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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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suspect. now, that man is talking only to news4. i'm chris lawrence live at fedex field. fans have waited eight long months to see the team back here in this stadium. tonight, we are live with that game. start with the weather alert, a flash flood watch in effect for parts of maryland, northern virginia and d.c. >> a lot of football fans want to know, but we have a line of heavy rain and thundershowers developing and tracking east on us, our storm team4's here for you all hour long and throughout the evening. doug, we could have some heavy, strong downpours tonight. >> that's really the biggest case here. amelia segal in with me and talking about that chance for heavy rain and really think flash flooding the only threat here throughout the rest of the evening. >> if you have plans outside, going to the redskins game, you need to pack the important cho, prepare for heavy rain. >> you can see it there on storm team4 radar, not around d.c. now and most of the region, high and dry, very humid though. step outside, feel that moisture in the air, doesn't take a lot to get those storms developed,
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there they are, along i-81, also see them developing down toward the south and that's what we think is going to happen with this line. the mainline around hagerstown, martinsburg, a little bit of lightning, again, the biggest threat is not very strong winds, not going to be the lightning, going to be the rain that comes down, very heavy rainfall along i-81, the winchester area, now starting to form around front royal, too moves of y s off to east. doesn't include hagerstown, this is the area, fairfax, montgomery county, arlington, anne arundel, howard, until midnight tonight. once again, the biggest threat, period of heavy rain likely, reduced visibility between a quarter and two inches could fall and in a short amount of time. one thing we tell you, turn around, don't drown, you do encompass -- do encounter flooded roadways. we will continue to keep you posted from the storm center all night. breaking news now, caitlyn jenner set to face charges in
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connection with a deadly car crash in california. the los angeles county sheriff's department says it is recommending a vehicular manslaughter charge. jenner rear ended another vehicle in malibu last february, pushing that car into oncoming traffic. the driver of the car was killed. the sheriff's department says jenner was driving unsafely for road conditions at the time. if convicted, jenner could spend up to a year in jail. now first at four, a manhunt under way right now in the murder of a recent american university graduate. district police have an arrest warrant for a 19-year-old man in connection with the weekend shooting of matthew shlonsky. news4's mark segraves live at the shaw metro station where the shooting happened with new details for us. mark? >> reporter: that's right. that shooting happened a few weeks ago, a saturday evening here when shots rang out and as you said, an innocent victim was shot dead. police named the suspect in that
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case, 19-year-old marcus king. last night, police raided king's house a few blocks from this location. he was not home. earlier this morning, king's family called nbc4. they said that marcus wanted to talk to the public before he turns himself into police. he told me by phone that he is innocent, that he had nothing to do with this shooting and that's willing to turn himself into the police but that's too scared to do so right now. now again, it was a saturday evening when matthew shlonsky was shot to death while he was standing outside the shaw metro. police have been searching for a suspect ever since, even releasing surveillance tape. now, they have named that suspect and that suspect is speaking exclusively to news4, saying that's innocent, but is going to turn himself n coming up at 5:00, you will hear directly from that suspect about what he has already told police. pat, back to you. >> all right, mark segraves. the red cross is helping more than 20 people in laurel whose apartments were gutted by a two-alarm fire.
