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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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shooting himself. that man, a disgruntled former employee is dead now. his name, vester lee flanagan, also known as bryce williams a former reporter at wdbj-tv. it is a difficult day for anyone who has worn the journalist hat so we begin this hour by sending our condolences to our broadcast colleagues down in roanoke. >> still so many angles to this story unfolding right now. we are going to get to them in just a moment. but we are also following a breaking story right now at the national zoo, where officials say the smaller panda cub has just died. vets are about to hold a news conference to provide more information. they say the larger cub appears to be strong and behaving well his mom. as soon as we get more information from the zoo, we are going to bring it to you live on news4 and, of course, the nbc washington app. jim? erika, viewers in southwest virginia were just waking up today when out of nowhere, they heard the sounds of at least eight gunshots on air.
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a gruesome ambush that unfolded around 6:45 a.m. this morning as wdbj, near the end of its morning newscast. the news crew was conducting an on-air interview, something they do every morning, at a shopping center in moneta, outside of roanoke, when the gunman attacked, firing off, again, at least eight rounds that shooter was tracked to the north and was eventually found off of i-66 in fauquier county suffering from a gunshot wound. we have live team coverage for you at both locations this evening. we begin with david culver and the latest from investigators in roanoke. david? >> reporter: jim behind me, you can see a very active scene several hours after that attack, as you mentioned, captured live on tv. this is the plaza, a scenic place that overlooked smith mountain lake. the sheriff, we just heard from him a short time ago, the sheriff in franklin county, pointing out how close knit a community this s he recently done a similar live interview with the reporter alison parker
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and photographer, adam ward. like many here, he watched live as that disturbing attack played out. reporter, alison parker, conducting that live interview on the plaza here which overlooks smith mountain like. it was a light-hearted, supposed to be a feature story. it took a deadly turn, former wdvj 7 employee, vester lee flanagan, colleagues describe as disgruntled, opened fire. >> wdvj-tv news crew was conducting a live interview with ms. gardner when remember is lee flanagan, ii, age 41, of roanoke, suddenly appeared and approached them and started shooting. alison parker, age 24, and adam ward, age 27, died at the scene. both parker and ward were residents of roanoke, virginia.
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let us not forget, they grew up in this area, part of our community. >> reporter: the person they were interviewing, vicki gardner, we are told, still in the hospital at this hour in stable condition, still being treated. during the pursuit of flanagan, we noticed playing out on social media a rather troubling exchange. it was as though he was posting under his on-air name, bryce williams, and he was almost taunting police and the public, posting video, disturbing images of the attack. he captured it, it appears, from a cell phone that he was carrying as he carried out the attack here in the place behind me. as you heard there, the search for the suspect, flanagan, continued 200 miles north and that's where we find my colleague, pat collins, who is covering this angle of the story. pat? >> reporter: david, i'm in markham, virginia, it's about 11 miles east of front royal. this is where it all came to an end. and this is what it was like
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when they pulled 41-year-old vester flanagan from that getaway car. they say he had a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> get back. >> is this our guy? >> got a body. get back. >> is this our guy? >> get back. get back. get back. get back, dude. seriously. get back. all right? >> reporter: police searching that silver four-door chevy. vester flanagan's getaway car. this is how he made his escape. it didn't last long. [ sirens ] just about four hours after that shooting of the tv crew down near roanoke, a virginia state trooper, using a tag reader on her car, spotted the silver chevy on the eastbound lanes of i-66. police moved in to make a traffic stop. and as they did, as they did, that silver car crashed into the median strip. >> all i know the sequence is
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that we were behind the vehicle, attempting to stop it, when it went into the median. subsequently when they approached shall found he had a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> they tried stop him and he wouldn't stop? >> that's correct. >> reporter: 6:45 a.m., the shooting of that tv crew near roanoke. 11:24 a.m., the traffic stop here on i-66. 1:26 p.m., vester flanagan pronounced dead at a hospital in fairfax. coming up at 5:00, we will hear from the trooper who made that most important traffic stop. jim, back to you. >> pat collins, david culver, thank you both. wendy rieger joins me here in the newsroom. this was a chilly gmorning, the gunman sending out tweets hours after the shooting and sent out something before. >> the combination of old media and new social media. i think the most detailed look we have of this guy is the 23-page manifesto that he faxed
