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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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a drill. >> i was quite worried. >> and students started seeing two medevac hospitals flying in. richard bowers says a fire broke out inside a first-floor chemistry classroom. a chemical demonstration by the teacher during a chemistry class instruction. >> reporter: bowers says the teacher used chemicals to show the different colors of fire when things got out of control. five student were burned, two so severe they were airlifted and three others rushed in an ambulance and their teacher was treated on the scene. meanwhile, parents were anxious for answers. >> she texted me, mommy, mommy, there is a fire over here. >> it's disconcerting that they tell you everything is fine and your child is okay. >> bill shaw's daughter is okay, but for five others and a teacher, that's not entirely the case. >> i hope they all turn out fine.
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>> the chief is calling this an accidental fire that amounted to about $7500 in damage to that classroom and my colleague darcy spencer is standing by at fairfax inova hospital with the latest update on these victims. darcy? >> reporter: megan, let's start off with good news, the three students have been treated and released and the children who were flown to children's hospital remains in critical condition and another student taken to medstar remains in critical and i, and he tells us in his words how this fire started. >> i didn't know what to think of it. i just know i needed to get out of there. >> reporter: he was in woodson high school in fairfax when five of his classmates and teacher were burned in a flash chemical fire. >> it was kind of a fireball, but it wasn't a whoosh thing
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that went up. it went out. >> he said his teacher was demonstrating how different elements could change the color of fire. >> she decided to add more alcohol straight from the bottle, and at that point it just blew up and it started evacuating. >> two students suffered critical burns and one was flown to hospital center's burn unit and the other flown to children's and three were flown to inova. the teacher was treated at the scene and daniel who is in tenth grade said he was a little shaken up, but wasn't close enough to the flames to get hurt. >> as soon as it happened, i grabbed my phone on the desk, and i grabbed my bag and my sweatshirt was in front of the table and it was on fire so obviously, i left that there. >> reporter: it is important to note that the fire chief at this point has not yet confirmed what chemicals were involved in this fire and how it started and how
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the chemicals were involved and we're still waiting for that confirmation and coming up on news 4 at 6:00, you'll hear from a teacher who had to be there and comfort student as all of this chaos was happening. we'll send it back to you, jim. >> this is the first time in ten years thex'dy been a dangerous situation involving a chemistry lab. the last time february 25 at cardoza high school in the district. mercury was spilled in the hallways there. three student were arrested after taking a vial from the school lab. the environmental protection agency had to oversee the cleanup. and we know more about the school bus that burst into flames in a school parking lot in maryland this week. we have cell phone video that shows the firefighters on the scene as the bus begins to roll in suitland. firefighters didn't have a chance to immobilize the vehicle before the fire had burned through the break line causing
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the fire to take off. >> they had not been in a position yet to get there. they had just pulled up and they do a reconnaissance of the scene and they hadn't had a chance to do the reconnaissance of the scene yet. they would have had that chance, and underneath that type of vehicle and the tires and the pressure are too big to be able to flatten it. >> the bus stopped when it hit a tree, and you can see a lot of flames engulfing that vehicle so it could have been much worse if it was allowed to continue to roll. >> a maryland state trooper recovering after being hit by a suspected drunk driver along the beltway and police tell us christopher wright slammed into a passenger side of a trooper's car there as the trooper did paperwork for a traffic stop. it happened early this morning and we are told wright's vehicle then hit a guardrail and he got out and ran. wright is facing a number of charges including dui. she called her husband a violent man and today that husband was in an arlington court charged
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with her murder. david black entered a prelimináiév not guilty plea si months after officers found his estranged whief bonnie black stabbed inside their home. the couple's young children found wandering the street in their pajamas looking for help. court records show the couple was in the midst of a contentious report. david black is set for a preliminary hearing next tuesday. there is change after the 130th homicide. it happened a couple of blocks off good hope road. police identified the victim as kenneth cosby. they say he'd been shot in the head. neighbors say something has to be done. >> the violence is escalating more and more. it's like we don't have no solutions. >> i hope this is a wake-up call for officers and law enforcement that something needs to change. >> through nearly ten months the district is averaging a homicide every three days this year.
