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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 27, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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a few people having afternoon barbecues today. amelia segal is in for chuck. what are you thinking? >> without the threat of severe weather i would move the outdoor plans indoors. rain is highly likely for the afternoon and evening hours as well. we are going to track rain at times, not only for the remainder of the morning but the overnight hours. heavier rain moving through the o the south, including prince george's and charles county. notice this lull, though. this break in rain here. this impacting areas like la ray right now. this is going to continue to push to the east as we work into the later morning and midday hours. as we get the break it's going to allow the humidity to increase and the temperatures to warm. that will help lead to heavier rain earlier today and thunderstorms as well. one to three inches is in the forecast. just about everybody under a flash flood watch until 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. storms later have the threat of gusty winds that could produce
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wind damage. i'll have more on the damage in 15 minutes. 9:01, we are following breaking news in prince george's county. a shooting investigation in bowie. >> yeah, police were called to this townhouse development in the 1200 block of patriot lane off route 301 near the intersection with route 214. take a look. police are still on the scene here. about 4:55 a.m., police responded here and found an adult male who had been shot. reports say that person is indeed dead. a few seconds ago, a few minutes ago, rather an ambulance left the scene with its siren and strobe lights on. crime scene detectives and units from the bowie department remain on the scene here. we don't have a lot of
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information. again, this would be the third shooting in bowie this week. if it is fatal it's the second fatal shooting in bowie this month. unusual occurrence in this jurisdiction. more details as they become available. we are live in bowie derrick ward news 4. breaking news right now. an amber alert in prince george's county. police are looking for three children. >> we are going to show you the description of the kids their ages as well. 11-year-old'1"-year-old anthony, 56'6". the kids may be in a silver honda odyssey van. 3aj-7515. we can tell you about the suspect, too. 34-year-old mario chavez not clear what his relation is to the children. he's six fetal, wearing green
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shirt and khaki pants. if you see the kids, suspect or the car call maryland state police. a woman died after getting hit by a driver of a car while riding her bicycle. prince george's county police are searching for the drivers responsible for the hit and run. police say a black dodge charger and a black sports car were racing when one car hit a bicyclist. it happened on richey road in capitol heights. police are investigating an accident, this involving two tractor trailers in richmond. the crash happened about 4:00 this morning on the southbound lanes past ashland. the right lane and the exit are closed. we are learning new details in a deadly plane crash in alaska. new from overnight, two people killed are from our area. 31-year-old glenda and 65-year-old hugo both lived in north potomac, maryland. they were on a sightseeing trip
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that killed the pilot and eight cruise ship passengers on thursday. the plane crashed into the side of a cliff, we are told. no word on what caused the accident. the weather conditions were overcast and windy at the time. new this morning, police trying to figure out who shot a man in the district. it happened before midnight in northeast. i can show you a look from the scene in the trinidad neighborhood. police found the man suffering from several gunshot wounds. crews rushed him to the hospital. this is the same neighborhood where a man's body was burned inside a trash can. the victim had been shot. it happened on tuesday on holbrooke terrace. two teen canalers killed on their way home from a party, one month after graduating high school. calvin and alex died on friday morning in a bad crash in north potomac. this morning, a fourth teen that was inside the car is fighting for his life in the hospital. darcy spencer has more on the
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message many are hoping this tragedy will send to other students. >> reporter: tatum king lays flowers at the place where four classmates rest. two of them died, one clinging to life. just a month after graduation. >> we did just get out and we are really starting our lives and it's so upsetting what happened to them. >> the victims were identified as calvin lee and alex murk. the driver, sam ellis, former quarterback on the wooten football team was critically injured. the fourth passenger was not named. >> too often. too often it happened. >> reporter: the teens were coming from a nearby house party where alcohol was served. police say eight people were cited for underage drinking. >> they did find beer beverage cans in the car at the time that
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were still chilled. >> they say alcohol and speed were factors and that the teens who died in the backseat, lee and murk were not wearing seatbelts. grieving frens showed up at the crash scene placing flowers moe mentos a football and basketball. >> it hasn't really happened to us before. with it happening, it's a huge wake-up call. >> reporter: police described the crash as violent. the acura ran off the road, hit a tree and broke apart landing in a neighbor's driveway. >> all i heard was a loud explosion. i didn't hear anything before it like screeching tires or anything. a very loud explosion. >> that was darcy spencer resporting. now, even though school is out for the summer, wooten high school will open their doors monday with grief counselors in case students need someone to talk to. there are six baltimore police officers charged in the
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death of a handcuffed man in police custody. why there could be not one but two trials in freddie gray's death. isis claiming responsibility for a terror attack overseas. a possible strike here at home. this is the day you are going to want to download the nbc washington app. keep it close. amelia segal is updating the app as the storms move through. we'll check in with her for the timing of this weather.
