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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, disaster. in south carolina deadly flooding continues, and conditions could get worse as roads an dams wash away. a loud crash into a maryland apartment building. now police are trying to figure out if somebody shot the driver before impact. and don't look now, but a big win today for the redskins has them in second place in nfc east. >> news4 at 6:00 starts now. >> first and new at 6:00, d.c. police are trying to figure out how somebody died after an altercation with two security guards at medstar washington hospital center. the man had been a patient. but there is still a lot that we
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just don't know about the confrontation. news4's darcy spencer is outside the hospital. darcy, what are we learning tonight? >> well, that's exactly right, erica. we don't know what this confrontation was all about, and we still don't know how this patient died. we are hoping to learn a lot more at a press conference that has been scheduled for tomorrow morning here at the hospital. what we do know is that two washington hospital center security guards got into some kind of altercation with a patient at the main entrance of the hospital. that happened tuesday around 5:00. and during the altercation, the patient, who has not been identified, suffered some kind of critical injury. and again, we don't know what that injury was, but he died two days later here at the hospital. an autopsy is going to determine exactly how he died. the two guards have been placed on administrative leave. at this point no charges have been filed. now the hospital released a statement earlier this afternoon. it says in part our highest
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priority is the care and safety of every patient who comes to us for care. and we are deeply concerned for the family. we want to ensure that the community that we take care of this situation very seriously, and we are working closely with mpg to help them gather the information they need. so again, there are still a lot of questions about this. again, this confrontation happened on tuesday. the patient then died on thursday. that press conference scheduled for tomorrow morning at 11:00. and we're hoping to learn a lot more about how this happened. erika, back to you. >> darcy spencer, thank you so much. a major disaster still unfolding right now in parts of south carolina. three people now confirmed dead. flooding has closed bridges on two major interstates in the state capital of columbia. and the national guard is on standby. we're going get back to that in just a couple of minutes. but first, the rain in that area far from being over, right, amelia? >> that's exactly right, erika.
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charleston forecast to pick up another 2 to 4 inches overnight tonight. the situation will start to improve throughout the day tomorrow. here is the latest on storm team 4 radar. bands of rain continue to impact the carolinas. heavy rain impacting parts of wilmington right now. but it's really charleston that we're focused on where catastrophic flooding is occurring there. you hear floods described as 1 in 100 years. back here in our own area, we're concentrating on only some minor flooding. christina shared this photo with me on twitter at the tidal basin. this here is a bench you would sit on. water up to the bench. st. mary's, calvert and anne arundel counties are going to be under a coastal flood warning for the morning and midday hours tomorrow. arlington, alexandria and falls church through a coastal flood warning tomorrow morning. we'll continue to track minor flooding in low-lying areas here. certainly nothing what south carolina is continuing to deal with. they've been dealing with this
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rain since thursday. amounts in charleston have ranged from 15 to 20 inches of rain there in total. >> well, this storm has been worse than a hurricane, worse than anything he has ever seen. those words from the mayor of charleston, south carolina, and the problems are far from over. we are just learning of a possible dam failure in the city of florence. countless people being rescued in columbia. and the city's drinking water could be in danger. nbc's jay gray continues our coverage. >> reporter: as the floodwaters continue to climb, so do tensions across the carolinas. >> it's shocking. it's scary. >> reporter: and it won't stop. soak rain in some areas for three straight days and still falling. at times, more than 2 inches an hour tossing cars, tearing away bridges, dams and roadways, forcing hundreds from their homes and stealing everything inside. >> we have lost everything. what i got on my body is what we have. pretty much everybody down that hill has lost everything. our vehicles, our clothes.
