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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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it's going to affect our morning commute. doug is fine-tuning his forecast to make sure you're prepared before you head out the door tomorrow. >> we begin now with the developments in paris. that city remains on high alert after what might have been another attack was disrupted. >> officials say a raid and a shootout in the paris suburb of saint-denis broke up a new terror cell. eight people were arrested and are being questioned tonight. at least two people died in that raid including a woman in a suicide vest. two others are still wanted including the mastermind behind friday's attack. and we've learned the entire operation cost about $10,000 or less to pull off. nbc's richard engel has more now from paris. [ shots fired ] >> reporter: amateur video captured some of the heavy gun fire that erupted when elite french forces raided an apartment outside paris this morning. the main target, officials say, was the alleged mastermind of
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the paris attacks. but as the raid began, a woman in the apartment blew up a suicide vest. police ordered residents to stay inside. anyone who approached was told in no uncertain termsto back away. neighbors, many of them muslim immigrants were evacuated by police and searched. we stopped abdul nour who was rushing down the street. he said in arabic that he had witnessed the whole thing. i saw the raid, 20 cars passed by here and then five minutes later the shootings started, he said. you heard the gun fire, i asked? i saw it with my eyes, he said. the main target was abdelhamid abaaoud, the man they described as the mastermind behind the attacks. a belgian national he'd been to syria to join isis. as day was bribingieaking the r
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seemed to be winding down. several echoed through the streets. it's common for police to use grenades and small charges in order to set off booby traps they might have set up. france's president says it is at war with isis and calls for more countries to cooperate internationally to come up with a cohesive strategy to fight the group pf richard engel, nbc news, north of paris. we are also learning more about those attacks in paris on friday night. today french officials say there were, in fact, three teens with three cars and they were all coordinated. we've confirmed that a cell phone was found in a trash can outside the bataclan theater with a text message. that message read, quote, we're getting ready. we're going in. the attackers took the lives of 129 people that night. isis released a new addition of its propaganda magazine today
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with two photos and one of them reportedly shows the bomb that caused that russian airliner crash in egypt last month. the other shows passports that isis claims are from the crash victims. the propaganda magazine claims isis initially intended to smuggle a bomb on to a flight headed for one of the u.s. allies in the coalition against the terror group, but changed the target when russia started bombing syria. nbc news is not able to verify the authenticity of this photo, but it appears to show a bomb inside a soda can. the item in the middle is a commercial-grade detonator rather than military. still, no word on how that bomb got on to the plane. a new poll suggests that americans strongly believes that the u.s. and allies are losing the war against isis. the poll shows a sharp divide on president obama's plan to being accept more syrian migrants and refugees. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with that angle on the story.
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steve? >> doreen, thanks. president obama said stopping that plan is contrary to who we are. republicans have to stop their objection, the world is watching and promising a veto. republicans on the hill say they'll go ahead to a formal effort to block the obama refugee plan that they say leaves america more wide open to an attack by isis. >> reporter: after the police raid near paris overnight that was aimed at the alleged mastermind of the paris attacks. the obama plan to bring 10,000 syrian refugees to the u.s. faced a new obstacle. the republican-led house will vote tomorrow to demand tighter screening. >> it would mean a pause in the program until we can be certain beyond any doubt that those coming here are not a threat. >> apparently they're scared of widows and orphans. >> reporter: slamming republicans, president obama said each refugee in his program would get months of security checks by agencies including the cia. >> the backgrounds of these individuals as well as what
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their intensions might be. >> reporter: 56% of americans disapprove of more syrian refugees coming. in today's nbc news survey monkey online poll. five days after paris, what was the u.s.-led coalition against ice sis chansis is changing vla and france to strike in syria, jeb bush with a massive use of combat forces. >> the united states in conjunction with our nato allies and more arab partners will need to increase our presence on the ground. >> reporter: 65% of americans in the nbc poll approve of sending additional ground troops. president obama said no, it would not prevent the u.s. from being hit like paris was. >> the pressure is increasing on the president to go after isis and syria with u.s. soldiers. steve handelsman. >> thank you, steve. the question of how the u.s.
