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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 13, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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zachary kiesch, who is in woodstock, virginia, now, new video of all the damage there. zach? >> reporter: mr. vance we are here on the northside of up to here, where a lot of the water has ended up. this is the woodstock trailer park clearly you can see the car behind me here. i want you to pay attention to the end of this road here, check out that basketball hoop. i'm told that's regulation hoop and easily about eight feet of water back there, which means a lot of these residents are trying to find a place to go. >> 94 all the way in the back. >> reporter: electricity off. road, closed. jr pitcock says the good news is there doesn't appear there is any serious damage to his trailer home but not much else to be excited about >> now just the fact of finding a place we can go until this is -- what we can get back in the house, right now we can't get back in. >> reporter: woodstock got hammered by rain last night. this video helps tell the story. there is a main street under all that water. mark dye paused his cleanup efforts to check and pose for
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pictures but his pump is working overtime. the basement of his rental had more than three feet of water in the basement. a lot of the water ended up here at the woodstock trailer park. tonight, residents like jr are trying to figure out what to do >> the last fame for hurricane sandy we left we got robbed while we were at the motel. >> reporter: a wet night and a long, soggy day. some people were able to pull out but it's not over yet. >> right now, weighing options. >> reporter: jr actually just approached me here and said hey, i have been sharing bad news with you all day, i got to share good news, my wife, his wife, was in the grocery store and approached by somebody who offered to pay for their hotel room tonight. they are in a unique situation because they have a special needs child. there is also a shelter set up at a local school for other residents in this community here. for more dramatic video and pictures from what's happening here in woodstock, visit the nbc4 app and search virginia floods. reporting live, i'm zachary
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kiesch back to you in the studio. other parts of the region dealing with light showers right now and there could be more bad weather tomorrow. doug is tracking it all from storm center four. hey, doug. >> hey, guys a blitz of an unsettled pattern move the rest of the night tonight, in through the day tomorrow, too, but severe weather not really going to be the case. the only issue could be some more flooding. take a look and show what you is happening now, storm team4 radar the last 12 hours, one thing we will show you first off 12 hours ago, dealing with all the heavy rain. look at all the rain back toward culpepper, back toward luray. some locations in that region picking up well over four inches of rain made its way down to the south earlier this morning the afternoon. now most of the region is out of here, still dealing with a flood warning, shenandoah, page county, rappahannock, warren county, until 9:30 tonight, a lot of creeks and streams waiting to see their peak reached in these areas never drive flew flooded roadways.
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a few showers around fredericksburg, saw more in baltimore earlier most dry now. that is not going to be the case all night tonight and probably not the case tomorrow night either. i have got that forecast for you coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. fairfax county now a six-month investigation into the death of a woman at the county jail has been turned over to prosecutors. police announced they completed their investigation into natasha mckenna's death inside the fairfax county jail. mckenna was shocked with a stun gun multiple times while shackled as she resisted efforts to move her from her cell during a jail transfer february 3rd. five days later, she died. fairfax county police now turning the case over to the common beth's attorney to determine if any criminal charges will be filed. and medical examiner's report previously ruled mckenna's death was accidental. virginia is once again becoming a fierce confederate battle grounds. from streets to schools there are new petitions to change
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names but not everyone agrees that the confederate history should be thrown out. northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey, is at jeb stuart high school in falls church. hi, julie. >> reporter: it is a school as diverse as it comes and that's why some students here say it doesn't make any sense that they are named after a confederate general. the students that have launched the petition drive are away on vacation this week, i couldn't speak to them on camera but they say they started their push last semester, well before the national spotlight shifted on to this issue. jeb stuart is just one of three fairfax county high schools the students have in their sights. their petition seeks changes of names for lee and woodson, claim woodson was named only initially support gradual desegregation. fairfax county school board member sandy evans says four jeb stuart students came to meet with her two weeks ago. >> i was very impressed with the students who came to me and wanted to have this conversation
