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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  August 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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suburbs, inside the beltway. in prince george's county, upper 60s. upper 60s, montgomery county. and the rest of northern virginia one of the cooler spots. warrenton is at 63 degrees. coming up next, your drive time forecast. we have delays on metro. >> delays on metro. yellow and green line delays between greenbelt and college park. right now, just got word that we are single-tracking there. that's going to of course cause some issues this morning. chopper 4 over 270 southbound at germantown road, 118, looks like the crash is out of the way. that we had earlier this morning. still though a lot of volume headed southbound there as you can see from above. 66 west at the toll road, still have that crash on the shoulder. 95, b.w. parkway, 29 here, everything here nice and green. top of the beltway actually look quite good. no major slowdowns, 66 a little slow inbound through manassas and northbound through dale city. very typical going about 27 mile
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per hour. back in ten minutes with more on the metro issue. >> thanks. as melissa just mentioned happening right now, metro having some problems as it tries to roll out the newest 7000 rail car at the greenbelt metro station. we want to get to meagan fitzgerald with more on what happened before the rail cars get there. what's the issue? >> reporter: well, a lot of folks are frustrated because there's an issue with the train that stalled on the tracks. it's monday morning, they were excited to ride on a brand-new 7000 series train. but if you take a look here, you'll see that's not happening any time soon. metro officials tell us that some sort of an issue with this train here. not able to function properly so passengers had to get off and they're certainly not happy about it. now, it was around 5:35 when we noticed that the train was stalled. passengers waited inside for a few minutes before metro employees told them they had to get off the train.
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we're told there's some sort of a mechanical issue that metro officials are trying to work out. we're not sure when the train is expected to leave the tracks, but that means those new 7000 series trains won't be making their debut until this problem is resolved. many riders say they're just fed up. >> absolutely it's not right. because you sit up here and that's first train you pull out is one that breaks down before it even gets off the platform? come on, man. no, this is ridiculous. no. >> reporter: yeah, she's not alone, a lot of people frustrated. at around 5:30, those brand-new 7000 trains prepared to roll through here. but until this train is moved off the tracks that train, that new train is going to have to stay there. we'll be out here monitoring this situation and bring you updates coming up at 6:30. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald live for us
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in greenbelt, thank you. a man going on trial for a robbery gone wrong in oxon hill. deandre weems shot a hotel employee and he died. the lawyers will make their opening arguments today. chavez's mother may take the stand. and d.c. police are trying to track down a burgundy chrysler in connection to a deadly shooting. matthew shlonsky died when he was caught in the middle of gunfire two days ago. shlonsky was not targeted according to police, instead he was on his way to meet a fraternity brother when it started. >> when you're down, he'd bring you up. and now he ended up being at the
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broken pipe yesterday when two of the trucks fell through the street. you can tell through the pictures. this is near the intersection of duncan avenue. it caused two small sinkholes. that's when the trucks fell in. we are told the broken main caused silt to wash into the pond. five people are now dead after a jet and a plane collide. you can see the broken plane here, it's in a quarter mile area in san diego area. ntsb is saying that the planes were approaching the runway when they ran into each other. they were possibly all military contractors with bae and one
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person in the single engine cessna plane. the press corps is expected to swarm new york city as donald trump reports for jury duty. just yesterday he unveiled the specifics of his immigration plan. this is his first big policy paper and a it's already a controversial one. trump said he'd reverse president obama's executive orders on immigration and deport all undocumented immigrants. trump spoke exclusively with nbc's "meet the press." >> we have to make a whole new set of standards and when people come in -- >> you're going to split up families. you're going to deport -- >> no, chuck, we'll keep the families together. we have to keep them together. but they have to go. >> trump says he will build a broader -- rather a wall and force mexico to pay for it by impounding remittance payments. he will triple the number of border patrols and defund cities that don't cooperate with federal immigration roundups and he says he'll end birth right