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> . david culver coming to you live from the circuit court where lawyers for the charles severance case have gone home for the weekend and they wrapped up. they spent 12 hours inside the fairfax county courthouse and in that time over the next two days they've been deliberating this case and the prosecution and the defense during closing arguments, one thing that they pointed out to jurors, they asked them to take their time and they asked them to be diligent and going through what is a mountain of evidence and it seems they're doing just that. today the jury said is a verdict even close? they had two questions for the judge throughout the day. today the one request came pretty early in the day and that was a request that they lead at 4:30, and they're not close to
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coming to a verdict today. >> are they there for these deliberations? are they staying close by? >> right. there are three victims in this case. you have ruthanne lodato, ron kirby and nancy dunning. the family members of those victims have been here throughout the four weeks of testimony and evidence and they're keeping close to the courthouse as they are on verdict watch, as well. the judge making no special treatments here and once they reach a verdict it's going to be a few minutes before folks pile into the courtroom and the families are doing that. they're staying close together and supporting one another according to a family spokesman, wendy. >> david culver. thank you, david. make sure to follow david on twitter and he'll be tweeting the verdict when it comes in and you can sign up for breaking news alerts on our nbc washington app. well with halloween tomorrow it will be a very busy weekend to get outdoors. >> and we're talking about the chance for rain this weekend.
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doug, timing is everything, right? >> the good news about that rain if we see any at all it will not happen during the day on halloween and that's very good news. what we are dealing with right now are some very cool conditions yesterday at this time and we were in the 70s and it looks cool out there and notice the flag blowing in the wind and we've seen winds gusting 15 to 20 miles per hour and we're only at 57 degrees and once the sun goes down, down to 51 by 9:00 and 47 by 11:00. if you were heading out tonight and make sure you take the jacket and especially if you're thinking of dining out. it's jacket weather for sure. we will stay dry tonight and no need for the umbrellas and in the 50s through 7:00,:00 and we move into the 40s and it is going to be a cool day on your saturday and we'll have the halloween forecast and we are talking for a chance of showers and if it's not saturday it comes on sunday and we'll talk about that coming up in just a minute. now to the fight against isis and the small contingency
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of special operations forces will deploy to syria. white house press secretary josh earnest says fewer than 50 troops will be deployed to the northern part of the country and he says they'll be working with the kurds. they'll be on a train, advise and assist mission and not in combat mode though he didn't deny the situation will be dangerous. >> reporter: there's no denying the amount of risk that they're taking on here and they'll be equipped to defend themselves if necessary. the responsibilities they have is not to leaf the charge to take a hill, but rather to offer advice and assistance to those local forces about the best way they can organize their efforts to take the fight to isil. >> newly elected house speaker paul ryan released a statement this evening that says any commitment of u.s. forces can come with a coherent strategy to defeat isis. >> and we have a runaway blimp
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update and crews airlifted the piece of the blimp from the crash site in pennsylvania. the wreckage is being pulled from the woods and it will be taken to an unnamed government facility to be investigated and more pieces are expected to be airlifted this weekend. that blimp has high-tech equipment attached to it that detects a missile attack and it broke free in aberdeen and floated into pennsylvania. the man convicted of shooting and killing a hotel worker and holding his loaded gun to the belly of another pregnant worker is going to spend the rest of his life in jail. coming up on news 4, what the mother of the deceased victim has to say about his sentence. ahead, the frederick county sheriff tells us why he thinks today's release of drug traffickers from federal prisons endangers public safety. >> the drug trade itself is a crime in frederick county. a plane caught fire on the runway.
