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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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off the top at 11:00 tonight captured escapee david sweat now fighting for his life in a hospital. you're looking at the moment the
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massive manhunt came to an end. less than an hour ago at a new york hospital they announced that sweat was in critical condition. just the latest development we get now from jay gray. jay? >> reporter: to escape the manhunt that at times seemed like a movie though it was all too real for 1,200 officers and so many families scattered across upstate new york who had been on edge for more than three weeks. david sweat injured and in police custody after 22 days on run. >> mr. sweat was spotted by a new york state police sergeant, sergeant jay cook. he was approached this afternoon. >> reporter: cook was on patrol alone and outside the search area when he approached sweat, and convicted killer started to run. >> at some point running across a field he realized that sweat was going to make it to a tree line an possibly could have disappeared and he fired two shots from his service weapon. >> reporter: sweat was hit in the shoulder. medics rushed him to nearby
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alice hyde medical center where he was treated and transferred to albany medical center a more secure level one trauma facility. >> at the time his condition is listed as critical. >> reporter: more than 1200 police and federal agents had been focused on the thick woods and rugged terrain in this area of upstate new york where sweat's accomplice, richard matt, was killed by a border patrol agent friday. >> today ends with good news. these were really really dangerous men, matt and sweat. they were killers. >> reporter: good news that spread quickly. many gathering outside the clinton correction center to police the killers burrowed out of on june 6. a celebration and sigh of relief for a community that spent more than three weeks on lookout and on edge. and tonight police are telling us they identified sweat's dna on a pepper shaker they believe he may have been using to mask his scent and throw off search
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dogs while on the run. jay gray, and now back to you. >> we'll continue to follow this still developing story, a prison worker at a jail in north carolina is in jail tonight. she's accused of having an intimate relationship with an inmate and then helping him escape. that inmate apparently scaled the walls of the minimum security facility late saturday. he's still on the loose tonight. the prison worker is charged with aiding and harboring a fugitive. the two worked in the kitchen together and developing tonight the search is under way for a man from silver spring after his boat capsized on ken island. this accident happened today on terrapin beach park. four people were rescued from the water's multiple agencies including the coast guard are now searching for 32-year-old alejandro satello. also on ken island tonight, we've learned a 7-year-old has died after a ration boat lost control and struck a crowd of onlookers. this happened at the thunder on narrows race along with the
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child who died, thee people were injured taken to shock trauma. no word tonight on what caused the boat to lose control. closer to home, the hunt is on for two welcome who shot a d.c. taxi driver. the shooting happened this morning in northeast d.c. just a few blocks away from the capital. darcy spencer live with details for us tonight. darcy? >> reporter: the shooting happened right in the area where i'm standing right on the border between northeast and southeast washington. over here is eastern high school and right here on this corner is a baptist church and tonight police are still searching for the two women involved in the shooting. >> our life is in danger on this. >> reporter: this man is concerned that a fellow cabbie was shot early sunday morning. while he does not know the driver he says it's a reminder that it could happen any time cabbies give a ride to a total stranger. police say the victim got in an argument with two women here at 17th and east capital streets
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northeast at 4:30 in the morning. the driver was shot. the cabbie drove to the 600 block of massachusetts avenue and northeast about a mile away and called the cops. >> i pray hard for this the -- this person's life. >> reporter: a tax driver pushed the panic button which would light up a call 911 sign on top of their car signalling a cabbie was in trouble. so you used to have a panic button if you were in trouble? >> yeah yeah. some people can't call the drivers are in need for help. >> reporter: tonight we have not been able to get an update on the condition of that cabbie. d.c. police telling us tonight that he did survive the shooting. back to you >> darcy thank you.
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d.c. police are working another homicide tonight. the latest happened today near 16th and e street in northeast d.c. when officers got to the scene they found a man with a gunshot wound. no suspects are in custody right now. 11 families with no justice and no answers. they gathered in northeast washington to pray to d.c. murder victims whose cases remain unsolved. they made a powerful statement marking each life with a single cross. >> because each and every one of these is a family right now that's suffering. they can't go to sleep. they walk the halls. they go to work and they feel like bums because when they go home at night in one has given them word on who has killed their baby. >> a man on a dirt bike shot and killed the young newspaper reporter that you heard back in may. her case remains unsolved. now to the race for the white house tonight.