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citizenship. today in iowa one of the rising stars of the 2016 campaign will hit the stage for a q&a with voters at the state fair. carly fiorina is climbing in the polls and she will speak at noon and scott walker will also take questions. he was at the top of the polls in iowa until a surge by donald trump. a big announcement is happening in largo today. prince george's county executive rushern baker is expected to announce a major increase in county jobs. it is the first big increase in more than a decade, according to the executive's office. baker is making that announcement at 1030 this morning. why hundreds of people are marching to the nation's capital right now and what they want to accomplish. breaking news on the rails, we are single-tracking on the yellow and green lines, causing some big problems. not just because of this. also delaying that new series train coming into the station. also it is a big day for
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washington. the legend you can hear on your radio today for the first time in
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you're watching news 4 today. >> all right. so there's a lot of excitement in our area today. radio legend donnie simpson is back on the d.c. airwaves today. simpson came out of retirement to join radio one. he will host the donnie simpson show on magic 102.3. it will run from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. welcome back. i want to show you some time lapse video of a storm angle that you don't typically get to see. this is video of a lightning storm sweeping through southern florida. you can see as the clouds roll through lightning lights up the sky there. thunder and rainstorms also expected to continue in the singer island area throughout the rest of the week there in florida. always amazing to see that sort
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of video when you can slow it down, it gives you a -- a spekd lar -- a spectacular view. >> it looks like a movie set. like it's fake. so we want to get our drive time forecast. we know people will be using that a.c. on overtime today. >> don't have to worry about the storms at least but that heat for sure is working overtime. tom kierein is in the storm team 4 weather center. your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. >> i saw a live view from the tower camera. no storms, nowhere in the region do we have showers or thundershowers. so for the midday and the afternoon commute, we have green lights weatherwise anyway for traveling and driving in. you'll be driving into the hazy sun heading east today. we'll be in the mid 70s or so for the next couple of hours. headed to 90 by noon. definitely have the a.c. on in the afternoon, mid 90s. factor in the humidity, it will feel like 100 degrees this
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afternoon. a look at the storm chances for the week, that's at 6:21. breaking news with melissa. >> breaking news right now on the rails, yellow and green line, we are single-tracking between greenbelt and college park because of a disabled train this morning. also 270, looks quite slow through germantown. looking getter from above. we had an earlier crash at 118. southbound is not so bad. southbound lanes taking you only 16 minutes. that's on time. outer loop, top of the belt, no issues. 66 inbound and 95 northbound, no major problems there. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. >> thank you, melissa. one of hollywood's leading men is in mourning this morning. >> the strange crime hitting his family that is getting the world's attention. kristin wright at the live desk with fast moving new developments in the intense search for a downed plane and what else we just learned was on board.
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i'll have details for you here at the live desk
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new details here in the newsroom. we just found out that the plane that crashed in indonesia this weekend was carrying a half million dollars in cash. this is an old picture of the trigana airplane on board, $470,000 in government aid to people in remote villages.
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the wreckage of the plane has been found. search and rescue is trying to get to it right now. 54 people were on board. so far, there is no indication that the money is linked to the crash, but still very interesting nonetheless. the pilot lost contact in bad weather. we don't know if there are any survivors. we'll find out. back to you. >> all right, kristin wright, thank you. 6:16. right now, more than 100 large wildfires are burning out of control out west from california to oregon to idaho. they are scorching acres of land. the national guard called up to help dump water on fires in washington state. but even that couldn't stop a fire from destroying as many as 100 homes. we'll get an update on the conditions in washington state in a live report. that's coming up in the next half hour. well, take a look at this. the fire helicopter was forced to make a hard landing at a los angeles area cemetery while battling the nearby month abel low wildfire.
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residents whose homes were damaged in the massive explosion in tianjin, china, are demanding compensation from the government. it killed at least 114 people, 70 are still missing. crews are now racing to collect dozens of tons of one of the chemicals housed in that warehouse. with storms moving into the area now environmental officials raised concerns that sodium cyanide can release poisonous scyanide into the air. more than 40 men are walking to baltimore. the 35-mile trip will take 20 hours. marchers are expected to arrive on the national mall around 2:00 this afternoon. more than 200 people have been killed in baltimore so far this year. prince george's county police say a suspect and an officer -- a suspect that an officer shot and killed had mental health issues. those are new detail since the shooting friday night.