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starting today, thousands of federal prisoners will be
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released all over the country. >> this is a big move by our government to stop mass incarceration by freeing these non-violent drug offenders. >> as news 4's chris gordon tells us the move is getting strong criticism from a top cop in our region. >> the closest federal prison is in cumberland, maryland. today about 6,000 federal prisoners are being released nationwide. part of the first wave of nonviolent offenders, mostly those serving time for drug distribution who have had their sentences reduced after court review. frederick county sheriff jen kins wrote in the expressing that the mass prisoner release will impact frederick county will jeopardize public safety. >> it is so enormous across this country and now we're going to put these people back on the street and the trade is
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lucrative. why wouldn't they get into it. >> we found people who both agree and disagree on the sheriff's opinion. >> all of the way from incarcerating non-violent criminals and i disagree with jen kins on that, and i don't think if a person is nonviolent they're not going to cause any problems here in frederick. >> prison rights advocates say too many blacks and hispanics have been in prison too long. >> as well as the department of justice have determined that each and every one of these individuals is not a threat to public safety, that they are able to come back into the society and they're more than done their fair share of time and that they need to be back with their families. >> ahead, why frederick county sheriff chuck jen kins wants all undocumented immigrants who are released from prison to be immediately deported and the arguments that are being made against that position. that's coming up on news 4 at 6:00. chris gordon, news 4.
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i'm george wallace at the live desk. more trouble for a daily fantasy football company and this on a local level. redskins wide receiver pierre garcon has filed a suit against fanduel. fanduel uses his name, image and likeness in advertising. he went on to say that fanduel has done this without his consent and proper licensing rights. garcon has followed a suit on behalf of all nfl players that have had their likeness used by fanduel. the redskin have a license with fanduel. garcon's attorneys have invited any other nfl players interested of filing a suit to do so. at the live desk, i'm george wallace. the men and women and children who tried to take over baltimore city hall earlier this month. no actions were needed beyond those arrests because the arrests were necessarily only to control the situation. those protesters were trying to block the permanent appointment
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of ken davis as interim baltimore police commissioner, and they were angry over the death of freddie gray in police custody that occurred last april. you could soon get a tour of the u.s. naval academy without going to annapolis. crews from google filmed for a 360-degree virtual tour. according to the capital gazette, naval academy officials are reviewing the footage now. when it's online, google maps will show select streets inside the campus and even go into some of the buildings and it will not show gates or security personnel. well, it was a late night on capitol hill last night. >> the motion to concur is agreed to. >> the senate approved a bipartisan budget deal in the wee hours of the morning. that agreement extends the nation's debt limit and it sets spending levels and it includes the first reform to social security in more than 30 years.
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a lot of republicans are opposed to it and it gives president obama and the democrats a big political win. also on the hill, a name change. you can see it. house speaker paul ryan's new pla nameplate is on his door. at 45, ryan is the youngest speaker in over 150 years. yesterday he promised to give every house member a chance to be involved in legislation and he asked those members to be honest and open about disagreements. that passenger plane that caught fire yesterday in an airplane in fort lauderdale had no prior incidents and issues. that according to the faa tonight. dynamic air flight 405 was approaching the runway to take off from venezuela when the plane went off in smoke. all 105 people onboard got off, but one person was seriously injured. again, we want to find out what caused the fire. that's the big question, and again, through things like this we learned to make flying safer
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for all of us. tonight passengers have flown on other flights to their destinations and their checked bags will need to stay on the plane for the next several days until that investigation is complete. a teenager in oregon is now the most recent person to be treated for bubonic plague in the united states and she is the 16th case in our country this year. the cause is suspected to be flee bites that she got on a recent hunting trip. >> the plague causes flulike symptoms. an oregon health official says the disease is very much present especially among wild life and if it's caught early it can be treated with antibiotics. >> an update to a story we brought you that makes me happy tonight, we can still have that bacon at breakfast. every now and then the world health organization is trying to clarify its announcement between processed meats and cancer. the w.h.o. says it did not tell people to stop eating processed meats like bacon altogether and
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says its review found reducing the risk of cancer. early next year the w.h.o. says it will take another look at processed and red meats in the context of an overall healthy diet. >> a jet fuel leak at national airport and why this could have been a lot worse. >> plus it's probably the most famous staircase on the silver screen. now folks are lining up in georgetown to celebrate cinema history. >> and wild weather to our south will make for a scary halloween.