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about is it time to change the stuart high school name? but their petition has competition there are two other drives asking the school names be kept even some fellow jeb stuart students wonder how thousands of alumni would feel if the jeb stuart name were arraysed. >> so much of a problem to change the name. >> reporter: a strong majority oppose the name change. the names are entrenched in the community but that it's important to use education to put them in context. >> i think we can't rewrite history. i think the better option is you know, educating and speaking with people about history in
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context. >> reporter: now both school board members make it clear that no school name change is imminent. sandy evans says the real discussion really needs to bait till the fall, till school is back in session. and she says when that happens, it is going to have to include all the different groups here at jeb stuart and in the community. back to you now. >> thank you, julie carey. there's more. some 3600 people are standing behind an effort to remove jefferson davis' name from route 1 in virginia. the highway runs from arlington through caroline county was named in honor of the confederate leader in the 1920s. the common swett a more diverse and different place back then and the name should be dropped, some same as the debate continues, we collected a list of sites across virginia that are considering changing their names or symbols that refer to the confederacy. check it out, head to the nbc washington app. nearly four dozen prisoners all around the country will be
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free at this time in november. president obama today granted clemency to 46 federal prisoners who are serving time mostly for non-violent drug offenses. among them are five people from virginia and one from maryland. the president says their sentences are outdated and they do not fit their crimes. >> i have made clear to them that reentering society is going to require responsibility on their part and hard work and smarter choices. but i believe that at its heart, america is a nation of second chances. >> norman brown, who lived in hyattsville, is among those whose sentence was commute. a letter on taped by news4 shows his attempt to get his sentence reduced back in 2008. he asked the judge at that time to, in his words, remove some of my daily fears of never coming home. brown was sentenced to life in 1993 on cocaine charges.
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tonight, a virginia woman is suing metro for $5 million after that deadly smoke incident in january. news4's chris lawrence is here with details of her lawsuit. >> megan bledsoe boarded the yellow line train in l'enfant plaza and says what happened the next 45 minutes cause herd great emotional distress. bottom line she blames metro. after it left the station bledsoe's train stopped in the tunnel, which was filling with smoke from an arcing insulator. the lawsuit claims bledsoe spent 40 minutes huddled on the there are of the metro car, trying to escape that smoke. bledsoe texted her fiance that she didn't know if she was going to make it and she says throughout the ordeal she saw passengers panicking and coughing. she watched one man vomit and another have a seizure. she suffered smoke inhalation. now the lawsuit accuses metro of failing to inspect and maintain the third rail and ventilation in the tunnel. the transit agency is also accused of not properly training its employees. last month, the ntsb held
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hearings on january's incident and the federal government has created a metro safety commission to oversee issues at metro. we called metro officials to hear what they had so say about this lawsuit and they told us they don't comment on pending litigation. jim? >> chris thank you. there is relief in a local neighborhood tonight after police made an arrest in a murder last night. the neighbors in suitland, maryland hoped that wake up to a crime scene was a thing of the past. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins spoke with them and explains now why what happened this morning was such a jolt. >> reporter: jim, this is a part of the county executive's transforming neighborhoods initiative, they have torn down buildings they found to be a problem in this area. some neighbors woke up this morning, very surprised that once again, they were dealing with a crime scene. when neighbors heard there was an arrest in this morning's murder -- >> i'm glad. >> reporter: there was some