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should help syrian refugees is splitting the nation and one community is welcoming them with open arms and that is good news for a syrian that lives there and fears for the life of her family. david culver has that story coming up in the next half hour. >> our top story is the weather and we have nasty stuff headed our way and a big storm hitting the middle of the country hard right now. strong wins and heavy rains swept across iowa today and the same storms knocked out power and damaged buildings in arkansas. some businesses even had to shut down. doug, is this thing coming our way? >> it is coming our way, jim, but we're not going to see anything like what they've seen out west. this was a monster of a storm across the plains and mountains of colorado and across the mississippi valley. for us, it will just mean rain, but we are talking about heavy rain and it comes during the morning rush and some of the worst possible times. take a look at the radar and we have the loudoun county area around leesburg and right along the beltway and i'll do a zoom here and you can see what i'm
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talking about around falls church and the wider view showing the frontal boundary that is producing some very heavy rain and severe thunderstorms down around portions of atlanta and down towards georgia. for us the rain does not get here until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and then it really moves on through. so i'll take you hour-by hour, and i'll show you when it's over and what comes next. guys? >> thanks, doug. for the first time in ten years there are reports that crime is the number one concern in the district and more people say they are taking steps to stay safe in their own neighborhoods. our chris gordon reports why mayor bowser believes she has a plan that will help bring some change and calm fears. chris? >> reporter: jim, we're reporting live tonight from northeast washington. this is 63rd street that leads right into prince george's county. a resident here tells me that there is drug use that often leads to robberies and burglaries. mayor bowser is here to talk to
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the community about her plan to create more jobs and reduce crime. >> we know that we have to do work, work on opportunity, but also deal with hot crime areas in our cities. >> reporter: the mayor is leading this neighborhood walk through parts of northeast washington. residents are sharing their concerns about crime here. >> they're smoking synthetic drugs today and it needs to be stopped. >> reporter: even a deputy mayor who lives in this neighborhood has been a victim of crime. >> my house has been broken into three times before i joined government. >> reporter: the mayor's neighborhood walk comes on the same day the new washington post poll shows that crime has become the number one concern of residents. the poll indicates mayor bowser's approval rating is 58%. 25% of those polled disapprove of her performance. police chief kathy linear has a 61% approval rating. that's down from 71% a year ago. 25% disapprove, but some d.c.
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residents say the blame for the spike in crime is shared by parents and families. >> and i think right now the city is moving, i think, in the right direction by deploying more police officers out into the streets. >> reporter: mayor bowser says she is confident that her plan called safer and stronger d.c. will reduce rhyme. >> it's just like the rest of them said. they want to see more police in their neighborhoods and we also put resources into our crime lab and to promoting crime cameras for businesses and for residents. >> it is a challenging time for d.c.'s mayor and police chief. they are defending the city against violence on two battle fronts and one is crime against citizens and the other terrorism if a credible threat is received and that's the latest live in northeast. doreen, back to you. >> thank you. washington cleej on maryland's eastern shore will remain closed through thanksgiving weekend because of the potential threat that shut
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down the campus this week. the police are searching for a sophomore student from pennsylvania named jacob marberger. his parents say he may have a gun with him. last month marberger alleged lead brought a different gun to practice and the school president said the weapon was an antique and not loaded. still, the student was facing possible expulsion and marberger disappeared monday hours after he was reportedly pressured by his peers to resign from his elected post in student government. things are running smoothly after a coolant leak. chopper 4 was over the scene in rockville near the montrose road exit. the children were checked for exposure and moved to another bus, and all of the kids are okay, but the leak on the northbound lanes tied up traffic for hours. a community in alexandria is trying to raise some money for the family of a murder victim there. luis perez was found dead on a playground in beverly park last
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week. police say somebody stabbed him to death. his family will hold a funeral on saturday, but they want to send perez back to el salvador to be bur community set up a go me page. today he won't let his battle with cancer get in the way of his future. silverthorne says he plans to continue working and isn't expecting any problem. >> the doctor has assured me that i should be able to fulfill my responsibilities as mayor, and also, you know, be in good, fighting shape for reelection come next year. >> silverthorne says the cancer has not spread and his prognosis is good. he says he was inspired to go public if with this in part by
