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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 25, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> a deadly confrontation inside a courthouse in pennsylvania. we will tell you what we learned about the suspect's past and a recent security breach. and a community that has led metro to change its course. the agency has decided not to reroute some buses amid violence in one part of the city. >> there are still big safety concerns for riders. >> reporter: residents who live on this road in southeast will be very pleased to know that their regular bus service has been restored. metro is dealing with another major safety issue involving juveniles shutting down metro buses.
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>> juveniles literally shutting down metro buses. metro acknowledges that it has happened at least twice but they don't want to give many details. >> we did see that from time to time. some of our young riders have found a way to disable the buses. that's a safety feature required by the fire department. it's not something we like to talk about. it's a security issue. >> the most recent incident was friday night. man was hit by stray gunfire while sitting on a metro bus. juveniles were able to disable the bus. >> areas where -- at the buses. buses have been shut off. but, it's a problem. >> that shooting prompted metro to temporarily suspend nighttime service last saturday. late in afternoon, metro reversed this decision lifting the detour.
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instead the agency will place a transit officer in the neighborhood. >> you will see a metro transit police cruiser in the block to insure safety of our riders and employees. >> metro posted signs at the three bus stops letting riders know there's no service after 7:00 p.m. because of several recent security incidents. >> you have people getting off of work and things like that and they might have to work all the way up here and it's already enough shootings and stuff going around, you know? we need that transportation. >> that's what many residents told us today. i checked in with the union that represents metro bus riders. they have supported that security detail. they say they do support having police in the neighborhood but they want a permanent solution. going back to you. >> thank you. this is not the first time that residents faced that problem. metro wanted to cut parts of the
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route at night after a series of incidents involving people throwing rocks at the bus. they decided to back off of that plan. there is new information about the man said to be responsible for a deadly attack. the district attorney for chester county pennsylvania which is just outside philadelphia says a man named curtis smith walked into the cothouse this morning and slashed a deputy with a knife. another shot and killed smith. smith has a criminal record. it was also facing a number of other charges. he was not supposed to be in court until october.
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the market tanked. brian moore is following the action from capitol hill. >> reporter: today's numbers were better than yesterday but that's not saying much. >> cratered at the closing bell. >> you will see the real problem occurred in the middle of the day. >> is this the big one? i don't know. it's certainly noticeable. >> the dow bounced back from the dive.
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>> it is a little bit like a boxer that is knocked down and a little wobbly on his feet. >> markets are running scared because china's economy is slowing. >> today they cut interest rates and that does appear to have calmed down sentiment a bit in the rest of the world. >> easier said than done after another wild ride on wall street. >> give you example of how wild that ride was today with the biggest single day reversal since the financial vie sis of 2008. >> this was also a really rough day for two major power companies. the stocks took a deep dive after plans were rejected for a $6 billion merger.
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here is a look now at what it could mean down the road. more than 260,000 different businesses, government and residential consumers depend on pepco to power their lives. they have battled complaints of service disruptions but today the dc public service commission rejected pepco's $6.4 billion merger to improve service saying the deal wasn't a good deal for rate payers. >> therefore the application is denied. >> it is a victory for consumers. >> people's council said utility customers will face rising rates but she fought this merger nearly 18 months to preserve local control. >> it did not provide any meaningful benefits to
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consumers. >> maryland and several other states have already approved the multistate deal. it's unclear if exelon will move ahead with them. we are disappointed with the commission's decision. we continue to believe our proposal is in the public interest and we will review our options. the board of trade member was dismayed at the decision. >> you get more resources and better reliability. we're very disappointed. >> but dc council woman helped fight to block the merger. >> this is huge for consumers, it's huge for rate payers. >> the power companies have 30 days to file any appeal. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> jeb bush is taking on donald trump's plan to deport all illegal immigrants and there's a new sign that vice president biden may be getting ready to run. we are here with the latest developments.