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ohio governor john kasich is expected to formally jump into the race in mid-july. sources close to the republicans say he'll make it official at his alma mater. ohio state, more than a dozen republicans are already in the field. well, it's official. seventh district volunteer fire department says not up but two tornadoes touched down in maryland last night. the national weather service just confirmed it. the twin twisters have a lot of you commenting on our facebook page tonight. the first hit just before 4:30 touching down in southern charles county near morgantown and then half an hour later the second one hit. it was on ground for 16 miles tearing the path across most of st. mary's county. the twisters took down trees and damaged houses but amazingly no one was hurt. a day after a mother and young doubter were electrocuted we've got a warning tonight about the dangers of having standing water in your home. crystal puddabar and her
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4-year-old daughter died outside their flooded basement in chevy chase. a sump pump, a device used to remove water, may have electrified that water. >> anything with electric that's in water is never good. >> never work with a sump pump that is plugged in. there's all kinds of electricity rolling through this thing, this thing if it's plugged in and you put your hand in you can shock yourself. >> a fire fighter who tried to rescue the pair was also shocked but he's expected to make a full recovery. speed may have played a role in a deadly crash on i-270 in germantown. a man called police after he saw a car traveling fast and overturn and landed in the woods. state police identified the driver as michael steven bolton from frederick maryland. he died at the scene. maryland governor larry hogan says he's feeling strong and healthy of a his first 24
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hours of chemotherapy. on facebook today hogan said he feels humbled and uplifted by the outpouring of support. >> he's a wonderful person. he's a wonderful man, and he deserves this as like i said we're all 100% behind him. >> governor hogan announced last week we's battling a v-cell non-hodgkin lymphoma. a prayer vigil was held in anip list tonight. a major mishap for spacex. take a look at time moments before a rocket exploded after liftoff. what this disaster could mean for the company's future. and notorious gangster whitey bulger wrote a letter to high school students. the message he's sending. and a boat that went over an area dam. we'll show you if the rescuers got there there in time.
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>> storm chance return to the area by the middle of the workweek. >> emotions overflow. coming up on sports time, virginia you're justin anderson relives the night that changed his life, complete with tears of joy. >> david aldridge keeps his composure at the roundtable and sounds off on the wizard's new flamboyant draft pick and a double dose of doubleheaders, how it willwear on the nats and o's. all that and more on "sports
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a dramatic water rescue in frederick, maryland, same spot where a man tied during a boating excursion yesterday. this picture from the frederick news post shows a basket being lowered to two teenagers trapped on the rocks there. this happened yesterday morning on the spill wayway near the dam. yesterday a man died and eight others were rescued after the popp toon boat went over the dam. >> new at 11:00 a plane slammed into a house killing everyone on board but the people inside the house made it south safely. these are pictures from the fiery scene near providence massachusetts. the crash sparked a fire that gutted the house. authorities are trying to figure out how many people were on that plane. new tonight some high school students wrote to former boston crime boss james whitey bulger as part of a school project.