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everything. but the best thing is that we still have our lives. >> reporter: high water rescues continue around the clock across the region. >> we got out okay. >> reporter: survivors rushed to higher ground. >> water rise and cars underwater, stuff is moving. and who knows what could be lurking in this water right about now. >> reporter: in an area that stretches from the coast through columbia, and it's growing. >> we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in a thousand years. >> reporter: and forecasters warn more could be on the way. jay gray, nbc news, columbia, south carolina. well, if you joined us yesterday at 6:00, you know our own doreen gentzler was in the middle of all of this vacationing in kiawah island, south carolina. she posted this video on her facebook page the morning. take a look. that is doreen and her husband, wading through the water when their rental car couldn't go any
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further. she did get to the airport safely. you can see more pictures and video on her facebook page. and i just shared them on my page as well. bermuda is now feeling the brunt of hurricane joaquin. the storm is weakening, but it's still packing 100-mile-per-hour winds. and tonight we are seeing some of the first video of the devastation in the bahamas. the u.s. coast guard took this video today. the storm caused severe flooding on several small islands in the bahamas, damaging hundreds of homes. meanwhile, there is no sign of that cargo ship that went missing last week. coast guard crews have spotted life jackets, life rings, and an oil sheen, but they haven't confirmed whether it came from the el faro. turning to sports now, it looks like another loss opportunity for the redskins. but jason, kirk cousins and company pulled out a win at home against the eagles. >> yeah, that's right, erika.
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give kirk cousins a lot of credit. over a week ago against the new york giants he looked terrible, his worst game by far of the season. but he came out today and really put forth a great effort. not only did he manage the game for the redskins, he went out and won the gym for the redskins. let's take a look at the highlights and show you how it went down today at fedex field. the skins looking for their first victory in the nfc east division. after a good first half, they struggled in the second. the eagles down three in the fourth quarter. sam bradford to miles austin. he hauls in a 39-yard touchdown. and the eagles erased a 13-point deficit. they lead 20-16. but give jay gruden's bunch credit that. >> did not call this game over. cousins marchs the team right down the field. he finds pierre garcon for the go-ahead touchdown. lots of contact here. but pierre, he holds on, and the redskins come back to beat the philadelphia eagles, 23-20.
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>> a group of men playing together for 60 minutes and overcome a lot of adversity. some guys making big-time place in big-time situations. i'm proud of each and every one of those guys. they fought their tails off to tend. >> i'm just happy i got it. you always want to catch the game-winning touchdown. but you got to do your parton team. it's about the team, not about who catches. just happy we all got in the end zone and at the end of the game we all started celebrating in the end zone. >> now coming up later in sports, we will hear from more redskins players on just how cool kirk cousins was in that final touchdown drive. from fed ex, i'm jason pugh, news4 sports. a mystery tonight in prince george's county. police trying to figure out how the driver of this car died after crashing into an apartment building. plus, the reward just went up for information about the death of a good samaritan who was also a u.s. marine. and this mangled gas meter is the reason that some people in bethesda spent the night in a grocery sto son.
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cherson. 84 firefighters died in the line of duty in the u.s. last year. their sacrifice honored today in maryland. [ bagpipes playing ] firefighters from across the country carried folded american flags for each of the fallen heroes. president obama spoke at the
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annual memorial service in emmitsburg. he said it's hard to think of a more selfless profession. maryland state police have just increased the reward in a deadly hit-and-run that took the life of a young marine. they're now offering $2,000 for information that could help solve the case. marine corporal william farrell was killed on route 15 in frederick county tuesday night. he had stopped to help a stranded driver. investigators say he was wearing a reflective vest and had his emergency lights flashing. a truck pulling a trailer hit farrell, killing him instantly. the driver stopped for a couple of minutes and then took off. coastal flooding will be a problem again tonight in parts of our area. but a much sunnier forecast son the way. amelia segal
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a woman found dead in her car after it plowed into an apartment building in district heights. but tonight police say the crash on rochelle avenue may not be what killed her. news4's derrick ward talked to neighbors what they saw and heard before the crash. >> reporter: the scene here was bad all by itself. around 10:30 saturday night, this car crashed into a ground floor apartment. it hit with enough force to go through the wall of the unit. >> the wall was shaking.