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to abc news under the name of bryce williams, his on-air name, two hours after the shooting. in it, he said quoting abc news, he said that's a "human powder keg. for a bile, just waiting to go boom." he said the charleston church shootings sent him over the edge. he invoked the names of the mass killers of columbine high school and virginia tech, expressing admiration for them. now, abc news turned that over to authorities. the general manager at wdbj down in roanoke called this vester lee flanagan, aka, bryce williams, called him an unhappy man, a disgruntled former employee at the station, a reputation for being difficult to work with, accused people of racial discrimination, fired for anger issues. they actually had to get police to come to the station to escort him out. this was two years ago. so, now the social media pieces -- >> that's how a lot of us have followed this for hours, not only was he armed with a gun,
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add go pro out there afterwards, on facebook with that video, he was tweeting out and took a while for facebook, any ways, to pull it down. >> he showed -- he showed us the killing, 'cause he had either a go pro or his camera on his phoqii>v running so we see the chilling first-person per sp perspective of him walking up, they can't see him, they are facing the other direction. that was posted out on twitter and it did stay up there about -- took about eight minutes for twitter to kill his account and stayed up a little bit longer on facebook. but again, once it's tweeted out, you can kill the account, but it's out there. that's social media. absolutely. >> all right, wendy, thanks so much for sharing that with us. we want to head back into erika who has more on the two lives lost today. >> here's what we have learned about the victims. adam ward was a photographer. he was 27 years old and a graduate of virginia tech. he was also engaged to the morning show producer at that
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station who tragically watched the shooting unfold from the control room. alison parker was a reporter that you see on screen. she was just 24 years of age. she's also an alum of james madison university and she was dating the evening news anchor, chris hurst. the evening news anchor there at wdbj 7. he revealed their relationship status on twit they are morning writing "we didn't share this publicly but alison and i were very much in love we just moved in together. i'm numb." hurst wrote that he and parker had been together for the best nine months. it was the best nine months of our lives. we wanted to get married. we just celebrated her 24th birthday and that's comfort by all of his colleagues. he also tweeted condolences for adam ward's fiancee. >> erika, the third shooting victim is now recovering from surgery and is in stable condition at this hour. vicki gardner is the woman who was being interviewed when the gunman approached them and opened fire. she is executive director of the
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smith mountain lake regional chamber of commerce. >> you can count on news4 for updates on this on-air am bash throughout the hour. we have a crew at the hospital where the gunman died. we are going to have a live report coming up. and we are going to keep pushing out breaking alerts, via the nbc washington app. we are still working several other developing stories for you this afternoon. d.c. finds itself at the bottom of a dubious list and it should come as no surprise for anyone who has to make a long commute. a canine used to sniff out child porn. police explain how this dog helped take down jared from subw
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our weather here, quiet. we are enjoying some sunshine across the area, but we continue to monitor the tropics, tracking erika. the intensity of erika hasn't changed very much over the last few hours. the winds still at 45 miles per hour it moves toward the lesser antilles. the latest track, brushing right by puerto rico and san juan, brush to the north of cuba and yes, while the latest track does have it going toward miami, southern florida, there's new indication we are going to see erika make a hard turn to the north and northeast, start heading out toward the atlantic by the early part of next week. there will be a new advisory coming out just after the 5:00. you will want to stay with us. in terms of our impacts here what we could potentially see, i think midweek to the end of next week, just days before labor day, there's a possibility of some large waves, rough surf and rip current. we will have a look at your
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beach forecast for this upcoming weekend in a few minutes. vj, thank you. one of the three american trained heros is back on u.s. soil today. anthony sadd ler returned to sacramento overnight with his parents. their flight was denated by the ceo of a sports wear company and flew the here reese parents to paris over the weekend so they could watch their sons receive france's highest honor. sadler and his friend, francis stone and alex scar late tas stopped the man who had a gun on the train last week. it comes as no surprise why the d.c. metro region is ranked the worst in the country when it comes to traffic. we are staying on top of our breaking news this day, agoers choking up on air as they remember co-workers killed in southwest virginia. we will have another update for you next.