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relief but this early morning crime scene brought back some unwanted memories of what used to stand in this grassy field. >> area down there used to be they tore them down. they had a lot of renovation. they are trying to revitalize that area, over there in suitland at this time. so it doesn't seem like we are having any kind of serious crime trends so this stabbing, this incident took us by surprise this morning. >> reporter: prince george's county police say 36-year-old nelson ford stabbed and killed 26-year-old willard smith of district heights. it happened around 2 a.m. in the 4700 block of huron avenue in suit land. someone called 911. >> and found the victim, the decedent laying outside on the ground with the stab wound. >> reporter: ford was quickly taken into custody after police spotted him near the crime scene. >> right now the detectives are still talking to the suspect at this time. >> reporter: no word if a weapon was recovered. police believe the victim knew his attacker but aren't saying how the two were acquainted. as the sun rose, firemen sprayed
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away evidence of the stabbing and neighbors expressed their frustration, waking up to a crime scene. >> take a life, like it's nothing, like no life out here means anything. >> reporter: prince george's county police say that an argument was the motive for the stabbing. they are not saying what the two men were arguing about. outside prince george's county police headquarters i'm tracee wilkins, news4ful. still ahead on news4, a police captain's son arrested for his ties to terrorists. new details about his plot to target college campuses comes to light. a desperate search under way for a notorious drug kingpin. we will report more about his daring prison break and the weeks of planning that were required to pull it off. i'm darcy spencer. a virginia woman says that she was followed home from the maryland live casino, robbed of her purse and shot. >> you feel you are being followed, something is not right, it probably isn't. >> reporter: i will tell you
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tonight, still no sign of a notorious mexican drug lord known as el chapo. joaquin guzman broke out of a maximum secure pritz been 100 miles outside of mexico city over the weekend. nbc's mark potter has a closer look at his elaborate escape. >> this is the prison where he
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escaped. this is a maximum security prison. he got out of here on saturday going through a tunnel. the tunnel is on the other side of the prison and what we saw and what we came to appreciate was just how long that tunnel is. on the other side of the prison some fields over there, pastures, there's a low-lying house not fully built, standing alone. from there they dug down, authorities say, and across that field, past a big tree and kept going and going until they finally, about a mile away, got to the prison wall, went under the prison wall and somehow had the wherewithal, the knowledge, the equipment, to come up exactly in joaquin guzman's cell. in fact, in the shower stall in the cell where the cameras that covered that area didn't show. it's being talked about in the united states as well as it is here. they had to have had help inside this prison. and how did they do all that digging into the prison all that time without being detected? how did they know actually where to go? how did they know the camera ranges? all of that suggests that there
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was inside help. >> it's hard to imagine this happening without government officials being involved. the big question mark is how high up does it go? >> reporter: this was not a fly-by-night operation, this was a mining operation, a months-long operation. mark porter, nbc news, near mexico city. the son of a boston police captain has been locked up, accused of plotting to blow up college cafeterias here in the u.s. on behalf of isis. alexander sich cello known as ali al enreekie is accused of getting guns and a pressure cooker in order to carry out his crimes. investigators say the man from massachusetts also wanted to go overseas to fight for the islamic state. he was arrested july 4th. his father, a captain of the boston police, says that's the
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one who informed the fbi of his son's intentions and also said his son has had mental problems. in vienna, there are indications that a nuclear agreement with iran could be very near to completion. three diplomats told the associated press that an announcement could come before dawn. nbc's andrea mitchell reports that people close to those talks say experts are reading through the texts of the agreement right now the russian foreign ministry just tweeted a picture offes secretary of state john kerry meeting with the russian foreign minister an hour ago. the bills are coming in. tonight, the u.s. small business administration says it has requests totalling more than $18,000 for loans to repair damage during the recent riots in baltimore. the administration received more than two dozen "but baltimore police and city officials say the april riots damaged more than 380 businesses.