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the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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that's the door bell you want to ring. some lucky kids are trick or treating at 1600 pennsylvania avenue this glorious evening. >> they got the good stuff. >> yes, they did. president obama and the first lady are passing out treats to the kids dressed in costume. >> it's taking place -- these are live pictures. they just stepped outside. the obamas just started out handing out the candy there and we weren't sure for certain, but obviously not in costume and many of the kids invited to trick-or-treat at the white house are children of military fans. >> that's always fun to see. >> he could be going as one and first lady.
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they wear it well. >> that was good, guys. that was a pretty cool shot showing the president giving out some of the candy. i'm sure it's healthy stuff. let's show you what's happening around the rest of the region and we've seen cloud cover come in and any time we have cloud on a day like today. 57 degrees, and winds out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour and that really adds to the chill across the area and it is going to be a very cool night if you'll be out and about. no rain so you will not need the umbrella and halloween is looking dry, too and no need for the umbrella in halloween and 36 manassas. 43 in mart insburg and 43 in d.c. and waking up it will be a cool start to our halloween. if you have any plans early in the morning and maybe you're getting out on the bike, temperatures to lower 30s at that time and chilly weather for sure and more clouds by noon and more clouds by 4:00 and upper
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50s to 60 and it will be a cool saturday for sure and still pretty nice, i think, for those trick-or-treaters. speaking of the trick or treating forecast. lots of pumpkins going on and 56 degrees at 7:00 and 53 by 9:00. we'll need the jacket here and notice a lot of cloud cover tomorrow night and temperatures tonight because of the clear skies will cool quickly and very nice trick or treating forecast and then on sunday. after that we wake up on sunday and then we have the d.c. walk. come and join me sunday at 1:00 amount m. out on the mall for longevity and raising money to help with lung cancer and those survivors continuing to deal with lung cancer and a cool start, bring the jacket, but not the coat. the last couple of years it's been freezing and this year not so. cloudy, a slight chance of a shower and maybe an umbrella, but bring the little umbrella because most of us will stay on
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the dry side. tomorrow's impact, a very low impact right through tomorrow night. you'll need the jacket for sure, but that's really going to be about it. how about the next couple of days? temperatures of 60 degrees on your saturday and sunday again, make sure you set the clocks back saturday night before you go to bed on sunday. for sure, 66 degrees and 30% chance of a shower and 40% chance coming up on monday and tuesday coming in at 73 degrees. we've got much warmer weather making its way toward next week and coming up at 5:47 and they'll talk about the rest of that seven-day period and we i have a heat wave coming up. it's an october heat wave, rather a november heat wave. >> we'll take it. >> chaos in a chemistry lab. how a classroom instruction turned into a fire emergency. we'll hear the dispatch calls for help. plus a mother wants justice for her son who was murdered during a hotel robbery.
