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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> something needs to be done. i don't know what if they need to patrol every bus that needs to come through here. doing like that on the buses. >> outrage on the road in southea southeast. >> the agency will place a transit officer in the neighborhood around the clock. >> it is starting this evening at 7:00 p.m. you will see a police cruiser in the block to insure the safety of riders and employees.
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>> public transportation could not be denied to district residents. she didn't know about the detour before it happened. >> i think that sends a bad message. >> it sends the message that we have to have conversations with metro. no part of our city can be abandoned by the public agency. >> the safety of passengers is their top concern. >> we are concerned about our operators and the riders. >> now if this wasn't enough, metro has another safety
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concern. i'm going to have more on that part of the story coming up. >> darcy, thank you. police officers will be working overtime to curve the recent spike in violence. as of today there have been 103 homicides in the district. that's compared to 104 for all of last year. documents obtained by news 4 show from now through sunday, up to 74 officers will work overtime shifts. the idea is to have more officers in areas that have seen spikes in violent crimes. >> in the district, the gonzaga high school is remembering a teacher.
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>> this evening we're hearing an update on what the mayor's office wants to do about a dangerous stretch of roadway in the district. we're talking about southern avenue in front of united medical center. in the past few months we have seen two women killed in hit and run crashes. >> why is there no traffic light and crosswalk at the united medical center here? there have been two fatal hit and runs here since april and the daughter of one of the victims says a traffic light has made a big difference. >> do you think there was a traffic light at the entrance of the united medical center your mother might be alive today? >> i do. i really do.
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>> last friday, another woman, a physicians assistant at the hospital struck and killed trying to cross the street at the very same spot. you see, unlike other hospitas s if you want to get from there to here, you're on your own. and she cannot understand why there is no traffic light here. >> what would you tell them? >> you need to get out there and put a stop sign out there or a stoplight to save those people's lives.
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>> they take publicses transportation to the hospital. >> would you put one there? >> we're going to look at it. >> can you promise me you will put one there? >> no, i can promise you that we will evaluate it. >> late this afternoon we got a call from the mayor's office. they said that early next year there's a tentative, a tentative plan to put a pedestrian activated traffic light here in front of the united medical center a tentative plan for early next year. we will talk to some people who have to make this cross over.
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>> this comes as maryland is detail i detailing. >> about another $125,000 will be used to install license plate readers in ocean city to track heroin entering maryland from across state lines. deadly overdoses in the state went up 21% last year. >> here at news 4 we have been focusing on changing minds and bringing attention to mental health issues. to help deputies and officers better understand how to deal with the mentally ill.
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julie kerry was also there and joins us with a story you will only see on news 4. >> as she is has emerged from her own crisis she has become an advocate and she bravely agreed to allow her camera to role today as she told her story for the first time. >> i'm a 41-year-old college educated mother of two. >> she is also married, has a good job and this is what she has really come to tell the deputies. >> calmly and respectfully respectfully trying to convince me that i was sick. >> i truly believe female
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receiving is torture. the lights are on 24 hours a day. >> most of the deputies were kind to her but she was in full blown psychosis. >> i was not a model prisoner. i flushed my toilet constantly trying to drown out the noise. >> she was declared competent to stand trial. >> my psychosis was so bad they told my husband i may never come back. >> a few months later she was back at work. now she's stable, bringing a powerful message to the deputies and officers in the crisis intervention team training class.
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. >> the dough ended down 205 points. the nasdaq and s&p 500 followed suit. in the middle of the financial crisis. this morning the index was up by as much as 440 points. it will take a while before investors regain their confidence. >> the douj is a boxer who has been knocked down to the map. >> trying to talk to a financial
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advisor and calm you down. >> rising oil prices helped stocks regain some footing today but fears over china's economy still weighing down the market. >> shares took a big dive on wall street after dc regulators rejected a deal for that company to merge with a chicago based utility. that company what exelon wanted to buy pepco, serving some 10 million in the mid atlantic region. others say it will approve the deal but the public service commission unanimously rejected it today.
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and at least one new teacher this year. >> and backpacks for kids drive. we have teamed up with apple federal credit union to collect backpacks, school supplies and donations. go to our facebook to find out how you can help. >> one school that had to turn away students and parents this morning is hoping to have its first day of school tomorrow. its kroo crews had to cut through the storm drain just to
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get to the broken main. >> a woman accused of running over her husband and killing him. new details about the motive behind this alleged attack and the history of violence. >> and gathering new information about an attack in pennsylvania. turns out the suspect is no stranger to secret service agents at the white house. >> we're talking great weather tonight. but another heat wave in the
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people quickly figured out a man was under that suv and now police say the woman behind the wheel wanted to run him over. admitted to running him over. >> tracy wilkins live. she talked to neighborhoods about what happened. tracee? >> reporter: we are hearing this was a case of domestic dispute.