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governor larry hogan. nightmare on the potomac. why renters are turning their quiet community into a nightclub atmosphere. he's a miracle man trapped beneath a greyhound bus and lives to talk about it? i'm not going to be alive. >> the james holmes survival story coming up, news 4. a young man murdered. police say it was a case of retribution. local leaders are
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james holmes is a man who spent more than 30 years doing construction work. sometimes it was risky, but he never got a scratch and then three weeks ago he found himself trapped under a bus. tonight, we're hearing his story of survival and recovery. pat collins near the convention center with our report. pat? >> reporter: jim, police are calling him the miracle man. he's 77 years old. he was trapped beneath a greyhound bus and tonight he's talking about it. >> i'm lucky to be alive, no doubt about it. >> reporter: when you see what happened you'll understand just how lucky james holmes really is. he was the man trapped beneath that greyhound bus at 7th and
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massachusetts avenue northwest. the bus was making a left turn. mr. holmes was crossing the street and all of a sudden he ends up beneath it. it took rescue workers 20 minutes to save him. >> i was never hurt in my life and i worked 35 years in construction labor and i never got hurt, and i got hit by a bus. >> reporter: mr. holmes was knocked out. his left leg broken. he spent about two weeks in the hospital and now he's in rehab, but james holmes, he's a determined man. >> police say it was a miracle that you survived. >> oh, yeah? >> what do you think? >> it was a miracle. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: you're going to get better. you'll walk again, won't you? >> oh, yeah. i will. >> reporter: i told mr. holmes that we'd be back to take a picture of him when he walks out
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of that rehab center. jim, back to you. >> thanks, pat. the trial for the man accused in the disappearance of the lyon sisters has been delayed. his name is lloyd welch, jr., and his trial was supposed to begin next tuesday, but a judge in bedford county, virginia, rescheduled the trial until march. welsh is facing first-degree murder charges in connection with the disappearance of 12-year-old sheila lyon and her 12-year-old sister katherine. they were last seen in 1975 walking home from the wheaton plaza mall. there is a renewed urgency to dismantle gangs in montgomery county. the county is seeing a jump in gang recruitment and that's leading to a spike in gang activity. this with what police are doing to try to stop this, meagan? >> reporter: the state attorney
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knows the increase in gang activity is becoming an increasing problem because area law enforcement agencies are sharing intelligence. he also says they're trying to educate parents. for years an el salvador-based gang is known for committing heinous crimes in los angeles and the d.c. metro area. >> that specific gang was substantially dismantled. >> reporter: john mccarthy is the state's attorney for montgomery county. he says three years ago, 42 members were thrown in prison, but now investigators in the county are seeing a recruitment increase. >> there seems to be an uptick in violent gang-related activities specifically to ms-13. >> reporter: according to court documents three gang members killed 22-year-old roberto cruz in a wooded area in montgomery village. police say juan carlos rapalo, daniel ramos and a 17-year-old suspect thought the victim was connected to a rival gang when cruz was murdered. investigators are actively trying to dismantle these gangs.
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>> we are about intervention, prevention and trying to educate both parents and kids about the dangers of getting involved in gangs. >> reporter: another tactic is reinforcing the fact that anyone reporting gang activity can remain anonymous. >> standing by ideally or silently when things are going on in the community only breeds further violence. >> all three suspects have been charged with first-degree murder and tonight they're being held without bond at the montgomery county detention center. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, thank you. a prince george's county mother finally has the school transportation she wanted for her son who has autism. it's an update to a story you saw first on news 4. kisha bias wanted her son to ride on a small bus with fewer children and an aide, but the school system assigned him to a regular bus with dozens of kids. after our report the system provided a special needs bus and her son has returned to school. the system released a statement
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saying it has been working to find a suitable solution and they are pleased that he is back in class. there is a new memorial honoring frederick douglas on the university of campus. >> douglas square -- it features a 7 1/2-year-oldhe became a lea abolitionist movement. a redesign for an outdated shopping mall. a design designed to bring in more shoppers. the traffic situation in northern virginia isn't exactly pretty, but i'm adam tuss in tyson's corner and coming up i'll tell you why o
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> we've got some showers across the area right now rather breezy condition, too. so if you're heading out tonight make sure you grab that umbrella. you will probably not need the jackets and coats as temperatures are still on the mild side. maybe the jackets in some areas. 64 degrees the current number and winds out of the southeast at 13 and gusts upward of 20 to 25 miles per hour. so a very breezy night as we move on through and it will be a rather breezy 24 to 48 hours here. 64 degrees in d.c. 61 in fredericksburg and cooler in mart insburg and 57 toward