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now at 5:30, one student in critical condition after a fire in a chemistry classroom in northern virginia. the fairfax fire chief tells us the fire at w.t. woodson high school in fairfax started as a teacher performed an experiment. that teacher and five students
5:30 pm
were injured. one of those students is critically injured and another remains hospitalized and three others were treated and released from the hospital. our reporters are getting more information right now at the school and at a hospital. we'll update you as we get more into news 4. we're also getting a better look at that response to that fire at that high school and classroom. >> the communication from emergency crews is now out. pat lawson muse joins us now with what was said between firefighters and medics today. pat? >> jim, the first dispatch calls report only a fire alarm, but after just a few minutes it becomes clear that this is a true emergency. here's some of what first responders in fairfax reported from the scene. >> 9525 main street at woodson high school. 15-year-old female burns to her upper body. use entrance 7 and they are en route to a fire alarm at this location. we have a 404 advising there is
5:31 pm
a fire in the classroom. >> room kilo 105, result is an ethanol fire. we do have fire in the room. we have sprinkler activation. >> emergency officials have not yet released the 911 calls made by those who were inside the school. wendy? >> pat muse, thank you, pat. i spoke with the executive director of the national science teachers association, dr. david evans. he said protective gear during experiments hasn't changed much over the years, but there is more training for teachers with a greater focus safety. he also says there is no substitute for actual science. >> learning science is about doing it. no matter how good the video might be, no matter how good the soundtrack might be there is no substitute for the real thing. that's true in physics if you're dropping something and true in biology if you're looking at living creatures and that's true in chemistry. as long as we teach science we'll do the real thing in all
5:32 pm
of those areas. >> dr. evans says there are a number of guidelines and there are schools to make decisions on these chemical procedures. >> investigators in frederick county, maryland, tonight are looking for a missing family. myung joo and his wife and children. a family vehicle was missing from their home. both of the family's cell phones have been turned off. anyone with information should contact frederick police. a man found guilty of killing a hotel worker and holding a gun to the pregnant belly of another will likely die in prison. deandre weems was sentenced today in prince george's county and tracee wilkins was there and talked to the victim's mother who says she's still full of anger. >> i miss him dearly. >> when vivian chavez reflects on how her firstborn son died,
5:33 pm
she shakes. >> i'm not trembling of fear. i'm trembling, i think, because of the anger. >> today 22-year-old deandre weems was sentenced to life plus 20 years in prison for the shooting and killing of jesse chavez inside the clarion hotel in oxon hill in 2014. >> you do bad things you have to tend to the consequencees. >> this is weems seen jumps over the front desk of the hotel and holding a gun to the head and then the belly of a pregnant worker. he demanded cash. on his way out he encountered jesse dhchavez, the bar manager. chavez was shot and killed. >> he was a hero in this situation and unfortunately, mr. weems callously shot him in cold blood. >> he already had the money. why didn't he just leave? >> weems' defense attorney gr argued that he grew up in foster care and lacked stability. he asked for his client to get
5:34 pm
the chance to return to society. >> he is a dangerous individual and does not deserve to walk the streets. >> his sister maintains his innocence. weems may appeal his case. >> he took more than what he wanted, but he also got a lot more. he got caught and now he'll be in jail for a long time. >> today in court, weems was given the opportunity to address the court and also the family of the victims, but he declined to do so. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, what jesse chavez's mom has to say about him making that decision. in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. weems had two co-defendants who will be tried in march for their part in the crime. you've got to be on the lookout in the bethesda area this weekend. that aggressive owl is back at it. according to the bethesda magazine montgomery parks received three reportsof owl attacks on tuesday alone. those attacks happens between river road and dorset avenue in
5:35 pm
bethesda near the capital crescent trail. that's where the owl attacked two weeks ago. joggers once again reported the owl swooping down aggressively. some were actually hit, but the owl stole a couple of hats. wild eye life officials believe it was a young owl and was mistaking the reflectors on these bikes and the ponytails for prey. jet fuel leaks into the potomac. we're on the scene tonight of the cleanup as we try to figure the cleanup as we try to figure out how this happened.