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the state's attorney tells us why this is a case of murder. >> she comes out of the car and goes down. it took my eyes down to oh my god there's a man under there. >> the 37-year-old is charged with running over and killing her husband this past sunday. she is looking at first and second degree murder charges. >> this isn't a woman whose husband walked away, who was walking away. we hearing that she ran over her husband. >> the two were involved in an arm. the husband left the home on foot and she followed him driving side by side before
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running over him and dragging him. >> it feel like that's not what she wanted. >> according to court documents she confessed to running over her husband. witnesses say she stayed on the scene. >> coming up, we talked with a friend of the whif and also a neighbor who say that they both believe that this woman snapped. we will explain why. >> back here son the studio. >> one man is in custody and police are looking for at least one other person in an armed robbery and chase that occurred. they say he went into verizon wireless and robbed it at gunpoint.
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wilson died from head injuries he got during the crash. he slammed into the wall after being hit by debris. wilson's brother tweeted today that he was an organ donor and saved six lives today. there have been 18 dead in indy racing since 1966. robert griffin iii practiced today. everyone is expecting a much better performance not just from griffin but from the entire
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first team offense. >> it's not about him but about that unit. we have got to have better protections out of all of them. >> just not being out there with my group, you know? i'm the captain. it's my job to lead. and you know it's just hard to lead from the sideline. yeah, it was extremely tough for me. >> we just got to keep working as a unit and you know, keep working on getting better every day and sharpen our stuff. >> i'm just really anxious. just ready to get out there. just day by day, i thought i had a good practice today and hopefully tomorrow had a better
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practice. >> the third pre-season game is the final dress rehearsal for the starters. that's the first team offense to a touchdown. >> following a developing story out of pennsylvania where a da says a guy who previously jumped the white house fence had a deadly confrontation in a courthouse today. curtis smith ran into the justice center, pulled out a knife and slashed a deputy. another deputy wound up shooting smith and killing him. that first deputy is said to be recovering tonight. we're told this is the same man who made it over the fence back in march. he was facing burglary, assault and harassment charges but his hearing wasn't scheduled until october. we're not sure why he showed up there today. >> and more challenges for zoo workers trying to help the baby panda cubs survive. why one is getting more
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hi everyone. beautiful day. beautiful day. beautiful day. how many different ways can you say beautiful? >> it doesn't get much better than this. 81 annapolis and down towards the river. also 81 towards the came bridge reason. so we're fairly close to that. we have got nothing there to talk about. showing frontal boundaries.
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it's making itds way out towards the ocean. big swirl here, much below average. only 66 right now. i tell you it's going to be a very nice night for a game. if you're headed to a game, 81 degrees. looking good there. the first night of the season. let's hope they win it. these are the temperatures for tomorrow. if you live outtowards
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winchester, looking good, too. hour by hour. 66 degrees. that's in the city. most of the suburbs will be down into the low to mid 50s. beautiful by 12:00 in the afternoon. 85 degrees. exercise tomorrow. good old days. the pool? lawn and garden yeah. we do need to see some rain. some areas picking up heavy rain. that's the start of what we think could be the next heat waive. the latest, latest advisory just came out. she's got that for you, too. >> all righty.
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how would you like to be a firefighter for a day? >> dangerous krozing an unusual battle in the streets caught on camera. >> attorney general announces an end to racial profiling this is chris gordon. chris gordon. how will it be
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right now maryland is the first state in the country to adopt guidelines against police profiling. >> those new guidelines follow a growing national debate about police treatment of minorities. maryland officials shared their own stories of being profiled. chris gordon reports. >> maryland's efforts to end racial profiling by police began before the death of freddie grey and the baltimore riots. the attorney general introduced this with guidelines ending profiling in maryland. that's illegal. violates law of the united
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states. >> a 14-year-old waiting for her parents, she was the victim of profiling. >> when i had an officer shine a bright light on me and yell through a megaphone, get off the lawn. move ahead. never to say to me where are your parents, are you okay. but to move me in darkness and you never forget that experience. you never do. >> she says it made her feel like a second class citizen. >> this says to me that as an american you don't have the same rights as others when you're mistreated and disrespected. >> the police chief knows. >> dropped crime to historic levels. >> ahead, we are told about another target of racial
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profiling as recently as november the night before he was re-elected for his third term. chris gordon, news 4. >> montgomery county police are trying to figure out who vandalized 25 cars. and here is more story about back-to-school. >> thank you. >> this ninth grader is in the
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breakfast line at the new international high school at langley park. one of two schools in prince georges county focusing solely on teaching students who are still learning english. >> if i don't practice more in my language and do well. >> the head of schools came to greet students as they got off buses and entered the new school experience. >> the doctor says this was a way to reach a group of students before they give up. coming to the special school is optional. >> the graduation rate went up overall in the county but it dropped 8% a year ago for our international students. so we have to try some new things. >> in classrooms around the county, enrollment is up. 2,000 new students. teachers are on the job nearly
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870 new hires. teachers say being here is what matters despite a failed budget fight over the summer to pay competitive salary. >> it's not about the money for us. it's about the joy of the instruction, of when a child gets the a ha moment. >> and so is leo who just wants to finish high school. >> it is important to me to learn the language. there is a lot of opportunities. >> the two new international schools did deal for this ceo for this school year. also on its wish list adding a literacy coach in every middle and high school. but those plans had to be scaled back because of budget constraints. >> county police are looking for a mother and her two kids who haven't been seen since yesterday.