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we continue to follow breaking news a violent end to a shocking moment of horror played out on live television a reporter and her photographer from a tv station in roanoke, virginia, shot and killed dur the mduring the middle of a live interview and viewers watched. the suspect, described as disgrunt.ed former employee of the tv station, took his own
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life. more live coverage of this story as it continues to develop, straight ahead. as you might imagine, it's been a very difficult day for folks behind the scenes at wdbj, where people who report the news all of a sudden became the news. >> some of the co-workers of the victims went on camera to share memories of the victims. >> special people and they would bright.up a roen up a room. all sleepy, all tired. grab a piece of candy, say something to leo about the bruins or red sox or something, and come in and bounce, happy just to start her day. >> meanwhile, the news seem here in washington sent a tweet about the washington saying "we offer deepest sympathies to the wdbj 7 family on the loss of alison parker and adam ward. rest in peace." the news seem has two-story glass memorial with the names of all journalists who have lost their lives who lost their lives
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in news around the world. they plan to put a sign of the two journalists' names today. we look at the early part of that evening rush hour, won't come a surprise to anyone who spends time inching along in our notorious traffic. >> a study from texas a&m confirms our traffic is worse than any other area in the country. meagan fitzgerald reports. >> reporter: there's no secret about it. the gridlock in our area is grueling. >> a nightmare. i don't use it. >> reporter: but now, there's a new study that shows just how bad things are. the texas a.m. & m report says in 2014, the average commuter spent 82 hours in traffic, wasting 35 gallons of gas and that all adds up to a loss of $1800. >> well, time is money. >> reporter: it is, but it's going something drivers like
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harriet friedman try to hang on to, she tries to avoid peak times all together. >> you try to get out early and get back early. >> reporter: it works for some but not all. >> some people have to take the belt watch. >> reporter: john town send is the spokesperson with aaa mid-atlantic. he says traffic in the metro area is getting worse for a number of reasons. >> the economy has resill yen circumstance more people have moved here and now almost 6 million persons. 1.9 million of us drive to work alone each day. >> reporter: his advice is for drivers to leave early and make the best of what we know can be a frustrating commute. the study says if you live 20 minutes away from your destination without traffic, it is important to allow at least 50 minutes during rush hour. in northwest, meagan fitzgerald, news4. aim wendy rieger at the live desk, watching a news conference the national zoo the last few
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minutes the smaller of the twin panda cubs born this weekend has passed. the conference just ended. the cubs were born hours apart on saturday. on monday, the mother, mei xiang, stopped allowing zoo keepers to swap the newborns. they were both doing fine, however, until this morning when the zookeepers noticed something wasn't quite right when they checked on the smaller of the two babies. >> we plied noticed that the little cub had not increased in weight, appeared wandering was exhibiting possible respiratory issues. our panda team began administering antibiotics, respiratory support, fluids and nutritional support as appropriate. we did see slight improvement in the cub's overall condition and behavior, things turned and the cub's condition declined into the early afternoon.
