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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 26, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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area are hearing a second round of gunfire in the town of malone. now sweat is still on the run, but they believe he is in the same area where richard matt was just shot and killed and now we are getting a much better idea of just how officers found matt. we are told a border patrol tactical team was sweeping the area around a campground when they spotted him. when matt raised and pointed a shot gun at them, the agents opened fire. nbc's richard yang is in the area and explains how police started to focus on this particular spot. >> the break-in at a summer camp in near owl's head that happened on saturday. they found material there that was tested for dna and that came back positive for both of the inmates, both of the escapees, they knew they were together at that point. and that there were -- as i say, no evidence that they can broken up split up. >> reporter: inmates didn't make it all that far from the prison they escaped from three weeks
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ago. all today's action is happening about 30 miles away from that prize up. police think the men were traveling at night and trying to cross the border into canada. just to recap, there is a second round of shots that people are hearing in that same area. officers are trying to track down david sweat. rich whard matt is dead after he raised his shotgun at border patrol agents and shot and killed. staying on to have of this. updates as they come in. now to more breaking news right now, a phones terror threat in the u.s. timed around the fourth of july holiday. nbc news has learned from multiple intelligence and law enforcement sources there is heightened concern about an isis-inspired attack that extends through independence day. now this threat is based on the use of social media by isis to encourage small and large-scale attacks around the world. sources say the information came in before today's terror attacks in france, tunisia and kuwait. at least 37 people were killed on the beach in kuwait --
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rather, tunisia, when a gunman opened fire at a resort. dozens more were injured before police killed the gunman. and in france, a truck driver once under surveillance for radical islamic ties crashed into an american-owned chemical warehouse today, triggering an explosion. two people were injured. the man is also accused of beheading his boss. it's a milestone for same-sex couples, tonight, working various angles of the supreme court's historic ruling that allows gay couples to marry in all 50 states now, weddings taking place all day in states where they weren't legal before that's 14 states that had bans in place. this ruling was a close one with four of the justices dissenting. president obama praising this decision. >> and this ruling is a victory for america. this decision affirm what is millions of americans already believe in their hearts, when
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treated as equal, we are all more free. >> several religious organizations criticized this decision. the justices saying their ruling will not force religions to condone or to perform same-sex weddings. virginia was the most recent in our area to legalize same-sex marriage. the move just a few years after the jeep assembly this voted to ban it. news4's david culver live in arlington where leaders he can plained how today's ruling will impact those living in the common wealth. david? >> reporter: jim, it was virginia's attorney general, marking her who held a press conference here a short time ago, ben he took office, he was one of those who vowed to bring down the ban against gay marriage here in the common wealth. not surprisingly, he applauded the high court's decision today. but it was the emotional reaction from one man looking on to that press conference that really caught our attention. >> everyone and -- >> reporter: his wife by had i side, northern virginia leaders behind him, virginia attorney
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general mark heron stood in front of the arlington courthouse to praise the highest court. >> thousands of newly married virginians and their families now know their bonds are protected by the highest law in the land. >> reporter: but it was in the midst of questioning that we heard a voice crack. >> other cases that can be brought now. >> reporter: next to us that is nick benton, he writes for a community letter. you teared up. why? >> sorry. it's a big, emotional day. it changes everything. >> reporter: virginia's governor also thrilled. >> i am overjoyed. a long time coming. it is a huge win for equality. >> reporter: not all virginia politicians agree though. >> the gay community is quite militant. they are not content people be and let people make their own decisions. >> reporter: i met with state senator dick black. he is a lawyer a former maureen. he worries people of traditional