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we continue to follow a developing story out of new york. the search is intensifying for the remaping murderer on the loose. border patrol agents shot and killed richard matt.
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sweat is considered armed and dangerous. the two escaped three weeks ago. >> we are learning more about the state strategy when it comes to trying six baltimore police officers for freddie gray's death. they want to try porter and wright separate from the other four officers. he filed a motion asking a judge to have a separate trial. moos by urged the judge to keep the trial in baltimore. the defense wants it moved to another part of maryland. as we get closer to celebrating the fourth of july security leaders are reminding you to be individual lent in case of an attack. news 4s megafitzgerald reports of what it means for you headed to the national mall. >> reporter: what better place to celebrate the fourth of july
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than in the nation's capitol. every year that's the sentiment among the thousands of people who come from all over to celebrate america's independence. >> part of our history. >> family and it's, you know, celebrate our nation overall. >> reporter: it's the celebration of freedom that isis wants to take away. according to a u.s. intelligence source, a threat of a terror attack on the u.s. by the fourth of july. the u.s. park police says standard operating procedures will remain in place. officers will be on guard and visible ensuring the safety of those who come out. isis is the furthest thing from their mind. after all, living in fear, they say means the terrorists already won. >> that's what it is instilling fear and stopping you from what you want to do. >> megan fitzgerald reporting there. the fourth of july attack became
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before the terrorist attacks. a gunman opened fire killing at least 39 people at a resort beach in tunisia. isis claims responsibility. the same group killed 27 people in a mosque. in france three people in custody after a man beheaded his boss and attempted to blow up a gas factory building. the man is not speaking to investigators at this hour. a fourth person has been arrested but that person was released. time now, 9:12. donald trump's bitter feud with univision got more ugly. who he is threatening to stay out of his hotels or else. >> light rain coming down. amelia segal warns it is picking up. what time you will want to pack up the barbecue.
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in decision 2016 hillary clinton praised the supreme court for the ruling on same-sex marriage. the presidential candidate headlines the virginia democratic party jefferson jackson dinner held in fairfax. clinton equated it with a decision striking down inner racial marriage ban that is originated in virginia. clinton vowed to fight discrimination against the lgbtq community and determined to lead the country back into the past.
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>> we are reminded that like any family, our american family is strongest when we cherish what united us and fight back against those who would divide us. >> virginia is expected to be one of the most contested swing states in the 2016 presidential election. donald trump is banning univision employees from the hotel in miami. trump wrote under no circumstances is an officer or representative aloyd to use trump national resorts. the move comes after they dropped the miss universe pageant because of trump's insulting remarks about mexico in the 2016 announcement. trump is threatening the sue. a lawyer for cosby says unsealing documents would be embarrassing for his client.
