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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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[alarms blaring] ohhhhh... whoa whoa whoa! who's responsible for this?!? if something goes wrong, you find a scapegoat. ...rick. it's what you do. ahhhhhhhh! what'd you say? uh-oh! kelly! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. rick. don't walk away from me. ahhhhhhhh! begins with breaking news. we have late breaking developments tonight in the manhunt for that escaped killer in new york. police believe t cornered right now. >> just in tonight, isis claiming responsibility for a terror attack overseas. law enforcement now on alert for a possible threat here at home.
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heavy rain gusty wind and poor road condition physician you have to go out tomorrow i'll tell you when's the best time to travel. the right to marry in all 50 states. tonight, where some couples are already tying the knot. and where they are being turned away. and classmates share memories of two teenagers killed on their way home from a party. we start tonight at the live desk with news that police have moved flood lights into a specific area in upstate new york. now, investigators think david sweat has been contained within a perimeter, and they could be closing in. this is cell phone video from earlier tonight. officers mobilizing after someone spotted the other escapee. police say richard matt was carrying a shotgun when a border patrol tactical team confronted him in the woodss. they shot and killed him. they only found matt after he tried to carjack a camper. >> there was a gunshot that was
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fired at a camping trailer. >> the man who owns the trailer heard the shot and saw bullet holes in his camper. he got away called 911 and that gave police the break they needed. 20 minutes later, agents were firing on richard matt. david sweat wasn't with him. police think he's in the area but can't be sure so they're holding the perimeter and swapping out fresh officers and canines for what could be the final search. jim? >> chris thank you. tonight, classmates of two area teen ablers killed coming home from a party are grieving. but many also hope this tranche di will sent a poyerful message to other students. darcy spencer is near the crash site in north potomac, maryland where people have been paying their respects all night. darcy? ynchts r. >> reporter: jim even at this late hour, there are more than a dozen teenagers gathered at the crash sean right here behind me. i taked to a former classmate
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tonight. she says she hopes this will send a big wake-up call when it comes to under age drinking. tatum king lays flowers at the place where four of her classmates wrecked. two of them died one still clinging to life just a month after graduation. >> we did just get out, and we are rail starting our lives, and it's just upsetting that this happened to them. >> reporter: the victims were identified as calvin li and alex merck, both recent wooten high school graduates. the driver sam elle ils, former quarterback on the wooten football team. he was critically injured. they're all 18 years old. a fourth passenger was not named. >> just too often. it's just too often this happens. >> reporter: police say the tines were coming from a nearby house party where alcohol was served. police say eight people were cited for underaged drinking. >> they did find some beer
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beverage cans in the car at the time that were still chilled. >> reporter: they say alcohol and speed were factor and that the teens who died in the back seat li and murk were not wearing seat belts. grieving friends showed up at the scene placing flowers, mementos, a football and a basketball. >> it is such a big matter and it hasn't really happened to us before, and i think with it happening it's just like a huge wake-up call. >> police describe the crash in north potomac adds violent. the acura tsx ran off the road hit a tree and broke apart, landing in a neighbor's driveway. >> all i heard was a loud explosion. i didn't hear anything before it. like any screeching tires or anything. just a very loud explosion. >> reporter: even though school is out for the summer wooten high school will be open on monday with grief koums counselors for anyone who needs someone to talk to about this tragedy. >> new tonight, an undercover
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narcotics investigation ended with shots fired and two people in custody in alexandria. police say one of their officers started shooting during this bust in a parking lot on duke streetd. no one was hurt. we're in for a very wet start to the weekend, folks. veronica johnson tracking storms. >> there really are two things with this upcoming storm system that we're going to keep a close eye. amelia seeingg eye. amelia seeinggal will be up early, chuck bell throughout the day. it's about the flooding but also about the severe thunderstorms we're going to have to deal with. take a look. the entire area under a flash flood watch until 2:00 a.m. sunday. what that means is we could see some flash flood warning issues. it's a real possibility. recent rains the thunderstorms, how much we're above normal on rainfall, again, and what's going to be moving into the area, already there's some severe thunderstorm warnings in west virginia. but look at this. all of the area could see on top of that severe thunderstorms.