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these requests are separate from the presidential disaster declaration that maryland governor larry hogan is seeking. those riots in baltimore delayed full report by the atf into a deadly fire in maryland. a couple and their four grandchildren were killed in january when a christmas tree caught fire. the atf planned to release the comprehensive report back in may but said arson and theft investigations in baltimore took priority. red cross helping dozens of people rescue from flooding last night in west virginia. more than four inches of rain fell in less than an hour. that is an awful lot of water. it happened in mineral wells west virginia. those flash floods started about midnight. the water was chest deep in some places. in others resident also to go to their roofs to and help
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them out of there an awful lot of water. >> that is. the same area that came right across the west virginia/virginia line into shenandoah county. parts saw that flooding around woodstock area and toward culpepper counties. not done just yet as far as the flooding is concerned. in those regions, floodwaters continue until 9:30 culpepper, rappahannock, not a lot of rain now, we have the cloud cover across the area. 81 now with those clouds. we have seen temperatures well below average today. most areas look only in the mid-70s. as a result, the clouds and the showers that we have seen. as far as the radar goes, not a lot going on showers down to the south around fredericksburg. you can see something down toward southern spotsylvania county, 95. some will continue to move toward the northern neck and parts of maryland, watching shower activity, nothing heavy, but moving back into the same location, back toward shenandoah county, back down toward rockingham county here we are going to watch those, too, flood
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warnings in affectize mentioned areas in green western portions of culpepper county, shenandoah county creeks and streams that continue to rise not all crested just yet that will tyke tank time in the overnight that, now watching yet another system that has brought severe weather today from chicago all the way down toward kentucky and now just entering portions of southwest virginia. a derecho-like system what this was, up to 75-mile-an-hour winds with this. this is going to make its way down to our south and east but also going to help to provide a boundary for us later on into the overnight hours. i do think we may see showers and storms here, maybe heavy rain overnight tonight. back to the west another area will come through chicago and then right on down, following this one, late tonight chicago, now a tornado watch, see storms forming there. out toward the east, a tropical storm, tropical storm claudette formed a little bit earlier this afternoon. winds 50 miles per hour, billion out to sea and it will continue moving out to sea. you can see the satellite and radar, fairly active. here's 8:00 tonight a few
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showers around town good idea to keep the umbrella handy, just in case 11:00, no worries, watch what happened, boundary i talked about moves our watch the showers and maybe thunderstorms with very heavy rain around fredericksburg quantico, manassas, 2 or 3 in the morning. it may wake you up as you move on through. that moves through by tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, 7 a.m. i think rush shower okay. i think most of tomorrow is okay, as far as showers and storms go only a slight chance of seeing some of those showers during the day, nothing strong here, but we will see more clouds during the afternoon. 7:00 tomorrow evening, no problem. but here comes that next area i was talking about that moving in from the west and look what happens around 10:00 tomorrow night, a strong line of storms could be developing so that's something else we are going to continue to watch tomorrow night, could be rather storm mir, all in all, no the bad. tomorrow's impact, i'm thinking low to moderate, going to be humid, a little bit hot, most of the day will be low, moderate when we get into some of those storms that come tomorrow overnight. so we will continue to track the storms right here on storm
6:22 pm
team4, 86 degrees on your wednesday and then very nice weather, thursday and fridaying look fantastic, low humidity high temperatures only in the mid-80s, then back to the heat, 91 on saturday 95 on sunday chance of showers and a few storms. >> thanks, doug. still to come tonight, catching some race on a beach, all of a sudden, an explosion sent her flying through the air. they are still trying to figure out what happened up there. united by music. how members of congress are raising money at the
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the investigation continues tonight, days after a powerful explosion rocked a beach up in rhode island. officials have already ruled out the possibility of a bomb. that blast rattled that beach on saturday. it was crowded at the time. one woman was thrown into the air. she landed on some nearby rocks and was taken to a hospital. >> i was about five feet away from my sister looking direct later. there was a massive bang and you actually physically seen the rocks shift. she was ejected forcefully out of her chair, four feet into the air and ten feet out. we you know, like a live cannon ball. >> that woman broke some ribs, suffered a concussion. she is out of the hospital now though. that explosion even left cracks in the sand. the beach has reopened tonight. water bills in the district are about to go up again this
6:26 pm
fall. the rates have doubled in the past six years to fix infrastructure problems. but it's not just a city problem. tom sherwood reports now on a recent study that showed the whole washington region needs billions worth of water improvements. >> reporter: stormwater floods, aging pipes costing billions to fix in a city were some overloaded pipes date back to the civil war. >> the relieving point by design, built 100 years ago the rivers of the city. >> reporter: george hawkins is overseeing the city's massive multiyear effort to contain storm and waste water. a principal reason for the latest water bill increase. >> about a 13% overall increase. i think people are willing to pay funds for something that they value and we have got to demonstrate that we are delivering value for the money. >> reporter: starting october 1st an average family of four in the district will pay about $96 a month, an increase of about $11. have you heard the water rates going up?
