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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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this is a storm team 4 weather alert. >> the rain has been coming down like buckets and pounding the alexandra food and wine festival. the umbrellas weren't much use. from gaithersburg flooding in maryland. this from our traffic cam. looking at drivers braving the elements along i-270 and montrose road in rockville. look at all the activity on the radar right now. we have seen the rain start, stop, and come in waves. we have live storm team 4 coverage of the severe weather threat. meteorologist chuck bell and veronica johnson have been updating the forecast, pushing
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out alerts all day. news 4 darcy spencer is in it tracking the areas hit the hardest. we start in the weather center. v.j. is this over? >> this it not over by any means. meteorologist chuck bell and myself have been tracking this life line. we've seen the heavy rain and damaging winds and the isolated tornadoes as well. we're going to continue to see streams creeks rise all above their banks. let's talk about what to expect next. chuck? >> yes, indeed. what we're watching for, ver ron car, the possibility of a little bit more in the way of rain coming our way. on max 2 the good news is that tornado threat is waning. the tornado watch goes until 8:00 but i think our real threat for significant severe weather in the tornado area is coming to an end. the flood threat, though, remains very very high. you need to avoid areas of high water or fast-moving water. there's a lot of that going on around here. storm team 4 radar shows that one storm which we were tracking with a tornado warning for about
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an hour or so is now out onto the eastern shore into parts of talbot county moving eastbound towards the cambridge area. in its wake we still have flash flood warnings across parts of charles county and towards fredricksburg and spotsylvania. veronica has more rain reports. >> let's switch on over and look at some of the other images. down around fredricksburg, calvert beach, leonard town today in southern maryland we had reports of tornado warnings. no confirmation of touchdown. but multiple trees down around chaptico and fredricksburg near river road and bragg road. flash flood watch continues until 2:00 a.m. throughout our area. and flood warnings from montgomery howard county, streams creeks all continuing to rise. look at the rainfall. this is today alone close to 3 inches in baltimore. a little over 2 1/2 around quantico. it's from these june storms we've had such a saturated ground and the reason that our potential for flooding has been
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so high. total rainfall now for june almost 11 inches. is that high? indeed it is. take a look, because where we are right now it makes it the third -- the third wettest june on record and our wettest month since 2008. chris? >> v.j. our team coverage continues with darcy spencer. she's live in fairfax county where some of the streets have already flooded. darcy, what is it like for drivers out there right now? >> reporter: i can tell you there are still some threats due to this severe weather. let me tell you where we are right now. this is maple avenue here in the vienna area. this area is just fine. but throughout fairfax county there's still some roads that are closed due to high water. we want to show you some video we shot just within the last hour here in the vienna area. hunter mill and lawyers road. there was a driver driving through that area and encountered some standing water. and unfortunately tried to make it across and wasn't able to.
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they say turn around don't drown. he said they went ahead and did it drove through the water and he panicked and got stuck. >> the guy trapped in the car? >> the guy was trapped in the car. no one was injured. he was actually able to get out. but there is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches of flowing water. >> it didn't appear as much water. but we got halfway and the car just totally stalled. so now we're trying to get that fixed. fixed. >> reporter: so again here in fairfax county there are still some roads closed. and police and emergency officials urging people if you see standing water on the roadway, don't drive through it. live in vienna darcy spencer back to you. >> darcy will be updating that story throughout the night and storm team as well. we'll move on to other stuff. authorities say two of the nine people who died in a plane crash in alaska were from montgomery county. they died this week when their
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plane crashed into the southern talovic misty fiords area. she was a social worker with the montgomery county health department. the passengers were on a cruise and taking an aerial tour of the area when the plane crashed. the ntsb is trying to figure out how it happened but officials say there was bad weather at the time. police have been working a rainy crime scene in one maryland neighborhood. they just released the name of a man killed at a townhouse complex in buoy. investigators say terrence zachary was shot once. they don't think this was a random shooting. we continue to follow our top story. a severe weather threat throughout the region. more video is coming into the news room. this shows some children playing in the water out in falls church. you will one down, one to go. an update on the massive manhunt fo
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fairfax county police have blocked off a neighborhood pond after someone spotted a man's body floating there. this is happening in kings town just off south van doren. detectives are out there in the rain trying to figure out what happened. they tell us the man didn't have any obvious injuries. right now they're trying to identify him. over at prince george's county someone ran a woman over while she was riding her bike. now police are looking for the driver. last night in capital heights a black or dark-colored dodge charger was heading down richey
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highway. it hit donna clark from behind and just kept on going. she was 56 years old and died a little later at the hospital. the massive manhunt for an escaped killer is now focusing on an area near the canadian border where the other inmate was shot and killed. david sweat has now been on the run for three weeks. yesterday a border patrol tactical team shot and killed his accomplice near the town of malone. for awhile they thought they had sweat on the run, but so far they've not been able to find him. the storm team 4 is keeping a close watch on the radar. we're expecting another round of storms tonight. v.j., chuck up next. and someone abducts a local woman and her three children. tonight we're learning new details on tha
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all right. we're going to take a live look at a traffic cam. this is 23rd and constitution. you can seat rain not coming down but the streets plenty wet. we're in a break period right now. the first round of storms has already passed through. the second round just a few hours away. we're also following some breaking news out of month gom gone the montgomery county. a woman and a young child may have been electrocuted in the flooded basement of their home. now, this happened in the last couple hours just as torrential rains were passing through chevy
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chase. a spokesperson for the fire department says someone at a home on connecticut avenue found a woman and a child in the basement. the firefighters got there just a few minutes later and started doing cpr. they were rushed to the hospital in very serious condition. firefighters say that basement was saturated with water and a sump pump was running at the time. we'll bring you more information as we get it. will maryland state police have issued an amber alert for these two boys as well as their brother and mom. investigators tell us the kids' father violently abducted them. now, they think it happened in broad daylight on friday. news 4's derek ward has details from mount rainier. >> reporter: the amber alert was issued for this woman, abducted by this man. they were last seen in this vehicle. police say it was friday evening when 35-year-old mario bemudez chavez took amelia via toro.
