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tv   News4 This Week  NBC  June 27, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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welcome to "news4 this week." >> hi everyone. i'm veronica johnson. we're going to show you some of the more interesting local stories making news this week. among them a brand new battle larry hogan is now shifting to a fight for his life. plus since the olympics were heros, the world police and fire games are under way in virginia. we meet one of the local competitors who is coming outs of retirement to achieve a dream. and it's a special group looking to make history. we join some local cheerleaders
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who are preparing to take their talents to the world stage. though we begin with a debate taking place across the nation. spurred on by the massacre at a historic south carolina church people are asking if the confederate battle flag should be removed from public places and it's not just an issue in the south. some are noticing the symbol around our area. we see where and how people are reacting to it. >> the carolina church shootings has renewed the fierce fight over the confederate race flag. a symbol of racism or heroism? this symbol was part of the memorial day parade here last month. but even in the nation's capital, where all 50 state flags fly along columbus circle at union station, passers by are suddenly more aware of the mississippi state flag and its
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confederate design. >> i think it's despicable and they should be removed from all government. >> it's something that is bad but it's not going to change any minds. >> i'm not worried about the mississippi flag at all because it has part of it but the confederate flag i think it's time to come down put knit a museum. >> the fighting was all around here. >> the battle of ox hill deflected confederate troops heading into washington. joe whitney, a student of civil war, flags and their meaning, defends the confederate flag as one of honor. >> they left their homes and families to go and fight and die for what they believed in. for us it's not about cause, it's about honoring american soldiers. >> and he opposes hate groups that abuse the flag. >> i see american soldiers who fought and died. that's what i see. >> the debate has some major retailers pulling confederate flag merchandise from their shelves. in maryland virginia they're
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all taking action. governor terry mckul i didn't have says he'll begin the process of stripping the confederate flag off license plates. the governor is also against the flag being on maryland license plates his office is working with the attorney general and the -- to address this issue. the man who flew a gyrocopter on the grounds of the white house is willing to cut any deals he can. he rejected a plea deal that included what he called significant jail tile. hugh says his flight earlier this year across the national mall and on to the capitol lawn was an act of civil disobedience and he'll willing to go to trial. he'll be back in court again late next month. this week marked exactly six years since metro's deadliest accident. now, there's a permanent place to remember those victims. nine people were killed when two trains collided on the red line back in 2009. this week there was a
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dedication ceremony for the new legacy memorial park not far from the crash site. it's located at the corner of new hampshire and north dakota avenues in northeast. the park features nine stone pillars and a memorial wall. >> i think it's important that the people don't forget these nine lives and their families that were affected by it. it's hard you can see now, it's hard. >> the metro has been under scrutiny since that crash. the ntsb is holding hearings on the overall safety culture and other issues. it's one of the biggest and most surprising stories of the week. maryland governor larry hogan now battling cancer. he's already keeping a low profile and his staff is conducting meetings and conducting state business as news 4's chris gordon found, they also found a special way to support the governor's fight. >> maryland took over for the
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governor today adopting hogan's sense of humor as he opened this meeting at the public works. >> some of you thought i was not going to be around again and put you through the grief, but the substitute teacher is back. >> just before that meeting, rutherford walked to the governor's office to meet with hogan who worked from home today. >> this is just essentially a new challenge for him. and we are giving him our full support and support for his family as well. >> the staff of the board of public works handed out these lapel pins. >> these are the non-hodgkins limb foen foam ma ribbons. we put them together to give to the audience to show their support of governor hogan and his family. >> spln posted this sign on the fence outside, praying for you, governor. maryland loves and needs you. >> i see them supporting him with the sign. i think that's awesome for him to -- >> how many states these days
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are the politics are -- can be very aggressive and they don't oftentimes verbally support their leadership. so it's a good thing. >> the man who will be filling in heavily for hogan is far from a household name. lieutenant governor boyd rutherford was born in d.c. and went to howard university. he never held public office before winning the election in november but is no stranger to government service. he's worked as an appointee of maryland's previous governor and former president george w. bush. in his current position as lieutenant governor he leads the governor's heroine task for and economic development council. a big heads up for senior citizen homeowners coming up. there's a new scam. there's a couple pulling off that's going to try to get into your house and steal your valuable valuables. we'll tell you about that. and a huge hit in getting a new home. why a show about the presidency is moving away from the district.
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sglooe a scam for homeowners. a man and a woman are preying on senior citizens. investigators say the woman distracts older homeowners by asking to check their meter. while they're outside, the man goes inside the home and steals cash credit cards and jewelry. one 90-year-old victim wanted to talk to us but is so scared that she doesn't want her face to be shown on tv. >> i feel like a prisoner in my own home you know? i never know who is watching me. >> there ever been three similar burglaries in the last month. in all three cases, the suspects were seen in a red or balloonmaroon car. be on the lookout. firefighters and paramedics
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from around the globe will be right here in our area for the world police and fire games. as news 4's aaron gillcrist reports, one is supposed to be settling in for retirement but first she has a race to conquer. >> reporter: when that alarm sounds prince georges county paramedic tracey daily and her partner now it is time to save a life. >> it's been truly rewarding to be out here .to know that you make a difference in somebody's life. >> dally retired this summer after making a difference as a firefighter paramedic in the county for 21 years. just this year she and her crew at largo station 846 were honored for saving a woman's life after a bad crash last year. >> it is always nice to be recognized for the team effort and for everything going right. but, you know for the most part that's what i find i want to do. >> on the job, daley isn't looking for glory. off the job, maybe a different story. >> just a quick easy lap.