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despite extreme he have forms the part of our dedicated staff, we weren't able to change things. >> again, that was the smaller of the two babies. the one that the mother would not take care of, allow to swap with the other one. the one she has been caring for continues to thrive, is doing well, fingers crossed. back to you. >> all right, bendy, thanks so much. we want to turn to the weather now. another spectacular day. we are on a roll. >> great weather for the kids to go back to school. storm team4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer stand with the forecast. >> looking great the next couple of day tomorrow looking great, friday looking great, start to get back to the heat. enjoy what we have right now. take a look at these conditions across the area. we have seen a few clouds across the region, keep temperatures down, 81, current number, winds out of the northwest, 10 miles per hour, a very nice afternoon. low humidity, now dealing with more sunshine. look at the numbers. only in the 70s for the most part. most areas in the upper 70s, 76, martinsburg, 77, culpepper, 79,
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annapolis. we may go up another degree or two the most part, a fairly cool night. nationals forecast, going to the game tonight, hopefully, win the fourth game in a row, 77 at first pitch, 7:05, a few clouds, nice and dry the seventh inning, last out, a little bit on the cool side.a very nice night out there thinking about heading down toward the nats game, take on the padres. we look at the radar, nothing to show. and it is going to stay very dry over the next couple of days. it has been dry and it will stay that way, so you may need to water the lawn here. satellite and radar together showing the clouds that we had come in, these were actually from an area of low pressure way to our north, given us very cold air aloft, sunshine that helps to build the clouds. watch how they just bubble up during the afternoon. the sun goes down tonight, we will see those clouds get out of here, too and clear out quite nicely. high temperature, 83. 86 on friday. back to the 90s on saturday and sunday. a little bit later on, veronica's back with more on what we think could be our next heat wave.
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guys? >> thank you, doug. a k-9 used to sniff out child porn. police explain hugh dog was used in the case against jared from subway. and don't change the channel. we are working new angles on the lady shooting of a reporter and her photographer in southwest virginia. as soon as we have got new information, we are going to bring it to you live on air and
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and get this next story, former subway pitchman, jared fogle, was taken down by a porn-sniffing dog. >> you heard right, folks, the k-9 named bear getting credit forth collar. bear is one of only five dogs in the country trained to sniff out electronic devices like sd cards and flash drives. his trainer says these dogs can find a device as small as a fingernail hidden in a drawer and bear was assigned to search fogle's house. >> i know he made some indications inside the house in a drawer or whatever. according to the u.s. attorney that he made some significant finds. >> prosecutors say bear found a thumb drive that human investigators missed during an initial search of fogle's house. last week, jared fogle agreed to plead guilty to child pornography charges and crossing state lines to pay for sex with minors. again, the new beginning for an injured bald eagle in virginia. >> and we continue to work the
4:27 pm
breaking story near roanoke, a tv news crew killed. we have got a new statement from one of the victim's families and a report on the shooter from outside innova fairfax (plays throughout)
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♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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the latest on the virginia tv news reporter and photograph here were shot and killed during a live broadcast this morning. >> the shooting sparked a manhunt from roanoke all the way up to northern virginia where
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the suspect was found along i-66 in fauquier county. >> nbc's dave wagner is in moneta, virginia, where the ordeal began. >> reporter: it was a violent end to a shocking moment of horror, played out on live tv. two journalists from the cbs affiliate in roanoke, virginia, in the middle of a live interview, shot and killed as viewers watched. this is the broadcast right up to the point of the shooting. the 24-year-old reporter, alison parker, and 27-year-old photographer, adam ward, are dead. the woman being interviewed, seriously wounded. as the photographer fell, his camera captured the killer's image, an early lead that helped police identify the suspect. vester flanagan, a former report here went by the name of bryce williams. flanagan had been fired and filed a complaint of discrimination. >> vester was not a happy man. after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him.