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>> most were treading lightly but jeb bushas decided to dive in and take on the business mogul. trump was called all talk. >> i'm not a talker i'm a doing. there are a lot of really good talkers running for president. there's one in particular that i'm thinking of. the problem with the trump plan is it's not conservative or practical. >> those words are suggesting that republicans are starting to take trump seriously. they also say bush is trying to out mr. trump as a fake conservative. biden watch continues on the democratic side. also, hillary clinton's recent stumbles may be influencing his decision making the vice
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president is weighing the needs of his family as they grieve the death of his older son. biden has invited major fundraisers to meet with him at his residence right after labor day. a lot of people predict that he will have to make a decision of whether to run before the first democratic debate. >> thanks chris. >> a man accused of robbing a verizon store is locked up. officers arrested this man last night. he walked into a verizon wireless store and stole several items. police say he got away in a car and led police along a chase. officers lost the car when it rammed one of the cruisers but it traced the vehicle back to the suspect. >> neighbors are shedding new
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light on a possible murder motive. she talked to neighbors about the couple's troubled relationship. tracy? >> we also talked to a very good friend of the wife who did not want to go on camera but told me there had been a long history of domestic violence within the home and that the wife had been a victim and a neighbor said the same thing. >> sh has nobody to back her up. but she didn't just run him over. >> we spoke with a neighbor who did not want want to be identified. she says the woman lost it on sunday. >> she ran him over because it was long term abuse and i feel really sorry for her. >> she witnessed it for herself. >> i could hear them but i never got involved. >> the 36-year-old man died pinned between his wife's suv and a tree, less than a block away from their home. >> he ran from her. and according to witnesses we're
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hearing that she ran over her husband. >> the two were involved in an argument. the husband left the home on foot and mendoza followed him driving side by side before running over him and dragging tree. >> she said that's my husband. he was beating her. >> the suv landed in this woman's front yard. >> she had bruises in this area. >> but she can't speak to whether it was caused by the accident. >> no one wants to talk. no one wants to get involved. >> this is a woman whose husband walked away, who was walking away from an argument in the home. >> tracee wilkins, news 4. >> new guidelines to stop racial profiling by the police. a leader in maryland talking about his personal encounter as
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others take action to stop the cycle. >> it was a case of hit and run. a woman killed trying to cross southern avenue, her daughter says a traffic light would have made a difference. i'm pat collins the story coming up, news 4. >> and new concern about one of the tiny panda cubs. why it's getting extra attention while zoo keepers work to keep the mother from abandoning her baby. >> the weather streak looking good. but a heat wave? that's in the forecast, too. i've got that plus the latest on
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new information about that attack on a train in france. we have obtained new video of the suspect entering a courtroom barefoot and blindfolded wearing only hospital pajamas. they say he carried an ak-47 rifle, a pistol, 270 cartridges and a bottle of gasoline. before the attack got underway he watched a jihadist video on a cell phone. three american friends and another passenger overpower the man before he was able to kill
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anyone. >> police departments across maryland are starting to weigh in on new state guidelines targeting racial profiling. >> reporter: a county executive said he ran into racial profiling. he was stopped while putting up a lawn sign. >> and as i got out of the car to place my sign he began to yell at me using profanity in a very, very aggressive way in my face. i was simply shocked by that incident. >> maryland's efforts to end racial profiling by police began before the death of freddie gray and the baltimore riots. the attorney general introduced this memorandum with guidelines
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ending profiling in maryland. >> in december of last year the u.s. department of justice put out its own guidance. a landmark document similar to this one that covered federal law enforcement and called upon states to adopt their own. now we believe we have become the first state to do that. >> we're comfortable that we're not only meeting those guidelines but also exceeding them. we also have room for improvement and that is what we are committed to. >> police across maryland will engage in training exercises using real life scenarios that stress safety, equality and respect for all involved. after he was bitten by a
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shark on a family vacation. the 15-year-old says it happened while he was surfing near myrtle beach in south carolina last week. he says he felt back when the shark eventually swam off. there have been now a dozen shark attacks along beaches in north and south carolina this year. a popular guy today, huh? >> a lot of people say r saying nice job. good job. >> there are days that i really love. two perfect days. one happens to be a nor easter that gives us one to two feet of snow. the other happens to be 80 degrees of low humidity and sunshine.