6:27 pm
>> i have not. water is included in my utilities. so i guess that's not going to affect me as much as some of the other folks. >> any thoughts about your water bill? >> it doesn't need to go up, i can say that much. >> reporter: commercial rates are higher and new fees are included. hawkens is encouraging water conservation and notes about 44% of d.c. rate pay letters see little change in their fees. the ageing water systems are not just a district problem. a recent report by the regional council of governments estimates that the entire region needs about $20 billion in water and sewer repairs and to prepare for future growth. tom sherwood, news4. a local couple robbed and shot after leaving a maryland casino. how this case is raising new concerns about safety. a tribute today for a man killed on a metro train. we will report how he is being remembered after the disturbing attack involving a suspect who
6:28 pm
was said to be high on drugs. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. another republican is jumping into a crowded field for president. right now, wisconsin governor scott walker is addressing his
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our team of reporters gathering new information on this day's top stories. we are also tracking the threat of strong storms tomorrow. first though, a woman was shot after she was apparently followed home after a night of gambling at the maryland live casino. that woman was shot after fighting back during a robbery attempt which happened in fairfax county. >> tonight, family members are concerned that she was followed all the way from mary lands live. darcy spencer joins us now with more on what police have to say about this crime. darcy? >> reporter: jim and doreen, if you are lucky enough to walk away from a casino with a little bit of cash in your pocket police say you have got to be careful. maryland live casino has top-notch security, with cameras a tag raerpdeader and i.d. checks, but what happens after you leave the lot after winning cash? twice in the last several months, women have been followed home and robbed. >> is really scary. >> reporter: police tell news4, casino patrons have to keep
6:32 pm
their own personal safety in mind. don't let winning distract you. and if you hit the jackpot -- >> community police station is actually housed there now. so if you never feel safe not comfortable walking to your car, you can request an escort. >> reporter: in the latest robbery, this man says his dad and his 66-year-old mom had just returned to their fairfax county home from maryland live casino around midnight saturday. his mom had made it to the front door when a woman snatched her coach purse containing her gambling wings and her iphone 6. >> she was next to ben she got shot. >> reporter: the robber jumped in a get away car and as she and the driver were escaping, the victim, her husband and their son tried to stop them. >> i wouldn't let go and that's when they yell we have a gun. >> reporter: there was a pop. the 66-year-old victim was shot in the arm. the robbers drove away. this isn't the first time something like this has happened. in december, a woman was followed from the casino to her home in waldorf after winning $1,000 jackpot.
6:33 pm
two suspect were charged in that case. police say don't go to the casino alone. and if something bad does happen, make sure you get a description of the suspect and the car. >> follow your gut. trust your gut. if you feel that you're being followed, feel something is not right, it probably isn't. >> reporter: that 66-year-old victim's son tells me that she is going to need surgery to have the bullet removed from her arm, otherwise, she is okay. no arrests have been made in the case. jim, back to you. >> thanks, darcy. a man was shot and killed after a huge house party in maryland over the weekend. police are hunting for the killer now and county officials have hit the home owners with a fine. we are told they were selling tickets to the party. that's illegal without a permit. the liquor board may also look into claims that alcohol was being sold there. 20-year-old darryl king jr. was found shot nearby after leaving the party. as many as 1,000 people were at that party on saturday night.