4:31 pm
and he did not take that well. >> reporter: according to authorities, flanagan used his own video camera to capture the killings and within hours, posted that shocking video to facebook, as police searched for flanagan, investigators say he was live tweeting derogatory remarks about the victims. >> not the one i knew. evidently, something snapped in his mind. i don't know. >> reporter: late this morning, virginia state police spotted the suspect's car on i-66 in northern virginia. >> the sonic ran off the road into the median. when trooper neff approached the vehicle, she found flanagan suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: as investigators search for answers, families and co-workers mourn. >> they were special people and as lee said, they would brighten up a room every morning. >> reporter: two people in the prime of their lives, gunned down early in their promising careers. the head of the local chamber of commerce who was shot is still in the hospital. she is expected to survive
4:32 pm
though. in monette ta, virginia, dave wagner, nbc news. jim, erika, back to you. >> as we know, he leased this disturbing manifesto beforehand. tell us a little bit about the big takeaways, the frightening takeaways in this. >> reporter: this was a manifesto sent to abc news. we have not independently take an look at it, but they have released some of the quotes from it. i will read some things to you "why did i do it, i put down a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15, the church shootings happened on 6/15." "the church shooting was a tipping point but my anger has been building steadily. i have been a human powder keg for a while, just waiting to go boom." on this peaceful lake this morning, just terrible, terrible news happened here, a moment of horror live on tv. >> dave wagner, thanks so much, live in mow ne mow neto, thank
4:33 pm
us. chris gordon is live at the fairfax hospital, where the suspect, vester lee flanagan, was airlifted before passing away this afternoon. chris, what happened there? >> reporter: jim, we were dispatched here to innova fairfax hospital just after 12 noon, right after virginia state police discovered that flanagan had a pulse, despite his self-inflicted gunshot wound. they said he was in very, very critical condition with li life-threatening injuries, medevaced here to the emergency room. a trauma team met the helicopter, took him inside, worked on him for about a half an hour. he was here from 1 to 1:26, when he was pronounced dead on the scene. now, i spoke to someone from innova fairfax hospital to find out what happened next. she says flanagan's body will be turned over to virginia state police and the medical examiner to determine the cause of death. but authorities have already said it was death by suicide.
4:34 pm
that's the latest at innova fairfax hospital. chris gordon, news4. as this terrible story played out, virginia governor terry mcauliffe worked the phones and kept everyone up to date during a guest appearance on our broadcast partner, wtop. >> we believe he is a disgruntled employee of a tv station. so this is not some terrorism act. unfortunately, probably, knew both of the victims. >> governor mcauliffe was at wtop for his regular appearance on the "ask the governor" program. after the manhunt ended, he released a statement saying his administration is heartbroken and he added, in his words, "we cannot rest until we have done whatever it takes to rid our society of preventible gun violence." >> count on news4 for continuing coverage of this deadly ambush. today, we are pushing out breaking alerts on the nbc washington app all evening long. head to our facebook page to leave condolences for the
4:35 pm
victims. i'm mark segraves in the district where mayor bowser spent today briefing council members about her new crime plan. after a fire alarm went off at city hall, the mayor brought them here to a local restaurant to brief them on what she is going to tell the public tomorrow that she wants to give more authority to police to search and detain people on probation or parole that have already been arrested for violent crimes and she has a plan to put what she calls a mobile force of more than 70 officers dedicated just to violent crimes out on the streets. coming up, you'll hear from police and council members what they think about this new plan. in the district, mark segraves, news4. i'm darcy spencer in downtown washington. an emergency shutoff switch on metro buses that's supposed to be there for safety may actually be making these buses more vulnerable to potential criminals. officials confirm on at least a
4:36 pm
couple of occasions, juveniles were able to shut down metro buses that were on scene involving criminal incidents. coming up on news4 at 5:00, i will tell you what metro is doing to address what some are calling a serious safety problem. we had a few clouds this morning, broke out with some nice sunshine. now we are seeing a few more clouds just ripple through our area. no rain from that, but take a look at satellite and radar. you can see the cloud cover just down south of southern maryland, through areas of richmond and up to our north, in between a good deal of sunshine. it's bap nice day, but a dry day, too. you look at our rain chances here the next couple of days, be pretty meager rain chances. probably your best chance will come monday, early part of next week, then talking about 50, 60% chance coming our way. nice start to the day tomorrow, again, it is going to be cool. clear out after midnight, 68 the temperature between 6 and 8 a.m., by 9 to 10 a.m., push it