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30-year-old asshams manley's family told them he was having suicidal thoughts. officer bell shot manley on walker mill road after a struggle over a gun. police say the suspect ran from a crash scene. tests at the hospital show manley had opiates and marijuana in his system. this week, the woman a d.c. police officer shot after she refused to drop a knife will be in court. renita nettles is out of the hospital and in jail. this is on clay terrace earlier the this month. news4 went through court documents. nettles used synthetic drugs and pcp before telling police, she was quote ready to die. there will be funerals today for the eight members of family all shot to death in their home in houston. earlier this month, police say the mother's ex-husband shot her, her husband and six children including his own 13-year-old son. david conley faces capital murder charges. in court last week, conley thought the children were growing up or the -- up to be
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monsters. service on the long island railroad will be back to normal after a plane crash one person died when this single engine plane crashed yesterday morning. you're looking at cell phone video right after the crash. the passenger survived with a broken jaw. faa officials say the engine stalled shortly after taking off on long island. the metropolitan transportation authority said it took about 12 hours to clear the tracks. 6:19 your time now. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is riding metro to talk about the kids right free program today. it includes metro rail rides for first time this year. the program provides free transportation for students to d.c. public and public charter schools. they can take metro rail, metrobus and circulator bus for free. mayor bowser will be on the green line to talk about the program. she said it saves families $600 a year. look at this. this is the aftermath of a car smashing into the front of
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eddie's carryout in gaithersburg. nobody got hurt here. this happened at 5:30 last night. no word on how or why the driver of the car lost control. so if you can, try to get some extra calcium and vitamin "d" in your breakfast this morning. this is especially important for women as they get older. findings show one-quarter of women older than 65 have osteoporosis. compare that to only 6% of men over the age of 65. calcium and vitamin "d" help guard against bone loss and osteoporosis. if you were concerned, ask your doctor to schedule a bone density scan. looking live at the white house now. today, the obama administration expected to unveil a new initiative to fight heroin use in the u.s. by speeding up how quickly public health data is shared among agencies. "the washington post" reporting the new program will pair up public health experts and law enforcement officers. they will track where heroin is coming from, and where treatment is needed.
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d.c. is one of the 15 areas where this program is being tested. a college on the eastern shore says this massive fire will not affect the operations this year. washington college in chestertown says it rents this building which totally went up in flames. this happened two days ago. no one was inside at the time. according to our affiliate in baltimore, firefighters are working to figure out what caused the fire. four firefighters were hurt but not seriously. today in rosslyn your favorite food truck will have a guaranteed spot. this pilot program reserves 19 parking spaces for food trucks for four hours. the goal is to keep the peace between food trucks and the restaurants in the area. for the designated locations check out our nbc washington app. and if you plan to go out, you have to bear the heat. we are still dealing with the heat wave. it looks though like things might be wrapping up pretty soon.
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heat wave wise. >> what's the latest? >> this may be the day of the current heat wave anyway. right now, temperatures are pleasant. bad hair day, the high humidity will be with us throughout the day ahead. here in the storm team 4 weather center looking at temperatures now at the upper 60s, near 70 in prince george's, fairfax county. and generally in the 60s, away from the bay, generally in the low 70s. reagan national, 72. the sun is coming up, sunrise today is at 6:23 coming up in hazy sky, live view from the tower camera. by 8:00, mid and upper 70s. look at the temperature graph jumping to near 90 degrees by noontime, hitting mid 90s by mid afternoon. that feels like temperature near 100 with the humidity factored in. the feels like high tomorrow, a little more reasonable. in the mid 90s. low to mid 90s, and on thursday, highs in the 80s each day. when you factor in the humidity it will feel like the 90s for
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much of the week ahead. now, our next chance for i in storms -- any storms is tuesday evening. most of the day light hours should stay dry. tuesday evening, some thunderstorms may be coming through. maybe late in the evening and then a morning shower or afternoon thundershower. highs in the mid 80s. perhaps a thundershower on thursday as well. partly sunny, highs reaching upper 80s and less humid for the weekend. partly cloudy on saturday. highs in the mid 80s. a look at neighborhood highs for this monday, next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31. melissa has breaking news. >> breaking news again on the rails. talking about the yellow and green line here this morning. right now we still have single-tracking between greenbelt and college park because of the disabled train sitting outside of greenbelt. so kind of causing a mess there this morning. d.c. 295 southbound at pennsylvania avenue, that's off