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anthony mario is on the left and kevin is on the right. this all becomes particularly troubling when you hear what we've heard about the abduction. it was violent. a witness who doesn't want to be identified says it happened in the parking lot around 7:00 in the evening. >> he was beating her up actually forcing her. >> reporter: an acquaintance says via toro was on the run from bermudez chavez. she thought she'd found a safe haven in this apartment building. she'd only been there about a week. he found her. >> he pulled her hair, hit her in the face. she tried to stop him from pushing her to the ground. >> reporter: they're believed to be traveling in this honda odyssey with maryland tags 3 aj 7515. police are asking anyone who sees them to contact the authorities. derek ward, news 4. yeah. we just got some breaking news on that story that derek just reported. authorities are telling us that all the kids and their mom have
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been safely located. so again, we were talking about the two boys that we showed you their brother and their mom all of them have been safely located. so a very, very good, safe ending to that story. we will get details as they come in. just a little bit later in the night. also, tonight the confederate flag is flying over the south carolina state house again after an activist climbed up a pole and took it down. now, the woman said she was doing what lawmakers failed to do. but after she climbed down, police arrested her and another man who was standing inside the fence. the church massacre in charleston reignited a debate over this historic but divisive symbol. the flag is protected by south carolina state law. but the activist doesn't care. >> do the right thing. we have to bury hate. it's been too long. it's killing us literally. we can't be warring with each other all the time. it's not right. >> crews raised the flag about 45 minutes after she took it down. the man and woman have been charged with defacing a
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monument. good evening once again. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we've had a lot of reports of bad weather and flooding across the area. some of our twitter followers have been sending in pictures. christie sent me this picture of where rock creek comes into the cno canal. a lot of water fast-moving and fast-rising water there. if you want to share your pictures on social media instagram at forecast for you. poe potomac, maryland still an awful lot of high water across the area. we've had a tremendous amount of rain today and areas of severe weather as well. my colleague veronica johnson joins me with coverage of the storm reports and what we've seen throughout the day. >> reports of trees down throughout the area. that was a pocket down across southern portions of d.c. through southern maryland even around fredricksburg and extreme southeast of virginia.
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let me show you the storm reports. you can see the line of rain now and thunderstorms well east of our area. here are some of the storm reports we've been examining through charles county where there was at one point a tornado warning down through st. mary's and calvert. eight large trees down. swan point road near laplata. further south there were sightings of funnel clouds. funnel cloud about a mile and a half just south of hanover courthouse. because it was so close to our area and because these storms were driving to the north and northeast, that's why we were on the air with those tornado warnings keeping everybody safe and tracking the storms along. now, a lot of folks wondering if it's okay to go out there evening. we're going to have some wet roads and still some high water. so it's a moderate risk on area roads for the evening next couple of hours as we get into the late night overnight period into early morning. we'll start drying up and the roads should be fine for travel by early tomorrow morning. in fact the wind track that we're going to get should help to wick some of the moisture and water off the roads. >> absolutely right. what to expect then for the
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remainder of this evening again the tornado threat is going down. the flood threat remains very high. any additional rainfall tonight, and we could still see some more showers. any additional rain could only make the situation worse. the primary threat for the remainder of the evening, though, will be the threat for flash flooding. still couldn't rule out gusty winds. again our high end severe weather threat is coming to an end. main area of low pressure is passion well to our north. the cold front is still well out to the west. we have flood warnings here for parts of montgomery county and northern parts of anarundell county. the heavier rains and severe thunderstorms are out over the bay over the eastern shore. flood warnings in parts of charles county toward stafford and spotsylvania as well for fredricksburg. we're starting to dry out back to the west. look at the rain amounts. 2 inches in leesburg. 2.33 in gaithersburg. 2.5 in quantico. showers tonight but nothing on the scale of today. tomorrow sunshine and nice
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westerly breeze. temperatures up near 80. tomorrow will be as nice and sunny and breezy as today was a wash out with rain. next chance for rain after tonight comes on tuesday a little unsell theed into the week into fourth of july weekend. >> chuck and v.j. have been tracking this storm, looking at the radar, pushing out alerts all day. they'll keep you up to speed on all the watches and warnings. you can get the latest on our severe weather threat with our nbc washington app. meanwhile the nets injuries continue to mount. finally a decision for a
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> nets have been lighting it up but no match for mother nature. >> i feel like i should do my sports from the green screen. it's all weather. cancellations is what it's about right now. the nationals were going for win number eight in a row today in philadelphia. but mother nature had different plans. today's game rained out in philly. so tomorrow the two teams will play a double header. first game starts just after 1:00. stephen strasburg will be on the mound to start that first game. for some reason, i don't know why, they decided to start the