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up to 73, nice conditions with sunshine throughout. the high tomorrow, 77 to 84 degrees. in a couple of minutes, doug will be back with the seven-day forecast. the washington monument is once again opened for tourism. an elevator malfunction caused 63 people to get stuck at the top last night, including two pregnant women. the visitors were trying to leave the observation deck when the elevator doors would not close. firefighters helped bring the two pregnant women down. everybody else had to take the stairs. 550 feet down. the national park service says the door was repaired quickly and everybody is okay. tonight, you can find out how the second phased of the si -- phase of the silver line is coming along. loudoun leaders will break down three land development plans and also asking for help to come up with a fourth plan. the meeting is at the morefield station elementary school, 6:30
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tonight. the second phase is expected to open in 2019 or 2020. a driver says a officer made him an offer to get out of a traffic ticket. traffic ticket. we have got the
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gaitdersburg and leesburg right now 76 in culpepper. lore ray 73. very cool air making its way in here, going to be a fairly cool night tonight. another great day tomorrow. high temperatures, a little bit warmer, by about three or four degrees. 83, d.c. 83, manassas tomorrow. 79 back toward martinsburg. abundant sunshine. today, saw clouds, a few clouds tomorrow, too most of the day, see plenty of sunshine. making your way out early tomorrow morning, remember, we are going to start off a little point the cool side, low 60s in the suburbs to mid to upper 60s in the city, 8:00, beautiful for lunch, get outdoor eat lunch outdoors, 11:00, 83, another great evening tomorrow night, temperatures 76 by 8:00. the pentagon just picked its replacement for the billion known and aging humvee. oshkosh defense won the highly coveted bid today. the company says their new vehicles are designed to have better protection against roadside bombs with the mobility of a jeep. that means they can handle rivers and cross rugged terrain
4:42 pm
while carrying a significant amount of cargo and their rider, so it will be easier to transport them by air. the first shipment should be ready some name 2018. a rehabilitated bald eagle is flying high again, found injured on the pier in, unable to fly. but today marks a new beginning. watch this. >> one, two, three. >> the wildlife center of virginia nursed the eagle back to health and this morning, she was released back to the wild at wide water state park in stafford county. the public was invited to watch and cheer as the majestic bird took flight. another rehand bald eagle will be released tomorrow. >> batch that over and again. what a beautiful sight. gulf coast prepares to remember the most catastrophic national disaster in american history. we have a look at that this week as new orleans looks back on hurricane katrina. we continue to follow the
4:43 pm
awful breaking news out of the roanoke area, new information on the disgrunted employee who is accused of killing his co-workers on live televisio
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
i'm wendy rieger at the live deck, as we continue to follow today's shooting in virginia where a tv reporter, alison parker and her photographer, adam ward, were shot to death on live television. alison parker's father now
4:46 pm
telling the "washington post," his grief is "unbearable." he says he first learned of his daughter's death in a text message sent to his wife from alison's tv station, wdbj. about an hour later, they did receive a call from the station's general manager to say that alison had died. the gunman, vester flanagan, is said to be a former disgruntled employee of the station. he recorded the shooting and posted it to social media. parker's dad says he refuses to watch t photographer adam ward, also killed. after manhunt, which ended on i-66 in fauquier county, flanagan then shot himself and was flown to inova fairfax hospital, where he later died. we are going to have live team coverage as this story continues to develop into the evening. that is coming up at the top of the hour. >> thank you, wendy. switching gears now this week, the gulf coast is pausing to remember hurricane katrina ten years after the storm. the most catastrophic national
4:47 pm
disaster in recent u.s. history. >> nbc's jay gray was there when the hurricane made landfall and the levees gave way in new orleans. he takes a look back now and updates us on the recovery since then. >> reporter: katrina's fury was felt across the gulf coast. ten years later, the dramatic images are still etched in our nation's memory. dozens of communities from florida through louisiana shredded by the winds or washed away by the surge as a cat gear three hurricane made landfall along the mississippi coast. >> one of the levees has broken and given way. >> reporter: full magnitude of the storm wasn't clear until a day or so later when the force of the water unexpectedly overwhelmed levees across new orleans. >> in the blink of an eye, everything changed. >> reporter: more than 1800 were killed. more than 100,000 lost their homes. 80% of the city was under water. >> help us. it's -- whales can you do? what else can you say? >> reporter: in the hardest hit
4:48 pm