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he wrote back. he told the students that he wasted his time and brought shame and suffering to his family. bulger is serving a life sentence for racketeering and his role in 11 murders. the students from massachusetts posted his letter on their school website. bulger also said if you want to make crime pay, go to law school. there was a stunning explosion over the skies of cape canaveral today. this unmanned rocket bringing supplies up to the international space station blew up just minutes after liftoff. as nbc's tom costello reports now it's yet another setback for nasa and spacex. >> two one, ignition sequence start and liftoff of the spacex falcon 9 rocket. >> cast against a deep blue sky what aid period to be a perfect liftoff from cape canaveral. >> reached maximum air pressure. >> on the beach eds below spectators are gathered to watch but only two minutes into flight
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a massive explosion. >> it appeared to have had a launch vehicle failure. >> on board the rocket food, water, scientific experiments a replacement spacesuit and parts for a water purification system and it's third cargo ship to be lost in eight months. last october another rocket blew up on liftoff. then a russian progress ship spun out of control after reaching orbit. there >> there's really no commonality among these three events other than the fact that it's space and it's difficult to go fly. >> shortly after the explosions the spaceship founder elon musk tweeted there was an overpressurization event and meanwhile on board the space station sadly failed. space is hard and then called his twin mark kelley spacex and nbc news consult sglnt he's not talking about eating the mustard
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and ketchup packets yet. they have a lot of food on board and a lot of supply. spacex and boeing are slated to fly astronauts to the station in 2017, a first for the private sector since the space shuttle was retired. before we put a human being on a spacex rocket they will have to be absolutely certain that this kind of failure won't happen. that's impossible, so the real answer is you have to be a certain as you can possibly be. >> here's a live look now at our national cathedral in northwest d.c. there could be some major changes to the spectacular stained glass windows. take a look. touring today's sermon the issue of the historic but divisive confederate flag. two panels bear images of the flag. the images were meant to honor confederate generals but
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reverend gary hall says those images have become a symbol of white supremacy. >> the fact that so many find it so offensive should be enough of a reason to fold it up and put it away. >> the church's governing body will make the final decision on whether to remove those panels. well, ameal yeah, our 50/50 weekend is behind us and we have a good looking start tomorrow, huh? >> it's going to be beautiful tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, low humidity. really doesn't get any better than this. >> bring it. >> today's high was 22 degrees but did have plenty of cloud cover throughout the day. tomorrow full sunshine and mostly sunny skies. we'll have high thin cloud around, but it's a great pool and park day. here are the weather headlines. it's chilly and relatively speaking tonight you can open up the windows and that's going to set us up for a real nice day tomorrow. humidity along with storm chances return on tuesday and then tuesday pretty much right
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on through friday. it's a little bit humid with mainly afternoon and evening shower thunderstorm chances and a very summer-like pattern moving in. the fourth this, coming saturday. right now there's also a chance for some thunderstorms. it's not a definite but it's not looking like a completely dry forecast right now. of course tom will be in tomorrow morning updating the forecast. temperatures right now are in the 60s and 70s. washington one of the warmer spots at 73 degrees, but all of the suburbs just about are in the 60s. 64 manassas and 66 leesburg and 64 degrees in frederick and mainly clear skies overnight tonight. this is what you'll be waking up to early tomorrow morning about 5:00, 6:00 a.m. and the low in your neighborhood. 64 in washington and 67 in laplata. wind dips down to 57 so really comfortable and great for that early morning walk or jog or travel throughout the day. looking good. you'll need your sunglasses.
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exercise. low humidity really nice. here's the skycast through and forecasting what the clouds were looking like and you can see 6:00 a.m. and that's when we're at our low temperature and suburbs at 67 and washington at 64 and as we work our way towards lunchtime it's gorgeous to have lunch outdoors tomorrow. washington in the upper 70s, and the suburbs in the mid-80s and during the afternoon hours areas inside of the beltway warm and into the low to mid-80. the suburbs warm to near 80 degrees tomorrow, tomorrow evening, gorgeous, great night for cooking out and enjoying some fresh air. 6:00 p.m. temperatures in washington around 77 and the suburbs in the low 72s. this is future weather for tuesday. 1:00 in the afternoon. notice the mix of cloud and sunshine and also the green here. this is a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms at times during the afternoon and evening hours. now, it's not a steady soaking rain but if you do have plans
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later on tuesday you could be dealing with a shower and thunderstorm. otherwise hot and humid and high of 89. very similar weather pattern for wednesday and a high of 88. best chance for a shower and storm on thursday. will be south of washington and 85 and then saturday, a chance of showers and storms. highs near 90. >> not bad. amelia thanks very much. public safety officers from all over world took part in dragon boat races out at our national harbor today. check it out. part of the world police and fire games hosted by fairfax county. thousands of police and fifthers from across the clone are here for these games. they happen every two years. the competition will run through july 5th. when we come right back on news 411 tonight, a busy day in beltway baseball the nats with a doubleheader in philly and double sweep for the orioles in
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well thanks to yesterday's rain two double doses of baseball today. >> thanks a lot. saturday's storms sunday's delight. >> right. >> sit on the couch and watch baseball. two teams four games first time in the history of the nationals franchise. the nats and o's have a doubleheader on same day and the nats get the first two during daylight hours and start with the second game which ended an eight-game win streak. pick this one up in the fourth. phillies up and man on for ian desmond and the shortstop, he's feeling t.jacks it deep to center. two-run shot. it's way out there. i promise you it lands somewhere. the nats pull to within a run so it's 4-3 and then the bottom of the inning here come the fils franco takes tanner rock's pitch to the right and two men come in to score easy and three rbi in the game and eight runs allowed for just 3 1/3.