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you like two feet of snow. we're not too far away from that. only about four or five months away. winds out of the north at about six miles an hour. 79 in gathersburg. 82 in leesburg. so a beautiful afternoon. gorgeous afternoon. terrific day. whatever you want to call it. it's been great all day. nothing like that across our region right now. it is high and dry. there is that little complex of showers that came on through around 10:00 this morning. now look back to the west. nothing but sunshine. notice all the cloud cover towards the ohio valley towards the great lakes. this is a typical system that you would normally find in early spring or late fall. that cool air is going to continue to drift down towards our region. it is going to be a fairly cool
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night. something else to note, this is tropical storm erica. you can kind of see it right there the center spinning. not expected to be a major storm here. on that track is expected to be 60 mile an hour storm. it may actually intensify a little bit and could become a hurricane. look at this. this is coming up here on sunday at 2:00 moving across the bahamas very close to florida. this is a storm that they will be watching very closely. one thing to note, the suburbs, 54, 55. so a little bit on the cool side early tomorrow morn iing but th
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coming up at 6:45 and the potential for the next heat wave. looks like it wants to stick around for a while. >> a high speed chase involving a driver on the wrong side of the interstate. what we're learning about the woman behind the wheel. >> more outrage over some signs at a nearby university. we will tell you to what the president of that school has to say about all of that. >> local lawmakers trade in suits and ties for fire gear. how this class is offering a how this class is offering a glimpse into the
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v police had to make a daring move and sideswipe an suv that was carjacked. the vehicle was taken by a woman who just got out of prison in utah. they spotted the suv weaving in and out of traffic on the highway. the woman jumped out and ran. eventually they caught up with her. it took five officers to tackle the woman. officers believe she was high on drugs. >> community leaders in d.c. are hoping that a peace rally might help stop the rise in violence a
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candle light vigil is about to begin. organizers say it's a call for young people across the entire city to take their communities back. >> friends and family remembered former congressman louis stokes at his funeral in cleveland. he represented ohio for 15 terms before he retired. he was ohio's first black congressman. vice president biden was among those attending. stokes died last week of brain and lung cancer. . >> to actually go into a burning
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building to extricate a building from a cashed car. you will get to know what it's like coming up next. >> my psychosis was so bad they told my husband i may never come back from this. >> the important lesson from local law enforcement as one woman opens up for the first time about her mental health crisis.
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>> a possible solution allowing a dangerous stretch of road in the district. >> but some say it won't happen soon enough. this comes after two separate hit and run crashes just outside the united medical center. this is where we find pat collins on the story. >> why doesn't the united medical center have a traffic light and crosswalk at its entrance? all the other hospitals do. tonight word from the mayor's office of a possible tentative fix. neck year. -- next year. >> this is ricardo robinson crossing southern avenue at the entrance to the united medical center. he says getting from here to there can be dangerous. >> the cars are not being controlled by the speed limit they supposed to be driving. they like racing.
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>> unlike most hospitals in our city, there is no traffic light or crosswalk at the entrance to the united medical center. so far this year, two women have been struck and killed by hit and run drivers here. one of the victims faith pines, simone jordan is her daughter. >> if you had a chaps to talk to leaders of the city what would you tell them? >> you need to put a stop sign or light to save those people's lives. you need to do something. >> council member charles says it shouldn't take a fatal accident to get a traffic light. >> we should never wait for an accident, a fatality or injury to take action. >> for years the hospital has been trying to get a traffic light here. >> we need a traffic light not only for the employees but for the patients as well. >> why isn't there a traffic light and crosswalk at the
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united medical center? we took that question to the mayor. >> it is the only hospital in our city that doesn't have a traffic light and crosswalk at its entrance in an area where a lot of people are poor. they don't have cars and they take public transportation to the hospital. >> i got it. >> would you put one there? >> we're going to look at it. >> can you promise me you will put one there. >> no. i can promise you that we will evaluate it. >> now late this afternoon, a phone call from the mayor's office, they say the city has a tentative plan to put a pedestrian activated traffic signal here, lerlly next year. jim, back to you. >> thanks. >> two dozen people have been indicted tonight in a massive heroin bust in annapolis. they are accused of trying to make drug sales to undercover police officers.