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15 adults and seven kids at the villages of montpelier can't go home now. the fire started this morning on the third floor of the building on south laurel drive. at least three firefighters were hurt battling the blaze. another fire has rocked a small town in prince william county. that fire broke out in the city of quantico early this morning. one person died. the apartment is located on broad street near marine corps base quantico along the potomac. news4's meagan fitzgerald has new reaction from city leaders. >> reporter: we are told firefighters arrived on scene around 7:25 this morning. when they did, they tell us they saw thick, black smoke pouring out of that second floor window. we are told a total of six people were inside. one person didn't make it out alive. firefighters say they used their ladders to rescue five people who were unable to escape because of the smoke. when the fire was extinguished, that's when we were told the man was discovered inside. prince william county homicide
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detectives, along with the fire marshal, remained on scene to investigate. quantico mayor kevin brown says he knows the people who lived inside. >> there's also another unrelated gentleman there as well. unfortunately, he is the individual that did not make it out. he has lived in town 10 or 12 years, i believe, had medical issues and was bed ridden. >> reporter: the red cross arrived on scene, we are told they will be assisting the family now displaced with temporary housing. reporting in quantico, meagan fitzgerald, news4. jimmy carter says he is ready for anything and looking forward to a new adventure as he begins his treatment for cancer. the 09-year-old former president made his first public remarks about his cancer this morning in atlanta. he said melanoma tumors have shown up in his liver and his brain. he will get his first radiation treatment today. a new drug will also be part of that therapy. we will have more on that coming up in our next half hour. after years of costly delays, we now know when the silver spring transit center
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will open. the big day is sunday, september 20th. montgomery county gave metro official control of the center today. metro now has ten days to formally accept the handover. there are no major issues expected. the county built the three-story structure located on coatesville road. it will serve as a central stop for buses and taxis as well as a link to metro and marc trains. it has been a while, folks, but football returns to the dmv tonight. the redskins getting ready to take on the detroit lions in their preseason home opener. team coverage at fedex field, including chris lawrence outside the stadium hanging with the fans this evening. hi, chris. >> reporter: i can tell, people are very, very excited. hope springs eternal when it comes to redskins fans, they are coming here, some early, step back, show you, these guys getting football action in, call it the game before the game, tossing around the football in the parking lot. a few of the tailgaters starting to pick up here.
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we already started to fans about the team's name, about the possibility of them moving out of maryland. we are going to get to all of that in a bit. but first, want to send it over to my colleague, carol maloney, who is going to dive into what's going on on the field tonight. hey, carol. >> hey, chris, winning. that's what they want to do tonight. that is the only thing. that is regular season talk. in the preseason, staying healthy is important might remain challenging, the tarp field behind us, also some water on the field from previous rain, expecting storms much the starters, should be a large sample size to see if they have made progress, as the starters expect to get more time, a couple of things to watch out for rg3. let's finally see the starters get the end zone with griffin. griffin has yet to throw a td pass or led his team to score a touchdown in the preseason since his rookie year. griffin is coming off a distracting week and comments by saying he feels he is the best quarterback in the league made national headlines.
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another thing this watch out fork the backup quarterback battle between kirk cousins and colt mccoy. you see mccoy first off the bench tonight, a chance to keep pace with cousins, impressive last week. remember? always an important position with griffin's history of -- yes, chris, it might be an oxymoron, a crucial preseason game, but it is true, there is so much at stake tonight and being here at home, just another incentive to put on a good show. chris? >> all right, thanks, carol. and look, a lot of lucky fans are here tonight, but you can stay right home in the comfort of your own home, stay with us the whole night. here is the run down, here is how it is going to got next few hours, into tonight. the game starts right here on nbc 4 at 7:30. stick around after the game for jason and carol for the redskins' postgame report followed by news4 at 11:00. you can find your regular channel four programming on cozi-tv v. just head to our website, they will tell you where to find it on your particular system. but again, we are going to be
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here all night giving you the very latest from the fans. for now, live at fedex field, i will send it back to you guys. >> thank you, chris. only on four, a threat to assassinate the president. how one man just released from a federal prison in oklahoma made it outside the iing tragedy, we are learning more how three firefighters lost their lives in washington state. we are watching news4 at 4.
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continuing to track this line of thunderstorms with heavy rain on storm team4 radar. in fact, i just finished updating the nbc washington app. you can download that and get your hour by hour forecast. some timing for you, impacting frederick about 5:10,
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gaithersburg, 6:11, olney, maryland, around 6:30. the main focus tonight is on heavy rain that could lead to some isolated flash flooding. as this line moves through the area it could have some high winds and produce some very isolated wind damage. if you are heading to the redskins game this evening, 7:30 kickoff, you need to be prepared for rain. 6:00, rain starting to move in at that point, a temperature around 84. 8 p.m., tracking rain, maybe a thunderstorm or two. 82. chance of a shower by 10 p.m. doug is going to be back in about ten minutes, showing you future weather, tracking rain moving through your neighborhood hour by hour this evening, pat. >> thanks, amelia. we are learning more about the way three forest service firefighters lost their lives in a wildfire in washington state. they were part of the first team to attack a new fire, advancing on the small town of twisp. they had an accident in their vehicle and the fire overtook them. three other firefighters were injured. a fourth was critically burned. one homeowner left a poignant message behind for firefighters. the message was left on a sign that said, "this is just a
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house. please stay safe." former virginia governor bob mcdonnell will likely head to prison sooner rather than later. today, a federal appeals court rejected mcdonnell's request to remain free while he appeals his public corruption conviction to the supreme court. he formally filed that appeal this afternoon, but today's decision means he will likely have to begin serving his sentence within the next few weeks. in a new statement this afternoon, mcmcdonnell says he is "saddened by the court's decision today to deny me freedom while i pursue vindication. he says he will petition the supreme court for bond. the secret service stops a man outside the white house, a man who threatened to kill the president. it is a story you will see only on news4. information from a cheating website linked online and now we have an idea of just how many have an idea of just how many people in the washin
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i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it.