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to the shoulder, but there's a 2 1/2 mile backup there. pretty slow there. connecticut avenue at woodley road in north west, we have a report of a cyclist struck there. 66 through manassas inbound a tad slow there and 95 northbound through dale city, a little slow as well. prince george's county looking good. no major issues and an update on metro in ten minutes. >> melissa, see you thin. thank you. 6:24. an alexandria woman is waking up after she crashed her small piper plane in bristow. she crashed it in the backyard of a home along upper mill loop yesterday morning. the state police say for some reason the plane lost power. she missed the house by about 20 yards. the homeowner says he is thankful the pilot was able to keep control of the plane. >> she could have tried to do something else. but she hit a tree instead of my house. to me, i couldn't be more happy that she missed my house and kept control. >> the pilot, 50-year-old barnes
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was taken to the hospital in stable condition. morgan freeman learned someone stabbed his step granddaughter to death. 33-year-old e'dena hines had so much to offer that the world will never see. police arrested a man at this scene in manhattan early yesterday morning. they say he was in a relationship with hines. officers say he is undergoing a psychological evaluation and does not face charges. today, you can say what you think about a plan to build a new power plant in brandy wine. it will provide natural gas energy. it would join multiple other power plants in the area if it's approved. now, to give your opinion about it, all you have to do is head to the brandywine volunteer fire department tonight. the public meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. well, foodies, this week is for you. this week is restaurant week in the dmv. you can enjoy a three course
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lunch or dinner at a great price at any one of 250 restaurants across the region. lunch will cost you about $22 per person. dinner is $35. we have put the entire list of restaurants on the nbc washington app. so if there's some place you're thinking of trying and it's pricey, now is your chance. >> when it comes to dining, so this is the perfect excuse. we made it so easy you can just go to the app, aaron, book your table right there. it's that easy. no excuses. >> all right. finish this up. all right, you want me to? it's your turn now. >> 6:26. a military drill comes to one local community. >> what you hear and see could be intense. molette? >> reporter: yeah, back to school before labor day. details on the new program that has alarm clocks sounding right now for first day of school. plus, a disturbing shooting
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where anyone could have been hit by gunfire. the new details we learned overnight about violence at a loca
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it's 6:30 and metro's week is off to a bad start. right as its newest train was ready to make its debut, one of the old ones got in the way. >> yeah, it's causing some monday morning headaches. we want to get straight to melissa mollet now with an update on this breaking news. melissa? >> so again, breaking news right now on the rails. we have no longer single-tracking on the green and yellow line this morning but we still have yellow and green line delays between greenbelt and college park because of the one train you said that was stuck on the rails here this morning. d.c. 295 southbound at pennsylvania avenue, we have the
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exit lane blocked there. and about a 2 1/2 mile backup. connecticut avenue at woodley road northwest a report of an accident involving a cyclist there. 270 southbound looking a lot better than it was before. no more big delays on 270. nice and green actually right now. b.w. parkway, 95 and 29 everything there rolling along quite nicely. travel times coming up in ten minutes. tom? >> it is a warm and humid monday morning when you step out the door. you'll feel that humidity. there's a white hot sun, now rising out of that haze. looking at the live view from the storm team 4 tower camera this morning. later today, neighborhood highs should be making it into the low to mid 90s. right inside the beltway and nearby neighborhoods in montgomery, prince george's and fairfax counties, and away from the waters in the low 90s. low 90s, shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia and even into the mountains there. a hot day with hazy sunshine. low 90s across virginia and
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southern maryland. away from the what we ares -- waters mid 90s. your walk to work forecast is coming up at 6:41. back to you. >> see you then. 6:32. this might be a hectic morning for you as you send your children back to school. >> yeah. one district in virginia says this is an extra early start time. news4's molette green is outside cougar elementary school in manassas park where they're testing year round class. what's the latest? >> reporter: angie, good morning. we are an hour away from seeing the first buses rolling in. this is breaking from tradition, and starting school well before labor day. all of this to raise the test scores, to improve student achievement. and close the gaps that leaves some of students behind. so they're looking at the benefits of a year-round school calendar or at least something close to that. this is a pilot program that
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sets aside days for extra support for those students who really need it. it lays out shorter breaks so students can better retain what they have learned in class. now, manassas park, the school district got a $50,000 grant and they will use some of that money to research and visit other schools that are doing this. so the first buses are set to roll in around 7:45 this morning on day when you feel more like hitting the pools than hitting the books that's the latest, live from outside cougar elementary school in manassas park. back to you. >> thank you. well, several other schools are headed back to class today. parents are wrapping up breakfast and taking their kids to the bus stop in frederick, fauquier and warren counties and jefferson county in west virginia right now. we have the complete back to school dates on the nbc washington app and we invite you to share your back to school photos with us on the facebook and twitter pages.