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faiths will have to go underground. >> it launches an attack on the christian churches across the nation. >> reporter: for nick it is a ruling he has baited years to hear. >> all intent and purposes, establishes the total enfranchisement of a charges of citizens that, until today did not have that guarantee. >> reporter: talking with folks on both sides of this issue, there was one thing that they both seemed to agree on and that is that this debate over same-sex marriage does not end with today's ruling. wendy? >> all right david culver. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd joining us now. this is already having an impact on the presidential race. >> for me it was sort of an mri in reading the candidates' statements, an mri to figure out how the hand dat thinks they are going to get the nomination. you had some guys like ted cruz, mike huckabee, rick santorum, bobby jindal, all want to appeal
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to social conservatives evangelicals, what david was running into with religious groups and they had very fiery critical lang badge in there i think mike huckabee used judicial tyranny, cruz said the worst 24 hours coupling it with health care ruling, mon the worst 24 hours in american history talk about hyperbole. tells you where they think their path is and jeb bush chris christie, john cake, by the way, essentially ohio one of the states that had a ban today, he has lifted, told county clerks start doing it now. they said things like well, we disagreed with how the decision was made, butless's the law of the land and let move on. i think that tells you the guys are thinking about the general election and what this will look like a year from now when you're looking at swing voters. chuck, let's move to charleston, emotional day down there the president delivering powerful eulogy for reverend pinckney. this is an issue, a tragedy that
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has really pulled together politicians from both sides of the aisle. >> it is. it is amazing today, by the way, i think speaker boehner the first time he has ever ridden on air force one with president obama was today, going down to charleston. it does tell you -- >> that is something. >> upsetting that it takes a moment like this, the death of nine people to bring this unity. this is a -- when you think about what we ask of our commanders in chiefs sometimes and our presidents to be the consoler in chief, this was a moment for the president and he meant it. this is not -- i think people don't watch this with your red glasses or your blue glasses. this was the president of the united states speaking for america in 2015. it was poignant, it was meaningful, particularly those folks and that congregation. i think anybody that watched it, this was one of the most consequential, i think, speeches, here a ul jury but speeches of his presidency. >> said last night he was working through the night to put his personal stamp on it. >> there was something about it,
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it's funny, this was -- i have never seen him -- this was pastor obama and president obama rolled into one and you know, he doesn't always show his religious side very often. this was -- this was pretty -- could you tell this was very personal for him. chuck todd, always lovely to have you. thank you so much. >> watch "meet the press" with chuck todd this sunday morning 10:30 on nbc4. as chuck just mentioned it was an emotional a day as thousands gathered to remember the victims of the church massacre in south carolina. after president obama delivered that beautiful eulogy for the reverend clementa pinckney, he met with family members of the shooting victims. nbc's jay gray reports. >> reporter: so many here say today's service -- ♪ was so much like the man. >> clement ta pinka pinckney walked the talk. >> walked the talk. >> reporter: defined by faith,
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hope, unity and love. >> when clementa pinckney entered the room, it was like the future arrived. that even from a young age, folks knew he was special. anoint anointed. >> reporter: president obama delivered the eulogy to an arena filled with politicians dignitaries and thousands drawn here to make sure that reverend clementa pinckney and eight others gunned down during a bible study at the emanuel ame church did not die in vain. >> the families of the fallen shall, the nation shares in your greechl >> symbolize something around the country and around the world that even in the mix of tragedy something good can come out of it. >> reporter: it is that focus that silenced the divisive message of hate 21-year-old dylann roof hoped to deliver when he allegedly carried out the massacre. >> we have seen too many victories to let defeat have the
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last word. >> reporter: instead the last word here comes from those most affected by the tragedy. the families of the victims and this grieving community who responded to the heartache with a dignity and grace that serves as a tribute to their faith and the nine pillars of this community lost. jay gray nbc news, charleston. we want to turn to the weather now, lots of rain, folks, rolling in in time for the bond. doug monitoring it all from the storm center. how much are we expecting doug? >> some areas see a lot of rain make our way through tomorrow and on into tomorrow evening, why we had the flash flood watches in affect, look at the radar now, nothing on the radar in our area, charlottesville, the closest area we have some rain, back to the west, you notice what's happening, look at all of the moisture here one storm here another storm down to the south, more moisture making its way up to the north all of this converging on our area during the day tomorrow.