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>> i heard a big boom. that's all i heard. >> so i opened my door. i looked over and there was a car in the hallway. my whole thing was to get my wife and kids out of the house. >> reporter: with the car blocking the stairs, the main way out for residents, that was next to impossible. and the building was filling with smoke. >> so nobody can leave out the building. they started passing babies off the balconies. >> reporter: paramedics found the car's driver trapped inside and unconscious and found what police are calling trauma to tupper body. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. before the crash, residents of a building up the hill had been awakened by the car hitting this fence and backing up, and then the sound of gunfire. and of that car lurching forward. from all appearances the car went through this fence, over that hill and ended up in that apartment on a level below. police are hoping video from surveillance cameras around the complex will help unravel the events leading up to this incident. >> i'm really saddened by the
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situation. i mean, whoever this person was in the car, i wouldn't want to be the parent of that person this morning. >> reporter: in district heights, derrick ward, news4. people who live in a bethesda apartment building still don't have heat tonight, and it's all because of this. police say woman drove her car in to the gas meter at the building on fairfax street overnight. residents had to be evacuated and spent hours inside a supermarket while gas crews stopped the leak. workers are now trying to repair that meter. witnesses say the woman just drove off after hitting it, and she still has not been located. well, if you didn't like the weather this weekend, that's okay. because things are going to change this week. >> yes. i was look agent the weather calendar that we have, including today we've had ten straight days of mostly cloudy to overcast skies. >> that's okay with me. i'm ready for fall. i'm ready. >> well, if you do want to see the sunshine, it will make an appearance tomorrow. especially as we work our way towards the lunchtime and afternoon hours. and after that, we're talking about sunny skies for the majority of your workweek. here are your headlines.
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tomorrow will be a transition day to better weather, warmer temperatures, mostly sunny skies. overall, really nice. low humidity. highs in the 70s. warm days, cool nights, great weather to get beautiful fall colors to come out on the trees. our next chance of rain will arrive late friday into saturday. i'll be pointing that out on the seven-day. tomorrow the weather having a pretty low impact on your day. the sun returns. it's only a little bit breezy. and overall temperatures are warmer. those of you in st. mary's, calvert, anne arundel counties, parts of the district right by the water as well as alexandria, falls church and arlington. again, right by the water. if you have been dealing with some coastal flooding, you can continue to deal with that through the morning and midday hours tomorrow. overall, we're going to start to dry out and temperatures beginning to warm. right now, though, temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. 58 degrees in washington. it's breezy overnight tonight. and it's cloudy as well. it will be cloudy and cool tomorrow morning. starting off with a temperature of 53. upper 40s if you're in the
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suburb. by lunchtime, we're flirting with that 60-degree mark. the sun starts to come out and only a little breezy as we get into tavern and evening hours. nice, great weather for going for a run. bicycle ride, walking the dog. 3:00 we'll hit our high temperature of 68. 7:00 temp in the low 60s. and skies become clear tomorrow night, it's going to be a chilly start on tuesday morning. 52 in the district. but if you're in the suburbs, temperatures will be in the mid- to upper 40s for lows. so forget, gaithersburg, leesburg you're, starting off your tuesday morning with temps in the mid-40s. a high of 74 on tuesday. your 80 degrees on wednesday, a high of 78. mid-70s thursday and friday. clouds increase throughout the day on friday with rain possible friday night into saturday morning. saturday afternoon looks to be dry and a bit breezy. cooler, though, high temperatures around 70. next sunday looking nice, a high of 72. >> thanks, amelia. still ahead, more on the redskins' big comeback win. players talking about cool kirk
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> woo, what a game.
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when it looked like all was lost, but then. >> here they come! it was an understatement that they needed it. boy do they need it. i said it on twitter, understatement of the year. admit it, though, kirk cousins winning the game in the final moments is not something you thought you would see today. he can manage the game, but he is not going win it for you. but with the help of a heroic pierre garcon who is returning from a knee injury, the finish was as exciting as it was shocking. huddling up to take on the eagles, both teams coming in 1-2. skins preaching ball security all week. but threatening in the second quarter, kirk cousins fumbled the snap. he is in for the touchdown. the inadvertent quarterback sneak. and it works every time. first career rushing td fo cousins, and the redskins are up 13-0 at the half. second half, burgundy and gold defense struggling. sam bradford off the play fake all day. he is airing it out for riley cooper.