areas, like st. bernard parish and the ninth ward, survivors were pulled from rooftops by choppers or boats. >> we got to go easy though, okay? >> reporter: others walked carrying any belongings they could, closed down highways looking for higher ground and help. >> is not about rich people, poor people, it is about people. >> reporter: tens of thousands rushed to the convention center, the super dome, shelters of last resort. ten years later, the dome has been transformed from a shelter back to a showcase, hosting the men's final four and the super bowl. bourbon street and the french quarter are booming and so is business. forbes ranked new orleans as the fastest growing city in the u.s. but things haven't moved as quickly in the battered ninth ward. the federal government provided $9 billion for rebuilding through the road home program. there's still millions available from fema specifically for the ninth ward, but what you will see when you drive through this
4:49 pm
neighborhood are hundreds of properties like this one. other than the graffiti, untouched for ten years. there is some progress but there are far more problems still. even in this mess that lingers, you can heart sounds of a recovery that continues here. >> i have hope this is my city, i love this city, i was born and raised in this city and i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: honoring a promise made in the wake of the storm. in a region that a decade later, refuses to give in. jay gray, nbc news, new orleans. >> our own chris lawrence is headed to new orleans, reflecting on the disaster ten years later and how much things have changed. you can watch for a live report starting tomorrow on news4 at 4, 5 and 6. of course the current storms in the tropics we have been telling you about the last
4:50 pm
couple of day erika, tropical storm, a new advisory the next couple of minutes issued, we will get that to you, likely we are going to see the storm curve more to the north-northeast away from florida beneficial rains for the dominican republic as well as the bahamas. around here, the drier pattern for us, seeing our temp chourps the cool side today and also thursday as well as friday, then as we get into the weekend, most of next week, temperatures will be running above the average of 86 degrees. so a little bit of late summer heat will start to come our way. for your evening, the temperature right now, 81 degrees, got warm conditions out there right now, a few high clouds moved into the area, i do think they are going to start moving back out, 77 at 7:00, those clouds will hang on for a while. we get clear late, by around 11 p.m. to midnight and temperatures will get a chance to drop the 60s to the 50s in a lot of locations by tomorrow morning, the outlying suburbs into the mid-50s, 65 inside the
4:51 pm
belt watch another great start, mainly clear. i do think we are going to see more sunshine coming our way tomorrow. we have those clouds for that weak system going on through today, anywhere from the upper 70s to 83 right inside the beltway expected tomorrow. if you are headed to the beach, water temperature now at 80 degrees. we have got sunshine on tap for sunday. more humid conditions coming our way for the weekend, as well as on sunday, even a few clouds, from 80 degrees on friday to about 84 on sunday. that's at the beach. meanwhile, the inland locations will start hitting the 90s around here, so you will want to enjoy tomorrow as well as friday of this week. tomorrow, we top out again at 83 by around 3:00, with clouds building during the afternoon hours. we will have a look at your four-day forecast, real quick here and extended forecast coming up on news4 at 5:00, heat for the weekend, talk about the rain and that advisory in just a few. thank you. the colorado movie theater massacre trial finally comes to an end. james holmes is sentenced to
4:52 pm
life in prison without the chance of parole. holmes, you will recall, gunned down 12 people watching the midnight premiere of batman back in july of 2012. the attack was premeditated but jurors couldn't agree unanimously that he deserved the death penalty. in northern virginia, lane changes starting tonight, 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. tomorrow morning on thursday. this is because of the route 7 widening project. now, eastbound route 7, those lanes will be shifted to new lanes from rolling holly drive all the way to reston avenue. cars will be detoured onto fairfax county parkway because of this issue and then also, sugarland road right there at route 7 shut down to all traffic until the end of september, perhaps early october because of this project as well. >> thanks, melissa. orientation set for tomorrow for students and parents at loudoun county's new high school. construction crews at riverdale -- riverside high in
4:53 pm
lands down are racing to finish as much as possible before the first day of class. tomorrow's a big day for the rams. >> our student orientation in the morning, we are hoping that all 834 kids, as of friday, come. we are going to give them their schedules, do a lot of different things that night, bringing in the parents, they are just as excited to come in here as the kids. first day of classes for them is next monday. >> just not good at all. nothing about the south that's good. period. >> candid comments from philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey on the actions of charles ramsey on the actions of one of his own
4:54 pm
what's the most important thing your parents do for you? they buy me food. charles ramsey on the actions of one of his own
4:55 pm
they make sure i'm never lost. well... they pay my allowance. encourage me. ♪ they sing us a lullaby at night... a lullaby at night. ♪ oh! now i remember... why does it matter that cigna covers preventive care? because the next most important thing you can do for them is take care of yourself. cigna. together, all the way.