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i'm megan mcgrath at ronald reagan airport where crews have spent the day mopping up a jet fuel spill. they have equipment on the scene including the absorbent booms that are sucking up the jet fuel floating across the surface of the water. this all began to unfold last night. an employee here at the airport, they smelled a strange odor. when others came to investigate that's when they saw the sheen of jet fuel on the water right here along the south side of the airport. they realized they had a jet fuel spill on their hand and they believe it's come from a storage container that's located nearby. early on this morning they were
5:39 pm
able to stop that leak and stop the jet fuel from continuing to go into the water, but they have quite a clean up on their hands. a spokesperson with the airport says worst-case scenario between 7900 and 9,000 gallons of fuel leaked from that storage container. however, that's not to say that all of that went into the water. in fact, they don't believe that all of it went into the water. in terms of the environmental impact, they think it's minimal. it looks like the fuel has been contained to this area immediately along the shoreline here on the south side of the airport. it did not affect airport operations in any way this morning, but certainly a cleanup ahead of them as they continue to try to get all of this jet fuel out of the water. from reagan national airport, megan mcgrath, news 4. if it's weekend it means metro will be working on track work and you need to plan extra time if you'll be using the subway. all six lines will have track work, yellow, orange, silver and
5:40 pm
blue. red and green, every 18 minutes. metro is in the midst of installing new rails, platforms, lights and escalators. it's all part of an improvement project. the mother of that elite prep school student sexually assaulted in a high-profile case is speaking exclusively now to nbc news. that case grabbed headlines across the country. 20-year-old owen avery, a former student at the new hampshire school was sentenced yesterday to one year in prison. tonight, we're learning details from both sides of the case. natalie morales talked to some of the key players and the victim's mother broke her silence this morning on the "today" show. >> it's been excruciate for example her and she wanted to do what was right. >> be sure to tune into "dateline." it's a special show tonight, crossing the line right before news 4 at 11:00. sit down!
5:41 pm
sit down! >> you can't do that! >> a student with special need attacked and taunted on the school bus and we'll find out what the other students did when the bus driver went too far. i'll tell you what's brought them to the exorcist steps coming up. and if you're heading out tonight you might want to consider grabbing the warmer jacket. temperatures will dip to around 50 degrees by 10:00 and the 40s as we'xm]l work our way toward midnight and here is a live look at the white house. some early trick-or-treaters out there. coming up in my forecast i'll show you how you should be dressing the kids
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
[ screaming ] you don't forget no, sir scenes. the exorcist was one of the biggest-grossing movies of all time and raised the standard for horror films, much of which was filmed right here in d.c. and immortalized the steps near the bridge in georgetown. since the 1973 movie debuted and -- >> scaring people for hundreds of years. >> since it debuted, tourists
5:45 pm
and movie buffs have been visiting those famous steps. >> there's never been a sign dedicated to their place in movie history until today. news 4's mark segraves is at the top of the georgetown landmark. didn't even break a sweat. >> reporter: fans have beenexor steps for hours and they're here to meet the two men who made the steps famous. >> it means a great deal to me. thank you, to have them do this which is why i'm here. >> william peter blatty won an oscar for his screenplay about a 12-year-old girl possessed. william freedkin was nominated for an oscar for directing the movie and ends with the priest throwing himself down the steps as an act of sacrifice. >> did i have any idea that this would become an iconic movie or
5:46 pm
an iconic location. >> today they returned to the steps they made famous as district leaders unveiled a plaque commemorating the 75 steps known as the exorcist steps. >> people could have laughed it off the screen, and i wouldn't have been shocked at that either. the fact that it had such impact was a big surprise to me. >> peter blaty and william freed kin have been signing autographs for more than an hour and a half and the dedication ceremony will be in a half hour and you'll hear from freedkin and why he says this is more important to him than the academy award that he won. jim, back to you. >> great stuff. all right, mark. thanks so much. the st. louis home that was the inspiration for the movie "the exorcist" is at the center of a controversy tonight. catholic priests performed an exorcism on a boy in 1849 at this house. the child was believed to be possessed by the devil. details of the exorcism was the