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that's why we have the flash flood watch in effect all night tonight into the day tomorrow and right on into early sunday morning one, two, even three inches of rain. the flood threat that is one threat, the other threat, severe weather in respect with the chance for some very heavy winds as well. and a lot of lightning. this is going to be a big-time storm during the day tomorrow. could see an isolated tornado of two, something we will be watching closely i have the timing of this storm coming up in a minute. a memorial is growing tonight around the site where those two teenagers were killed in that violent crash overnight in north potomac. police say those teenagers, along with two others who survived the wreck had just come from a party where underaged drinking was going on. the victims are calvin lee and alexander murk, both 18 years old an both recent grads of wooten high school in rockville. >> they are always there for us thick or thin. they were always there. they were our best friends. they were there for us. >> investigators also made a troubling discovery inside the
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wreckage of that car. news4's chris gordon will have those details in our next half hour. next and only on news4 tonight, the chilling recording from one of the victims made hours before the d.c. mansion murders. growing controversy over a
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breaking news right now, our crews on the scene of a shooting at a gas station in northeast d.c. this is the intersection of new york avenue and west virginia avenue. police are telling us one person was shot. at last check he is still alive. we are also working to learn what led up to the shooting as we continue to get information, we bring it to you on our nbc washington app. he went out for his nightly walk in his montgomery village neighborhood and came back bloody and bruised. five days later, he died. tonight, news4's shomari stone spoke to the victim's family as
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police search for anticipates in his murder. >> we did everything together. >> reporter: bobby williams misses his partner, bradley combs. >> it's sad. >> reporter: combs served in the military for four years. bobby say he is loved the flag and his country. the 60-year-old was beaten outside the couple's up to house last friday night shortly after 10:30 on ridge line drive. >> he always liked to go outside. we have been here about five years. he never -- that was his normal routine. >> reporter: bobby tells me that bradley walked outside to get some fresh air. he walked right down this courtyard. then all of a sudden, he was attacked. he was injured, bruised bleeding went back nat house, and that's when bobby called for help. >> it's time out there, he came back, he had got jumped out there. >> reporter: he drove bradley to a hospital, he died five days later. the medical examiner determined the death was a homicide. >> catch the people who did this
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to him. he ain't never bothered nobody. >> reporter: bradley combs was a retired landscape. er. he has been bobby's same-sex partner for more than 20 years. bobby wonders if he was attacked because of his sexuality. >> i'm hoping he wasn't targeted. >> reporter: montgomery county . they believe some people in the neighborhood saw the attack and they want to hear from them. >> yeah, just want to find the people who did this to him. >> reporter: in montgomery village, i'm shomari stone, news4. >> can our land handle anymore water? are we -- are we gonna flood a lot? >> we are going to flood a lot. but not -- not talking about anything like the rivers or anything like that flooding. this isn't that kind of flooding, a flash flood watch means we will get very heavy rain like we have had the past couple of days and weeks and the creeks, maybe the streets, can flood very quickly. that's what we are worried about during the day tomorrow. i do expect some areas to pick up one to three inches. yeah, we are going to see some flooding problems, i'm sure.
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81, current temperature, dew point up to 65. very warm and very humid, but not too hot, temperatures only in that upper 70s, low 80s across the region. 7, hunting town, annapolis, 7 degrees. what are we going to continue to see herain to worry about this evening, you have plans on your friday night, get out enjoy yourself go out to dipper sit outside, you will be fine. some showers down to our south this morning, now watching an area back to the west. and look at this storm here that's really developing and it's dragging moisture right out of the gulf of mexico, right into the system. and it will also begin to pull moisture off of the atlantic. that coming together right on top of our area gives us that right now. tonight, as i mentioned, 11:00, no problems this evening, go out and enjoy yourself. tomorrow a little bit of a different story, you have kids' games tomorrow, a lot of people calling me about outdoor weddings tomorrow. unfortunately, look at the rain. here is 7:30. here is 11:00 in the morning. notice some areas of heavier rain developing around 1, 1:30
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see even more storms, 3, 4, 5:00 hour, a little heating of the day, start to see thunderstorms break out. any storms that develop tomorrow could be very strong. the biggest potential is for extremely heavy rain but we could also see damaging wind gusts as well as a potential for isolated tornadoes. look at tomorrow evening going out tomorrow night, thinking, hey, concert tomorrow night outdoors, don't do it. i mean, look at the rain that's going to be coming down here. similarly, computer models giving us two to four inches of rain. i think that might be a little high, but even two inches of rain would really put a damper on any of those plans. future weather by 8 a.m. on saturday, rather sunday, sunday looking better. this there is that flash flood watch once against for the entire region overnight tomorrow night into the day on sunday, early sunday morning by 2 a.m. hour by hour forecast, 75 by 11 a.m., 77 by 3. notice we have got that chance of storms pretty much all day during the day tomorrow. going down towards the beaches, i think tomorrow may be okay, most of the rain will be inland, down toward ocean city, fenwick