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>> the mom and kids may be traveling in a silver subaru crosstrek with maryland tags. 9bh4936. if you see this car or family or anyone involved please call police immediately. >> we have a first alert traffic alert for you. construction for a power plant could mean major overnight delays. >> cars will not be able to pass
5:36 pm
it. this is also the st. charles energy center that is going be powering up to 700,000 homes. >> crews are working on widening lanes near willard avenue and greenway drive. there will be new wheelchair ramps curbs and sidewalks. construction on the river road project is expected to be done by the fall of 2016. >> the man chases the cyclist up the road shouting at her.
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>> the woman was upset but did not require medical attention. police are seeking the public's help to find the man in the video. there may be evidence that joe biden is seriously considering a run for the white house. what we just learned about a special meeting this week and what it means for hillary clinton. >> and new outrage after a sign is posted by frat boys inviting is posted by frat boys inviting freshmen and their ♪
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he was from the projects of cleveland to become one of the most respected members of congress and that's how mourners are remembering louis stokes. joe biden, numerous lawmakers attending the service. stokes retired after 15 terms. he died last week in his home from cancer at the age of 90. >> a lot of new buzz about joe biden. joining me now is mark murray. senior political editor. so no decision from biden of course now. but how much time does he have to play with here before he has
5:41 pm
to make it official and jump in if he does? >> here's the one date that everyone has to keep in mind. he has got to be a candidate. of course, you know, a couple of -- one week after that is hillary clinton's testimony before the benghazi committee so a couple of big dates to keep in mind. but for joe biden, maybe the biggest determination, raising the money needed. >> and she is so far ahead in that respect and in polls, too. talk about this delicate or awkward dance for the democrats should he decide to get in. >> it would create a delicate and interesting race. right now you have seen the energy and enthusiasm on the republican side. you have donald trump, jeb bush, scott walker and marco rubio.
5:42 pm
>> some dates coming up not too far in the future. a meeting is coming up on friday and there is a draft joe biden committee. >> it's important to know what this draft committee is. we have seen a couple of high profile people join the draft biden movement. one was a former movement for joe biden. a former top obama strategist in florida has joined the draft campaign. we will see if that truchl really measures and pushes him into running and that remains to be seen. >> exciting already. stay tuned. and new concerns after the twin births. why one of the cubs may have a better shot at survival.
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several local officials got a taste of what it is like to walk into a burning building. we take you inside now. >> it is an -- isn't easy but a lot of -- as easy as a lot of people think it is. >> you see it on tv almost every day. first responders fighting fires and rescuing victims but few of us actually ever get to feel that heat or the stress that comes with racing into a burning building.
5:46 pm
today the prince george's county fire department gave elected officials and local media a chance to experience just that. going into a live fire where temperatures are reach 1,000 degrees. >> it's one thing to know this in theory. it's a whole nother thing to go through it in real life. you feel the heat, the sweat, the smell. it's close up and real and of course we just had a little taste. >> and it's not just physical endurance and training but mental training as well. firefighters all learned to find their way clu a collapsed building but going through a three level completely dark maze. firefighters spend a lot of time doing things like this, getting victims out of crashed cars. 80% of their cars are actually for medical emergencies and not fires. that's why firefighters go through medical training as well. the training the first
5:47 pm
responders get could mean the difference between life and death for you and for them. >> we have got six firefighters go to the hospital in the last ten days. three multiple alarm fires. >> for many of us the toughest part was that maze. i just worked my way through a three-level maze that firefighters do every day. >> mark segraves, news 4. we have a new picture of the smaller of the two panda cubs. the littlest one is getting extra attention from the zoo keepers. mei xiang has not allowed the swapping of the cubs in almost 24 hours. let's take a live look at the panda cam. mei xiang is doing a good job caring for the larger one. a lot of you have been asking
5:48 pm
abo aboutmented almost any mammal at about 1 to 700 mammals. it takes the weight of 700 cubs. the smaller cub is significantly smaller. it weighed just 86 grams at birth. a cub to mom ratio of about 1 to 12 50e. veronica joins us now with the forecast and the best time to head down to the zoo weather wise. >> it's going to be this week. take advantage of the weather for this week. we will see and feel really nice weather. low humidity. temperatures won't be too high at all. we get into the weekend in the early part of next week. looks like a heat wave building. we will talk about that at 6:00.