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not just some damaging winds that will be taking place but there's a real chance of seeing an isolated tornado or two touch down. these brief spin-up tornadoes we've have already. i'll track those through the area for you, where the heaviest rain will fall. all that coming up in a couple of minutes. u.s. intelligence sources say it's the new normal. isis using social media to call for terror attacks big and small. and tonight there's heightened concern about a possible attack on u.s. soil by the fourth of july. megan fitzgerald went to find out what that means for people who are headed for the national mall next week. meagan. >> reporter: wendy, law enforcement officials say they're aware of the threat and they'll remain vigilant but they say it shouldn't stop folks from passing the mall to come celebrate the holiday. what better place to celebrate the fourth of july than in the nation's capital? every year that's the sentiment among the thousands of people who come from all over to
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celebrate america's independence. >> it's part of our history. >> enjoy family and just, you know celebrate our nation overall. >> reporter: but it's the celebration of freedom that terrorist groups like isis want to take away. according to a u.s. intelligence source, there's a threat of a terror attack on the u.s. by the fourth of july. the u.s. park police says standard operating procedures will remain in place. officers will be on guard and visible, ensuring the safety of all who decide to come out. but for many folks we spoke with isis is the furthest thing from their mind because after all, living in fear, they say, means the terrorists already won. >> i think that's what terror is trying to instill fear and stop you from doing what you want to do. >> reporter: it's important to note that a specific city has not been cited as a potential target and law enforcement officials are saying they expect the normal amount of folks to come out and celebrate next saturday. back to you. well intelligence and law enforcement sources tell nbc
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news word of this fourth of july threat came before a series of terror attacks overseas today. isis just claimed responsibility for the shooting that killed at least 37 people on a beach in tunisia. one gunman was killed, another arrested. they apparently disguised themselves as tourists. one hiding an assault rifle in an umbrella. a suicide bomber kills 25 people inside a mosque in kuwait. isis claims to be behind that attack also. this mosque home to shiite muslims who are often targets of this terrorist group. and in france, that country's terror alert is at its highest level after a man beheaded his boss and tried to blow up an american-owned gas factory. the victim's body found covered in arabic writing. four people have been arrested. new tonight, the white house is blanketed in the colors of the rainbow to mark today's historic supreme court ruling the court overturning state bans
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on same heavysex marriage nationwide. the decision today turned into an impromptu wedding day for dozens of couples who weren't allowed to get married even just this morning. this couple down in alabama was the first in line there. they had tried twice before today's ruling but were denied. in george yornlg, three couples were granted licenses this afternoon in the atlanta area, and how p about this? an 85-year-old and 82-year-old married this afternoon in texas. these guys have been together for 54 years. but not every state is allowing ceremonies yet. sort clerks in states like louisiana and mississippi are refusing to issue marriage licenses citing a three-week-old grace period allowed by the supreme court. this sweeping change came by the slimmest of margins. conservative justice anthony kennedy in his third landmark decision on gay rights as the swing vote in this 5-4 ruling. he wrote among other things that bans on gay marriage harm the
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children of same-sex couples. outside the court, one of the plaintiffs said he is now hoping for even more change. >> it's my hope that the term "gay marriage" will soon be a thing everof the past. that from this day forward it will simply be "marriage" and our nation will be better off because of it. >> in his dissent, chief justice john roberts said quote, whether same sex marriage is a good idea should be of no concern to the court. and he argued it was an issue that should be left up to the states. >> for every american who cares about the steady expansion of human rights and human dignity in this country, a foundation for liberty and justice for all, that's what the church meant. >> equality freedom and a sense of community, just some of the many themes president obama touched on today during an impassioned eulogy for pref rand