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flights are mostly back to normal after a disastrous weekend. a computer glitch at an air traffic control center in leesburg, virginia, delayed thousands of flights and cancelled hundreds more on saturday. those delays spilled over into sunday and the faa says it's fixed the problem, but still looking into what caused the glitch. now to a developing story out of suitland where police are still investigating a deadly shooting at a recreation center. we learned the name of the victim just hours ago. maryland national capitol park police say j.r. franklin died. >> came out of the woods over here and then the dude pulled a gun out and just shot him. cold blood right there. >> well, that man did not want to be identified, but says he knew the victim and the shooter. he said the men were walking together at the bradbury recreation center yesterday when they got into the argument and then the shooting happened. the witness told us hundreds of people including many families
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were using the center at the time. sad developments this morning. a u.s. army sky diver who collided with another diver midair during a stunt has died. the sky diver -- this incident happened in chicago. cory hood participated in the schick go chicago air and water show. he was knocked unconscious, hit the side of a building and if elle to -- fell to the ground. the other sky diver had a broken leg. hood had served five tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. today, the district will begin conducting the homeless youth. there are a dozen drop in locations people can drop in and get counted. to be counted you have to be 24 years and younger. the goal of the census is to help identify how to help homeless kids. if you want to let someone know about the census, we posted a link on the nbc washington app. it will sound like a
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battlefield in bethesda today and that's because students at the uniformed services university are training for combat situations. we did a story on this last week you might remember. take a look. the drills can be very intense. they're happening today and tomorrow. they include the use of paint ball guns, actors portraying soldiers as you can tell from the video right here. there will be a lot of yelling. 6:36 today. a grand jury will reconvene to decide if a fairfax county police officer will face charges for shooting and killing an unarmed man. officer adam torres shot john geer during a standoff and others say that geer had his hands up when he was shot. fairfax county paid the family $3 million for the wrongful death lawsuit. president obama called him a hero and a friend who changed the country for the better. civil rights leader julian bond passed away this weekend. he was 75 years old. on social media the #rest in
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power started to trend as people remembered his life and his work. bond marched on washington, served as a georgia state senator and once taught at uva. he was the former chairman of the naacp. well, he could be one for the history books. why one interview just brought so much attention to a baseball player and his personal life and he's not even in the majors yet. plus, they probably already power your smartphone, your tablet, maybe even your watch. now, what may be our strongest evidence yet that their next project could be your car. some slowdowns this morning on metro. first of all, yellow and green
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welcome back. apple's self-driving car may be closer to reality. the british newspaper the guardian says that documents show the tech giant is scouting for secure locations in california to test out the vehicle. apple has been hiring people in recent months with backgrounds in auto safety and power train systems. so far though, apple has declined to comment on this report. >> i'm going to fight this, this self-driving car business. i will not. >> you can't avoid it. it's in the future. you know, kids -- a rite of passage, you got your driver's license at 16, now they have uber. i read a report, its a on the decline. >> 6:41. a live picture outside. that sun is hating on us right now. this is really happening. >> it sure is pretty, but ain't going to feel that way, right, tom? >> i tried to make it go back down, but it wouldn't do it. let a water bottle be your friend today. the heat wave is continuing today. the only way you'll need an umbrella is to shield yourself
6:42 am
from the sun. one of my twitter followers suggested that. need the sunblock and sunglasses, comfortable in short sleeves all day long. waiting for the bus this morning, humid, in the mid 70s with hazy sunshine. hot walking back home. the mid 90s. it will feel like 100 degrees when you factor in the humidity. melissa is looking at slow downs in the district. >> big slowdowns, 295 south. as you hit pennsylvania avenue is where that crash is. you can see before that here, we have had a four mile backup because of the crash. we understand that the right lane is now blocked here. that's what d.c. police are saying this morning. yellow and green lines still delays, no longer single tracks. and now starting to see some volume on the eastbound. northbound, no major issues. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when
6:43 am
you hop in your car. it was supposed to be a good morning for those folks riding metro's green line, but why that excitement turned to anger. plus, we all know traveling can be expensive. see why some say one airline wants to shame you into paying up. stay with us.
