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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 27, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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into the 10:00 hour on this sunday morning. i want the start with some breaking news in d.c. three people shot overnight. what police are telling us about who did or did not make it out
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alive. >> and mass for the masses. pope francis will send his whirlwind heartfelt nation and he'll be in jail later today. >> a wonderful autumn day on the way. first let's go to that breaking news in southwest d.c. "news4's" derrick ward live in d.c. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: good morning again. we're in the 2500 block of elvans road. take look at the crime scene. police have removed most of their vehicles and taken down the tape. residents are now waking to find their personal cars are riddled with bullets, this after the shooting. take a look at the scene. if you go wider, just above here, there's a vary lance cam rarks perhaps a fish-eye's view of what happened last night. just about a half hour ago they
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towed away the vehicle. it was last night that the police responded to the sound of gunfire. when they got here, they found three men who had been shot. we're told some of the victims might not have made it out of the vehicle. one was in the vehicle. one was pronounced dead. another is hospitalized. we don't know the condition of the third people. residents say they heard lots of gun fire out here. perhaps 20 shots in rapid success in what some describe as automatic weapon. the suv has been riddled with bullets. it's been towed away. no word or identity on any of the victims. we're live in "news4." let's get a check on the forecast on this sunday morning. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here. hey, tom. >> a live look showing nice breaks in the clouds after we started off a little gloomy and gray. pave management is drying out
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and we'll get sunshine continuing break out. the radar history in the last few hours now passing through. getting other heavier downpours. that will be way west of us. it will stay there by later this morning. and right now metro area, storm team 4 not showing any rain around the region except on the eastern shore in chestertown tracking west of philadelphia. those showers will be moving and staying away from philadelphia for the mass this afternoon. it's rather cool. we're in the mid-50s. it's still rather cool here. a little bit of a breeze north and east. we're in the mid-60s. a look at this wet pattern that's going to begin to move in for the week ahead. our rain chances. that will be coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks so much, tom. pope francis's u.s. visit wraps up with what's expected to be
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the biggest of his u.s. trip. we want to take a look live. bishops and cardinals just finished meeting with pope francis at st. charles seminary and a few moments ago, pope francis went off skrimt and addressed sexual abuse. >> eun yang, she's been here all week. what kind of message does the pope want to send today do, you think? >> well, adam, the first order of business was for them to meet with victims of sexual cler by abuse. they met when they were minors. he listened to their stories, he prayed with them. he said he shared in their suffering and said he felt sadness and shame. this took place at the seminary where he's spending time in philadelphia. he then addressed hissish to bishops and seminarians saying the church leaders need to do more and be more vigilant about prodeathing the children from abuse. he said he would create a new
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vatican tribunal to prosecute officials who cover up priests abusing children. >> translator: the sexual abuse of children, these may not be in secret, and i commit to careful oversight to ensure that youth are protected and that all responsible will be held accountable. >> now, this is a message that many catholics who traveled here from far and wide have been waiting for. in fact, we met a family from seattle, washington. that's one thing that one particular person said. wanl to hear what the pope has to say about this controversial issue about protecting children from clergy sexual abuse. this is an important message
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he's sending out. he has a busy schedule ahead. he's already on his way to a prison via helicopter. there he will meet with 100 young inmates. this is not a surprising move for popes. one of his first acts as pope was to wash the feet of prisoners in rome. from here he'll be back on the benjamin franklin parkway. more than 100 million people are expected to be here. this will be his final message and people are expected the message that continues the theme of this entire time in philadelphia. one of hope and love. back to you. >> philadelphia still has a big event today. how did they do last night? what grade would you give them? >> reporter: i have to say they destinily get an a. for the most part law enforcement says there have been
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no major issues. there have been lines at the check points but there was one arrest p one man tried to get into the media section backstage. he was arrested. the celebration went off without a hitch. everything went smoothly. the officers said that's because people are here to see the pope and it brings out the best in them so they're willing to wait and brung their patience and enjoy their time in philadelphia. >> eun yang, in philadelphia. go easy on the cheesesteaks. >> bring us one back. >> still trying to get one, adam. >> we want to move it over to decision 2016. republican candidate dr. ben carson will be there. loudoun county is expected to be a key swing county in the battle ground state of virginia. the ladies of decision 2016
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are hitting "meet the press" this morning. c's chuck todd will talk to democrat hillary clinton as well as gop contender carly fiorina. that's coming up this morning on nbc 4 one man caused in an hour-long crime spree after he was arrested. and the tragedy that happened once they learned their quarterback walked offer the field. and the change d.c. water and the change d.c. water cu
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a developing story this morning. two people are dead and three are hurt after a spree of shootings in southern california. police say the man is now in custody. hs he was arrested near san bernardino. he may be who killed two people. now an investigation into why a quarterback died after he was hurt in a game friday night. people say evan murray was hit in the backfield only play and then was able to walk off the feed. he reportedly collapsed after
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that. murray was a starting quarterback for warren hills regional high school for the last three years. let's take a look at the stories coming up in the week ahead. the group considering renaming the terps stadium may be renaming idiot, calling curly burd racist and segregationist. people may be paying more for water, as much as $80. the money will go into fixing the water peeps. next on social media, a woman caught doing what she was not supposed to do with a sea
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welcome back at 10:16. a business morning. hillary clinton will be on meet the prus. chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press" sat down with hillary. right now she's under scrutiny. officials say there was nothing official in it. why is this a problem? >> i think the thing she struggled with is she'll give an explanation and then there'll be a new data point which makes that explanation seem like it's not correct and they have to do an addendum. she has never provided what feels like a full explanation and while each in isolation they can defend as truthful, together it looks like an evolving story, and when you have an evolving story, it ooh like you never get ahead of it. she acknowledges it's drip, drip, and she -- she also seems to concede the story may not end for some time and that's somebody that has been plugging her candidacy.