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when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. we have a weather alert this afternoon. there's a flash flood watch in affect right now. storm team4 is updating the forecast for us, as a lot of rain heads our watch doug kammerer will have an update in just a few minutes. only on news4 this evening, the i-team's scott macfarlane just broke a story on twitter today about a recent incident near the white house. secret service agents stopped a man who's already been in prison four times for assassination threats against u.s. presidents, past and current.
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scott, what have you learned today? >> reporter: his name is archie monroe glass. glass admitted threatening to kill presidents bush, obama and bill clinton and former first lady hillary clinton, too, and he was just released from a federal prison in oklahoma for doing so. court records show archie glass unlawfully left his hometown this week and was stopped by u.s. secret service officers off the grounds of the white house. and those records say in may, while he was being held in a halfway house, he illegally bolted from there and from supervision and made a trip to d.c., too. those court records, the fed us say they discovered he had done so after they found the returned bus ticket in his possession n 2008, prosecutors say glass wrote this letter to george w. bush saying -- in 1996, court records say glass claimed he wanted to be like john hinckley, jim. >> scott, how did he pull this
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off? >> there's a lot of things in play here, because there are different federal agencies overseeing this and different federal agencies overseeing him. we can tell you, the secret service and federal prosecutors respect commenting. the u.s. probation office was the one supposed to be monitoring glass while in the halfway house and his private residence. they respect commenting either a former secret service agent is telling us it is so very rare for anybody team deemed to be a threat to the president to get near the white house grounds. it says the secret service is particularly good at intercepting that football and keeping them out of washington, d.c. so, now we will have members of congress likely asking questions, how did somebody who has been admitted threat to the president get near the white house? >> scott macfarlane, breaking another story for us. thanks so much. pat? well, it's back-to-school time and we are helping to send local children back with the things they need. here is a live look at the volunteers helping with our backpacks for kids campaign. they are manning our phone bank this afternoon, looking to take
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your calls at 202-885-4949. tell you how to make a donation so children all over the dmv can start the school year off with supplies they need to get back to work. 202-885-4949. make your donation now. this is the tenth year of our backpacks for kids campaign. joining me this afternoon, reverend elder j. dwayne johnson and reverend kathy alexander, both from the metropolitan community church of washington, d.c. i see you brought your own backpacks with you. reverend johnson, your church has been part of the campaign for a number of years now, five years now. what prompted you to get involved? >> we believe it is very important not to stay inside the walls and sit there and do church. we believe it is about reaching out into the community and opening doors and giving back. and when we became aware of this campaign, we wanted to be part of it started out small, now we are in the fifth year, our goal this year is 300 backpacks, already over 200 backpacks and we plan to have 300 by sunday.