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and the heat wave continues
6:46 am
on this monday. temperatures are comfortable now. near 70 degrees. it's quite humid, 60s in the suburbs and some of the rural areas. we had problems on the roads and the rails this morning. melissa, what's going on now? >> we have had -- starting with here, some breaking news right now. d.c. 295 southbound here as you're headed towards pennsylvania avenue. we have a four mile backup there this morning. then some delays on metro, yellow and green line delays between greenbelt and college park. more in a few minute. 14 before the hour. metro's rollout of the newest rail car is not going as planned. before the 7000 series cars could arrive, a 6000 series car broke down on the track. >> and as a result, metro had to single track, and then the new train did eventually arrive. news4's meagan fitzgerald is there and spoke with customers about the rocky start to the morni morning. they were fired up.
6:47 am
>> reporter: they were, angie. if you had to sum up the sentiment among many of the passengers it would be frustration. that i came -- they came here thinking they would kick off the workweek, riding on metro. they stood on this plat form here, waiting for that new 7000 series train car to roll through here. they thought they'd have a comfortable ride and instead they waited on this platform and experienced delays. something a lot of folks said was an all too familiar experience with metro. it was five minutes after that new 7000 series car was expected on the track when the train in front of it stalled. passengers were told to get off because of mechanical issues which caused even more delays. finally at around 6:15 the new train car rolled through on the opposite track just as the stalled car was being towed away. a lot of folks are saying they have had enough. >> i have been through the breakdrowns and the derailments this month. it's been pathetic.
6:48 am
>> reporter: now, we have seen one of the new 7000 series train cars roll through here. they're expected to be more comfortable for the riders, not having the carpet inside. instead, having the nonskid floor. flat screen monitors but passengers tell us it got overshadowed for a lot of them because of the delays. so while they're happy that there's new trains on the tracks, they're just frustrated that it was met with delays. back to you. >> at least they're going now. thank you, meagan. 6:48. and carly fiorina undoubtedly one of the rising stars in decision 2016, today at noon, she hits the stage for q&a with voters at the iowa state fair. she is climbing in the polls right now. wisconsin governor scott walker will also take questions there today. walker was at the top of the polls in iowa for months until a surge by donald trump. about a thousand miles east of
6:49 am
iowa, the press corps is expected to swarm new york as donald trump goes to jury duty. if he's expected to serve, he said the campaign will continue. a trial started in prince george's county today for a man accused of killing a hotel manager in oxon hill. prince george's county police say deandre weems attempted to rob the clarion hotel two years ago. they say jesse chavez tried to stop him and that's when weems shot him in the chest and chavez died. lawyers will make their opening remarks today and chavez's more could take the stand. right now, indonesian search and rescue teams have spotted a missing plane from trigana. it crashed yesterday. it's not clear if there are any survivors. a post office spokesman said that the plane was carrying cash
6:50 am
worth about $470,000 for remote villages. there's no evidence that it is linked to that crash. five people now dead after a jet and a small plane collided. you can see pieces of the plane strewn across about a quarter of a mile area near the airport in san diego county. ntsb investigators say the planes were approaching the runway when they ran in the each other on sunday. there were four people on the jet, possibly all military contractors with bae and one person on the single engine cessna plane. the new spotsylvania vre station won't open by the end of summer. it's been plagued by construction problems and vre spokesman said that the station probably won't open until the fall. major league baseball has its first openly gay player this morning. milwaukee brewers prospect david denson said support from his teammates gave him support to go
6:51 am
public. he had the backing of former major leaguer and current athletics gm billy beane. 6:51 now. none of us likes to pay unnecessary fees when we travel but now one airline is accused of trying to convince you to do just the opposite. cnbc's landon dowdy explains how for your money. good morning. >> hey, aaron, good morning. that's right. a passenger rights group claims delta is shaming customers into spending more on expensive upgrades they say when you try to buy a cheap ticket, their website lists several restrictions before your final confirmation including warning you'll be the last to board, wow won't get a seat assignment or won't get a refund. delta said they're trying to make people aware of what they're buying. >> thank you, landon dowdy at cnbc. 6:51. i want to turn to storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. we have been stuck in this heat wave again. >> get us out right now. >> this has grown tiresome. by this time of the year, like
6:52 am