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how many back to back days we could potentially go 0 degrees or higher. a good time to head to the zoo and check out the baby pandas. conditions this week, today is thursday, even friday at the end of the week we will be right around average with seasonable sunshine coming our way. the red bars that you see there go away at saturday, sunday, monday. that's when the hoot starts to build. our first 90 degree day may come on saturday. here is the latest information coming in just after 5:00. erica is still a tropical storm and moving west at 20 miles per hour. towards areas like the bahamas, staying off the coast i think just off the coast of florida has it tries to recurve a little
5:50 pm
more towards the north. impacts here by i think the beginning to mid part of next week could mean that we could potentially have larger waves. but that's days before labor day. and the allergy count, now the heat and mold spores are way up. ragweed continues to be high. best rain chances for us come monday. a little outside shower coming our way in the mountains. but here it is. yesterday's weather front well off the coast. temperatures lee to mid 80s across the area. we're going to be starting out in the 50s. camp springs, prince georges county at 63 degrees. clear and cool.
5:51 pm
here is a look at your four day forecast. 80s for this week. no rain chances. maybe a little pop-up shower. hit 91, 92 degrees is when the heat will start to build. could be a pop-up shower in the mountains. but that stretch in the 90s right into the early part of next week where we could have a thunderstorm or two. we have got more on how this 90 degree stretch is coming. >> thank you. he had made prisoners a focus of hiss papacy, even washing their
5:52 pm
feet. some prisoners in philadelphia have a gift for pope francis. a hand-crafted chair for his upcoming visit. we visited the prison as the finishing touches were being made. >> the heavy steel doors and down the empty hallway sits the project. >> we have at a month to get everything together. but the philadelphia prison system is really excited and really honored. >> brings out the color. >> >> never thought i would be there. >> they are making a chair for pope francis to sit on when he visits inmates at the prison.
5:53 pm
>> it let's me know that the things are going to something big. >> the ornate attachments? this is one of a kind. >> will he get to take it with him? >> hopefully yes. >> it's made of american walnut. >> it is showing that we can do more than make bad decisions. we do make good decisions. we have to take these skills back out on the streets and utilize them in the right way. it's the college welcome sign that went viral. find out what's been done about this after it sparks outrage at a virginia university. >> and the search is over
5:54 pm
tonight for the charles county tonight for the charles county mother and her two kids.
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i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain.
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like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank. . >> now to a developing story that involves the prep school student on trial for rape. >> a senior tradition at the school may have been the motivation for the crime.
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well the alleged attack happened. a police officer took the stand today. >> he said it could be a great sense of pride for an older student to be with a younger student. he said it could be a sense of pride for a younger student to lose their virginity to an older student. >> if convicted he could spend up to 60 years in prison. >> working to combat the negative perceptions following a sign controversy. the banners were suggestive remarks aimed at freshman girls and their mothers. those are now gone. >> frat members are now suspended.
5:58 pm
>> a new school year starts tomorrow at old dominion but these three signs have already shined an unwanted spotlight on the university. >> it's their first day coming to college. >> from new students to upper classmen. >> i find it degrading and not very appropriate. >> it's a day they will likely never forget. >> the approach is not appreciated.
5:59 pm
>> i am outraged. he sent a letter to the campus community reiterating the zero tolerance policy against sexual assault. >> we need to reach every part of the campus. we need to go and continue the efforts. >> appeared in a video released by the school in the wake of the banners. >> the actions taken by the individual certainly do not represent the position of the university. >> it's a message about a new campaign aimed at combatting sexual harassment on campus. they say this weekend's event showed them that there is still more work to be done. >> change is coming after two women are killed on the same dangerous road. but some say that change isn't coming fast enough.
6:00 pm
>> a deadly confrontation inside a courthouse in pennsylvania. we will tell you what we learned about the suspect's past and a recent security breach. and a community that has led metro to change its course. the agency has decided not to reroute some buses amid violence in one part of the city. >> there are still big safety concerns for riders. >> reporter: residents who live on this road in southeast will be very pleased to know that their regular bus service has been restored. metro is dealing with another major safety issue involving juveniles shutting down metro buses.


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