6:34 pm
those who knew kevin sutherland say he was passionate about politics and full of potential. today hundreds gathered in connecticut to remember the 24-year-old who was killed on a metro train on the fourth of july. sutherland in been in d.c. for the past six years, he graduated from american university and he interned on the hill. police say 18-year-old jasper spires robbed and stabbed souther land and police sources told the "washington post" they think spires had used synthetic drugs. right now d.c. police are hosting a community meeting to talk about the dangers of synthetic drugs. they believe the drugs are contributing to all kinds of crimes now, including a deadly metro stabbing. officers from the police district, that includes the southwest waterfront and parts of anacostia are meeting now with community members at the campbell ame church. that meeting goes until 8:30. so you still have time to go. a woman running as a candidate for the fairfax county supervisor is once again
6:35 pm
knocking on doors one week after she was attacked while campaigning. kathy smith was canvassing the can surery oaks neighborhood in fairfax last week. she says one of the residents pushed her, grabbed her glasses, threw her telephone all because of how the candidate voted on a school boundary change seven years ago. police have charged the woman named pamela icord with assault. >> it was a little tough yesterday before i knock old the first door and the first gentleman was so wonderful, apologized, and we had a great conversation. so, that was great first door yesterday to go to. >> icord has not returned our call for comment. smith was not seriously injured. she is running against john guevera to represent sully district on the board of supervisors. still ahead a major change in the military impacting the traps gender community. federal workers playing hooky. the i-team sheds light on dozens
6:36 pm
of cases some of them involving high-ranking employees who are getting paid even though they are not doing any work. a local teenager left home alone kills a burglar. what we are learning about the homes before that deadly attack in maryland. but first, here is doug. >> tracking a line of severe storms right now, making their way just south and west of our area starting to see some development in our region,
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
it would remove one of the last barriers to military service based on a person's gender or sexuality. pentagon leaders are now finalizing plans to lift the ban on transgender people serving in the military. an announcement on this could come this week, according to the associated press. the military would have six months to determine the impact of the move and work out the details. people on the clock, but not at work. an investigation by the news4 i
6:39 pm
team reveals the federal government caught dozens of work exincluding high-ranking employees playing hooky. >> most of the workers are dim gent, punctual and honest but in recent cases, workers skipped out during the day against the rules or against the law some going golfing or to the casino or for bike rides ben they are supposed to be on the job. either during their time sheets or making up stories for the bosses. in all we found it has cost taxpayers more than $1 million just since 2012. and in some cases, internal government investigators caught them in the act. >> i do think it's a small fraction that are, you know dishonest people. but having said that, i still think, you know maybe we just touched the tip of the iceberg. >> in our story tonight at 11ing:00 the elaborate schemes the creative schemes, some of
6:40 pm
these workers have used to skip out of work and why one woman found it so says to doctor her own team sheet and concern the federal agents who police this crime might find it harder to police in the future. back to you. turning now to the newest entry in the gop presidential field, scott walker jumping into the race and already leading in some important polls. chris lawrence at our live deck. chris? >> yeah, jim, just been about 20 minutes since the governor of wisconsin threw his hat into the ring after the tweeting his intentions this morning. governor walker is kicking off his campaign with an event in milwaukee and immediately considered a top tier candidate. the governor is a social conservative, known for taking on the unions in wisconsin and surviving an attempt to recall him. >> the fact that america is a can-do kind of country. unfortunately, we have awash -- a government in washington that just can't quite seem to get the
6:41 pm
job done. you know washington, or as i call it 68 square miles surrounded by reality -- [ laughter ] >> a little dig at d.c. there. governor walker is leading the polls in the all-important iowa caucuses. political observers say his midwest roots could help boost republicans in blue states like ohio and pennsylvania. walker is now the 15th republican to jump into the race and later this month, they will all likely be joined by ohio's governor john kasich, formally declared his capped dash cism at the live desk, chris lawrence, news4. >> thank you, chris. a 19-year-old is dead and a 16-year-old being questioned by police after a burglary and then a stabbing outside a maryland home. police say it all began after that 16-year-old held an unsupervised house party last thursday night. they say that party broke up early friday morning and hours late the teen heard burglars inside his home in odin ton. he confronted and stabbed them. #
6:42 pm
why some members of congress are banking on the success of taylor swift to raise some money. >> thousands of teenagers and some parents will be shaking it off here at nats park (gong) slather