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island may not be all that bad. expect showers, heaviest storms back to the west, 78 on sunday, sunday looking like the better of the two days. we make our way through the next four day 80, sunday 84, monday, 92 on tuesday, the warm side for sure as we head into next week. also rather humid with a chance of storms next thursday and friday. >> all righty. from ocean city to the outer banks, isn't just the weather. the new warning for beachgoers after more shark sightings. a night of partying ends in tragedy. all new at 6:00 tonight what police found at the scene that is shedding light on the death of two high school
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right now, thousands of police officers and firefighters are gathering for a major competition. >> it is the world police and fire games right in our backyard and minutes away from the official kickoff, news4's
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derrick ward live at rfk stadium armory for the opening ceremony. >> reporter: indeed. you can see now things have changed here where they are. everyone converging on rfk stadium for the kickoff. i like to call this the olympics for the public safety sector. about 12,000 athletes be there for 60 countries competing in events that some would mirrorer the regular olympics, some specific to this sector, ultimate firefighter challenge and also some combat firearms issues going on there, it is going to be interesting, a lot of those for example athlete does a grand parade around rfk stadium, light a torch, wrc's own aaron gilchrist will be one of the emcees of this ceremony and understand sugar ray is going to perform as well. lots of folks converging, rfk, coming this way expect to see some traffic this is to kick off the games and they had kick off for real in fairfax county and manassas. several very news, lots of reasons to come out and enjoy. live at the rfk stadium, stadium armory complex, derrick ward,
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news4. back to you. thank you. new clues in the high-profile d.c. mansion murders. hear the father's final message to an employee as we learn more about the days leading up to the brutal crime. it is every parent's nightmare. this is chris gordon on the scene of the crash in north potomac that killed two teenagers from would be the.high school. ahead the disturbing discovery police made at the scene of the crash. and one local district may ban fina
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this is the scene that has members of a local high school community pulling together to support each other this evening. >> two teenagers died in that crash here in north potomac and two others are recovering. as news4's chris gordon reports now, police tell us it happened after a night of partying and
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underaged drinking. chris? >> reporter: this is were it happened, in north potomac and you see some of the members of the wooten high school community here, grieving. police say that speed, alcohol and the failure to bare seat belts resulted in the deaths of two teenagers. police say the crash occurred as the four teenagers were driving home after a party where there was underaged drinking. >> there was alcoholic beverage containers, beer containers found at the scene. and within a condition that led us to believe that they were recently used. >> reporter: the car crashed through a fence, hit tree, knocking the top off this one. it went airborne, landing upside down in this driveway. the neighbor whose fence was hit heard the crash. >> all i heard was a loud explosion. i didn't hear anything before it. not screeching tires or anything, just a very loud explosion. it rattled the house. >> reporter: police say the passengers sitting in the back
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seat were killed. calvin lee and alexander murk both 18 and recent graduates of would be the.high school were not wearing seat belts according to investigators. the driver of the car, 18-year-old samuel ellis is hospitalized with life threatening injuries. police are not identifying a 17-year-old who was sitting in the front passenger seat. friends gathered at the crash site leaving mementos, football, basketball and a cross with an american flag bandana, red, white and blue being the school colors of the wooten patriots. >> it's just -- just too often. it's just too often that this happens. and it's -- you know, they were good kids. they were good kids. >> reporter: the principal of wooten high school posted a letter on their website today informing the community of this tragedy and saying that even though it's summer vacation, the
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school will be open this coming monday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with grief counselors and other personnel to help people cope with this tragedy. that is the latest live in north potomac, wendy, back to you. . chris gordon, thank you chris. loudoun county naacp leaders are expressing concern tonight about the status of a confederate soldier statue that statue was place there had in the early 1900s. now, naacp leaders going to ask the board of supervisors to think about moving it to a nearby cemetery where confederate soldiers are buried. if that's not practical, the group would like to see a more significant historical marker or monument on the courthouse grounds that recognizes african-american history in that county. reaction is still coming in after the u.s. supreme court decision granted same-sex couples the right to marry in all 50 states and the districts. the ruling could play a big role among the capped the das running