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a lawsuit he settled with a former temple university employee. they accuse cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting the woman. more than a dozen women accused him of sexually assaulting them. three filed a defamation lawsuit. you can catch world police and fire games in chantilly, assuming they are not rained out. the westfield high school is where the sight of a baseball game was taking place at 8:00. you can catch games at george mason university in fairfax. you can catch the body building competition at noon. for more info check out the nbc washington app. the games kicked off last night, opening ceremony. they are at rfk. aaron gilchrist was one of the emcees. i'm guessing today, baseball game not the place you want to
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be. >> there are some indoor events over at the reston town center where they have the athlete's village. they are doing a hockey game. that's covered. if you are coming to spectate you need an umbrella. >> i think any outdoor plans, move them inside today. not only is rain 100% in the forecast, but a threat of severe weather today. why risk it? talking about barbecues, i wouldn't try to get it in. move it indoors. better to be safe than sorry. because of the rain today and the potential for severe weather this afternoon and evening, the weather having a moderate to high impact on your day, dealing with rain at times throughout the day. it will be heavy in spots one to three inches leads to flash flooding concerns about the potential for severe thunderstorms. the time here to be most weather ready is from 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. as we head to a graphic. that's because of the threat of not only flash flooding
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concerns, but also strong thunderstorms. some severe thunderstorms, thunderstorms later today could contain high winds that produce wind damage and the winds also set upright today with the weather pattern where we can't rule out a weak tornado or two. chuck will be in during the afternoon and evening shows updating the forecast. again, the threats today, mainly heavy rain followed by high, gusty winds in the afternoon and evening hours and a tornado or two and maybe small hail in the forecast. that's why today is a weather alert day. here is the time line for the showers and periods of rain. 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. i think we are going to see a line of thunderstorms develop during the evening hours. it will move through the area from west to east. if that line develops, that's going to be our greatest chance, the biggest trigger for some severe weather. storm team 4 radar tracking for the most part a steady rain across the area.
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a bit of a lull is moving through midday before more rain slides into the area during the afternoon and evening hours. here is the timing, 2:00 p.m. notice heavier rain. the brighter colors here, especially parts of west virginia, that's the potential for severe weather developing. 4:00, you can see this line that i'm talking about. a broken line of thunderstorms with torrential downpours potentially strong winds gusts over 70 miles an hour, maybe a tornado or two. this line moves through fairfax the district prince george's county, 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. the latest timing continues off to the east, east of i-95 by 7:00 p.m. heavy rain in maryland at 8:00 p.m. tonight. temperatures now in the 60s and 70s. washington at 70 degrees. the high temperature today of 78. now, overnight tonight, the threat of severe weather diminishes by 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. after that areas of rain or
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showers. the concern of flash flooding until 2:00 a.m. tomorrow we are dry, partly sunny breezy, low humidity, a high of 80 degrees. you can have the barbecue outdoors tomorrow. monday looking nice, plenty of sunshine and high of 84. >> thanks so much. here is a question for you. do you know how many germs you touch every day just by answering the phone? >> this may gross you out. we will tell you about blackberry's plan for a bacteria free phone. >> it will be interesting how they do that. >> privacy changes from uber. how they could get y
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this next story will make you want to disinfect your cell phone. the average smartphone has 25,000 germs per square inch. 30% of that bacteria is transferred between your phone and finger. in an effort to reinvent itself blackberry is working to develop a bacteria free smartphone. it would be designed for hospital workers who haven't so diligent in disinfecting their phones. no word on how it will work. >> it will be interesting to see how that works out. when was the last time you read a company's privacy
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statement? more and more information is being collected from you, the consumer. uber wants more. erika gonzalez has uber's upcoming change and what it means, even if you don't have the app. >> i use it a lot to get around. basically every weekend. >> reporter: he's like many uber users. he can access a ride in minutes. like any technology you give out your personal information, you give up a piece of your privacy. when it comes to privacy uber is about to change its policy. in mid july, uber's privacy statement will be easier to understand half the length and ask you to import your contacts in your phone's contact book to their app. >> i think it's an invasion of privacy. >> reporter: they want to use your contacts to allow them to spend special offers to riders,
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family and friends. uber will give consumers the choice to import contacts. the company has not said yet how it will work. >> i would never do that. i would never -- >> i don't think it would be a problem. hopefully to help them network more. >> i don't feel comfortable giving out somebody's number. >> companies are changing privacy policies all the time. it's one thing for you to give your contact information to a company, but, do you really want to give the company the contact information of your friends and relatives, people that you work with without asking them first? >> reporter: uber says protecting the personal information of riders is a core responsibility and company value. their statement changes in july, they do not plan on asking for user's contact information right away. sharing such information comes
