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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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breaking news. there is an amber alert for three missing prince george's children. anthony is 5'6" 100 pounds. kevin is four feet tall wearing a blue shirt and blue shorts. the other 40 pounds wearing a green shirt and jeans. the suspect is mario chavez, six feet tall. not sure if there's a relationship. he's possibly driving a silver honda odyssey license paj-7515.
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if you see the kids or the car, call the maryland state police. a developing storey, a woman is fighting for her life after getting knocked off a bike. police say a black dodge charger and sports car were racing right before the accident. one of the cars hit the woman and both drivers took off. today is a weather alert day. here is why. we can show you it's sprinkling outside. radar is picking up heavy showers later today. there's a chance the storms could bring severe weather. amelia segal is tracking what we can expect this morning. good morning. >> good morning. during the morning and midday hours, rain and showers at times. in the afternoon rain and downpours. later today and afternoon hours
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some thunderstorms could be strong to severe. heavier rain to the south of washington. a flood watch in effect for just about everybody. all the counties here in dark green. that's going to run until 2:00 a.m. sunday for one to three inches of rain. you never want to drive-through a flooded roadway. severe threat from 2:00 to 10:00 p.m. leading to the threat for potential flash flooding, followed by high winds that could produce wind damage. we can't rule out a tornado or two this afternoon. i'm going to have more on the timing in about 15 minutes. >> thank you. we are learning new details about a deadly plane crash in alaska. two people killed are from our area. a 31-year-old and 65-year-old live in north potomac maryland. they were on a sightseeing trip that killed the pilot and eight
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passengers. the plane crashed into the side of a cliff. no word on what caused the crash. weather conditions were heavily overcast and windy at the time. police trying to figure out who shot a man in the district. we can show you where it happened just before midnight in northeast. what you are looking at is the trinidad neighborhood. police found the man suffering from several gunshot wounds. crews rushed him to the hospital. this is the same neighborhood where a man's body was burned inside a trash can. that victim had been shot. it happened on tuesday. two montgomery county teenagers killed on their ahome from a party a month after graduating from high school. they died in a bad crash in north potomac. the fourth teen that was inside the car is fighting fo darcy spencer has more.
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>> reporter: tatem king lays flowers at the place where four classmates died. >> we did just get out and we are really starting our lives. it's upsetting this happened to them. >> reporter: the victims were identified as calvin lee and alex merk. the driver sam ellis former quarterback on the wooten football team, he was critically injured. they are all 18 years old. the fourth passenger was not named. >> it's too often this happens. >> reporter: police say the teens were coming from a nearby house party where alcohol was served. eight people were cited for underage drinking. >> they did find beer beverage cans in the car at the time. they were still chilled. >> reporter: they say alcohol and speed were factors and the
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teens who died in the backseat, lee and mark, were not wearing seatbelts. grieving friends showed up at the crash scene laying flowers and momentum. >> it hasn't happened to us before. i think with it happening, it's a huge wake-up call. >> reporter: police described the crash as violent. the acura ran off the road hit a tree and broke apart landing in a neighbor's driveway. >> i heard a loud explosion, nothing before it like screeching tires or anything. just a very loud explosion. >> that was darcy spencer reporting. even though school is out for the summer, wooten high school will be open on monday with grief counselors if students need someone to talk to. following a developing story out of new york. the search intensifying for the remaining escaped murderer on the loose.