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investigators also seized money and six guns in their sting that ran for six months. the bust game as maryland announced new initiatives to curb the rising epidemic in the state. a half million dollars will be used to use a drug that can stop heroin overdoses. >> only news four cameras. >> locked up in the middle of a mental health crisis sharing her story. now her goal is to help police officers and deputies better deal with mentally ill offenders and possibly keep some of them out of jail. >> this is a wife, mother of two and a job. not so typical? she was once jailed during a mental health crisis. today she bravely returned to the place she spent some of her
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darkest days to help deputies and officers in a special class. >> i also have bipolar. >> five years ago, her medication suddenly failed her. efforts to have her committed for treatment fell short. she threw a phone at her husband. officers were at the door. she was locked up. >> i truly believe female receiving is torture. the noise is maddening. people screaming and yelling constantly. >> she says most of the deputies were kind to her but she was in full blown psychosis. >> i was not a model prisoner. i flushed my toilet constantly trying to drown out all the noise. >> she was declared incompetent to stand trial and sent to a state mental hospital. now she's stable, bringing a powerful message to these deputies and officers. >> i want them to realize that
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mental illness can happen to anyone. >> she is heartened to learn the small windowless cell is no longer used for offenders with mental health issues. instead they are housed with windows and a day room. the deputy says there's a changing mind set. >> these are people too and they need to be treated with respect and dignity and offer them hope that there is going to be a better tomorrow. >> today marks the first time she has told her story it likely won't be the last. she plans to continue to continue to advocate for a diversion program to keep those out of jail and put them in treatment programs instead. >> it's going to save people's lives i truly believe. >> go to the special changing minds section of our website at nbc to learn more. summer has ended for
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students in prince george's county. they went back-to-school today. two new schools in the county this year. they focused solely on students who are still learning english. >> it dropped 8% a year ago for our international students. we have to try some new things. >> about 870 new teachers. schools also opened today in charles county. >> and may get an extra week of summer. the new stafford high school may not be ready on t first day of school which is supposed to be september 8. the construction company has not received permits that would allow students and staff in the building while the work
6:36 pm
continues. that school will re-evaluate later this week but the first day of class there could be pushed back to september 14th. >> a big change at montgomery county schools this year. for the first time the district will have athletic trainers on staff at each of the 25 high schools all part of an effort to reduce concussions among young athletes. they wll be on call to respond to injuries. a recent news 4 i team investigation found concussions impacting high school females. more than 1100 suffered concussions throughout the dc area including montgomery county. and a reminder, the backpack for kids drive happens tomorrow. you can stop by the apple federal credit union from 6:00 a.m. to noon to make a donation to a student in need.
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>> plus the reason why one of the new panda cubs is getting extra medical attention just days after being born. >> and take a look at this picture. still being built, that building right there looking off towards the distance. more beautiful weather but a heat
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through is new fallout over the sign controversy. suspended its chapter after the sexually suggestive signs were hung from an off campus house where several live.
6:40 pm
the university president says he is outraged. student leaders say the signs give the school a bum rap. ashley madison is devoted to people who want to have extramarital affairs. at least five class action lawsuits have been filed. they are seeking more than a half billion. millions of alleged users of the website. the company that runs ashley madison. leading to a the arrest of what
6:41 pm
it was that hacked that website. >> tonight we are meeting a maryland woman who had her entire stomach removed. she wasn't sick but still underwent this to prevent a deadly cancer. angelina jolie told the world she removed her breasts and ovaries to prevent cancer. what about removing other major organs to prevent cancer like your entire stomach? this woman lives in maryland. it was a move to prevent gastric cancer which runs in her family. >> i couldn't handle or think about my kids growing up without a mom so i decided i was going to do it. i put my mind to it and there was no turning back. >> we will have more about what it's like living woutd a stomach and the genetic mutation that's been identified ass raising the
6:42 pm
risk for stomach cancer. that's news 4:00 at 11:00. >> new concern for one of the giant panda cubs born at the national zoo. the smaller of the two cubs is getting a bit of extra love from the zoo keepers. the mom has not allowed zoo keepers to swap out the cubs. she apparently can't handle nursing both of them so zoo staff is feeding and caring for the smaller of the two. she is doing a good job caring for the larger cub but it is still a high risk period for both newborns. >> feeling the heat. how local leaders are getting a better understanding of the challenges firefighters are facing every day. >> and shu
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>> crawling through dark tunnels and running into burning buildings. local leaders and our own mark segraves were among those who got to train like a firefighter today. one prince george's firefighter described how this same type of training saved his life. mark segraves has the story. >> my instinct was survival at that point. i had proper training.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: today's training was for local council members and members of congress who are important when it comes to funding and staffing fire departments. that's why local fire departments across the country offer this unique experience. >> it's tough. a couple of minutes in there. a little disoriented so we have got give these guys everything they need to do the job. >> the heat and stress was intense it was nothing like the real thing. >> you go to one of the burning buildings. you have no idea if there's a hole in the floor or a body. >> that's exactly what happened to him. the floor gave out and he began to fall. >> i created a t with my body and was able to grab a metal railing on the way down and hang on while i called for safety. >> he credits training, but the
6:47 pm
metal he grabbed on was about 800 degrees and burned through his gloves. >> without a doubt my instincts kicked in. >> two other firefighters recently had much more serious injuries. >> third degree burns to hands. the other had a chimney drop on him and hit him square on the head. >> both of those men are out of the hospital and it will be a wile before they can return to duty but thanks in part to training like this they will all be all right. >> resources tonight to the raging wild fires. crews from as far away as australia and new zealand. washington state is dealing now with 16 wild fires that cover
6:48 pm
more than 920 square miles. 200 homes already have been destroyed. >> historic park is closed through tomorrow because of a nearby sewage spill. water tests are being done to make sure the water is safe before it is reopened to visitors. a sewage plug broke. it's been temporarily repaired. if tests find the water safe there are plans to reopen the park on thursday. >> we get nasty foul weather from time to time but days like today makes you almost forget all about those days. >> essmeshlly when they come in groups. >> and another one tomorrow and thursday. >> friday looks good, too. i want to apologize to you. i did not invite you to my bbq last night. it rained last night. i couldn't do it. i'm grilling at my house. if you want to come, everybody sees that i have formally invited you. >> we don't believe you.