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with risks. >> if the company merges or sells assets to somebody else, essential essentially, it reserves the right to consider your personal information as an asset. that's troubling because it means that your information collected by uber could be handed over to another company. >> uber says if you choose not to import your contacts, it will not affect your service. erika gonzalez, news 4. at 9:27, breaking news in prince george's county. there's an amber alert for three children in the area. >> what we are learning about the suspect police believe took them. also big news. a weather alert day. downpours are in the forecast and just about everyone is under a flash flood watch. amelia segal says thunderstorms are likely. what time, she says, we are going to see this start. activists took matters into their own hands in south
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carolina's capitol. how the confederate flag
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we have breaking news to report. an amber alert in prince george's county. police are looking for three kids. >> let's run through the descriptions descriptions. 11-year-old anthony, 10-year-old kevin, 2-year-old elvis. the kids may be in a silver honda odyssey van. we are going to run through the
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plate. you will see them here. they are maryland tags, 3aj-7515. a little bit about the suspect, too. 34-year-old mario chavez. not clear what his relation is to the children. he's six feet tall wearing a green shirt and khaki pants. police are investigating an accident involving two tractor trailers in richmond. the crash happened around 4:00 this morning on the southbound lanes past ashland. >> the right lane and the exit lane are closed. keep an eye out on that if you or anyone you know is traveling through the area. 9:31. another problem for traffic is the weather. it is a super soaker. amelia segal is tracking the possibility of severe weather. what are you thinking? >> david, i'm thinking the best chance for severe thunderstorms is the latest afternoon and evening hours. you can see on storm team 4 radar, no thunderstorms right now. a steady rain moving through the area.
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we'll get a break around the midday hours before more rain moves in this afternoon. as the rain makes its way eastward downpours embedded within it and thunderstorms as well. traveling today, dealing with wet roads, reduced visibility today and flash flooding. exercise, do it indoors. heading out and about, download the nbc washington app to get radar in the palm of your hand. notice the heavy rain around frederick, leesburg and warrenton. by 4:00 inside the beltway. montgomery and howard counties as well. gusty winds may produce wind damage. guys we can't rule out an isolated tornado as well. definitely a day to be weather ready. >> thanks. a man hit and killed crossing the street in arlington. the crash happened before 1:30 this morning. it was at arlington boulevards
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in south montague street. they are looking into whether the man was hit by more than one car. a postal worker in the district has meningitis. the postal service says the worker is in the hospital and getting treatment. no word if that worker exposed any co-workers to the disease. if you scrolled through facebook this morning you may see on the news feed folks standing in front of the rainbow white house. you can see it there. the white house was lit in rainbow colors last night. it was their way of celebrating the supreme court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. it affirms our democratic values that each of us is equal. same-sex marriage has been legal in the district since 2010. the decision is a moe mentous step forward. i spoke with leaders in virginia about the ruling.
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with his wife by his side northern virginia leaders behind him, virginia tern joan, mark herring stood in front of the courthouse to praise the highest court. >> thousands of people know their bonds are protected by the highest law of the land. >> reporter: it was the midst of questioning that we heard a voice crack. >> other cases that can be brought now. >> reporter: next to us is nick benton. he writes for a community newsletter newsletter. you teared up. why? >> been an emotional day. it changes everything. >> reporter: virginia's governor, thrilled. >> i am overjoyed, long time coming. a huge win for equality. >> reporter: not all virginia politicians agree though. >> the gay community is quite militant. they are not content to let people be and let people make their own decisions.
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>> reporter: i met with state senator dick black, a lawyer a former marine. he worries people of traditional faith are going to have to go underground. >> it launches an attack on the christian churches across the nation. >> for nick a ruling he's waited years to hear. >> establishes the total enfranchisement of a class of citizens. until today, we did not have that guarantee. new this morning, the confederate flag flying once again over the capitol in south carolina. early this morning, a woman climbed the flag pole and took it down herself. we can show you a picture of the incident that happened. the woman's name is bree newsome. the #freebree is taking off on social media. police arrested two people at the scene and put the flag back up. an emotional farewell in
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charleston, north carolina. president barack obama delivering the eulogy for reverend clementa pinckney. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ >> during his obama took listeners to the country's racial history. he praised the strength and courage of victim's families and tributed pinckney, a lawmaker he knew personally. >> when clementa pinckney entered the room, it was like the future arrived. from a young age, folks knew he was special. >> well, the president also discussed the confederate flag, taking it down would be a quote bomb for unhealed wounds.
