst days of my life. >> reporter: this shop has stood here longer than i can remember. we just heard from the d.c. u.s. attorney's office and they do have a number for customers to call. you can dial 202-252-7566, if you have been impacted. you can also logon to nbc washington and search bridal shop. we have a link with more information for you there. live in upper marlboro, tracee wilkins, back to you-all in the studio. studio. >> not a good day for weddings tomorrow, we have a monsoon coming. >> monsoon saturday all the rain moving in and through. two possibly three inches. real flood concerns for tomorrow as well as the possibility that we could see some rough storms
5:50 pm
come through here, severe storms, in fact that could deliver some high winds damaging gusts maybe even an isolated tornado. we are going to be monitoring of that very carefully and closely throughout the day. here's a look. again, high-impact day for us. meanwhile, the flash flood watch continues throughout most of our viewing area, exception of down through the northern neck, may extend it down there the national weather service from 2 a.m. tomorrow morning through your saturday night into sunday morning. mean while, our main threat is out of seeing the high winds, could see a little bit of hail, certainly heavy rain and again, a threat, threat of a brief spinnup tornado coming our way for tomorrow. for your evening if you're going to be going out yes, we have had a gray sky today throughout, cloudy conditions continue, temperatureses into the mid-70s and then those shower chances increase after midnight. first thing tomorrow morning expecting rain to be pushing in, leesburg, wet around 5, 6 a.m.,
5:51 pm
impacts on the road tomorrow morning if you are going to be out. the green light early best time to get out do your errands get things done by midday. heavy rain possible, rain and storms and flooding with bonding on area roads late in the day. 5, 6, 7:00 even low visibility as well. mid-70s, there is your shower buys 1 to 4, stormy conditions and those temperatures are not going to be rising very much or very high tomorrow. by 2, 3, 4, 5:00, our highest possibility of seeing the rain. by 10:00, 11:00, see the probabilities come down from 60 to 50% chance. showers early. isolated moderate, travel's going to be slow. and then as we continue to make our way through the day again, ponding on area roads, it is a lot of rain that's going to fall throughout our area, including right in d.c. 80 for a high temperature on sunday, breezy, low humidity as we get into the early part of next week, yes, early july upper 80s to around 90 degrees. again storm threat, flood
5:52 pm
concerns for tomorrow got a lot more coming up on news4 at 6:00. >> thanks, vj. a magic trick goes horribly wrong and cameras capture the dramatic rescue. escape artist spencer horseman got trapped in a cube here filled with water suspended above the stage. take a look. crew members started screaming several people rushed to free horseman. wednesday night's rehearsal forced angel to delay the show's connecticut premiere. horseman, who performed on nbc's america's got talent back in 2012 will reportedly return to the show. well, disney world is known as the happiest place on earth, unless you want to use a selfie stick there all disney parks are banning selfie sticks for safety reasons much the new rule goes into affect on the 30th of june but already banned from rides. one parkgoer took a selfie stick on a ride and the ride was shut down a half an hour. securities will be checking the bag for these stick, fyi. saved from the shauter house
5:53 pm
with help from a celebrity. how ricky gervais rescued little ricky and brought him here to d.c. a shark sighting off the coast of maryland has folks in a frenzy on social media tonight. next, we will head out to ocean
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
you may have heard of the dog meat festival in china last week and it is one of the more horrific things that occurs on our planet. this is little ricky one of the dogs that was going to be killed and answer theful he just arrived at the washington animal rescue league. this is video of the dogs in china at the slaughter house. he was saved from that awful fate. u main society international documents the brutality and suffering of these animals and it was allowed to rescue just two dogs and two cats from that awful fate. >> about 10,000 dogs a year are killed for the festival so, for the few weeks leading up to the festival, dogs are trucked in and slaughtered there.
5:57 pm
>> they believe little ricky was someone's pet who was stolen and then sold to this festival. he is very friendly. the league says he should be ready for adoption in about a week. you can learn much more about little ricky, how he got his name and how you can adopt him and learn more about the efforts of the humane society international to stop the dog meat trade in china. just go to our washington -- nbc washington app and search rescue ricky. suspect he sweet? >> ricky what a face. >> so sweet. hey, one of the most read stories on today, a second hammerhead shark spotted swimming in the surf near ocean city this week. >> reporter lowell mel zer talked to a woman who had a close encounter. >> like, oh, wow. >> reporter: it wasn't untilson dra -- until sandra bishop got out of the water thursday that she saw a hammerhead shark swam by her. >> wasn't moving very much i really didn't think it was a
5:58 pm
shark. in the movie, you see them moving a lot faster. it's a funny floaty that's what i was thinking. it was a feeling like that. >> reporter: jim reporter also saw it and like many other onlookers was amazed. >> i have never seen one in here that close to the beach before, unless i caught it surf fishing. nothing that big. >> reporter: this was the second spotting of a hammerhead shark in ocean city in a week. last sunday, one washed ashore after giving birth near the delaware/maryland line. officials say it most likely had been brought in too close to the shore by anglers. wednesday though there was a sighting of a second shark that seemed to swim up and down the coast aimlessly. identified as a shark, in the surf zone, the guards moved the people out of the wake as they went down the beach moved people out of the wake went back in the ocean. >> reporter: the captain of the ocean city beach patrol says guards were busy moving people in and out of the water as a precaution. >> 30 minutes after people had been taking pictures and videos
5:59 pm
on their personal devices on this they were back in the water swimming. so these are people that saw themselves, saw it in close to shore but after they saw it went away, back and enjoying themselves. >> reporter: officials say no one was ever in any danger as this type of hammerhead shark was docile and most likely injured, which is why it was so close to shore. things are back to normal here in ocean city, at least for now. but beach patrol will still keep an extra good eye on the water. more reports of gunshots in upstate new york tonight as police close in on the second escaped prisoner. >> police shot and killed one of those inmates, now the other is running for his life. >> news4's chris lawrence keeping a close eye on all these developments from the live desk right now. chris? >> police may be closing in on david sweat. we just learned that people in that area are hearing a second round of gunfire in the town of malone. now sweat is still on the run, but they believe he is in the same area where richard matt was
6:00 pm
just shot and killed and now we are getting a much better idea of just how officers found matt. we are told a border patrol tactical team was sweeping the area around a campground when they spotted him. when matt raised and pointed a shot gun at them, the agents opened fire. nbc's richard yang is in the area and explains how police started to focus on this particular spot. >> the break-in at a summer camp in near owl's head that happened on saturday. they found material there that was tested for dna and that came back positive for both of the inmates, both of the escapees, they knew they were together at that point. and that there were -- as i say, no evidence that they can broken up split up. >> reporter: inmates didn't make it all that far from the prison they escaped from three


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