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phillies take game two 8-5. game one earlier, you will have to see this bryce harper was back in the lineup and he missed the two before tweaking his hamstring and denard span also out there. he was mixing with back spasms and top six tied at one and michael a. taylor with two on ripping it to the corner and he brought it and brought in clint robinson and nats take a 2-1 lead. stephen strasburg though on the mound in the seventh. two outs and dominic brown and he goes down swinging. nine strikeouts and two runs allowed in seven innings for strasburg. nats hold on for a 3-2 win. second game of the orioles/indians doubleheader. buck showalter the gnome giveaway. got to share his sunflower seeds with him. birds cruising. o's up 6-0. chris parmalee with a man on, and he smacks it to left center and that is gone. a two-run shot.
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o's score six in the fourth inning. they go up 8-0. chris tillman loving the run support and the defense in the sixth and francisco linder takes it to left center and travis schneider lays out and makes that catch. beautiful rob by schneider. 0s win it and schneider gets tied for his effort and add applicant even leave the gnome out of the action. lots of fun up in baltimore. game one, adam jones not playing with gnome playing in center for first time since june 15 because of that sore shoulder. bottom three, man on for jimmy paradis and playing the ball lately and hamtering to center and it's a two-run shot. 2 for 2 and two walks in the game. hibaldo jimenez, carlos santana so smooth and eight shutout innings and seven strikeouts on
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the day for jimenez. i spill it wrong. that's my problem. orioles shut out the indians 4-0. first time the o's have shut out a team in a doubleheader since 1974. isn't that so fun? they shut out team for the first time since 1974. got to do it gnome sweet gnome. coming up with all good ones. >> thank you
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(gong) slather your ribs with kikkoman for that rich mahogany sweetness. (taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat) hey, it looks like something from a sci-fi movie and its mission will break all kinds of world word. the first solar-powered plane took off from japan today. it's headed for gentleman gentleman but the first leg of this trip is pretty risky. the plane has no fuel and there is no place to land. you see it's powered by more than 17,000 solar cells on its rings that recharge the batteries so that it can fly. i'm guessing you don't want to be flying through the clouds. you need some sunshine to keep
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that thing going. >> absolutely. and we'll have plenty of it tomorrow, mostly sunny skies and low humidity tomorrow. as far as the weather is concerned, a perfect 10. mugginess mess in on tuesday along with late day showers and thunderstorms and a high of 9. chance of showers and storms on wednesday and a high of 88. on thursday it looks like the best chance will be in washington and right now looking to our holiday weekend saturday, a high of 89 and a chance of storm. >> we like it. and we want to let you know through the night you can always go to nbc washington for very late on the latest escapee david sweat. we understand he is in critical condition fighting for his life at a new york hospital. can you also get the very latest information on news 4 today starting at 4:26 on the aime side. that's it for us tonight. "sports final" is heading your way next. i'll be back here tomorrow and we hope to see you then.
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until then have a great day, everybody.
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tonight on "sports final," two games for our two teams. doubleheaders mean twice the intensity between the lines. david aldridge steps up to the roundtable to talk the style and substance. newest whiz kid. >> they get humbled fairly quickly. >> and the celebration of justin anderson. >> everyone here means so much to me. >> as his extended family welcomes him to the nba. let's all do a happy dance. "sports final" start right now. >> it's doubleheader day for the orioles and nationals. welcome to "sports final," everyone. nats


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