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>> today, the naacp will hold a peace and prayer vigil in charleston. it begins at 10:00 at the new hope community church in waldorf. part of a route in and out of d.c. is shut down. the 16th street bridge will be closed until 10:00 tonight. it will close again tomorrow at 5:00 and reopen before the monday morning rush. the bridge passes over military road in northwest. it is being entirely rebuilt. d-dot says to use 14th street to get around the closure. track work on the silver line at the east falls church stop. to continue your trip east, connect to the orange line at that stop. yellow lines stop between springfield and mt. vernon square. you can check our nbc washington app if you need more information on getting around. pediatricians are weighing
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in on the same-sex marriage ruling. why doctors are saying the decision can have a positive impact on your children. why is city is getting more applicants this year. have you looked outside yet? it's raining, everywhere. this is outside the studio. check the nbc washington app to see if your hometown is under a flash flood watch. meantime, amelia segal will be pack with us as she's timing out severe storm that is could be knocking at your door.
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job seekers you should develop your digital skills to get paid more. a survey showing 80% of mid level jobs in virginia now
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require digital skills. this job pays 46% more than their nondigital counter parts. governor terry mccollough joined. kimberly bryant talked about black girls code, a tech center nonprofit that launched locally. >> our focus is to introduce girls from underrepresenting communities ages 7 to 17 to technology and computer programming. >> keep this in mind over the past ten years, nationwide job openings that require skills have grown two and a half times faster than nondigital jobs. >> a good thing for students as they begin their summer jobs program. that starts on monday. zachary kiesch speak with the new hires about what to expect. >> reporter: the d.c. summer youth employment program call center is in full swing. >> if you wore a nice polo with
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flats -- >> reporter: after 36 years, honoring founder marion barry. for the first time, it will include 22 to 24-year-olds. >> in the fall, i'll be a graduate student. >> reporter: people like this student at trinity washington university. she's got her summer assignment. >> i'm working with the students i want to make a difference with as i continue my education. >> reporter: about 100 young people are college educated. 10% of the new enrollments price deputy director of youth work force development. >> some people are surprised to know college students earned a bachelor degree or other degree in the program. >> reporter: students from across the district start work monday. also new transportation and pay increases.
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>> young people who work during the summers are much more likely to work and be successfully employed as adults. early work experiences, mentoring connections to caring adults interested in growth and development. >> have a nice day, sir. >> reporter: zachary kiesch, news 4. details in the d.c. mansion murder. >> you are going to hear a message from a victim to a long time employee. it happened hours before the crime. saturday soaker. it's going to get worse. when the worst of the storms are going to arrive. believe it or not there's a brighter side
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back at 9:46, we are learning new details in the mansion murder case. a grand jury convened gathering witnesses and evidence that could lead to more felony charges. >> for the first time, we hear an audio recording from the family and detailed events leading up to the story. megan fitzgerald has a story you will see only on news 4. >> reporter: much of the foe cause has been mere at the mansion on woodland drive. a source close to the family says in the days leading up to their death the family's focus was in chantilly on a karate
9:47 am
studio getting ready to open. savvas was trying to get this open for may 14th. an urgent message to their housekeeper, which we are hearing for the first time. >> hey, nelly it's amy. i am calling to see if i could get you and your crew maybe two days, monday tuesday or tuesday wednesday if you could. savvas built a martial arts studio in chantilly. the construction is down to the wire. >> reporter: nelly agreed to help clean the karate studio. she suggested the other housekeeper work at the studio with nelly. >> if you need let me know.
