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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  August 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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that caused it went unfixed for a month. it could end some careers at metro. "the washington post" reports the investigation could be made public by the end of the week. if you live in southeast washington you can now take the wa because. metro changed it after a man was shot there. marion bowser said, quote, no part of our city can be abandoned by metro. metro placed police patrol in that neighborhood instead. right now, looking at the asian stock markets. they are mixed at this hour after beijing's decision earlier this week to cut a key interest rate to help stabilize financial markets across the globe. investors on wall street, watching this closely. very concerned. they hope u.s. stocks will rebound as a result of beijing's decision. the dow, of course, dropping six days straight this week.
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losing 205 points yesterday. back to you. it's 4:31 now. firefighters in montgomery county say a massive barn fire was an accident. the fire department tweeted that the cause was most likely spontaneous combustion. it's a hay barn around damascus road that ig ignited around 7:00 last night. it's really back to school now for students at thomas jones element area at prince george's county school. a water main break and the main is fixed and that means classes start at 7:45. while you're running aerrands
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this morning you may want to pick up a backpack at backpacks 4 kids. you can go to apple credit union and sir viceroy drive. if you're just waking up, good morning, we want to get you caught up on the weather forecast. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with the forecast. >> i like the fact that you're looking forward to emilia's forecast. >> chuck, emilia, we're just saying. >> we love you, chuck, we love you. >> 63 now gaithersburg. 70 annapolis. 69 at reagan national. a great day to get outside. temperatures in the mid-60s across most of the area for the morning bus stop. sun's up at 6:31. and another gorgeous afternoon.
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pretty and perfect is the hash tag for the weather office today. nothing complain about whatsoever, unless, of course, you are stuck in traffic. let's see if they picked up the overnight construction yet. >> not perfect. we do have that for the past couple of weeks here, two lanes blocked until 5:00. and then you can get around it just fine. and right now you can get around it to the left. and 95 in maryland, nice and green. staple thingz]() on 29. and bw parkway this morning. 270, no issues. we had earlier road washing. wtop, remember to listen to them, 103 fm in the car. ramps from southbound gw parkway to the inbound key bridge will be shut down through friday for the paving project. you'll have to go a little farther and take the roosevelt bridge instead. back in ten minutes.
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a developing story here at the live desk, two nato troops shot and killed at a military base in afghanistan. this is in the helmand province in the southern part of the country. few details right now but it does appear to be an insider attack. two men wearing uniforms opened fire carrying international troops. the shooters were killed when nato troops fired back. nato right now has not said the nationalities of the troops who were killed. back to you. >> kristin, thank you. marion bowser is planning another big move, to ask for d.c. council to give officers more power. specifically, parole officers would be able to search former convicts at anytime the if they're on probation. the officers can detain them for breaking even minor rules. and you were talk about the spike in crime at the district
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headquarters at 7:00 on idaho avenue northwest. the second police district includes georgetown and dupont circle and all the way up to friendship heights. even the mayor said something has to change. two women died walking near the medical hospital in southeast. there's no crosswalk. and people just dart across big east southern avenue. police say vehicles hit and killed both of the women, one this past friday. there will be a vigil tonight for the victim. the other victim's daughter has this message for city leaders. >> you need to get out there and put a stop sign or stop light to save those people's lives. they're going to work, to get to the bus, you need do something. >> muriel bowser will consider adding a crosswalk in front of the medical center. right now, it's the only d.c. hospital without them. crews have had to search through a massive landslide in
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alaska. the city building official went missing under a deluge of rocks and mud in sitka, alaska. one of three men who stopped a shooter on a train is now back in the united states. anthony sadler and two friends received france's highest medal. the gunman might be charged with terrorism, although his lawyer says he was only trying to rob the train. it is now 4:36. today, the head of fema will visit mississippi as that area marks ten years after hurricane katrina. he took up his vision with fema after the hurricane. fugate will visit schools. he will also join other officials looking at recovery
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efforts over the past decade. the 2014 wnba champions head to the white house today. it's a longstanding tradition. and today, it's the return of the phoenix mercury. this is the team's third championship win. they defeated the chicago sky last september. the president will be honoring the team for its efforts, giving back to the community, as well as their success on the court. well, they escaped, thanks to an inside job, now we're getting an inside look to the route two new york prisoners took to freedom. trump in trouble again. why the presidential hopeful is once again making headlines. and looking live outside where chuck says we're in for an
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you are looking at the escape route that two convicted murderers took from an upstate new york prison earlier this summer. >> correction officials walked the route david sweat and richard matt took, it involved squeezing between steampipes between cell blocks. they say it only took 20 minutes for the men to get out during a series of tunnels. sweat was shot and killed matt was captured two days later. a 15-year-old dylan peyton said it happened while surfing near myrtle beach last week. the five-foot shark bit down on his leg.