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border patrol agents shot and killed richard matt yesterday. police are searching for david sweat this morning. he is considered armed and dangerous. police received a tip from an rv driver that led to a tip to matt. as you get ready to celebrate celebrate the fourth of july holiday, be prepared for a terrorist attack. there's heightened concern for an attack on u.s. soil. we have what it means for people headed to the national mall. >> reporter: what better place to celebrate the fourth of july than in the nation's capitol. every year, that's the sentiment among the thousands of people who come from all over to celebrate america's independence. >> part of our history. >> enjoy family and it's, you know, celebrate our nation overall. >> reporter: it's the celebration of freedom that terror groups like isis want to take away. according to a u.s. intelligence source, there's a threat of a
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terror attack on the u.s. fourth of july. the u.s. park police said standard operating procedures remain in place. officers will be on guard and visible ensuring the safety of all who come out. for many folks, isis is the further thing from their mind. after all living in fear means the terrorists already won. >> that's what terror is, trying to get fear and stop you from doing what you want to do. >> the threat of a fourth of july attack came before a series of terrorist attacks. a gunman opened fire killing at least 39 people at a resort in tunisia. police shot and killed the 23-year-old gunman. he was an electrical engineering student. isis claims responsibility for that one. the same group carryied out an attack in kuwait. in france, four people in custody after a man beheaded his
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boss and attempted to blow up a gas factory building. no one claimed responsibility, as of yet. 6:07 this saturday morning. six baltimore police officers charged in the death of a man while in police custody. why there could be not one, but two trials in freddie gray's death. hillary clinton and the ruling for same-sex marriage to set her stage for the 2016 run for the white house. what bill cosby is fighting to keep private could be embarrassing if made public. time to download the nbc washington app. you can get a sneak peek at the radar to track what time the showers will drench your hometown.
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an undercover narcotics investigation in northern virginia ended with a shooting. this happened yesterday afternoon on duke street in alexandria. one of the suspects tried to rob an undercover cop. no one was hurt. an 18 and 19-year-old were arrested. we are learning about the state's strategy when it comes to trying six baltimore police officers for a death. a motion was filed asking a judge to order a separate trial. she did not explain why she want as separate trial for the two officers. mosby urged them to move the trial to another part of maryland. pleading guilty for sex trafficking of a child from a
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hotel. she pleaded guilty in an alexandria court. she helped with her boyfriend's prostitution ring. she arranged tricks with her 3-year-old by her side. she will be sentenced in october. her boyfriend is serving 40 years in prison. a lawyer for bill cosby says unsealing court documents would be embarrassing for his client. they are seeking to unveil documents from a temple university employee. it accuses him of drugging and sexual aassaulting the woman. the settlement is confidential. more than a dozen women filed against him. donald trump's feud just got uglier. who he is threatening to stay out of his hotels or else. light rain came down in
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areas. amelia segal warns, it is going to pick up.
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in decision 2016, hillary clinton praises supreme court for the ruling on same-sex marriage. she headlined the jefferson jackson dinner in fairfax. she equated with a decision on
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inner racial marriage ban. that was in virginia. she vowed to continue the battle with the lgbq community. >> we are reminded that, like any family our american family is strongest when we cherish what unites us and fight back against those who would divide us. >> virginia is expected to be one of the most contested swing states in the 2016 election. >> donald trump is banning employees from his hotel in miami. in a letter trump wrote, under no circumstances is an officer of representative of univision allowed to use his resort. it comes after univision dropped the pageant because trump made insulting remarks about mexico
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in his announcement. trump is threatening to sue. today, you can catch the world police and fire events in chantilly. there's baseball today at westfield high school around 8:00 a.m. you can catch games at george mason university in fairfax. at george mason, the body building competition. for more information, you can check out today's schedule. open up the nbc washington app. the games kicked off last night with opening ceremonies at the stadium. it's quite the crowd. aaron gilchrist was one of the emcees. happy to be part of it. this weekend, a montgomery county firefighter is planning to suit up for the event on monday. jim handly caught up with david lee who is trading in a fire helmet for a moto cross helmet. >> reporter: he responds to emergencies. to bond with his son, he trades in the fire truck for two
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wheels. this is go pro video of david lee living his passion. >> it's scary. when you jump, your jumping is the highlight of the sport. a major accomplishment when you can jump this jump. >> reporter: lee took it up not just for the thrill of it but to spend time with his son trayvon. trayvon says his dad doesn't hold back when it comes to competing, even with him. >> when we ride together, he's overcompetitive. sometimes i don't want to ride with him. it irks me sometimes, a little bit. >> we are competitive with each other. that keeps us together. whatever we do, a big competition. >> this firefighter and paramedic will put on his motorcycle helmet in a three-day competition part of the world police and fire games. >> it's a wide open field. i'm going to be in the middle of
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the pack. there's always a race within a race. you find somebody in the race about your speed and compete with them. so, it's always fun, even if you are not up front, you are still battling. >> all right. so cool. there are so many different game that is are happening, including dodge ball. how fun would it be to participate in that? >> are you trying to throw balls at us? >> no it's so much fun. today, some of the events happening, baseball, cycling they are things going on outside. >> likely canceled. today's weather alert day. we have a few weather threats to deal with or keep an eye out for. there's a concern for flash flooding and for the afternoon and evening hours thunderstorms becoming likely. some of the storms strong to severe. the greatest threat with thunderstorms today torrential rain and gusty wind and potential for a tornado or two. because of that, the weather having a moderate to high impact
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on your day today. we are tracking rainshowers across the area. one to three inches will fall throughout the day on into the evening hours. that's going to lead to flash flooding concerns later today. the threat for severe thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening hours. chuck and potentially veronica will be in this evening keeping you up to date with the forecast. here is the latest on storm team 4 radar. a steady rain right now. no thunderstorms. a cold front is going to be pushing through during the evening hours. that could cause some strong to heavy storms. here is the timing with future weather. 10:00 a.m. tracking areas of rain, possibly heavy at that point. i think the thunderstorms are going to hold off until the afternoon hours. as early as 2:00 p.m., areas to the west could see thunderstorms. i think we are going to see a line develop. if we see that develop during the afternoon and evening hours, this is going to be the best chance for severe weather flooding concerns damaging winlds and a tornado or two.