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for the white house. julie carey is in fairfax with that part of the story. julie? >> reporter:? an annual gathering for virginia democrats and 2,000 are coming here to the patriot center because hillary clinton is the headliner but their excitement has been cranked up a notch because the supreme court's decision on same-sex marriage. >> everybody's excited about this. so this will just add to it more. i don't know that it makes a huge difference but we are celebrating a a lot of things today, respect we? >> reporter: presidential hopefuls were quick to weigh in today, hillary clinton tweeted the word history in rainbow letters with the caption proud. martin o'malley tweeted, so grateful to the people of maryland for leading the way on this important issue of human dignity and equality under the law. on the republican side, jeb bush tweeted a link to his campaign website and wrote, in part guided by my faith i believe in traditional marriage. i believe the supreme court should have allowed the states to make this decision. and mike huckabee tweeted, this flawed, failed decision is an
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out-of-control act of unconstitutional judicial tyranny. even before the court's decision virginia democrats had stacked tonight's program with leaders who helped make same-sex marriage legal in the commonwealth last year. democrats think the court's decision will only help whomever wins their party's nomination in 2016. >> i think it helps democrats and hurts republicans in the sense that if you're not in the 21st century, how can you expect to win an election? >> reporter: republicans set up nearby to offer their own message not about same-sex marriage, only about hillary clinton. >> i think every american has the concerns that hillary clinton refuses to answer questions. >> reporter: tonight, these virginia democrats are simply content to get beyond the tweets and hear what hillary clinton has to say about the court's historic ruling. in fairfax julie carey news4. two more school districts plan to reduce the number of standardized testing, tests that students are taking. our scott macfarlane learned prince george's county will eliminate a math and reading exam given to students between
6:34 pm
the third and 12th grades and frederick county schools may cut local tests as well. montgomery county public schools made headlines earlier this beek when it was announced there is an effort to reduce the test load its students were facing. all three districts say there's concern too much education time is being filled with testing instead of teaching. more shark sightings at two beach resorts popular with locals. and a warning about those extended car warranties. the word you need to look out for to make sure you are not targeted. we have been talking about the heavy rain the last couple of days. look at the rainfall forecast, the latest to two inches-plus. some areas oranges and yellows predicting three to four inches of rain. i hav
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things are back to normal tonight in ocean city after back-to-back shark sightings. two hammerhead sharks spotted close to shore in one week. take a look, most recent on wednesday, an eight-foot, 300-pound shark that appeared to swim aimlessly up and down the
6:38 pm
coastline. beach patrol moved people out of the water as it swam by. they believe the shark may have been injured, a possible explanation for being so close to the shore. further south a man is recovering tonight in the hospital after a shark attack off the coast of the outer banks. he was airlifted from an area about a half mile from the avon fishing pier. that's just north of hatteras island. rescue officials say the man was swimming with others in knee-deep water when it happened. he apparently has injuries to his leg and lower back but is said to be in stable condition now. red flags are up tonight to warn people at the beach about the attack. you may have received one in the mail a notice about your car warranty that is either expired or about to. consumer reporter erika gonzalez has a warning about those pitches for those extended warranties. i definitely open it had right away. >> reporter: maggie boys of northwest washington says she was stunned when she received a notice like this one in the
6:39 pm
mail. it looked official and stated she needed to take immediate action on her subaru outback because its warranty was going to expire. >> because there's just a nagging feeling, like maybe this could be true. you get the notice and it's talking about the warranty and that you need to react and so you don't even sort of think through. >> reporter: the notices kept on coming. >> i think over a period of about six months, i got at least six to eight. >> reporter: the voice says something didn't make sense. she only had about 15,000 miles on her car. >> i was a little concerned and i tooked at it and then i was trying to figure it out. >> reporter: vehicle warrantyies come directly from the manufacturer. these links may look official, they even have the make and model of your car, but there's no return address. >> well, that's the key question. who exactly is sending you this mailing? >> reporter: a consumer protection attorney at the federal trade commission says -- >> most of the mailings are designed to create the impression that they are coming from the car owner's
6:40 pm
manufacturer or dealer or local dmv. but a lot of times, that suspect true. >> reporter: hanks warns about protection promises paying a company for coverage but when something goes wrong you learn your car problem is not covered. >> very lavish promises about bumper-to-bumper coverage and sometimes, consumers who pay the money find out that they are getting a lot less. >> reporter: what are the red flags you should look for? hanks says the sense of urgency, words like time sensitive, call immediately, or final notice. and sometimes, these pitches come by way of robocalls. we have shut down operations that were responsible for tense or hundreds of thousands of deceptive mailings and responsible for upwards of a million deceptive phone calls per day. >> reporter: you can avoid a scam by first looking at the status of your vehicle's warranty, contact the manufacturer or dealer or take a look at your owner's manual. as for boys, she made some calls and then made a smart decision.