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a clear pass to pater, a 62-yard touchdown. eagles miss the extra point within 7. in the fourth quarter, eagles taking advantage of a redskins fumble. bradford going deep again. this time miles austin catching the over the shoulder pass. eagles rerace 13-0. they're up 20-16. late ugly, hold your breath. cousins under three seconds to play. pierre garcon for the game winner. pierre crushed on the play. but he holds on for the four-yard touchdown. cousins needs a hug. someone, please, hug me! up 23-20 with only a few seconds left. eagles trying to pull off the game-winning drive. ryan kerrigan comes up with the sack. five sacks in the game for the skins. loving it. last chance for bradford and the eagles. ten seconds left. bradford short pass to jordan matthews. he'll play the lateral game, hoping for a miracle. but trent murphy, he has a huge interception.
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he had a sack earlier in the drive. and that seals it. redskins beat the eagles, 23-20. for more, we're going to head out live to fedex field. jason pugh standing by. jason, the gym on the line, kirk cousins comes through. >> yeah, carol, he really did come through for his teammates. nine days is a long time to sit around and listen to everyone tell you how bad of a quarterback you. that's what kirk cousins was dealing with after that thursday night letdown in new york to the giants. but he bounced back in a major way. that final touchdown drive by the offense, 15 plays, 90 yards. i spoke to a few redskins players. and they said kirk cousins was calm and under control during that drive. >> ice-cold, man, ice-cold. never wavered. couldn't sense any type of nervousness in him. you know, he had complete confidence that we were going to go down here and win this game.
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everybody said. >> that final drive, i wasn't capable of doing that when i came in the league as a rookie. it takes time. it takes failure. it takes learning from experiences. and culmination i guess it would be three-plus seasons wto of work got me to a point where i was able to make the necessary plays on that drive. >> kirk is definitely growing. as you get comfortable, you grow. you see the same coverage we saw and that's why we had a loft completions on that last drive that were the most important drive of the game. kirk is definitely growing as a quarterback and as a player. >> now that final drive wasn't just about kirk cousins managing the game, carol, he went out and won the game. he put the team on his back, carried him down the field. and got this much needed win like you said against the philadelphia eagles. >> good things he won too. otherwise i would be making fun of that jacket that he had at the postgame. the burgundy coat. did you see that? i wonder if he bought that special. thanks, jason. >> i thought it was a good touch. >> okay, good. he's got burgundy blood in his
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veins and he is wearing it on his sleeves. thanks jason pugh at fedex field. max scherzer a spectator today after a second no-hitter of the year last night. tanner o'rourke on the mound this afternoon. he was solid. bottom of the fourth, gets looking to strand too. strikes out six over six innings, giving up three hits and no runs. this game would stay scoreless into the eighth. blake facing curtis granderson. a blasts a solo shot to center. the second run off nats pitching in the series. new york up 1-0. bryce hammer's last at-bat. he became skbooim the game tied with the marlins with a .331 batting average. harper goes 1 for 4. gordon three hits today for him including a home run. gordon takes the batting title over .333 over .330.
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we'll keep an eye on movements of matt williams' future. stay tuned. orioles finishing up their season against the yankees. chris a free agent to be raising his price tag. 46th home run of the season. also has 115 rbi. orioles up 7-4 right now in the eighth over the yankees. >> pretty exciting stuff in sports. >> thank you, carol that is the news for now. "nightly news" is up next. and then we will see you again after sunday night football. good night, everyone.
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on this sunday night, flood emergency, millions bracing for yet more deadly and catastrophic flooding on the east coast as more heavy rains threaten an already threatened south carolina. an apparent u.s. air strike that destroyed a hospital in northern afghanistan should be treated as a war crime. tonight, how could this have happened? shooters last words, chilling new details on what the gunman in oregon told his victims in the moments before he took their lives. and blast from the past, cassette tapes are making a major comeback with turns of millions sold last year alone. rewinding the way we listen to music.


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