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clement at that pinktaat that ne. the president took listeners through the history of race. he paid tribute to pinckney a state lawmaker he knew personally. >> when clementa pinckney entered a room it's like the future arrived. that even from a young age, folks knew he was special. >> the president also discussed the confederate flag today. he said taking it down from south carolina's statehouse grounds would be a, quote, balm for unhealed wounds. next at 11 a major route in and out of the district blocked by construction this weekend. this is a spot you are going to want to avied, starting tonight. plus, no dresses for her bridesmaids. why this bride-to-be and more are being forced to make some last-minute changes. jimmy fallon tweets out a picture of his hand wrapped in a cast. why "the tonig
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right now part of a major route in and out of d.c. is shut down. ddot just closing the 16th street bridge to traffic about an hour ago, and it's going to stay closed until 10:00 tomorrow night and then it's going to close again on sunday night at 5:00 and reopen just before the monday morning rush. that bridge passes over military road in northwest. it is being entirely rebuilt. ddot says drivers should use 14th street to get around that closure. also new tonight, a d.c. man facing charges tonight in a child exploitation case. police arrested 29-year-old matthew gigot, charged him with
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sexual performance using a minor. now, that could involve pictures or video. we asked but police did not release any further information. gigot could make his first court appearance as early as tomorrow. and a woman from lithuania pleaded guilty today in an alexandria court to sex trafficking of a child from this northern virginia child. geed ra reduce katy's boyfriend was recently convicted of similar charges now in prison for 40 years. she arranged tricks with her 3-year-old by her side. she's facing up to ten years in prison when she's sentenced in october. new developments tonight in that deadly crash of a sightseeing plane in alaska. we now know the pilot and eight cruise ship passengers were on board, and they died when the plane crashed into the side of a cliff. no word on the cause of the crash but weather conditions were overcast and windy at the time. a recovery team reached the crash site today, still working
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to identify all the passengers. hillary clinton headlined the virginia democratic party's jefferson jackson dinner in fairfax tonight. governor terry mcauliffe introduceing former secretary clinton, tackling several of the big stories you heard today, including the gay marriage ruling. >> we're reminded that like any family, our american family is strongest when we cherish what unites us and fight back against those who would divide us. >> once again, virginia is expected to be one of the most hotly contested swing states in the 2016 election. a lot of brides in prince george's county are upset tonight at a criminal shop owner and the federal government. in 2013, ouphone ya green was convicted of embezzlement. the federal government started seizing her assets including the couture ms. bridal and
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formal shop she owned in upper marlborough. customers who already paid for dresses can't get them and weren't given a refund. >> i think i'm all cried out. this is the only thing i can tell you to do is to file suit. >> turns out there is more those bride kz do. the u.s. attorney's office has details on what steps customers should take. for details, visit and just search "bridal shop". one of the biggest sports events in the world kicked off tonight in our backyard. fairfax county is hosting the world police and fooir games this year. rfk stadium hosted tonight's opening ceremony. the event atracks thousands of public safety officers from around the world, competing in dozens of events including toughest competitor alive. "news4 today" anchor aaron gilchrist was one of tonight's emcees. he's not competing. you can enjoy the competition through the 5th of july. for scheduling and ticket information go to our website or our app and search police and
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fire games. and are they going to be -- they better do boating tomorrow right? >> boating, swimming anything that involves water. boy, we've got a lot to get to. it's a good time too, to download our nbc washington app. like us on facebook. we're tracking summer safety including asummer storm safety. we have some coming to our area tomorrow. let's take a look at it. it's going to be a high impact day for us, real flood concerns. we'll see 2 inches of rain throughout some portions of our area and those severe thunderstorms could bring not only high winds to us but also the threat of an isolated tornado as mentioned. so here it is braeg it down for you. main threat, that of seeing the heavy rain. the next threat, that of seeing some high winds, damaging winds of course like some of the last storm storms, that means we could see downed trees maybe even power outages, then that threat of an isolated tornado.