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but at mccdc, it's really about loving our community and these backpacks are not just backpacks. when the kids carry these on their backs, they are also carrying our prayers and our love on their backs. >> is a special project for your church, reverend alexander? >> absolutely. our congregation rallies around this project, gathers their own community and really views this as an opportunity to reach out and into the lives of those. >> we are in this together. we appreciate your help. the children who get the backpacks appreciate it. thanks so much, reverend johnson and alexander. thank you. call our phone bank, 202-885-4949. you can also log on to and make a secure donation with your credit card or even simply send us a check, make it a payable to backpacks for kids, 4001 nebraska avenue northwest, washington, d.c., 20016. >> thank you all. let's get the word on those storms that are rolling through
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right now in our region. doug kammerer all over the radar. what is it looking like now, doug? >> the storms moving in our area, back toward western portions of virginia, panhandle of west virginia and maryland, take a look. show what you is happening now, plenty of cloud cover, temperatures held down here. look at the dew point, up to 74 degrees now walk outside, feel the moisture in the atmosphere, wrung out like a sponge. nothing over the d.c. metro area now and stay dry the next two hours around d.c. and especially points to the east. back to the west, watching this line develop and form and continue to form down to the south, in through portions of clark county, warren county, seeing some of those lines forming, right around 66, martinsburg, hagerstown, winchester, all seeing that very heavy rainfall, zoom in around the martinburg area, portions of jefferson county, along 340. so, 340, about to get smashed
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here, harpers ferry, about to see some very heavy rain. frederick, on your doorstep the next hour. head's up. behind this line, that's about it. so, once this moves through, we are just about done with this have that flash flood watch in affect until midnight, fairfax county, everybody along i-95 until midnight, montgomery county, d.c., prince george's county, arlington because you are not in the flash flood watch does not mean you are not going to see very heavy rain. take you and show you hour by hour how i think is going to be going through the evening. here is 6:00 tonight, frederick, leesburg, loudoun county, watch as the line develops, gaithersburg, 7:00, westminster down toward leesburg, sterling area toward 7, 8:00 we see in, around the metro region, along i-95. look down to the south by around 9:00 this is where we could see some of the heaviest rain in through prince george's county, in through anne arundel, guess what is happening the 8, 9:00
4:23 pm
hour, redskins taking on the lions. i think we will have rain during the game, some very heavy at times, something we will be watching, one of those areas of concern. turn around, don't drown, talking about flash floods. the four-day forecast, beautiful, this moves out, really takes all the moisture with t 87 tomorrow, 86 on saturday, a little warmer on sunday, high of 90 degrees. coming up in a couple of minutes, amelia segal will have more what to expect topped tonight and that seven-day forecast. >> sounds good, thank you, doug. two women the first to have graduate from the grueling army ranger training course speaking out about the historic accomplishment right now. we will have their message straight ahead. speaking of historic women, fresh off her record-shattering swims in russia, bethesda's own katie ledecky greets a national audience the "today" show. news4 was there. >> we love her. wait until you get a load of what pat and i looked like back in the day, she was beautiful, as usual it is our throwback thursday, back to school
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continuing our back-to-school theme, we are taking you back to school with us here at news4. >> we are sharing our throwback thursday photos, folks. we have gotten lots of awesome reaction on our facebook pages this afternoon. chris lawrence live at fedex field. chris, you are brave. you go first. >> reporter: okay. here we go jim, i'm going to
4:27 pm
throw up my picture. >> yeah! >> aw. >> reporter: i had to call my mom back in detroit to ask her exactly when this was. it is my first grade school picture. so i was either 5 years old or 6 years old. and looking back on it, all i can say is thank god for modern dentistry and i am very glad that baby teeth eventually give way to permanent. >> i got to tell you, you are rocking that tie and vest though. i'm sure yours was probably a clip-on, like mine, too. >> you have a very sweet face, chris. >> reporter: things to come, jim. >> a sweet face there. all right. >> love it. check out more throwback photos. this one is mine. >> yes! >> this is from high school, 11th grade, in las vegas, at las vegas high school. so that was -- that was what i was doing back then. >> you were a stunner. still are. but look at that. love it, pat. >> well, thank you. >> gorgeous smile. >> you're being too kind. >> no, i'm not. but i definitely see -- when
4:28 pm
mine came up, everybody was like, i don't see it. one person on facebook, she wrote in, i would have guessed aaron gilchrist because i would have guessed jim handly. >> look at this. this is jim handly. what happened to all that hair? >> i keep asking myself, in the sink and mirror every day. this is 7th grade down in florida, which explains that surfer dude kind of look there but, um, yeah, those days are long gone. >> your share much darker now. >> a little less of it, too. a little, right? check out on our website, we have got them all over our app and on our facebook pages, too everybody's pictures. >> we all like to go back there and have a laugh. hackers expose information stolen from a cheating website. now, we have new details about the number of government e-mail addresses that may be affected. tributes today for a popular principal who lost his life just before the new school year. how students at wooten high are remembering michael doren. we have got a weather alert
4:29 pm
today. the threat for downpours and flash floods.