6:41 pm
>> then a little light bulb popped off in my head, like this could be just fraud. so i did throw it away. >> reporter: erika gonzalez, news4. up next on news4 at 6:00 tonight, chilling new details in the d.c. mansion murders. hear the last message from one of the victims to a
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a grand jury has been convened to call witnesses and gather information or evidence that could lead to more felony charges, all of this as we hear for the first time an audio recording from the family and some details about the events that led up to this horrific crime. meagan fitzgerald has a story you will only gonna see on news4. >> reporter: much of the focus the last several weeks has been here at the savopoulos mansion on woodland drive but a source close to the family says in the days leading up to their death, the family's focus was in chantilly, virginia, on a karate stud grow which savva savopoulos was getting ready to open. time was running out during the week of may 11th. we know now in more than one
6:45 pm
way. savva savopoulos was working to get this studio ready for the grand opening on may 14th. the urgency apparent in his wife, amy's, voice message to their long-time housekeeper, nelly gutierrez, which we are now hearing for the very first time. . >> reporter: so nelly agreed to help clean the new karate studio because it appeared to be important to amy. she also suggested that their other housekeeper work at the studio with nelly. >> reporter: the crazy turn of events started on wednesday. vera didn't want to stay late to clean the studio so she decided
6:46 pm
to work at the savopouloslvevopoulos house instead. it was a decision that ended up costing her life. a source close to the family says savas was at the studio when he received a call from his wife luring him back home. investigators believe amy, their son phillip and housekeeper vera figueroa were already held hostage inside. savvas arrives home and hours later at 9:35 wednesday night, investigators believe the suspect, darron wint, forced him to make a call. >> reporter: good night. those words, the last nelly would ever hear again from
6:47 pm
savvas, a man she had nope more than two decades. and on thursday morning, just before 10 a final text message sent to nelly from amy's phone saying, "i am making sure you do not come today. ""the same day the karate studio is set to open hours before the mansion goes up in flames. and the horrifying discovery of four victims murdered inside. the timing of it all still puzzling for those close to the family, adding to the mystery of why their lives were taken. meagan fitzgerald, news4. it's being talked about online and in your office today and probably at your home to the supreme court's ruling on same-sex marriage was also a hot topic on the co-joe show on wamu. our own jim vance was there to join the conversation and received an interesting question from a listener. would vance officiate a gay wedding? >> you know what, that's fascinating question, i tell you
6:48 pm
why 'cause i have officiated two weddings. and i was -- i'm thrilled to say that i have done that. i've never been asked by a gay couple to officiate their wedding. if i am asked i'm happy to serve. >> here come the flood of requests. >> he will even wear that hat for ya. vance says he is also interested to see how opponents of same-sex marriage intend to fight back. we have the weekend upon us and it's going to be a soaker. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> it really is. it's really he all saturday. sunday i think will be okay. talking about a 50/50 weekend here. you have maps for tomorrow, any outdoor plans, just think about canceling those, it is not going to rain all day, but when it does rain, we are going see very heavy rain in parts of the region. right now a very nice 81 degrees a little bit on the humid side temperatures falling to 79 by 7, down to about 11:00, 74 degrees notice, we are dry this evening. if you have any plans tonight going out to dinner, whatever it is, you're fine, no worries as
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far as that's concerned. temperatures on the mild side, 79 leesburg, 79, manassas 78 toward hunting town. not hot at all, just mild, temperatures well below average, storm team4 radar clear, not seeing rain in our region, you don't have to go far to the west look at the storm you can see the spin in the at moss fer making its way our way and that's why we are going to see the chance for storms, by early tomorrow morning, rain, heavy at time strong storms will be possible, there could be severe weather tomorrow, maybe isolated tornado, damaging wind gusts, something we are watching, the biggest threat is the flood threat, temperatures 75 to 79 degrees, rain, when it comes, will be extremely heavy very much like what we have seen the past couple of days and past couple of week been a very wet june, 78 on your saturday, 80 on sunday. is up day dry and breezy. 84 on monday, 90 degrees coming up on tuesday and wednesday thursday, friday, not too bad. warm and humid chance of showers a few of the storms next thursday and friday. thank you, doug. the nats all stan-to-be sits on the bench to