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this line moving through frederick, prince william counties, moves through montgomery, fairfax, arlington around 5:00. through the district around 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., then continuing off to the east. 7:00, prince george's. very heavy rain with that. the road impacts today for the morning and midday hours dealing with wet roads by the late day. we are talking rain and storms and the potential for flooding. tomorrow a completely different story, partly sunny breezy a high temperature of 80 degrees. the mugginess is going to increase throughout the day as well. as the humidity increases, it's going to get more unstable outside. that will help thunderstorms to fire up. monday, mostly sunny, low humidity, a nice day. a high temperature of 84. the chance of thunderstorms on tuesday, a high temperature of 85 for wednesday, a high of 88 partly sunny skies next thursday. the chance of storms friday keeping it dry now.
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temperatures in the mid-80s. after today for the most part we are going to get a break from the humidity. again today a weather alert day with flooding and strong to severe storms in the forecast especially this afternoon and evening. >> thank you, amelia. here is a question for you. do you know how many germs you touch every day just by answering this thing? >> angie was asking for hand sanitizer. >> after hearing this. >> not a pleasant thing to hear. blackberry has a plan to introduce a bacteria free phone. changes from uber. how they could get your number, even if you don't have the app.
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well this next story is going to make you want to disinfect your cell phone right now. a average smartphone has about 25,000 germs per square inch. 30% is transferred between your phone and your finger. in an effort to reinvent itself blackberry is working to develop a bacteria free smartphone. yeah, bacteria free. it's for hospital workers who aren't vigilant at disinfecting their phone. when was the last time you read a company's privacy statement? more and more information is being collected by us the
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consumer. uber wants more information. erika gonzalez has uber's upcoming change and what it means, even if you don't have the app. >> i use it a lot to get around, so basically every weekend. >> reporter: he is like every uber user. with the tap of a phone, he can access a ride in minutes. like any technology you give out your personal information and give up a piece of privacy. when it comes to privacy uber is about to change its policy. in mid july, the privacy policy will be easier to understand, half the length and ask you to import your contacts in your phone to the uber app. >> i would not be happy about that. that's an invasion of privacy. >> they want to facilitate social interaction offer features and services and allow users to send special offers to riders, family and friend. it will give them the choice to import their contacts.