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>> we caught up with daley and her crew. she's become a seasoned runner and will represent prince georges county in the world police and fire games in fairfax this summer. >> i run something between a 5k and a half marathon a couple times a month. i'm always in the gym on my off days. >> daley believes she's more than ready to be involved. still, she won't say she expects a first place finish. rather daley just wants to top her personal best. >> do i go -- expect to go out and win? i'm, you know running a half marathon. no. but i just want the -- you know to say that yeah i was a part of it. >> strength drive, heart, all the qualities of a winner. also qualities that have built what she's called a wonderful career. and in retirement she'll focus on the full-time job of mom to 7 and 8-year-old boys. >> my first goal is being able to help out in their school and
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stuff like that besides being the mom. i'm looking forward to this. >> and we have full cover ageage. check out the top five events right now on well wait until after the show is over. you won't see as many production crews around this area. maryland after four years of filming, says they're leaving town. hbo says it will move production on the political comedy to los angeles. maryland gave millions of dollars in tax breaks to them and other tv series. it was an incentive for them to shoot and stay in the state. but california offered them a better deal prompting that move. veep is one of several shows filmed in maryland. open our app and search maryland movies. they are all gearing up for the special olympics and an
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experience of a lifetime. coming up we join some special cheerleaders for practice and they've made names for themselves in the track world. now, they are looking for some international recognition. we'll introduce you to the
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a special group of young ladies trying to make history, they're a local cheerleading squad with some special attributes and they're getting ready to go international next month. they've invited durie ginsler to one of their practices. i promise they're going to make you smile. >> i like cheerleading because it makes me happy. >> i like to be with my friends and cheer. >> meet the sobo joy cheerleaders. they come together like this once a week in rockville to work on their cheer routines but that's just part of what you see
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happening here. intellectual disabilities challenges bring these girls together. but each one of these girls is bringing something special to this group. they brought their enthusiasm in all kinds of different ways. and they all bring extra big hearts to everything they do. look how they support each other, how much fun they have being together. spend just a few minutes with them and you'll have fun too. get a little closer and you might even get a hug. >> it is a lot of practice. but -- >> the joint cheerleaders couldn't do this without a lot of support from the community. the shock waves all-stars gym donates their time here and their coach is volunteering, too. >> where is your smiles? hello! >> megan smith cheered for the baltimore ravens for six years before she took on this new challenge. >> the outlet for them to express themselves and just who they are their energy their love for dancing, their love for
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music, a lot of them really relate to music and it kind of opens up their souls. go joy, go three times. >> sthe started out with a dozen girls four years ago. now there are 60. they won the maryland state competition this year. next month comes an even bigger challenge. this team will travel to los angeles to perform at the special olympics world game. it's the first time cheer squads have ever been invited. these girls are groundbreakers and they can't wait. >> it's very like mind blowing, very -- like very cool. >> they have been working hard to perfect their cheers for the big event. it won't be a competition this time but they hope that will happen soon. and they're happy to teach what they know to a guest. >> j! o! y! let's go, joy! >> the chooer leaders have a an unlimited supply of joy to share with everyone who gets to see
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them. >> j-o-y! let's go, joy! >> the joy cheerleaders need $80,000 to make it to the world games in july. right now, they have only about a quarter of what they need. so they're raising money through a gofundme page. we've posted a link on our website along with some more of the experience cheering with them. i think she needs to be a little louder next time. just search joy cheerleaders. he's a stud on the field. now get to know him more intimately. the revealing photo shoot when news 4 this week returns.
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twoo-star athletes from tc williams high school in alexandria just won major titles at the national track & field championships. but they also have their eyes on international competition.
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northern virginia bureau reporter david culver caught up with the lyles brothers. >> they're a year apart. >> just look at the lines. >> but noah and josepheus rarely a few feet from each other on the track, or off. >> we live together eat together do everything together we're like best friends and brothers and twins. >> i don't know why you -- he's the younger one. >> as classes come to an end at tc williams high school these rising seniors are preparing for a busy summer of competition. >> right here. >> already, they've earned high praise. last year noah won the 200 meter at the youth olympics in china. josepheus took gold at the 400x400 at the world junior champs. and both brothers back from a rare chance to compete in havana cuba. just a little nervous going down there. i didn't know what to expect really. >> they certainly didn't expect
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this, cuban athletes waving the u.s. flag alongside the cuban flag. but there was more. >> it was very interesting because we didn't know but we went to the opening ceremonies in the cuban choir, sang their national anthem and next they sung our national anthem. >> the four-day trip beyond just the competition, it brought the siblings the life experience that's reinforced at home. >> my mom definitely is always trying to teach us life lessons that we can develop not only on the track, but also in life. >> the lyles brothers ready to take on the world. >> i'm going to the field. we're going to break world records. >> together. >> together. >> in alexandria, david culver news 4. >> and the brothers are raising money in shoeps of competing at the world youth championship in colombia. learn more about their efforts online. get ready to see brice
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harper live you've never seen him before. he's expected to pose nude in this year's edition of espn body magazine. he said he's always wanted to do the body issue saying, quote, i want to put baseball out there. let's hope that's all that's out there. the issue comes out on july 6th. you may remember john also posed news for this magazine back in 2013. also expected to feature northern virginia native and u.s. women's soccer player alley kreeger. got to check that out. that's all for "news4 this week." thanks for joining us. we'll leave you now with pictures that some of you have been snapping around the area of bears roaming. i know right around this area. until next time remember be safe be kind, be happy, everybody. bye-bye.
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breaking news. there is an amber alert for three missing prince george's children. anthony is 5'6" 100 pounds. kevin is four feet tall wearing a blue shirt and blue shorts. the other 40 pounds wearing a green shirt and jeans. the suspect is mario chavez, six feet tall. not sure if there's a relationship. he's possibly driving a silver honda


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