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4:31 pm
a heads up at 4:30, folks a weather alert, isolated storms could bring torrential rains and a threat of flash flooding. >> meteorologist amelia segal is in the storm center.
4:32 pm
amelia, the flash flood -- the flash flood watch in affect, how long? >> well, pat, that's going to go until midnight tonight. now, what we are most likely looking at this evening will be a period of heavy rain moving through your neighborhood. here is the latest on storm team4. notice that impressive line of thunderstorms back to the west of washington. this now moving through hagerstown, continuing to make its way toward frederick, leesburg, push nothing fauquier county. timing for you, frederick, 4:55, mount airy, 5:30, fairfax, 6:05, washington, 6:30, baltimore at 6:35. of course, you can download our app to keep up with the latest radar. right now, we are at 83 degrees. 7:00, we are talking about rain. 9:00, still tracking rain, heavy in spots, some isolated flash flooding certainly a possibility tonight. that is why it is a weather alert. by 11:00, we start to dry out and guys, it is soupy outside. coming up in ten minutes, doug is going to have the humidity forecast on into the weekend, talking about if we are going to see any relief. developing right now, police have identified a suspect in the
4:33 pm
murder of an american university graduate. d.c. police have issued an arrest warrant for 19-year-old marcus king. they say he shot and killed 23-year-old matthew shlonsky in the shaw neighborhood saturday. investigators say shlonsky wasn't the intended target. right now, several families in prince george's county are without a home after a two-alarm fire here in lawyer al. the blaze began this morning on the third floor of this building here on south laurel drive. at least three firefighters are hurt tonight. one woman in the unit where it began says it's lucky no one was -- no one inside was hurt. county bureau chief, tracee wilkins, will explain why at the top of the hour. the school year will start on time this year at thomas wooten high school, but it won't be the same place. principal michael dorn was found dead in his apartment yesterday. the cause of his death is still undetermined. news4's sackry quiche reports on how students there are remembering a man they knew as a leader and a friend. >> reporter: the death of
4:34 pm
michael doren has rocked the school community here at wooten high school. you can see the memorial that's happening here. this is parking spot right in front of this school, this is today, the day the teachers return. this is the day that they would have seen mr. dorn for the first time since the summer break. doren had been here for about 12 years. he had made a name for himself, a reputation for being a fierce advocate of the students. he was a pillar around school and when things got tough is when really he stood up. i had an opportunity to talk to him this spring after another tragedy, the death of a couple students in a car accident and the way that he spoke of the students here, it was clear that he looked at them not just as students, but as people, people that needed his love, people that needed his affection. he was found dead yesterday in his apartment. he was just 64 years old. >> it hasn't been easy at all, by any means. we lost so much and he was always a person that would pick it up and now we have no one to
4:35 pm
pick it up. so -- >> reporter: when you talk to people, it's clear he had a very positive impact on the folks around here at wooten high school. now, school's about to start in two weeks. today, they have grief counselors here, be here both today and tomorrow, at 6 p.m. tomorrow evening, have a memorial in the football stadium. reporting here in montgomery county, zachary kiesch, news4. today, we are hearing from the first two women in history to complete the u.s. army's elite ranger school. captain kristen grist and first lieutenant shea i haver will graduate tomorrow at fort benning in georgia. 400 soldiers, including 189 women, started ranger training in april. only grist, i haver and 94 men made it all the way. >> to the other females who plan on coming, i hope they come with strong mind, that what's it takes to get through here, just like everyone sitting next to me here had to do >> i just came here to try to be a better leader and improve myself and i felt like we did
4:36 pm