5:47 pm
basis for the hit movie. tonight the house will be featured in a made for tv event called "exorcism live." show producers want to perform another exorcism tonight, but catholic leaders call the event unhole. >> it can only be done by someone appointed by the archbishop who is the exorcist for the diocese. >> as you heard, catholic leaders say exorcisms have to be done privately so that you don't give the devil too much publicity. >> too late for that. a halloween decoration disaster. how would you like to see this coming toward your car? >> the giant pumpkin -- line us will be happy. the giant pumpkin has arrived as it bounced through a busy intersection and this was a strong gust of wind that had it sailing along and it went through another quarter mile through a parking lot and finally stopping at a
5:48 pm
neighborhood park and we are told this thing weighs 350 pounds. >> linda blair is rolling around in there somewhere. >> right now dangerous floodwaters are impacting halloween plans in part of central texas. take a look at all these pumpkins floating by homes and shops. it's in a town about a half an hour southwest of austin, texas and rain fell today at a rate of four inches an hour. that is incredible. >> it's horrible out there, amelia. >> this is the second historical rainfall event they've had there very recently and some rainfall rates were up to six inches an hour and those same are anticipating two more rounds of strong to severe thunderstorms. >> yeah. >> back here in our area we're looking at relatively quiet weather for halloween weekend and there was a chance of showers on sunday and i do think that most if not all of your sunday is looking dry. it's definitely dry right on into trick-or-treating and good news there and a better chance
5:49 pm
for rain on monday especially in washington and areas south. get this, november begins on sunday and t-shirt-type weather returns for next week. tomorrow, the weather having a low impact on your day and definitely want to have the jacket handy, but we are looking at dry weather and clouds increase throughout the day. right now we're at 55 degrees and breezy out there with winds at about 15 miles an hour and winds diminish overnight tonight and they're not an issue at all for your saturday morning and this is skycast 4 showing you. we will be looking at a few clouds around and we'll notice more clouds as we work our way through the end of the day. here's the morning planner. it's cold at 7:00 a.m. 43 in the district and 30s in the suburbs and exercising outdoors and going for the bicycle ride and you'll want gloves on. temperatures only in the mid-40s and we're in the low 50s by lunchtime tomorrow with the mix of clouds and sun. so what to wear tomorrow night for the kids and they will not
5:50 pm
need gloves at that point and definitely gloves under the costume and jackets might be a good idea if you'll go trick or treating later. here is the hour by hour forecast for trick or treating and we'll have new information and doug will have the latest. but 5:00 tomorrow evening and cool, and we are dry with mostly cloudy skies. by 9:00, temperatures dip into the low 50s at that point as we head from saturday into sunday, daylight savings time comes to an end and we get an extra hour of sleep and unfortunately, we see the sunrise and sunset shift and you see the sun earlier in the day at 6:35 and sunset at 5:00 in the evening and this is a good time to check your fire alarms and make sure your batteries are working and it's pretty anemic for the most part and they're keeping plenty of clouds around and wanting to bring an isolated shower through the morning and midday hours and it's keeping most of us dry with
5:51 pm
limited sunshine as the day comes to an end and monday is a day when you want to have the umbrella handy. a 40% chance of dealing with rain on monday. high temperature of 65. to give you an idea at the bus stop, showers possible and at recess as well. dismissal should be dry and fine, but it is still jacket weather. not on tuesday, 73 for a high and partly to mostly sunny skies and 75 and 74 on wednesday and thursday. 63 degrees and we're running ten degrees above normal and even next friday, guys and a high of 73. >> not bad. we know after halloween tomorrow many of you will begin to focus on your holiday shopping. >> consumer reporter erica gonzalez is here to tell us about the deals to come. >> it's almost laughable, huh? we're almost in october. >> you've been to the stores and you're seeing the same thing, and the holiday decor is up and the music, too.