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>> she has not put a resolution to this. >> ultimately she's got her testimony before congress. she hopes that's a resolution. it could be months. >> right. you're also going to talk to carly fiorina today, the other side of the aisle. >> she's finding out what it's like to be a new front-runner. we talked a lot about planned parenthood as well as her business record which gets a ton of scrutiny. she doesn't have me kind words for the "washington post" that many people are waking up to. look, she's got a challenge with her hp record politically. i think she knows it and she's trying to deal with it. >> something that's coming up on the show, john boehner. >> on any given week it might have been our lead. there was a ton folk ogoing on. this is a way for him to put a pause. there is a battle inside the republican party. you can say it's battle for the soul of the party but certainly
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a split between the establishment and grassroots conservatives. that's what's driven boehner out. the fact of the matter is while boehner's decision to do what he did pauses the battle in washington perhaps for three or four months, i think it only perhaps electrifies the presidential race that along with that you've got new numbers. >> and that too. >> and that too. >> we talk about the impact of the pope. by the way, scott walker dropped off. how about that. as we say, oh, my gosh. >> a reminder you can see "meet the press" every sunday right here on nbc 4 right after "news4 today." thanks, chuck. >> thanks. >> police in florida have arrested the woman who was seen riding a sea turtle on a beach. take a look for yourself. here's the photo that went
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viral. thanks to the public tip, this is so distasteful. melbourne police were able to catch up to stephanie moore, saying she had an active warrant for the incident. she was taken to the county jail, held on $2,000 in jail. >> spend some time in florida and they're very protective of the sea turtles. >> i've been to the sea turtle animal hospital in key west. it's extraordinary the lengths they go to to save these little animals and they are really threatened by the environment and the things that are in the water. >> and they're some of the oldest creatures on the planet. those galapagos turtles. they're amazing. >> here we've had welcome sunshine breaking out over the last couple of hours after we had a few sprinkles around, 8:00. now beginning to drive out. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera, storm team 4 radar. getting sprinkles here.
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also southwest of virginia. those will stay west of the area for the rest of the day. right now storm team 4 radar showing we're dry here. that i may be tracking just west of philadelphia for all of those assembling in philadelphia for the mass this afternoon. should stay dry. it will be a close call. the showers passing west of there this afternoon. 60s around the area. 70 by the bay. 50s in shenandoah valley. quite a bit chilly. in the mountains, low to mid-50s. exercise impact should be a great weather for biking, hiking, kayaking. we'll be in the 60s the rest of the morning near 70, early afternoon. just a few clouds coming and going. a little bit of sunshine breaking out. storm team 4 sky cast 4 showing sunshine getting a little wider spread as we get into the afternoon. more sun breaks out and them the clouds begin to close back in as all eyes look at the sky and begin to see the lunar eclipse which starts at 8:11.
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that's when the moon moves into the earth's shadow and it will be a super moon. it peaks at 10:47. that's when the moon will be darkest. there may be breaks in the clouds. finger's crossed you'll get a glimpse of the night. hour-by-hour forecast for the rest of the afternoon, sunshine breaking out. highs reaching low 70s. and then might get an afternoon shower. greater chance of shower with high 70s tuesday, wednesday. a little sun may come back on thursday. another round of showers looking possible friday into saturday with highs in the 60s. thank you, tom. the itsy-bitsy spider -- >> climbed up a man's gas tank. >> there you go. >> there you go. we'll tell you how it
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well, if you're scared of spiders here's something obvious you should not follow. a man was filling up his car when he saw a spider near his fuel door. instead of brushing it off, he took out his lighter. the car and the pump went into flames. the clerk cut off the gase. thank goodness the man wasn't hurt and he went back the next day to say, i'm sorry. >> yeah, i'm sorry for pulling out the lighter at the gas station. not a good idea. >> there's a lot of signage. >> what about the old school take off the shoe. it's so easy. nobody gets hurt. tom, tell us about the forecast. >> a little bit of sunshine. this afternoon, a nice day. great autumn die. high 70s. enjoy. >> we're going to have angie put her shoe back on.
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thanks for joining us. have a good day. >> it didn't smell bad.
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this sunday, the two leading women running for president. first, hillary clinton. her e-mail, those sinking poll numbers and questions about whether joe biden will jump in. my one on one with the former secretary of state. then, carly fiorina. her debate performance catapulted her into front-runner status. now how does she deal with the pressures of being a possible front-runner? carly fiorina joins me live. also our latest presidential poll number for both parties. where do the races stand this morning? plus, who saw this coming? >> i'd say they were shocked. >> john boehner's stunning resignation may be the latest sign of the civil war that's raging


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