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♪ >> well, maybe not the bipartisan issue you'd expect, but lawmakers on both sides the aisle will make the short trek from capitol hill to nats park tonight. more than a dozen members of congress are hosting fund-raising events at the taylor swift concert. among them, virginia congressman don beier. a spokesperson for his office tells us the concert is a natural fit, in this case because his daughter created popular feminist t swift twitter account that praises the sweater for her lyrics and efforts with gender equal way. a whole lot of fans got to the ballpark early tonight and metro will be helping them get home late. metro is staying open until 1 a.m. at the navy yard ballpark station something normally reserved for playoff games. mark segraves who is down there now, yes found some parents just as excited as their kids. mark? >> reporter: that's right. you know they have been filing in her for hours the concert starts in 15 minutes, you can
6:46 pm
look behind me and say they are still lining up at the gates to get n taylor swift's concert is so popular this tour that she had to add another night to the shows here in washington, d.c. and her music has young teenaged girls singing in the streets. ♪ >> she is like such a good role model to look up to, like, for girls like me that, um she never does anything wrong. >> reporter: that's just one of the reasons these girls love taylor swift. their parents have their own reasons. >> she stays out of trouble and she has encouraged them to play guitar and ukulele and lots of different instruments. >> reporter: >> reporter: swift's 1989 tour is taking the young singer/songwriter around the world. swift's road crew has been working the past two days, through the rain to get the stage set up for tonight's show. these 14-year-old girls from maryland aren't going to let anything stand between them and taylor swift. >> we are going to do whatever
6:47 pm
we can to get as close to her as possible. >> reporter: as for mom, she says she was doing the same thing when she was a teen, but admits, she is not as big a swift fan as her daughter is but that was hard to tell, based on how she was dressed tonight. >> i am being a really good sport i think. >> reporter: now, as you can imagine, there is a lot of traffic around nats park tonight both foot traffic and cars trying to get in and out of here, dropping kids off. as i said, tonight's show is sold out, but still tickets for tomorrow night's show. gates open at 5. show starts at 7:00. of course, metro will stay open late. the very latest live from nats park, mark segraves news4. >> thanks, mark. okay. taylor swift thing is large. this is the coolest story of the day, if not a long time. >> breathe. >> talking about nasa's latest milestone. in about 13 hours we are going to get a up close and personal look at pluto which used to be a planet. the new horizon spacecraft will
6:48 pm
pass by the -- what they call a dwarf planet now, for exactly eight minutes tomorrow morning. you say so what. to give you an idea of how precise this mission is check this out. nasa says it is equivalent to a golfer hitting a hole-in-one from new york city to los angeles. that's totally cool. the mission has been many, many years in the making, but that craft has been traveling for nine years to travel the 3 billion miles that it has gone to finally reach the edge of our solar system. wrap your mind around that >> it is impossible. >> that is pretty cool stuff. >> that is quite amazing. that is a big deal. >> just the idea that we can get that far away. let alone make a hole-in-one. >> that's just going to keep on going, too, but just to be able to -- those guys sitting there all night tonight, all day tomorrow, just waiting and watching the pictures that are
6:49 pm
coming back here. we have already seen some of the most amazing pictures already coming out of the -- you know, the planet is actually bigger than scientists thought it was? >> really? >> coming out today. a gar of planet but coming in saying, all right it is bigger than we thought. so that's something to take into consideration, too. i think it is still out of the planet club. show what you is going on out there now. your evening planner, looking up not going to see any planets, going to be cloudy. 81 degrees. 79 degrees nice and mild around our region tonight. a few showers, this is what we are going to be seeing this evening into the overnight period, but not expecting a lot around most of the area through about 11:00 midnight. 75 gaithersburg, we are mild. not a lot of showers showers down toward charles county, back to the west, starting to see showers develop here. and take a look, we have got a severe thunderstorm warning in toward parts of the shenandoah valley, down toward roanoke. look at the severe storms, the same storms that came through chicago about 18 hours ago and
6:50 pm
they continue down toward the south. now, what i've looked at here is this boundary here this area of storms, showers, making their way off to the east. what we are going to be watching is how this all comes together tonight. watch as we make our way toward bay is 1:00 in the morning. a few showers coming right on through parts of our viewing area, around the 2, 3, 4:00 hour, right on through d.c. not expecting anything strong or severe. we could see some locally heavy rainfall. that's something to keep your eyes out for if you're travel nothing tomorrow night traveling overnight tonight. tomorrow morning, 8 a.m., i think we are okay light showers, the most part, most of tomorrow is looking dry. a high temperature of 88. any storms tomorrow, the strongest of which could be tomorrow night after around 8, 9, 10:00 as another line moves through, something we will check out, wednesday, thursday and friday, high temperatures into 80s, around that 90-degree mark by saturday. this weekend, a little hot, a little storm mir, temperatures, 895 on sunday. >> all right, thanks, doug. we got sports coming up bryce harper, max scherzer meeting the all-star
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
season says basically all you haters shut up. nothing wrong with the home run derby. >> i didn't hear him say that.