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the company has not said yet, how it will work. >> i would never do that. i would never ever do that. >> i don't think it will be a problem. hopefully to network more. >> i don't feel comfortable giving out somebody's number. >> they are changing privacy policies all the time. >> reporter: this is a director of consumer protect at the federation of america. >> it's one thing to give your contact information to a company. do you really want to give the company the contact information op friends and relatives, people you work with without asking them first. >> reporter: uber says protecting riders is a core responsibility and value. uber's privacy statement changes in mid july, they said they do not plan on asking for user's contact information right away. grant says sharing that information comes with risks. >> if the company merges or
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sells to somebody else, it reserves the right to consider your personal information as an asset. that's very troubling. it means that your information collected by uber could be handed over to another company. >> reporter: uber says if you choose not to import your contacts, it will not affect your service. erika gonzalez news 4. breaking news in prince george's county this morning. an amber alert out for three children. >> what we are learning about the suspect police believe took them. it is a weather alert day. stronger storms making their way into the region. amelia segal has a look at when the heavy stuff is going to hit, hour-by-hour. we are going to hear from virginia's leaders on how a high court's ruling on same-sex marriage will impact all people in virginia and how it will impact those of you who head to
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we continue to follow breaking news right now. there is an amber alert for three missing prince george's county children. >> we are working to get their ages and pictures of them. anthony is 5'6", 100 pounds last seen wearing an orange shirt and brown shorts. kevin four feet wearing a blue shirt and blue shorts. elvis 40 poupds last seen
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wearing a green shirt and blue jeans. they may be in a silver honda odyssey. the license 3aj-7515. the suspect is mario chavez. it's not clear what relationship he has with the children. he is six feet tall and wearing khaki pants. if you see the car, maryland police want to hear from you. >> thank you for joining us i'm david culver. >> we are seeing rain across the region. looks like things are going to get wet. >> amelia segal is in for chuck bell. amelia, you are thinking the potential for severe weather later today? >> severe weather potential. overall, we are going to pick up one to three inches of rain. you can see the rain on storm team 4 radar. as we work into the afternoon and evening hours, heavier rain becomes more likely. with that, the threat of strong to severe thunderstorms as well.
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cold front is going to push through later today and that's going to be the main trigger for that potential of severe weather. here are the weather headlines. during the morning hours showers and rain from 2:00 to 11:00 p.m. heavy rain and thunderstorms. during the evening hours a line of thunderstorms develops. if the line develops it would be from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. that's where we could get the most severe weather from the severe weather being gusty wind and potential for a tornado or two. here is future weather at 5:00 p.m. you can see the line i'm talking ant. more on the threat for severe weather and what it means for tomorrow in 15 minutes. >> we'll check in with you then. a man was hit and killed crossing the street in arlington. it happened before 1:30 at arlington boulevard and south montague street. a postal worker in the district has bacterial
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meningitis. he was stationed at headquarters. the worker is in the hospital and getting treatment right now. no word if the worker exposed co-workers to the disease. if you skroled through facebook or perhaps following angie on twitter, you probably saw folks standing in front of the rainbow white house. the white house was lit in rainbow colors last night. it was their way of celebrating the court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in the nation. d.c. mayor says it shows each of us is equal. it's been legal in the district since 2010. the dean of the national cathedral says the decision is a moe mentous step toward marriage equality. they have performs same-sex marriages since 2013. i spoke with virginia leaders about the ruling. with his wife by his side, northern virginia leaders behind
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him. mark herring stood in front of the arlington courthouse to praise the highest court. >> thousands of newly married virginians know their bonds are protected by the highest law of the land. >> reporter: it was in the midst of questioning we heard a voice crack. >> other cases that can be brought now. >> that's nick benton. he writes for a community newsletter. why? >> sorry. it's been an emotional day. it changes everything. >> reporter: virginia's governor also thrilled. >> i'm overjoyed. long time coming. it's a huge win for equality. >> reporter: not all virginia politicians agree though. >> the gay community is quite militant. they are not content to let people be and let people make their own decisions. >> reporter: i met with state senator dick black, a lawyer, a