that, other women who have that same goal in mind, just keep that goal in mind and, you know, just don't lose sight of it and keep reminding yourself why you're there. >> now the two wouldn't be joining the ranger unit just yet. they can't take the next step because the military is still determining whether to allow women in the combat world a decision expected by the end of the year. >> we had the wrong video there. by now, you know the hear, posted the personal information of millions of married people who they claim were using the cheating website, ashley madison. now we are learning that d.c. has the highest percentage of members in the u.s., 15,000 of the e-mail addresses posted may belong to government workers. we have learned 22 people were with d.c. government e-mail addresses and included in the post, another 22 people with montgomery county government e-mail addresses were also involved. time mag zbheep talking trump today. the republican front-runner's bald eagle cover shoot. and president jimmy carter's
4:37 pm
powerful message as he
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
storm team4 radar lining up right now, portions of the west, along i-95, d.c., montgomery county, prince george's county, fredericksburg, nothing going on right now, probably waiting for those storms to come in, here ber, back to the west and it is a fairly strong line of storms now. once again, nothing severe here,
4:40 pm
we have not seen any warnings from this. this there is some lightning, we don't think we will see much in the way of severe weather, the biggest threat, heavy rainfall, what is happening now in and around washington county, portions of jefferson is the, along the charlestown area, toward harpers ferry, clark county seeing that. let's zoom in on this area there, frederick, 5:03, 5:10, bartonsville and mount pleasant, 5:17, living around frederick the next 20 to 30 minutes, what you're going to see. behind this, a much bigger change, flash flood watch in effect tonight, humidity drops tomorrow, fantastic friday, amelia has the forecast in a minute. donald trump on the latest issue of "time" magazine. he has been on the cover before but never for being the front-runner in the republican presidential race. trump agreed to pose with a bald eagle for pictures that are printed in the article. in the cover story interview, trump sounds off on most of his opponents. he sounds off on his plan to
4:41 pm
deport undocumented immigrants. and he sounds off about the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. earlier this week, he appeared on the cover of the hollywood reporter. bethesda swimming legend katie ledecky, she is back in the u.s. >> she is on fire. she became the first swimmer in history to win freestyle race at 200, 400, 800 and 1500 meters at the world swimming championships in russia earlier this month. this morning on today, matt lauer noted that several sports writers are calling ledecky the athlete of the year and he asked her if training leaves any room for life beyond the pool. >> you just turned 18 years old, right? >> right. >> so, is there any sense of normalcy for you, can you have time to do the things that your girlfriends who are 18 also are doing? >> i just graduated from high school and live a blast with them and i have a great family and great friends that support me through this all and it's just really great to have their
4:42 pm
support. >> boy, she does have a lot of support here. katie ledecky graduated from stone ridge school of sacred heart. our angie goff was there. she has a the report next hour. jimmy carter talking about his battle with cancer and his battle with cancer and reflecting on his life.
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i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed,
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continuing to track a line of heavy rain moving through the area from west to east and because of the potential for some isolated flash flooding this evening, it continues to be weather alert day. this line, a cold front, it is going to clear our area overnight tonight and that sets us up for a nice friday, lower humidity tomorrow and looking the a stretch of dry weather right on into next week. here is the latest on storm team4 ray dark the line i'm talking about embedded thunderstorms, reduce advice budgets if you're driving under this line. here is some timing for, moves to the east about 30 miles an hour. leesburg at 5:10, german ten, 5:40, rockville, 6:00, columbia, 6:15. with future weather at 8 p.m., notice this line still impacting the metro area, moving into prince george's county and starting to push into anne arundel. notice the bright colors showing up on future weather, even at 9 p.m. that is torrential rain continuing to impact parts of the area.