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the winchester area and plenty of clouds and yes, we have showers moving on through and most of this is very light rain and you can see it along the potomac here and over toward poolsville and in through montgomery county and toward the bethesda area and we'll zoom on in and i'll show you the areas most affected and right around one of the best areas of traffic on 495, the american lincoln bridge. there's bethesda and let's zoom into this area because again, this is one of the worst possible areas of 495 and we are seeing that rain right around tyson's corner and right through 495 and the g.w. parkway, all of which have experienced big-time traffic earlier this evening and now, showing the rabe that we have and this is what's moving our way and this is the front. watch here, the yellows here and watch them fade out as they move off toward the east. that's good news. that means we're not going to be seeing severe weather in the region and what we will be seeing is the potential for heavy rain and possible tornado just to the south of atlanta
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over the next hour and that whole system moves our way as rain during the day tomorrow. tomorrow, shower activity and it's 5:00 tomorrow morning that we really start to see it moving in. no matter what time you're getting up for the morning rush, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, you're going to be seeing the rain. this is the latest computer model that we have and this is brand new here, and i haven't even taken a look at it here over the last hour and look at noon, you can still see shower activity with heavier showers coming through and by 3:00, notice the potential for stronger, heavier downpours right on through the 3:00 hour and we'll see them push through here and then we see some clearing conditions and much cooler conditions, too. so the rainfall intensity tonight, take the little umbrella and tomorrow it's the big umbrella and we're talking rain and rather breezy conditions and that big up brelal be a must. at the bus stop tomorrow morning and that's when we'll see the probl problem. 63 degrees and good idea, take
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your kid to the bus stop and that's a good idea and by late afternoon, just some showers and temperatures around 68 degrees and it's on the mild side here and we start to really cool. 55 on friday, much cooler, if not colder for the weekend and that coming up at 6:45 and tomorrow, it is a weather alert day and the first freeze in the city and i'll show you when that is at 6:45. >> thank you, doug. new developments outside paris as a terror cell there was broken up. we'll tell you what we've just learned about that massive police raid and stepped up search for the man behind those attacks last week. a local syrian imgrant terrified for her family abroad. >> if they stay they will die. >> ahead, how local governments may welcome the influx of refugees given the fears of some to open our doors. brides in our area are finding their dream dresses in a liquidation sale that's for the girl scout meeting...
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okay. for the soccer team...
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for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant. now at 6:30, the refugees debate, local groups dedicated to helping those overseas weigh on that controversy. >> i think the greatness of america is its generosity and willingness to welcome. taking a look into the future of travel. >> we'll never be able to wide
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ebb the load enough to accommodate the congestion. >> why one leader says maryland should be jealous of the transportation situation despite long commute times. >> vacation rentals or party houses. >> coming to vacation and party and stay up until 3:00 a.m. >> some say they're ruining their neighborhoods. >> plus big bargains on designer gowns. why the government is optioning off wedding dresses. >> right now at 6:30, a massive search for the suspected mastermind, and it's not slowing down at all. >> another raid of a terrorist cell in france took out two suspected terrorists this morning and eight people were arrested. authorities say the terror cell was plotting a new attack. meanwhile, the new york police department reports it is aware of a new isis video that threatens times square. >> the highly produced propaganda video shows images of times square from back in april.
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some are calling for the u.s. to refuse entry to syrian refugees over links of possible terrorism. >> tonight is a local county opening its arms to syrian refugees. half of the states of the u.s. are concerned about their entry, but david culver reports now that others in our area welcome the idea. [ shots fired ] >> reporter: the images of a war-torn syria, tough for basa to watch. >> always stress. always cry. always mad. i can't do anything. >> basema left ten years ago before the conflict. she works at this restaurant in arlington and still has family living amidst the chaos. >> they want to leave? >> everybody want to go out. everybody. >> reporter: most end up in the refugee camps like this one. >> when we went there we were appalled at what we saw because these people are living in tents and have literally nothing, escaped with their lives and syria across the border.