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>> are you coming? >> no. >> i didn't think so. >> she cease peeking for herself. >> let's go. outside right now beautiful conditions across the area. we have got everything you want. 83, plenty of sunshine. it is going to be a fantastic night. nationals taking on the padres. should be a great game. on the radar new york city rain to talk about. we will be dry for a pretty extended stretch. we have been rather dry so far. we need to see rain. beautiful weather sunny and comfortable. take a look at our app if you're thinking about getting out there. if you think about exercising tomorrow, all good. plenty of sunshine. the pool?
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you bet. lawn and garden? that's what i'm talking about. could last most of next week. >> see you in an hour or two. >> yes. >> i like mine medium rare. we have got sports coming up. we have got to tell you, do you think the offense is going to look any better against the ravens on saturday? some people do. some people do. we will tell you mor
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leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset
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do it all. on us. visit your volvo showroom for this attractive offer on the 2015.5 volvo s60 sedan. >> starting water gaks and all of that kind of stuff. >> and we're past if he's going to start or should he or shouldn't he. he's going to to. there is little doubt. the final confirmation comes in after griffin was examined. he only has completed 6 of 13
6:54 pm
passes. gordon wants to see him move the ball this weekend. what could help the first team offense? the tight end coming off of that hamstring injury. he expected to play on saturday. the rookie receiver was the star, but missed the first two pre-season games with a hamstring injury. >> the redskins defense has been solid but that has extremely high expectations going into this year. we will get a glimpse at what's in store for the regular season. 44 combined sacks between the two outside line backers. they will take the field for the first time against baltimore. >> that's the big one. i know for us defensively, playing a team like the ravens who pride themselves on being
6:55 pm
physical. this defensive team and bracing themselves. just want to prove that i belong and earning my stripes. i just want to, you know, show them how much i have in store. >> a lot of new faces coming. he is recovering from a sprained shoulder. he is expected to be ready for week one. you guys will be happy to know this. he will be back on the line left tackle position. >> good. >> okay. that is huge. we will see how he does. >> a question.
6:56 pm
swhen the last time rg3 threw a touchdown. >> in the pre-season? >> the last time he threw one. >> how close was he in the first pre-season game? i don't think that question is so fair. >> close? >> he dropped it. if pierre catches it that's a touchdown. >> that's a good point. >> third pass of the first game? >> that's been a long time. >> he had a tough year last year. the regular season. >> okay. >> you can watch the redskins take the ravens 7:230 on saturday. i will be in baltimore and we will get you ready on news 4 at 6:00. for the first time in a long time we can report that the nationals are at full strength and just in time for the stretch run. had a number of set backs.
6:57 pm
>> already perked him up. >> lighting him up. >> smiling and happy that i'm back. >> he brings gold glove caliber defense on base. stack on the line-up that it was intended to be done. certainly everybody in this room knows about the record in the line-up so that's importance to us. >> that record 11 games, ten games under 500 without him. check out the rest of the line up. on the mound, finally. >> we have done it before.
6:58 pm
we can catch him. >> we have never seen that. >>
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tonight, whiplash as the meltdown continues on wall street. stocks surge, then come crashing back to earth at the bell. more money wiped out as jitters spread with a major wild card still to come. it was a terror plot. startling new details about the potential massacre stopped by those american heroes. the jihadi message the attacker played before grabbing his guns. and prosecutors say he had help. a new war of words erupts as donald trump unleashes another tirade against megyn kelly. now fox news firing back, demanding an apology. and the guilt trip caught on camera. the boy who broke his fall by ripping a hole through a 17th century masterpiece. and what happened next. "nightly new b


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