4:46 pm
that point, mainly east of i-95. as we work our way toward midnight, 1 a.m., this line pulls away from the area, skies clear, humidity drops, look what happens to the humidity. today it is oppressive, soupy outside. friday, saturday, it's pleasant. sunday, only feeling slightly uncomfortable. welcomed changes after this area of rain moves through during these evening hours. temperatures right now, generally in the 80s, 86, frederick, 83, washington, 84 in camp springs. during the evening hours, temperatures kind of hover around 80 degrees through 9 p.m. after that temperatures drop into the upper 70s, lows tonight around 70 degrees, so tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., plenty of sunshine a built breezy, 72, great weather for this morning run. by 2:00, a temperature of 84. beautiful friday night. eat outdoors, enjoy the refreshing air, 85 degrees at 5 p.m. on saturday, a high temperature of 86. mostly sunny skies, a little bit more cloud cover around on sunday, but we will take it. also warmer, high temperature of
4:47 pm
90 degrees, maybe an isolated late-day thunderstorm. more importantly, hot, high of 93, after that, high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s, plenty of sunshine, jim. >> amelia, thanks. hurricane danny is the first hurricane to form in the 2015 atlantic hurricane season this photo taken from space by nasa astronaut scott kelly today aboard the international space station. as of this morning, the storm's maximum sustained winds had increased to about 75 miles an hour. well wishes are pouring in tonight for jimmy carter. >> today, the former president revealed he has cancer in his liver and brain. president obama said in a tweet this afternoon that carter is "as good a man as they come." nbc's erika edwards takes a look at how doctors plan to treat the former president. >> reporter: wearing blue jeans and his signature smile, former president jimmy carter spoke publicly about the most dangerous form of skin cancer, melanoma that spread to his live
4:48 pm
and brain. >> i just thought aid few weeks left. but i was surprisingly at ease. >> reporter: carter is getting two forms of therapy. one is a relatively new drug that does not attack the body like chemotherapy does it helps the immune system fight the cancer. >> cancer has a way of masking itself from our immune system. this drug is designed to unmask it. >> reporter: carter will undergo radiation precisely targeted to four cancerous spots on his brain, spots smaller than the tip of a ballpoint pen. outside experts say this course of treatment seems logical, even for a 90-year-old man. >> it's reasonable to attempt these therapies at full dose in a geriatric population and just have proper monitoring. >> reporter: it's unclear where carter's melanoma began on his body, which is not unusual, occurring in 15 to 20% of cases, even just a few millimeters of melanoma can spread and be deadly. >> not a eulogy, a time for us
4:49 pm
to reflect on what he's done but we get to spend more time with him. >> reporter: while the former president has had many successes, he says he wishes we have done at least one thing differently. >> i wish i had sent more helicopters in to get hostages and rescued them and i would have been re-elected, but that may have -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: carter said he is feeling well and due for his first round of radiation thursday afternoon. erika edwards, nbc news. summer's over and it's time to go back to school. we are checking back in on our backpacks for kids campaign. here again, a look at our phone bank volunteers. they are taking donations so we can send local children all over the dmv back to school with all the supplies they need to get the year started. call 202-885-4894 202-885-4949, year with this campaign. joining me is our president and general manager jackie bradford at nbc4 and stacy burnett, comcast in the beltway,
4:50 pm
regulatory affairs. we have been doing this a long time, very, very important with our station. >> absolutely. throwback thursday. back to school, saw our photos, really important for us to give back to the community and having comcast be our partners as well as apple federal credit union to make it happen, give the kids what they need, a successful school year, fantastic. >> you have details about the internet essentials campaign and its part in this campaign. >> i would like to say we are happy to support the backpacks for kids campaign and comcast has a broad band adoption program, where by we offer low-income families internet service in their home force 9.95 a month and it is through programs or campaigns like backpacks for kids and the internet essentials program that we can offer low-income families the essential tools that their children need to succeed. >> so important to them, there's nothing like starting the year out with brand-new clothes if you can get those and, you know, the sun place, the books, the paper, the pencils, it makes all the difference to kids. >> the cools they need at home
4:51 pm
so they can complete their homework assignments on time, so they can apply to college without having to wait in the library to use the computer, internet at home is essential. >> jacky and stacy, working hard to get those backpacks. >> working for you, patch. >> working for the kids. you can make a donation, call our phone bank right now, 202-885-4949 is the number. also go to the website,, make a secure credit cardionation there or simply mail us a check. send it to backpacks for kids, nbc4 at 4001 nebraska avenue in northwest washington and the zip code, 20016. and thank you in advance. jim? working developing stories in the newsroom now, a man wound up in custody after a brazen robbery attempt in one of the hotspots for restaurants. police tell us a guy in a ski mask bent into barcelona along 14th street just after night and
4:52 pm