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>> the camp images line mark gibbs wall. this is the third year sponsoring a local blanket drive for syrian refugees and we had 20,000 blankets the first year and close to 30,000 last year and we were hoping to exceed that this year. >> the generosity in our region may stop short in opening our doors. following last week's terror in paris believed to be carried out by the link to syria. there's growing fear of welcoming syrian refugees into the u.s. more than 60% of you who responded to the nbc washington question think the u.s. should refuse them entry. one person writing isis is using a trojan horse strategy to smuggle terrorists among the refugees. a very different message rolled out on the arlington county website welcoming those from syria. >> if they stay they will die. >> in arlington, david culver, news 4. security is tight as police try to figure out who made bomb
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threats to two air france flights last night. one of the flights was from paris to paris and it was diverted to nova scotia. another flight was diverted to salt lake city. the plane's passengers and luggage was searched. most had no problem with the incon vakoconvenienc inconvenience. >> we expected there would be additional security precautions and that's why we're here early. >> it's nerve-racking, but i think it's safe. >> i trust in the system and just have faith that everything's going to go okay. >> there are still air france flights taking off from dulles international airport tonight as scheduled, but you should allow extra time for security. we have some helpful tips if you're looking to change your travel plans. you can find those on the news 4 consumer watch facebook page. >> there is a new study out that shows commuters are wasting at least an hour a day sitting behind the wheel or stuck on a train because of crowding and congestion, but some leaders in
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northern virginia say it could be worse. transportation reporter adam tuss in tyson's corner now to tell us about that study. adam? >> reporter: jim, this whole thing is a little bit tongue in cheek, but northern virginia leaders say yeah, you know what? we've got bad traffic. we've got bad congestion, but at least we're doing something about it, much more so than in maryland. commuting in northern virginia is tough, but there are things like the express lanes and the silver line and new bus systems coming online fast whereas in maryland not much at all. >> i talked to folks in suburban maryland to look at what they're doing on this saturday of the river and maybe jealous. >> marty is chairman of the northern virginia transportation authority. >> i think they have reason to be jealous of the fact that we have an opportunity to start addressing problems that they haven't provided the funding and resolve yet. >> all light hearted chiding aside, everyone agrees the region needs to work together
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more to resolve transportation issues. >> it's very hard to get to where you're going sometimes if you're stuck in traffic, two hours is not enough. >> reporter: certainly something northern virginia leaders have identified. take a look at this graphic that explains it all. 5% of commuters, 12% take the bus. 78% are in a car or ride a motorcycle. the rest ride the rails, walk or bike. >> the idea is to capture everyone around metro's silver line. they can walk or take the train wherever they need to go. a life without a car in northern virginia. hard to envision, but sounds like a welcome solution for many. and back now live as everyone tries to get home tonight. we have much more on this new transportation plan from the northern virginia transportation authority it's in the nbc washington app.
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just search transportation and no offense to maryland. doreen, back to you. >> thank you, adam. a major makeover is coming to arlington. part of the three-story mall will become a two-story residential building with shopping and restaurant, a portion of the roof will be removed giving it a town center feel. people who live and work in the area say this is long overdue. >> the mall is pretty old and it looks a little dated. >> the new development will be called ballston corner. it will cost $317 million. a couple of showers out there right now, but the real rain is still a couple of hours away, too. it's all down to the south and you can see there is a ton of moisture down here around the atlanta area and just south of atlanta, a tornado possibility to the south of the atlanta area and not severe for us, but it is
6:37 pm
going to be very impactful and that's why we're calling it a weather alert day and right on through tomorrow and right on your thursday and frequent updates on the air and push alerts online and a good idea now to download the app and you can follow the radar right there. i've got your complete forecast and we'll take you hour by hour coming up at 6:45. >> thanks, doug. a boutique owner in maryland embezzling millions from a non-profit and some of her stuff is being auctioned off. they have a slice of paradise that's turned into a nightmare. >> every day when we come home from work, we're not sure what we're going to find. >> coming up at 6:00, this couple's warning to others that there's no law preventing the
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the government is turning one woman's selfish act into a chance for others to save some money and to pay back a company
6:40 pm
that was ripped off. bureau chief tracee wilkins now with more on a unique opportunity being presented to some brides-to-be. >> reporter: for years the couture miss bridal and formal dress boutique was a staple in upper marlboro attracting women who wanted pretty things and suddenly it was gone. >> there was nothing in the store, so i said oh, my gosh! i wanted to go into that store. >> reporter: turns out the former owner liked pretty things, too, and embezzled $1.5 million from her employer, the association of american medical colleges to get them. she bought this shop, this $1 million home and this $50,000 car and now the government -- is selling the store's inventory and denae jones gets to buy for much less. >> if i can get something at a reasonable price or deal, of course, no brainer. i'm going to come and see. >> the u.s. marshalls gsa forfeiture sale of couture miss is at the embassy suites at thurgood airport.