6:36 am
former marine. he worries people of traditional faith will have to go underground. >> it launches an attack on the christian churches across the nation. >> reporter: for nick, it's a ruling he waited years to hear. >> it establishes the total enfranchisement of a class of citizens. until today we did not have that guarantee. >> you can find more of the story on it was an emotional farewell in charleston, south carolina. president obama delivering a passionate eulogy for reverend pinckney. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ >> during his eulogy president obama took listeners through the
6:37 am
racial history praised the strength and courage of victim's families and paid tribute to pinckney, a lawmaker he knew personally. >> when clementa pinckney entered the room, it was like the future arrived. from a young age, folks knew he was special. >> the president discussed the confederate flag. he said taking it down from south carolina state house grounds would be a, quote bomb for unhealed wounds. today, in charles county, the naacp will hold a peace and prayer vigil for the victims of the shooting in arlston at the new hope ame church. pediatricians are weighing in on the same-sex ruling. the impact the decision can have on your kids z. this year's nominees were criticized for being too white. if you haven't stepped
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outside, we'll give you the headline here. it is raining everywhere right now. you can see it on storm team 4 radar. the green and turquoise moving in. check the nbc washington app to see if your hometown is under a
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the american academy of pediatrics say same-sex marriage can be good for kids. responding to yesterday's supreme court decision the academy says if the child has two loving parents, it's in the best interest of the children
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that legal institutions allow them to do so. a 2010 study found little effect on kids if parents are the same-sex. more than 300 new members joining the academy of arts and science. a criticism over lack of diversity. membership to the academy is by invitation only. oscar nominees are automatically considered. 6:41. tracking rain across the area. when we come back, we are going to bring you up to date as to when the rain will come through finish out and when we could see severe weather. ameli
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last week when we checked in with the "today" show, they had this person photo bombing our live talk back. >> who could it be? >> i guarantee it's not going to happen this week with the same person. >> erica hill and craig melvin joining us live from new york. >> we have security. >> we were hoping to get the hologram up and running. >> what's going on? >> you can imagine a lot of focus on the hunt which continue this is morning for escaped prisoner david sweat. authorities are focused on an area with a tight perimeter after his accomplice was shot
6:45 am
friday afternoon. we'll be live in upstate new york with the latest. chilling new video emerges of the terror attack that leaves at least 39 people dead. this morning we are learning new information about the potential for a possible attack here at home. we'll talk to a terrorist expert. jimmy fallon posting photos of how he injured his hand. that forced him to cancel the taping of the tonight show on friday. we'll hear from the magician that got trapped in this box after a stunt gone horribly wrong. he'll tell us what happened inside. it's not magical if you get stuck in the box. >> not so much. not volunteering to be on it. >> it's hard to watch, going to the circus. >> when they put the knives in the box. >> we'll tune in. lots of good stories ahead. thanks, guys.
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they are a summertime tradition. the number of fireworks accidents we see the display we are about to show you a part of preparing for the fourth of july. >> megan mcgrath has what we need to keep in mind about fireworks safety. >> reporter: the sparkler. it's a piece of america that. a symbol of fourth of july fun. did you know that a sparkler burns at 2,000 degrees? that's as hot as this. a blow torch. just look at this infrared heat image. the sparkler and the blow torch are the same color. >> if you don't to run around with blow torches, we recommend you don't let them run around with sparklers. >> reporter: this demonstration showed the dangers of the fireworks fireworks. look what this can do. it's illegal for a reason. m 80 can blow off your hand. a bottle rocket if used
6:47 am
improperly, once it launches off the stick it can go anywhere, including someone's eye. laws about what's legal and what is not vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. to stay safe this holiday, you may want to leave the pyrotechniques to the expert. all the laws and rules can be confusing. if you want to know what is legal for you, we have the nrvegs on our website megan mcgrath news 4. >> p congratulations to annapolis, among the top ten all american vacation destinations., ranked by a panel of experts. they chose annapolis because of old homes and ships. i'm sure they factored in there wendy rieger sightings as well. >> don't pack your selfie stick when you head here to disney.