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he said he fought back and the shark swam off. there have been a dozen shark attacks in north carolina and south carolina beaches this year. a look at the weather and traffic on the 1s with a look at the day ahead. here's chuck. >> all right. a beautiful start to your wednesday morning. fair skies outside. i shouldn't say, the skies aren't completely clear. 57 in moray. 59 in culpepper. a gorgeous day coming, mid-80s in and around town. and for tonight, another cool start for tonight, going into tomorrow morning, with most of the western and northern suburbs once again back in the mid to upper 50s. sand then for tomorrow, our stretch of beautiful weather continues. sunshine starting off temperatures tomorrow morning just like today in the mid to upper 50s to mid-60s in town. highs tomorrow, back into the mid and upper 70s and mid-80s around town. the seven-day forecast, to check
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on the gw with m.m. >> thank you, c.b. the inbound key bridge shut down until friday. they just started this morning. at knit just go farther on gw and take the roosevelt bridge across to get to the district. two right lanes blocked until 5:00. 66 overall, 95, overall, no problems. southbound, a little slow because of road work. prince george's county looking pretty good. maryland, skaggsville rolling oog. the markets open as wall street prepares for what could be another wild ride. what we can expect when the opening bell rings in a few hours. he was accused of jumping the fence at the white house. now, he's dead. why authorities say
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right now -- firefighters out west keeping a very close eye on the weather forecast. more heat is coming to washington state. temperatures there are supposed to get into the 90s. not good. in a wildfires that keep burning across the region. also winds, they are threatening to fuel what is already the largest wildfire on record in washington. firefighters from new zealand and australia are coming in to help fight these fires. back to you. >> kristin, thank you. it's 4:45 now, and in asian stocks are up this morning, following beijing's decision to cut a key interest rate. to try to help stabilize financial markets in asia. now investors on wall street are hoping that u.s. stocks will stabilize more. the dow has agone down six days in a row losing about 1900 points during that period. yesterday alone, it dropped 205
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points. nbc's edward lawrence is joining us with more on what to expected the day ahead. >> good morning. what china did is cut the rates that they lend to each other. hoping to ease the fears, but it didn't would. the new york stock exchange, as you said, also fell yesterday, 205 points. that happened actually late in the day. for most of tuesday, the stock exchange was strong with the dow in very positive territory. other asian marketsal finished up slightly overnight. financial experts are expecting another day just like yesterday for the new york stock exchange. they continue to say this is just a correction, something that the market usually gets about two times a year that has not had within the past 12 months. we can tell you dow futures are up 1.5%. right now, that's the afternoon market trading for the dow stock exchange. however, yesterday at this time, it was up about 2%. so about in the same territory, financial experts say we'll have
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about the same day as we had yesterday today. reporting live in washington, on capitol hill, edward lawrence, bark to you, aaron. >> thank you. 4:47. donald trump may not have made the impression he was hoping to in iowa after going back and forth with a tv anchor. the republican candidate threw his hands up saying i can't deal with this. here's one of the exchanges. >> excuse me, sit down. sit down. sit down. go ahead -- no, you don't, you haven't been called. go back to univision. >> univision anchor jorge ramos was escorted out but allowed to return and asked trump two more questions. last year, he sparred with president obama over immigration. and much of last night's questions centered around trump's immigration policy plans. the potential candidate did repeat his claim that he will stop eating oreos because the cookie's maker is downsizing a
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flant chicago and moving it to mexico. representatives of the company said that oreos will continue to be made in american plants including one in virginia. new developments are possible today in a case that set off a national immigration debate, donald trump in the center. a judge could be expected to set a trial for a mexican national who admitted to killing a woman last month. trump referenced that particular case when he accused mexico of sending the criminals over the border. its women's quality day, equal rights activists will celebrate in the nation's capital. at 9:00 o'clock, activists will walk from st. stephen and the incarnation episcopal church northwest. a man who was shot and killed after attacking a deputy is the same man who jumped the white house fence earlier this year. curtis smith was shot and killed yesterday in chest other county district court in pennsylvania.
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smith attacked a deputy in the courthouse lobby just before noon yesterday. smith was facing burglary, assault, and harassment charges after jumping the white house fence back in march. there is no word as to why he was at the district court yesterday. the deputy hurt his arm and hand, but is expected to be okay. a jail in baltimore is now closed. "the washington post" reports the final inmate was transferred from the baltimore city detention center last night. last month, maryland governor larry hogan ordered the city to shut down that 150-year-old jail. two years ago, they indicted jail staff. and a man accused of operating a $1 million synthetic drug operation out of his home. john flaherty was arrested last week. police found more than $1 million of supplies in haymarket. other items were also found in a storage unit. he's being accused of using the u.s. postal service to ship the
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drugs across the country. >> this isn't something small, looking basically into the aspects of the money distribution. during that, we found marijuana, marijuana wax and handguns. >> flaherty was arrested in las vegas where he has a second home. he's awaiting extradition from nevada. he's due in court in october. cindy rose wants her children to be able to opt out of standardized exams. she has a public hearing with the board of education today. this is according to the frederick news post. if the board says rose's children doesn't have to take the test it could set a precedent to follow. two major power companies may keep fighting for a merger that could cause you, d.c. regulators rejected pepco's and epsilon's merger yesterday. the city says the merger would create a single dominant energy
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provider in the mid-atlantic region. maryland already gave them the go ahead. a bird will head back in the wild today. an eagle will be released after being found injured on a pier at the potomac river. they released the bird at wide water state park. the bird was found back in may with an injured wrist. it has been recovering in waynesburg since then. we're happy. ♪ let the eagle soar >> oh oh -- >> he was looking at me while i was reading -- >> everybody was thinking that song. >> no aaron gilchrist, only you were thinking that. >> one out of three people at the desk thought that. >> i knew it was coming, when you work together with somebody long enough. >> that's true. >> i had a different animal reference, it's wednesday. i thought he was going to do the hump day thing. >> my kids are doing that now.