6:41 pm
they're government agents. >> i guess i was expecting to see guns or handcuff, but that wasn't the case. it was quite the opposite. >> the proceeds go to the victims of a crime. >> once she found her dress, she had to fill a government paperwork. >> you're basically saying that you are not a gsa or u.s. marshall employee. >> it's a little different, but at these prices. >> pleasure doing business with you. >> right on time. >> the sale continues tomorrow and also on friday. for information on how to get here, you can log on to nbc washington and search bridal liquidation and we'll have all of the information you need right there. >> i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> she thought she was falling for a great guy. she fell for a scam. melissa stone talked to news 4's erica gonzalez. she said she met the mannion liand soon after he traveled to africa and said he was down on his luck and needed help, but that turned
6:42 pm
out to be an elaborate shipping scam. >> the one who would say when this is all and said done and i come back from africa we'll laugh at this. i'm not laughing. >> a story riddled with red flags to watch out for especially as we head into the holiday season. coming up, one of the nicest neighborhoods in d.c., but people here say they're uneasy because strangers are disturbing their peace in their otherwise quiet community.
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more and more people are renting out their homes for just a day or a week. two homes on the southwest d.c. waterfront are creating a nightmare for neighbors who say they have to be able with the constant stream of parties and crowds. mark segraves found out the district is doing little to stop this growing problem. >> every day when we come home from work, we're not sure what we're going to find. >> ever since these two houses along d.c.'s southwest waterfront began showing up on short-term online rental sites, living in this otherwise idyllic setting has become unbearable at times. neighbors say the homes are rented to large groups who stay for a few days or a few weeks. >> big parties of 30 or more people coming in and wanting to
6:46 pm
vacation and party and stay up until 3:00 a.m. it's been unbearable j neighborhood commissioner andy lipski says he hears complaints like these at a growing rate. >> this is extraordinary, but this is happening city wide. >> they've been complaining to district zoning regulators for months to no avail. the department of regulatory affairs would not comment when asked if the owner was in violation of d.c. law. the office obtained by news 4 indicates it is a violation. >> folks assume that the code will be upheld. the zoning administrator is supposed to be doing that. he's not doing his job. >> reporter: dcra has not said if the property owner has been issued violation, but issued this statement. >> the matter is under review and we're seeking to ensure that the right balance is struck between residents and responsible growth.
6:47 pm
we're discussing with all parties to try to reach an appropriate solution. >> no one wants to enforce the law? they're incredibly frustrated and rightfully so. they've called 911 and met with dcra and talked to the city. at the end of the day we'll talk to legislation. >> the d.c. council is regulating short-term rentsals and that could take months. in the meantime, dcra has told residents that if they have a problem, call the police? the police will come over and they'll tell the folks next door to stop their behavior, but a lot of times they continue the behavior after the police leave. >> when it becomes unbearable there's no one to help us. >> in the district, mark segraves, news 4. >> we don't have to tell you the real estate around here is awfully pricey and sticker shock puts a lot of people into places that are not quite as large as we would like, but if you want a scaled-down bunky we have you
6:48 pm
covered. this is the smallest freestanding house in the district. 252 square feet. doug can't go through there straight away because his shoulders are too wide. as you can see -- >> right. living here requires a creative use of space. a lot of people might call it cozy. here's the big deal. that place comes with parking and that is the winner. two years ago the owner told us that the city's tax assessor did, in fact, verify that that is the smallest house in the city. you want to rents it? $1400 a month for 252 square feet. >> crazy. >> did i say that right? $1400 a month -- >> but if that includes parking that is a pretty good deal. >> good deal. >> doug, we're about to see some rain and miserable changes we won't like. >> it's not going to be a nice morning tomorrow at all and miserable is probably going to
6:49 pm
be the word for you, but again, this is not a huge storm, take the umbrella and take your patience. the morning commute will deaf fitly be a big problem. right now current temperature tchs sitting at 64 degrees and it's rather breezy and that will be the case tonight and we'll see a few showers and yes, it will be breezy and there is a little bit of rain on the radar and most of this is very light and most of this is moving into montgomery county and show you what i'm talking about. also southern parts of tread rick county and around urbana and damascus and only around the ashton area down toward silver spring and bethesda and right around montgomeriville as we show you what's going on here. there's the rain and on the lighter side and we'll continue to see this right on through the next hour through an hour in most locations and the big rain is down to the south and again, very heavy rain and a ton of
6:50 pm
moisture for this time of year making its way our way. so we are going to see rain tomorrow and it is going to come down fairly heavily. 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. and that's the time we'll see the heaviest rain and showers by 1:00 and temperatures around 68 and we could see heavy downpours and rain ending by 4:00 with the rain at 68 and then the numbers fall. remember, tomorrow, a weather alert day and 53 degrees on your saturday or rather 48 on sunday. monday and tuesday morning in the city we get down to freezing and that means many of you will be down into the low to mid-20s. we've got colder air moving in. >> thank you, doug. we've got sports coming up and our guys will play cam newton this weekend. and some people wondered about his dance moves. some folks like it. colin, is that his name? they think it's awful. what do you think? we'll talk about this. stay tuned. first, here's lester holt and he's got a look at what's ahead on nbc "nightly news".