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our hail threat fairly low. storm team4 radar looking mainly dry, but around winchester happy creek, we have storms that are starting to fire. severe thunderstorm warnings with this one, it's just east of elkins, west virginia heading to areas like liberty and around clines hacking in the next couple of minutes and even more storms off to the west and all of this is what's going to be sliding into our area tomorrow making its way to the east and northeast. so road impacts early tomorrow morning, it's the best time to get ute. it's a green light there. then a cautionary light and red light by late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening with the thunderstorms, the flooding the ponding, the low visibility all that we'll have to deal with. try to get out early if you have some errands. 74 to 77 degrees between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. it's during the afternoon our temperatures go up a little bit. if you want to exercise i would get out early in the day, as early as possible. between 4:00 and 10:00 p.m. this is when our heaviest storms are going to coming through,
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when we've got the chance really to see the flooding and some of the high gusts coming through. here is a look at your future weather, folks. here's 9:00 a.m. just some showers around the area. watch what happens, though as we get to the 4:00 hoyer. you're going to start to see the worked red, yellow around quantico quantico. that's where the pockets of real thunderstorms are going to start firing. some of that heavy rain around 2 and 3 inches. and look at the rain coming into the area this strip here hagerstown, winchester more than 2 inches tobl. and there could be some isolated spots that pick up maybe more than that, closer to 3. your storm team four-day forecast, 80 on sunday. it will get breezy on sunday, but it's a dry day for us this weekend. so not bad do all your inside stuff on saturday, get out on sunday. for monday, early part of next week, mid-80s, low humidity tle breezy too. but right now warmest day out of the next seven tuesday, and as we go into july still no real high heat but more wet weather
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coming our way. >> thanks, veronica. stay up with us. max scherzer has another shot at this summer take flight, without having to take a flight. because all the thrills you need are right here at busch gardens, and water country usa. in williamsburg, va. like the daring new coaster tempesto. so ride together slide together whether it's monster drops collossal curls or furry friends it's all here. vacation packages start at $50 per person per night. the ultimate summer vacation
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. all eyes on scherzer. he continued the streak for a while. >> yes. >> and then? >> no. he was definitely doing well, trying to do something that had not been done since 1938. always good to have history as we wind up the week. you know maybe we should all be taking chocolate showers. there's got to be something to it. it was nationals starter max
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scherzer who first decided the topping to top off a big win. scherzer has been topping himself, a start after a one-hitter he pitched a near perfect game no-hitter and with squeeze bottles ready just in case, scherzer was on the mound tonight in philadelphia. now, fans not used to seeing nats starters giving up runs font 41 1/3 innings, scherzer off to a quick start? the first, gets hernandez swinging, his first strikeout. in the second no luck. then in the fourth hernandez up again. another swinging strikeout. scherzer perfect through four innings. top of the sixth now, this is good stuff. scherzer has some support. matt decker up with a men off and deny decker sends this into the lower deck. a two-run shot just his second career homer. nats up 5-0. bottom of the sixth, scherzer still perfect. until freddie dell ves smack thz
11:26 pm
one to right. that drops fair. that's off the wall. a double, first allowed by scherzer in -- give the guy a hand. doing well. two runs five hits seven strikeouts eight innings for sherdzer his 100th win. scoreless streak ends at 48 innings, nats win 5-2. the orioles hosting the indians, adam jones sitting out his fifth straight game soreness with the shoulder, maybe put on the dl tomorrow. bottom of the two, tribe up 1-0. a.j. j.j. hardy, all of this. so much of it they called it a home run. the orioles even things up at 1-1. so we skip ahead, bottom of the eighth, tied up. a man on for chris davis. this one to right. yeah that will score a run. an rbi single for is davis. they've won five of their last six games. women's world cup quarterfinals
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usa taking on china. we're going to skip ahead to the second half. julie johnson sends in a perfect ball, terrific header. a nice finish. two goals in five matches for her. that's all it takes, beating china 1-0. they'll take on germany in the semi semifinals tuesday. u.s. stays on course to win its first world cup since 1999. the nhl draft, the capitals take goaltender sampsonoff. the goalie from russia top ranked international goalie in the draft. he still has three years left on his russian contract and there's this guy braden holtby doing pretty well. but he's expected to be at the caps development camp next month. again, watch the mystics in action tonight. but they drop one in atlanta to the dream 72-69. >> good stuff. >> great. >> almost history from the
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"the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is next, but you'll have to see a repeat. taping of a new show was canceled. fallon tweeted out his hand, it seemed he had to have minor surgery after he injured his hand at his manhattan apartment this morning. in a tweet falten said he tripped and the ring on his finger hit a table and almost ripped off his finger! >> boy, he is expected to be here to make a full recovery.
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>> good to know.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- st


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