tried rob the bar. we are told a bartender saw the map, knocked him out and the other managed to hold him down until police arrived. still ahead, we will hear from someone who works at barcelona. metro sets an opening day for the new silver spring transit center. our transportation reporter, adam tuss, takes us inside for a tour of the facility designed to improve your commute. now to chris lawrence live at fedex field. chris? >> reporter: jim, talking to fans, excitement is building out here. now just a few hours from kickoff, this is the first time the redskins have played here at fedex field in about eight months. the excite.has been building, even with last year's disappointing season, a lot of fans say they are very excited, just to be in the stadium again, get to see the team live. coming up in the next 10, 20 minutes, we are going to be dive nothing one of the issues that's been swirling around this team and it's only getting more and more hotter. that's the name, the redskins name. we have been talking to fans about not only how they feel
4:53 pm
about the name but what they would do if it ever changes. back to you. >> thanks, chris. winds fanning the flames and the community in mourning. why residents in washington state are bracing for
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
we are getting our first look at david sweat since he was shot and captured three weeks after that elaborate prison escape in new york in june. today, sweat was still wearing a cast on his arm when he appeared
4:56 pm
in court for arraignment on three criminal charges connected to the escape. the judge entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. sweat faces another 20 years in prison if convicted. the prosecutor says it doesn't matter that he sweat is already serving a life sentence. >> the point is that david sweat committed a crime in clinton county and it is my job as a prosecutor in this county to prosecute the people who commit crimes within this county. >> former prison worker joyce mitchell pled guilty to helping sweat and matt escape. matt was killed during his capture. an unprecedented cataclysm, how the governor of washington state describes the wildfires that killed three firefighters overnight. and those fires are still burning right now. leann gregg is live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: a very somber day as firefighters have gone back to their work knowing this is
4:57 pm
another extremely dangerous day on the fire lines. ed wind -- the wind is getting and expected to pick up tonight. with a dozen wildfires burning out of control in washington state, fire-weary residents and 30,000 firefighters battling the blazes are bracing for a bad situation to get worse. >> fire like a sleeping giant. as soon as the wind comes, they will fan the fire. >> reporter: steady w4i7bsd 5 miles an hour are expected. >> that is going to result in a lot of fire activity on the ground. you should anticipate we will have a spread event today. >> reporter: the latest wildfire to erupt is being described as a hell storm. more than 1,000 people were evacuated from the towns of twisp and winthroped. john and e heeded the warnings and got out quickly. not a good place to be.
4:58 pm
fire hadn't come over the hill yet, not very far away. >> reporter: three u.s. forest service firefighters were killed after their vehicle crash and they were overcome by flames. >> three big heroes protecting small towns. ed we are going to remember them and 7 million washintonians today embrace them and their families. >> reporter: other firefighters were injured, one critically. across the west, a million acres have already burned. oregon governor kate brown met with firefighters battling the blaze that's close to 50,000 acres. 36 homes were destroyed. a tragic scene playing out across the west with no end in sight. a lot of the people evacuated from this area last night said they are not sure if they will have a home to return to. all they can do now is wait. from washington, i'm leanne gregg, news4.
4:59 pm
we are starting news 4 at 5 here in the storm center, amelia segal and i in now talking about the line of storms moving through and the phone sex there tonight for some flash flooding. >> seeing very heavy rain now, going to the redskins game, outdoor plans, definitely prepare for a period of heavy rain. >> just that a period of rain, move on through. let's take a look and show what you is happening now across our region, storm team4 radar, picking up that line of storms moving and developing now, developing to the south and continues to do so, some very heavy rain, portions of loudoun county, clark county, on into portions of jefferson county, frederick county, if you live in and around frederick, stay indoors, probably steed know toad stay indoors the next 45 minutes or so until this all moves through. same thing for you folks in leesburg. don't go outdoors here, that storm will move right through leesburg in about the next half hour and continue on that track off to the east. most of the activity is from 66 well to the north. that's where we are seeing the lightning, a lot of lightning around frederick, a lot of lightning around the portions of
5:00 pm
clark county and fair -- and rather loudoun county and then northern fauquier county starting to get in on the action, too. this will all move to the east. as it does it will encounter more moisture. as a result, we could have one, two inches per hour as far as the rain is concerned. that's why we have a flash flood watch in affect for midnight, the areas highlighted in green, all the metro counties underneath that flash flood watch again. once again that goes until midnight tonight. what do we see sneer reduced visibility that rain, poefrpsd heavy rain, up to two inches possible in a short amount of time. keep you posted. here the rest of the evening right here in the storm center. now at 5:00, two exclusive stories you will see only on news4. a man jailed for repeatedly threatening to assassinate the president takes a trip to washington. how he was able to make it to the outside of the white house. plus, the teen wanted in connection with the murder of an au graduate tells


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