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>> hi, doreen and jim, coming up on nbc "nightly news," the deadly raid outside of paris and discoveries of what officials say was a terror cell ready to strike. what about the mastermind? is he one of those killed in the raid or on the loose in paris? we'll meet a french journalist who became first responder last friday and treated a young american woman whom she hopes to
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
>> here's the deal, they need to do that at least once every year. >> why wouldn't they? what took them so long? >> that's what everyone is saying so long. georgetown and maryland, the atmosphere was electric. it is. it was electric. it was historic before it became history. >> absolutely. >> everyone is still buzzing about that. incredible game in college park. let's take you there. the atmosphere is amazing, ten ties and nine lead changes and georgetown led bias many as ten points in the second half and we have point pointed the arrival and the turning point. he showed up with five minutes to go in the game and came over after his buck lost to the wizards and came down to the wire and seoul man was playing
6:55 pm
heroes with the game-winning three-pointer. the number three-ranked terps with the 75-71 victory and both are acknowledging the magnitude of this matchup. >> today was definitely good for college basketball and it was great for basketball in this area. this is a game we're going to be talking about for a while and i don't think you could have written a better script. georgetown would like to change the outcome, i'm sure and it was a great atmosphere and went down to the wire. >> right this second, it feels horrible. >> it's important and hopefully in the long run it will help us out, but i do think it's important for the sport, and i think it's good for georgetown. >> you see the pained look in his eyes. georgetown is the home team next year and hopefully they get that home advantage and they're talking about it.
6:56 pm
that day was hard on them because of how much it means to so many people. >> i heard him say he didn't have any fun leading up to this. no, it wasn't fun. it was good after, but not before. >> silus red has been suspended four gains for violating the substance abuse policy and red is currently on the injured reserve and will begin serving that suspension immediately. meanwhile, they have a tough task in stopping cam newton and newton is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and he has some mockset and titans were not so happy after newton danced for a good 10 successes and the kids call it the dab, we're told. what do the redskins think about it? >> he did it again. >> cam is an exciting player to watch and sometimes i like to tune in on the television and see what he does on end zone celebrations to be honest with you, but we have to keep oured
6:57 pm
hads. >> we have dance fever. if he gets a good touchdown he's going to boogie a little bit, but our job is like he said, let him in there. if you don't want him to dance don't let him in the end zone. >> he's an entertainer and he's good for the sport, man. he's a great, well-spoken guy and does everything right and the guy can dance. just turn the music off and he'll stop dancing. >> on a conference call with charlotte media, kirk cousins said if he had more rhythm he'd celebrate by cam. i'm restricted to a few things which include yelling you like that. we thought we'd see for ourselves, though, cousins showing off the moves here, guys. >> there you go. >> he's got that down pretty smooth and this sunday we'll hope we see more of kirk's dance moves and less of cam. >> yeah. >> let's hear that again. you like that. >> that is pretty cool. from anyone out there. i like to comment, though and
6:58 pm
keep him out of the end zone. >> he's a grown man. he is a grown -- >> he can do whatever he wants. >> that's our broadcast for now. nightly news coming up next. >> we'll see
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight. isis issued a new call to action. a chilling new propaganda video just out showing images of new york city, referencing the paris attacks, warning of more to come. and in france, another major terror attack stopped just in time. a massive raid on an apartment outside of paris. authorities say the terror cell was ready to act. and they try to identify who was killed in the dramatic hours-long battle. and as a young woman blows herself up, is the mastermind dead or alive. and also tonight, is this the bomb that brought down the doomed russian jetliner in egypt. isis bragged about the explosive hidden in a soda can they claim blew the plane out of the sky. "nightly news"in


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