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>> what day is it, it's hump day -- >> oh. >> come on, i can't give you two in one block here. i'll save it later. >> you'll belt it out. outside, it's a mostly clear sky out there. a quiet start to your wednesday. 69 degrees at national airport. still have a nice north breeze, aftering 7 miles per hour. north to northwesterly were flow. humidity levels will stay low. off to a comfortable cool start. 100%. humidity level is down 30%. quick drying as you get out of the water. 60, culpepper, 64 manassas and bristow. 69 in damascus, maryland. hourly temperatures will be in the 60s through 8:00 this morning. and then rise to the 70s in the morning hours up to 80 degrees, highs in 80 for the high in
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gaithersburg, 86 in fredericksburg, virginia. then it's going to be a great stretch of weather the next couple of days as well. national has a good day last night. 7:05, first pitch. perfect weather for baseball tonight. hardly anything but sunshine in the forecast for today, tomorrow and on to thursday and friday. if you're making your plans to go to the beaches, good beach weather. water temperatures in the 80s. friday, saturday and sunday look like awesome days to be on the coastline. sunny and dry the rest of the work week. warmer and more humid. still watching for a chance of a few showers, sunday afternoon and monday afternoon. looks like summertime heat coming back for next week. check on trafficud&v with melis mollet. good morning. the 66 west and the beltway two lanes blocked until 5:00 this morning. remember this one, this is the
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one that's going jam people up, ramp from southbound gw parkway to the key bridge, it's shut down through friday. just go a little farther down gw parkway. 95, gw parkway. everything looking quite good there. top of the beltway, no issues there. 66 in compton road. out of town just fine. 95, northbound, fredericksburg, southbound, we're a little slow because of earlier road work. after stafford, you're just fine. she is accused of intentionally running over her husband and killing him. and this morning, we're learning about a possible motive. so you heard of police dogs sniffing for drugs but how about pornography. how a black
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 today." she has no one to back her up because nobody wants to talk. but she didn't just run him over. >> a neighbor defends a woman who police say killed her husband sunday, pinning him between her suv and a tree near their home in prince george's county. that neighbor tells news4 she feels sorry for the suspect. she said there was a long-term abuse. documents say mendosa was arguing with her husband sunday
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morning. they say fernando left the house. she went into her car, hit him with the car and then dragged him down the street to the tree where he died. >> he ran from her. and according to witnesses, we're hearing that she ran over her husband. >> alvarez mendosa facing first and second degree murder charge. a new report says black students are much more likely to be suspended or expelled in 13 southern states. university of pennsylvania researchers found u.s. schools spend more than 1 million african-american students in 2011. more than 55% of those suspensions happen in 13 states including virginia. in virginia, black students make up 24% of the student population. but 51% of the students suspended were black. you can take a look at the entire study on the nbc app. the park is closed today
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because of a nearby sewage spill. water tests are being done to make sure the water is safe before you can head into the park. if tests show the water is safe, the park will reopen on thursday. about black labrador played a key role in the arrest of former subway pitchman jared fogle on child pornography charges. this is bear. he is one of five dogs in the county trained to sniff out electronic devices like sd cards and flash drives. the 2-year-old dog sniffed out a thumb drive that the fbi failed to find back in july. >> found a thumb drive ipad and whatever the components inside the drive were, the metals, the coppers that are all intertwined together, it's significantly different than like a remote control or alarm clock or anything like that. >> smart dog. bear's skill paying off too. he just landed a permanent job with the seattle police department to help investigate
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internet crimes, well deserved. >> amazing that the dogs are taught to do these things. stay with us, "news4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. right now at 5:00 -- will it be another wild ride on wall street? we are monitoring overseas stocks and what could be a preview, once the opening bell rings. change in plans. why you will not be able to get into the washington monument today. and you probably know it our area has some of the worst traffic in the country. >> oh, yeah. >> but, there's new research out this morning that says we are the worst in the country. >> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today." it's wednesday, august 26th, 2015. we're happy you're here? >> me? >> both both, you and you. and chuck bell as well. >> you have good


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