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game today. we're going to show you a highlight that you may never see again since none of this counted in the second inning tyler moore hits this ball deep to center. he gets robbed there by ben revere. leaps up, makes a beautiful catch there. could have been extra bases for moore. just a nice technical grab there. the top comes out over the field after an inning and a half. then they officially postponed this game. the nats probably hoping for a day off because the injuries bug keeps biting. inelle escrowobar was hit by a pitch from aaron harang. he left the game. the x-rays were negative but the hand is swollen. denard span is dealing with back spasms. they were out of the lineup today. elsewhere the orioles game also postponed. that's probably a good thing for the indians. because the birds are flying high right now after starting
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the month of june with three straight losses. they have been on a tear winning 16 of 21 games. more impressive, they're doing this without adam jones who sat out the last five games with shoulder soreness. he could be headed to the disabled list. o's not slowing down. winners of four out of five without their star center fielder. right now orioles will play a double header tomorrow. first game at 1:35, second at night. 7:05. also tonight was supposed to be buck showalter garden gnome night big deal in baltimore. they'll be giving await gnomes tomorrow night for the 7:05 game. nba now paul pierce told the players tribune he's in fact opting out of his wizards contract. the wiz are hopeful pierce will return next season to the team despite becoming a free agent. the organization could actually pay him over $1 million more next season. but his hometown clippers and his former head coach doc rivers very interested in the 37-year-old with. free agency set up to open next
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week, the wizards are remaining optimistic about retaining paul pierce. >> we've said all along we want paul back. i think he really enjoyed his time here. his family likes it here. i think he really likes his teammates. but he is a free agent. and the way the system works he has his opportunities to look. but we're going to talk to him at the appropriate time and hopefully we can have him back. but really the ball will be in his court. >> the nhl having their draft this weekend. the capitals took russian goaltender ilia sampson off with the 22nd overall pick last night. samsonoff 18 years old. i thought he was 14 years old. he has three months left on his chl contract. defenseman jonas sigenthaler and canadian defenseman connor hobbs then another defenseman in colby williams. not many breaks for dc united this week.
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three games in seven days for the black and red. but ben olsen's team has embraced that challenge. today the guys were on the road in toronto looking to finish off the week with three straight wins. north of the border we go. loose gloomy skies in toronto. luis silva with the right footer here. it gets knocked away. watch it. beautiful there. united some nice first half pressure in this game. but they could not capitalize. later in the half, off the corner kick, nick deleon with the header but it's just wide. here in the second half right now, still no score in this game. returning where it all began, that's kyle errington with the patriots when they wouldn't super bowl back in february. he's back at glen park high school in brandy wine, maryland hosting a free football camp for over 180 kids. his coach danny hayes and fellow alum phil taylor guard for the cleveland browns helping out
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putting future stars through the drills. erington is a baltimore raven remembers back when he was in the same position as these young campers. >> i was telling myself i want to be that great example as well. to be in this position it's very humbling for able to get back like this and to be able to put on a camp and especially at glen park where it all started. >> it's very nice to see my kids come back home. the kids out here just enjoying themselves. that's what i want to see. the faces of these kids smiling and enjoying themselves out here on this nice day. >> key word in that, free. >> yes. >> really really cool. >> great to see guys giving back to the community. >> no doubt. let's take one last check of the weather. chuck what are we looking at over the next few hours? >> looking at future weather going forward in time over the next couple of hours. heaviest weather out onto the eastern shore. but with a cold front still to our west we do have a chance to initiate more showers even a chance for some more thunderstorms this evening. here we are by 8:30, 9:00
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tonight an opportunity for some more rain and thundershowers coming on through. nowhere near the industrial strength stuff we've seen today. but any additional rainfall on what is clearly a heavily saturated environment around here could cause more flash flooding. so if you're going to be out tonight late, just know that any additional rain could cause flash flooding at a moment's notice. there's already a lot of high water around across parts of potomac and alexandria and be very weather savvy tonight. sunshine back tomorrow, chris, with a nice breeze. >> all right. that's going to do it for u
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on this saturday night, on the run. an intense search for the killer still on the loose. and an inside look at one of their last hiding places as we learn about the gun fight that killed one of the escapee the. terror at the beach. new video of the deadly attack on a tourist resort as pictures of the gunman emerge. we're on the ground with the latest. flag fury in south carolina. an activist scales the flag pole and pulls down the confederate flag and both sides converge at the state capitol in protest. twist of fate. he spent 12 years on death row for a crime he never committed. now one man is working with the system that kept him locked up for so long


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