5:52 pm
start your engines, folks, the holiday season is here. you will start to see sales on toys and electronics with walmart sunday. this year people will spend about $800 on holiday shopping and nearly half of those purchases will be done online, this according to the national retail federation. the big chains know they've got one day in particular to woo you to be their faithful patron throughout the year and we're talking about black friday. macy's announced it will open its doors on thanksgiving at 6:00 p.m. and sears will be open turkey day, as well. we reached out to other big box names and they were not ready to reveal their big box black friday plans and you can expect target, walmart and toys "r" us to get in on the thanksgiving day action, too, but not everybody is down with turkey day deals. staples, gamestop and rei are a few stores that won't be open that thursday, black friday. we have a list of opening times
5:53 pm
for some of the big retailers in our nbc washington app. just search black friday and as a matter of fact, i just tweeted that link out, as well. >> you might want to check your peanut butter if you eat skippy, it could contain metal shavings. it's limited to the 16-ounce jars with a use-by date of december 14, 2016. virginia is listed as one of the seven states that may be affected. the food and drug administration says walmart, target and publix stores received the recalled peanut butter. he survived a shark attack. what a child wants us to know about the danger in the water and here's melissa with a look at what's coming up all new at 6:00 tonight. >> a washington road named for a place overseas. tonight we'll name woodley road and it's a mansion that's had
5:54 pm
dozens of people pass through it including a president who used it as aec wooend getaway. >> i understand the site on which this house stands had about as good a view of the federal capital as anywhere. the name of the land on which he built was called pretty prospect built was called pretty prospect because of you may think all people who run for office are pretty much the same... but not jill mccabe. she's a doctor... who's a pediatric emergency room physician at inova loudoun hospital. she's a mom... who knows the value of a quality education. she's a community leader... who will work in the state senate to reduce traffic and use some common sense. jill mccabe. she's not a politician...
5:55 pm
and in richmond, she'll work for us.
5:56 pm
the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
5:57 pm
a student called her former school bus driver soulless. >> after disturbing video of that bus driver screaming at and appearing to attack a student surfaced. this happened yesterday. the driver argued with and hit a teenager with special needs for ignoring a seat assignment. the driver was then heard yelling and cursing at the kids. >> he just grabbed his jacket and threw it on the ground just like that. nothing else. like he was worthless. >> the driver deny hitting the student. he's charged with assault and his school put him on administrative lead. >> this morning we're hearing from a little boy who survived a shark attack in hawaii. >> it happened offshore and part of it was captured on video. pat lawson muse has that story. >> reporter: a body boarder with a gopro captured the attack from a distance. 10-year-old raymond sinisi was out of the waves when the shark appeared out of the water taking
5:58 pm
the boy under. >> i was -- >> from his hospital room in hawaii the fourth grader described the attack. >> one bite, this leg. it jumped out and grabbed me. i kicked it with this leg and then i kicked him in the nose. and then i didn't panic after that. >> body surfing if the warm waters, 60 yards off the shores of oahu. he was seriously injured and bitten on his right leg and thigh. on the crowded beach, first responders rushed him to the hospital and his mother was there. he was pretty strong. i was hysterical. he wasn't and he said mom, i'm going to be okay with warning signs dotting the beach, raymond is in no rush to get in the water and this 10-year-old is already back on his feet. >> hawaiian aquatic officials aren't sure what kind of a shark may have attacked the boy. >> this is the seventh attack in the hawaiian islands so far this
5:59 pm
year and the third on the island of oahu this month alone. now at 6:00, a dramatic shift in the u.s. mission to fight isis. more forces are being deployed overseas as aerial assaults ramp up. first tonight, there are local high school students fighting for life after a fire broke out during a science experime experiment. we have the chaotic scene in fairfax. one student is listed in critical condition. four others were injured and they're going to be okay. the teacher was treated at the scene for her injuries. all of this happened during chemistry class this morning. tonight as investigators try to figure out exactly what went wrong, students are talking about the tense moments that sent them scrambling for cover and we go to meagan fitzgerald and she is live at the school. >> the concern for students set in once they realized that five of their fellow classmates were
6:00 pm
injured and now the fairfax county fire chief tells us that the chemistry teacher was conducting an experiment with chemicals and fire in front of a class of 30 sophomores when that experiment went bad. >>. >> this was not the way students at woodson high school expected to start their day. >> i was in my english class and i thought it would be a normal fire drill. >> fairfax county fire chief richard bowers says students evacuated after a fire started in a first floor chemistry classroom. >> during the instruction demonstrating the different types of colors of fire several student, unfortunately, were burned. >> reporter: two students were airlifted to burn centers at two different hospitals. three taken to inova fairfax by ambulance. >> the fire sprinkler did activate and did exactly what it was supposed to do which is hold the fire in check.


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