4:56 pm
so many angles continue to unfold in the murder of a tv reporter and photographer. we are learning information about the young journalist killed this morning and their connection to the gunman. live team coverage is just two minutes away. stay tuned to news4. flights have resumed at dublin airport after fire in the hangar forced runways to shut down. look at this picture here. you can see the huge fireball erupting there nobody was hurt. runways were closed for 90 minutes as a precaution. no word what sparked the flames. a firm ya police officer an extortionist or simply an overzealous salesman?
4:57 pm
the question facing police commissioner charles ramsey. the former d.c. police chief minces no words when it comes to his officer's actions. >> he is not a rookie. not a rookie. 32 years of age, he is an adult. grown man. more importantly, he is a police officer. that position alone, that should tell you just not what you are doing. >> reporter: we didn't need to show this video to philadelphia's police commissioner, he saw it already, minutes after we called him to comment on it. just stupid. just not good at all. there's nothing about this officer that's good, period. i'm not going to remotely try to justify any of it. >> you buy these or i take your car. 'cause it's unregistered. support your police department. >> you didn't expect it to be shared the way it was. >> reporter: i spoke with the man who shot the video, he says he never thought it would have more than 180,000 views. >> you already paid.
4:58 pm
you got these ticket, man, go support your police department. >> okay. >> cops like me, instead of taking your [ bleep ], you two walking. >> reporter: the officer with the 24th district. the man who took the video says it was the traffic stop and paid $30. the officer appears to be making homophobic slurs in the video as well. >> what's up with the [ bleep ]? >> breast cancer, man. my grandma ma. >> breast cancer, i can understand. support breast cancer in other ways? you look like a fruitcake. >> commissioner ramsey says the officer on question on desk duty while internal affairs lacks a this case. news4 at 5 starts right now with jim and wendy. right now at 5:00, the latest on [ inaudible ] stretching from southwest virginia to our area and around the world in a series of chilling messages. the accused gunman, a former reporter, vester lee flanagan, pronounced hours ago at inova fairfax hospital, accused of
4:59 pm
shooting and killing reporter alison parker and her photographer, adam ward, during a live tv interview on wdvj outside of roanoke this morning. >> flanagan shot himself after a chase on i-66 in fauquier county. he is also accused of sending disturbing tweets and messages about why he carried out this deadly ambush using his old tv name, bryce williams. we begin with team coverage on this evening. good evening, everybody. >> we have crews from the scene in hardee, virginia, to the chase on i-66 to the hospital at innova fairfax. when begin with northern virginia reporter david culver live on the scene. david? >> reporter: jim and wendy, as we were making our drive down here, i started reaching out to some of the reporters, given that we all work closely together. so i reached out to some of the others who work in this community. as soon as we got here, you could tell there was this true sense of loss, this unsettled feeling amongst everybody who was standing by for a press conference, rather silent and solemn. and you could see several hours
5:00 pm
after this tragedy unfolded behind me, this is the scene where it happened and it's still very active. deputies down here, they have it all blocked off. it started out, was supposed to be a light-hearted feature story and it quickly became a deadly tragedy that played out on live tv. gathered from around the nation, franklin county sheriff bill overtop said he was one of those watching wdvj 7's live broadcast this morning. >> it has really stopped me in my tracks this morning. like many viewers, i was watching this morning's broadcast and couldn't understand really what was happening myself. >> reporter: just as reporter alison parker and her photographer, adam ward, were conducting a live interview overlooking the scenic smith mountain lake, they were am bushed. we are not showing you the disturbing attack. >> both parker and ward were residents of roanoke, virginia.


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