6:54 pm
>> paraphrasing. i said it. >> people want to get rid of the home run derby some strange reason the home run derby, what makes this week. >> fun. >> really does. >> yeah. >> absolutely. i got to stop talking to you guys now. the nationals, they have one of the best -- >> not all of us. >> the nationals have one of the best teams in major league baseball. only one player from this organization will be featured in the all-star game tomorrow night. bryce harper. he will bat third and start in right field. as for his teammate, max scherzer, he is a no-go he pitched yesterday scherzer will be replaced by clayton kershaw of the dodgers. harper and the other all stars meeting with the media today in cincinnati. m will be the 22-year-old's third appearance in the classic, his third start. scherzer, despite not playing, he was in attendance today, mad max, too fun to pass up he is looking forward to being a spectator the next two days. harper meanwhile looking forward to playing with the very best. >> i'm excited. you know, being able to you know, play a lineup play with
6:55 pm
these guys play with a certain group of guys some of the best in baseball. you know, very excited. very humbled to be in this lineup. just excited to, you know, be part of the whole thing. >> hes that elite ability, play and got to watch him play and that ability to hit pitchers pitch for home runs, you don't see that for many guys. the thing is he is still growing, he is still learning the game and that's what makes him exciting to watch because he is going to continue to get better. another young player continuing to get better, orioles' manny machado taking part in tonight's home run derby, saturday career while 19 homers this season, third straight year an or yell has been in the derby, 23-year-old hoping to become the first or yell to win it against miguel tejada did it since 2004. cal ripken jr. won the home run derby. the advice for machado is pretty simple. >> hit more home runs than the other guys, with the new format a little interesting to see how it plays out, just enjoy it.
6:56 pm
i think any time you get an opportunity to do something like that, go out there and have fun make sure you bring a good pair of batting gloves. >> that's long five minutes. something to watch but excited to see jock and rizzo and everybody in the national league. >> i'm just going to go out there and put some good swings out there and put on a show, but just mainly try to get my swing and try to hit the ball hard somewhere and if they go out they go out. if they don't, i guess i'm going to be the one with no homers there. just go out there and mostly just going out there, having fun. >> the home run derby starts at 8 p.m. tonight. the last time the derby took place in cincinnati, it was rained out. the only rainout in home run derby history for major league baseball in its 31 years. keep an eye on that tonight as the weather looks a little -- >> sketchy? >> sketchy in cincinnati. let's move on to soccer now for a moment. if winning the world cup and having parades and parties thrown in your honor wasn't enough for the women's national
6:57 pm
soccer team, this might be the best gift that they could have gotten in sports. instead of just one cover for the world cup champions "sports illustrated" designed 23 covers for all 23 players and even one for their head coach, jo ellis. they will be randomly distributed throughout the country, big time there. here are the two covers the two players from the washington spirit, defender ali krieger and ash lynn harris this saturday the two will take on the covers of this team hope sewly and megan rapino, members of the seattle rain, they will visit creek and harris on saturday, they take on the washington spirit at the maryland soccer plex saturday at 7 p.m. over to mls now, bad news for d.c. united goalkeeper bill hamid. he will miss the next four to six weeks after undergoing surgery on both his left hand and his right knee. hamid is the sixth -- in his sixth full season with d.c. united, he leads major league soccer in save percentage and goals against. united current lit best team in mls right now. >> here's what got me today next time we look at scherzer,
6:58 pm
notice how much he looks like a young joe montana. looks just like joe
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, bomb plot. the son of a police captain behind bars accused of betraying his family and his country with an isis-inspired plot to massacre college students live on the internet. drug lord manhunt. the desperate search for one of the world's most dangerous men, who's respsible for flooding the u.s. with drugs. we'll trace the tunnel he used for his elaborate escape. in harm's way. nearly 30 million americans in the path of dangerous storms. already heavy rains and flooding forcing people onto their roofs for rescue. and plot twist. a long-hidden sequel changes everything we thought we knew about a beloved character. "nightly news" begins right now.


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