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we have got baseball and we hope another appearance of magic max. >> be great. >> max scherzer is working his spells. >> yeah. >> max scherzer says he can't pick up where he left off because tonight will be the third time he is facing the phillies. even though he was just that -- an elbow away from having a perfect out, he tells us that he has to change the way he attacks batters tonight. his motto never get complacent. >> you can't think that success just happens. you just walk out on the mound and you can have success. no. success comes from hard work doing everything in the weight room to going out and running, going out and doing everything, you got to prepare in the bull peps and making sure your pitches are sharp and you got to be focused to be able to do that. so even though i have had two really good starts my focus is
6:54 pm
what can i do on the third, making sure all my stuff is ready to go to face the phillies because i know how challenging it will be. >> making it even more challenging, the nates will not have bryce harper again tonight missing his second straight game after tweaking his hamstring wednesday. mri negative, just needs rest. not the case for anthony ran done, heading to the dl with a quad strain, only delayed this 18 games this season. denard span is a late scratch with back spasms. just a short time ago, phillies manager ryne sandberg took the podium wearing street clothes and announcing he is resigning. pete macennen will take over in the interim. it was a much different feel at a presser in downtown d.c. today. the wizards thrilled to introduce their new draft pick, the young man out of kansas who was just a freshman when he declared, will wear number 12. oubre was picked 15th by the hawks and landed in d.c. with the trade.
6:55 pm
expected to go a lot higher says all the right things about his new team. >> i was sitting in the green room, other guys were -- their names were being called before mine so i was kind of like -- i know i'm better than him, i know i'm better than him. but long story short there, the hawks picked me with their pick, but i found out soon after i was traded to the washington wizards and i know that that was going to be a great fit for me, so you know, all that weight all to get to the perfect spot. >> how most excited to play with? >> who am i most excited to play with? >> learn from? >> paul pierce. >> either one? >> such a great team now that i can learn from everybody. >> style. >> what hes style and sass. last night in fredericksburg, that's virginia's justin anderson on the phone waiting to be drafted when another call clicks in. he has got to go, guess who is on the other line just mark cuban, asking if justin is ready for the nba. become a dallas maverick. what if we never had call weight, guys? all comes true with the phone call.
6:56 pm
>> no longer a dream time to put my head down and just work and work like i have in the past and get me to this point and i just can't wait to just continue to get work and try to be another piece of a puzzle. i was a great piece of a puzzle at montrose christian, piece of a puzzle at university of virginia and can't wait to be a piece of the puzzle about dallas mavericks. >> justin was the face of ouring were for four years and worked so hard and put in so much time driving to our school sometimes two hours on the road just to get there in the morning. to see him reach his goal just a wonderful feeling and he is a type that really knows he has been blessed. >> that moment still gives me goosebumps. i was like crying last night. to see it come true for him and his family. such a good kid. got to give props to demarcus thorton, the pride of prince george's native, picked by the celtics second rounder. women in action, world cup versus china on the quarterfinals. >> all right. great, excellent. >> thank you, carol.
6:57 pm
thanks for joining us. nightly news is next. a big news day so going to have a special one-hour broadcast of nightly news. >> but first tonight, we leave with you an extraordinary moment during the funeral today in south carolina for the reverend clementa pinckney in charleston. ♪ amazing grace ♪ [ applause ] ♪ how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me ♪ ♪ i once was lost
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tonight, breaking news on several stories as we come on the air. a dramatic ♪ from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt." >> and our coverage continues now with several developing stories including history made at the supreme court. a 5-4 ruling that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right now legal in every state from coast to coast. the reaction was swift from the court to the campaign trail, and there's no one better to provide insight for us than our political director, the moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. and pete williams as well from the supreme court. and chuck, let me start with you. this caps a week of wins for the president after his health care victory, a big victory on trade in congress. how will this


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