enough already. make it stop. and by the way we're live streaming here. right now. >> i know. if you're wondering what the gadget is. we have been tweeting it out but we're live on facebook all morning long. if you have to head out the door, have us in the palm of your hand. >> here's the live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. the ziering -- the searing sun climbing into the air and it will roast us as the temperatures will soar. up to 90 by noontime. it will feel like about 100 degrees when you factor in the humidity. hazy sunshine. all day long. stay cool. it will stay humid too. the feels like temperature tomorrow, not quite as bad, but still in the mid 90s. highs in the 80s on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. but still quite humid. humid enough to make that feels like temperature in the 90s by the end of the week. right now though it's fairly comfortable. although it is very humid. in the upper 60s and near 70 in
6:53 am
the suburbs. and low 70s right around the bay. storm team 4 radar not showing any showers or storms anywhere in the vicinity. gorgeous sunrise. and this photo posted by lara ellis on my twitter page. you can follow me on twitter and facebook. post your photos there as well as instagram. then highs near 90 tomorrow. partly sunny. next chance of any storms looks to be tuesday evening. maybe a passing thundershower coming through. then a greater chance, showers and maybe thundershowers on wednesday. and again on thursday, we do need the rain. highs in the 80s. a lot of the area lawns are looking parched. a little less humid though for the weekend. more pleasant weather moving in saturday and sunday. might get some storms on sunday afternoon. we have breaking news this morning. here's melissa. >> breaking news right now, we're talking about this problem, d.c. 295 southbound there at pennsylvania avenue is where the crash was.
6:54 am
looks like we may have a right lane blocked. look at the backups from chopper 4. a four mile backup, just jammed on 295 here this morning. if you have an alternate, take it. yellow, green delays between greenbelt and college park, that's still going on. single-tracking is gone at least. top of the belt getting slow. 66 and 95 looking pretty good overall. same thing when you look at prince george's county, inbound branch avenue is a tad slow but other than that, no major issues. 270 at montrose, some light volume. guys? >> melissa, thank you. 6 chan -- 6:54 right now. donnie simpson is coming out of retirement to join radio one. he will host the donnie simpson show on magic 102.3. back to school season is the perfect time to brush up on the
6:55 am
skills. yesterday, a group of kids did that at the handle life back to school camp. they got training and advice from center henry sims and recent duke university graduate quinn cook were there. the drills instilled basketball groups from marymount university helped out with the event. well, we here at nbc4 want to thank you for helping us do this. clear the shelters. saturday's event resulted in over 1,000 pet adoptions in our area alone. nationwide more than 17,000 pets were adopted. you can get all your information on the program on our website or you can go to our app and search clear the shelters. 6:55 here are 4 things to know on this monday morning. five people now dead after a jet and a plane collided. this was near an airport in san diego, california. ntsb investigators says the planes were approaching the runway when they ran into each
6:56 am
other on sunday. hundreds of people may have heard gunshots when a man was killed in suitland, maryland. the search is on for the killer. if you live in frederick county, jefferson county, fauquier county or warren park, have a great first day of school. an old problem for metro riders the broken down train delayed the rollout of the newest 7000 series rail car. the new train did eventually take off from the station. 39 minutes behind schedule. #stay cool. we'll have the heat quickly building by mid-morning. we'll be into the 80s. by noontime, already up around 90 degrees. hazy sunshine. mid 90s by mid to late afternoon. it will feel like about 100 when you factor in the humidity. hazy sunshine throughout the day. melissa? >> d.c. 295 southbound at pennsylvania avenue a four mile backup. chopper 4 is over the scene. you can see how slow it is.
6:57 am
take your favorite alternate instead. yellow and green delays between greenbelt and college park. no longer single-tracking there but we have delays there this morning. >> thanks for the warning. that's the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you starting the day with us. >> the news continues next with the "today" show. then we'll be back with another local update at 7:25. >> make it a great monday, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. the hot zone. a big portion of the eastern u.s. bracing for a heat wave. while out west more than a hundred wildfires rage. dozens of homes destroyed by an unprecedented blaze in washington state. we are there live. worth the wait? donald trump finally gets specific on key issues in the presidential campaign, hitting on immigration -- >> they have to go. >> -- sending ground troops back to iraq. >> you knock the hell out of the oil, take back the oil. >> and the surprising place he gets military advice. >> well, i watch the show. fatal accident. a navy parachutist ties after


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