6:48 am
the company is banning the selfie stick because of safety reasons. disney banned it from some rides. the rule goes into effect on tuesday. this is worldwide. they are saying their parks in paris as well as hong kong. they are going to check you at the door. if you have one, you can leave it there and pick it up later. >> how are you doing with this? are you okay in. >> the selfie stick, they are fun, but a lot of maintenance, to carry them around. it never works out like planned. >> it's anowing to watch people. >> it's a sifty issue on a ride. it makes sense. >> no selfie sticks outdoors today. >> potential for gusty winds. we can't rule out a tornado or two. when i say that, of course we rank tornadoes from ef-0 to ef-5. is this going to be the four tornado we are tracking in the midwest? absolutely not, but be weather
6:49 am
aware from 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. before 2:00 p.m., the tracking summer special here on news 4 at 10:00 a.m. a lot of great stories that all of us at storm team 4 worked on. flash flood watch for just about everybody. all the areas in solid green is going to run from 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning because we are going to pick up one to three inches of rain today. the heaviest rain and storms will impact the area during the afternoon and evening hours. gusty winds likely today especially thunderstorms we are seeing this afternoon. current temperatures are in the 60s and 70s. 70 in washington. 64 in gaithersburg. 70 in winchester. cloudy skies and showers across the area already. highs today stay in the 70s. d.c., a high of 78. la play da, a high of 76. here is the latest check of storm team 4 radar where you can see tracking steady showers across the entire area today. a great day to download the nbc
6:50 am
washington app. you can get the radar there. when we have alerts coming in this afternoon, it will send the alerts right to your phone if you pick that option. a cold front is going to move through this evening. that's the best trigger for severe thunderstorms as humidity increases throughout the day. it's going to feel muggy during the afternoon and evening hours. the greatest severe weather threats, today, heavy rain followed by high winds. that could produce isolated wind damage. the winds are there where we can't rule out a tornado if we see severe thunderstorms develop during the late afternoon and earlier evening hours, maybe small hail. tomorrow, a complete 180 with the weather. partly sunny skies, a high of 80 degrees in washington. most spots mid to upper 70s. 7:00 a.m., near 70 degrees. noon is breezy. it will be breezy throughout the day tomorrow but dry. mid-70s at noon tomorrow evening. beautiful night to have dinner outdoors. 7:00 p.m. a temperature of 75
6:51 am
degrees. again, today, a weather alert day. as we track showers during the morning hours and more intense rain and thunderstorms likely as we get into the afternoon and evening hours. tomorrow, a high of 80, low humidity. monday, low humidity as well, a high of 84. a little bit humid tuesday, wednesday and thursday, no extreme mugginess or extreme heat. the chance of showers and thunderstorms on tuesday. otherwise, plenty of clouds. wednesday, partly sunny and a high temperature of 88. we want to pass this along to folks because of all the rain. there's a high water advisory in place for the potomac river the maryland department of natural resources are urging boaters to avoid the upper potomac. the advisory lasts through monday. we have an update on breaking news. an amber alert for missing children. we have information about who they may be with. >> plus, a beach scare.
6:52 am
where we are learning about two more shark attacks. these are places many folks in
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good saturday morning. make no mistake, the mets are on a role. they go for their eighth later today. no one hotter than scherzer. a chance in history on friday after his no-hitter last week.
6:55 am
he was five against the phillies. freddie broke up the party in the sixth smacking a double to the right. first hit allowed by scherzer in 16 1/3 innings. eight innings for scherzer his 100th career win. a scoreless streak ends at 48 innings. in the world cup, usa moving on. the united states taking down china thanks to a hitter from lloyd. u.s. wins 1-0. they face germany in the semifinals on tuesday. don't forget a big eastern conference match later today taking on toronto at 5:00. that's a look at the morning sports. hope your saturday is a good one. we continue to follow breaking news here. there is an amber alert for three missing prince george's county children. >> we don't have the kids ages or pictures.
6:56 am
we are working to get that. anthony is 5'6", 100 pounds seen wearing an orange shirt and brown shorts. kevin four feet call wearing a blue shirt and blue shorts. elvis wearing a green shirt and blue jeans. they may be in a silver honda odyssey license 3aj-7515. mario chavez, not sure of his relationship with the kids. if you see the kids or the car, maryland state police want to hear from you. a man bitten by a shark is recovering in virginia beach. the 47-year-old taken to the hospital. he was bitten several times in the back by sharks. another man was attacked near hilton head, south carolina. both expected to be okay. a good day to stick around
6:57 am
the house. >> rain throughout the entire day. it's going to be soggy from start to finish. the afternoon to evening hours we are tracking heavy rain. concern for flash flooding and thunderstorms later. that comes with strong gusty winds. >> do you know which areas are going to be hardest hit? >> everybody. if you are listening and watching us be weather ready. >> you are going to update the app. >> absolutely. >> that does it for us. we are going to be back in 25
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. good morning, alone and on the run -- no sign of escaped kimmer david sweat this morning, a day after his fellow escapee, richard matt was gunned down. >> we've got one guy down. >> tips pouring in as the search intensifies. and new details emerge about how authorities managed to track down and kill his accomplice. we're live on the scene as the manhunt enters its fourth week. worldwide terror -- law enforcement on alert ahead of the july 4th holiday as isis encourages followers around the globe to strike. this as newly released video shows the deadly attack on friday on tourists at a beach in teen usia. following attacks in france and k


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