9:48 am
next week is a crazy week anyway. >> the crazy turn of events started wednesday. vera didn't want to stay late to clean the studio. she decided to work at the house instead. it was a decision that would cost her her life. a source close to the family sis savvas was at the studio when he received a call from his wife, luring him back home. amy, philip and vera were already held hostage inside. savvas arrived home and hours later, investigators believe the suspect forced him to make a call. >> hey, nelly it's savvas. amy is in bed sick tonight and was sick this afternoon and vera offered to stay and help at the house because we are going through some things with philip. she's going to stay the night here. would you send me a text when
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you get the message? thanks. good night. >> those words the last nelly would hear from savvas a man she knew two decades. thursday morning just before final text message sent to nelly saying i am making sure you do not come today. the same day the karate studio is set to open, hours before the mansion goes up in flames. the horrifying discovery of four victims, murdered inside. the timing of it all, still puzzling for those close to the family, adding to the mystery of why their lives were taken. megan fitzgerald news 4. the american academy of pediatrics says that same-sex marriage can be good for kids responding to the supreme court decision on gay marriage. they say if a child has two loving and capable parents who
9:50 am
choose to create a permanent bond, it's in the best interest of their children that legal institutions allow them to do so. a 2010 study found little effect on kids if parents are of the same-sex. >> amelia segal is with us now. your concern about flash flooding, severe weather that could be rolling through. >> right. yeah, so flash flooding is going to be a concern not only this afternoon and evening, but into the overnight hours. the threat for severe storms, mainly in the late afternoon and evening hours. when we talk severe today guys, we mean gusty, damaging winds. the winds are favorable for a tornado or two. it's definitely a day to stay weather ready, especially during the late afternoon and evening hours. you can download the nbc app and get an alert sent to your phone if a tornado watch or warning is issued for your town. after the news today, in ten minutes, check the tracking summer special.
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as we move on into the forecast, the flash flood watch for everybody until 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the heaviest rain an storms for afternoon and evening hours. gusting winds 70 miles per hour possible and storms we see develop. the latest on the radar, for the most part, steady, soaking showers moving through right now. we'll get a bit of a break in spots around the midday hours before more rain pushes in this afternoon. that break is going to help increase the mugginess destabilize everything around here and allow for more severe weather potential later today. here is the latest timing. saturday at 11:00 a.m. for the most part, showers. once we hit 2:00 p.m., we track scattered thunderstorms and rain because it is so muggy and it will be so moist outside. 4:00 notice this line of storms likely severe moving through the area. this could lead to flash flooding damaging winds and of
9:52 am
course, a tornado or two. it can't be ruled out. continuing to track heavy rain. 7:00 p.m., d.c. metro area along the i-95 corridor through 8:00 p.m. we will dry out overnight tonight. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. 70 degrees right now in washington. highs today in the 70s. washington hits a high of 78. now tomorrow, complete 180 with the weather. a mix of clouds and sunshine high 80. the suburbs warm into the mid to upper 70s. breezy throughout the day. if you have plans afterwards tomorrow they are going to be fine. not the case today though. i can't stress enough, if you have plans outside z move them indoors. 100% chance you are dealing with rain and there's a threat of severe weather this afternoon. of course chuck will be in later today updating the forecast. again, high tomorrow of 80. monday looking nice a high of 84 plenty of sunshine. we are
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. just getting an update to the breaking news we have been following. an amber alert in prince george's county. we learned a 34-year-old is also missing along with her three sons. what you are looking at is a picture that was tweeted of her. the kids are 11-year-old anthony, 10-year-old kevin and a
9:56 am
2-year-old as well, his name is elvis. >> they are all thought to be in a honda odyssey license 3aj-7515. the suspect is a 34-year-old. he is six fetal and wearing a green shirt and khaki pants. no word on if he is related to the kids or the mom. if you see them or the car call maryland state police. all right let's get a final check of the forecast. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day for good reason. >> because of the potential of not only flash flooding in the evening and overnight hours for most of us, but because of concern for storm that is will be moving through this afternoon. so, here is the latest on the satellite and radar image. i want to show you future radar. once we hit 2:00 p.m. we see scattered storms in the area. a line of heavy storms
9:57 am
developing over the mountains. i they line is going to be a trigger for severe weather damaging winds and tornadoes possible this afternoon and evening. guys, a day to stay weather ready. >> wow a lot to watch over. if we get through the day, tomorrow looks to be promising. we'll work toward that. thanks. >> you have a special coming up after this. >> tracking storms for 2015 with all the meteorologists here on storm team 4. >> that's it for
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